Formula 1: Drive to Survive (2019) s03e06 Episode Script

The Comeback Kid

1 I lost it.
Fucking hell! No! Last year was probably the hardest moment of my life.
I had the Red Bull demotion.
I got moved from Red Bull to Toro Rosso.
Alex Albon, after just 12 races in Formula 1, has now replaced Pierre Gasly at Red Bull.
It was a really horrible and and difficult time for me to go through.
Yeah, of course, I got a lot of shit.
Did you get any advance warning? Well Pierre was demoted in a very public fashion.
You're surprised by the decision.
Do you believe it was fair? In 2020, I feel I'm a more complete driver and probably performing at my best level at the moment.
Alongside Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, Pierre Gasly is undoubtedly the driver of 2020 so far.
I deserve to go back to Red Bull.
And that's the target, yeah, that's clear.
Is it the jacket with the trousers or the jacket with jeans? - Whatever.
- My jeans are good.
Don't touch my jeans.
Okay, that's nice.
I think this is gonna go great.
Get this.
Yeah, that's right.
- Oh my God! - Here he is.
Who is this wild animal? It's actually good, the weather now.
Yeah, when the sun's out, it's getting much hotter.
Yeah, but you're hot all the time, right? - No.
- When I get close to you, you get hot.
No, not really.
Somehow somehow not.
Not anymore.
"Not anymore" means at some point, it worked! Of course, yeah.
AlphaTauri is the new name for Toro Rosso.
It is a solid midfield team.
Its only reason for existing over the past decade was as a Formula 1 school for Red Bull's young drivers.
Pierre's confidence since going back to AlphaTauri has completely transformed.
Pierre Gasly closing in.
They go side by side.
Fuck yes! Sensational for AlphaTauri.
Now, can Gasly keep his foot in? He can, to get past the Ferrari driver.
Yes! Ah, yes! That feels nice.
Good job, Pierre.
Amazing race.
But every driver that races at AlphaTauri doesn't see their future at AlphaTauri.
It's a team where you prove your worth to Red Bull Racing.
For me, it was good to be back.
Suddenly, I understood how to drive again.
This is a bit small, no? Of course, the car is not as competitive and, as a competitive guy, you always wanna be in the fastest car.
My goal will always be to be in that Red Bull car in the top team.
As long as I'm competitive, as long as I'm pushing, opportunities will come and and that's just my my spirit and mentality at the moment.
Welcome to Spa-Francorchamps, located deep in Belgium's Ardennes Forest, one of the oldest Grand Prix circuits in the world.
On this Friday morning, it's Free Practice one.
Hello, Netflix.
I'm totally not smiling right now.
The scene of controversy a year ago when the Red Bull team dropped Pierre Gasly from their second seat.
Yeah, exactly.
- Here he is.
- Morning.
- Morning.
- Morning.
It's very tough going back to Spa.
All these memories come back.
But I'm not someone gives up.
What's the plan? To do the interviews and the first one is Jennie Gow from BBC.
- Yeah.
- We'll do it by phone.
Now, Pierre, we all remember the events of Spa last year.
Obviously, getting demoted from Red Bull.
Why is it that you are so much more comfortable in the AlphaTauri team? You seem happy, your results speak for themselves, versus that Red Bull second seat, which is always one that's uncomfortable, I think, for everybody that ever takes it? I don't want to go into too much details about that, but they gave Alex the seat last year because he had some decent results, um, and and hopefully, the um, yeah, for the the coming years, it's gonna be decided on the same, uh, on the same criteria.
But at the end of the day, I'm not the one deciding.
I think Formula 1 is highly personal, highly political, so, when it comes to Pierre, he has a massive point to prove.
Unfortunately, I've just had to have one of the dogs put down, so Oh no! It's horrible because they become such a part of the family.
The mood I'm in, I tell you, ask me about Pierre.
It's exactly one year ago when Red Bull swapped the seats between, uh, Pierre Gasly and Alex Albon.
Would you say it's impossible to have, one day, Pierre Gasly back at Red Bull? He's obviously, uh, back in and doing a good job in the AlphaTauri and of course, we monitor his progress.
To drive for Red Bull, this team is all about delivering.
Obviously, we have a lot of information on how he's performing and developing.
Pierre's driven some good races this year, but he's also shown dips as well.
Ça va? Pierre wouldn't have had the chance to be in Formula 1 without Red Bull.
And the reality is, when you get there, if you can't cope with the pressure and scrutiny, you're never gonna make it at the highest level in in Formula 1.
I feel people are gonna critique my shaving.
You know, I've got that kind of like puberty fluffy beard.
- You're an aggressive shaver.
- I'm an aggressive shaver.
I've never been taught how to shave, so, um, if anyone wants to sponsor me, Gillette? Gillette or Nivea.
Nivea aftershave.
I would say, based on your ability to grow a beard, aim for the aftershave products as opposed to the actual shaving products.
Last year, I was very much a schoolkid on my first day of school.
How do you get in this place? We're not even halfway through the season yet, and I still feel very very new to the sport.
Alex's performances so far in 2020 have been good but not great.
Everyone at Red Bull would have expected at least a podium by now.
Let's see what we've got.
We're working very hard with Alex at the moment to try and find the confidence in this car that Max has.
The car hasn't been easy this year.
Arguably, it's been a harder car than last year.
And he's up against Verstappen who is just in unbelievable form.
How's the balance, Alex? This car feels very nervous into turn one.
It just feels like I'm sliding from entry to exit.
- Like the tires are gone.
- Okay.
You all right? Does the car seem a bit more settled? It's still nervous, but at least it's predictable.
He doesn't sound very happy at all, so A year ago, I was fast-tracked into a big team, but it doesn't mean that I'm here to stay.
You know, as a Red Bull driver, you're expected to be getting podiums, getting wins.
It doesn't feel like he's enjoying driving the car, the balance that he's got.
Based on the car this weekend? Yeah, he's not been comfy in it.
I It's starting to be a bit of a pattern of We just need him to get the to hit the ground running earlier.
That's all it is.
And then everything to just be easier for him.
Anyway Some of that will be experience as well.
He's not far off the podium, though.
Ah, it is, yeah.
Coming back to Spa reminded me of all the memories from the year before.
The fatal accident of Antoine Hubert happened at the famous Eau Rouge corner just behind us.
at the most dangerous event of the season in Formula 1 and Formula 2 Last year, I got moved from Red Bull to Toro Rosso and then Anthoine passed away that same weekend.
It was the hardest moment of my life.
He was such a a close friend.
Since we were little kids.
We had the same life goal.
He wanted as much as as I wanted to be in Formula 1.
Fucking crazy, eh? After I got moved from Red Bull, Anthoine sent me a message.
"Prove everybody wrong and show them your your skills and talent.
" It is round seven of this Formula 1 season in 2020.
How are you? We nearly got your fucking number two! You know he's gonna be the one on the brink to turn five.
There's only two teams in the last ten years that have won World Championships and that's Red Bull and Mercedes.
And I genuinely think that we have an outside chance, but we need both drivers to maximize the opportunity from the car.
You all right? If we could put them under pressure, they would crack.
Just go aggressive.
The pressure is gonna be on Alex and the best way he can get around that is to get his first podium.
Here's the starting grid.
Hamilton on pole, Bottas, Verstappen, Daniel Ricciardo is fourth ahead of Alex Albon in fifth.
Pierre Gasly starts 12th for AlphaTauri.
He'll have his work cut out to get anything in this race.
- How much more time? - Race is two minutes to green.
Okay, Pierre, you know the target.
And we're racing at Spa.
Ah, fuck's sake! Lost the rear a bit.
- Come on! - Come on! Albon getting squirrelly coming out of turn one and that's enabled Ocon to get ahead of him.
Albon now fighting back after losing that place at the start.
Let's have another go at him.
Get stuck in.
Go on, Alex! We can barely catch them with DRS.
Onboard with Pierre Gasly.
You know what our race is.
We go all in.
It's all about maximum attack.
After what happened to Anthoine I need to show everybody Here they come into the hairpin.
that I'm performing better.
Be careful there.
You have to be careful.
Pérez is gonna be under pressure here from Gasly.
What a move that was! Side by side through Eau Rouge.
That's how we race! What a job.
That's P11.
He's got a great chance.
In fact, he's already passed the Ferrari.
Come on, Pierre.
We are back in business.
Gasly fancies a go, doesn't he? That's, uh, P9.
Okay, head down, Pierre, head down.
Stroll in front.
Come on, let's get him.
Gasly's now into eighth place.
Alex Albon not really making much of an impression.
Alex, it's the last lap now.
Stay strong.
Yep, okay.
Uh, gap behind to Ocon is reducing.
Esteban Ocon, he's got Alex Albon in his sights.
He's gonna try the move to the outside and he gets it done.
Oh, for fuck's sake! Lewis Hamilton, another win.
Mercedes one-two.
It's third place for Max Verstappen, and Alex Albon just holds onto sixth, losing out on yet another podium.
Just couldn't make an impact.
Gasly crosses the line with a fine performance, gaining four positions to eighth place and Driver of the Day as well.
I mean, take a bow, Pierre Gasly.
What a drive, Pierre.
Wow! Fuck yeah! Okay, Alex, hard luck there in the end.
It was unreal.
It was a shit race, though.
There's not much more you could've done.
When things don't go well, I'm my harshest critic.
You can't You can't hide it.
It's just really tough.
There's no point feeling sorry for yourself and that's all there is to it.
Can we do a little foot tap? Driver of the Day.
Dude, if it wasn't for social distancing, I'd give you a hug.
What an amazing drive.
You mastered six moves in the end.
Oh yeah? My favorite one was the one on Pérez.
I was like, "If he keeps going, we're both in the wall, and I'm just fucking going for it, so" It's such a strange place for Gasly to be in.
It's just bonkers how well he's done.
He's still got a point to prove and he still wants that Red Bull seat.
Pierre, what you think this strong form might potentially mean for your future career, from you being dropped by Red Bull? At the end of the day, it's it's not my call.
I've always believed as long as you put strong performances, sooner or later, opportunities will come.
It's great to see our sister team, AlphaTauri, uh, doing a fantastic job.
Good for Pierre as well.
Uh, he looks very comfortable in that environment.
He looks looks, uh, relaxed and he's driving at the potential that we knew he had.
Obviously, Pierre got Driver of the Day today.
Does it put him back in the frame for a future with Red Bull? Pierre? Um Well, I think he's he's, uh, performing well at AlphaTauri, but I think we're, you know, we're happy with the way things are.
- Okay.
- Cheers, guys.
See you next week.
Helmut and I looked at, you know, the information.
Our decisions, they're not just made on emotion.
They're based on facts.
They're based on a huge amount of data, a huge amount of analysis.
From a team point of view, there's been nobody pushing internally to say, "We've gotta have Pierre back.
" Welcome along on a Friday afternoon in this glorious part of Italy.
It's round eight of the Formula 1 World Championship.
Nowhere excites quite like Monza.
At the Temple of Speed, a final farewell after 43 years, it's time to say thank you at the Williams family's final race.
I told him, now he has to deal with you at home every day.
Thanks! I'll be asking you for a job.
Do you need a PA? Sorry! Why is it, as soon as the cameras are on, you mess up? I just hope we can overtake this time.
- I think it's gonna be hard.
- Yeah.
Ready for a good day.
Remember what I was saying earlier, if they start hammering you, don't stand for any bollocks.
We're in control.
You've had your ups and downs, but Christian and the whole team, they've been very supportive of you, publicly at least.
Sometimes, in sport, you get a result that changes everything.
Is maybe that what you need? You think you can fight towards the podium? It could be that Red Bull genuinely believe that Alex is the one, that Alex has the potential that Pierre didn't.
I don't Look, I think Alex is a great racing driver.
I don't think we've seen the best of him yet.
Uh, we have no interest in in having Pierre back, you know, this season.
On the other hand, it could just be that they cannot bring themselves to admit that they made a mistake.
Rumble time.
Welcome to Gas-man's Carpool Karaoke.
So, do you want the news? "No 2020 Red Bull return for Gasly," Horner said.
"Alex is only going to get better.
" "He's still pretty young and inexperienced and we are doing all we can to support and develop him.
" But seriously, it's like It's a joke.
How they treat this is a joke.
I have my target.
The fight is on.
And now, we're gonna score some fucking points.
Sometimes, Formula 1 is not fair.
Unfortunately, that's the way it is.
I feel this is, like, extra small.
No, it's just pumped guns.
But if I get knocked, I just go back at it even harder.
- Radio check okay? - Radio is good.
We go to the grid.
Please confirm.
When things piss you off, me, I use this energy to make me even stronger.
The situation with Alex is very clear.
He knows the pressure that he's under to deliver a result.
He needs to get a little bit more of that "fuck you" attitude that you see the great drivers have.
You know, as a Red Bull driver, you need to perform to to kind of show the big bosses, really, that you're there to be in Formula 1.
Alex Albon starts ninth, desperate to end this run without a podium for the Red Bull driver.
He's alongside Pierre Gasly in tenth place.
Ten seconds.
Ten seconds.
It's lights out and away we go.
Alex Albon and Pierre Gasly wheel to wheel.
Oh, contact! Gasly gets past him.
Can you check my front? I was sandwiched.
We are checking.
Alex Albon getting it all wrong at that first chicane and losing places as a result.
I've got no grip on these hards! We've got a little bit of floor damage on the left-hand side.
- So, we're gonna be at the back? - We are currently P14.
Albon in serious trouble here.
He's dropped to P14.
Okay, Pierre, box, box.
Box, box.
Torque one in the pitlane.
Focus on reaction time.
We are good? We are in a good place.
You're doing a very good job.
Push, push.
Push, push.
- Leclerc behind you, one second.
- Copy.
And that is a very big accident.
Leclerc is out? Confirmed.
He went out.
Safety car.
Safety car.
Safety car! Okay, Pierre.
They are still clearing the track.
Pit-lane entry is closed at the moment.
I'll keep you posted.
The pit-lane entry is closed, but Hamilton's coming in.
Who pitted in front of us? Only Hamilton, but the pit lane was closed, so he should have a penalty.
Hamilton is under investigation for pitting when the pit-lane entry was closed.
And now, the pit-lane entry is open.
There will be some cars in the pit exit.
Everyone is boxing.
This is pretty good for us.
This is pretty good for us.
So, this has really changed the order round.
Pierre Gasly pitted way before, so he's a massive gainer in this.
Okay, Pierre, we just gained 20 seconds.
- Which position are we now? - P3.
Now the red flags are out.
We're red-flagging the race.
It's basically a reset.
Incredible scenes at Monza.
Pierre Gasly is in an unbelievable position right now.
- When you stop, go to P3.
- Copy.
Hamilton is leading, Stroll is second, Gasly is third.
And we're getting ready to restart the race on lap 28.
Okay, Pierre, you know the target now.
Yeah, it's good for us to just fucking push and see what we get.
In Formula 1, you never know what can happen.
There is no way I'm gonna miss this opportunity.
And we're racing again.
Stroll dropping back.
Gasly up to second place.
Okay, push, push.
Push, push.
Lewis Hamilton holds the lead for the time being.
How is the rear slip and braking? Still all good on data, Pierre.
Still all good on data.
News from race control.
It's a ten-second stop-and-go penalty for Lewis Hamilton.
And he's coming in.
Hamilton into the pit lane from the lead of the race to serve his ten-second stop-and-go penalty.
Pierre Gasly leads the Italian Grand Prix.
Head down, Pierre, head down.
Keep focusing on the pace.
Gasly, Sainz and Stroll, the one-two-three.
Sainz closing in.
Tell me the gap behind.
Sainz, 2.
1 behind and Stroll is two behind him.
Seven laps to go, seven laps.
How long can Gasly keep Sainz out of DRS range? I don't know if we have more power, but if we have, let's use it.
This chance might never come around ever again for both drivers.
You don't know in Formula 1.
You've got to take your opportunities.
Winning a Formula 1 race was one of my dreams since I started to watch F1 when I was five years old.
But to win a Formula 1 race, being in a midfield car, you've got to risk everything.
Sainz is giving it everything.
Gasly is under so much pressure.
Two more laps.
Two more laps.
Okay, push, push.
Push, push.
Sainz is charging the battery to prepare to attack.
We can defend.
Sainz is now within one second.
Last lap.
One more lap.
Carlos Sainz is going to get close, but he's not gonna get close enough.
Come on! Come on! Come on! Pierre Gasly wins the Italian Grand Prix! Oh my God! What did we just do? - What did you do? - We won the fucking race! Yes! Oh my God! Oh my God, guys.
We did it! Oh my God! Yes! P1, Pierre, P1! AlphaTauri, Honda, all the engineers, all the mechanics, everybody in Faenza, thanks to you, we we did it.
We did it! Yeah! You're as good as your last race in this game, so perceptions can change very, very quickly.
Pierre has done an excellent job.
He's driving like he has nothing to lose.
Number one! Okay, so, finishing order, uh, was Gasly, Sainz, Stroll.
We were P15.
Sorry, guys.
Look the situation with Alex is very clear.
That race was a disaster for him, so we need to see Alex really grab that seat and make it his own.
The problem is if he doesn't, then, you know, we need to look outside and think, "Okay, if Alex isn't gonna make that next step, who do we put alongside Max for 2021?" Well done to Pierre Gasly! This is such an amazing moment.
A moment I dreamed about for so many years.
I just thought, "Okay, we've done it.
" "What more do I need to prove?" Oh I know, in life, you you have many obstacles.
After the Red Bull demotion, I had to face a big challenge.
I had to rebuild myself.
But it's only my third season in F1, so I'm better than last year.
2021 is gonna be a better Pierre, and 2022 is gonna be an even better Pierre.
Ready to give my very best to bring this team as much success as I can.
Let me get this done, then you can go.
I need to call my parents as well.
Have you heard them? Fuck, I cannot imagine how they are right now.
What the fuck? The target for the season is to survive as a team.
- It's a very expensive business.
- Couldn't even do one lap! We need new sponsorship deals.
I'm wheeling and dealing, Gene, to stay alive.
The German sponsors want German drivers.
I will decide which driver goes this week.
He needs to step it up.
If he doesn't, there are gonna be some difficult decisions to be made.
It's incredibly hard.
He doesn't want to leave Formula 1.
Stop the car.
It's on fire.

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