Formula 1: Drive to Survive (2019) s03e09 Episode Script

Man On Fire

1 They always say sportsmen die twice.
Once when you lose your career and then once at the actual end.
We're in the Middle East.
It is the Bahrain Grand Prix.
The lights are shining down on the circuit, over 500 floodlights.
A double-header in the desert.
Two races over two weekends.
Coming into Bahrain, there's quite a bit at stake.
A big weekend for many drivers, who come into this race uncertain of their futures in the sport.
Just a reminder about the track limits.
Think you'll be here next year? Don't know.
I know what I need to do.
I want that seat more than anyone.
Just a couple of last-minute reminders.
The wind has picked up a bit.
Formula 1, it's been my life for many years.
But it's not over.
57-lap race, yeah.
Easy to overtake.
High tire degradation.
After ten years in the sport, I don't want to have any regrets.
I believe, if I can do well, I have a chance to be in Formula 1 next year.
Twenty seconds.
Twenty seconds.
There's no secret how much I want to stay here.
Ten seconds.
Ten seconds.
Maybe we're not finished.
Anything can happen.
Hamilton gets away well, Verstappen off the line well, and Pérez coming up on the inside of Verstappen who is now in second place.
And there's Alex Albon.
He's wheel to wheel with Valtteri Bottas as they file their way through.
Red flag.
There's a big incident.
Red flag.
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! This this was a big one.
This was a big one.
Who is it? Has he got out? No information on it yet.
Looked like a very, very nasty crash.
So, we just wait for any news whatsoever.
Three, two, uh, one.
Just this morning, the Haas F1 team announced that both of their drivers would be leaving the team at the end of the season.
- I'm so pissed off.
- Yeah, it's fucked up.
How did they take the news? Uh, uh, they, you know, they I mean, they were very professional about it.
Romain, talk to us about the future, if you would.
It's bloody difficult to find a seat for 2021 when you are let go that late in 2020.
It's gonna be tough.
So, it seems to be managed pretty good, you know? Letting people go is never easy, but, uh, all good things have, uh, an end.
Uh, GPS.
Uh, getting it now.
It doesn't know where we are.
12:19 arrival, allegedly, mate.
Let's see what you can do.
I'm gonna say 12:24.
I'm gonna say F-U-C-K you.
The race is on, or rather, it's soon to be off for Kevin Magnussen and Romain Grosjean.
It's potentially the end of F1 for Grosjean.
Bullshit! - It is.
Um, unfulfilled poten - Yeah Bit of a strange feeling, uh, just because I've been spending five years with Haas.
- Grosjean comesfourth.
- Amazing.
I've put a lot of effort and passion into the team.
I always pushed for us to do better.
Grosjean is having issues with his car.
Just call him in.
End this fucking pain, you know? Fucking hell.
There's a lot I can accept, but not this.
So, to be let go at the end of the year, it hurt me a little bit.
Ah, this is beautiful.
But right now, it's relax, breathe and cool down and focus again.
How does it feel? - Not too bad.
- Yeah.
Here he goes.
After ten years in the sport, retirement, it's a conversation I had with my wife, my family and my kids.
They know the risk of Formula 1, but I told them if there is an opportunity to carry on, I'm gonna jump on it.
Stopping is not an option.
Yeah! It's incredibly hard for drivers who've spent their entire lives trying to be in Formula 1, leaving that is almost like stepping away from an addiction.
There we go.
Romain's a racer.
He doesn't want to leave Formula 1, but he's left without a race seat in 2021.
And right now, he's not the only one.
This is the Bahrain Grand Prix.
The first of its kind, a double-header in Bahrain as two races are held here back-to-back over two weekends.
No news.
I can't find a team.
It's a big couple of races for many of the teams and especially for numerous drivers who come here uncertain of their futures.
Now, at least, the news is out and we can get on with it.
- Hi, guys.
- Well, Checo.
Uh, big news, uh, regarding you, obviously.
From what the team said, was there anything to prepare you for what we now know is going to happen? No.
All the feedback I was getting was that we all wanted to continue, so, uh, there was nothing to prepare me, really.
At no point I felt my seat was at a real risk because the feedback that I got from Otmar I don't like to talk about contractual stuff.
was that they wanted to continue with me, and then very late, we found out that that wasn't the case.
I was extremely disappointed.
It could have been handled a bit better.
You got your guy.
Four-time world champion on the team.
You must be thrilled.
We really look forward to working with Sebastian.
It was not an easy decision.
Checo's done a great job for us, but when Seb became available, we thought it was, uh, a good match.
How are you gonna approach things? Obviously, the season is coming to an end soon, so very soon, I will know what the future holds for me.
- Thanks.
- Thanks very much.
Good luck! Poor kid.
Feel sorry for him.
That was pretty hard for me personally, to take that decision because I felt the decision had nothing to do with performance.
It's a crazy world.
You haven't got a team.
You know that there are not many vacancies.
Checo's had, uh, an unbelievable year.
In what could be his best ever season in Formula 1, he's left potentially with nothing.
I think this is a situation that's out of my hands.
Let's see.
Let me put this over your head.
I want to carry on.
I don't know anything else.
I've never done anything else.
Last one.
Hold it.
Get up.
Weekend after weekend, I think I I've delivered.
I hope now, you know, the team can see that I've maximized my opportunities with the car that I've been given.
What comes next, I don't know.
Anything could happen.
Hello, welcome to Free Practice.
The sun is set, so conditions are as they will be for the race, and this is the session that really counts.
It's the one that you can get all of the data and information to prepare for the race.
This is Grosjean's first practice lap in the Haas.
Gap ahead to Hamilton 8 seconds.
That's a good gap.
He's looking to push hard, but difficult to do much with that car.
Press oil pump button.
Press oil pump button.
Sergio Pérez in the Racing Point out on track.
Keep pushing, Checo.
One more lap.
Keep pushing.
Pérez is gonna go to the top of the times here.
Out onto the start-finish straight.
- How is the pace? - Very good, Checo.
Best Well done.
Albon on a reasonable lap coming into the final corner.
What do you think about the tires so far? They just lose so much front grip on the second push.
Albon, another driver who may be wondering where he will be next year.
His performances in the Red Bull have repeatedly come under the microscope.
And that's a big hit for Albon on the exit of the final turn.
The Red Bull's ruined.
Fucking brutal.
Sorry, guys.
That's a disaster for Albon, when he's already under pressure for his seat.
That's a huge repair job for the mechanics.
To get that ready for qualifying tomorrow, that will be an all-nighter.
He just needs to have a straightforward weekend.
I can't remember him qualifying fourth, fifth, getting a decent start, just a smooth weekend.
The situation with Alex is very clear.
I think every single member of this team wants to see him succeed.
He's aware, you know, that he needs to step it up.
The problem is if he doesn't, there are gonna be some difficult decisions to be made.
Should've pulled out of it.
I was a bit surprised by the lack of grip.
I know there's always gonna be pressure on the second seat at Red Bull.
All I know is that I've got two races to show them you know, that I can do this.
Shaping up to be another good weekend for you.
Great performance.
Your race pace got the big boys worried.
Mercedes, Red Bull, they're all looking at you.
- They know you can be a contender.
- Uh I think they're a step too far.
I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't explore all options.
Sergio has done such a great job this year that you couldn't fail to recognize that.
How would a dark blue racing suit suit you with Red Bulls on it? It's, uh Yeah, I think it would look nice.
I already have a bit of blue.
Thank you, mate.
He's over delivered.
And, uh, as a result, you know, he's put himself on the on the radar.
The sun has gone to bed, the moon is out in the desert.
This is the Bahrain Grand Prix, round 15 of the Formula 1 World Championship.
The first of two races held right here in the Bahrain double-header over the next two weekends.
In Formula 1, you always think about your future.
Fifty-seven-lap race, yeah.
I want to do the maximum.
You don't want to be driving too cautiously.
I'm just gonna go and drive the way I like it.
Hamilton starts in pole position, his 98th pole of his career, with Bottas alongside him, then in third, Max Verstappen in the Red Bull.
Alex Albon, after his accident during practice, he pulled off a terrific qualifying round.
He starts fourth on the grid, one ahead of Pérez.
I'm actually approaching the last three races as my final races in Formula 1 because I don't know what will happen.
In life, you get certain opportunities.
You just have to maximize all of them.
Whatever comes, I'm just ready for it.
Twenty seconds.
Twenty seconds.
All the mechanics and engineers in the garage starting to get on their feet and watch what is about to unfold at the start of this Grand Prix.
When you arrive at the back of the grid, one static bite point.
Radio check now, Checo, radio check.
Here come the lights.
Hamilton gets away well, Verstappen off the line well, Pérez coming up on the inside of Verstappen who is now in second place.
Tires are good, Checo.
Just wanna keep this.
Let's focus now.
Towards the back, Grosjean has already gained two places coming out of turn one.
Alex Albon in fourth trying to keep up with Sergio Pérez as he speeds into the distance ahead.
Grosjean still making moves to try and gain places.
Oh my God! What the fuck happened there? Fucking get him out! Who was that? I think that's Grosjean that has gone into the barriers there.
About 140 miles an hour.
- What the fuck was that? - Eh? They need to get the fuck out.
Red flag.
Red flag.
There's a big incident.
Red flag.
- Copy.
- Slow down, please.
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! This this was a big one.
This was a big one.
Is he okay? I will come back to you.
No, please.
Ah, fuck.
Has he got out? No information on it yet.
Is he Is he okay? Come into the pit lane.
Oh, tell me he's okay.
Please tell me he's okay.
There are certain moments where silence falls on a racing track and you know what that means.
You cannot do anything.
You're just a passenger to this.
The world seems to be coming down on you.
Once you see fire, that's the worst thing you can have.
This is bad.
Yeah, this one was hard to watch.
I felt very, very vulnerable in that moment.
Everything goes through your head.
You don't think that anybody can get out alive of this one.
I've been doing racing long enough.
There is no good outcome.
He's not coming out.
The longer you sit and you wait, the more the fear kicks in because your instincts are that you know what the reality is.
When I saw the fireball, I couldn't believe this could happen in modern Formula 1 cars.
And a car shouldn't break in two.
Only when you see those things do you believe the danger that we go into.
The big question was where's where's the rest of the car and where is the driver? I did think that it would be a very bad outcome.
As I looked to my right, I could see, uh, the driver through the the gap in the flame.
Not only has he survived going through a barrier, at 160 miles an hour, with within a ball of fire The heat must have been so extreme.
It was a miracle.
It was absolutely a miracle.
He wanted to walk to the ambulance, and I was insisting, "No, no, no, no, we'll get the ambulance here," but he wanted to demonstrate that he was okay.
He got a message to everyone, his wife and family in particular, that he was out and he was in a good place.
How the fuck did he come out of that? H ho how did he jump out? That's that's an act of God.
He's on his way to hospital to get checked out, but, uh, he's completely conscious.
He had, what I was told, minor burns on his hands on his feet.
He's he he's okay.
They did a fantastic job to get him away as quick as possible from the fire.
It was amazing, uh, what they did and thank you a lot to them.
Thanks for your time, Guenther.
I need to find out who was in that rescue car.
Fucking hell, they've done a great job.
The guy with the extinguisher.
- I just want to - Absolutely.
- I need to find out who it was.
- Okay.
He got lucky today.
He got away with it.
Just have to say thank you to somebody up in heaven.
It does look as if this race will restart, and for those drivers, they now have to somehow get back in their cars and drive as if nothing has happened.
On those occasions, you have to be really strong.
You have to disconnect from that, don't think about Romain anymore.
Focus on on what you are about to do and then back in the car and go through it again.
You have to compartmentalize it somehow.
You make a decision, "I'm going to continue, yep," and you just keep going.
It's just the wild desire to drive these cars on the limit and nothing's gonna change that.
We are different.
We are Formula 1 drivers.
We are We are crazy people.
Lights out and away we go.
Sergio Pérez and Max Verstappen on the inside.
Verstappen slips past the Racing Point.
Albon fancied a run around the outside of the Mercedes.
Bottas was having none of it.
We have got an incident at the back there.
Lance Stroll's Racing Point.
Racing Point can ill afford an incident like that for the Constructors' Championship.
With Lance Stroll out, it's down to Sergio Pérez, the man without a contract next season, to win points for the team that are letting him go.
So, unfortunately, Lance is out, but he is okay.
Checo, we need maximum pace now, please.
Maximum pace.
 Stay positive.
As if the pressure on Pérez isn't enough already.
Checo, the car behind is now Albon.
DRS is enabled.
DRS is enabled.
Here comes Sergio Pérez.
Flying past and overtaking Pierre Gasly.
What's the gap? Two tenths quicker than Albon.
Okay, Alex, Pérez ahead.
Let's have him.
Yeah, I'm trying.
Pérez passes Sainz to get into third place.
Can he bag himself a podium and stay ahead of Alex Albon in the Red Bull just behind him? Pérez, once again, has put in a super performance.
Last two laps, two tenths quicker than Albon.
Your lap time is getting closer to Verstappen's.
Only three laps left for Pérez in this race.
I'm losing power.
Losing power.
I cannot continue this pace for the other laps.
Not coming back.
Is that smoke? That's Sergio Pérez going slowly down the main straight.
Alex Albon can literally smell third place.
Be careful in braking zones.
There's obviously a lot of oil coming out, now he's on fire.
Checo, stop the car, please, stop the car.
It's on fire.
What a time for Albon to inherit third place for his second podium in Formula 1.
- Okay, we should be good now.
- Nice job.
Keep pushing.
Lewis Hamilton has come through to win the Bahrain Grand Prix.
And there's Alex Albon across the line in third place, and a much-needed podium.
That will surely put him in a firm position to stay with Red Bull for next year.
- All right, nice job, P3.
- Yeah, thank you, guys.
Red Bull get both drivers on the podium.
Well done, Alex.
That was a mega job.
Good drive.
Good to have you both up there on the podium.
Thanks, Christian.
Sergio Pérez very much deserved that podium.
It's, uh, not to be.
Alby! Alby! Alby! Alby! Alby! Alex, he really deserves it.
What's impressed me is when he's had knocks, he's bounced back.
I know there's still work to do.
Of course I wanna stay here, and to stand on the podium was was really special.
Red Bull, uh, with both Max and Alex on that podium, uh, this evening.
Yesterday was a sad day for everyone.
I've had a lot of bad luck.
The important thing yesterday was that Grosjean walked away from that accident with his life.
It's been an emotional roller coaster.
This is strong.
- This is water.
- Mexican water! The podium was in the bag and got away from us.
The podium would've meant a lot, to remind everyone how good I am, what I can do in the car.
And it's a big hit.
This game is called Black Widow.
Formula 1, it's been my life for many, many years.
You don't have to have the best game.
Just make sure that you don't lose.
And now, it looks like I'm leaving at the end of the year.
It makes me feel very, very sad.
As a Mexican, it's very hard to get into Formula 1.
still not enough.
You can see the shadow And then you can see Pérez.
That was tight! Sergio Pérez here, great racing.
He's gonna go on his way now.
You have to leave your country at a very young age.
You have to sacrifice your childhood, basically.
Of course, I will fight for the championship.
At the age of 14, I went to Germany.
I was on my own while other kids were with their family.
Amazing, Checo, well done.
What an unbelievable first race in Formula 1.
Sum it up for us.
After ten years in the sport, it's a bit emotional.
My target is to keep in Formula 1, but, um, I don't know what will happen.
What a week it's been in the world of Formula 1 and here we are.
Welcome back to Bahrain.
Hell I've got nothing.
- Yep.
- There you go.
There is plenty to talk about before the second race in this double-header in the desert.
And obviously, the latest is Romain Grosjean who will not be taking part.
- Romain.
- Well done.
- Thank you.
- Good to see you.
- I'm so fucking happy to see you.
- Thank you, my friend.
- Steiner.
- How are you? Yeah.
The knee is getting really good.
Ankle also.
And, uh, only question with this one.
They're talking about a graft.
So I say, "Everyone who's gonna shake my hand's gonna shake my arse!" But you can laugh at least! I can still hear the coming up, yeah.
You see it in movies and think it's not true, it's true.
The hit with the wall wasn't hard.
Uh, it it's strange because it was 56 Gs you know, so it means my body was about 3.
9 tonnes.
Uh And then I remember opening my eyes when everything stopped.
And I tried to lift myself and jump out of the car and I I feel that I hit something on top of my helmet so I sit back down and I thought, "Well, I'm upside down, against the wall or whatever.
" "Someone will come and rescue me.
I'll just wait.
" Then I look a bit right and a bit left, and then it's all orange on the left.
Uh, why is it orange? It's not sunset.
Is it the light from the circuit? No.
Oh, it's fire.
I tried to go up, didn't work.
Right didn't work.
Left didn't work.
Sit down, try to understand.
Go left, it was twitching a bit, the head.
Okay, it works, but my foot is stuck.
I sit back down and there's a time where I think, "That is it," you know? I started asking myself very simple questions.
"Where am I going to burn first? Is it going to be painful?" Few people have known that moment, uh, where you almost accept that you're dead.
Fucking hell, yeah.
How are the kids? They ask many questions.
Then the kids kids came in the car.
They said "No, Daddy, this is not happening.
" I said, "No, I cannot finish like this.
" "It cannot be It cannot be the end.
" It was like "boom-boom-boom-boom," survival instinct.
I put my hands in the fire and I can feel my hands are burning.
I can see the gloves that are red normally become completely black and and I can feel the pain.
But at that time, I don't I don't care, you know? And when the shoulders are going through, the doctor pulls on my overall and and this is the time I realized I was alive.
I was going to live.
And that feeling, I think, will stay in my head forever.
I still can't believe it.
From the moment of the crash till the moment that we saw on the TV that he was alive.
Two minutes 45.
I mean, I Words still fail me.
And the longer it was lasting, the more I started to believe that he he was dead.
And, um Even a few days after that, our oldest son, Sacha, he said, "Oh, I was scared that he would be burned everywhere.
" I'm still a racer and I'll still miss racing this weekend, but, uh the priorities that were here last week are, you know, very different.
It changed my life forever.
- You are the man that crossed the road? - Yes.
F1 is a job, it's a passion.
Put my parents, my wife, my kids, my friends through that stress again if I have a big crash? I I don't think I can.
For two minutes 43 seconds, for them, I was dead.
So yes, I'm sad about leaving Formula 1, but yeah, there is no you know, there's no regret.
I think now, it's just life will be much more beautiful.
I mean, when you go through that and you have a second birthday, a second chance in life, a chance of life, uh, yeah, you you just take it.
Thank you very much, Romain.
I I didn't win a race, I didn't win the championship, but I will have a legacy forever in Formula 1.
You know, I I'm the man that walked out of fire.
We're under the lights for the Sakhir Grand Prix this evening at a brand-new circuit layout.
The outer loop of this Bahrain circuit.
It's never been used before.
It's been a difficult year, but it's not over.
Go to the door.
Go on.
Everything remains very strong inside me.
Ten seconds.
I want to keep going.
Push it, come on.
- I know how good I am.
- Good.
People know what I can do.
Five fast reps.
And I believe that God has put me in this place for a reason.
Still plenty of things that can happen.
I believe that I can finish on a high.
God knows I used all my opportunities I've had.
So, whatever comes, I'm just ready for it.
And it's not just a new track layout in Bahrain this weekend, but also new dynamics in the driver lineup.
Lewis Hamilton is not racing, having tested positive for COVID-19.
He's replaced by George Russell on loan from Williams.
And all that means it's hard to make any predictions.
What unfolds next is in the lap of the Gods.
The Sakhir Grand Prix is underway.
Sergio Pérez trying to challenge.
Russell takes the lead of the Grand Prix.
Valtteri Bottas is down to second.
Ooh, and he gets all out of shape coming out of turn two.
That's gonna give Pérez and Verstappen the impetus they need.
Three wide up towards turn four.
by Charles Leclerc and there's three cars gone off.
Fuck's sake! What happened? Keep going, Checo, keep going.
That's not just a disaster for Pérez, but also the team as well.
Racing Point chasing third place in the championship.
They need points to keep them in contention to have their best ever season.
Sergio Pérez all the way down in 18th place.
Ugh! I think I had bad bad luck happen.
Pérez all the way at the back now.
Not how he would've liked to have seen his season, and his Formula 1 career, coming to an end.
Wah! Let's focus.
Let's focus now.
Okay, let's get the maximum today.
Sergio Pérez, no longer last as he overtakes the Alfa Romeo.
Fittipaldi ahead on soft.
- Yes.
- Yes.
Come on! How is the pace right now? That is good pace, Checo, good pace.
Come on! Come on! You're in a good position.
There's a long race ahead.
Next car ahead, Magnussen, also soft.
Pérez may be down, but he doesn't believe he's out, does he? Slowly but surely coming back from last place to now move into the midfield.
Good, Checo, so next car is Vettel.
Pérez against Vettel, the guy that's nicked his job for next year.
Come on! Pérez now moves up into 11th place.
He'll be in the points before too long, you' would've thought.
Sergio Pérez gets Norris as well, using all his years of experience.
- Next car ahead, Albon.
- Copy.
- Checo, this pace is very good.
- We need the points.
I wonder if that duel will attract the attention of the Red Bull pit wall.
"I want your place now and I want your car next year.
" This is a key phase.
Keep the pressure on him.
Next car behind you is now Pérez.
Let's push now to pull away.
Go on! - Go on! - Fucking hell! Yes! That was close, guys.
He needs a drive, pal.
Pérez takes ninth from Albon.
Checo, your pace is seriously strong.
Albon behind is dying.
Pérez has come all the way from the back.
to now be level with teammate Lance Stroll.
Lockup there, by Lance Stroll.
Pérez up into fourth.
Against all the odds, this could be a phenomenal result for Pérez, but also Racing Point, who now occupy fourth and fifth.
Pérez has been on it absolutely all day long.
Oh, all right! Just keep your head down and try and get Ocon.
Is this gonna be Pérez's opportunity to get ahead? Go on, boy! That's it! Go on! Only the two Mercedes in front of him now.
Into the pits comes Russell from the race lead.
Overshoots a little, but in he comes and Mercedes are double stacking here.
It's a slow stop for Bottas.
There's a man waving on the front left.
They can't get the wheel on at all! Disastrous pit stop for Mercedes.
There's been a big problem for Bottas ahead.
Bottas is losing position.
Pérez is now second.
Fucking hell! Now a problem for the second Mercedes, driven by George Russell.
Here's Russell's radio.
Okay, George, we need to box.
We have a mixed tire set on the car.
So, they put the wrong tires on Russell's car.
Russell is going to have to pit again.
Absolute disaster for the Mercedes team.
Come on! Come on! We are now the lead car.
Russell has also boxed.
Mercedes have dropped an absolute clanger.
Pérez now leading the Grand Prix.
I can hardly speak.
Yes, Checo, this is really good.
Maximum push.
Sergio Pérez on the verge of winning his first ever Grand Prix, having been in last place on the opening lap.
And now, we're onto the final lap.
Oh my God! Pérez, on his 190th Grand Prix start, has just half a lap to go.
The man who was in last place at the end of lap one comes home to win the Sakhir Grand Prix.
Yes, Checo! Sergio Pérez, wow! Yes, Checo, P1! Yes! I'm speechless, guys.
Amazing, Checo, well done.
Checo! Checo! Checo! - Checo! Checo! Checo! - Yeah, Checo! Look at those celebrations.
And it's the first ever double podium for Racing Point, as well, as Lance Stroll takes third place.
Checo! Checo! Checo! Checo! Checo! Checo! Are we really gonna say goodbye to this driver at the end of this season? I I really hope not.
Sergio Pérez! Lance Stroll! Another man who's heart and soul of this team.
I think that's a tear in your eye, is it not, Otmar? No.
I'm really, really happy.
I mean, look at Sergio.
What a great drive, from last to first.
Not many people can say that.
His first Formula 1 victory.
I've learned so much.
I've made so many friends here.
Thanks so much for everything.
All these years, man.
You guys have been amazing and you have a friend.
Whenever you go to Mexico, please call me.
I'll look after you.
It makes me feel very, very sad, seeing that my boys, you know, when it's some of them were crying because we've been together for for so many years.
Life is not fair at all.
Formula 1 neither.
Checo! Checo! Checo! There's Daddy.
He saw the entire race.
He was just screaming, "Dad! Dad! Dad!" We were all crying, darling.
No, no, no.
I love you all, family.
Hello, mate.
Well done.
- Sorry for you, man.
- No, sorry for you.
- At the beginning, you were lucky.
- So lucky, man.
I never thought it was going to end up this way.
Amazing job.
- I just wanted to apologize.
- Thanks for coming.
Thank you.
When I leave, I think I'll be very thankful to the sport, to Formula 1, because what they've given me, they've changed my life forever.
I needed this, man.
What's up, man? Good job.
- You're a badass, man.
- We're all badasses.
Thank you, mate, for everything.
If this is to be the end, I'm extremely pleased and and happy for what I have achieved.
So, thank you, Formula 1.
- Hello, Christian.
- Hey, Sergio.
- Welcome to Red Bull.
- How are you doing? Thanks, man.
Congratulations and welcome to the team.
Thanks, Christian.
I'm so much looking forward to it.
Sergio Pérez is confirmed as our race driver for 2021.
As we bring to an end the Formula 1 season, it is down to this.
The battle for third in the Constructors', it's incredible.
At the last race of the season, we still have this massive fight.
- We're in a good position.
- It'll go down to the wire.
Who wants it more will probably do it.
- Let's fuck some shit up.
- Everything we got.
If you're gonna take on Mercedes, you've gotta be firing on all cylinders.
- Come on, boys! - The season finale!
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