Formula 1: Drive to Survive (2019) s04e09 Episode Script

Gloves Are Off

1 That's what you get when you don't leave space.
Oh, guys.
Fucking hell.
Switch off the engine, please, Lewis.
He doesn't leave me the space.
How do they avoid contact going forward? Max gets a three-place grid penalty in Russia.
In the end, you have to admit you were lucky.
Yes, if you look at the recordings, the wheel is on top of Lewis' helmet.
So, yes, it could have ended really badly.
Was that an act that came of desperation, you think? Yes, I mean, if you look at just the race, Lewis has avoided the contact.
Max knew if he didn't stay there, the race was lost, so he stayed there.
The car's been back today to get everything stripped.
- So we've got Lewis's chassis.
- Yeah.
Get in there, Lewis! That's the 100.
Stay calm.
We will get the fuckers.
Shit, why did you give up that space? Shouldn't have come in, man.
I told you! I'm not sure we can make this to the end.
Gasly! Until we go on the race track, nobody will know what is coming next.
How long is the main straight? Full throttle I think it's 1.
2K full throttle.
- Fuck, it's long.
- Yeah.
Can you reduce press to the minimum level.
Yes, no problem.
Let Christian do all the press work.
He enjoys that.
- With whom am I in the conference? - Christian.
Oh, that's fun.
- I'll be watching that one.
- Oh, that's fun.
Let him crumble.
- Oh yeah.
- I might be shorter, but I'm - A bit more nippity.
- Exactly.
Where's the circus show? - Where is the circus show? - At the end.
- This is making all their weekend.
- I know.
It's like a ring walk.
- What, sorry? - It's like a ring walk, like boxers.
No scratching or biting, all right? Have fun! - Some good lines that you got in.
- Yeah, good.
What's his thing with my ass? I mean, my ass! The whole press conference is so stupid.
The stuff he says, right? Let them talk into emptiness.
He's gonna talk, talk, talk.
Talk, talk, talk.
Is your suspicion that the Mercedes rear wing is somehow dumping drag? That's bullshit that they can do a test that we've not even tested for.
I've done a few good laps too.
- He never gives me credit.
- I do.
"That's all car performance.
" Radio check.
Radio's loud and clear, Lewis.
Okay, Lewis, let's just see where the others come in.
Look out for Gasly ahead.
He's just about to come past the pit wall.
Okay, Pierre, Max behind you.
I lost the tire.
Stop by the pit exit.
Stop by the pit exit.
I don't know if it's safe to go there.
Okay, just stop on the right-hand side.
Stop on the right.
So the yellow flag Gasly caused on the pit straight, I think that's made some people abort their laps.
That's a good effort.
That's P2.
Front row.
I tried.
Well done, Max.
That's a good effort.
That's P1, mate.
Four and a half tenths to Verstappen P2.
Yes! Let's go! Great job, guys.
That was a double yellow there.
Did Max improve pace? Interesting.
I've sent a note.
Shit! Double yellow.
Is that a penalty then? The thing is it wasn't on the system.
Doesn't matter, there's two yellow flags out.
I know.
Wait and see.
- Wait and see what happens.
- Yeah.
Five places.
Flipping heck.
What happened with Valtteri at the start? Come on, Valtteri, get these cars.
Yep, I am.
DRS now enabled.
Hamilton will start to push a bit more now.
Gap to Alonso, 4.
Verstappen right behind him.
Verstappen now the car behind.
So we need to at least maintain this gap.
Where's Valtteri? Check for punctures.
Not sure.
It feels a bit weird.
I have a puncture.
Shit! Box.
Box, box.
We'll retire the car.
Cool the car.
Normal day for me in the office.
Thanks, guys, anyway.
Is this pace okay? Yeah, this pace is good.
Yeah, that was fun.
Toto! You're the best, man.
Tell my wife! - Vamos, Checo! - Pérez, take Lewis out.
Max, world champion.
McLaren? - You're a superstar.
- He's the best, by the way.
You're looking great this morning.
Yeah? Thanks.
You're looking great too.
I love the outfit.
Nice first lap.
How's the balance? Balance is okay so far.
Track is clear.
You can push.
Heart attack! Heart attack.
- You all right? - I don't know.
You got that dizziness again? You've been drinking okay? You're hydrated? - Yeah.
- You don't think it's the lights? Yeah, I dunno.
- I don't need to throw up, but - You just feel a bit Yeah.
Brakes are hot.
Need to hurry up, guys.
- Next lap, pushing? - A-firm.
Next lap, pushing.
Track is clear ahead of you.
Okay, let's go.
Purple sector 1.
Fucking hell.
All okay, Max? - Yeah.
- Okay, mate.
Well, that's just the most hectic Q3 we've had in a long time.
So, yeah, P1.
Valtteri, P2.
- You had me worried for a second.
- Verstappen was on for a good one.
He really was on a flier, but, yeah.
Nice job for keeping it cool.
You think it's a good idea to have a look? Could be.
Four tenths, huh? I mean, it would've been a proper lap.
It really would.
He'd have been He'd have been on pole.
Radio check, Max.
Yep, radio check.
Last car approaching the grid.
So Valtteri the car behind.
Verstappen P3.
Yeah, I'm okay.
So safety car.
Safety car.
Safety car.
Safety car.
Safety car deployed, Max.
- You sure we're pitting? - A-firm.
Box, box.
Can the safety car go faster? We're driving 100.
Red flag, Max.
Red flag.
- That means we are in the lead, no? - That's correct.
That's bullshit.
There's still possibilities for us.
He cut across the whole curb.
Roger, Lewis.
We're on it.
What the fuck? It's a fucking mess.
- Absolutely inevitable.
- Roger.
How's the car, Checo? Can you get going? I can't, mate.
I can't release the clutch.
Okay, stop the car.
Stop the car.
These standing starts are insanely dangerous.
It's ridiculous.
And, Lewis, on the restart, you can use Strat five or seven and overtake where appropriate.
Check my right wheel.
All okay for the moment, Max.
All okay.
Overtake available.
Fucking cunt! He Oh, we're fucked.
Come on, Charles, don't do this.
Gap at 1.
Lewis, push and overtake.
Just be careful.
Toto, just give me a second.
That guy is fucking crazy.
Yeah, copy that, Lewis.
We're on it.
I'm going to ask Max to give that position up.
We felt we were pushed off there.
Max, let's give the position back to Hamilton.
Do that strategically.
He just brake tested me.
I've just hit him, man.
My wing's broken.
I didn't know what was going on.
Race control have instructed them to give the place back.
Yeah, understood.
Next, Ocon.
Ahead is Ocon.
Okay, mate, let's keep that pace up.
 Bottas, 1.
6 behind.
You got one more lap.
Don't back off.
Come on, Valtteri, you got this.
Hard luck with that.
It is what it is, mate.
I tried at least.
Get in there, Lewis.
That has got to be the craziest race I remember.
That's more like it.
Come on.
He did everything that was possible, but then he let him through, then he drives in the back of him.

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