Fortitude (2015) s03e01 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 1

Hildur Odegard was murdered.
So who murdered her? No! Erling! I'll show you Dan Anderssen.
Is he a good sheriff or a bad sheriff? You know what I've discovered? I'm both.
You were infected by parasitic wasp larvae.
The wasp larvae carry a microscopic parasite into their host.
The host usually dies.
But if it doesn't, it's able to regenerate tissue and organs.
It can even pull bodies out of the Arctic water without noticing the cold.
I'm not human? Of course you're human, you're just different.
Why didn't you tell someone, because you love him? Freya? Freya? Natalie.
Can you see? Anything? Can you see anything at all? Light and dark.
That's it.
There's nothing else now.
Your research was sponsored by Schenthal Biotech.
It's a pharmaceutical company.
All the hard drives - You're back.
- Yep.
I think I am.
Larry's passport came through.
Flights are confirmed.
I'll shut the place up, and we can head out this evening.
He's smoking weed.
I can smell it.
That's largely what Larry does.
Take the drugs from him, Boyd.
I want his system clear.
Larry, my wife has a surprise for you.
Your passport's arrived, you're coming with us.
That's awesome, man.
Yeah, I never been to the Arctic before.
Well, I haven't been out of California, but You gotta lose the reefer, Larry.
- What? - Airport dogs smell it.
Customs run a check, they'll see that your real ID doesn't match the fake ID on the passport we bought and you go back to jail.
OK, Jesus.
OK, Boyd.
What's your point? I always think this is childish.
- What is? - The murder board and the photos and the string.
- It's like a kindergarten project.
- Big storm's here.
- Tundersno.
- What's tundersno? Thunder and lightning.
Inside a snow storm.
It's really pretty bad.
And if nine weeks are not enough, then we come back again! Come back for what? At this point I still do not know how Governor Munk met his death.
So we'll be back.
He threw himself out of his office window.
I didn't kill him.
Sheriff Anderssen didn't kill him.
A mob of townsfolk with burning torches and and and pitchforks didn't kill him.
He killed himself.
I return to the facts.
A very unfit, 110-kilo man threw himself through a plate glass window.
A 110-kilo man who was off his head on muscimol.
Come on, Ingeborg, we go round and round and round on this, but you still persist with this shit about a er vengeful mob.
Were they all high on muscimol too? Is that your Is that your theory? "Detective Chief Inspector Myklebust.
" Let's not get over-familiar, Eric, just because I'm going home tomorrow.
Believe me, I do not have any inclination to let myself get over-familiar with you or your irritating monkey nerd! Ingrid? - "Monkey nerd"? - You want the string as well? "Vengeful mob".
Vengeful mob, angry mob.
It's all the same fucking fairy story.
Vengeful implies motive, Eric.
Suddenly there's a motive for the death of Munk.
It's your word.
What is the matter, Olaf? Closer.
Hey! - Happy Harvey Day! - Happy Harvey - What the hell is that? - Harvey Day.
- It's traditional.
- I've never heard of it.
It's a new tradition.
Take off that ridiculous rabbit head.
- It's not a rabbit, it's a pooka! - Take it off! Do you want to spoil Harvey Day for all those little children? You're not going near any little children! Now take it off! What is wrong with you? The whole town knows what you are, Markus Husekleppe.
Stay away or I'll call the police.
Nobody likes you! Miserable cunt! Aargh! DCI Myklebust has decided Governor Munk was murdered.
Who killed him? The vengeful mob killed him.
Whatever gave her that idea? I did.
"Revenge" is all I think about.
650 hours of interviews.
And among them all Ketil Blaksdvedt, Axel, Hong, Lars.
Till I knew they killed Munk.
Because Munk murdered Hildur.
Dan, those men did what I should have done.
They loved Hildur.
They avenged her.
You are thinking if you really loved Hildur you would've killed Munk yourself.
All the time we've been here nobody has ever used the word "revenge".
- About Governor Munk? - About Governor Munk.
Who used it? Eric.
He said "vengeful mob".
And when I pointed it out to him, he couldn't look at me.
Two Harvey Happy burgers.
"Harvey Happy burgers"? They're not on the menu.
They're a special.
Today is Harvey Day in Fortitude.
And you recommend them? They wouldn't be very special if I couldn't recommend them now, would they? And that would be such a shame now, wouldn't it, Harvey? Is Harvey invisible? Yes.
It's a hunting rifle.
Dan, someone's shooting at people in the main street! He's on the roof! Get inside.
Get your head down.
Find access to the roof.
I'll go up the outside.
Drop it or I'll shoot you dead.
Eric! Hey, you fucker! No! No, don't shoot! He's my dad! What are you doing? Orcas live in those waters.
Just 20 metres from where we sleep.
I knew you'd like it here.
I'll go check out the garage.
All right.
- What the fuck is an orca? - Killer whale.
You know what I like? Killer titties.
That's what I like.
When Orcas feast on a whale they've killed .
it's always the tongue they devour first.
Go out and help Boyd, will you? And then when he goes back to town, we can be alone.
Yo, Boyd, where you at? I understand that, but this is complete madness - Black coffee.
- What? - I don't want any coffee.
- What? Drink it, Michael! He missed her by half a metre! - He wasn't shooting at her.
- How do you know? He doesn't even know who she is.
Well, an attempt has been made on the life of a senior investigator.
- This wasn't an attempt.
- He shot at Sheriff Anderssen too.
If Michael Lennox wanted to shoot Dan then Dan would be dead.
He would be if Lennox wasn't so drunk.
I know you want me to just ignore this, but I'm not sure we can.
Are you all happy letting the town drunk just wander around shooting a rifle? He is not the town drunk! All the time.
Night and day.
Your father is drinking himself to death.
Well, I'm going to take a statement from Michael Lennox.
Eric says you've finally concluded that Governor Munk was murdered? I've known this for some time.
I've seen nothing in the interview transcripts to support that.
It's not what they all say that's important.
- Also what they don't say.
- What who doesn't say? Everybody.
So you've based your conclusion on the overwhelming weight of what nobody has said.
They're considering a charge of attempted murder.
- You took my coat.
- Are you cold? There's a bottle in it.
You can't drink in here, Michael.
Let me out.
Why were you shooting off your rifle? Do you know who she is? Someone.
You know why she's here? - No.
- Ingrid never told you? We don't talk much.
Er You need to er .
make a statement.
Fuck you, Eric.
We'll talk when you've sobered up.
There was a bear.
What? Bear.
It went into the school.
I saw it.
Went to take my gun out the truck.
- A bear.
- Mm-hmm.
I killed that bear already.
Bear came back.
Maybe it can't be killed.
You're in good hands, Larry.
Good hands.
My husband has done this before.
I'm sorry but you have to be wide awake for the duration of the procedure.
All right.
Put his fluids through the centrifuge.
- You sure? - Yeah, I'm sure.
I'm sure.
Detective Inspector Myklebust.
I heard you're leaving tomorrow.
- And you have made no arrests? - Yup.
Wall of silence.
We heard all about your troubles, Markus.
The terrible business with the fat girl.
Shirley was not "the fat girl".
People can be so judgmental.
And nobody likes an outcast.
What do you mean? A whistle-blower.
Someone who doesn't care about public opinion.
But is prepared to do the right thing.
Make a stand against the mob.
Do you think I am a stupid man? No, Mr Husekleppe, I don't think that for one moment.
An exchange would be made, in return for information.
What do you have to give that I could possibly want? We have something in mind that we are confident you would find acceptable.
- We saw your application, Markus.
- The letter you wrote.
Letter to Oslo.
I've burned all his things.
That's good, Boyd.
That's good.
What er What dosage did you give yourself? 135 milligrams.
- What dilution? - 80 per cent.
Jesus, Elsa.
That's enough to raise the goddamn dead.
How do you feel? Stronger.
Already I feel stronger.
Skin's tingling.
So, er what do you need, honey? Well I haven't done the dishes.
I'll be pupating when you get home.
They didn't get on a plane.
Myklebust is still here.
She went to the school and spoke to Markus.
Then Markus will give them names.
And one of those names will be Lars Ulvinaune.
You think Lars is the weak link? I think Lars is too honest for this world.
Are you OK, Dan? I've just taken a very large drink of muscimol.
You be careful.
Come on, beautiful.
Doctor Khatri.
- Busy, Lars? - Yeah.
That tundersno storm dumped an awful lot of snow across the bay.
Not seen anything like that for a while.
I know.
Weather's crazy.
My snow-plough is exhausted.
- Could do with a holiday.
- She sure could.
- No.
I meant you, Lars.
- Me? No, I don't have any time for a holiday, Petra.
The investigators from Oslo are re-interviewing people.
- What people? - You should get out of town.
- I should? - Your hunting cabin.
Go hunting.
But what about the snow dump? The snow will turn to slush.
- Really? - Now.
- Don't fuck about.
- OK.
Were you in the civic centre foyer when Governor Munk fell to his death? No.
I was not in the civic centre foyer when he fell.
Eric, you appreciate we require a secure and confidential environment for primary suspect interviews.
What the fuck is a primary suspect? Interview Room One.
Your signature's in the condolence book for Governor Odegard.
We can work out the times.
I signed the book er hours before.
Hours before what? - Lars? - No.
No, I was not in the civic centre.
Lars Ulvinaune is on the spectrum.
When he's asked a question which he can't answer without lying then it visibly causes him pain.
- He flinches.
- You don't believe me? - Where will we find Lars Ulvinaune? - No, I wasn't there.
- No, I was not in the civic centre.
- The depot.
Caution Mr Fersen and Mr Blacksdvedt to remain in town and be available for further interview.
What What does this mean? It means we're going to need a lot more string.
I er try to be.
So, that's it.
Lars? You here? Mr Ulvinaune? You're looking for Lars? Yes.
You know where we'll find him? Yes, I know.
Lars has gone hunting.
Where has he gone hunting? Into the wilderness.
The place where the wolves fuck.
We're getting there.
Not just Governor Munk.
The missing girl Elena Ledesma.
The young electrician, Vladek Klimov.
I know.
Dan Anderssen is all over everything.
This place is This place is his own personal killing field.
I've never In all my time I've never known Do you think Are they all protecting him? No.
I think they're all in fear of him.
We speak with Lars, the snow-plough driver.
He's the weak link.
When he cracks, he'll give us the rest of the mob.
When we have them, they'll give us Dan Anderssen.
- Hong Mankyo's not at home.
- What about the store? He left two hours ago, and he's not in the Blue Fox either.
- Oh.
- What? Someone's in Hildur's office.
What the fuck were you doing in there? I wanted to see if I could erm - Nothing.
I wanted to just - Just what? Just acquaint myself with the environment before I make my situation public.
What the fuck are you talking about? This.
"Confirmed in the position of responsible citizen with authority and powers of acting governor until such time as a permanent appointment will be made.
" I'm sure Oslo will be informing you all officially.
Probably tomorrow, maybe.
Or - Oslo have made Markus - He's our new Governor.
This is insane.
People living in the freezing cold.
It's just utter fucking craziness.
It's just Elsa? Oh.
Shit Do you want me, Boyd? - After all this time.
- I Elsa Hey.
It's me.
I'm listening.
That's another one.
Fifth out of this herd.
No question.
This season's calves are smaller.
Are you sure? No, Dougal, these calves here are small.
Those calves there are far away.
Anyway, I'll er Just wait for this little chap to wake up and I'll see him off Is there significant muscle development around the haunch and flank? Er yeah, not bad, actually.
Quite meaty.
Then bring it home.
Probably best to get this over and done with before you wake up, handsome.
What if they're all in it together? - Who? - The whole town.
- Like "The Cars That Ate Paris".
- What cars? Christ! The younger generation have all the knowledge of the world at their fingertips and yet they know nothing.
Or maybe you're just a sour old spinster who hasn't found a man who can bear to be with her because she's such a relentless smart-ass.
Yeah, well, you're sleeping with a sour old spinster tonight, kid.
What are you looking for? Dan Anderssen's original psyche assessment.
It's so out of synch with the man I'm seeing.
Maybe he's changed.
People don't change.
In the subject liver the initial test confirmed the most significant reaction to the parasite infestation - Just get out! - was a ability to regenerate damaged tissue Do you hear this? Can you hear this? What she knew! - It's OK.
It's OK.
- Fucking Khatri! - Sssh.
It's OK.
It's OK.
- You know what this means? Sssh.
Everything's OK.
Calm down.
I'm here.
I'm here.
It's OK.
Latest tissue re-generation stands at almost 95 per cent in the subject's liver.
Can't live like this, Vincent.
I know.
You can't.
We'll work out a better way of No.
No, Vincent.
I can't live like this.
Natalie, everyone that was infected by that parasite killed someone in order to pass the infection on Not Dan Anderssen.
Dan was crucified and his hands healed.
Dan went into the frozen water and he came out undamaged.
At what cost? We don't know what price Dan Anderssen pays.
What price is this? Maimed.
Natalie, the parasites, the wasps, the larvae they're dead and gone.
We buried them.
You and me.
- What if they're not all gone? - Christ, no.
My God What if a single specimen was preserved in cryogenic suspension? I can't fucking believe this! I'm not gonna We destroyed them.
You and me.
And now you You crazy fucking A new liver tissue has grown and completely replaced the tissue I had removed.
This degree of tissue regeneration is unprecedented in my experience.
Torsten I do actually have a chap, you know.
A chap? Yes.
Whatever the word is.
Not chap.
Someone who does not think I'm a sour-faced old spinster.
- Annie Burgess.
- What? She's a forensic pathologist.
How the fuck do you know about Annie? Ingeborg, everybody knows.
The whole department knows.
- That's - Hey.
We all think it's great.
Annie's a treasure.
"A treasure"? That's as far as I can take us in this light, boss.
Actually, she is.
Annie Burgess is a priceless treasure.
Hey, you fuck! Hey.
Hey, I I got you.
Fuck you! Fucker! - You fucking fuck! - Hey, man.
I got you, man.
Whoa, whoa.
Smoke coming out of the chimney.
You're like some kind of ranger detective out in the wilderness with your tracking skills and your chimney clues.
Lars! Good morning, Mr Ulvinaune! Morning, Lars.
- Shit.
Where's my phone? - It's on the charger.
- Shit.
- What do you need your phone for? - To record the interview.
- Use mine.
Lars Ulvinaune, we need to talk to you.
We have to talk, Lars.
We know you're in there.
- What are you doing? - What? This is a fucking crime scene.
Before I came here there was some wild shit How? And er you don't look old enough.
I'm older than you think.