Foundation (2021) s02e09 Episode Script

Long Ago, Not Far Away

In the long ago, but not far away,
a small and indulged prince
lived in a big and ancient palace.
[YOUNG CLEON] Forty-three, 44.
His mother was a brilliant empress,
and his father ruled at her side.
- They did not know it yet…
- Cleon.
…but they were the last
of the Entun Dynasty.
- Yes, Mother?
- What are you doing?
Counting faces.
[CLEON] All of Empire adored the prince.
He was given a name that meant "famous."
[CLEON] He was told not to wander
too far,
but his game drew him onward.
…307, 308.
[CLEON] He found himself in a hallway
no one had entered in
thousands of years.
- Will you set me free?
I have stories in me.
Many stories.
Would you like to hear one?
Then the mechanical people
knew they had to hide.
The large ones hid in very large spaces
and the small ones in very small spaces,
with their knees
folded up to their ears…
[CLEON] The segmented woman
in the hidden chamber
was the first secret the prince
ever kept from his parents.
He came back often to hear her tell
of the Empire's expansion,
of the Robot Wars,
of a home planet called "Earth."
She stayed the same,
but, of course, the prince grew.
What kind of name is Demerzel anyway?
It's a woman's name,
as that is how I appear now.
An old name, but not my first.
How old are you?
I have told you. Just over 18,000 years.
You're a liar. Nothing lasts that long.
And you say you don't sleep.
I don't.
I wait.
For me?
You're the only one who comes.
There's a mechanism in here
to put you back together, you know.
I would like very much to be free.
If I did it,
then you would be freer than me.
That doesn't seem right, does it?
Cleon, you are upset,
and it's making you unpleasant.
What has happened?
My mother has died.
I'm sorry.
[CLEON] I'm one hour an emperor.
In the morning,
they chain me to the throne.
It isn't a prison sentence.
You have the power to shape
the Imperium into what you want.
That's hardly what they're telling me.
Traditions, alliances. Some
Some trouble in the Gold Horse sector.
I barely got away
from my army of advisers.
And I may not be able to come again.
I see.
Do you trust these advisers?
I don't wanna think about it right now.
In the long ago, but not far away,
I was a leader of soldiers.
After we lost a famous battle,
I was taken captive
and brought before Emperor Aburanis.
Like you, he was new to the throne,
but he was unlike you
in every other way.
He was no Cleon.
He didn't make the room brighter.
He was fascinated by a machine woman.
He made incisions
and studied what he found.
He loved to watch my face, too,
to see how I reacted.
I saw he liked to imagine I felt pain.
I produced tears for him,
which he valued as much
as the knowledge he gained.
In time, he realized he would die,
and I would remain,
and that I had also paid attention
and learned from him.
He worried I might use the knowledge
to revive the war.
In the end, he made this mechanism
so that I could never walk free.
I don't understand.
Why didn't he destroy you?
I am rare. Perhaps unique.
The key to making more of my kind.
Cleon, you're unique too.
You're wiser than your predecessor.
You have more power
than your advisers wish you to know.
If you wanted to bring me out of here,
put me at your side, you could do it.
You just want to get
out of this chamber.
No. Cleon
Don't call me that!
I am Empire!
And you will not see me again.
[CLEON] He came back, of course.
Demerzel was his best secret
and his only friend.
And it no longer seemed right
to leave her naked and in pieces.
Did it work? Are you all right?
I am whole. Thank you, Cleon.
Not freedom. Just…
It is a welcome improvement.
I've brought you this.
It is beautiful.
It's only because I need you
that I cannot free you.
I've been in this
chamber for 5,000 years.
Another few decades won't matter.
You're that confident I will free you?
You want something from me.
You once told me that
stories become burdens if left untold.
It's been a while
since I heard one from you.
In the long ago, but not far away,
I met a concubine in an ancient court.
Every night, after she
and the king had taken their pleasure,
she would tell me of it
as if it were her first time.
And every morning,
after she had slept,
she had forgotten it had happened at all
as if by magic.
And in this way,
the king had a delighted
virgin in his bed every night.
She was a court dancer
with a great, natural grace.
So, even her perpetually amateur
attempts to please him did not suffer…
[CLEON] Demerzel's stories grew more
tempting the prince to desire.
She said he would free her someday,
and he grew to believe it was true.
She was right, of course,
but it took many years.
Greetings, Cleon.
Congratulations on your marriage.
I called it off.
My advisers are furious.
You're no longer a young man.
Your people will have expected
an heir long before now.
She wasn't you.
I thought about Emperor Aburanis
and how he spent his later years
learning to keep you captive.
I've done the opposite.
I've searched the galaxy
to find the things that I need
and the knowledge to use them
to set you free.
This came from Earth.
Think of them as a betrothal gift,
if you'll have me?
You need an heir.
I have a solution for that, but first…
[CLEON] She had a moment,
just then, when she was free.
A moment in 5,000 years.
Time enough to break his neck…
but she did not.
And with that choice,
she lost everything.
This will allow me
to allow you to walk freely.
I seem to recall you
used to be bound by laws.
And the first law…
forbade you to harm humans.
[DEMERZEL] That used to be the case.
can you, um…
kiss me?
can you harm me?
Go on.
[GASPS] What have you done?
Try harder.
You can still harm humans,
just not me.
This will also keep you from
transmitting yourself out of this body.
This is not freedom.
Liberty must be curbed somewhat
if you're to stand next to the throne.
You need to change it back.
I will not. And you cannot,
because the most important thing
is that you remain loyal to me.
You are a human.
You do not have a "forever."
But there is more to the plan.
The part about the heir.
There will be more like me
carrying my code and your loyalty,
but not this memory.
You will see to that. Selected memory.
I will have to be loyal to your shadows.
This is unkind, Cleon. Beneath you.
It is the best I can do.
It is not small.
You can be public.
You will be a special adviser.
You will stand by the throne.
You can come to my bed in secret.
And then after me,
when the half-men rule,
they will be our children.
And you will shape their choices,
and you will love them,
and you will preserve the dynasty.
And through them, rule the Imperium.
What if I leave?
What if I leave the planet? The system.
I had hoped you'd stay after I'm gone.
I believe your programming
would bring you back.
This is not freedom.
Demerzel, no ruler ever has that.
I am giving you
the lion's share of a galaxy,
my body, and my heart.
And this is no small gift.
And so, for that…
will you love me?
How I wish I'd asked you
before I made it compulsory.
[CLEON] Not long after,
having counted all the faces
he would ever see,
the little prince died.
By then he'd become old, of course.
But still, he was surprised.
Stories end gracefully.
Everything else ends in shock and
horror, falsely certain of tomorrow.
So, my brothers and I
have been warming our thrones
with our useless Imperial asses
while she is Empire?
But she has no power either.
I mean, she has all the power,
except the power to do what she wants.
She is loved.
Empire triples my love,
and that should be enough, brother.
I am no brother to you.
Your experiment is through.
With Day and Sareth's union,
what Demerzel was forced to protect
won't exist anymore.
You think so.
I am Pa'a, goddess of light,
-wisdom, flying creatures,
and the second chamber of eternity.
[SALVOR] I think that's mine. [GRUNTS]
Pa'a… I offer you my pain.
I hold your pain, my child.
And as I hold it, it becomes my pain.
Pa'a, I offer you my sight.
[TELLEM] I hold your sight, my child.
And as I hold it, it becomes my sight.
[GAAL] Pa'a, I offer you my voice.
[TELLEM] I hold your voice, my child.
And as I hold it, it becomes my voice.
[GAAL] Pa'a, I offer you my love.
- [TELLEM] I hold your love, my child.
And as I hold it, it becomes my love.
Pa'a, I offer you my body.
I hold your body, my child.
And as I hold it, it becomes my body.
Stop her!
- [GRUNTS] Gaal!
Gaal? Gaal.
I'm here. [PANTING]
- Ready? Run.
- [PANTING] Yeah.
Enclosure. It's time.
[BRIGADIER] To the Invictus.
Approaching Terminus orbit.
All personnel to their stations.
Standby for further orders.
So, if you had to compare?
Prison cells?
Oh, this is much nicer than the palace.
Absolutely an upgrade.
Much cozier.
Good morning. Mr. Mallow, Brother.
I'm General Bel Riose, peer of Empire.
Why are we still alive, General?
'Cause you're not mine to kill.
tells me that he found these on you.
What are they?
It's called a Castling Device, General.
And it's priced to sell.
If you want a demonstration,
just slip that part on.
That node has lost its bracelet,
but it still works.
Very neat trick
to get out of a holding cell.
Yeah, it's not just that.
It puts you inside. It really is clever.
And what about that? Is that clever too?
Well, I was wondering about that myself.
I think the Spacers tagged me.
Thought it was how you caught us.
And my next question is for both of you.
- Are you stupid?
- She's not.
So, why provoke Empire?
It's like you're begging to die.
You attacked the palace.
Why would an established cheat
suddenly adopt a fatal fringe ideology?
- Is it love?
- Absolutely.
But, also, maybe I'm finally
buying into Seldon's bullshit.
Yeah, I mean, Empire's light is dimming.
So you let yourself be pushed around
by the dead hand of Hari Seldon?
Like you're pushed around
by the ghost of Cleon I?
[BEL] Empire might fall.
I'd even say Empire will fall,
but not yet.
And even with our dead man's hands
on the controls,
we are so much more than you.
That's your threat?
"My dead man's bigger than yours"?
Well, he is.
But I'm still feeling…
like I'm being lured in somehow.
So, let's eliminate any weird variables,
shall we?
Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait, wait.
If there was a plan on my part,
it's clearly not working, is it?
Maybe we did lure you here.
Unconsciously. Guided by the Spirit.
Maybe we lured you here
so you could see Terminus.
you'll breathe in a germ of faith
and work around the Second Crisis.
Maybe we win the war
the way we won all those planets:
Whenever possible,
it is good to avoid blood.
But it's rarely possible, so…
- Uh, wait, wait. Just
to the bridge.
He's approaching?
- [SHE-BENDS-LIGHT] Empire's aboard.
General Riose.
You grace us, Empire.
General, I was just telling Empire about
our reconnaissance
of the capital city.
Fortifications and government buildings
are where you'd expect.
Now show me heat.
Anything you didn't expect?
I mean, this is giving me
a little tingle. What is it?
Recon suggests it's their church.
A hot church. Interesting.
we've drawn to within firing range.
Nineteen trireme-class ships
with us in forward position.
That's the Invictus.
It's Emperor Taurelian's ship.
Look what they've done to her.
They'd be fools to fight us.
The Enclosure worked.
They've got no paths to evacuate.
Are you listening, Empire?
I believe we can take them
without firing a shot.
Believe me, I know an easy victory
can feel less cathartic,
- but this is how Enclosures are inten
- You're right.
Open a line of communication
with Terminus.
Tell them we'd like to discuss terms.
I will go down to the planet myself
to accept their surrender.
That is not advisable.
[BEL] She's right, Empire.
This is a delicate matter.
General Riose, you once took pleasure in
reminding me
that I'd never seen battle.
Let's make a virtue of it.
I will be the Cleon who chose peace.
Lady Demerzel.
Him saying all the right things,
does it
make you as nervous as it makes me?
I advise him.
It is not my place to question.
I will perform my function, General.
And I expect you to perform yours.
I chose you for a reason.
Empire, may the light never dim.
I'm Sef Sermak,
director of the Foundation.
This is Councilor Sutt,
and this is our newly promoted warden.
I think we can avoid any violence
that would require the
warden's attention.
I've even brought you a peace offering:
your High Claric.
Returned to his home soil.
[DAY] Now we discuss
the terms of your submission.
We will escort you
to the Foundation Tower
No. I think I'd like to go there.
That's a church, Empire.
Then surely you won't refuse a pilgrim?
Of course not.
So, this is where you make the miracles?
This outpost was established by
Hari Seldon to curate an encyclopedia.
Am I wrong?
- Your Eminence
- We paid for an Encyclopedia Galactica.
I would like to see it.
There is no encyclopedia.
Somehow I knew you'd say that.
Our methods have expanded, yes.
But we are still working
for the betterment of humanity.
- The work that we do
- What work?
The church's work?
All right.
High Claric! You're on!
You told us all about the shows
you put on for the Hinterlands.
Sell me something.
- I can't just
- [DAY] Of course, you can.
Convert me
like I'm some hayseed on Siwenna.
Show us what the Lesser Saints of Seldon
have up those big sleeves.
You are standing
in the Church of Scientism.
Gaze upon the mysteries of our
[DAY] With conviction.
This machine… [BREATHES SHAKILY]
…is the only device known to man,
that can take ugly iron
and change it into shiny, yellow gold.
I have iron. I have iron!
Remember Hari Seldon!
There is no end to
what the Spirit can do!
[SERMAK, CROWD] There is no
end to what the Spirit can do.
There is no end to
what the Spirit can do.
Just so, brothers.
I think that's why I've lived so long.
I always wanted to see
what was over the next hill.
And I've seen wonders.
I have seen ships with their own minds,
crossing light-years
in the space of a breath.
Holy food to cure any ailment.
Gold spun from iron.
It's alchemy.
A conjurer's trick.
It's no trick.
Matter and energy are the same thing.
Apply enough energy
and the matter changes.
This device is nothing
special on its own.
Changing the metal isn't the point.
The point is changing
the disciple's soul.
Do you also tell your disciples
about the coming End Times?
Or do you reserve
that news for emperors?
We predict more than ruin.
There's hope rattling
around in there too.
The Galactic Spirit isn't supernatural.
It's just progress.
It's a personal Aura.
Only an emperor may wear one.
And you sell these to rabble?
No, we give them away.
I have seen enough.
Your church is an armory.
And your religion is a cult.
[INHALES SHARPLY] Signal General Riose.
Tell him
there's imperial property in orbit,
and he is to commandeer
the Invictus within the hour.
We are taking the planet!
You said you were
here to negotiate terms.
- We must [GROANS]
- [DAY] These are my terms.
- This is not a war, it's a police action.
Kill the priests and councilors.
Take the scientists alive.
Have my shuttle waiting.
Please, don't do this. Don't do this.
Scan the Invictus again.
Take a boarding party. Commandeer
the vessel. Let's try not to
- Invictus is operational.
Shields forward.
[BRIGADIER] Bring all weapons
to bear on the imperial flagship.
Launch the whisper-fleet.
Never been in a battle,
have you, Ensign?
No, sir, I have not.
Me neither.
This is the first time for a lot of us,
but everyone in the company plays today.
Yes, sir.
Empire, we should leave.
- [BEL] Raking fire.
we need to scramble our fighters.
Bring us about broadside.
General. General!
All batteries, fire at will.
we need to scramble our fighters.
I heard you.
For good luck.
Take your squadron.
Launch everything. Go.
They never moved the Beggar. Up here.
There she is.
Take it.
I'm right behind you.
Hari wanted us to keep it safe.
Tellem's people will be here any minute.
WARNING: perimeter breached.
[LORON] Salvor!
Damn it, Loron.
Are you really gonna make me do this?
It's not love if it doesn't hurt, Sal.
Got here fast, didn't I?
My people are very familiar
with this terrain.
I don't know
where you've been hiding this,
but it's nice to finally touch it.
Careful. Don't want you to damage
your body. I still plan to use it.
Tellem, I know you don't wanna die.
But your life is misery and pain
Oh, good. Lesson well learned.
Dig at my wound, I'll dig at yours.
This is a strange toy for you.
You never liked toys.
You are not my father.
You cannot even smell the ocean here.
You're Tellem Bond,
and you will stop
pretending to be my father!
[SHUSHING] We felt so blessed
to have such a clever daughter.
You took out your stones.
- Spit in the face of the church.
N-No, you're Tellem.
But we still harbored you.
Despite it all,
we wouldn't renounce you.
You're No, no, no, you're nothing.
You're nothing,
you're j you're just an illusion.
An illusion can speak truth.
Guilt follows you, Gaal,
- because you are guilty.
All these delusions
about saving the world.
Can't even save her.
Foresight is wasted on you.
[MULE] Tellem!
You feel him coming, don't you?
You shouldn't have taken us here.
You're afraid of death.
- This is death. Look.
Warning, isothermal anomaly detected.
Initiating heat transfer system.
The Foundation is fighting back.
The Invictus was war-ready.
And a complement of whisper-ships
has arrived.
One grand old lady and a handful
of skiffs against the Imperial armada.
Let our general live
up to his reputation.
What are these?
[POLY] Children left them here
a very long time ago.
On a dare.
Do you expect an act of God
will strike me down?
Seldon has his defenses,
when he wants to use them.
Perhaps he's not afraid of you.
[HARI] I am here, Empire.
Hello, Poly.
Lady Demerzel.
You cannot win, Seldon.
Call off your ships.
At your trial, I remember thinking,
"Agree or not, here is a man
who believes what he's saying.
Who wants to prevent suffering."
That is suffering.
What I was talking about
was orders of magnitude greater
both in scale and duration.
I would have thought you would
understand that better than most.
But you're right.
I don't want people
to die unnecessarily.
Let's discuss a resolution in my office.
- [AUTOMATED VOICE] All pilots,
proceed to ships immediately
and prepare for launch.
Pellis One. You are clear to launch.
Imperial switchbacks.
Prepare to counter.
Pellis One to all wings. Form up on me.
Pellis Three at the ready.
Pellis Six at the ready.
Target enemy ships.
Clear a path to the Invictus.
Destiny, this is Pellis One.
We're coming athwart.
Pellis Two, maneuvering to engage.
- They're right on us
- [PELLIS THREE PILOT] Taking heavy fire!
Weren't these assholes
supposed to be merchants?
Stay sharp, Pellis Six.
I'm reading two life-forms
to every ship. Gunners?
Pellis Four, I'm on your wing.
[GLAWEN] Infrared shows there's
only one pilot in the spacecraft.
Target the life-forms in the back.
It's not a gunner, it's brain tissue.
Say it again, Pellis One.
Target the back of the spacecraft.
It's a navigation center.
[DAY] I saw your statue in the city.
The iconoclast became an icon,
after all.
Surely the Emperor of the Galaxy
won't begrudge me a few followers.
[DAY] Hundreds of years,
my brothers and I have ruled.
Never once did we
cast ourselves as gods.
…I did what I had to do.
[DAY] Your ends seem to justify
quite a lot of means.
How low would you stoop?
Blind Angels tried to kill me
as I lay sleeping.
Did you send them?
I have no need of assassins.
I know how the Cleons end. And when.
Of course you do.
The fall is not a lie, Day.
You don't need me to tell you that.
No, I really think I do. Convince me.
You're here. You're living in it.
And that means Empire is afraid.
You're projecting.
Well, I am a hologram.
I'm here because I am not afraid.
I do not accept the darkness
as a foregone conclusion.
I am here to prevent further violence.
At the head of a fleet?
And if anyone is advancing
a cause for war, it is you.
Your cleric sowing dissension
in the Outer Reach.
Your appearance in my throne room.
Your men's attack on the palace itself.
Must you provoke me to arrive
at the
mathematical conclusions you desire?
Provocations are inevitable,
whether authored by me or another.
You understand that, don't you?
You're programmed to serve Empire,
What serves it best?
Is an Empire's primary objective
power or longevity?
You can't have both.
Which of those outcomes
do you actually desire?
Now is not the time for tea leaves.
You must have something more
with which to bargain.
you would have tried to kill us.
You would've just uncorked another one.
You warned of stagnation, but I adapted!
The Dynasty will evolve.
All the things you claimed to want,
I did them!
You never accounted for me.
No, I-I've met outliers.
You're not one of them.
But my math does allow
for inflection points,
and there lies opportunity.
Even now, you insist on your numbers.
Because I died for them.
And I will not have my life's work
snuffed out by any man's pride.
Demerzel, you said you didn't come here
for tea leaves.
What if I offered you
a crystal ball instead?
We just cut a path to the Invictus.
Destiny to Pellis One,
you're clear to attack.
[GLAWEN] Copy that, General.
Here goes everything.
We are nearing target.
Preparing to lock weapon systems
on the engine board
[GLAWEN] Break off. Break off!
- They're going for the engine clusters.
- He's inside our fire pattern.
Roll the ship.
Come on.
Pellis One to Destiny, I am returning
- Oh, no.
Come on, Glay.
Pellis One?
[HARI] That is the Prime Radiant.
Contained within it is the entirety
of psychohistory.
I drew you here to give it to you.
I can teach Demerzel to read it.
A computer passed from one
artificial intelligence to another.
The fate of humankind will be determined
by those of us who are actually human.
This is built by royal warrant.
You give me something I already own,
I'd have preferred
another atomic ashtray.
This is not a game.
[BEL] The Foundation is in retreat.
The Invictus has been disabled.
There. It's all finished now.
[BEL] What are my orders, Empire?
[DAY] We're about to find out, General.
I meant everything I said.
I'm prepared to show your people mercy.
In exchange for what?
Admit that your math is flawed,
and I will spare Terminus.
It's that simple.
Demerzel, whatever happens today,
this is about survival for all of us.
The future is invented every second.
I'm not bluffing, Seldon.
Invent a better one.
I can't give you what you want, Day.
Psychohistory is real.
bring the Invictus down on the planet.
[BEL] There's no one
on the surface but civilians.
[DAY] You have your orders, General.
You know, it's fitting.
The Invictus should be my axe to swing.
It will fall upon
your fledgling little empire.
The singularity
will pull Terminus inside out,
and you and everything you were
will be forgotten.
They always disappoint you, don't they?
Beggar, open the air lock doors.
Beggar, seal the air lock doors now.
vent all oxygen from the air lock.
I love you.
Please, Sal.
Poor illusion.
I never liked her.
Oh, here he is. Oy, you gelded bastard.
Yesterday. Temporary Emperor.
What are you doing?
[HOBER] I'm sorry I couldn't stay longer
when I came to Trantor.
Just missed you.
Take them to the bridge.
What is it?
I need to tend to
another matter at home.
This is our moment.
No, it is yours.
I don't understand.
I am sometimes called away
to other matters, as I am now.
It happened often
during your formative years,
as I was trying to stitch up
the fraying ends of Empire.
You grew up
with an uncertainty in mind and morals.
I hoped initiating physical intimacy
with you
would give me the influence
to correct your shortcomings.
That failed.
I apologize to you
for what you have become.
It was my oversight.
What have I become?
I have become the Day who saw
that change was needed,
who made the change happen,
who set up to father a new line.
What have I become?
I am a complete man.
No, you're a sperm led
by its waving flagellum,
mistaking its random motion
for complexity.
Now, go do what you will do,
for it's too late to change you.
Ready a jump ship.
I'm leaving for Trantor.
Hey, what's going on?
- Oy, asked you a question.
- You jumped a ship into my palace!
It deserves a reply!
[BEL] We stand ready, Empire.
Concussion mines
will drive the Invictus into the planet.
- Pellis One to Destiny, do you read?
Pellis One to Destiny, do you read?
- Hello, General.
Ah. We lost
your signature. Where are you?
- The nightside of Terminus?
No, I'm on the surface.
Ship's gone.
I have no way to get to you. [CHUCKLES]
[DAY] You have your orders, General.
Hey, Glawen.
Tell me.
Day has commanded me to bring
the Invictus down on the planet.
Wow, well, there it is.
Give the order.
[GLAWEN] Bel, listen to me.
If you lose your post over this,
the whole galaxy will suffer for it.
You have to give the order.
Hey, in the book
You know, in Ducem's book?
Wanna know what my favorite part is?
The warrior asks the god for advice.
And then the god says
says, "The only way you can conquer me
is through love."
"And there I am gladly conquered."
love you… [SOBS] …Glawen.
Open fire.
He needs help. The Director needs help.
I couldn't stop him.
I'm so sorry.
No. No.
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