Frankie Drake Mysteries (2017) s01e00 Episode Script

A Frankie Drake Cold Case

1 The place is locked.
Don't think that is going to stop me.
Murdoch always makes this look so bloody easy.
It's a learned skill like a magician's trick.
It just takes practice and more practice.
I don't have the patience for that.
Oh! Got it? (GROANS) Give me the gun.
- Yes, sir.
- Oh, properly.
When he ditched the wagon he was headed somewhere.
This is the only building in the area.
Come on, this way.
Who robs a bank on a night like this? Must be crackers.
Or very smart.
Clair de lune.
It's coming from in here.
(TAPPING) Put your hands where I can see them.
Step away from the table and turn around.
Who are you? Names Hudson.
(JAZZ MUSIC) (KNOCKING) Trudy? Is that you? Thought we were meeting at the hotel? You don't know me but I do need to speak with you urgently.
I know it's late and I am so sorry.
But, I finally found you and I didn't want to wait any longer to talk.
I'm Paul Landell.
Well, what couldn't wait until morning? Well, it's about your father.
What about my father? Does the name Hudson ring a bell? Come in.
Have a seat.
My fathers name was Ned Drake.
Yes, well, 16 years ago I was manager at the Dominion Bank.
I oversaw the development of the most innovated vault at the time.
Solid steel construction.
What does this have to do with my father? I mean, he wouldn't darken the door of a bank.
In his words "Banks dupe gullible people out of their hard earned cash".
"Institutional robbery" he called it.
Well, the robbery I am talking about was not institutional.
On April 26, 1905, my vault held a shipment of unmarked bills destined for Montreal.
It was stolen.
And not a soul knew the money was there.
Except for the engineer who inspected the vault pronouncing it structurally sound.
I believe that man was your father.
My father was never an engineer.
Well, he certainly fooled me.
Are you actually a Detective, Miss Drake? This Hudson why do you think he is my father? I've been searching for him for years.
By fluke I came across a picture of a man named Ned Drake.
I recognized immediately that it was Hudson.
Where is he now? He's not here my father died years ago.
I see.
Hudson once told me that everything he did was for his girl.
At the time I figured he was talking about his wife.
But then it dawned on me that he was talking about his daughter.
Why are you here? The night the money vanished Toronto streets were deserted.
Weather was fowl, the wind took out power east of Bay Street.
The thieves got away in a wagon but the police were right on their heels.
Who are you? Names Hudson.
Did you know there was a bank robbery tonight? Nobody else seems to be out on a night like this.
You think I robbed a bank? Wagon was abandoned nearby and the driver fled on foot.
There is a mathematical probability that you are that driver.
What are you doing here? I'm a foreman, working on Convocation Hall I need a place to store tools, layout plans.
Every man should have a place to call his own.
(LAUGHS) With a bottle of good Scotch and a copy of The Sporting Life.
(PAPERS RUSTLE) Cave for the modern caveman.
What's this? - Miniature music box.
- (MUSIC PLAYS) - (BOX SNAPS SHUT, MUSIC STOPS) - Extraordinary workmanship.
It's for my daughter.
She's about to turn 15.
Well, it's a very generous gift.
Get your cost and we'll take a walk down to the station.
If what you say is true you will be back before you know it.
I don't want the place to burn to the ground while I prove myself to the Toronto Constabulary.
I didn't rob the Dominion Bank.
I've been here all night.
I never mentioned the name of the bank.
Bloody hell! (BREATHING HARD) (SIGHS) Bullocks! Classic misdirect.
Lulled us into a false sense of security and then vanished.
If we don't find the money, I hope he has a bottle stashed.
I could use a stiff drink on a night like this.
A secret door.
So, that's how he escaped.
Now where is the loot? That set of drawers look promising.
I bet it's locked.
Well, like I said practice and more practice.
Like I said, practice takes patience.
And tonight I'm in short supply.
Margaret will be chuffed if I come home with a bag full of money that's unmarked.
- (KNOCK) - (DRAWER SLIDING) Money is only what she thinks she wants.
Don't presume to tell me what my wife wants, Watts.
Guess they'll be no fingermarks in the vault.
If I were a $100,000 in small bills, where would I be.
He could have stashed it anywhere en route before coming back here.
The daughter I assume.
Well, at least he's telling the truth about something.
She looks like she's a redhead.
It is hard to actually tell the colour of the hair from the photograph.
Guess it really does take one to know one.
You got that right me old 'mucker.
Better red than dead.
Thanks for coming Mary.
There's almost no one left at the station.
Fortunately, for you, Morality officers work into the wee hours of the morning.
I'm supposed to be at the King Edward Hotel over an hour ago for an all night stakeout with Trudy.
Cheating husband? Not this time.
I see something more nefarious.
You know walking into a hotel with almost no luggage Yeah, hotel security will make note of that.
Well, I've always travelled light.
My father changed jobs all the time, so we were always on the move.
His credo was douse the lights, grab what you need and hit the road.
(LAUGHS) My fathers credo: Never believe anything that you hear.
Only half of what you see and don't trust anyone.
(LAUGHS) Did you get that file.
So, why do you want to know about this robbery? The case goes back to 1905.
A man showed up tonight saying that my father was somehow involved.
He's name was Landell.
Apparently, he was the bank manager at the time.
You don't believe him? There was something about him.
Well, your fathers name wasn't anywhere on this file.
The police believe a man named Hudson had something to do with it.
The name doesn't ring a bell.
The night of the robbery the police found Hudson at 732 Front Street.
But, he tricked them and vanished.
The money was never recovered.
This Hudson remains their prime suspect.
But, my question is: if Landell wanted to find this Hudson why would he come to you, instead of the police.
I've got to run, lock up would you.
I slip the key under the door when I leave.
And stay away from the bank guy, I think he's dangerous.
I'm dangerous too.
(HORN HONKS) - (KNOCKING) - Hello? - (BELL DINGS) - Hello.
Inspector Llewellyn Watts.
Were looking for Frankie Drake.
She just left minutes ago, she's on a case.
I'm Officer Mary Shaw, I'm on duty.
I was just liaisoning with Miss Drake on a personal matter.
This is former Chief Constable Thomas Brackenreid.
I am sure.
Chief Constable, I do know you by reputation.
And Inspector your impossible to achieve solve rate is bandied about the office as something to aspire too.
You're almost as legendary as Detective William Murdoch.
You're in the Morality Division.
Yes, sir.
Yes I am.
Women in uniform at our station, sometimes progress moves in the right direction.
We need to speak with Miss Drake about her father.
It seems like everybody does.
You know he's been dead for years? This is in connection with a cold case.
We believe her father used an alias.
He went by the name Hudson.
He was implicated in the robbery of the Dominion Bank back in 1905.
But, he escaped our custody.
At the time of the heist the bank manager was a man named Paul Landell.
We're trying to locate him.
Landell, that was the man who was just here.
Frankie had doubts about his story Hold these please.
She wanted to see the old case files and since I have access to authorized police files.
The bank believed Landell was connected to a botched robbery just last week.
A bank teller was killed.
This is a murder investigation, now, he's a very dangerous man.
We need to keep these.
The police make copious notes.
Just once they might come in handy.
Goodnight, Miss Shaw.
Oh! The keys.
It was fortuitous to run into you.
Good evening.
Oh! Detectives these were left behind! 732 Front Street.
Yes, please connect me to the King Edward hotel, please.
Yes, I need to leave an urgent message for a Miss Frankie Drake.
She'll be arriving shortly.
Please tell her, that she needs to meet Mary Shaw at 732 Front Street.
And tell her to hurry.
- (DOOR GROANS OPEN) - Hello? Is anybody here? Inspector Watts? Chief Constable? Former Chief Constable.
(PIPE FALLS) I'm Officer Mary Shaw.
I'm in the middle of a case.
Who are you? I'm Paul Landell, former manager of Dominion Bank.
I'm here to reclaim stolen property.
This is material evidence in a police investigation.
You don't want to get in the middle of this.
(CASE RATTLES) (CASE HITS GROUND) Hudson up to his old tricks.
It was very nice to meet you, Mr.
I must get back to the station.
You think I'm letting you walk out of here? - You're not going anywhere.
- You leave me no choice but to arrest you for obstructing justice and (GROANS) And stay away from that bank guy, I think he's dangerous.
Oh, Frankie.
You had him pegged.
If you untie me now, you have my word as an Officer of the law that you will be treated fairly.
You think you got bargaining power, are you nuts.
The police will be here momentarily.
Really? And who knows where you are? In my experience most cops are so clueless, they won't even know you're gone.
We aren't quite as clueless as you think.
We've been looking for you.
There's a bank teller lying on a slab in Markham with a bullet in his chest.
Well, that's got nothing to do with me.
We suspect we'll find your fingermarks all over the murder weapon.
We know that you were the inside man back in '05.
I had nothing to do with that robbery.
That crook Hudson walked away with it all.
Let's agree to disagree.
Now, why don't you let Miss - Shaw.
- Shaw, go.
As bargaining chips, women pull at the heartstrings don't they? Aw and she's all dressed up in a police uniform.
This uniform will see you hanged for murder Mr.
Nobody moves or the uniform gets it.
After you left I went through my fathers things.
I thought you might be interested in this.
What is it? It's just one piece of the puzzle.
What are you talking about? I knew my father better than anyone else.
You're free to have this, but without me you'll never find the money.
I'll be the judge of that.
(GROANS) Women do pull at the heartstrings don't they.
Just like your old man.
You tried to out con a con and you met your match back then.
And it's happened again.
Frankie Drake, I presume.
Your timing is impeccable, Miss Drake.
Especially that right hook.
- (LAUGHING) - I'll accompany him back to the station.
Miss Shaw, have you ever taken finger marks before.
Yes, yes, several times.
Although they were my own.
Well, I've always been a firm believer in practice.
(SNICKERS) What's in there? Well, I supposed to be on a stakeout and I was going to get caught up on some paperwork.
Luckily, I got Mary's message.
Good on ya.
You recognize her? Where did you get this? It was in the desk drawer the night I met your father.
Inspector Watts and I were on the case back then.
I'm ashamed to say, he outwitted us.
I remember this bike.
Do you know anything about the money? We never really had any.
My father did go by the name Hudson though.
Those were some of the happiest times I can remember of him.
We stayed put for over a year.
He always swore he would never go near a bank.
And you believed him? - I was a kid.
- And now? Perhaps my father was more complicated than I realize.
He was working on this the night we met him.
(MUSIC BOX PLAYS) I loved this song.
Bloody hell! Way more complicated than I thought.
That was my dad.
Do you want to go for a drink? (LAUGHS) My kind of girl.
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