Frasier s05e20 Episode Script

First Date

Dear God.
It's a minefield out there.
Everyone's talking about a mini-series I've been watching.
Did you see the end last night when I attended a benefit last night.
I had to tape it and I have yet to see it.
Who would've thought it? Mr PBS watching a trashy mini-series.
It's not trashy.
The intricacies of the plot are downright Dickensian.
Yeah, Angie Dickensian.
I'm having a difficult time avoiding people telling me about the ending.
Hi, Roz, did you watch last night? - Wasn't it - Goodbye, Betty.
Hey, Dr Crane.
How was your day? Interminable.
Is the tape in the VCR? Yes, it's all cued up.
You've got to call me when you get to the part with Heather's baby.
- Heather had a baby? - Sorry.
Who's the father? No, don't tell me.
I'll put your popcorn in the microwave.
- Hey, Fras.
- Hi, Dad.
I got some bad news.
There isn't a good way to tell you something like this.
Your god-uncle died.
My god-uncle? There's no such thing.
It's your godfather's brother.
You remember your god-uncle Charlie.
I barely even remember my godfather.
He died 20 years ago.
Now his brother's dead, too.
The wake's in 20 minutes.
Much as I'd like to pay my respects, catch up with my god-cousins, and meet the god-neighbours, I have some urgent business that can't wait.
Here's your popcorn and the remote.
There, enjoy your show.
All right.
I don't even know why I'm going.
The man used to hide his glass eye in my marble bag.
I knew you remembered him.
Just give me a couple of minutes to get changed.
- Hello, Frasier.
- Hello, Niles.
You'd be smart to leave.
Dad's dragging me to a wake for god-uncle Charlie.
The one who'd plop his eyeball into his potatoes - and say, "I'm watching what I eat"? - Yes.
- So, is Daphne here? - Yes, she is.
Why? I'm asking her out on a date.
And don't give me that look.
Why shouldn't l? She's single.
I'm single.
Are you ready? I'm not talking about eloping.
It's just dinner.
I suppose you've thought this through.
Maybe it is time.
- Time for what? - To put this popcorn away for later.
- Aren't you watching your programme? - He has to take Dad to a wake.
Listen, Daphne, do you have a minute? Something I wanted to ask you.
Nothing earth-shattering.
It's just Yes? What's that perfume you're wearing? Leave it to you to notice.
It's Obsession.
No, it isn't.
I was just curious.
No, I'm quite sure it's Calvin Klein's Obsession.
It's very pleasing.
I spray it on my brush and comb it through.
Silly, really.
As if anyone's going to smell my hair.
- What did she say? - I couldn't do it.
I was about to ask, then all I could think ofwas what if she said no.
It's no surprise.
After all you've been through with Maris, you are just scared of another rejection.
I was more than scared, I was terrified.
I can't go on worshipping Daphne from afar.
It's frustrating to be in love with someone and not be able to tell her how you feel.
I'm sorry.
I just came back for the fabric softener.
I didn't mean - Oh, my God.
- Oh, my God.
- How long was she there? - I don't know.
If I'd known, I would've said, "Shut up.
Daphne's standing there".
She heard everything.
Calm down.
It may even be for the best.
You wanted to take the next step.
The next step.
I was just hurled down the entire flight of stairs.
I can't believe this.
Did Daphne really hear me say that I'm in love I'm sorry.
I really do need that fabric softener.
You've got to talk to her.
It'll only become awkward.
You can't leave things like this.
Resolve it now.
- Daphne - Dr Crane, I didn't - I hope you don't think - No, l Go ahead.
I'm terribly sorry.
I know I wasn't supposed to hear that.
No, I'm glad you heard.
It's something I've been wanting to tell you.
What took you so long? I think it's wonderful.
- You do? - Yes, of course I do.
You dear, sweet man, give me a hug.
So, who is she? - Who? - This woman you're so in love with.
You didn't hear that part, did you? No.
So, come on, what's her name? You can't back out now.
No, you're right.
I can't.
OK, her name just happens to be Da-Phyllis.
I've never heard that name.
It's a family name.
Her friends call her Phyllis.
Excuse me.
I'll get some water.
Where's Niles? He's in the kitchen.
I'm sorry to barge in on you like that.
Did you and Niles have a little chat? Yes.
He was a bit shy at first but then he came clean.
- I couldn't be happier.
- That is wonderful.
Let me be the first to raise a glass to to god-uncle Charlie.
As long as you're doing the laundry, the kitchen towels could use a washing.
And my oven mitts are getting a bit crunchy.
What the hell is going on? All she heard was that I was in love with someone and when she asked who, I blurted out Phyllis.
Phyllis? It's a neighbour I saw this morning.
She had a sesame seed stuck between her teeth.
It was the size of a blanched almond.
Maybe it was a blanched almond.
If she had Mueslix Niles, stop.
You have got to clear this up.
Well, I'm off to bring the car around for Dad.
All right now, tell me more about this Phyllis.
I'd rather not.
You said you wanted to talk about it.
Have you asked her out yet? No.
Why not? You said you were in love with her.
- In love with who? - Phyllis.
- Who's Phyllis? - A woman I met.
I've just been giving him some dating advice.
All you need to know is that women go crazy for flattery.
Doesn't matter if it's a big fat lie.
They'll still buy it.
Whatever advice Daphne's giving you, must be great because she's smart.
Thank you, Mr Crane.
So, tell me about this dream woman ofyours.
- I don't know.
- I can see you're crazy about her.
Well, all right.
She's very beautiful.
And very sweet.
And she has a smile that makes my knees weaken.
Dr Crane, if this woman is as wonderful as you say she is, then you shouldn't waste another moment.
She won't be on the market forever.
You're right.
I've been a fool to hesitate.
- That's the spirit.
- I'm going to do it.
Don't leave time for second thoughts.
Ask her out this instant.
- That won't be necessary.
- It's quite nasty out.
No, I don't have to leave this room to ask Phyllis on a date.
- You don't? - No.
Because, you see, Daphne I know her work number by heart.
Well, then.
- Look at me.
My heart's racing.
- Mine, too.
Phyllis, hello.
Niles Crane.
How are you? I was wondering if you would want to have dinner with me sometime.
You would? How about tonight at my place? Eight o'clock sounds great.
What would you do if you were me? Would you tell her everything and just let the chips fall where they may or Yeah.
Well, I do see your point.
I have to run.
I'll take the three-year subscription and travel clock.
- Daphne.
- Hello.
I was out doing some shopping and I thought you might need some dessert for your dinner with Phyllis.
Well, I was just doing some last-minute tidying up forthat.
And I suppose you've got about eight things cooking.
So I'll get out ofyourway.
Soon as I pop this in the fridge.
Don't trouble yourself.
I'll do it.
Dr Crane, there's barely enough pasta here for one person.
Is this your idea of a romantic dinner? Thank heavens I stopped by.
I can whip up a salad.
I'll stick this roast in the microwave to defrost.
- Where's your cooking sherry? - I am under-prepared for this.
I'll call Phyllis and put her off.
You're not backing out ofthis now.
Look, don't worry.
I'll fix this place right up for a nice, intimate evening.
Candles, some soft music.
Those things always put me in a romantic mood.
I suppose it would be rude to cancel.
Now hurry up and get ready.
And wear that blue blazer ofyours.
No woman can resist you in that.
Look at the time.
Honestly, Dr Crane, sometimes I wonder what kind of a fantasy world you live in.
Now go on.
- Don't you look handsome.
- Thank you.
Daphne, this place looks wonderful.
Excellent music.
I love this aria.
Yes, she has a gorgeous voice.
Pity she never got the recognition of a Joan Sutherland or a Renata Tebaldi.
I had no idea you knew so much about sopranos.
You don't live with your brother and not learn a thing or two about divas.
The roast is coming along nicely.
- How are you at chopping vegetables? - Are you kidding? You don't get forearms like these from just conducting your stereo.
I'm very excited for you.
I just love first dates.
I don't see why.
They're always so awkward.
Yeah, but once in a while, when the chemistry's just right, they can be magical.
The "me toos" as you realise all you have in common, the electricity of that first accidental touch, soon you're saying the silliest things.
- I'm sorry.
- Sorry.
You touched me, now we have to get married.
- Pardon me.
- Sorry.
Now I was thinking for the salad some cucumbers and carrots.
- How about some celery? - No celery.
I hate it.
Me, too.
Why do you have it then? Habit.
Maris used to like to have it around in case she felt like bingeing.
When I was little, I actually thought celery was the meanest vegetable.
Radishes were the smartest, beets were the policemen.
What sort of personality do carrots have? I try not to think about that when I'm chopping them.
You hear that? We're chopping in rhythm.
We are, aren'twe? Damn, who could that be? It's Phyllis.
Well, go on.
Go let her in.
Go away, who's ever at the door, go away, don't come back no more.
I thought you were at a wake.
We left.
Even the mourners were babbling about the mini-series.
I'm sure you're in a rush to watch the rest of it.
No, everybody's going to the Kiwanis Club for a post-wake kegger.
Could you take Dad? Me? Well, they're your god-family.
- I thought you were Phyllis.
- Phyllis? She's due any moment.
I'll be leaving as soon as the roast is done.
Daphne is cooking dinner for your date with a fictitious woman.
Why not just set a place for the March Hare and the Mad Hatter? I didn't plan forthis, butwe are having a perfect evening.
I need a few more minutes alone and I'll be able to tell her everything.
Niles, this absurd lie is likely to blow up in yourface.
As long as I keep track ofwhat I'm saying, nothing is going to blow up on anyone.
Phyllis! Ka-boom.
Some ofyour mail wound up in my box today.
- Aren't you considerate? - Hello.
- I'm Frasier, Niles' brother.
- I hope I'm not interrupting.
- As a matter of fact - Hello.
You must be Phyllis.
Do I know you? I'm Daphne.
I'm just a friend.
Make yourself comfortable.
We were starting to worry.
- Excuse me? - Can I get you a glass ofwine? - All right.
I came by to drop off - I'll be back in a snap.
That woman seemed to think that you were expecting me.
I've been getting to know my neighbours and I guess you didn't get the invitation.
It's dumb luck I stopped by tonight.
Here we are.
Now the appetisers are almost ready and it won't be much longer until the roast is done.
I hope you're hungry.
- The invitation was for dinner? - Yes, but we'll do it another time.
I'd love to stay.
- Hey, Niles.
Frasier, you coming? - In a minute, Dad.
- Daph, what are you doing here? - Helping Dr Crane with his dinner.
- Hi.
How are you doing? Marty Crane.
- Hi, I'm Phyllis Conrad.
- You're Phyllis, huh? - Don't worry.
We'll be going soon.
Dr Crane's eager to have you all to himself.
- Really? - He's been going on about you all week.
How pretty you are.
How nice you dress.
Dad, you don't want to be late.
- I've embarrassed him.
He's blushing.
- He's not the only one.
Excuse me, Phyllis.
Frasier, could l - Help me get rid of her.
- I've got my hands full with Dad.
You never had any idea he had his eye on you? I caught him staring at me in the elevatorthis morning.
Now I knowwhy.
Dr Crane, would you give me a hand? Frasier? Dad, I guess it's time we were going.
Maybe you could go press for the elevator.
All right.
Very nice meeting you, Phyllis.
Well, your brother certainly kept his feelings to himself until tonight.
Yes, well, he's always been the quiet type.
Especially since all the trouble with Heather.
Heather? The pie should be heated and there's cream to put on the strawberries.
Or anything else, should the night take that turn.
- His wife was poisoned? - He stood trial.
They never proved it.
Crab puffs? No, thank you.
I just remembered, there is someplace that I have to be.
Thank you very much for the wine.
Oh, my God, I drank the wine.
- What did you tell her? - I'll explain later, Niles.
But don't plan on running for the co-op board here anytime soon.
- Where did Phyllis go? - She left.
She said she wasn't feeling well.
Hope you don't mind my saying so.
You almost seem relieved that she's gone.
Relieved? Well, Daphne, to tell you the truth, I am relieved.
I knew it.
This is all my fault.
It's as clear as day now.
You're just not ready for a relationship - and there I was pushing you into it.
- Daphne I could see how uncomfortable you were.
She must have picked up on that, too, and that's why she left.
- What was I thinking? - This is not your fault.
Yes, but I should've seen.
You're on the rebound.
You're still vulnerable.
That's probably why you had so much trouble asking for a simple date.
Yes, I suppose you're right.
I'm so sorry, Dr Crane.
I guess you just need to take some more time.
Ifyou rush things, you may ruin something that has a real chance.
No smart woman would get involved with a man in the middle of a divorce.
I know I never would.
Well, thank you, Daphne.
This has all been very helpful.
And thank you for everything you did tonight, even if it didn'twork out exactly as I'd hoped.
What are friends for? I suppose we should start clearing all this up.
Actually, Daphne, would you like to stay and have dinner with me? - You mean that? - Yes.
Well, yes, that would be lovely.
May I pour you some wine? You know, although it seems hopeless right now, I have a feeling that before very long, you'll be sitting down to a romantic dinner with the woman ofyour dreams.
I thinkyou may just be right.
Shall we? Thankyou.
Here's to us.
That's very nice.
This is the most spectacular wine I've ever tasted.
I'm glad you like it.