Frayed (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

1 I want you both to know that nothing is going to change.
But Dad's dead.
- Shit! - There's no money left.
My children and I have nowhere to go.
- Are we in Sydney? - I mean, it sort of is.
No, it's not "sort of".
It's called Newcastle.
How long are we going to be here? Yeah.
How long are you gonna be here, Sammy? Your mum's got no right showing up here after all these years, no fucking right at all.
- So, how are you gonna pay for their food, clothing? - I'll get a job.
- Can you make coffee? - Yes.
Black, three sugars.
- What are you doing here? - Sammy works for me.
Look, we are not staying here, all right? - You can't make me go to school here! - Me neither! Yes, I can! Rufus, hi.
- It's me.
It's Simone.
- I told you to stop calling me.
Just ringing to check in, see how my case is going.
We have been through this so many times.
There is no case.
You are bankrupt.
I'm doing everything I can to clear your mountain of debt.
- It's not my debt.
It's Nick's.
- It's the same thing.
Look, I do have some good news.
I might have found a good buyer for your house.
- Cash.
Quick sale.
- No, not my beautiful house.
Simone, your debts are accruing interest every day.
The Inland Revenue is out for blood.
- I don'tnderstand how this happened.
How did you not know? This should come as no surprise to you, Simone, but Nick was quite an adept liar.
Come on, Ru.
Surely there's something you can do to save the house.
For old times' sake? What, because we fucked twice three years ago? Yes.
Making love is a sacred bodily bond and it meant a lot to me.
Ah, shit! Get off! Shit! - Simone? - It was a feral possum, Rufus.
A feral possum the size of a fucking horse! I don't belong in this house, Rufus.
I don't belong in this town.
I don't belong in a tan mini-skirt.
- Why are you wearing a tan mini-skirt? - My luggage got lost.
- I just want to come back.
- You can't come back.
Everyone knows how Nick died.
Even the fern that got trapped in his anus? Especially that bit.
I'd say that's the detail that people have most latched on to.
You can't come back to that.
Think of the children.
You're better off there, Simone.
In time, you may come to think of it as home.
This is not my home.
- Excuse me! - Get off the phone, Sammy.
- Who's Sammy? - I'll call you back.
I said, stop call - Who were you on the phone to? - That is none of your business! Oh! Who was it, Sammy? Huh? Is it this number, this UK number that you keep calling? - No.
- Look at this phone bill! I didn't realise that it was I did not realise that it was going to cost that much money.
What is that accent? Is that Afrikaans? I'm not the only one doing fake accent, you duplicitous charlatan.
Do you even know what charlatan is? I don't need to know what it means, 'cos Krystle Carrington called Alexis Colby a duplicitous charlatan in a very similar context, - you duplicitous charlatan! - So, you're going to keep using that word, and you don't know what it means.
You're gonna wake up one morning with my balls on your face! - You get off! - Hey! - Don't you - Hey! - That's it? - Stop! What is going on? How did you do this? I suspect it might be the phone calls to the United Kingdom.
Oh, really? How'd you work that one out, Columbus? - It's Columbo, you fucking moron.
- I'm a moron? I'm not the one who didn't know it was expensive to call England.
Mum, tell her to pack and get out of my house? - This is not your house.
- You went away and fucked off for 20 years! This is my fucking house, Sammy Alexis "Charlatan" Colby.
Wow, big words.
How about I get you a dictionary and you shove it - How about I get you a slap in the face? - Shut up! Both of you, shut up! How are you going to pay for this? I think I'm going to struggle to afford it whilst the settlement in London is so bogged down Samantha, cut the shit.
You want to stay in my house, and it is my house, - you pay this bill.
- OK, but that's a lot of money.
Figure it out or leave.
We're done here.
And drop the stupid accent.
Your brother's right.
- It's embarrassing.
- Yep.
Mum's right.
It's embarrassing.
You're up to something, and we are gonna get to the bottom of it.
Are you gonna get to the bottom of this, Columbus, and accidentally discover America, introduce diseases to the native population? You are moving out, Joan Collins.
Oh - Hm! - God! - Yeah.
- You shit! I hate you! - Why do people do that? - I don't know.
There's also a guy who holds down one nostril and blows into the pool.
- Ugh! - Ugh! I hate him.
I'm Peter.
You're down here a lot.
Red car? Yours is map of Australia? Well, now we can say hi to each other next time we're swimming.
Or next time we're in the shower.
I mean, you know, in the shower.
In this outdoor shower block.
Do you want to do something sometime, like, go for dinner with me? What, you mean, like a date? No.
Well, yeah.
Yeah, I, uh Uh Yeah, no, but Sorry.
See you around.
Uh! Ugh! - Why do we have to get the bus? - 'Cos we don't have a car.
I don't want to get the bus.
I don't know anyone.
I miss Dad.
- I want to go home.
- Me too.
I hate this fucking shithole.
Hey! Do not use language like that.
- I don't want to be here.
- Honey, we're not staying here, all right? I'm doing everything in my power to get us out of this fucking shithole.
Let's all have a great day.
Oh, and don't tell Jim and Jean what I said about me doing everything in my power to get us out of this fucking shithole.
In fact, don't tell either of them anything about everything.
Hey, what day do we get paid? - Every second Tuesday.
- Shit.
- Can I borrow two grand? - Yeah.
Do you take traveller's cheques? I don't get this.
Why are we cutting out articles about China? Because despots exercise absolute power by assigning oppressive and often meaningless tasks.
Come on.
He's not a despot.
Chris is just a sad little shithead.
Trust me.
I've watched every episode of World at War, and that man is a classic despot.
I mean, a four-year-old could do this.
Cutting articles out of a newspaper? I need to earn money, Fiona.
- I mean, proper money.
- All right, Rockefeller.
Take a break and calm the fuck down.
Don't smoke the ones that are upside down unless you wanna get high.
- Hey, do you wanna get high? - No.
- I don't want to get high.
- All right.
Go and have a fag.
- I'll take these into the Fuhrer.
- No, give them to me.
I'll take them in.
- What? - Hey.
When are you gonna stop wearing these stupid outfits to work? My luggage still hasn't arrived.
- Can't you go buy some clothes? - Yeah, - I'm just I'm still waiting for - Yeah, I forgot.
Complications with the estate.
Hey, why are we cutting out articles about China? Come here.
- What do you see, Sammy? - A tugboat.
Industrial wasteland.
- You know what this city was built on? - Rock'n'roll.
It was built on steel.
When we were kids, there were so many tankers, we couldn't count 'em.
And now, 16% unemployment.
Heroine everywhere.
The Chinese government wanna build new cities from scratch.
- And what do you need to build cities? - Tractors.
- Steel.
You know what those cities need? - Toilets.
Steel, steel, steel.
And I'm gonna sell it to them and make money.
The kind of money that tells people not to fuck with you.
- Your wife called to remind you it's your sister's birthday.
- Oh, shit.
Go buy something a wanker would like, like a bottle of Moee.
Actually, it's pronounced Moet.
- Uh, it's Moee.
- No, it's not.
In French, it would be Moee, but called Claude Moet's family, they're of Dutch heritage.
So, it's a hard T.
It's a common misconception that it's a soft T.
Well, I'll duck out and get some Moet.
That was amazing! You know your wanky shit.
I should bring you to meetings, bring some fucking class to proceedings.
Oh, my God.
Would that mean a pay rise? Look, I've got a meeting in Sydney with some investors soon.
We'll go there and then, stay the night there, just the two of us, fuckin' splurge on the expense account.
- Is that gonna - What? I don't know.
It might look a bit weird, - the two of us.
- It's just work.
- What do you think this is? - No, I mean, I didn't mean it like that.
You know what? Just forget it, it was a stupid idea.
You know what I want? I want that vacant lot cleared.
We got a car park going in, so get cracking.
- Chris, there's a lot to clear there.
- If you can't do what I ask, then maybe you should go get a job somewhere else.
You're not in London any more, sweetheart! You're back to where you belong and you work for me! Understand? What are you waiting for, a written invitation? - Er - You're gonna get upset now.
I I've just been thinking about - worried about my kids starting school.
- I'm sure they're fine.
Come back! Come on! Why are you running from me? Come here, you! Lenny boy.
Come on, Lenny.
Where are you? Oi! Why aren't you boys in class? Out of here.
Come on.
- I'm Lenny.
- Bo.
- These are strong.
- Yeah.
40 milligram, man.
Apparently, you'd be safer smoking road tar.
I think it's bullshit.
I think it's stupid.
Circuit relay.
Each person must make their way through the witch's hats, over the first obstacle, up the ropes and one lap of the gym back to their team.
You cannot go until your team member comes and tags you.
Ready, set and All right, yeah, all right.
Simmer down.
Pipe down.
Hey! Hey! - It's not funny.
- It looks pretty fucking funny to me.
Shut it, Abby Harris.
All right, come on, grab your stuff.
I'll take you up to the office.
All right, rest of you kids, 500 lunges, OK? - I'll be back in ten minutes.
I want to see some sweat.
- Fucking gross.
Pipe down.
- Sorry.
- Oh, don't be.
Got us both out of circuit relays.
I could get Abby Harris to clean up your vomit if you like.
So, you're English.
- Sammy's kid? - Huh? Oh, yeah, Sammy.
Mum called herself Simone in England.
Ow! My foot! Fuck! I could help Sammy.
It'd get the job done faster.
Thanks for your input, Fiona.
Any other ideas for how I should run this office? In fact, why don't you make all the decisions? After all, you are the MP.
Why don't you take a seat right here, Tess? - Hi, Dan.
- That's Mr Atkins at work, Trish.
And we've got a sick patient, needs to go home.
So, we still on for tonight? Cool.
I really enjoyed last time.
- Right.
- You're very good at it.
- Shut up, Trish.
- What? You're good at lawn bowls.
I'm just talking about lawn bowls.
And head.
OK, so you're, um, all right to just wait here? Good.
I'll keep you company.
- You can eat now.
- Can you move, please? - Sammy.
- Yeah.
Just got a call from your daughter's school.
She's been sick.
- OK.
I have to go.
- OK.
- Thank you.
- You can finish this tomorrow.
Here, let yourself in.
Drop the keys at my house when you're done.
- Tomorrow's Saturday.
- The developers are coming next week.
If you can't do the job - I can help.
- You can't.
Your arms are weak and your mind is feeble.
- I could clear the smaller things.
- Fiona, why are you still here? As I was saying, if you're not up to doing the work I ask you to do, you're welcome to try and get a job elsewhere.
Hey, you don't have a car I could borrow, do you? - No, sorry.
- Shit.
- Hello.
- Jim.
- Yep.
- That was fast.
- Who is this, please? - You know who it is.
It's Sammy.
Look, I need a favour.
And what does Princess Margaret need done for her now? Princess Margaret? Why Princess Margaret? Because she's lazy and spoiled and the less capable sibling.
Jim, I've got to go pick up Tess from school, - and I thought maybe you could - You are priceless.
You want me to pay your bills and pick up your kids from school.
Jim, I told you, you're gonna get your money, OK? I have to go, OK? I have a very busy schedule.
Sitting next to the phone waiting for it to ring? I'm not waiting for Bev to ring! Besides I am not a taxi service.
I am a driving academy with an honour and duty of service and obligations to my pupils.
Jim, look, please don't take this out on my kids.
Tess is sick, you know, and she's not a strong kid.
All right, I got a lesson at midday.
I'll stop by and pick you up.
Now if you don't mind, I'm busy.
- Thanks for this.
- OK, Francesca.
Check your mirrors and indicate.
I said check your mirrors.
Mirrors! You checked one mirror.
I can't hear you very well because of the music.
Oh, just go.
It's fine.
Honestly, you're a fucking menace, Francesca.
Now let's ease it in.
Apply the brake.
That's it.
Slow it up.
Slow it up.
Shit! 'Cesca! - Every fucking time! - Go easy on her, Jim.
She's about 90.
No, she's not.
She's 57.
Good God, Francesca, what have you done to yourself? I sunbaked a lot.
She used to slather herself in olive oil to get a tan.
Well, if you're 57, Jim's right.
- You drive like a piece of shit.
- Thank you.
All right, 'Cesca, put the handbrake on for starters.
Christ, I don't understand why you can't do what we talked about before! - Hi.
I'm here to pick up my daughter - Sammy.
Tess, Tess, honey, hey.
Oh! OK.
You OK? OK.
Listen, Uncle Jim's outside.
You get in the car.
I'm going to talk to Dan.
- That's Mr Atkins.
- Sorry.
- Tess, bye.
- Bye.
So, what happened? What happened is that you just walked out, and now you're back.
No, I meant with Tess.
- She vomited.
Probably anxiety.
- OK.
Well, um thank you for, you know, waiting with her Mr Atkins.
I Oh, I should go.
Um Dan, if you ever wanted to - Catch up? - Yeah, right.
You just stay the fuck away from me.
Suck shit.
All things bright and beautiful All creatures great and small All things wise and wonderful The Lord God made them all Each little Thanks so much for coming.
We really appreciate it.
That's what we do, bear one another's burdens and so fulfil the Lord, Christ.
- Bye.
- Bye now.
- So, what's on this evening? - Ade and I are having dinner at the pub - if you and Ron want to come with us.
- Oh, yes, thanks! - Jean? - Uh, no, I can't go into pubs.
- I forgot you're in recovery.
- Good for you, Jean.
Do not get drunk on wine for it leads to debauchery.
Instead be filled with the spirit.
Oh, I got filled with spirits, too.
- Yeah, it was a dumb joke.
- We could do Italian instead.
No, it's fine.
I just feel like walking home.
Bye, then.
- Oh, yes! Yes! - Come on! That was incredible.
- Yeah, it was for me, too.
- It was so angry and quick.
- Thank you.
I stole some date roll.
- Oh, good.
Chuck it here.
I'm just so fucked off.
You know, my sister, - she's run up a two-grand phone bill.
- Holy shit.
She's doing my fucking head in.
She shows up after all this time with no explanation and this stupid English accent.
"Hello, my name is Samantha.
I'm better than all of you.
" Hey, you're good at accents.
You sound like the Queen of England.
I modelled that one on Stephanie Beacham.
- Is she's so rich, why's she living with your mum? - Exactly.
- Said she's waiting for the estate to settle or some shit.
- What estate? Her husband carked it and they were loaded.
Hang on, you said she got a job as a secretary.
She's up to something, I know it.
Pleading poverty to get your mum's sympathy.
Oh, my God.
She's angling for the house.
- What? - Yup.
She's getting on your mum's good side while she's still alive.
Happens all the time with siblings.
I should know.
It's exactly what I did to my brother.
- Then my sister did it to me.
- But that house is all I've got.
Yeah, well something's happened and she's out on her arse.
"Oh, hello.
Mummy lives on the beach in a big house she owns outright.
" Oh! This is exactly what happened on Dynasty.
One of Blake Carrington's kids.
- What are we gonna do? - You have to get that bitch out of there before she steals everything from under your nose.
Make friends with those kids.
Drill 'em for information.
You're gonna have to be ruthless maybe.
- Just like on - Just like on Dynasty.
- Watch that bitch.
- Oh, I will.
I'll watch her like a chhhh charlatan.
Oh, fuck! You're so fucking hot! Chris told me not to help.
So in a way, this is an act of rebellion.
- Want some sunscreen? - Nah.
It's gonna get really sunny today.
- I love it.
- It never rains here.
- There's a pretty severe drought on at the moment.
- Oh, it's great, isn't it? - Here.
This will help pass the time.
- Oh, no thanks.
Maybe just a just a little.
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Chuck it here.
Chuck it here.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Here comes the doctor! Fellas.
Hey, Lenny, I was thinking we'd some work on the Bee, see if we can get the fucking thing started.
What do you reckon? - OK.
- Sweet.
So, tell me absolutely everything about your life in London.
- It was all right I guess.
- Must miss your dad, huh? Did he discuss his financial situation with you often? He was never really around.
So, now he's not around but all the time.
Yeah, I was about your age when I lost my old man.
Even though they are dipshits, it can be hard.
So, is your mum thinking about going back to London or is she gonna stay here in this house? Who knows what she wants to do.
- Can't believe what she says anyway.
- I know, right? - Sammy is the biggest liar.
- I only just found out her name isn't Simone.
Oh, Simone! You know, she wasn't always such a dickhead.
Used to love getting high.
- Mum? - Yeah.
Yeah, she tried to hide it from me.
Said I was too young.
But I knew what was going on.
It was back before she started acting like Angela fucking Channing.
The corrupt matriarch from Falcon Crest.
- You like pornos? - Um Because in my old room there's this old Yahtzee box, but inside it - Mum's already found them.
- Fuck! Those were my favourites when I was your age.
I was gonna give 'em to you! That could've been a nice moment between us.
- She's taken the box away.
- Oh, she's such a fucking prick! Fuck you, Chris, you fucking berk! Everyone hated him back in high school.
It was really weird.
He was, like he was skinny back then.
- It's so odd seeing him bulked up.
- He should bulk up.
If anyone finds out what he gets up to, he'd make a lovely girlfriend for someone in prison.
- What do you mean? - He's dodgy as fuck.
Typical man.
Thinks his secretary is too stupid to understand what's going on.
- Ready to lift? - Yeah.
These business trips he goes away on in Sydney, so not legal.
- Oh, what does he do on the trips? - Takes bribes.
- What? - You've caught the sun a little bit.
Got me a tan.
Well, we're done.
Let's go.
- Where are you going now? - Fucking berk wants his key back.
Call me if you want to have a drink later.
Abby! Abby! - Hi, Terry.
- Fellas.
Lenny, mate.
You got a boner.
I'm just fucking with you.
- I wish I knew what to say to her.
- You listen to me.
We'll get you riding around in this car, you won't have to say anything.
Chicks get so wet over luxury vehicles, it's pretty much all they want.
That's not what women want.
They want someone they can trust.
Whatever, Bo.
Maybe that's what they want in Beejing.
I'm not from Beijing.
- Hey, baby.
- Here she is.
Queue at the methadone clinic was huge.
Ah, it's not for me, babe.
My cousin cuts it and sells it.
My little entrepreneur.
All right, you kids scram.
I gotta talk to Bev.
He's all right, you know? Both lost our dads at the same time and we both hate Sammy, so Don't get attached.
Focus on getting your house back.
- Like a charlatan? - Like a charlatan.
How are you? Yeah, good thanks.
Oh, God.
Well, bye, then.
Um, yeah.
I'm sorry about yesterday.
I said no because OK.
I wasn't expecting you or anyone else to say something like that ever again.
So - OK.
- What I'm trying to say is Yeah, if you'd like to.
Dinner at the pub maybe? Uh, yeah.
Yeah, no, I'd love to.
- Great.
- Yep.
All right.
It's gonna be the first time we've ever had a conversation without someone blowing their nose next to us.
Oh, God.
Sammy! Uh! - See you Monday.
- Oh, come on.
You've done a great job.
Come in for a coldie.
- I'm fine, thanks.
- You need to sign over the key.
It's a It's a legal thing.
Access to the lot has to be accounted for at all times for the for the contractor.
Look who's here.
Sammy Cooper from high school.
- Oh! - That's a cute outfit.
- I should go.
- In a minute.
You're gonna have some champagne.
What kind of champagne do we all feel like? Oh, I don't know many.
Name another one.
- Dom Perignon.
- No.
Fuck's sake.
The really famous one that starts with "M" '.
Come on.
- Ooh, Moey.
- Ah! You mean Moet.
It's not a silent T.
It's a hard T because the name's Dutch.
It's a common misconception.
You have a marvellous home.
"You have a marvellous home.
" I told you.
The accent is classic.
Anyway, let's have a toast to old school friends.
So, Samantha - Diane Fogerty.
- Diane? Sorry, I didn't You've really changed how you um I lost 47 kilos doing the Complete Jane Fonda Workout.
Ruth tells me you're working for Chris now.
Oh, I'm sorry to hear about your husband.
- Chris told me it was heart failure.
- Uh, yeah.
He was, uh training for this triathlon in Geneva.
He did a lot of business out there.
- Ugh! We had a very large chalet, sort of overlooked - Ugh! I just did a conference in Geneva.
One of those little joints that the pharmaceuticals put on.
Very dull! And are you going to be home long? Well, that all depends on how long it takes to get the estate sorted.
- We've had all sort - I've had clients experience big delays with estates.
I'm a barrister, but I specialise in family law.
She couldn't hack it in criminal law.
You know, a sudden heart attack can be an insurer's nightmare.
I'm an actuary.
I compile probability theory, statistics and investment theory to provide strategic financial advice for insurance.
Sammy's been clearing crap from the vacant lot for me all day.
That explains it.
Well this has been so fun.
I really Thank you so much.
- I'll go.
- Sammy.
Sammy, you just got here.
- I'll see myself out.
Thank you.
- Sammy.
That's the toilet.
Just come in for one more.
Oh, my God! That whole "sign the key over" bullshit! That was just to parade me in front of the dork squad.
- No.
Hey, we're not the dork squad.
- Yeah, you are.
- Last time I saw that actuary guy - Simon.
I didn't even know his name.
He was just the kid who sat at the front of class - and sniffed his watch strap! - That doesn't make him a dork.
It does.
- Stay for on more.
Just one.
- Haven't you had your fun? I've been clearing shit into a skip for you all day.
I'm sorry.
Look, you probably don't know this but I had a big crush on you in high school.
Everyone did.
I was young and I was cool and I fucked a lot.
Now look at me! Wish I'd sat up the front and sniff my fucking watch strap.
Fucking I had everything in London.
I had the kind of money that would make you sick.
I I left a thing at your house this morning - for you.
- That's great, Chris.
She keeps calling the same UK number.
Yeah, well, that number's the key to why she's really here.
What am I gonna say? Pretend you're English.
Make up a name.
Something really posh.
- Alexander Graham Bell.
- Great name.
- Did you just make that up? - I think so.
Just popped into my head.
Thank you for calling the offices of Holtry and Whitfield.
Please leave a message and we'll return your call.
- It's an office.
We'll call Monday.
- Oh, this is gonna get really expensive.
I'll figure something out.
In the meantime, keep the pressure on.
- OK? - OK.
You and I will get to the bottom of this.
Mrs Atkins.
- Sammy! How are you, love? - Yeah, I'm good, thanks.
You look terrible.
- You still live here? - Why wouldn't I? - Dan's up the backyard if you want him.
- What, he's here now? - Of course, he is.
- Yeah, all right.
I'll go say hi.
He's been surfing all day.
I keep begging him to do his homework.
You two have got your finals coming up.
Try to talk some sense into him, Sammy.
He listens to you.
Yeah, sure.
I'll try.
- Dan! - Ssh! Ssh! - Sammy Cooper is here! - Ssh! - Shut up! - She wants to see you! No, I don't! It's Oh, sh Hello.
- Hey.
- What do you want? I just said hi to your mom and I was, like, I was just gonna say hi to you.
I mean, I had no idea that you actually lived here.
Oh, right, right.
'Cos it's so fucking pathetic that someone's back living at home with their mum at our age.
Not that pathetic.
- Thanks for dropping by.
- Dan, can we please talk? - No.
- Come, come - Would you stop this shit? It's me! - What are you doing? And why are you so strong? OK, OK, OK.
All right.
I'll go.
- Yeah? - Yes.
I knew it.
You're being stupid! - Dan, we're gonna keep seeing each other.
- Leave me alone! - Finally got my life straight.
I'm back on track.
- Really? I was just at Chris's house.
Oh, God, the dork squad was there.
I know you're going to try the door again.
You should see them all, Dan.
Man! They're all lawyers and actuaries.
- What's an actuary? - I don't know.
It's like, the more he explained it, the less sense it made.
Oh, my God, do you remember fat-fuck Fogerty.
- Diane? - Yeah.
She lost 47 kilos doing the Jane Fonda Complete Workout.
- Yes! How did you know? - She's always at the school with the PTA.
It's all she ever goes on about.
Yeah, well, it's a good fitness regime.
You know, like just for generally improving your cardiovascular fitness! Right.
That's it! I wanna be friends! Dan, can't we get past this? No! You ruined my life.
You disappeared! I'm sorry.
I should have said goodbye to you.
Yeah! Yeah, you should have.
I was gonna be something, Sammy.
We were gonna have a baby.
Dan, we were children.
You had no right to make that decision without me.
- That was my baby too.
- I had every right to make that decision.
That baby was gonna be my problem.
I mean, between my parents drinking, the amount of weed you were smoking! I told you I was gonna clean myself up.
- This is bullshit.
OK? - This is such bullshit.
All right.
You would've done this to yourself even if I had stayed.
You reckon a teenage pregnancy was gonna save you? We'll never know because you had that little problem taken care of! Well, you know what? Fuck off! Shit! Why is this glass so thin?! Dan, everyone hates me.
My kids hate me, my brother hates me.
Everyone from school hates me.
I get it, all right? I fucked up a lot.
I know.
Just I hate you hating me.
I reckon if I'd stayed here, I would have done myself in just like dad did.
- You don't know he did it on purpose.
- Yeah, I do.
There you go.
Dan, you're really good at this.
Yeah, I did a whole first aid course in jail.
- What? - Are you staying for dinner, love? No, she's going.
You lovebirds will just have to see each other tomorrow at school.
- Mum.
- You're all he talks about.
- Hey, Mum.
- He wrote a song about you.
He's always in his room, masturbating.
OK, Sammy was just going, leaving.
- I'll send you the bill for the caravan window.
- Oh, seriously? - You broke it.
- I know.
All right, I'll pay for it.
Fucking pay for everything.
Argh! - You all right? - Yeah.
- Get the bike.
- There we go.
- Thanks.
- Come on.
Ah, thank you.
- Thanks.
- Good? - Right, well, bye.
- Yep.
- Lenny, say something.
- No.
- Go on.
- No.
- Hi, Mum.
- What happened to you? Oh, yeah, I er I visited Dan.
These are amazing.
I can hear Lenny through the string.
Come on, say something.
You can hear me because I'm two feet away, dipshit.
Mum, can I have ã10? Wait.
- What for? - To go to the cinema with Bo.
Yeah, well, I don't Who's Bo? I need to go shopping.
I've grown since last summer.
You're just gonna have to wait, OK? I get paid every second Tuesday.
It's a ridiculous system.
What am I meant to wear until then? - I'm getting trapped wind.
- I don't know.
I breathe and I owe another person money.
Oh, by the way, Christos sorry, Chris George, came over this morning and dropped something for you.
Lenny, can you hear me now? I am not a dipshit.
- Hello.
- Oh, hey, Fiona.
It's Sammy.
- Hi! I'm watching Yentl.
It's fucking great.
- Yeah.
I love that movie.
It's like Tootsie, but not funny.
You know that stuff you were saying today about Chris and his business trips away to Sydney? - Maybe you could show me what he's up to.
- Yeah.
Thinks he's hidden it, but I know exactly what he's doing.
- I'll show you on Monday.
- OK, great.
Well, enjoy Yentl.
Fucking bet I will.
- The sound travels kind of through the string - Hey, Mum.
If I was to go away to Sydney on business for a couple of days, could you take care of the kids? Yeah, sure.
Why? I'm gonna pay you back that money for the phone bill.
Let's just say I've got a I've got a plan.
Possum's back.
Argh! Rufus.
This is crazy.
Can you afford this? The vendor has to sell fast and is in no position to negotiate.
So do you want it? I do.
I really do.
Ooh! Mwah! If he's making this kind of money, we're entitled to a slice of it.
They're not loaded.
Whoo! I think we need some drinks.
Do you drink wine? - That was the first penis I touched.
- Oh, Jesus.
Keep it down.
- Abby Harris is here.
- Why? - I don't know.
- Whoo! I don't do karate! Fuck! Gotta find out what your skinny bitch of a sister is up to.