Frayed (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

1 - I just want to come back.
- You can't.
Everyone knows how Nick died.
You're not in London any more, sweetheart! You're back here where you belong and you work for me.
Ow! I have a seatbelt in my butt hole.
Scott shouldn't give you drugs.
He's not a good guy.
These are things you don't understand.
You cannot tell my dad, OK? - Promise me.
- OK.
I promise Mum's not in a good way.
We have to get her because Peter doesn't know what to do with her.
I've lost my Bev and I'm a mess.
I'm with a man with prospects now.
- Hey, Jim.
- Duncan? Well, I was fine before you and the kids got here.
When are you leaving? Thank you.
You didn't have to do that.
You should see the other guy.
Look, I might have found a good buyer for your house.
- Can you afford this? - The vendor has to sell fast.
I'm Simone Burbeck's brother.
Rufus, you mother Goddamn it! My lawyer stole my house.
Says he's gonna find me a buyer, buys it himself at half price.
So, what are we gonna do? I could phone him, threaten to have him struck off for fraud and malpractice.
Yes, alternatively, you could find him and call him a cock sucker.
I'll tell him, "I won't rest until you've been thrown out of your chambers for good.
" You can do that, and you can find him and call him a cock sucker.
I mean, what he's doing is completely unethical.
Jim, can I use the phone? I promise I'll pay you back.
- All right.
- Yes! Now I'm going to consider this an investment.
You know what they say in business? "In order to make money, you have to lose money".
They don't say that.
- Oh, hello Rufus.
It's Simone Burbeck speaking.
It's come to my attention that you've recently appropriated my family home by illegal means.
Simone, that is a very serious and, indeed, libellous accusation.
- Call him a cock sucker.
- You cock sucker! Argh! You fucking piece of shit! You stole my house.
You fucked with the wrong person, mate.
Now, Simone, excuse me but You mean, lying little prick.
I am coming for you.
Really Simone? With what? Everything I've done is legal, you and Nick gave me Power of Attorney.
You have nothing.
You are bankrupt.
Nick's reputation is in tatters.
And you're a laughingstock.
Now, if you want to come back here, find some legal-aid lawyer to take on the biggest firm in London, then by all means.
Listen, mate.
I'm gonna fuck you in your arsehole you cock sucker and - He hung up on me.
- (EXHALES) Jim.
- He totally admitted to it.
- Yes! We got him.
- Yes! - Were we recording that? - No.
- Shit.
OK, but well at least now we know he did it? Yeah, but he's totally wrong.
He's with the biggest law firm in London.
I can't afford a lawyer.
If he stole my house, what else is he taking out of Nick's estate? Shit, I've gotta get back there.
- You know what we need.
- What? - We need Bev.
- Please, she'd be completely out of her league.
She is a genius at just this sort of thing.
Right? And she's good at making up fake names.
I'm terrible at it.
Darothy Robots.
See? It's not even a name.
Let's just get Bev in on this, she will know exactly what to do.
Listen, I've got to get ready for work.
I checked in on Mum earlier but can you look at her before you leave? - Yeah.
- OK.
You are You're really good with her, by the way.
The way you looked after her.
Just make sure she's lying on her side.
You know what she needs? Hair of the dog.
Oh, my God.
No, no, no, Jim.
You cannot give Mum alcohol.
I find that sometimes Fanta with a little bit of ouzo Jim! Oh, Jesus.
You've to promise me you're not gonna give her a drink.
OK, I promise.
- Jim - OK.
But Campari with raw egg? OK.
So, who can give me some examples of metaphor in Macbeth's final soliloquy? Anyone can say anything right now.
I don't care if you get the answer wrong.
(CLICKS TONGUE) Just fake.
(BELL RINGS) Tess, can you take copies of the new poems I handed out to Abby? I know that you've been studying with her a bit lately.
I think Abby should pick them up herself.
it would be good for her to have these poems before next class.
If you could give her your notes from today, that'll also be a help.
There's only so much I can help her with if she can't even be bothered to turn up to school.
These poems are her problem, not mine.
Tess, why are you being so difficult? I really don't expect this kind of behaviour from you.
(THUDS) Oh, jeez, Lenny You bruise like a peach.
To be fair, I did get this scratch on my leg but it's from your mum.
(CHUCKLES) Doe she always finish off your fights for you? I should shut up.
Crazy bitch is probably hiding in here somewhere, waiting for a rematch.
So, did it work? - Lennard - Ugh.
I'm talking to you.
- Did it work? - Did what work? We only started that fight to impress Abby.
I'm asking if it worked? She suck your dick or anything? No gob job? Fuck! I'd be so fucking angry about that.
I hear that fuckin slut, she Don't say anything about her! - Oi! What's going on here? - Nothing.
- Who did this? - My father.
Was it Wade? Lenny, you tell me and just say it.
(SNIFFLES) I fell.
Go on, go to the school nurse, get some ice on that.
(WADE SNICKERS) One day, you're gonna meet an even bigger asshole than yourself.
I hope I'm there when it happens.
(WADE CHUCKLES) All right Wade, let's dance motherfucker.
- What? - (LAUGHS) Is that karate? Fuck man, this is some fucking Ralph Macchio shit.
I found a way to get rid of Sammy.
- I'm so bored by this.
- No, I confronted her.
I really took control of the situation.
I was all like, "Tell me what the fuck's going on, Sammy, and no more deceptions.
" She admitted she's homeless, her lawyer stole her house and if she gets it back, she's promised to leave.
- I need your help.
- Jim, I can't do this for you.
Bev, I mean, I really miss you.
My nutsack is like one of those little space hoppers.
You know, the odd orange ones.
I'm flattered but I don't have time for your cutie sweet talk.
You're not with Duncan, are you? - He's a parking cop, for fuck sake.
- Head parking enforcement officer.
Bev, come on.
This is not who you are.
People like us don't date cops, we kill cops.
Actually, I would never do that.
- Is Duncan here now? - Duncan's left for work.
And I've got a morning of important civic duties as part of my parole, so, if you don't mind Duncan, what the fuck are you doing? (DUNCAN GROANS) (PHONE RINGING) - Listen, I'm gonna go and talk to Chris for a second, OK? - All right.
Hello, Chris Georgie's office.
How can I help? It's your brother.
What? - Hey, Jim.
- Sammy, I need advice.
OK, Bev won't speak to me.
What do I do? - You're a woman, sort of.
- Jim, I'm kind of busy right now.
Hey, do want your house back or not? You know Bev just as much as I do.
I'll go ask Fiona.
Fiona, Jim's in love with someone.
She won't speak to him, he's completely out of ideas.
Who do I look like? Greg Evans? - Who?- Greg Evans.
- I don't know who - Greg Evans.
Greg Evans.
Repeating his name isn't gonna make me know who it is.
- Come on.
Perfect Match.
- Perfect Match.
I don't kno You know what, I'm just gonna hand you over.
You talk to him.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- OK, so my problem is - Yeah, got it.
Just be an arrogant twat, mean for no reason and then nice.
Throw her off guard so she doesn't know what the hell's going on.
Women love it.
I'll keep you posted, mate.
Not now I'm very busy today.
- This will not take long.
- They're pouring concrete next week, OK? The paperwork is a mess.
Why is the paperwork's such a fucking mess? - What do I pay you for? - OK, Chris, I really, really need to fly back to England.
Give me that stapler.
You know how I told you that there were complications - with my husband's estate? - Mm-hm.
Turns out that there have actually been complications with my husband's estate.
Fuck this stapler.
- You know who was on this telephone? - No.
The Chief of Police.
He was crawling on his knees and begging me to use my influence to get budget amendments.
Every day, I get phone calls from Head of Departments, captains of industry, activists all asking for my help because nothing happens in this town without my say.
So, I own this town.
But for some reason, this stapler this stupid, fricking lowly, selfish, fucking spoiled stapler won't do what I want! Doesn't really feel like you're talking about a stapler any more.
- What the fuck is wrong with this - You seem very on edge.
Well, I'm not! Am I in trouble for fighting with your wife at the dance and calling your son a cunt? - (EXHALES) What you want? - OK, Chris, erm Look, I really need to get back to London and I swear I'll pay you back.
- You want money? - Yes.
And what do I get out of this, hm? Are you gonna suck my dick? - No.
- Why don't you go ask Dan, see if that fucking loser will loan you some money? Dan? Why would I ask Dan? - You think I don't know about you two? - What about us? I know about you two at the school dance - and I bet you did it while you looked at him, too.
- That's absurd.
There's absolutely nothing going on - between Dan and I.
- (KNOCK ON DOOR) - Dan's on the phone, Sammy.
He wants to speak to you.
- Come on.
- What does he want? - I'm his secretary not yours.
OK, I'm going to take that phone call and we're gonna continue this conversation.
Sure, I'd love to talk further about how I'm not going to give you a fucking cent.
- What the fuck is this stapler? - Hey, Dan.
- Hey, Sammy, it's Dan.
- What's up? Er, I was just calling to tell you that Lenny is with the nurse.
Oh, God.
Is he OK? Yeah, it's just a bit of a scuffle, you know, boys being boys.
He's fine.
Dealt with it.
Er, but you know we have to give the parent a call when their kid goes to the first aid.
- Erm, regulation.
- Yes.
So, listen, you know, things, uh Things ended pretty abruptly at the dance and I thought, I was wondering OK, listen I'm in the middle of something.
Chris, can I just - Yeah, I'm extremely busy, too.
- Mm-hm.
People, they underestimate how busy a PE teacher can get.
Chris! - I will call you.
- OK, OK, OK, bye.
Shit! - (LINE GOES DEAD) - Later.
COMMENTATOR: from Hairy Canary.
Lucky Dean is next to him.
Mr Ringwah's coming with a run on the outside.
Come on! Come on! Shit.
No! No! Oh, fuck! Fuck! Fucking useless lump of dog meat.
Well, look who the cat dragged in.
Well, that would have to be a pretty large cat.
With powerful jaws and formidable forearm strength.
I got you a present.
I bought you some perfume.
When I say bought, I mean I brought you some from my car.
One of my pupils forgot it.
It's very thoughtful.
- So, Bev, what are you doing today? - I got a lot on.
I got some intel on the 12:15 at Randwick, a mate of mine reckons I hope it's better than the intel you got in that last race.
When you're done losing here, why don't you head over to my place? I'm a evicting my sister today.
Here we go.
I know what's gonna happen.
You're going to be, like, "Ergh! Ergh! Ergh! I'm to busy.
" The situation has changed.
Sammy's lawyer stole her house.
He admitted it and do not impersonate me like that.
What I do need you to do is take on this hotshot lawyer from London.
Sammy gets her old house back she's gone.
And then I'd like you to move in with me.
And my mum.
This afternoon my house.
- I'll think about it.
- You do that.
- I will.
- Good.
- I know it is.
- So do I, and that's why I said it first.
Stupid pig.
Hey, new poems in English today.
Tess Exactly how many times do you want to repeat year nine? If you were to lie to everyone and skip school, go for it.
I shouldn't have to drop your homework off and cover for you so you can see some deadbeat who gives you drugs.
Dad found the pot Scott gave me.
Yeah, and there were some pills there too, so What did your mum say? Mum isn't with me.
Abby, did something happen with Scott? (EXHALES) Mm.
- What happened to you? - Nah, it's fine.
- Did he do this to you? - Bye, Tess.
This is such a bad idea Jim.
Bev's a criminal, you're thinking with your dick.
Yeah, you're damn right I am, Sammy.
Beverly Spray is unlike any woman I've ever known.
And I've known 219.
- More, if you count fingering and oral.
- Oh.
Oh, Christ.
- Hello, Bev.
- Simone.
- All right.
So, basically, the situation is - Yeah, I got it.
Your lawyer told you he fucked off with everything.
Did he tell you to sell everything fast at a knockdown price? - No.
- (CHUCKLES) Can't believe you fell for that one.
It's 7am GMT.
So let's give him a call.
Yeah, we've already tried that.
I'm just gonna see if I can flush him out a bit.
There's a house on the hill.
We can break in and use the phone.
No, no.
We don't have time.
You break into houses to make phone calls? - Only overseas.
- (PHONE DIALLING) - And local calls.
- Hey, ladies.
Don't worry.
I'll find a way to pay for the call.
They say, in business, in order to make money, you have to lose money.
- Does anyone say that? - No.
No-one says that.
(LINE RINGING) Oh, hello.
My name is a Allegra Feinnes-Talbot.
She's so good at making up fake names.
Yes, I'm calling on behalf of my client, Simone Burbeck.
Well, yes, it seems we have a small problem, doesn't it? Mr Crenshaw Excuse me! Do not threaten me, Mr Crenshaw.
Look, my client has no interest in pursuing damages or any disbarment proceedings.
Miss Burbeck would consider an out-of-court settlement.
In fact, I believe both parties would benefit from the swiftest resolution to this matter.
Well, that is good news, indeed.
You'll be hearing from our offices shortly, Mr Crenshaw.
Beverly Spray, where did you learn to talk like that? Rumpole Of The Bailey.
It's my favourite show.
That and Dynasty.
Oh, yeah.
Come on.
So, what do we do now? OK, you got him on the ropes.
You need to get back there fast before he covers his tracks.
- How am I gonna afford that? - You could give Chris another hand job.
- How dare you even suggest - That's not going to cover it? Have you got any shit you can sell? Me and my contacts are always looking for good stuff.
Oh, yeah.
'Cos I'm just gonna hand over all of my valuables to you.
You want to go home or not? I'll get my suitcase.
This is nice.
- Two of us, together again.
- Yeah.
It's nice.
- You think maybe I come see you sometimes? - I don't know.
I'm a very trusting person and I feel that trust has been violated.
- Is that your rifle? - That It's Dad's.
We got a pigeon problem.
They kept shitting on my car, and I wanna take care of business.
I like a man who can handle himself around pigeons.
I've got a pigeon infestation in my roof.
- Well, I can take care of that for you.
- Maybe if you load up your rifle, you can come over and shoot your load.
Are we still talking about pigeons or ejaculating? Both, baby.
Mainly ejaculating.
Actually, just ejaculating.
(GRUNTS) My balls are going to explode.
That is the most beautiful thing anyone's ever said to me.
(FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING) Yeah, yeah, yeah, Nice.
You'll have your money by lunchtime tomorrow.
Oh! Jesus! - Oh, Jim.
- I'm sorry.
Oh, I cant help it.
It's Tess, right? - Where's Scott? - Don't know.
Probably surfing.
Yeah, probably or maybe he's giving my friend more drugs.
OK, Tess, look.
I've been begging my brother to stop seeing Abby, but I'm not sure if you understand just how complicated this situation is.
I understand my best friend is involved with a jerk.
- What did you do to Abby? - Nothing.
I've seen the cut on her lip.
I should go straight to the police.
- How bad is it? - Scott? - Don't get involved.
- Tess, when did you see her? Just now.
- I'm going around there.
- No, you're not.
Yes, I am.
I'm going to kill him.
- Who? - Her dad.
Who do you think did this? Scott, you're not going around there.
- Terry? - Try stopping me.
You want him to tell the cops you've been sleeping with his teenage daughter? Getting high? And then you assault him? Dude, I fucking warned you about this.
Tell her to come and see me when she can.
No, Tess.
Tess, don't.
- How are you? - Yeah.
I'm OK.
(SIGHS) That must have been quite a sight.
- Yeah.
- (CHUCKLES) So, those complications with Nick's estate I think my lawyer has stolen everything.
- So I've got to get back to London.
- Right.
- So, when are you leaving? - Soon as I can.
I'm getting the money together for our tickets now.
All right.
He's a good looking fellow.
He was like lightning, your dad.
Wherever Frank was, there wasn't any space for anybody else.
We should have made space for you and Jim, but we didn't.
- I didn't - Mum? No.
Sammy, please.
I have to say this 'cos I'm gonna lose you again.
I used you because you were the strong one.
And you should not have had to bring up Jim all on your own.
- Hey.
- (EXHALES) Jim turned out great.
(BOTH CHUCKLES) - Hey, Sammy.
- Yeah? You make sure you say a proper goodbye to Dan this time.
OK? Yeah, OK.
If I ever fuck it all up, can I come home again? Get Fuck off.
(SIGHS) Fucking hell! Don't you knock? - Can I talk to you? - No! - It's about Abby.
- What, did she mention me? No.
She's been off school, so I dropped her homework off.
I couldn't see her very well, but it looked like she had a cut lip.
There are loads of ways to get a cut lip, Tess.
She wouldn't tell me what had happened so I went to Scott's house.
(EXHALES) I shouldn't be telling you any of this because only me and her closest friends know this, but - Abby has a secret boyfriend.
- Everyone knows.
Oh! Really? Well I thought he'd hurt her.
Scott and his brother said that Abby's dad did it.
You believe his word against Terry's? Come on, Tess.
She's always scared of her dad.
You should see how she is around him.
- Terry is just strict.
- What if it's more than that? If this is true, we have to help her, right? Lenny? What happened to your head? - Wade.
- Again? What happened to your lip? I remember I went on this school camping trip in year six.
When the bus dropped us all back, everyone was so happy to see their parents.
Up until then, I thought everyone enjoyed they're going home.
Good night.
- I think I might have a party.
- Cool.
I never have parties.
I don't like when people get together and try to have fun.
- Hm.
- I find it depressing and desperate.
- Hm.
- But it's my last year of being in my 30s, so I've written a guest list.
- There's three people on the list.
- Yeah.
Why did you have to write it down? Couldn't you remember that? No need to be a dick about it.
I think I might make it a movie theme.
- What, like, like Grease? - No.
Like a great movie.
Like Dog Day Afternoon or Midnight Express.
What would you wear to either of those? (ELEVATOR DINGS) - Thank God.
I've been worried.
- Don't you you trust me.
No, I don't.
That necklace.
- I've had this for ages.
- Really? You've had a one-off, handmade piece of jewellery, with my husband's family crest engraved on it, for ages? Yeah.
It's my family crest too.
You can buy a ticket home.
- There is enough there for you and the kids.
- Oh, my God.
- Going home? - Yeah, erm What the shitting Christ, Sammy? This is utter fucking bullshit! Shit.
You know, I had no idea you'd react this badly.
When were you going to tell me? Hey? When? - When? - I only found out yesterday! Oh, right.
Sorry, I thought you'd been planning that for ages.
- Guess you won't be coming to my party, then.
- Probably not.
- Do you want to come? - Fuck, yeah.
I love to party.
What the fuck is going out here? - Why is this shit everywhere? - I accidently - Just clean this shit up.
You, too, Sammy.
- (COUGHS) Cock.
- Who are you? - I'm a friend of Sammy's.
That's fun.
There's shit everywhere and you've got friends popping in.
You want me to get some West Coast coolers and spring fucking rolls? You know, you don't have to take this shit any more.
- Hey, Christos.
- What? - Go fuck yourself in the butt hole, mate.
- (LAUGHS) Yeah.
Take your stupid job and shove it up your arse.
You think you're so grand with your stupid job and your stupid wife, but you want to know what every single person in this town is thinking, hm? They're all thinking that you're a fat, mediocre, cock sucking, delusional, insufferable little fuckstein.
(CLEARS THROAT) That was a bit rough.
Yeah, I mean, I hate Chris, but that was actually pretty awful.
- Thanks, guys.
- That whole speech felt very different in my head.
Look my point is, is that I am quitting.
And I'm fucking out of here.
Well, just go.
You don't have to make a stupid, weird speech.
Yeah? Well, good luck running this office without me.
Are you joking? You were totally fucking useless.
- Tell him, Fiona.
- He's right, actually.
You were pretty useless.
(EXHALES) Clean this shit up.
- What time is the party? - Eight o-clock.
Nobody knows the trouble I've seen Nobody knows my sorrow Nobody knows the trouble I've seen Glory, Hallelujah Nobody knows the trouble I've seen It's so nice to have you back, Jean.
- We really missed you.
- It's good to be back.
Do you think you'll keep your hair short like that? Oh, yeah.
I thought I might.
Oh, really? Your hair looks terrific.
Don't listen to that bitch.
Oh, I can't wait to get your house back.
Then we don't have to keep the noise down.
So, you sold all the stuff? Yep.
I reckon she's buying the tickets right now.
It's gonna be sort of weird with all of them gone.
Place'll be so quiet.
Me and Sammy had to go get Mum the other night.
Mum was really messed up.
You should've seen Sammy.
She was She was like a doctor You know, like she had done it a thousand times.
I'd never seen mum like that as a kid.
But I think I think she made sure I didn't see it, you know.
(CHUCKLING) That story is hilarious.
When can you take care of my pigeon infestation? Yeah, we'll talk tomorrow about it.
Do you think Sammy's got a good case, catching out that lawyer? I don't fucking know.
He hung up instantly.
What? Did you think I was actually talking to him? (LAUGHING) You're like a big, dumb baby.
(CONTINUES LAUGHING) So what's Sammy going back to? Who gives a shit? Baby, you got your house back.
- Thank you for coming.
- Yeah.
- Thanks.
- Will you be needing the wine list today? - Er, no.
- Oh, yes please.
- That was a joke.
We're fine, thanks.
- OK.
No, problem.
- I'm so sorry about that.
- No.
I was - I was worried about you.
- No, don't be silly.
I've been feeling funny all day.
You know, I hadn't eaten much.
And you know, just I think the Wine on an empty stomach is just Oh, 'cos I thought that I had really upset you.
Oh, that? No, that's, you know That's just OK.
How do I feel? I feel awful.
I made myself sick because of the amount that I drank.
- And I owe you a proper apology.
- You don't owe me.
Please, it's 'cos I'm an alcoholic.
And this is the conversation that I've been avoiding.
- You have nothing to be ashamed of.
- No.
- I'm not ashamed, Peter.
- Then, why didn't you tell me? When do you think I should have told you? At the pool? On our first date? When we first slept together? After we slept together? And it isn't that.
It's just I was having such a good time being this version of myself Yeah, 'cos she was the person I could have been.
If I just hadn't fucked everything up and anyway You liked her so much.
I do like you, Jean.
We can go slow and be friends.
Peter, I'm not your friend.
I'm crazy about you, and you want to see other people.
Look, if you want, I don't have to see anyone else.
If I want? But if I ask you nicely - Where are you going? - Ugh I'm just going back to what I know best.
Just pedalling without a chain.
(KNOCKING) Hello, Sammy.
- Hi, Mrs Atkins.
Is Dan home? - Yes.
Come through.
He's up the backyard, studying hard.
TRISH: Danny, I'm gonna put some Leo Sayer on.
It's fuck-o'clock.
- Seriously, you've got Trish here? - Yep.
Oh, so is this punishment because I can take your phone call? - I don't know what you're talking about.
- (MIMICS DANNY) Why are you here? - 'Cos I need to talk to you.
- OK.
What about? Well What that you want something better for your life? - Nothing here is good enough for you? - No, I Oh, Christ.
Hey, Trish.
Listen, would you mind if I had a word with Dan? - Go ahead.
- You're gonna stay for this conversation? OK.
Dan, er I've just found out that I have to go back to London.
There it is.
Here we go.
No, look, I know I didn't say goodbye to you last time and I just I didn't want you to think that I don't want you to think that I don't - You you're always gonna be - OK.
Well, bye-bye.
Go on, skip town, again.
I'm not skipping town, all right? My lawyer stole my house.
- See ya.
- Yeah.
Smell you later.
Don't let the door hit you in the arse on the way out.
All right.
You know what? I am outta here.
See you later.
Have fun fucking in a shitty caravan to Leo Sayer.
Oh, trust me, we do.
- Leo Sayer is such shit.
- Yeah, right.
He looks like a massive toilet brush.
- You're really upsetting me.
- He sounds like a three-year-old girl.
- I think I'm gonna cry.
- I fucked Dan in the back of my car.
- Shit! - I'm gonna stab you and then I'm gonna stab her! I can't believe you fucked her! I can't believe you said that shit about Leo Sayer! (KNOCKING) Good day, Lenny.
Is Abby here? Yeah.
Studying down in the basement.
Abby? Tess? They can't hear down there.
Shall I go tell them to pack up? - I can send her home.
- Tell her to be quick.
Thanks, mate.
She's going to be in so much trouble.
How long does it take to get to Scott's house? - Ten minutes.
- OK, go.
(PANTING) Abby, Come on! - Abby, you have to come home now? - No, she doesn't.
Your dad came to my house and he thinks you're with me.
- What's he doing home? - You've got to come quickly.
You don't.
You can stay here.
No, I can't.
He will find me eventually.
- Is Abby coming or not? - They're just packing up.
- She'll be home really soon.
- Abby, come on.
Well, I'll get her and send her back over to yours.
- I'll get her.
- Erm Abby Come on.
- Abby, let's go.
- They can't hear.
Basement? Yes, but don't go down there.
They're working on a thing that's very, very secret.
Abby, time to go! Abby? There's no-one down there, Lenny.
Ah, here she is.
- Time to come home, Abby.
- Abby, you can stay for dinner if you like.
I've got dinner.
Thank you.
Come on, let's go.
(PANTING) - So, do you have a nice time at Scott's house? - I wasn't there.
Hey, listen to me.
You think I'm a bloody idiot? I know where you were.
Abby, you don't have to go.
Listen I know what happens whenever she comes over here.
OK? Well, we know what you do to her.
I don't know what lie she's been feeding you but Abby! Get back.
Abby, we're going home.
We're going home right now.
- No.
- Abby (EXHALES) All right.
Well you have to come home eventually.
I'll see you tonight, Abby.
- I hate you! - Abby Abby, put it down.
Abby, put the gun down.
Abby, honey.
Put down that gun.
You need to put down that riffle.
Abby, put down the gun.
Hey, kids.