Free Rein (2017) s02e10 Episode Script


1 No matter what you're doin' No matter what you're playin' No matter what you're sayin' 'Cause we're doing it all the same No matter where you are Where you're coming from Put your hand on your heart Don't wait Yeah, you know that I, we, me, us We're doing it all the same No matter where you are Where you're coming from Put your hand on your heart Don't wait Yeah, you know that I, we, me, us We're doing it all the same [VOCALIZING] [ZOE] It's Nationals, the biggest competition Bright Fields has ever entered.
We've got everything to gain and everything to lose.
Meredith wants me and Raven to come first, and she'll take him away if we don't.
Which is tricky 'cause right now Holloway are the favorites.
But we could do it.
We need grit, determination, a little luck - How's it going, me hearties? - and an epic pirate mascot.
Uh Kind of nervous.
Yeah, I have butterflies in my stomach for sure.
Mine feel more like pterodactyls.
You should be nervous.
- We have to win.
- Mia.
What? We need the prize money to rebuild the stables, or Bright Fields is gone forever.
Everyone, relax.
We can't worry about what's next.
We trained for this.
We're ready.
Get out there and enjoy yourselves.
- But mainly, don't lose.
- [RAVEN SNORTS] I think he's picking up on my nerves.
He'll do that.
You gotta make him feel like it's just a regular day.
Stick to your routine.
Talk to him.
Pet him.
Feed him mints.
- Never heard of an iron? - They looked okay this morning.
You're about to ride for the winning side.
Gotta look the part.
- Psst! Pin! - Dad? - You made it.
- We too late? Just in time.
To see me make a fool of myself.
Don't talk daft.
What's wrong? Nothing.
Come here.
Listen, whatever happens, I'm proud of you.
Get ready.
We'll be cheering you on.
"We"? - Elvis.
- Your dad insisted on bringing him in.
He wanted to see your big moment as much as the rest of us.
Good luck.
[ELLIOTT] There you go, Pin.
Uniform check in five.
Say goodbye to your hobby horse.
- Oh, gosh.
- [JAMES] Oh.
- Sorry.
- No, no.
My fault.
I wasn't concentrating.
- Hey.
- Hey, yourself.
- See the course? - Yeah.
Looks kind of tricky.
We'll just have to do our best.
There's a real buzz about you and Raven.
You're the ones to beat.
- Why is he being so nice? - [BOTH LAUGHING] Sorry our training didn't work out.
But you'll always follow your own rules.
Using your voice, your other little motivating techniques.
[ZOE] Okay.
- Good luck, Zoe.
- Mm.
Don't suppose you can look in your crystal ball and tell me she'll be fine.
You don't need a crystal ball to know that.
- Your daughter is amazing.
- Thanks! [ROSIE LAUGHS] We've got a situation.
- That's Zoe's necklace.
- This is Zoe's necklace.
There are two, exactly the same.
Except one was buried for centuries by actual pirate smugglers.
Cut to the chase.
How much are they worth? I know this is very precious.
Ted gave it to me when I was going through a difficult time.
As in "Ted with no money" Ted? Well, it has a lot of emotional value.
But emotional value is the worst of the values.
[LAUGHING] [MAGGIE] Treasure's not about how much something's worth.
[SIGHS] What does she mean? This isn't over yet.
We still have to save Bright Fields.
Come on.
Something strange happened.
James was actually nice to me.
No way.
We should involve the local paper, call the police.
- Pin, I'm serious.
- He's just in a good mood.
- He's pretty sure Holloway are gonna win.
- No.
He's too happy.
He's confident and it's creepy.
He's up to something.
[ANNOUNCER] Could Holloway and Bright Fields make their way to the course? What am I doing here? This fancy shirt, the horse, the team - It's not me.
- You are you.
You are strong and brave and an amazing rider.
[CHUCKLES] So, ignore Callum and James and all the noise.
Go and be yourself.
- Think smugglers used glitter and sequins? - What? - I don't know.
- Well, let's say they did.
What color do you think they would use? 'Cause I'm thinking red, like blood, or blue, like the sea.
I'm about to ride the biggest competition of my life.
I know.
This is a big day for both of us and I Who are you kidding? I could go out there and freeze.
Or I could throw up or fall.
I've got bigger things to worry about than whether Bob wears red or green sequins.
It's red or blue.
Becky! We need your expert smugglers knowledge.
Tried putting both necklaces in? I was more interested in selling them, but Mom says they're not worth anything.
[BECKY] It looks like it should fit in here.
[BEN] Whoa! Allow me.
"I leave my half of our stone in this place that I call home.
You stay to rule whilst I'm gone, but the heart of friendship will beat on.
" They're friendship necklaces.
What are two smugglers doing with friendship necklaces? 'Cause the smugglers were girls.
Two best friends, separated forever.
Their symbolic hearts torn after some argument.
Can't let that happen to me and Jade.
[ANNOUNCER] Could Holloway please make their way to the course? Jade? Please open up.
Look, you were right.
This is the biggest day of your life and I'm banging on about Sequins.
Uh, congratulations.
You're the 100th person to use the loo.
Becky I'm on in a minute.
[CHUCKLES] I'm over here.
Why aren't you dressed? Holloway started.
We're next.
I'm not riding.
I can't, okay? What? You're one of the best riders.
It's not about the riding.
It's the people judging me.
I'm just not a performer.
We'll see about that.
Come on.
[ANNOUNCER] Ready at the start is Gaby Grant, for Team Holloway.
- Holloway, number one! - [CROWD CHEERING] - [CALLUM] Come on, Gaby! - [BELL RINGS] [ANNOUNCER] That's a clear round for Gaby Grant.
[BOY] Well done.
Great run! Nice stuff, Gaby.
Right on.
- Dad would've been proud.
- He would've been proud of both of us.
And thank you, for believing in me enough to do things the right way.
Of course.
We're family.
It's time we started trusting one another.
And after today, it's gonna be very different.
This hunt keeps leading us back to the same symbol.
The tunnel wall, your compass, this coin.
[BEN] The tunnel came out of the duke's castle.
And the symbol was there on the castle's flag.
The castle is linked to Mom's necklace.
And in the poem, it said whoever owned Mom's necklace was in line to rule the island.
Then that means that Ted's the - [BELL RINGS] - No way.
[ANNOUNCER] Callum Elphick taking Holloway into first place.
Next up, Peter Hawthorne.
Gaby and Alex rode a perfect round.
Now Callum's in the lead for the individuals.
That's Peter Hawthorne to the starting line.
Final call for Peter Hawthorne.
Pin's not gonna show.
- Once a stableboy, always a stableboy.
- He'll be here.
Let's hope not.
Without Pin, we could actually win.
Guys, look.
Pin's riding Elvis.
Hawthorne! What are you doing? Elvis is untrained.
It's too risky.
You need to get on Jet.
My name's not Hawthorne.
It's Pin.
I'm doing this my way.
[MAN 2] Go, Pin! - Go on, Pin.
- You got it! - [BELL RINGING] - [PIN SIGHS] - Are you a duke? - Whatever gave you that idea? I get it.
You're secretly rich and you don't want anyone to know, so you live this life and wear disgusting clothes Uh Steady on.
Look, if I've learned anything on this island, keeping secrets isn't good for anyone.
- Sorry, I'm no duke.
- But you have to be.
This is the answer.
You're rich and gonna save Bright Fields.
You really love that place, don't you? Me? No, I'm doing this for Zoe.
Come on, Elvis.
You got one thing right.
I do have a secret.
I've been waiting for the right time to tell it.
- Tedward, the moment is now.
- Yes, I think it is.
Tedward! I meant, you should tell me! Tell me your secret! [CROWD CHEERING] [ANNOUNCER] A clear round with the fastest time puts Peter Hawthorne into first place.
I blame this on you entirely, Zoe.
If you'd chosen Pin instead of Marcus, - he never would've gone to the other side.
- All part of my plan to take down Bright Fields and lose Raven.
[RAP MUSIC PLAYING ON SPEAKERS] What is she doing? [RAPPING] My name's Becky Her name's Jade We're a couple of smuggler babes - I feel like an idiot.
- You look like a boss.
We're gonna steal the day Like pirates of old 'Cause Team Bright Fields Are going for gold When I say "Bright Fields" You say "Yar" Bright Fields! Bright Fields! - Guys, come on.
Yar! - Yar! - Bright Fields! - [ALL] Yar! - Bright Fields! - Yar! - Bright Fields! Bright Fields! - Yar! Yar! - Bright Fields! - Yar! [WHINNIES] - Yar! - [CROWD CHEERING] [ANNOUNCER] Ahem.
That was unusual.
Whoo-hoo! - Bright Fields, prepare for your round.
- [MAN] Great! You'll never make a bigger fool of yourself than you just did.
And they loved you.
- I believe in you.
- Thanks, Becky.
- Where would I be without you? - Still hiding.
You can do this.
But lose the eye patch.
[CHUCKLES] [SIGHS] [CROWD CHEERING] [ANNOUNCER] Holloway are in first place before our final team, Bright Fields.
Jade, the crowd already love you.
So, just build on that confidence.
Cool, calm, and confident.
[BELL RINGING] Mia, you know that Firefly will try and run out the second gate.
So, keep those legs on.
I thought Jade would bottle it.
Three perfect rounds.
It's neck and neck.
Everything's resting on Zoe and Raven.
[ANNOUNCER] First place hangs in the balance as the final rider takes to the course.
Miss Zoe Phillips.
Have a seat, Gaby.
- You don't wanna miss this.
- Miss what? What have I always told you? Hmm? Never let anyone see you coming.
Remember, it's just a normal day.
Stick to your routine.
[JAMES] Zoe's good.
Raven's better.
I couldn't just stand by and watch him ruin it all.
- Have you done something to Raven? - No.
Zoe's about to.
Pet him, talk to him, feed him mints.
- Oh, gosh.
Oh, I'm sorry.
- [JAMES] No, no, my fault.
The mints.
You switched the mints.
I did.
When Zoe feeds one to Raven, he'll be unrideable.
I trusted you.
And this entire time, you have been planning on cheating.
- I did this for us.
- You did this for yourself.
- That's all you ever do.
- Gaby, don't [BELL RINGING] [ANNOUNCER] And there's the starting bell for Miss Zoe Phillips.
Stop! Stop! Zoe, wait! [NEIGHING] [BOTH GASPING] [GASPS] [GRUNTS] [ANNOUNCER] Security to the main arena! - Someone get that horse under control! - [PIN] Whoa, Raven! Whoa! [NEIGHING] He won't stop! [NO AUDIBLE DIALOGUE] [NEIGHING] Shh, shh, shh.
It's just you and me, Raven.
Just you and me.
You can still do this.
I pushed him once before, I won't do it again.
Even if that means losing him.
[ZOE GASPS] Whoa, whoa.
[ELLA HENDERSON'S "EMPIRE" PLAYING] And through the smoke He wants you to ride.
[GRUNTS] - But we won't win.
- Forget winning.
Do this for Raven.
Come alive [CROWD CHEERING] Go, Zoe! - Come on, Zoe! - Come on.
I'm letting go tonight [BELL RINGING] 'Cause we found strength In each other's arms We built this life And we made it our Empire, empire Empire And you and I Can rule each others hearts We'll build on life And we'll make it our Empire Yes, boy! Come on, come on.
That's it.
Empire They'll never take it down, take it down Burn it down, burn us down Come on, Zoe! Take down our empire [CROWD CHEERING] Take it down, take it down Burn it down, burn us down Take it down, take down our empire Come on, Zoe.
[ANNOUNCER] Unfortunately, a fall at the start means Zoe Phillips has come in fourth.
[CROWD GROANING] - We've lost Bright Fields.
- Zoe's lost Raven.
[ZOE] I left my home, I split up my family, I ran away, I let my friends down.
And if that's not good enough for Meredith, then I have nothing more to give.
And neither does Raven.
It's over.
Goodbye, Raven.
Guess we'll have to go home now.
- It's hard to think of L.
as home.
- I know.
All this time I've been saying I wanted to save Bright Fields for you, but, heh it was for me, too.
I don't know how I fit in yet, but I know that I don't wanna leave.
Come to gloat? No.
I wanted to win Nationals but not like that.
- What happened wasn't fair.
- You guys deserve this.
Thank you.
That was really nice.
- Do you wanna - [JADE] It's so shiny! go for a coffee sometime? Not that nice.
[CHUCKLES] I can't believe he's really gone.
I am I'm sorry, Zoe.
For trying to take Raven, for not listening to you about James.
You did the right thing in the end.
That's what matters.
[HORSE NEIGHING] It sounds silly, but sometimes I think I can hear him.
No, I heard that, too.
Oh, my gosh.
Raven! [NEIGHING] I can't believe it.
- It's basically unbelievable.
- [ZOE] You came back.
What? How? Hey, boy.
- Pin, I don't understand.
- He's yours.
No more ultimatums, no more stupid games.
He's yours.
- I bought Raven.
- What? - Then I bought Bright Fields.
- What? - What? - Oh, my gosh.
So, it turns out, I'm not just a stableboy.
My mom's dad was the duke.
My grandpa.
[SCOFFS] - No way.
- What? You're related to the duke.
I kind of am the duke.
- What? - Go, Pin.
Tedward was not joking about holding in a big secret.
You were right Rosie.
The answer to saving Bright Fields was in the treasure box.
- Except the treasure was a person.
- The duke was descended - from one of the smugglers, right? - I think so.
My dad said our family fortune came from a pretty dodgy place, so I'm basically still a criminal.
- Just quite a rich one.
- I think, deep down, I always knew we'd find a way to rebuild.
Well done, Pin.
We have to get to work.
Start clearing out the rubble You could start by clearing out the muckheap, Mia.
Oh! [LAUGHS] - Here you go, Mia.
- [ROSIE] Okay! Everyone, you heard the duke.
Let's get to work! [LAUGHS] You, sir, have some explaining to do.
Mom was cut out of the will, so everything's left to me.
Dad didn't want me to know about the money until I proved myself.
- He thinks the inheritance is a curse.
- [CHUCKLES] - That is so your dad.
- I know.
If not for Rosie, I don't know if he'd ever have told me the truth.
So, my little sister saved the stables? Kind of.
Something I need to tell you.
I already know.
You're leaving? I'm gonna go see the world.
See what I've been missing.
Time to stop dreaming and make it happen.
You said I should.
[CHUCKLES] - I'm sorry.
- Don't be.
You and I were never meant to be easy, were we? No.
Come here.
Okay, I can't just let you buy me Raven.
Consider it an investment.
I'm expecting big things from you, Zoe Phillips.
- I'm still picking sequins out of my hair.
- I said I was sorry.
It's fine.
I kind of like it.
You make things a bit more sparkly, don't you? I know we got off on the wrong foot, more than once, but, I I think you're lovely That was horsesome.
Classic Gaby.
Always wanting what you can't have.
- I don't know what you mean.
- Of course you do.
A leopard never changes its spots.
Neither does a Grant.
Zoe should watch her back.
[ZOE] Just like that, the summer's ending.
There's been happiness and heartache, breakups and make-ups, and a few surprises along the way.
But we made it.
And we'll be back, stronger and better than ever.
You don't mess with Team Bright Fields.
And the best thing, Raven's officially mine and I'm his.
And from now on, life is going to be sweet and easy and Wait a minute.
Who am I kidding? No matter what you're doin' No matter what you're playin' No matter what you're sayin' 'Cause we're doing it all the same No matter where you are Where you're coming from Put your hand on your heart Don't wait Yeah, you know that I, we, me, us We're doing it all the same No matter where you are Where you're coming from Put your hand on your heart Don't wait Yeah, you know that I, we, me, us We're doing it all the same [VOCALIZING]