Free Rein (2017) s03e07 Episode Script


1 No matter what you're doin' No matter what you're playin' It's no matter what you're sayin' 'Cause we're doin' it all the same No matter where you are Where you're coming from Put your hand on your heart Don't wait Yeah you know that I, we, me, us We're doing it all the same No matter where you are Where you're coming from Put your hand on your heart Don't wait Yeah you know that I, we, me, us We're doing it all the same [VOCALIZING.]
Me and you We go together like a beat and groove We go together like a party in summer You know that we gonna Make everyone turn their heads [ZOE.]
So, one year ago, I did something completely crazy.
I waved goodbye to my family and stayed here with Raven.
As decisions go, it was pretty huge.
And today is tryouts, my one chance to prove I made the right choice.
I'll be fine, as long as no one goes overboard.
Zoe! You left before the postman came.
Are those for me? It's all from your mum and dad.
I think this was meant to be a pony.
- "Well done, Zoe, we knew you could do it.
" - Oops, that's for later.
- "Good luck, Zoe! We know you can do it.
" Okay.
No pressure, then.
Gaby! Hey, um Good luck today at tryouts.
I mean it.
I don't need a pity balloon.
Just try to have fun today, okay? Maybe you should take these home.
Uh where are you going, G? To see my horse, A.
She's busy right now.
Is she writing an essay? She's a horse.
- She's eating! - She's sleeping! Um the truck's leaving for tryouts soon.
You need to focus.
All right.
Bye! We can't keep this up much longer.
Why hasn't Ariel come back? [SIGHS.]
I looked online, foal abandonment is pretty rare.
Something's wrong.
We should just tell Zoe.
Everyone will think it was your fault.
They'll tell your mum, and then you'll be on the first non-stop flight to boarding school.
My final destination.
Jade says the wild horses always stick together.
Maybe Ariel's gone back to the herd.
Wherever she is, we need to find her, and fast.
Scout needs his mom.
We'll leave ASAP.
I want to give you all some time at the grounds so that you can get a feel for the place.
How are you doing? Uh I'm nervous.
Now I'm excited, and then I get nervous again.
Well, good.
The nerves will give you an edge, if you don't let them take over.
All loaded? Just waiting on Gaby.
And me.
What are you doing here? I'm rugged up and ready to go.
Go where? To tryouts.
I assume my spot's still open? Yeah, of course, but I mean, are you sure? I haven't trained in weeks and there's no way I'll make the team, but I can't let fear win.
I have to try.
The trackers have failed.
Must have done something wrong.
Um No.
I won't believe it.
No one sciences better than Jade.
Could the batteries have run out? No, they're fully charged.
And anyway, one of them is still working.
Maybe my triangulation is off.
I think the answer is right in front of us.
We've had an outbreak of fairies.
They steal animals.
You've got to keep on top of your folklore, people.
What are the chances that it's something other than fairies? I'd say it's 50-50.
Hey, Breakfast Club.
It's all over.
My science project is an epic fail.
Better get used to saying that word.
Now, what would David Attenborough say if he heard you talking like that? Every great scientist has moments where they want to give up.
This is yours, but I'm not gonna let you.
Saddle up.
Why, where are we going? We are going to find the horses and fix those trackers.
Okay, but what about Breakfast Club? They can have the day off.
Right, guys? I'm sure we can think of something to do.
- You betcha! - Right! [SIGHS.]
Mm! Good luck! Not that you'll need it.
You're totally going to make the team.
- Thanks.
- Watch your angles.
Put your left boot on first for luck.
Turn smart, not fast.
And before you go in, hop in a circle singing "We Wish You A Merry Christmas.
" It's how Charlotte Dujardin won her gold medal.
Is that your plan for today? Yep.
We are jumping the puissance wall.
No way! You can't lose if you do that! [BOTH.]
Good luck, Gaby! [GABY.]
You're missing her, aren't you? I mean, she's my roommate, so it's weird.
Just focus on getting the competition out of the way first.
You guys can fix this.
Um I hope so.
Come on, Team Bright Fields.
Time to roll.
Let's do this.
Wait! Wait, wait, wait! There is one space on the team.
A group of friends all gunning for the same spot.
So good luck.
- Tryouts, here we come! - [HORN HONKS.]
Can we do this without the inspirational monologue? It is good to have you back, Mia.
All right, let's go.
There's only one tracker working, but I don't know how long it'll last.
If it goes, we'll lose the herd.
Let's go do some science.
Wait, no, that was rubbish.
Let me start again.
Let's track down those trackers.
That's the one.
So, what now? Those guys are gonna lead us to Ariel.
- Yeah? - [ZOE.]
Hey, you answered! Yeah, why wouldn't I? 'Cause the last few hundred times I called you went to voicemail.
Which reminds me, your voicemail box might be full.
Yeah, sorry, I've been busy.
Duke business? Making a tonic for the sick moor pony.
How is she? I don't know.
She's on the moors, I'll see when I get there.
Oh, okay, um are you okay? Yeah, I'm fine, just [SIGHS.]
I need to concentrate.
I'll call you later.
Okay, well, just wish me [CALL END BEEP.]
Would Group D please make their way to the arena? [MARCUS.]
Zoe? [MARCUS.]
That's Felicity riding now.
Those jumps are big.
They're standard size.
They just, uh look bigger in the enclosed arena.
Well, they look positively tiny next to your giant head.
Daddy's company sponsors the under-18s team.
He's on the judging board.
Hm! Couldn't resist a little go around before we get started.
You must be Group D.
One of you could be selected to join the junior squad today.
I get it, it's scary.
I've been there.
The judges and I will be looking for your very best freestyle routine.
So this can be anything from jumping, to dressage, to a mixture of both.
So saddle up and show us what you've got.
Um, Gaby? Look, I need to get ready.
Jade thinks we can get back to normal after tryouts.
I'd like that.
Look We're roomies, we're friends.
I miss Zaby.
It's just hard when everybody's already decided that you're going to win.
I'm sorry about the balloons and cards.
My family can get a bit carried away.
My sister hosted a prom for our dog when he graduated from obedience school.
I miss Zaby too.
Or Goe, as I think we agreed to call ourselves.
Zoe for the win! Zoe for the win! What are they doing here? Zoe, over here! Go on, say hi.
Don't want to let your fan club down.
Okay, girls, one photo.
That's great, Zoe.
Three, two, one.
One more.
One more.
Everybody pose.
- Three, two, one.
Hey, good luck.
Daddy! Look, I know a place on the team would be really good for business, but - I am a little out of practice.
- Nervous? - A bit.
- Me too.
But it's all coming together, darling.
Tryouts today, hotel opening next week.
I'm really starting to feel like someone again.
Elliot? [ELLIOT.]
Remember whatever happens today, I'm proud of you.
Jack Rishens to arena one.
Susie Garrett, please make your final preparations.
Pin's here.
- You okay? - Why does everyone keep asking me that? Because you're crawling around on the ground.
I'm trying to trace the wild herd.
- Us too.
- The sick pony moved on.
- I need to find - It might have rejoined the herd.
We're tracking them now.
If we can get there before the last tracker fails.
Which it won't, because genius.
Thank you.
Let's go.
That horse doesn't have long left.
Susie Garrett to arena one.
Mia MacDonald, please make your final preparations.
- Good luck, Susie! - Thanks, Zoe! We wish you a merry Christmas We wish you a merry Christmas [GASPS.]
Hey! Just, uh, warming up the old Can I do an interview with you for my blog? Please? That wild horses video is my most liked yet.
All my followers want to know about Zoe Phillips.
Um Well, you should interview Gaby as well.
We train together, we live together.
It only makes sense.
We can show the world Goe.
So, Gaby, what's it like sharing a room with someone as completely amazing as Zoe? Can't see the herd.
We're running out of time.
I'm sorry.
But I need to narrow the frequency range or there'll be too big a margin of error.
Did anyone else hear that? No.
Well, I've got great hearing.
It's this close to being a superpower.
We're not alone.
Why are you following us? [AARON.]
We're not following you, we just really want to see Jade's science project.
I'm such a chemistry nerd.
- It's biology.
- [BEEP.]
It's up.
The tag's moving.
It's moving fast.
Really fast.
Go after them! We'll be right behind you.
If we can find the herd, we find Ariel.
You missed introductions.
Turn up, be amazing, get tryouts place.
Did I miss anything? You really think you're going to win this, don't you? Well, all my brothers are on the team, so I guess you could say it's a family tradition.
Well, I would wish you luck, but you clearly don't need it.
Don't you want to see Zoe's interview? Zoe's interview? It was both of us.
Zoe, tell us about a day in the life of a rising superstar.
I wouldn't call myself a superstar, you know, just hard work and, uh dedication.
Where am I? I think that's your shoulder there.
Zoe said we were in this together.
Zoe's looking out for herself.
And you should start doing the same.
isn't going to cut it.
If I were you, I'd find a way to wipe that smug smile off Zoe's face.
Mia MacDonald to arena one.
- That's all.
Callum Elphick, please make your final preparations.
Nice and steady.
How'd it go? Pretty good, thanks.
You're up next.
You ready? Uh, not in the slightest.
Yeah, I never said sorry.
For taking your job and not being honest about Firefly.
I'm just really proud that you're here today.
- It's thanks to you.
- And Marcus.
Yeah, he has been so kind.
And patient.
It's like nothing was too much trouble for him, you know? - That's because he's in love with you.
- Oh, yeah, right.
Remember, feel that connection.
Don't fight him.
Listen to him, but also listen to your heart.
If you feel scared, just own that feeling.
I'll be right here.
I won't leave you.
Are you okay? What's wrong? Oh nothing.
You know what? I actually think everything's perfect.
I'm Mia MacDonald, and this is Firefly, and we've prepared a dressage test.
Marcus? Impressive stuff with Mia just now.
Well, she's been through a lot, but - she always comes back fighting.
- Hm.
Thanks to you, I assume.
You know, my exam reports come with a grace period.
I'm amending your marks.
Gonna recommend you for a pass.
A pass? Congratulations.
Yeah, thank you.
Right, better get back to it.
You absolutely nailed it! Hardly! My extended trot was all over the place, and I messed up the flying change, but none of that matters, does it? It really doesn't.
I guess when someone really believes in you We're not just talking about Firefly here, are we? [LAUGHS.]
Hang on.
Hey! Congratulations! I, um I have something to say.
Me too.
Oh, I I don't I've never done anything like this before, do I just say it? I'll say it.
Thank you.
Thank you for being an excellent student.
- And? - The exam board are changing my mark, I'm finally going to be a credited riding instructor, Mia! - And it's all thanks to you! - Oh! Erm that's that's it? Nothing else? Now all the hard work starts.
No distractions, getting back on top is all that matters.
Isn't that what you said? Great! [FELICITY ON PA.]
Callum Elphick to arena one.
- Oh, um - Gaby Grant, - please make your final preparations.
- I'll see you later.
Callum Elphick, and this is Darius.
We'll be doing a time trial.
Oh, zero points for originality, but let's see what he's got.
I didn't realize the aim was to knock the most jumps down.
Let's see if you do any better.
Oh, wait! You don't have a plan, do you? Super Zoe's going to beat you and all your new buddies are gonna forget about you.
You'll just be another kid that nearly made it.
Get lost, Callum.
Hey, don't take it out on me.
I'm not the one trying to stop you from reaching your dreams! There you are.
That comfortable? [SIGHS.]
We can do this.
Just stick to the plan.
Raven, did you eat our plan? Raven? Gaby Grant to arena one.
Zoe Phillips, - please make your final preparations.
- Okay, no time.
It's okay, boy.
We got this, right? Yeah, we got this.
Uh, yeah.
You cool? Yeah, I'm fine.
Wow, is she really going to jump that huge wall? Oh, no, that's for my freestyle.
Uh, then why is she lining her horse up on it? I'm Gaby Grant on Jet, and we're taking on the puissance wall.
Gaby stole my freestyle idea.
Zoe Phillips to arena one.
Hi, I'm Zoe Phillips, and this is Raven.
We will be jumping the wall too.
What? She's copying Gaby? That's pretty lame.
Marcus? I need you to help me set up that jump.
I need it higher.
We're out of bricks, Zoe.
Okay, I have an idea.
So, get the banner [INDISTINCT WHISPERING.]
This is where they're holding tryouts.
Why would the wild horses come here? Maybe they wanted to try out tor the team? This doesn't make any sense.
They're here, though, or at least one of them is.
Erm signal's coming from The signal's coming from in there.
Nice work, Gaby.
You know, I didn't think you had it in you.
What have I done? I've ruined everything.
I was thinking, whatever happens today, I could speak to the others, convince them to give you another shot at Holloway.
Shut up, Callum! Just shut up.
You're always in the back of my head, but I don't want to go back to Holloway, and I don't want to win like this.
I've ruined the only friendship I have.
What is she doing now? I'm not sure you need to worry about that whole winning thing.
Watch this.
Okay, boy.
Time to fly.
Zoe! Zoe! Zoe! Zoe! Zoe! Zoe! Zoe! Zoe! Zoe? Zoe! Zoe, look, I am so sorry.
You stole my idea! I know, I know, and I'm sorry, but it was Callum, he said all this stuff and it got in my head - At least this time you warned me.
- What? Competitions bring out the worst in you.
Yeah, they do.
They really, really do.
I'm just glad it's over.
Yeah, me too.
- I found something.
- [JADE.]
It's one of my tags.
Someone's cut it off.
Why would someone deliberately ruin your project? Do you have science enemies? This is not about a project, it's about the horses.
They're in trouble.
Something bad has happened to Ariel, I know it.
- Ariel's fine, she's at Bright Fields.
- Yeah.
Isn't she? - Aaron? - It was an accident.
- I really didn't - He didn't do anything.
It was me.
I forgot to shut the stable door.
Ariel got out, and she hasn't come back.
Thank you.
Look, Ariel's not the only one in trouble.
Okay, everyone, may I have your attention, please? We both did our best, and we'll let fate decide, hm? Okay, guys, we've voted.
Someone's under-18s future is right here in this envelope.
And the new member of the UK under-18 squad will be Is this right? [CHUCKLES.]
The place goes to Callum Elphick! - Yes! - [BOTH.]
What? - [MIA.]
Callum! How did that happen? - Mia, you okay? Woo! [LAUGHS.]
Zoe! I'm sorry, guys, I have to get Raven ready to go.
The wild horses are gone.
Gone? What do you mean, gone? There's no sign of them, or Ariel.
- What about your trackers? - They were outside.
Somebody cut them off.
- If the wild horses leave the island - The kingdom will fall! That's a stupid superstition before the time of common sense.
The kingdom will be fine.
See? Look, the duke is here.
Um, you you made it.
- Are you okay? - Yeah, I'm fine Pin, Pin, Pin! [ZOE.]
Pin! Help! We need help!