Free Rein (2017) s03e10 Episode Script


1 No matter what you're doin' No matter what you're playin' It's no matter what you're sayin' 'Cause we're doing it all the same No matter where you are Where you're coming from Put your hand on your heart Don't wait Yeah you know that I, we, me, us We're doing it all the same No matter where you are Where you're coming from Put your hand on your heart Don't wait Yeah you know that I, we, me, us We're doing it all the same [VOCALIZING.]
- [ZOE.]
Callum! Callum, let us out! It won't budge.
There has to be another way out of here.
Up here.
- Okay, give me a leg up.
- Go on.
One, two, three.
Higher, I can't see, I can't [SQUEALS.]
Well there's only one thing for it.
Help! - Help! - Help us! [BOTH.]
Help! Help! It's bottled this time, sir.
Well, those pills are kicking in.
The doctor said you'd start feeling better soon, but if there's any problems, we call her straight back.
Well, I'll just go and rustle up some soup.
- No, hang on, I'll do it.
- No bother, Ted.
I'm the expert soup-maker round here.
Guys, have you seen Zoe? I really need to speak to her.
Yeah, you do.
Winnie said she's thinking about going back to the States.
No no, she can't.
Hang on, I'll call her.
- It'll be fine - Her phone's going to voicemail.
Guys Look, there's something written on here.
What is it? Taxi's booked, kiddo.
We better go get you ready.
Just a few more minutes? Scout, you've changed my life.
I just wish that my mom could see that.
Oh I'm sorry.
My mom might be a nightmare, but at least I know where she is.
Can you save some for us? They need it more than we do.
They're getting worse, and there's nothing we can do.
Oh, okay, so we should just give up.
Well, unless Super Zoe has a better idea [ZOE SCOFFS.]
Are you trying to make this a competition? See who's best at being trapped with a bunch of poisoned horses? No.
- Sorry.
- It's okay.
It's a tense situation.
I really am sorry.
Look, I know I'm not exactly easy to be friends with.
That's true.
But I happen to think you're worth it.
I think there's something over there.
Shh, shh, shh.
Just one of Jade's tags, it's not Wait, wait, wait! Super Zoe has an idea.
Okay, guys, I'm out of here.
But first, for my two favorite cowboys High Noon Heather, and Winnie the Wild.
We did something for you, too.
We made an official Breakfast Club group chat.
So no matter how far away you feel, we'll be right there with you.
Time for me to hit the road.
What about Zoe? Don't you want to say bye to her? Don't know where she is.
I guess goodbyes are hard for her too.
Hey one of Jade's tags is transmitting.
It must be a bug.
I'll get the fly spray.
Not an actual bug, Winnie! Like a virus.
- One, two, three.
- One two three.
- One, two, three.
Guys this isn't a bug.
Then what is it? It's an S.
! Dot, dot, dot.
Dash, dash, dash.
Dot, dot, dot.
Hey! It worked! - Someone's coming! - Finally! - Hey! - Hello? [ZOE.]
Hey, we're in here! Hey, whoever's out there, the horses need help, they're sick! [GIRLS.]
Hello! Hey, where are you going? [GABY.]
Who was that? Guys, we should really wait for Becky to get back.
An S.
is only used in emergencies.
We have to go now before someone stops us.
But I've only ridden Princess once.
And I can't go faster than a trot.
Winnie, you are brave, Heather, you are talented, and together we're a team.
And we're going to save my cousin Zoe.
Now, we're not saying that you have to choose, but Oh! The Royal! That takes me back.
- What's the Royal? - It was the old hotel, where they've built that snazzy new golf course.
I snuck your mother into the swimming pool there once.
The master was not amused.
Oh, it's huge there.
There's lots of places for hiding out.
Getting into trouble.
Or for hiding horses.
Elliot bought the owners out.
They were a scary lot.
One of them works for the mayor now.
Um - big fella.
- Geoff? - You don't think he - He might have We need to go, now.
Sir, sir, what about your soups? [MAYOR.]
- All set for your big opening? - Absolutely.
We'll start with the speeches, and then Mia and Firefly will open the hotel.
Well, if you need anything, Geoff's your man.
- He's an island boy, you know.
- Is that right? There's absolutely nothing he won't do to make sure today's a success.
You okay back there, Winnie? Yeah.
Totally fine.
Yee-haw! It's stopped.
The S.
has stopped.
Then we need to hurry.
But Winnie, you've never cantered before.
There's a first time for everything.
Let's go, Casper! [AARON.]
We're comin', Zoe! Firstly, I'd like to thank you all for coming.
You nearly ruined everything.
Yeah, well I'm here now, aren't I? No more running off, okay? As you know, the Firefly Hotel has been a passion project of mine and my staff, and I'm just delighted that we're finally getting the chance to share it with all of you.
- Ready for our big moment? - I can't wait.
So, I'll do my speech, you go and get Firefly, ride through the ribbon.
the vision for my island is complete.
He looks really nervous.
Well, this is a huge deal for Daddy.
All our problems are behind us now.
This hotel's our future.
And now please welcome the man we have to thank for all of this, Elliot MacDonald! [APPLAUDING AND CHEERING.]
Thank you all for coming.
The Firefly is named after my daughter's favorite horse.
She's had him since she was 13.
Twelve! [LAUGHS.]
The hotel itself has been officially endorsed by the mayor Where are you going? I need to get Firefly ready for our big moment.
with the latest mod cons [AARON.]
I'm pretty sure this is where the signal was coming from.
It's so quiet.
And creepy.
Please don't be any ghosts.
I thought you didn't believe in ghosts.
That was before this summer.
Zoe! Are you there? Zoe! [RAVEN SNORTS GENTLY.]
What is it, boy? Zoe! Aaron? Aaron! [KNOCKING.]
I'm here! [ZOE.]
Gaby's here too, and the horses! Zoe! Are you okay? - Yeah, we're fine.
- [AARON.]
Don't worry, cuz! We're gonna get you out of here.
Guys, look.
Breakfast Club? - Come on, guys, we can do it! - [AARON GROANS.]
It's no good, we're not strong enough on our own.
You have to pull! I'm sorry, Zoe.
No, you guys! You guys can do it! You guys can do it! Zoe? - Zoe, are you in there? Are you okay? - Pin! Pin, we're locked in! [ZOE.]
The horses are really sick.
Okay, everyone grab the rope.
- [PIN.]
All got hold? - Come on, guys! [PIN.]
Okay, count of three.
One, two, - three! - [JADE.]
- [GABY.]
You can do it! Keep pulling! Pull it! [PIN.]
Come on! Pull! [GASPS.]
- I know you don't like being rescued.
- Oh! Just once, I'll make the exception.
They're sick.
It's lead.
I was poisoned by it too.
It's in the lake at the castle.
We need to get them treated.
She's scared.
She won't move.
None of them will.
She'll follow Raven.
Well he isn't going anywhere without her.
It's a standoff.
All the best cowboy films have them.
You need to ride her out of here.
- I can't.
- [PIN.]
Zoe's right.
Ariel needs to know you're with her every step of the way.
Hey, girl.
What do you say we get out of here? [SIGHS.]
Good girl.
And now, Mia and Firefly himself will open the hotel.
What is going on? What are all these horses doing at my hotel? - I'm not scared of a bunch of kids.
Nice one, guys.
Look, I was going to release the wild herd, I swear, but then you two showed up and I Zoe! What on earth do you think you're doing? You've ruined Daddy's opening! - Who are you working for? - [GABY.]
It's Geoff, isn't it? Becky said he used to own this hotel.
I can't tell.
We heard you calling your boss earlier.
Whoever you were on the phone with is behind all of this.
Zoe, don't.
That's Daddy's ringtone.
We gotta stop him! - Get the horses! - [MIA.]
Where are you going? To get your dad.
I'm coming with you.
It's empty.
Where is he? I know exactly where.
Do you want us to come with you? No.
No, I need to do this.
Mia Darling.
I was waiting for you.
- Quickly, hop in! There's no time.
- You want me to come with you? There's gonna be a huge stink about all this.
You and I are better off out of it.
You poisoned the lake! I messed up.
Building waste costs a fortune to get rid of.
More money than I had.
I told my workers to get rid of the lead, no questions asked.
But you poisoned the horses.
I know.
We'd have been all right if it wasn't for your friend and her ridiculous school project.
What, so so you you hid them? That Holloway boy did it for me.
In exchange for a spot on the team? I couldn't let people find out what I'd done.
I'd have lost the contract.
The herd could have died! [ELLIOT.]
I did it for you! Come with me.
There's nothing for you here.
- That's not true.
- Just wait.
Just wait.
I'm sorry, Daddy.
Sorry? For what? That tag is being traced by Jade and the police.
They'll be here any minute.
It's over.
Okay, I'm gonna need some calcium disodium edetate, and some intravenous tubes.
I'm gonna need a lie down after all this adventure.
Hey! [ZOE.]
This is amazing! It's a fully-functioning horse-pital.
I know.
Dad did it all.
All that was missing was you.
- Is she gonna be okay? - You got to her just in time.
- You got to all of them just in time.
- Hm.
Hi, guys.
I found this.
I heard somewhere that music helps horses keep calm.
Your Royal Dukiness.
Untamed open shorelines, a world-class hotel, a castle full of ancient secrets.
All my wildest horse dreams are coming true.
Start your island adventure today.
Mayor Wright finally gets what makes this island so special.
Well, nothing fake about that.
I still can't believe Callum hid those horses just for a space on the under-18s team.
Oh! And now you've got his place.
Crazy times.
You know, I'm going to start breaking Ariel in next week.
The best girl won.
I mean it.
- Ready? - Yeah.
Let's go.
Zoe, you forgot your bag! So just believe in the fire inside [INDISTINCT CHATTER.]
Look at this place! Isn't it amazing? This way, ma'am.
So, you're letting me in today, huh? Today and any other day.
Okay, now this is how you throw a party.
And your boy's about to get his duke on.
- He's online.
- Hey, Heather.
Hey, Winnie.
- We miss you.
- How's home? Is it true your mum's not sending you to boarding school? Yee-haw! You betcha! Ladies and gentlemen, pray silence for our duke.
Well, now everyone's here, we can begin.
Rebecca Sidebottom.
You forgot Lavinia.
Of course.
Rebecca Lavinia Sidebottom thanks to your training, Breakfast Club were able to save the wild herd.
And therefore I am naming you protector of the wild ponies.
The kingdom is safe in my hands, Your Honor.
Uh, don't call me "Your Honor.
May the wild herd roam this island freely, forever.
One more thing.
Jade Gill was awarded top marks for her science project on the wild horses and she has now received a letter of commendation - from Sir David Attenborough himself.
- [GASPS.]
You are kidding me! He's kidding me, right? I wrote to him, told him what you'd done.
Thank you.
To the wild horses! [CHEERING.]
And my even wilder friends.
So just believe in the fire inside Dream till it opens wide So just breathe And just believe [UPBEAT DANCE MUSIC PLAYING.]
My favorite! I know.
Listen, you were great in court today.
I didn't feel it.
Daddy's going to prison.
I could cope with losing everything else, but losing him as well We'll visit.
I'll go with you.
You'd do that for me? I'd do anything for you.
Hi! [GASPS.]
Do you ever wonder who first put cheese and pineapple together? Because when you think about it, it's quite random, you know? Pineapple is this delicate, exotic fruit, and the cheese is all strong, and, uh handsome.
- Susie! - [SUSIE LAUGHS.]
Have you gone mad? My point is, they just work.
Like bubble and squeak, knives and forks.
And you two.
I'll go get some more.
Well - that was, uh, weird.
- Oh, for goodness' sake! What? [ZOE.]
I still can't believe that this is all yours.
I know.
Even so, I'm gonna live at home with my dad, open this place up to the public.
Arthur reckons we can do tours.
I'll split the money between the horse hospital and the wild herd.
I feel like we lost each other this summer.
Me to the competition, and you to this place.
Yeah, I kind of turned into Peter the Mad, didn't I? Yeah, a little bit! [LAUGHS.]
It's not the horses I need to stay on the island, Zoe.
It's you.
What is this? Where's Gaby? We're going to do this quickly.
They say it hurts less that way.
Gaby What are you doing? She's not supposed to be tied up, or broken in, or trained to compete.
She's wild.
You know, her foal's weaned and I can't keep her.
But if you let her go now, she might not come back.
I love you.
Thank you for everything.
It's okay.
We'll see her every day, we'll take out Scout and Raven, and she'll be with you always in the wildest part of your heart.
You found it, then.
What is it? Open it.
"Dear Miss Phillips, we would like to invite you to tryouts for the United States of America under-18s equestrian team.
" - Gaby, what is this? - [LAUGHS.]
I I sent that video of you and Raven riding.
The one from tryouts.
But They want to see you ride, Zoe.
Of course they do.
But it says that tryouts are in Florida.
All your dreams are still within reach.
You just have to decide how much you want them.
This summer was wild, and it changed all of us.
We've grown up, and we've grown together as friends and as riders.
Sure, we may have tough decisions to make, but right now, for this one moment, everything is perfect.
- [JADE.]
Wait, is that Bob slobber? - [BECKY.]
It's lucky.
Eww! I've got Bob slobber on my dress! [ZOE.]
Well, almost perfect.