Friday On My Mind (2017) s01e01 Episode Script

Part 1

1 NEWSREEL ANNOUNCER: Come over to the sunny side now.
Australia - a great place for families.
Opportunity for you.
Fine for your wife.
Great for your children.
You could be on your way to a sunnier future in the new year, on your way to Australia, a great place for families.
Send for this free voyage information.
You'll find (VOICE FADES) WOMAN: Next, please? MAN: (ON P.
) Families may approach immigration officers in a group.
Please queue in an orderly fashion (ANNOUNCEMENT CONTINUES INDISTINCTLY) Following your processing by an immigration officer, please leave in an orderly fashion, through the exits situated to the left (INDISTINCT CONVERSATION) MAN: Sorry.
Come here! Malcolm! Get in here! What's up with you, man? Stop it.
- Sit tight.
- Let's go.
(BOYS LAUGH) WOMAN: Stop it, Angus.
In the land of make believe, you are all mine In the land of make believe, I'm doin' fine Makin' believe You are here with me Makin' believe In the grass, by my mind's flowing river Tumbling of the water through my head Makin' believe You are here with mev Makin' believev Makin' believe MAN: (SHOUTS) Hey, fuck off, wogs! MAN: Go back to where you came from! (THUDDING ON WINDOWS) In the land of make believe, you are all mine And in the land of make believe, I'm doin' fine Makin' believe You are here with me (BRAKES SQUEAL) (SONG FADES) (CROW CAWS) (WOMAN SPEAKS FOREIGN LANGUAGE) MAN: You are at the Villawood Migrant Hostel, courtesy of the Australian Government.
Please observe all rules and regulations, a copy of which will be handed to you.
You'll be assigned a hut, which it will be your duty to keep clean at all times.
No naked flames or cooking in the huts.
All cooking must be done in the communal kitchen, Building 3A.
You will be issued with eating utensils, which you must return to the office upon your departure.
You must abide by the rules and regulations of the Villawood Migrant Hostel.
We thank you for your patience during this time and welcome you to Australia.
In the land of make believe, you are all mine And in the land of make believe I'm doin' fine Makin' believe You are here with me Makin' believe Ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh Oooh Here You and me make believe Make believe the world Isn't what we see Hey Things ain't what they seem Come into my dreams Make believe with me (STRUMS LOUD CHORD) OK.
('OH LONESOME ME' BY DON GIBSON PLAYS) Everybody's goin' out and havin' fun I'm just a fool for stayin' home and havin' none I can't get over how she set me free Oh Lonesome me A bad mistake I'm makin' by just hangin' round Where do you think you're goin', wog? He's not a wog.
- Look at his hair.
- He's a fuckin' reffo.
Why don't you go back to your own country, reffo? I'm not reffo.
- Holland? - All the same to us, mate.
What you got there? Fuckin' musician or some shit? Why don't you sing for us, eh? That be right, wog? Get him! (GRUNTING) (KICKS THUD) Agh! (GROANS) ('BYE-BYE, BABY, GOODBYE' BY COL JOYE AND THE JOY BOYS PLAYS) Bye-bye, bye-bye Bye-bye, baby, goodbye (CHILDREN SHOUT PLAYFULLY) I gotta get a-goin' Bye-bye, bye, baby, goodbye See you in the mornin', at the break of day Just a little kiss and I'll be on my way Bye-bye, bye-bye Bye-bye, baby, goodbye (SONG FADES) (STRUMS GENTLY) (PLAYS SLOW MELODY) (PLAYS ROCK RIFF) Willy, that's it.
I gotta get out of here.
Jesus Christ.
George, get the door.
I'm not staying here a second longer.
WILLY: Fuckin' hell.
- Is that a snake? - Yeah.
Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Going to get my cutlery.
Can I have a cup of tea, please? Nae milk this time.
(ALL ARGUE) GEORGE: Come on, boys, get in.
WILLY: Angus? (ALL CONTINUE ARGUING) Thanks, George.
- Hey.
- No! Come back, come back, come back.
Come back, just Give me Can you hear that? Hey! So?! Stephen! One second! Stephen, come back! (GUITAR MELODY CONTINUES) Come on! One second.
One second.
- Come on.
- Nah.
(BOTH CONTINUE PLAYING) You blokes are new.
Never seen you before.
- Where you from? - Holland.
I used to live in this dump.
It's a shit-hole.
You want some advice? Get the fuck out, soon as you can.
- DINGEMAN: Already have, mate.
- I got here when I was four.
But we left.
My Dad's a cook now, so, uh, I just come in here to practise.
Do you know any other songs? Uh, not so many.
Well, learn some more.
I'm a professional singer.
(CHUCKLES) What's so funny? He says "Bullshit".
- Is that right? - Mm.
No, fair dinkum.
Place in the city called Suzie Wong's.
You gotta go there.
It's it's great.
I can get you in for nothin'.
- Right.
- We go from the top? Where the fuck do you think you're going? - Huh? - I've seen you and Sharon.
Why don't you just piss off out of here? Sharon? That her name? Fuckin' smart-arse.
You go near her again, I'll belt ya.
Yeah? How about you belt me now? (BOTH GRUNT) Ugh! (GASPS) (GRUNTS) Ugh! Ow! Oww There we go.
- Perfect.
- You got that? You right? Is that everything now, Dad? Aye, George, you're alright.
Watch that step, son.
(PLAYS ROCK GUITAR RIFF) (BABY CRIES) WOMAN: (SOFTLY) Chh-chh, chh-chh! (EXHALES AND LAUGHS) Jeez, I thought we were gonna have to go again.
What? I thought you were the bloke I had a blue with yesterday.
- What you talkin' about, mate? - You could be his bloody brother.
I've got six brothers, mate.
None of em was here yesterday.
I'll tell you what.
He sure can pack a punch.
Aye, it fuckin' looks like it.
You from here? Nah.
Nah, we moved out.
Aye, us too.
Where you from then? Leeds.
I just hang around here for the girls.
Me too, mate.
You from Glasgow? What's it fuckin' sound like? We were just up the end there.
Who? - Uh, Mum and Dad.
- Aye.
We was just down the end.
Just down the end there.
Yeah? (BOTH PLAY ROCK'N'ROLL RIFF) This is them.
Oi! You alright? Yeah.
- How's it goin'? - Hi.
Uh Johannes.
- George.
- Dingeman.
George Young.
How long you been playing? Um - Not much long.
- Right.
I play too.
Is iedereen hier een muzikant? What? He says, "Is everyone around here a musician?" Well, I am.
Can I have a go? Gimme.
Thank you.
(PLAYS ROCK'N'ROLL MELODY) You make me dizzy, Miss Lizzie The way you rock'n'roll You make me dizzy, Miss Lizzie The way we do the stroll So, come on, love me, Miss Lizzie Love me 'fore I grow too old (SPEAKS DUTCH) What's he sayin? He reckons you're pretty good.
Thank you.
And if my woody breaks down on me Somewhere on the surf route Surf City, here we come I'll strap my board to my back and hitch a ride in my wetsuit Surf City, here we come When I get to Surf City, I'll be shootin' the curl And checkin' out the parties for a surfer girl We're goin' to Surf City, 'cause it's two to one You know, we're goin' to Surf City I thought he was bullshitting.
Yeah, he's alright.
You know we're goin' to Surf City, gonna have some fun Two girls for every Two girls for every Boy Oooh Oooh Oooh.
Uh, we're just gonna take a short little break and then we'll be right back.
Don't go away.
What'd I tell ya? Aye, not bad.
- How long you been with them guys? - Couple of months.
Rhythm bloke's leaving.
You want in? WOMAN: Hey.
Aye, these guys come too.
Tell you what, I wouldn't mind.
So, you want to join with us? No, sorry.
Good luck, anyway, though, guys.
(WHISPERS) Keep at it.
(PLAYS LEAD INTRO TO 'BONY MORONIE') I got a girl named Bony Moronie She's as skinny as a stick of macaroni Oughta see her rock'n'roll with her blue jeans on She's not very fat, just skin and bone I love her She loves me Oh, how happy, now, we can be Makin' love underneath the apple tree Thought you said no.
I got a girl called Bony Moronie She's as skinny as a stick of macaroni See her rock'n'roll with her blue jeans on Not G'day.
How's your boyfriend? He's not my boyfriend.
He reckons he is.
He reckons he's a lot of things.
Oh, yeah? Where's he goin'? Showers.
DINGEMAN: They just can't play.
GEORGE: Aye, none of em.
- JOHANNES: But how do we rid of them? - They live here too.
We just tell 'em to piss off.
No, then more time fighting and not playing.
I got fights enough.
DINGEMAN: The shed at my house.
We piss off out of here.
We get away from the idiots.
MAN: Fuck him up! Come on! Come on! Aagh! (LAUGHTER) JOHANNES: Hey! MAN: Yeah! (SHOUTING AND GRUNTING) Tell you somethin', now, listen to me (MAN SHOUTS INDISTINCTLY) MAN: Piss off where you come from! One of these days, you're gonna take-a my hand Try-y-y Thanks, guys.
GEORGE: I fuckin' hate this country.
JOHANNES: My mother wants to return back to Holland.
STEPHEN: I don't blame her, mate.
Oh, what happened? Your bloody boyfriend! I told you, he's not.
So, we go somewhere else and make a real band, huh? Aye, let's do that.
It's definitely time to get out of here.
Hey, smile.
GEORGE'S MOTHER: What, at the hostel? Why would you go there? To see that girl what's-her-name.
What was her name? No.
I've been playing with some lads.
We're starting a band.
Are you in the group too, Stephen? I am, Mrs Young.
I'm the lyric writer.
Me and Stephen are gonna write songs.
What's the band called, then? - The Starfighters.
- Starfighters?! (STIFLES LAUGH) What do you play? Everything.
- That doesn't mean anything.
- Yeah, it does.
It means everything.
- Means nothin'.
- Piss off, Margaret.
- Alright, that's lovely.
- Sorry.
Very nice.
This morning and I called my baby up on the phone She said, "Why did you have to call me? "Why can't you just leave me alone?" Come in! I can hear that from in my room.
Well, this is the good stuff.
Play it again.
No, no.
Listen to this.
Well, it's Saturday night and I just got paid Fool about my money, don't try to save My heart says, "Go, go, have a time" 'Cause it's Saturday night (MUFFLED) And I'm feelin' fine Gonna rock it up (UNAMPED ELECTRIC GUITARS PLAY ALONG) I'm gonna rip it up I'm gonna shake it up - (JOHANNES LAUGHS) - Gonna ball it up Gonna rock it up - And ball tonight - Godverdomme.
Starfighters, eh? Oh, aye.
(ALL LAUGH) Into the sky I don't care if I spend my gold 'Cause tonight, I'm gonna be one happy soul (MUSIC VOLUME DROPS) And ball tonight.
Dankjewel, Mama.
Yeah, she only listens to hymns.
Ohh, this is devil music.
- Yep.
- (JOHANNES LAUGHS) Really? She reckons you lot are leading me away to hell.
We need to find a drummer.
- How come? Can't find a drummer.
Can't have a band without a drummer.
There's this guy at work.
Gor Gordon.
He says he used to be a drummer.
He's from Liverpool.
From Liverpool? England, Liverpool? - Yes, England Liverpool.
- Come on, come on, come on Come on, baby Let me hold your hand - See you later.
- Just like you wanted me to Oh, what about our lo-o-ove? Hiya, love.
- Hiya.
- (GROANS) Hiya, little one.
Mmm! And how you feeling? She's a little bit better, I think.
Aren't ya? Oh, you poor little mite.
Look at ya.
Oh, come here.
Come here, you little whippersnapper.
Ohhhh Oh! I've got my healing hands! (GROANS) - Oh, she is hot, isn't she? - Yeah.
This was under the door today when we got back from the doctor.
"Are you a drummer?" Do it.
At least it's something better than just work.
Go on.
You miss it, I know.
What bad can happen? (TESTS DRUM KIT) (PLAYS SKILFULLY) - You've been in a band before.
- Yeah, back home in Liverpool.
Played in a few bands.
I played at the Cavern Club.
I knew the Quarrymen.
I knew Paul McCartney.
I bet you're just sayin' that so we'll let you join our band.
I don't care if I join your fuckin' band or not, mate.
I'm 10 years older than youse and I don't know if you're any good.
So, what's the name of your band, then? The Starfighters.
- The Starfighters? - Yeah.
What .
like stars fighting? Like stars having wars? (LAUGHS) What's that got to do with music? It's a working name, mate.
We're just getting started.
'Cause it's shite.
Oh And and you've got something better? Um, just open a dictionary and you'll find something better, mate.
Ohh, check it out! We're on the poster! Big deal.
Huh? It means we're official.
It means we're a band.
It doesn't, mate.
We're not.
And now, with the impressions of birds, please welcome the delightful Lottie Breukers! (APPLAUSE) (CLEARS THROAT) Uh, the mistle thrush.
(WHISTLES WEAKLY) Yo, mate, that's that's exactly what we sound like.
(BOTH PLAY 'CHOPSTICKS' SLOWLY) (ALL STIFLE LAUGHTER) Michael row the boat ashore Hallelujah (LOUD THUMP) (AUDIENCE MEMBERS EXCLAIM) Shit the bed! And now - I don't know how they do it, maybe they have rocket - please welcome the Starfighters.
(DRUMSTICKS CLAP) (BAND PLAYS 'FORTUNE TELLER' BY THE ROLLING STONES) I went to the fortune teller To have my fortune read I didn't know what to tell her I had a dizzy feeling in my head Then she took a look at my palm She said, "Sonny, you feel kinda warm" She looked into her crystal ball And said, "You're in love" (APPLAUSE) No doubt, one day, Sydney's Villawood Hostel will become famous.
And now, the judges have tallied the scores, and the winner of this year's talent quest is .
Lydiya and Svetlana! (APPLAUSE) And the second prize winner is .
Mr Mickey Flanagan! (APPLAUSE) And the third prize goes to .
the Starfighters! (APPLAUSE) (IMITATES BIRD CALL) That was a beautiful barn owl.
- Shut up.
- At least we won her.
- GORDON: At least we BEAT her.
God, can can no-one in this band speak fuckin' English? STEVIE: That'd be right.
I can hardly understand what YOU'RE saying half the time.
Yeah, well at least I'm not speaking Dutch or some Scottish Glasgow shite.
I thought at least you'd be Aussie.
I wouldn't be a fuckin' Aussie if you paid me, you prick.
Yeah, well you're not getting paid to be a Starfighter either.
STEVIE: Yeah I might go back to Suzie Wong's, actually.
GEORGE: Yeah, you do that.
Fuck off.
We don't need you anyway, you're shite.
Might be good to get away from you a little bit.
Yeah? You fuckin' think so, eh? - What are you doing? - You fuckin' get away from me, pal! Eh?! Come on! Come on! Fuckin' prick! You're nothin' without me, you bastard! Oi, leave 'em! Leave them! Come here! (GRUNTING AND GROWLING) You're such a fuckin' lanky bastard! We're not a band, lads.
We're not a fuckin' band.
What are we? Just a bunch of guys fiddlin' around with guitars, like about a million other lads.
We've gotta decide what we're gonna be.
What we're gonna fuckin' be, man.
(BAND PLAYS 'TAKE ME TO DOWNTOWN') Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold hold on.
Try doin' a G there.
It's too hot.
I'm leaking so many, the guitar sticks to me.
It's sweating, not leaking.
God, I got two jobs in this band, keeping you guys together and teaching English.
- I'm teaching very well.
- Learning, man Bloody hell.
It's learning.
God, it's so hot in here.
Tell me about it.
You know what? You guys look like shit.
Fuck off.
- Thanks, Stephen.
- Well, it's hot, isn't it? The other night we looked like five guys who just finished work.
- Yeah, we did.
- I know.
I'm at work all day, selling rich pricks clothes.
- I can get us good stuff, cheap.
- Yeah, man.
Here y'are.
Look at this.
Back home, this is what they're all wearing, yeah? Matching outfits.
We're not cool.
STEPHEN: That's what I'm saying! I can get us the perfect gear.
Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.
Aye, that'd be great, Stephen.
- Friday night, what do you reckon? - Oh, fuckin' look at this.
Australian bands playing English songs.
American song.
English song.
American song.
Fuck! That's Col Joye.
I don't care, they're shite.
That's Johnny O'Keefe.
They pretend, that's all they ever do.
They stand up and they fucking copy English and American songs.
So, what do you want - Scottish songs? Be a lot better than this, Snowy.
A lot better.
SNOWY: I got one for you now, lads.
Do you want to hear it? - No.
- Starfighters? - So? - It's shite! Oh, come on.
I've had this name since in Holland.
Yeah, that was a million years ago, mate.
That waistcoat makes you look like a bellboy, and it's inside out.
Anyway, things are different now.
We need a better name.
- Like what? - Ready? The Easybeats.
- Easybeats? - Yeah.
Why not? It's goat 'beats' in it, like The Beatles, like the beat of a song.
- Easy.
- Nah, it's a dumb name.
It means you're shit, like a footy team.
"Oh, everyone can beat them.
They're easybeats.
" It means everyone is better than us.
JOHANNES: Easybeats.
The Easybeats.
No, it hears OK.
- Sounds OK.
- You reckon? - Sounds OK.
- Easybeats.
Crap name.
Get my pants on.
Have a good night, yeah? MAN: Oh, here we go! (WOLF-WHISTLING) MAN: Hello, ladies! Oi, play Elvis or something! Nice haircuts! - They do 'em for men? - I like the one on the right.
- Just keep going, mate.
- Where'd you get those shoes?! (LAUGHTER) MAN: Whoa! Ohhh! Give 'em a haircut afterwards! Oh fuck, have you seen this fuckin' drumkit? MAN: Come on, play your banjos! Speed it up, ladies.
Let's go, eh? (LAUGHTER) - Show 'em a thing or two.
- MAN: Take your time! - JOHANNES: Ready, boys? - GEORGE: We good? (BAND PLAYS 'TAKE ME TO DOWNTOWN') City lights Shinin' bright Get a ride there from you Friday night, we'll see the sights In the way we always do Won't you come around? Pick me up, I'm down Take me to downtown Oh, yeah (CYMBAL CRASHES) Alright Come here, you fuckin' prick! Right.
MAN: Get him! Come on! (GRUNTS) Follow me.
(MEN SHOUT) (SHOUTS INDISTINCTLY) Go, go, go, go, go! We forgot to get our money.
(INDISTINCT SHOUTING) - Come on! Good first gig.
- Second gig! Excuse me, man.
Are you the manager? What now? We were wondering if you're looking for a band.
(CHUCKLES) No, mate, I'm right for bands.
You haven't even seen us play yet.
I don't need to, pal.
What about an audition? Give us an audition.
Look, fellas, it's never gonna happen.
Not with those haircuts for a start.
So, just fuck off.
GEORGE: He's on my list.
JOHANNES: George, was he talking about your hair? She was, like, very new Bloody Here, look at that, lads! That's like back home.
This Hey, this is what The Cavern club looks like on the outside.
GEORGE: What's it look like on the inside, Snowy? - Hey, man.
- Hey.
Um, look, we're a band, and we're just wondering if we could come and speak to your manager.
- Piss off.
- What? Piss off yourself, mate.
You're just the hired help.
- Go get your fuckin' boss.
- Piss off out of here! Hey, hey, mate, look, we just want to come in and have a talk with your manager.
Get the hell out of here now or (BOTH SPEAK DUTCH) Hey? - You Dutch? - BOTH: Yeah.
No shit.
Yeah? Hey! I'll talk to him.
Come on, George.
- GEORGE: Alright, mate.
- How's it goin'? Watch your mouth.
('LOUIE, LOUIE' PLAYS) Louie, Louie Oh, no I tell ya, me gotta go Ay-yi-yi-yi I said, Louie, Louie Oh, baby Me gotta go Right, so you blokes looking for a gig, are ya? Yeah.
So, how long you been together for? - Um, to be honest, mate - Two years.
- Almost.
- Yeah? So, how come I haven't heard of you? Well, it's a new line-up.
We're just starting again now.
('LOUIE, LOUIE' CONTINUES NEARBY) Let's hear something.
JOHANNES: One, two, one, two, three, four (PLAYS JAUNTY ROCK'N'ROLL INTRO) (ALL PLAY JAUNTY ROCK'N'ROLL RIFF) (PLAYS LEAD MELODY) You'd be the frontman, right? Yep.
Alright fellas, you got yourselves an audition.
Can't do it now, so come back at closing time next Friday and I'll have a listen.
How's that? - Great.
- That's brilliant.
- Righto, see ya later.
- Thank you.
There we go.
- Sure is a lot of names in there - Sorry I'm late, boys.
We've been waiting more than two hours, Snowy.
Yeah, that's how long the boss kept me back for.
He keeps getting pissed off that I'm leaving early all the time.
Well, you know, tell him to stick it up his arse.
Yeah, sure man.
With a wife and kid? - My boss is a fuckin' arsehole.
- Oh, you as well? What are we workin' for? Rich guys.
At work, I always think Friday.
We need music money.
Yeah, but we give up work and then what happens? Yes, Mama? What is more important, Dingeman? (GROWLS) Ja, Mama.
I'll I'll be there.
Hey, fellas, good to see ya.
Uh, I've just got some stuff to do in the office.
Sorry you don't get much of an audience.
(SNOWY CLAPS DRUMSTICKS) (PLAYS INTRO TO 'FOR MY WOMAN') I-I-I-I-I Want you for my woman I-I-I-I-I Wanna be your man Oh, baby, I-I-I-I-I-I-I Want you for my woman Oh, I-I-I-I-I-I-I Wanna be your man Well, I love you, woman More than any man can WOMAN: Whoo! Yeah! I-I-I-I-I Wanna be your baby He's so cute.
I-I-I-I-I Wanna be your man Oh, baby, I-I-I-I-I Want you for my woman Did he just look at you?! Yeah, I think.
Oh-oh, I-I-I-I-I Wanna be your man Well, I love you, baby More than any man can Come on, now, man.
(JOHANNES PLAYS LEAD SOLO) (AMP BUZZES) SNOWY: So, what do you think? Impressive.
Very impressive, fellas.
- What do you call yourselves again? - The Easybeats.
- The Easybeats? - Yeah.
Uh, have another think about that one.
Anyway, Monday night.
How's that? It's always very quiet but you can get some experience under your belt.
Aye, that's great, thanks.
What was that Nashville song you started with? I want you for my I've never heard that before.
Where'd you get it? Me and Stephen wrote it.
- You wrote it? - Aye.
Let's make it Thursday night.
Thanks, man.
- Alright.
- Thank you.
Cheers, lads.
SNOWY: Here we go, lads.
I don't remember making you manager, Gordon.
Well, you've gotta have someone's name on it, haven't you? We don't need a manager, mate.
We can do it all ourselves.
That's the point.
Anyway, do what ourselves? We've only got one gig.
You're still a panelbeater, George.
I'm still a toolmaker.
We're now a real band, though.
Well, that's the first real English sentence you've ever said.
It's true now.
You've get a gig paid of money, you're a real band.
So, uh, now we have a band name .
all members, I am being Harry now.
- What the fuck are you talking about? - Vanda.
Harry Vanda, you know? Something like a a musician name.
Real name Johannes, band name Harry.
Yep, I'm now Dick Diamonde.
Dick Diamond? Dick fuckin' Diamond? You've gotta be kidding me.
It has an E on the end.
When did you two Dutchies think up this bit of genius? Uh for some time now.
No, I like it.
The Easybeats, featuring Harry Vanda and Dick Diamonde.
- It's good.
- Yeah.
Music names.
Look at the card.
Gordon Fleet.
You're not Gordon, you're Snowy.
Alright, well, if we're doing that, I'm gonna be Stevie.
- You're what?! - Yeah.
- Stevie? - Yeah.
- Little Stevie? - Yeah.
- You sound like a baby.
- Piss off .
Vanda! Anyway, what's a fuckin' Vanda? It sounds like veranda.
You mean Harry Veranda? Fuck you, little baby Stevie.
What's wrong with Vanda? It's dumb.
It's dumb.
You thought Easybeats was a dumb name.
- I do think Easybeats is a dumb name.
- I think it's a very dumb name.
But, you know, I got used to it.
Anyway, while we're at it, who are you gonna be? Jockie MacScottie? No.
No, I'm George Young, mate.
Always fuckin' have been and I always fuckin' will be.
Thank you very much, everybody.
- We are The Easybeats - MAN: Excuse me? Who's your leader? Sorry.
GEORGE: What's that, mate? - Who's your leader? - We don't have one, pal.
Who's your agent? Yeah, we don't have one of them, neither.
Who was that? I've been watching you guys for the last few nights and um, you're very .
you're very good, but I think you could be better.
We're workin' on that.
You get a manager, I can take some pressure off.
I take responsibility for everything.
You just do the music, right? I'll do everything else.
- You get paid? - Yeah, of course.
I'd take a percentage of your income.
How much? Well, we don't have to work that out right now.
I mean, does it matter? Well, it matters, mate.
I don't know, 10%, 20%.
You're not gonna make loads of money off us, mate, if that's what you think.
Yeah, well maybe I am.
I manage you, I will organise everything, OK? I'll get you bookings.
We've already booked a country tour.
We've even got a roadie, haven't we, Sam? - You right? - G'day.
No, that's good.
That's great.
So, what do you think? We've decided we don't need a manager.
Well, yeah, we think we're alright without one.
OK Michael.
Yeah, alright.
No, you take care of YOURself, mate.
OK, bye-bye.
(HARRY CHUCKLES) Oh, well, he just wanted to make money off us.
How was he gonna make money off us if we're not making money? SAM: All set boys.
Let's go.
- GEORGE: Fuckin' rotten.
Jesus - SNOWY: Fuckin' hell! - DICK: Stevie! Fuckin' hell! It's on my tongue! (LAUGHS) I've actually swallowed it.
Train (BAND PLAYS 'WEDDING RING') Ah-ah-ah, ah-ah Ah-ah-ah, ah-ah Ah-ah-ah, ah-ah Ah-ah-ah, ah-ah I could buy you dresses - Yeah, yeah - Dancin' shoes - Yeah, yeah - Crazy music - Yeah, yeah - For to sing the blues - Yeah, yeah - Girl, all I want Is a love from you A love that's true - Ahh - But all you want, want, want Is a wedding ring - Ah-ah-ah, ah-ah - Is a wedding ring Ah-ah-ah, ah-ah If I settle down - Yeah, yeah - From my wanton ways - Yeah, yeah - You better make sure, girl - Yeah, yeah - True love pays - Yeah, yeah - But all I want Is a love from you A love that's true (SONG STOPS) (GRUNTS) You fuckin' stay down there.
(MAN GROANS) It's it's fine.
Hoo! - We go again! - God! SNOWY: One, two (BAND PLAYS 'WEDDING RING' INTRO) Ah-ah-ah, ah-ah Ah-ah-ah, ah-ah Ah-ah-ah, ah-ah Ah-ah-ah, ah-ah I can buy you dresses - Yeah, yeah - Dancing shoes - Yeah, yeah - Crazy music - Yeah, yeah - For to sing the blues - Yeah, yeah - Girl, all I want Is a love from you A love that's true - Ahh - But all you want, want, want Is a wedding ring Ah-ah-ah-ah.
(VAN BACKFIRES) SNOWY: Ohh! Fuckin' hell! - Oh! Oh, shit! - Are you right? Yeah, no, no, I'm alright.
- HARRY: You're a drummer.
- You need those hands.
(ALL LAUGH) ('CAN'T FIND LOVE' PLAYS) - Can't find love - No, I can't And so then she has the third piece and then he leans across and he has the fourth piece, right? Can't find love (ALL SHOUT INDISTINCTLY) Hey, settle down back there! Unless you want a fuckin' drumstick up your arse, mate.
You guys, I'm trying to concentrate, OK? HARRY: He's trying to concentrate, everyone.
(STEVIE LAUGHS) DICK: Shut up, Stevie! (ARGUING CONTINUES) SNOWY: That's the third bloke to rip us off, man.
- GEORGE: What an arsehole, man.
- STEVIE: Cheers, man.
- HARRY: Cheers.
- WOMAN: Here they come.
- Here they come.
Hi! - GEORGE: Calm down, Stephen.
Oh, sorry.
- Could I have your autograph, please? - Hello.
Why don't you get a haircut, you poofs? Piss off, Shane! Leave me alone! - Just watch it.
- You don't bloody own, me, Shane! I can do what I bloody want! Yeah, piss off, dickhead.
WOMAN: Thank you so much! - GEORGE: (SINGS) - ` I don't wanna fool around And then start playing for time 'Cause I want to know 'Cause I'm gonna make you mi-ine Plea-ease Say that you're mine - The harmony.
- Yeah.
And Me singing harmony? That any time - That's you and Harry.
I've been watching you all the time.
- Yeah? - I really love you, you know? Yeah.
Uh, what about him? Yeah, I don't mind.
- My room's across the hallway.
- OK.
You know I love you How come you change your mind? They're everywhere! You know I love you How come your love is blind? Hi! You know I love you You know I do Just like you wanted Hey, guys.
Today-ay-ay Today-ay-ay How does he do it? - Have you seen the van? - Today-ay-ay.
(BIRDS WARBLE) SNOWY: I'm not bloody cleaning it.
HARRY: I think that's on Sam.
SAM: Nice! Souvenir, boys.
I think we might just leave it, eh? Hey.
(ENGINE REVS) Oh, for - Are you serious? - SAM: Here we go.
- Here we go.
- (CAR DOOR OPENS AND SLAMS) DICK: How are we, boys? You! ('GOOD TIMES' PLAYS) (GRUNTING) - SNOWY: Stevie! Stevie! - Everybody shake Everybody groove (GROANING) - We're gonna need more blokes! - Get back in the truck! Pricks! STEVIE: Come on, then! Don't go anywhere.
We'll be back to do you some more.
(TYRES SCREECH) Mary, Mary, you're on my mind Go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Stevie, put them in here.
- Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! - SNOWY: Cabbages?! ('GOOD TIMES' CONTINUES) Mary, Mary, wanna be with you (HORN HONKS) And this is what I'm gonna do I'm gonna put a call to you 'Cause I feel good tonight Everything's gonna be right Right, right, right! Gonna have a good time tonight Rock'n'roll music's gonna play all night Come on, baby, it won't take long Only take a minute just to sing my song Gonna have a good time tonight Rock'n'roll music gonna play all night, yeah Come on, baby, it won't take long Only take a minute just to sing my song Waaaa! Gonna have a good time tonight Rock'n'roll music gonna I'd like to say thank you.
You won't regret it.
I'll be the best manager you've ever had.
We've never had one.
Just out of interest, what made you change your mind? We got ripped off.
Well, let me tell you something for free.
You're not going to get ripped off again - ever, alright? That's what I'm here for.
To start off, congratulations.
What for? The Friday and Saturday night gigs.
You guys are making this place the hottest joint in town.
It's not as hot as Surf City.
Yeah, well, maybe not.
But, uh, anyway, you've got a big future together, OK? Trust me.
Like fucking Deal Man.
George, what is up your arse now? We got we got a manager.
We got the best gigs.
We sound great.
We're shite.
There you go again.
We sound like everyone else, man.
We sound like every other fuckin' band.
We don't sound like The Easybeats.
What? Jesus, George.
OK, so you write our more songs, and then we're us.
Nah, it's not enough, Harry.
It's not.
You've got to have hit songs.
If you don't have a hit song, you turn invisible.
You've gotta be a real band.
But you've gotta have hit songs, or you're nowt.
We're better at punching blokes than we are musicians.
Jeez, you piss me off.
If we're not musicians, then what the fuck are we? Well, Harry's a printer, no offence.
Dick's on the railways.
What's The Easybeats, eh? Half a life? A hobby? When did you think all this up? On the road.
I'll resign work.
I already did.
Last week.
Yeah? I'm in.
Fuck it, let's do it.
I'm jack of selling shirts to dickheads anyway.
We'll be flying without a net in no time, lads.
Well, I love you, woman More than any man can (CHEERING) WOMAN: I love you! I-I-I-I-I Wanna be your baby Who's that? I-I-I-I-I Wanna be your man Oh, baby, I-I-I - Want you for my woman - Ahhh Ahhhhhh Oh, I-I-I Wanna be your man Ahhhhhh Well, I Love you, baby More than any man can ('FOR MY WOMAN' CONTINUES PLAYING INSIDE) (STARTS ENGINE) (LAUGHS QUIETLY) But Albert and Sons have never been a production house.
We're music publishers, Ted.
It's what made us what we are.
But we separate from that side of the business.
I'll run it and we sign with a record label for distribution.
And you want Albert's to put our resources into this? We'll be flying without a net.
I understand that.
You've got that much faith in them? I think they're extraordinary.
(ALL LAUGH) Boys Boys, this is the man I was telling you about.
I would like you to meet Ted Albert.
Good evening.
Mike tells me you've been writing your own songs.
HARRY: We're giving it a shot.
How long have you been doing this for? Not long.
Well, I've spoken to my company about you and I've talked to Mike about what we might be able to achieve together.
What does that mean exactly? I'll let Mike talk you through the details.
I just wanted to introduce myself.
Lovely to meet you guys.
GEORGE: How long have you known him, Mike? Little while now.
Trust me, George.
He is a bloke who can make things happen.
Like how? Guys That's THE Ted Albert.
He's the best contact you'll ever have.
He looks like the pastor at my Dad's church.
- (ALL LAUGH) - Yeah, who cares what he looks like? Jesus, guys.
- They're the Boomerang Songster book.
- I bought one.
It's all old harmonica music.
Yeah, but they're getting into what's happening now, right? What the fuck would he know about rock music, Mike? Nah, we want someone cool.
Alright, am I your manager or not? Two o'clock.
Right? You'd better bloody be there.
You can tell.
He doesn't know what he's doing.
Oh, yes, he does.
- Hey, good to see you.
- Afternoon, Mr Albert.
- How you doing? - Yeah, come in.
Uh Place is great.
Alright, I just thought we'd get something down to start off with.
- That's your that's you, there.
- Here? (CLEARS THROAT) (SNOWY TESTS DRUM KIT) (AMP BUZZES LOUDLY) OK, not necessarily your own song.
Just, um, anything you're comfortable with.
Um, good, good, good.
STEVIE: I might sit this one out.
TED: Oh, hang on, hang on, I'm sorry.
Hang on, hang on, hang on.
And rolling.
When you're ready.
- How much I miss her No (BAND STOPS PLAYING) (DOOR CLOSES) And rolling.
Take two.
(BAND PLAYS 'NO-ONE KNOWS') No-one knows how much I miss her No-one knows how much I care No-one knows about my heartache When I found She's not there No-one knows about the happy days That we spent together Lovin' thoughts and memories Will never last forever I think of you in silence (CYMBAL CRASHES) I make no outward show 'Cause what it meant to lose you Oh, no Oh, no Oh, no Oh, no! No-one knows how much I miss her No-one knows how much I care No-one knows about my heartache When I found She's not there I think of you in silence I make no outward show 'Cause what it meant to lose you Oh, no Oh, no Oh, no Oh, no Oh, no! Oh, noooooo! Ooh, yeah Yeah, I I I Uh Everything alright, George? - Yeah.
- Great.
You? Yeah.
Nearly there.
Um, let's try another song.
Hey? Mm.
Um, Say That You're Mine? Yeah, let's do that.
What's your fuckin' problem? You're embarrassing, man.
Acting like a child.
(DOOR CLOSES) One second, one second.
When you're ready.
(SNOWY CLAPS DRUMSTICKS) (BAND PLAYS 'SAY THAT YOU'RE MINE') Please Say that you're mine And That any time I-I-I, I-I-I I-I-I-I-I'll Say that you're mine I I I I (BAND STOPS PLAYING) Snowy! Sorry.
What is that? Say That You're Mine.
This is one of yours? Aye.
Well, um Again, from the top.
And, uh um, this time, uh, when you're playing it, play it like you're playing it live.
At a gig.
One minute, one minute.
And rolling.
When you're ready.
(BAND PLAYS 'SAY THAT YOU'RE MINE') Please Say that you're mine And - That - OK.
So, this is just the, uh the last take.
(RECORDING OF 'SAY THAT YOU'RE MINE' PLAYS) Please Say that you're mine And That any time I-I-I, I-I-I I-I-I-I-I'll Say that you're mine I I I I Please Say that you're mine That's you guys.
- And - (ALL LAUGH) That's The Easybeats.
Help yourselves.
You're what I've been looking for.
And you know why? You don't sound like anybody else.
Thank you, Frances.
You have your own voice and it's a sound from this country.
It's not England and not America.
You've been listening to George.
I've been listening to what we put down yesterday.
It's a good start.
So A business deal.
You sign with Albert's .
and I organise a contract with a record label and we go from there.
What do you think? Well, you can't.
Most of us are underage.
I mean, Stephen can't even drink in a pub.
Yeah, Mike's explained.
We'll have to talk to your parents or guardians.
My lawyers'll look after all that.
But do WE have a deal? ('FOR YOUR WOMAN' PLAYS) Well, I love you, woman More than any man can ('FOR YOUR WOMAN' CONTINUES ON RADIO) MAN: (ON RADIO) For My Woman, a new entry to the charts by Sydney band The Easybeats.
Go, guys.
Coming up, we That's just a great song, lads.
I love it.
Thousands of people'll be listening to that.
Written by Wright and Young.
And you and George can write songs night and day now if you want, Stephen.
- Well, that's the plan.
- Did you bring everything with you? Yep.
I've spoken to your mum and you can stay just as long as you like.
Thanks for having me.
And you can go and see your mum and dad any time.
- Oh, no, bugger that.
- What? Come on! The old man keeps trying to make me get a haircut.
Well, I can see why.
(OTHERS LAUGH) (CHUCKLES) Uhh Well other stuff.
I just want to stay out of his way for a little while.
Well, we're glad to have you here, and George is loving writing songs with you, I know that.
Yeah, me too.
So, welcome to the family, Stephen.
- Where's he gonna sleep? - (GEORGE CHUCKLES) We'll get a bed for you at the weekend, Stephen.
- Thanks, Mrs Young.
- Goodnight, boys.
- Goodnight, Mum.
- Goodnight, Mum.
('WEDDING RING' PLAYS) Ah-ah-ah, ah-ah Ah-ah-ah, ah-ah Ah-ah-ah, ah-ah Ah-ah-ah, ah-ah I could buy you dresses - Yeah, yeah - Dancin' shoes - Yeah, yeah - Crazy music - Yeah, yeah - For to sing the bluesv - Yeah, yeah - Girl, all I want Is a love from you Is a love that's true But all you want, want, want - Is a wedding ring - Ah-ah-ah, ah-ah TED: Sorry, boys.
Sorry, boys.
Hold it there, hold it there.
Aaaaagh! Alright, here we go.
Still rolling.
From the top.
(SNOWY CLAPS DRUMSTICKS) (BAND PLAYS INTRO TO 'WEDDING RING') Ah-ah-ah, ah-ah (INTRO TO 'SHE'S SO FINE' PLAYS) (TAPE STOPS AND REWINDS) HARRY: One, two, one, two (INTRO TO 'SHE'S SO FINE' PLAYS) Woke up bright and early this morning But all you want, want, want is a wedding ring TED: (ON TAPE) Sorry boys, sorry boys.
Hold it there, hold it there.
STEVIE: (ON TAPE) Aaaaagh! (TAPE REWINDS) - Sorry boys, sorry boys.
- Hold it there, hold it there.
STEVIE: Aaaagh! (SCREAM PLAYS BACKWARDS) STEVIE: Aaaagh! (TAPE PLAYS BACKWARDS SLOWLY) (TAPE REWINDS) (INTRO TO 'SHE'S SO FINE' PLAYS) STEVIE: Aaaaaagh! ('SHE'S SO FINE' CONTINUES) Woke up bright and early this morning (WILD CHEERING) My little girl was not in sight I've been looking everywhere Morning, noon and daylight 'Cause she's so fine She's so fine She's so fine Oh, she's so fine You know, I wish she was mine I've got somethin' to tell her Maybe she'll listen, maybe not Well, I love that woman like I've never before 'Cause all my love she's got Well, she's so fine She's so fine Well, she's so fine Oh She's so fine You know, I wish she was mine Come on Harry! (HARRY PLAYS LEAD SOLO) One! Two! Three! Six, seven! Well, she's so fine She's so fine Well, she's so fine Oh She's so fine You know, I wish she was mine Come on Oh, yeah! Oh, come on Well, she's so fine She's so fine Well, she's so fi-i-i-i-ine Oh, she's so fine You know, I wish she was mine That's all! (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) MAN: I'm Tony McLaren, in the studio with this country's latest rock sensation, The Easybeats.
Their latest single, She's So Fine, rocketing up the charts, written by two of the band's members, Stevie Wright and George Young.
- Welcome boys.
- Hello.
So, a Wright/Young song.
Who writes the lyrics and who does the music? Well, Stevie writes all of the lyrics.
And does a great job too.
So, that means you're the melody guy? - Yep.
- OK.
Well, it's not an exaggeration to say that you are an overnight sensation.
You've come out of nowhere.
So, where are you from exactly? What - you mean here? Or, like, where are we from? Well, what's the difference? Well, I'm from Glasgow, Snowy's from Liverpool.
And we're from Villawood Migrant Hostel.
Yeah, no, I've heard of that.
So, who's from there? Well, I was, but, um, I'm from Leeds.
- In England.
- Yeah.
Dick wasn't from there.
His Dad was a cook there.
He's from Holland.
- I'm from Villawood.
- GEORGE: Me too.
With my family.
We moved out.
- Me too.
- And Holland.
Wait, hang on.
But you're not from Holland.
No, I'm not, no.
That's Dick and Harry.
I'm from Scotland.
I'm Scottish.
So, no, just hang on, guys.
So who's Australian? ('EASY BEAT' PLAYS) TONY MCLAREN: So, call in and tell us what you'd like to hear.
Come on, get on the telephone now.
I'm adding up the votes.
Let's hear OK, go, go.
Go, go! GEORGE: Do it! (IMITATES AUSTRALIAN ACCENT BADLY) Ah! Uh, hello there.
He's in.
He's in! I'm just calling to ask if you could please play She's So Fine by The Easybeats.
Get off the fuckin' line, Snowy.
I know it's you.
I recognise your accent.
Anyway, what are you ringing for? You can't turn on a bloody radio anywhere without hearing it, OK? Yeah, thanks man, sorry.
No, hang on.
Look, just to let you know, you're about the 50th caller to want She's So Fine.
You needn't have rung.
They're not voting for anything else.
Sweet! Too-ra! It's 50th caller, boys! (ALL LAUGH) STEVIE: Yes! HARRY: Easybeats! Easybeats! Easybeats! Easybeats! (CHEERING CONTINUES) TED: OK, just want to try a little something here.
We'll just do the final bars.
The refrain.
And, um and then, we'll call it a night.
And rolling.
Sad and lonely Sad and lonely and blue And blue And blue And blue.
(SONG ENDS) And that's it.
Thank you, guys.
This'll be a hit.
I am rooted! He's got more energy than all of us together.
Rrrr! Oh! See you, boys.
Bye, guys.
- See you later, guys.
- Bye, Mandy.
- Bye, little one.
- HARRY: See ya, Dick.
- A hit you think, much? - GEORGE: He seems to think so.
You reckon we stick with this guy? HARRY: Yeah.
I think he, uh, knows what he's doing.
Hey how do you know it's a hit? Oh, I don't know, Harry, it's a feeling.
How does it feel to be you guys, where you are now? Bloody weird.
It's what you wanted.
It's not what we expected.
It feels different.
Can I offer anyone a lift? Nuh.
Gotta go.
See ya, guys.
GEORGE: See ya, mate.
Oh, God.
I'm starving.
Oh, well, nothing'll be open this time of night.
Do you wanna bet? ('COME AND SEE HER' PLAYS) Doctor, doctor, my baby's sick Maybe I'll just wait with the car.
Nah, come on.
Come on! (GEORGE WHISTLES TUNE) What you gonna have? I brought her home from a dance last night No, you know what? I'll I'll be fine.
- I'll just wait here.
- Alright.
When she started clinging to me real tight (GEORGE WHISTLES) Anything for your friend? Doctor, doctor, my baby's so kind What the fuck are you lookin' at? Oh, well to be honest, I'm not really quite sure.
I was just - What'd you just fuckin' say? - Are you being a smartarse, mate? - Um, I was just looking at nothing.
- Shhh.
Get in the fuckin' car.
Right, we need to get going, man.
Thank you.
('COME AND SEE HER' CONTINUES) Um, I'll leave you guys to it.
- See ya, Ted.
- Yeah, have a lovely night.
Yeah, you're alright mate.
- Yeah.
- You're welcome.
- Look after yourself.
- Yeah, thank you.
- Who were they? - Just a couple of music lovers.
Stick with this guy.
(ENGINE STARTS) ('WHERE DID YOU GO LAST NIGHT?' INSTRUMENTAL PLAYS) How good is this place? Here, why aren't we staying here? - Yeah, shit-heap down the road.
- Thanks, Mike.
Guys, we're famous but we're not rich yet.
Take what we can get, eh? TED: Here we are.
The start of what I'm sure will be a brilliant journey.
Thank you.
- To The Easybeats.
- Aye, to them.
Already in the top 10 with She's So Fine.
Good work, boys.
It's an impressive start.
- To the future.
- To the future.
To the future.
- (GLASSES CLINK) - Cheers.
Alright, the press is on their way.
Let's give them the real Easybeats treatment.
- Yeah.
- Come on.
Alright, boys.
('WHERE DID YOU GO LAST NIGHT?' INSTRUMENTAL CONTINUES) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) And congratulations on She's So Fine hitting number five on the charts.
So, how's it feel to be not only the front man but the lyricist? Oh, well, obviously, I was born to it.
You know, decided against brain surgery or rocket science.
You know how it is.
Uh, no, just trying to get better all the time.
MAN: And Harry's Dutch as well.
That's right, yeah.
So, are you an Australian band? TONY MCLAREN: So, what's up next, then? Your follow-up is gonna have to be good.
Hey, well, you know me and Steve and that are now working on some ideas in the studio, you know, so we'll see what happens with those.
So, you've recently immigrated to Australia, is that true? - Yes, Harry did, yep.
- Yeah.
- I've been here for quite a while.
- Yep.
And, so, did you know each other back in Holland? No, we met over here.
Yeah, we met when we first made the band.
So, Dick Diamonde, that's not a Dutch name, though.
(BOTH LAUGH) No, it's, um No, that's that's my band name.
Diamond? With an E.
Just try to get some shots of them coming out, if you can.
(MAN WOLF-WHISTLES) What sort of shampoo you using, darl? How you going, girlie? - You right, mate? - Come on, sweetie.
Give us a kiss.
('SHE'S SO FINE' PLAYS) Why don't you shut your fuckin' face? What are you gonna do? Tread on my foot? (MAN LAUGHS) She's so fine MAN: Come on, then! - She's so fine - Come on! Come on, then! She's so fine Oh, she's so fine You know, I wish she was mine MAN: Come here! (INDISTINCT SHOUTING) MIKE: Boys, stop it! Boys! (SHOUTING CONTINUES) Stop it, boys! What were you bloody thinking? I arrange these things so you can impress people.
Plus, the whole thing's cost us money we haven't got.
You're supposed to be musicians.
Did you see Harry whack that big bloke? Shut up! Anyway, we've blown it.
We were this close and now you've gone and buggered it up.
I mean, what are the papers gonna say tomorrow, huh? Jesus Christ! By the way, I just heard, not that it makes any fuckin' difference, but She's So Fine .
just hit number one.
- (CHEERING) - (ALL LAUGH) ('WOMEN - MAKE YOU FEEL ALRIGHT' PLAYS) (CHEERING AND SCREAMING) Mmm, women All around the place Come and see me Face to face If you got troubles I'm the man for you If you are worried You'll be smilin' too - Make you feel alright - Make you feel alright I'll make you feel alright Make you feel alright Make you feel alright now - Make you feel alright - I'll make you feel alright Mmm MAN: (ON RADIO) The biggest thing in Australian rock history, Easyfever has hit like a storm.
The charts are on Easyfever fire and kids are absolutely loving it.
Yeah! - Whoo! - If you are dyin' Of a broken heart No, Angus, you're playing it wrong! You're playing it wrong.
YOU'RE playing it wrong.
Make you feel alright Make you feel alright I'll make you feel alright Make you feel alright I'll make you feel alright now Make you feel alright I'll make you feel alright (SCREAMING) Goey Snowy! (PLAYS DRUM SOLO) Cor blimey, Snow! - I'll make you feel alright - Make you feel alright - Make you feel alright - Make you feel alright Make you feel alright now Make you feel alright Make you feel alright (SCREAMING) Stevie! Stevie! Mmm, women Come along to me I'll treat you right now Out, lass, now! (SCREAMS) Where's Stevie? - He's not here, lass.
- This is my home! Out you go! Go on! Oi! Where do you think you're going? I'm going home.
That's my house.
That's what they're all saying, kid.
Now piss off.
It is! That's where I live! - Go on, out of here! - Make you feel alright Make you feel alright - Make you feel alright - Make you feel alright - Make you feel alright now - Make you feel alright Make you feel alright Angus, over here! OK, you two! Out! Come on, get out! - Come on.
- (GIRLS SCREAM AND CRY) Stevie! - Make you feel alright now - Make you feel alright Make you feel alright - Make you feel alright - Make you feel alright - Make you feel alright - Make you feel alright Make you feel alright now - Make you feel alright - Make you feel alright Fi Fie Fo Hello.
Tom Fum.
DICK: Do you guys? Do you guys remember when we first came in here? SNOWY: Oh, it feels like a long, long time.
What's that? (PLAYS INTRO TO 'FRIDAY ON MY MIND') SNOWY: Alright, Mr Albert.
- Good evening, boys.
- Gordon, how are you? Um, there's just a few things I wanted to talk to you about.
Wow, it's incredible.
It all came from this shed, huh? I feel like I'm intruding.
(LAUGHS) Australia hasn't seen anything like this, ever.
What do you do when you finally reach the top? - It's an age-old question.
- You go down? It's a big world out there.
Mike and I have been talking to some people in New York and London.
Dingeman? (SPEAKS DUTCH) - You must come now - Mama, dit is Ted Albert.
(SPEAKS DUTCH) Mrs Van Der Sluys.
What a pleasure to meet you, finally.
Congratulations with your son.
What a talented musician.
Very talented.
Why don't you join us? Uh, nee.
Dank u wel.
Well, it was, uh Well, it was lovely to meet you.
DICK: Did you say New York? What I'm saying is .
we take a shot at the rest of the world.
We go overseas? We take Australian rock music to Britain, Europe, the United States.
I mean, in a way, it'll be like going home.
Well, what do you think? Mate! When do we go?! As soon as Mike can make the arrangements.
(ALL LAUGH) - Yes! - HARRY: Cheers, man.
Guys OK, lovely.
- Cheers, mate.
- No worries.
See ya boys.
See ya, mate.
- Hi, guys.
- Bye-bye.
Gotta go.
Mmm! Who's that? The girl he met at the concert.
He's all loved-up.
Fuckin' hell.
George? Yes? England and America.
How long for? Don't know, mate.
As long as it takes.
So, what's that? Like, six months, a year? It probably won't be a year, Mr Albert said.
Yeah, well I'm not even going for six months, mate.
I can't.
You saying we get another drummer? When you've got a wife and kid, you gotta look after them, George.
Some things are more important.
Than what? STEVIE: Thanks.
(SIGHS) Sorry.
Um, George What? What's wrong? I don't think I'm comin'.
Stephen I was talking to Mike.
He said no wives and girlfriends allowed on tour.
It's not a good look for a rock band.
- We need you, mate.
- I need Gail.
I'm done.
I'm gone, mate.
I'm a dead duck.
This is it.
You can't bring her, Stephen.
It'll bugger everything up.
I'll keep her secret.
We don't tell anyone.
What do you mean, you'll keep her secret? The journos will find out.
They always do, right? Why don't we just keep doing what we're doing? We're writing great songs.
They love us.
Why can't we just what's stopping us? Hey, come on.
We need you, mate.
We fuckin' need you, OK? We are a family, aren't we? We've wanted this all along.
Please, don't do this this way.
It's what you wanted.
Here they are.
Right, then.
Global dominance.
Or words to .
that effect.
Um, well, just in case, Mike and I wanted to talk through a few details with you.
- Dick.
- Thanks, Mr Albert.
You know what? I'll I'll catch up, lads.
Be a minute.
I can sense all is not well, George.
Aye, tell me about it.
Right, here it is.
Three don't want to go.
- Are you one of them? - No.
Dick, Snowy, Stephen.
Stevie He's got a new girl.
This is everything that you've worked for.
It's a major deal with United Artists.
I know that, I know.
Well You're the leader of the band, George.
- You have to talk to them.
- I'm not the leader, mate.
We're a rock band, not a bleeding football team.
It's up to them.
There are a few golden rules of sailing.
Keep everyone in the boat.
Keep all the water out of the boat.
Never hit each other.
And always look good.
O K.
I get it, yeah.
Keep everyone in the boat.
- It's always a good idea.
- Aye, but how? I don't know what you want me to Fine, OK? I'll have a chat to the lads but I'm not saying that that's gonna do you any favours George, you and Stevie are writing great songs together.
It's imperative he's part of the group.
Imperative? Imperative.
It it, um it means I know what it means, Mr Albert.
But I'm sorry.
If one of us doesn't go, we all don't go.
It's just the way it is.
- George.
- I thought you knew that.
SNOWY: Hey, come on lads.
We're in London.
STEVIE: They hated everything.
Guys, I told you it wasn't gonna be easy.
HARRY: Don't want it to be easy, Mike.
We just want it to happen.
It's kinda turned to shit.
Come over.
I need ya.
TED: What's going on with Stevie? We've written a dozen songs, Mr Albert.
We're going backwards.
TED: I know that song we want is out there somewhere.
We'll be writing the songs from now on, me and Harry.
- Without you.
- What? Mate, you said we were family.
MIKE: This is Shel Talmy.
You can't come late to a meeting with Shel Talmy.
We've got a riff.
It's driving us crazy.
Mr Shel Talmy said they're going to have a number one hit! TALMY: Welcome to the big-time.
MIKE: Congratulations, guys, it is the hottest tour on the planet.
STEVIE: Paul McCartney's here! (WILD CHEERING) MAN: Ladies and gentlemen, The Easybeats! (INTRO TO 'FRIDAY ON MY MIND' PLAYS)