Friday the 13th: The Series (1987) s01e11 Episode Script


(thunder crashing) (phonograph powers up) (slow ragtime jazz playing) (mechanical creaking) (chimes tinkling) (thunder crashes) (thunder crashing) Fuel, water and feed.
We're gonna pay off every last one of them, son, But it'll take most everything we got.
It was that last crop, huh, dad? Yeah, it was a big disappointment.
Hey, but just ask yourself, "what's the worst that can happen?" They can't break us And they can't split us up.
Hey, remember, we got mom up in heaven looking out for us.
(thunder crashing) You need another blanket? Okay.
Good night, tiger.
Good night, dad.
Dad? (laughs) (gasps) (gasps) (screaming) Ryan: What's that? Micki: Mail.
I can't believe you brought the mail with you.
I'm not the one who sent out those Mailers.
Sending us all over the country looking for a scarecrow.
Did you bring the, uh, letter? I didn't write down the address.
Yeah, it's right here.
"charles cobean, riverdale.
" You know, this letter looks a little bit strange.
Let's not go into any problems, okay? It's probably somebody who doesn't like rural art.
It came because we sent out the mailers.
So the mailers are a good idea, right? Yeah, okay, well, the next time, you answer them.
Here's a note From jack; a postcard.
Managed to pull himself away from the beaches Long enough to write, huh? (laughs): Oh, it's gonna take another week or two Before he finds the icarus feather.
Ryan: Thanks again.
Well, we didn't miss it by much.
It's about six miles down that road back there.
What do you got there? Oh, seeing as we're in the country, I thought I'd pack a picnic lunch.
Where'd you get this? In the drawer by the fridge.
Yeah? Well, it was there for a reason.
Well, ryan, I didn't mean anything by it.
It's nothing.
Cobean: I never heard of either one of you.
I never got no mailer.
Yeah, as for who wrote this note, Offhand, I'd say somebody's been pulling your leg.
But you did buy that scarecrow from our uncle didn't you? Oh, yes! It burned up in a crop fire three years ago.
And unless you'd care to strain the north We got nothing more to discuss.
Thank you.
Oh, by the way, um, before we go, You wouldn't mind terribly if I used your Back there.
I'll be right back, dear.
(whispers): Keep him talking.
So, looks like you got a pretty thriving farm here.
What kind of crops do you grow? I didn't see any Well, uh, the harvest is mostly just come in.
(grunting and yelling) (shrieking) Get back, boy! No! No! No! Get back in your room, boy! All right.
Tudy! I smell something burning.
I'llI'll see to it.
That's our boy.
That's our business.
I didn't ask you to come, but I'm asking you to leave.
What do you think? They were lying through their teeth.
"burnt in a crop fire.
" We know the antiques can't be destroyed.
We found that out the hard way.
Huh! Well, what now? Well, we're here scouting antiques.
Let's scout.
We're not going to get in on this side.
What's around the corner? What's that? What? Over there on the hill.
What is it? It's a crossbeam for a scarecrow.
Where's the scarecrow? Who the hell are you? What do you think you're doing? We might ask the same of you.
How do you do? I'm micki foster.
This is ryan dallion.
We're antique dealers.
We were seeing the cobeans.
I'm afraid our Curiosity got the better of us.
You want to watch it.
It can bite you.
From the city, huh? I'm marge longacre.
I live over there apiece.
I was just taking some of my special tea over To calm their boy, nick.
He looked like he could use some calming.
Oh, you met him? I'm surprised charlie and tudy let you.
He's, uh They're always very careful To keep him protected since Well, that's none of mine.
Staying long, are you? Oh, for a couple of days.
We were planning on hunting down some things.
Do you know Anyplace we could stay? Well, now, you've just asked the $64 question.
I happen to be owner of the longacre inn, And entire staff, And it's not only the nicest place in town, But the only place.
Nothing like a monopoly, huh? Yes.
Well, you just amble on over there.
It's not hard to find.
It's right in the center of town.
I understand we've had some visitors.
I got fresh linen for you anyway.
I could have done a whole lot better If I had had a little notice.
Oh, that's fine.
Is that you? Me and my husband.
He was a farmer, and it buried him.
I'll go freshen your rooms.
Nice lady.
You know, ryan, when we were at the farm, And mr.
Cobean was putting his son back in his room, His wife tried to tell me something.
Yeah, I noticed that.
Well, maybe she'll get back to us.
(man speaking indistinctly on tv) Man (on tv): Yes, but what has that to do with madeline? Man 2 (on tv): I kissed her as she lay there in the coffin, And her lips were cold.
Let me explain.
Now, just a minute, I can explain.
Wherever there is a superstition (grunting) (grunts) (gasps) (whimpers, pants) (gasping breaths) (gasps) (screams) (gasping) (screaming) Ryan! Ryan! Shh! You'll wake the old lady.
What is it? The fr The-the front door! Ryan: Oh, my god-- m-micki, what did you see? Where's her hea Where's her head? Micki: It's gone! But I saw a scarecrow.
What's all the hullabaloo? Stay back.
There's been an accident.
Man: So by the time you got that door open, There was no one in sight.
Except the body.
It was dark; I didn't see anyone.
You got anything to add? Not a thing-- I was upstairs.
Sheriff? Excuse me.
So much for the official story.
Now tell me what you saw.
It was the scarecrow come to life! (sniffles) That leather mask.
And it had a picture of her pinned to its front.
It had a huge blade With a handle-- what do you call them, a A scythe.
It must have ju Just cut her head off.
Well, that's a tall tale, but it'll surely hit the papers.
Don't try to impress your friend with nonsense like that.
Stories have a way of spreading in a small town.
And I wouldn't like that one bit, you read me? Good.
(door squeaks open) (door closes) (bell tolls in distance) (door closes) Morning, marge.
Notice you got the bloodstains off the porch.
Oh, a little lemon juice does the trick.
Your guests around? Nope.
Oh, don't worry, their things are still around.
Well, do you know where they went? I got to ask them a few questions.
About last night? Yeah.
That girl had the strangest story About some scarecrow coming after tudy with a scythe.
(chuckles): Sounds pretty crazy to me.
Yeah, it does, doesn't it? Then I got the coroner's report back.
It said that the murder weapon was a long, sharp blade.
And I found this in tudy's hands.
Well Here she is.
Micki: Ooh, we'll definitely want that.
Is $50 okay? Ooh Okay.
Micki: You wouldn't happen to know Of anyone else who might like to sell things.
Oh, sure.
Uh, the past few years have been mighty hard on the farmers.
They'd be happy to have a few extra dollars.
Hmm, really? Well, we went out to see the cobeans And they didn't seem too interested.
Oh, that doesn't surprise me.
Way their crops been sprouting up the past few years, They're hardly in need of any petty cash.
Been doing pretty well, huh? Yeah, they bought up all the farms around them.
Used to be Charlie couldn't raise fleas on a dog.
(chuckling) Then, all of a sudden his luck changed.
Overnight like.
Rainstorms used to wash everyone else out, Never even touched him.
Never saw such luck.
Until last night.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, I heard about that.
Has there been A lot of violence around here? A lot of murders? "murders"? No.
How about, um, Disappearances? People just suddenly missing.
Oh, well, with the way the farms be failing, Well, some folks just sort of skip out Ahead of the bill collectors.
Anybody skip out that, uh, surprised you? Most recent was, uh, dave meeno, About a week or so ago.
Nice guy He was the kinda guy that He'd walk a mile to pay you back a penny.
Then, uh Him and his boy, they just Vanished.
(vehicle passing) Marge: Looks like they're heading For dave's old place, boy.
You really like that little redhead, don't you, boy? (grunts) I can see it.
But she's a wild one.
Wild, little filly.
Got to break her 'fore you can ride her.
(grunts) break her good.
How'd you like to call this home? What in god's name is going on, ryan? Hmm, charlie lies about having a scarecrow.
Scarecrow's killing people.
Charlie's crops thrive.
Seems pretty clear to me.
Yeah, well, there's one missing factor.
Where is it? Yeah.
(creaking) (caws, screams) (wind whistling) (yells) What the? Hey! Hold on! (grunts and groans) Hold on.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
Mmm! Ow! Don't bite me.
Ease up a little bit, huh, tiger? (screams) (growling) Micki: Ryan! What the? Ryan! Oh, my god.
Ryan! (grunts) (grunting) (two gunshots) Stay there.
Don't move.
Ohh It's okay.
It's okay.
He can't hurt you now.
You all right? That's jordy meeno, dave's son.
Yeah, yeah, I found him inside.
Looks like he'd been there for awhile.
Where's your pappy, boy? Offhand, I'd say, uh Yeah.
Well, it's kind of a good thing I'm impatient.
I got tired of waiting and come looking for you.
Looks like there's a little truth to that scarecrow story.
I knowed him since he was born.
At least it puts an end to all this.
Well I reckon I have to talk to charlie.
The man lost his whole family in one night.
Gonna have to talk to you, too.
Look, uh, officer, I-I-I don't mind If he stays with me, as long as we're in town for awhile.
Well, he's got an aunt down south somewhere.
Might take me a while to track her down.
Marge: How is the little soldier? Got him all cleaned up.
Thanks for the towels and stuff.
Oh, it's nothing.
Looks like a little christian soldier again, huh? Still hasn't said a word? No.
Marge: Well, I wouldn't wonder After what he's been through.
If he pipes up, you give a holler, And I'll know just what to do.
You've been great.
Anyway, so I say to micki, "micki, how would ya like to look like that guy?" And he gets the oddest expression on his face.
Then I realize that both our windows were down And he heard every word.
I handled it pretty well though.
I slid down outta my seat, Let micki deal with it until the light changed.
You think that's pretty funny, don't you? (chuckles) Yeah.
I'm pouring my heart out to you here.
Try to get some sleep, huh, guy? Watch your back! Shh.
(door shuts) (metallic clanging) He's asleep? Getting there.
That's some kid.
He certainly latched onto you.
Almost as though he knew you.
I felt it, too.
He reminds me of, um.
Of who? (sighs) Jimmy.
The one on the baseball? My brother.
We were, uh, out playing baseball In the street one day.
And, ah, this truck came by and, ah, jack-knifed him.
I saw it coming And there was nothing I could do.
It's a Hard thing to learn when you're nine years old.
Ah, that people die and that it's forever.
And jordy reminds you of him, huh? Oh, he doesn't even look a thing Like james, but it's just Something.
What'd you find out? Three people go missing every harvest.
So far this year, only two have, Dave meeno and mrs.
And the harvest only has two days to go.
Scarecrow has to find another victim and soon.
If only we had something to go on.
I I-I I think I can help you.
(scratching on window) So, you didn't see his face at all.
But he was wearing a, a long black raincoat.
With a, with a big black hat, With a big Brim? Ryan: Well, we know what he's wearing.
That doesn't help us find the scarecrow.
Jordy: One time, my dad And me, we went to mr.
Cobean's, It was real boring.
So, I snuck into the barn.
There-there was somethin' hanging.
I didn't get a good look at it, But It was a scarecrow.
Ryan: A scarecrow? You got the flashlight? Micki: It should be in the car.
Shirt looks good on you, tiger.
Now once you show us how to get in, I want you to duck out of sight Until we give you the all clear, okay? Okay.
All right.
Oh, no.
What? My license is missing.
When was the last time you saw it? I don't know.
Yesterday I The picture was on it.
My dad He lost a picture a couple of days before Mrs.
Cobean-- Her picture was pinned to the shirt of that That must be how the scarecrow finds its victims.
Micki, we gotta get you someplace safe.
Um, the sheriff's, Just in case.
But I still don't understand about nick.
The killer wanted the sheriff to think That nick was the scarecrow, so he wouldn't dig any deeper.
He's not gonna stir things up By having it go for you at the sheriff's.
Jordy, come on.
Sheriff, We hoped you'd be here.
Well, I just got here.
Kinda late for you three to be out, ain't it? Ah, well, something came up.
I've gotta run an errand.
Do you think it'd be okay if I stayed here? I mean, in view of everything that's happened.
I just don't want to Yeah, sure, I understand.
(banging) Oh, yes.
That little girl's gonna be in for one big surprise.
Get your hands Off of that! Now, charlie, Why don't you just scurry on back to your hole? You killed my wife.
And my boy, too.
You brought him here and you dressed him up, And you took him over to meeno's place.
He would never have done anything like that on his own.
Well, it stops here, marge.
It stops right here! Well! Listen to the big noise.
I mean it, by god! All right, All right.
All right, charlie.
Don't get so het up.
Lordy, You are a good-lookin' man.
You You You keep away from me.
Charlie, I swear to you, I never meant to hurt you or yours.
I never did.
Lord, I brung that tea for nick all the time When he was feeling so bad.
And I paid you good when you was gonna sell cheap, Didn't I? Didn't I always make sure you got in a good crop? Every year? Didn't I? Well, then, come on now.
Put that gun down And let's have some fun.
(gasps, screams) (wolf howls in distance) Jordy: What's that smell? Ryan: I don't know.
Oh, my god.
Any of these the ones you saw, hmm? (jordy gasps) Don't look.
Don't look at it, jordy.
It's getting late.
I mean, late in the year.
The harvest is almost in.
People around here don't talk a whole lot, do they? Not unless they got somethin' to say.
Well, that would make it kind of easy to keep a secret.
I mean, if people never say anything.
That is assuming that people do have secrets.
Oh, I got lots of secrets.
You cold? Yeah, a bit.
I'll get you a blanket.
Well, it's in here somewhere.
Jordy: He was wearing a long black raincoat.
Hey! Hey! Unlock this door! What are you doing? No answer at the sheriff.
What's that thing? Huh? Some kind of contract.
Bill of sale.
The farm-- charlie sold the farm More than three years ago.
To who? Oh, no.
Come on.
What is it? Come on! (panting) What? God, you just look Like you walked on your own grave.
No, no, I'm okay.
In fact, I'm fine.
You haven't seen ryan, have you? No, honey, nor hide nor hair.
It's just us girls.
(car door opening and closing) Marge, I really appreciate what you're doing.
It's just not Yes, yes.
You just relax.
That's something you city folks never seem to learn.
That's it.
You just lay back.
I'll take care of everything.
(door shuts, key turns in lock) Marge, you locked the door! (micki screams) (grunting) (grunting) (micki grunting, screaming) Ryan: Micki! Sheriff: All right, you two stay back.
(micki screaming, panting) (groans) get back! I swear I'll kill him! Ryan.
No, you're not gonna! Jordy, run! (grunting) (muffled grunts) (grunting) (grunting) (grunting) How do we stop him? Get him down! I can't-- he's too strong.
(grunting) (screams) no! (screams) micki, grab the picture! (screaming) Micki, run! (groans) (crunching, marge yelps) (thud) Hey.
You gotta keep warm-- come on.
(sighs) Look, there's nothing to worry about, okay? Thanks.
Hey, tiger, I got something for you.
That's what my dad used to call me.
Yeah? Well, that's just an old Old baseball.
Thanks, ryan.
Who's jimmy? Jimmy? Well, when I was a kid, just about your age Ryan: Well, that about wraps her up.
You know, there's one thing still nagging at me.
What's that? That scarecrow.
After it killed all those people, What did it do with the heads? (crows cawing)