Friday the 13th: The Series (1987) s01e15 Episode Script

Vanity's Mirror

(thunder crashing) (phonograph powers up) (slow ragtime jazz playing) (mechanical creaking) (chimes tinkling) (thunder crashes) Carnation, please.
Yes, sir.
You look real nice tonight, sir.
Thank you.
Your change, sir.
Oh, your hand is so warm, mr.
You come here every day Buy your flower But do you see me? I really have to get going.
I'm sorry Do-do you look at me? Do you think, "she's a woman"? Keep the Keep the change.
"full of love And needs"? This is ridiculous.
You think you're too good for me.
You turn around and look at me, mister! You are You're truly beautiful.
I don't know why I'd never noticed you before.
I mean, I've noticed you before, but I used to think Forgive me.
I used to think you were ugly.
I never I never really saw you.
Lets go somewheres Private.
You're the kind of girl I dreamed of spending my life with.
Come on, come on.
You, you'd never have to work again.
I could give you anything, Anything you've ever wanted.
I don't understand.
I I love you.
But you didn't have no time For me before.
You insulted me.
You ignored me.
But I, I was blind before.
Now I can see.
Now, I love you.
But will you love me till the day you die? Until the day I die.
I'm so glad to hear you say that.
No, no, no, no.
You stay right there.
You look so fine in that light.
(crazed laughter) Gotta go now.
(crazed laughter) (cackling) (car horn blaring) (screaming) (thud) Oh, my god.
(garbled radio transmission) (indistinct crowd chatter) Jack: Well I think that's pretty good.
That's 23 cursed objects that we've recovered.
Locked in the vault safe and sound.
We're doing pretty good.
That's still less than ten percent Of the objects in the manifest.
It's just not fast enough.
What do you want us to do, hire more staff? Maybe.
Oh, sure.
And watch them make off with the merchandise.
You know, the trouble with evil is it's very tempting.
It's very hard to find paragons of virtue such as ourselves.
We just have to take it one step at a time, micki.
Then what do we go after today? Well, why don't we use the scientific method, hmm? Here we go.
"one gold compact sold To sylvia unger.
" The address is in town, jack.
(sighs) Come on, helen.
You're going to be late for school again.
The bell's going to ring any minute.
(sniffles) I'm fine, okay? Just worry about yourself.
Dreaming about some guy? I don't dream about guys.
Oh, come on, helen! Helen: I don't dream! Are you calling me A liar or something? Man: Hey, helen, It's not worth getting upset about.
It's not easy when your own sister calls you a liar.
Man, that joanne is sure some piece of merchandise! But that sister of hers-- god! I mean, how can that be the same family? Well, she must have come From the shallow end of the gene pool.
(laughs) helen: You want to come Say that to my face? Ooh! No! All right.
I've warned you guys before.
Get off her case.
Hey, come on, scott, lighten up.
We didn't mean anything.
Give it a rest, will you? Yeah, all right.
Look, she may come across as a geek, But it's a package deal, And joanne hates it when people bother helen.
Okay? Sorry, helen.
Will I see you tonight? Well, do I get to see that fancy new dress you bought? Scott, not until the prom.
Come on! It's the contents I'm interested in, not the package.
(laughs): I don't know why I put up with you.
(school bell ringing) Bye.
See you later.
(giggles) Bye.
(door bells jingle) Ah.
What did you find out? Well, we've got some good news and some bad news.
We found the apartment okay, had a chat with the landlady.
Bad news is, she was killed two weeks ago.
We got this from the newspaper office.
She's on page three.
Landlady said she was, uh, pretty outgoing, Had a lot of male guests.
There's not much here.
Uh, hand me my glass, Would you, ryan? Thanks.
Look-- this girl.
She looks as though she's picking something up.
What's she wearing? Looks like it's a high school jacket.
High school jacket, huh? Yeah.
(laughter) (indistinct chatter) Hey, helen, what's doing? Leave me alone, greg.
Hey, I'm just trying to be sociable, all right? Just wanted to know if you're, uh, Going to the prom or anything.
Now, why would I want To waste my time watching dorks dance? Well, I mean, everybody's going, aren't they, you know? Not me.
I've got better things to do, Like watching paint dry.
Well, what would you say if I asked you to the prom? (muffled laughter) I would rather have root canal than go anywhere with you! Yeah? Well, with a face like yours, The only way to take you to the prom is on a leash! (laughter and indistinct chatter) You can go to hell! You're so beautiful.
Stay away from me, greg! Please.
You're so You're so beautiful.
I've never seen you like this Before.
I'm warning you.
Oh, don't Don't go! I wouldn't hurt you, not you.
I'm going to tell scott.
What can I do to sh-show how much I love you, helen? Can I carry your bag for you? Look, you've had your laugh! Now leave me alone! No! No! Let me carry it for you.
And what? So it can end up in the garbage somewhere? How stupid do you think I am? I love you, helen! I love you.
Follow me.
Greg? (indistinct crowd chatter) (laughing) Oh.
(school bell rings) Hi, scott.
Hi, helen.
For god's sake, leave me alone for five minutes, can't you?! Anything you want.
I, I love you so much.
I know, I know.
I'll love you till the day I die.
Of course.
All the years you made fun of me All the jokes, all the teasing.
That's all behind us now, my darling.
Greg, my hanky.
I'll get it, don't worry.
You think you ought to do that? It might start.
No problem, I can get out.
(motor starts) Uh, helen, it's moving.
You'd better hurry.
Uh, helen Please, greg, please.
I swear I need it.
Just get it for me.
I found it, helen.
I found it.
Shut off the machine, helen! Helen? Oh, thank you, greg.
Uh, helen, turn off the machine.
Turn off the machine, please, helen.
Helen, plea-- I love you, helen.
And I love you, greg Until the day you die.
(motor humming) (screaming) (garbled radio transmission) Jack: Hey.
Hey, I think I found her.
Look, there she is.
Helen mackie.
Yeah, that's her.
Jack, boy, I, I took a bad yearbook photo, But this is ridiculous.
Now, ryan, it doesn't really matter What she looks like, does it? We're after a compact.
Okay, so we assume that she's got it.
We-- what? I go see her; she's in the book.
I can say I'm From an antique store And, uh, that I want to buy the compact.
And then, ryan, why don't you check out the school? I mean, if she hasn't got that thing, Well, maybe she's given it to somebody else, Maybe she's got it in her locker.
I don't know, whatever you can come up with, eh? Right.
You know, all these books-- I can't find a thing about that compact.
Maybe I should call in on rascheed.
He must be back from cairo by now, huh? Woman (over television): I'm pregnant.
It's your baby.
(quavering): How could something like that happen to greg? What a horrible thing.
I was talking to him only a few hours before.
Scott: Yeah, he was always Fooling around.
(sobbing) But a trash compactor-- like, why would he get in there? Poor helen.
Oh, it's all right, it doesn't bother me.
He was becoming a pain in the butt Anyway.
You know he had bad breath? How can you talk like that? Hey, it's the truth.
Scott, want a sandwich? No.
(knocking distantly) (indistinct talking over television) Yeah? Hello, are you helen mackie? Who wants to know? Hi, I'm micki foster.
I'm a buyer from an antique store.
Oh, we're not interested.
We got all the useless old things we need.
Well, actually, I'm looking for a small gold compact.
I was wondering if you'd seen it.
What makes you think I'd want some grungy old hunk of junk? A compact? A gold compact? That could really be worth quite a bit of money.
I said I never saw Anything like that.
Beat it.
Great, mick.
Helen, who was it? Helen.
Nothing, nobody.
Hey, guys, here's the scoop.
There was an accident today on campus.
One of the local jocks got killed.
Any chance it really wasn't an accident? Well, yeah.
You never know when there's a cursed object around.
Did she have the compact? Well, she says that she doesn't, But from the way she reacted, I don't know.
Well, we got to find out, we got to find out fast.
After today, micki can't get anywhere close to her.
I'd stand out like a sore thumb.
(chuckles) That's what I thought.
(indistinct chatter, pop music playing) What the hell did you do to him? I don't know what you're talking about.
Greg-- what did you do? I didn't do anything.
The hell you didn't.
You did something sick and disgusting to him.
You made him crawl in front of the whole damn school.
Hey, any crawling he did was his own idea.
You humiliated him, you abused him.
I d-- I don't know why he took it from you.
Maybe it was love.
What would you know about love? I don't care what I have to do.
I don't care how long it takes.
I'm going to find out what you did And I'll get you.
I'll tell you.
Why did I never see you? What I said-- I-I didn't know what I was saying.
Forgive me, please.
Come with me Lover.
Russel: Where are we going, helen? Helen: It's a surprise.
(doors close) Oh, geez, I'm sorry.
I never knew what it was like.
I never felt like this before.
I need you.
I'm so glad to hear you say that, russel, Especially after all those terrible things You said to me.
Do you remember all those things, russel? But that was before I saw you.
Really saw you.
I mean, I love you, helen.
I'll always love you.
Until the day you die? Do you really love me, russel? Say I'm beautiful.
Say it! You are.
I never knew That anything could be as beautiful as you.
(russel screaming) (breathing heavily): Oh, no.
No! Helen! (grunts) Helen, get away from me! Oh.
No! No, no! No! (screaming) (groaning) (thud) Helen, have you seen my eyeliner? Helen, how come you're getting made up? None of your business.
Are you going to the dance? That's great, you got a date! Why not? Why is that such a weird idea? It's nothing like that.
I'm delighted.
Who is it? Somebody special.
(sighs) that's terrific! It's about time you started dating.
Did you want me To help you with your makeup? No.
Well, if you do want some help, Just call me.
What a pretty compact.
Is that gold? No, it It's just cheap.
It looks like gold.
So, this date of yours Uh, do I know him? Is he from school? I want it to be a surprise.
Um, he's He's He's He's coming by tonight.
That's great! Helen, I think you're going To have a wonderful time, And if there's anything I can do (sighs) Hey, joanne, you need some help up there? Joanne? Hey, are you still alive? Maybe I should, uh, call a paramedic Or, uh, come up and give you some mouth-to-mouth? You wait right there! Okay But you're going to have to make this up to me.
(door closing) Make what up to you, Mr.
Thomas? Mm You look beautiful.
I've never seen anything like this.
Of course you haven't.
There's nothing like me anywhere.
Well, that's for sure.
(footsteps running) Micki: Jack! I can't find him anywhere, And helen's disappeared.
Well, that may not mean anything.
Let's just find him.
All right, where did you look? Look at that, no blood.
(laughing): Okay.
All right, we're all set-- let's go.
Right this way, my dear.
(joanne laughing) hi.
Scott, helen's got a date for the prom.
That's great.
How do I look? I think I look nice.
Scott, do you think I look nice? Uh, well, um, You certainly will attract attention, helen.
Do you really think so? Am I as pretty as joanne, scott? Yeah.
In a different way.
(sighs) Uh, helen, Do you think maybe we should go And check up your makeup? Helen: I want to see what my date says.
He might really like it.
Are you trying to tell me I look funny? Can't I do something my way, Something I want to do? Who are you to tell me What to wear or how to look? Helen Joanne, joanne, don't worry about it.
What difference does it make? Maybe her date will like it.
Come on.
Better go.
Can't you wait For my date to show up? Please? (sighs) we're late already.
Come on.
Why can't we give her a few more minutes? What can it hurt? He's just not here, jack.
I'm getting worried about him.
Oh, I know, I know.
So, you said the compact had something To do with beauty and death.
Yeah, as far as I've been able to find out, If somebody gets love-struck by the compact, Then they have to be killed.
Ryan Look, he could have been following somebody And gone out of some other door.
He would have found a way to let us know.
Yeah, you're right.
Helen, we have to get going.
We're late already.
We could leave money for you And your date to take a cab.
Scott, am I prettier than joanne? Well, you're up against Some pretty stiff competition, helen.
Helen? My very darling scott.
Scott, we have to get go Scott.
What are you doing? This isn't very funny! No, no, this is just fine, Isn't it, lover? What are you doing? You hurt her.
She does it a lot, scott.
Scott Scott, for god's sake, No! Let's fix it so she never bothers us again.
(joanne hyperventilating) get up.
(screaming) (laughing) Stop! Stop! (groaning) (grunting) (gasping) (grunting) (gasping) reach out your hand I will be there for you You look lovely.
So do you.
(murmuring, giggling) (murmuring, laughing) (rock music playing) (gasps) Oh, no.
It's not Oh, my god.
It's not ryan.
Oh, thank god.
Oh, jack.
Now we've got to figure out our next move.
I'll go look for ryan.
Wait, you You think I'm gonna leave you here alone? Why not? The compact wouldn't work on me, would it? Well, from everything I've read, maybe it wouldn't.
What about you? I'll just have to make sure I don't look at it, won't I? (slow rock music playing) I just can't explain such a sad refrain I won't I won't stop trying, no how can these words how can these words express such (gasps) (coughing) (gasping) Oh! Ryan! (grunts) get away! Get away! Ryan, wake up! Get on your feet! Damn! (gasping) Oh, god.
(panting) She killed a boy.
We saw.
Come on, we got to get out of here.
What in the world? (panting) The prom! They'd be at the prom.
(gasping) Oh, my god! (gasps) all right.
I've got you.
I've got you.
You're safe.
(groaning) right.
All right.
(gasps) there.
(crying) all right.
All right.
All right.
Tenderness my love There she is! Micki: How are we going to get him Away from her? Helen! (loud crowd chatter) Oh, my god! You didn't expect to see me again, did you? Give me the compact! Leave me alone! Helen? Get him away from me.
Why don't you tell him? Tell him what's in store for him.
How are you going to kill him? You're-you're going to have to kill him.
You're going to have to kill him like You killed all the others.
Scott, let's go! Hey, all right.
(crowd gasps and groans) Where are they? There they go! (sobbing) (murmurs) It's all right.
There now.
There they are! They're coming! What's the matter? (panting) Let's try this way.
Helen, I love you.
I know the perfect place.
Where are we going? Where we can be alone.
I'll bet the view is beautiful from up here.
Helen I love you.
I've waited so long to hear you say that.
We lost them.
Scott, do you know how much I've always wanted you? No, not really, but it Every time you came to see my sister, I died a little bit inside.
And you ignored me.
I didn't mean to.
Look, what difference does it make? We're here now.
We're together.
You don't have any idea What I've had to do to get you here.
You're so special to me.
And you to me, my love.
(crowd murmuring below) Mmm.
Woman: Something's wrong.
Something wrong.
(loud crowd chatter) (people gasping) Oh, my god, there they are! Wait Oh, my god! Scott! Man: Oh! Do something! Man: Oh, my god.
To hell with joanne.
She could never love you like I do.
Scott I don't want you to die.
I don't want to lose you.
(sniffling) I want you so much! But I know the only way I can have you Is in death.
Helen, don't! Jack: No.
Scott, get down! Jack: No, no, no.
Jack: Joanne, no! (crowd chatter) (whispers): I love you.
(joanne screams) (crowd screaming) Man: Oh, my god! (indistinct chatter) (crowd screaming) Man: Oh, no! (thudding) (crowd groaning and gasping) (crying) Take her down.
(indistinct crowd chatter) (garbled radio transmission) (indistinct crowd chatter) Why is this one so very hard? Did you find the compact? No.
Better get you some medical attention.
Come on, ryan.
Up you go.
It's got to be out there.
It's got to be.
Well, then why can't we find it? I don't know, micki.
Maybe someone else beat us to it.
No! It's a possibility.
No! It's out there! You know, micki, no one ever guaranteed That we're always going to be successful.
This time we just failed.
Well, then, all of it was for nothing.
All those people that died.
That boy in the basement.
Did you ever think, We've been really lucky recovering all these things? The law of averages just caught up to us.
And ryan.
A little rest, and I think he'll recover.
I don't think I will.
I just keep thinking of that thing out there, And more people are going to die Because we didn't get it back, because we blew it! We do what we can.
It has to be enough.
All these Damned and cursed objects-- they can't be destroyed, So it'll turn up again.
We'll get it.
Hmm? What about all the people That are going to die because we didn't? Yeah.