Friday the 13th: The Series (1987) s01e22 Episode Script

The Pirate's Promise

(thunder crashing) (phonograph powers up) (slow ragtime jazz playing) (mechanical creaking) (chimes tinkling) (thunder crashes) (buoy bell clanging in distance) (wind howling) (laughs softly) Come on.
Boy, it's kind of spooky.
Hey, that's part of the charm.
(keys jangle) Wow.
This is a great place.
I like it, it's home.
You live here all alone? Yeah.
Oh, back in the old days, there was A whole crew keeping the light, but, uh Whalers' point isn't as busy as it used to be.
What are all these things? Old weapons, mostly.
Used by sailors and pirates.
I collect them.
And here's to a night To remember.
Let's go to the light.
I'll bet there's a great view from up there.
Ho-ho There is.
(chuckles softly) (giggles) (wind howling) Yeah.
I come up here a lot.
It's beautiful, joe.
What's this? Oh, that's a foghorn.
She's one of the old kind.
Can really rattle a building.
(foghorn bellows) Aah! That's a horrible noise.
Hey, what's that? Joe: What? It's a boat, or something.
I, uh I don't see anything.
It's just Sitting there, Like it's waiting for something.
It is.
(gasps) (screams) (buoy bell clanging) First gunner abel mercer.
(coins clink) (seagulls screech) (line ringing) (phone ringing) Hello? Uh, yeah.
Could I speak to mr.
Marshak please? I'm afraid mr.
Marshak isn't here right now.
Perhaps I can help you.
Uh, well my name is dewey covington.
Uh, you sent me a letter, uh, regarding a, uh, an old foghorn.
As we stated in the letter, we'd be willing to buy it back.
Uh, well I don't have it any more; I sold it.
Is there any chance you can get it back? Well, the man I sold it to died last year.
Uh, I'm sure it's still around, though.
I see.
Well, where, exactly, is whalers' point, mr.
Covington? Well, that depends where you're coming from.
It's-it's a little town just up the coast.
Well, that doesn't sound too far.
Thank you very much.
We're on our way.
Good-bye for now.
What's the name of the town? Whalers' point.
Whalers' point.
It's a little town right up the coast.
Seafood and salt air.
Micki: This is a wonderful place, really.
The town was founded by pirates Who decided to give up the life of plunder and hunt whales.
And some of the most infamous buccaneers in history Plied these waters.
Uh, low, teach, lowther, mcbride.
And there are even stories of fabulous treasure buried All along this coast.
Ryan: Treasure? You mean like along these beaches here? Maybe after we've find the foghorn we could Micki: I wonder what kind of a curse There could possibly be on a foghorn.
What's the name of this place we're looking for? Um The whalers' point museum.
Some museum.
You were expecting the smithsonian? Come on.
(coughs) This is incredible.
Some of those books go back Dewey covington.
How do you do? I'm micki foster.
We spoke on the phone.
Oh, yeah.
Uh, this is my cousin, ryan dallion.
Pleased to meet you.
So, you want to know about that old foghorn? Mm-hmm.
Well, like I said, I sold it to the old man Who ran the lighthouse down at the point.
But then I heard he died.
Well, do you know who's running the lighthouse now? Yeah.
His name is, uh, joe, something.
Um Joe fenton.
I think we should pay him a visit.
Oh, can you show us which way it is? Sure.
I'll point you the way.
Yeah, you, uh, you head down the road there About a mile and a half.
Man (slurring): You going out to the lighthouse, are you? Yes.
You don't want to go out to the lighthouse.
It's lonely.
I know.
Spent a lot of time out there.
Dewey: Uh, this is barney williams.
He's one of our pioneers.
My ancestors come here with the privateers.
Sailed with butcher mcbride himself, Back in 1717.
Oh, yeah.
Angus mcbride? One and the same.
He-he-he met his doom right out there.
In 1720, the, uh, crew mutinied, And they set him adrift in a small boat.
Hey, they say he took the ship's cook, Cut off his ears, Salt and peppered them, and then made The poor bugger eat them.
Sounds like a real gourmet.
Barney: I'll bet he's the one That done in that poor little marie, too.
Four of them come up missing in the last six months.
Four pretty little things, Like you, miss.
Covington: Uh, barney likes to tell stories To the tourists to get them to buy him drinks, When he's not beachcombing at widow's cove.
No, I sleep down there.
I see things most every night.
I can buy that.
Hey, say, barney.
Thank you very much.
Appreciate it.
Have a good day.
Hey, thanks! Joe: Oh, I found the old foghorn all right, but it was obsolete.
Didn't have the range.
Besides, you had to hand-crank the thing.
What did you do with it? Sold it.
Some old fellow who came into the bay in a beat up skiff And made me a great offer.
I took it.
You didn't get his name, by any chance, did you? No.
I'm sorry.
But if I run into him again, I'll tell him you're interested.
Sorry to take up your time.
Oh, that's something I've got plenty of.
This old lighthouse doesn't see much activity these days.
More of a tourist attraction than anything.
Well, thank you very much for your help.
My pleasure.
(buoy bell clanging in distance) (wind howling) Come on in, please.
It's right over here.
I'm glad you came to me first.
Look, I found these.
(coins clatter) They were just lying on the beach.
These are real, mr.
How many do you have? More than I can haul around; that's why I came to you.
I mean, do I just go to a bank or what? No! No.
The bank would just pay you the gold rate.
We'll need to find a reputable collector To determine their actual value.
I'm sure my company can help you.
Looks like I came to the right person.
Our first step is to secure legal rights to the gold.
Then I'll set up an investment plan, and from there (choking) (body thuds) (foghorn bellows) (foghorn continues) (buoy bell clangs) (wind howls) (grunts, thuds) Joe: Boatswain edward donovan.
(coins clink) (laughs) (wind howling) (thunder crashing) Just one more.
(panting) Dewey! Dewey! (pounding) (panting) Dewey! Dewey! Barney, barney, barney-- what's the matter? He He's out there.
I seen him with my own eyes.
Who-who, who is out there? I tell you, it was him! Who? Plain as day! It was mcbride! Oh, barney, it's late.
You-you-you tell me about this tomorrow.
Good night, barney.
Dewey! It was him! It was him! (door closes) So what do we do now? Well, we stay here tonight, Start looking around tomorrow.
Just wish we knew some more.
Well, let's see.
We know that four young women have gone missing.
We know that that damned foghorn is around here someplace.
At least it was.
Barney: Angus mcbride! He's come back! He was out there by the lighthouse! By god, I saw a hook Where his hand used to be.
I hear the foghorn and then he come in! Foghorn? Excuse me.
He's gone.
He was drunk again.
Drunk or sober, we've got to talk to him About that foghorn.
You See if he's that way.
The last one.
(dog barks in distance) Nothing.
Well, he said he was at the lighthouse When he saw mcbride and heard the foghorn.
Either that lighthouse keeper was lying to us, Or barney's hallucinating.
We've got to get inside to see it.
Well, either way, I think we'd better get some rest, huh? (buoy bell clangs) Look.
All right, you keep him busy.
I'll check the lighthouse.
Good morning.
It's a bit, uh, early for visitors.
I was out for a, a Well, actually I wanted to ask you A little more about the foghorn.
Yeah, the foghorn might have sounded Last night, all right; it's on automatic.
It works like a smoke detector.
When the visibility goes down, it comes on.
Who was it who heard the horn? I have no idea.
I overheard some people talking at breakfast.
Ah Well, most of the folks around here are used to it.
You'll have to excuse me for a minute.
I think I left my tape measure up at the house.
Oh, would you mind if I came with you? I find this fascinating.
Old habit from when I lived in the city.
I'd, uh, I'd invite you in, But the place is, uh, is a real mess.
Oh, I don't mind at all.
Uh, I'll just be a minute.
(wind howling) No sign of it.
Must be down there somewhere.
(lock clicks) Are you coming? Yeah.
(grunting) Micki: It's so cold.
Cold and dead.
(joe laughs) You sound like a sailor.
I never met one who didn't think He was going to die at sea.
Well, I'd better be going now.
Thanks very much for your time.
Well, if you have any more questions, come back and see me.
I'd be glad for the company.
Well? Nothing.
Great view, all down.
What? Forget it.
I didn't see any sign of the foghorn.
Maybe he really did sell it.
To an old man in a boat.
You know, barney said that he heard that foghorn, And then he saw the pirate in a boat.
And joe said that he sold The foghorn to a man in a boat.
Angus mcbride? He's been dead for three centuries.
Come on! (sighs) Why would a ghost want a foghorn anyway? I don't know what kind of a curse it's got on it, But maybe the foghorn is needed by the ghost.
Maybe we'd better talk to barney, find out what He really saw, even if it was through the bottom of a bottle.
Yeah, it's the only lead we've got.
Dewey said he's a beachcomber.
Hangs out at a cove, uh Widow's cove.
(both panting) That old man comes down here And still has the energy to dig? (laughs) Maybe he's in shape.
(sighs) Not much of a beach is it? Well, I think there's a lot more When the tide goes out.
Micki, if you were a pirate, Where would you hide your gold? (chuckles) I don't know.
(waves lapping) Micki! Look at this.
(buoy bell clanging) Barney! I want to talk to you.
Well, barney? You're dealing with angus mcbride! (laughing): Angus mcbride?! I seen him come to your wharf last night.
I heard the foghorn and seen his boat come in.
I've been digging For mcbride's treasure out there on that beach! People laughing at me! Well, no more! Where's the gold? Well, I guess it's, um, Time I showed you something.
Have a look at that.
It's a ship's log from the coryann.
That's mcbride's ship! That's right.
And there was a carpenter on board that ship.
Frederick williams, Your ancestor.
I know.
Mcbride gave me these.
They rightfully belong to you.
Where's the rest of 'em? I want to see mcbride! I can understand that.
I'm sure you've got a lot To talk about.
But first, We're gonna call him.
(wind howling) (buoy bell clanging in distance) (foghorn bellowing) There.
See? (laughs) Let's go.
Barney: It can't be! It can't be! Joe: Carpenter frederick williams.
He wants to talk to you.
(stammering): Uh, cap-captain mcbride, I-I seen the gold you gave him.
I want some, too! My people were with you when you took it.
Sir, some part of that is rightfully mine! (yelling) He is the last one.
There's one more! But that can't be.
The ship's log said williams, the carpenter was the last one, And barney There's one more! The treasure I want what's rightfully mine! Who is it? Who is it?! Dewey: Remarkable.
It looks fresh minted.
Ryan: But it's dated 1702.
Well, it's spanish regale.
I know my business.
From the proof marks, it's almost certainly From the santa ynez.
One of angus mcbride's conquests.
Where did you find this? Uh, at-at widow's cove.
But how can you be certain That this comes from the treasure of mcbride? Look.
Uh, this is an informal history Of the coryann, mcbride's ship.
Uh, crew lists, Provisions, prizes, uh, Prizes taken, here we are.
"the santa ynez, laden with spanish gold, "went down with all hands, "off this coast, sunk by The coryann.
" And, uh, See the mint registry? Identical.
Yes, but I can't get over the condition.
It's as if it came from the mint yesterday.
(phone rings) oh, damn! Excuse me a second.
It's new, but It's mcbride's? Dewey: Dewey covington.
The gold.
That has to be the connection between mcbride And the foghorn.
And involving the four missing women, somehow.
Yeah, look at these names Forster, rice, heatherton.
All the crew of the coryann.
I still want to talk to barney.
Micki: Dewey, about the four missing women, Is it possible that they could be the descendants Of the men who mutinied against mcbride? Forster, rice Yes, and the others-- magnan, thomas.
I never made the connection before.
I haven't looked at this book in years, but you're right.
Have you seen barney lately? He hasn't been around all day.
He could be out at the cave, at, uh, widow's cove.
I think I'll check out this cave.
Micki, you want to, uh, maybe, Check these names And see if there's any more descendants? Uh, you can look in the hall of records.
Of course.
Damn! Who is it? (wind howling) (water dripping) (gasps) Oh, my god.
(water dripping) (water dripping) (panting) Barney.
Barney! (screams) (distant dogs barking) Dewey! Dewey! (panting) (shrieks) Micki! Oh, oh, dewey, I've been looking for you.
And I've been looking for barney.
The crew list, his ancestor was a carpenter On the coryann.
Dewey, listen And I can't find him anywhere.
Nobody cares about him except me.
Dewey! You're a descendant! No, that's impossible.
My parents came over from England.
No, it's in the books in the hall of records.
Your real mother was rhonda matteau.
She died when you were born And the covingtons adopted you.
Which means, whatever is happening To the descendants of the mutineers, You are the next in line.
(wind howling) The curse.
What? Mcbride's curse.
He swore he'd return to avenge himself.
That-that he'd sail to hell with his crew And their descendants.
The foghorn we've been looking for, It's cursed too.
I don't know what it does, but mcbride's using it somehow.
We have to find it and get it back.
People's lives are at stake.
The lighthouse.
Micki, I I have to get up there.
Joe's still in town; I saw him.
No! No, not you! The curse doesn't affect me.
Mcbride doesn't even need me.
Look, I'm safe both ways.
I-I can't leave barney out here with mcbride after him.
He's my friend.
I-I've got to keep looking for him.
Go ahead.
(grunting) (wind howling) (buoy bell clanging in distance) (grunting) (wind howling) (keys jangling) (water dripping) (hissing) (screaming) (gasping) Joe.
What the hell are you doing? Joe, thank god.
I, uh, I had to talk to you.
There's quite a storm brewing up.
You are lying.
You broke in here, didn't you? Joe, you don't, You don't understand.
(screams) Joe: You can scream all you want.
Nobody can hear.
Run, micki! Run! (groans) (screams) (water dripping) (roaring) No! (foghorn bellowing) (foghorn bellowing) (panting) Micki! Micki! (screams) micki.
Oh, god.
Thank god.
Ryan! Ryan, it's joe! He's killing all the descendants! He killed dewey! And he tried to kill me! Come on.
Look, mcbride's real! He's here.
I saw him.
And I found barney; he's dead.
Joe Is using the foghorn To summon mcbride! (panting) (buoy bell clanging) (joe grunting) (wind howling) (panting) (panting) Oh, he saved my life.
Come on.
That's the last one, the last one.
Now the treasure is mine.
No! But I've killed every descendant of your crew.
That was my part of the bargain.
You owe me! No! I did everything you said! I've killed 12 people! You tell me where the gold is! There is yet another! Another descendant?! Who?! Tell me or give me my gold! No! Ryan: Where's the foghorn? Has to be up there.
What happens to mcbride if we take it? Let's find out! (grunts) (buoy bell clanging) Micki! What do we do? What's the curse? For god's sake, take it.
It calls mcbride.
Give me the foghorn! He's gonna kill me! (loud bang) (wind howling) (screaming) Joe once said That every sailor expects to die at sea.
I guess he was right.
But dewey was a good man.
You know, he really cared about barney.
He cared about a A little old drunken man that nobody else wanted.
And he saved my life.
Hey, I found something in one of the genealogy books From whalers' point.
Rhonda matteau's son, Adopted by philip and leona covington.
I know, dewey was adopted.
I found the same book.
He was the last of the descendants of mcbride's crew.
No, no, no, he wasn't.
On the next page here it says, "rhonda matteau had another child, "less than a year old when she died, "that was adopted by frank and willa fenton-- Renamed the son joseph.
" Joe fenton was dewey's brother, And joe was the last descendant.
His brother! Maybe there's a special place in heaven For people like dewey covington.
(buoy bell clanging in distance) (seagulls screech) (foghorn bellowing)