Friday the 13th: The Series (1987) s01e25 Episode Script

What a Mother Wouldn't Do

(thunder crashing) (phonograph powers up) (slow ragtime jazz playing) (mechanical creaking) (chimes tinkling) (thunder crashes) (horns honking) No! No! You're lying.
There is nothing wrong with my baby! Please, mrs.
I won't kill my baby! You're endangering your own life, And the baby will die anyway.
It must be aborted.
No! Martin, she can't die! I can't let my baby die! (sighs) Mrs.
Kent (echoing): I won't kill my baby! Doctor: You're endangering your own life.
(echoing): The baby will die anyway.
(echoing): It must be aborted.
(door bells tinkle) (door bells tinkle) Man: May I help you? Oh.
No, thank you.
I was just looking.
Oh, go right ahead.
If you see anything you like, just ask me.
That cradle-- it's Oh, yes, it's-it's very special.
There isn't another one like it in the whole world.
It's a real bargain for the right person.
Oh, There, there.
Now, what's wrong? I'm sorry.
I'm all right.
It's probably too expensive.
Why don't I fix you A nice cup of tea and tell you about the cradle? There's a fascinating history behind it.
I don't have much money, but Oh, don't worry About the money.
Like I always said, Things have a way of working out.
Okay, everybody, let's all gather round.
Leslie, dear, the big present's over here.
Oh! We all chipped in.
(laughs) Of course, uh, after you-you made such a fuss About what you wanted-- even told us where to get it-- Uh, we all chipped in, and Oh! Oh Thank you.
Thank you all very, very much.
Thank you, mrs.
Oh, this is the greatest gift you could ever give my baby.
Lewis: Like I always said (echoing): Things have a way of working out.
(leslie screaming) Leslie: Oh, my god! Oh, my god! My baby! (leslie screams) Leslie: Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! (gasps) (blow lands) Doctor: You're endangering Your own life, and the baby will die anyway.
It must be aborted.
That's number four, my darling.
(crying) Aw, you feeling better now? Oh, ho, ho.
That's my darling allison.
(baby cooing) Yeah.
(babbling) You just rest now.
Mommy will be home soon, and you'll be all better.
That's right.
That's right.
(babbling) Oh! You're such a beautiful baby.
(babbling) I'm not at all happy about this.
What? The vault.
We're starting to run out of room.
You know, I was wondering about that.
I mean, what are we going to do when it's full? We can't have cursed objects lying around.
No, we certainly can't.
No, the only safe place For those damned things is right there in the vault.
(yells) You'd think they could make boxes that hold together.
(laughs) (sighs) What's this back here? "lewis vendredi.
" Micki, may I? Vendredi.
"dear mr.
Vendredi, Thank you Thank you forever! "the cradle is all we ever hoped for.
As you said, things have a way of working out.
" Handwritten, no signature.
How was she? Well, she was still coughing a little while ago.
It sounded pretty bad.
But then she stopped, And she's been as good as gold ever since.
I hope she gets better soon.
Thanks, debbie.
I'm sure she will.
It's nice to see you care for her, Almost like a second mom.
Thanks for helping us out.
Oh, any time.
After all, I'm just a couple doors down.
She's such a beautiful baby.
Oh, I really do love her like she was my own.
(baby babbling) Bye.
(door closes) Did you hear what she said? The cradle's protecting her again.
Oh, I think she's beginning To look a bit like you, martin.
Oh, well, maybe your mother.
I can't get over how well she looks now.
Remember when we brought her home? Yeah, I remember.
I never thought things would (sighs) Martin, don't start.
I just want it to be over.
It will be Soon.
Seven people will be dead, And we can try to live with what we've done.
This is your daughter's life we're talking about.
What does it take to get through to you? We do what we have to do, and then allison will be safe.
After we kill three more people! Keep your voice down.
(baby crying) This is the only baby I'm ever going to have, martin, And I'm not going to let her die.
(baby cooing) Here's an entry for an edwardian cradle.
There's no address, But there are two names, see? Everleigh.
What's that? Looks like kent.
Doesn't that say gift? Yeah.
What do you think it means? "the cradle is all we ever hoped for.
" I guess we'll find out when we get it back, hmm? Tomorrow we can start on the two names.
Look, uh, ryan, why don't you check up on everleigh? Micki, you take kent.
I'll see what I can find out about the cradle.
But for right now, I've got to finish rearranging all those things down In the vault, hmm? Ryan Good morning.
I know, I know Mm.
(baby coughing) (crying) Get dressed.
Quickly! Allison needs us.
Please, leslie, I-I can't.
The-the doctor was only yesterday.
I'll take care of it myself, then.
(baby screaming) What are you gonna do? Oh, no, don't-don't do that.
Please, allison, just breathe.
That's what it's all about, martin.
Allison breathing.
What did you do? Called the super.
Johnson? Why? Told him it was an emergency.
Water everywhere.
It's all right, darling.
What if he tells someone he's coming here? Martin, who is he going to tell? It's 4:00 in the morning.
(knocking) (baby screaming) So, mr.
Kent, what's the trouble this time? I'm sorry, mr.
We wouldn't have troubled you, But it-it's a leak.
It could do some real damage.
Couldn't wait till morning, could it? All right, where is it? Right here.
No, they have to die in water! Water! (pants) Yes, yes, of course.
Help me with him.
(baby screeching) (toilet flushing) You'll have to dump him in the pool.
He's too big for me to carry.
(crying subsides) (baby cooing) Do you hear that, martin? She's better already.
There you are, allison.
You can go to sleep now, darling.
Everything's all right.
Mommy says, "night-night.
" (cooing) Debbie: Hello.
No, no, this is the babysitter.
No, no, no, I don't know.
(knock at door) Um, I'll pass the message along, mrs.
Yeah, there's someone at the door.
I-I've got to go, mrs.
There's someone at the door.
(knock at door) Bye.
(knock at door) Shh.
We got a sick baby in here.
Oh, I'm sorry-- um, are you mrs.
Kent? No, I'm debbie napier, their babysitter.
How do you do? I'm micki foster.
I'm trying to track down an antique wooden cradle.
Hmm, that cradle's gotten awfully popular In the last little while.
Another lady-- a friend of mrs.
Kent's-- just called.
She said somebody was asking her about it.
Aha, so it's here, then? Yeah, the baby's sleeping in it.
She never gets out of it.
I-I even have to change her in it.
She's really sick.
Who are you again? I own an antique store, so you see, I'd like to buy the cradle.
Oh, no way.
They'd never sell it.
Can't I just see it? You can't go in the room.
Oh, no, I'm just curious.
It's this way.
Is that it? Yeah.
I think you better get going.
(sighs) That, um, cradle is very important to me.
Would you have them call me When they get back in? Yeah, I'll tell them you're interested.
Thank you very much.
Micki: Yep.
And the hood Was like This.
That's it? That's it exactly.
(footsteps) Jack, this is what we've been looking for.
Oh, yes, I rather thought so.
You knew about it? Well, not until about an hour ago.
Well? I've been doing some research into edwardian cradles, And one in particular belonged to a woman Who was a passenger on the titanic.
She was bringing her infant daughter Across to new york for treatment, and Ryan: And the ship sank, And lewis got a hold of it, and the devil cursed it, And now we've got to get it back, right? There's a little more to the story, ryan.
The woman tried to climb aboard one of the lifeboats.
Now, she passed over her baby in the cradle, And the people who were in the lifeboat Refused to take it.
During the argument, the baby and the cradle Tipped over the side and fell down to the water.
Now, here's the interesting part.
Suddenly, the two davits collapsed, And the lifeboat was pitched straight down into the sea, And all seven people who were in it were drowned, Except for Except for the baby In the cradle.
Are you sure it's the same one? It's got to be.
Well, what is the curse? Well, that's what I'm going to try and find out right now.
Well, we know where it is.
Let's just go get it.
We can work that out later.
(gasps) Oh, you scared me.
What were you doing? Nothing, nothing, I was just I was just looking at allison.
She's fine.
Yeah, yeah, she was, uh Uh, coughing a bit, But uh Uh, I-I'd better get going.
Oh, uh, by the way, there was a-a woman here Asking if the cradle was for sale.
Uh, see you.
Someone was asking about the cradle-- why? I don't know, martin, I'm not a mind reader.
Somebody knows! Somebody knows what we've been doing! Stop it! You'll wake the baby.
(sighs) I wish it would just be simple for once.
We go in, take it and get out.
What's the fun in that? (sighs) Lights are on.
Somebody's moving.
We'll have to wait.
You know, there's something wrong.
There's something we're missing.
Like what? Well, what does the cradle do? I What is the curse? It's got to do something.
Jack will come up with something.
(sighs) (giggling) Oh, she's such a bright child.
Look at the color in those cheeks, martin.
I don't know how you can stand To touch that cradle.
This cradle is all That's keeping your daughter alive.
Or don't you care about that anymore? Of course I do, it's just that, Having to kill people But it's not just to keep her alive, martin, It's to heal her, forever! We know what we're supposed to do.
Only two more people, and then we're finished.
Such a small price to pay For our baby's life.
I know exactly what that mother on the titanic was feeling, Knowing what she had to do to save her baby's life, But it just being right out of reach.
Martin, what does it matter if we have to take a few lives? Nobody suspects anything.
This is for allison.
Think about her.
(cooing) (knock at door) Debbie.
Can I come in a minute? Hi, mrs.
It's late, debbie.
Yeah, but didn't you hear? Mr.
Johnson drowned in the pool.
Oh, the super.
Really? Yeah, I thought I-I-I wond Leslie: Well, that really is too bad.
I mean, we were just talking to him Last week, wasn't it, martin? Yeah, something like that.
Anyway, I just thought I'd let you know.
What the hell? This is johnson's.
His keys.
She saw them.
Well, so what? I mean, they could have fallen here at any time.
These are his keys! He uses them every damned day! She knows! She doesn't know anything.
Martin, she said that she loves the baby.
Isn't that nice? Woman (over intercom): Nurse rogers, four-seven.
Marshak? Oh.
Hi, I'm head nurse soames.
Oh, yeah, nurse soames, I just wanted to get some information About allison kent.
Are you family? Oh, no, not exactly, I'm just a close friend.
I'm sorry, sir-- unless you're a member of the family, I can't give you that Yes, I quite understand.
I wanted to find out Just exactly how sick she really was.
Well, I guess it's no secret.
It's a matter of record.
She was born with a defective heart-- she was dying.
The fact that she's still alive Is a miracle.
Have you seen baby kent recently yourself? No, so many children come through here.
Yes, of course.
Uh, the-the doctor who treated her Dr.
Do you think I'd have any chance Of having a word with him? Dr.
Green's dead.
How'd he die? He drowned.
Apparently, he was jogging through the park, And somehow he fell and hit his head.
They found him in a pond.
It's a terrible loss.
Will that be all, sir? Uh, oh, y-yes, thank you, nurse.
Woman (over intercom): Jean short, pcc, call nine Come on.
Let's go.
(kettle whistling) (gasps and screams) (grunting) (gasping) (screams) (screaming) (groans) (screams) (gasping) (grunting) (screaming) Listen.
(coughing) (groans) (debbie gasping and screaming) Micki, here! (coughing) (debbie screaming and sobbing) (gasping) Debbie! It'll be all right.
You're gonna be fine.
Who? She babysits for the kents.
You're gonna be fine.
Nobody's gonna hurt you.
It's all right.
Don't worry.
(coughing and gasping) Is it done? Somebody broke in.
Right in the middle.
She's probably over there right now Getting ready to tell the police about me.
Martin How would she ever figure out that it was you? We'll get her later.
Look, maybe it's wrong To try and kill someone before the baby needs it, Before the cradle You know.
Maybe we have to wait.
(giggles) You are the most beautiful baby in the world.
(cooing) has anyone told you that lately? No? (giggles) Here's a blankey.
Okay, well, debbie, is there anywhere we can take you? I don't know anyone here, Just the kents and allison.
Would you like to stay with us? Who would try to do something like that? I don't know.
I Let's just get out of here.
The neighborhood's a mess But the place is great, you'll love it.
Well, you'll be safe here.
That's the important thing.
Look, we'll make you a bed upstairs.
Thank you.
You'll be okay.
(door bells tinkle) (baby cooing) You'll go to the prom.
And you'll be the queen.
And you'll meet a wonderful boy, Who will grow in to be the kind of man who you deserve.
And we'll keep the cradle.
Lovely, lovely cradle.
Just in case.
All right, so, We know that someone tried to kill debbie, And she told me What happened to the building super.
Yes, and I found out that the doctor Who'd been treating the kent baby had been drowned.
It has to be the kents, But what do they get from it.
They've got a sick baby.
And that cradle saved a baby Out there with the titanic.
It makes sense.
Lewis always had a kind of weird logic.
Now, there were seven people in that lifeboat that died.
Jack, When did the titanic go down? Uh Tonight! The anniversary was tonight! It sank at exactly 2:20 a.
So if the curse is in any way tied up with that anniversary, They've only got about four hours left.
Well, what happens if we take the cradle before that? I imagine the charm ends.
And the baby dies? I don't know.
Please, jack.
There's got to be another way.
Jack: Micki, we don't know That the baby will die.
Micki: And we don't know that it won't.
(dialing rotary phone) Hi.
This is debbie.
Look, I know what's happening, And I think I know what's best for allison.
Well, I've-I've got to talk to you.
Uh, someplace private.
I'll be there.
(baby cooing) Leslie: Don't worry, darling.
Mother will take care of everything.
Debbie? Debbie, we're gonna go out and, uh Debbie? No.
Jack! Micki! Debbie will be fine.
It's not where she went.
It's what's gonna happen when she gets there.
No, listen, I-I'm sure she'll be fine.
I'm-I'm just worried about the baby.
No one's gonna hurt the baby.
(sighs) but she's so tiny! If you could only have seen her in that cradle.
Ryan: Micki, we'll do the best we can.
You know that.
Yeah, yeah, but recovering the cradle comes first, right? I know, no matter what.
It's true! The damned curse can even affect innocent babies! The things We do here I mean, It's as though there's no more good anywhere.
Ryan: Yeah.
We get to see the worst side of everything.
Either they're using a cursed object, Or they're getting one used on them.
Micki: That's her, mrs.
Kent! Now what? Ryan, follow her.
We'll get the cradle.
(waves lapping gently) (baby fussing) Jack, the baby didn't move.
I can see it.
Yes, I know, it's the cradle.
Debbie? Debbie.
I want allison.
You're going to get caught, mrs.
Kent, And there won't be anyone to take care of her.
I know, you're right, debbie.
We're in trouble.
We've done some terrible things, but we did it all for her.
Come closer.
I c-- I can't see you very well.
I can take her somewhere, somewhere safe.
That's all we ever really wanted Is to keep allison safe.
It's, it's all right, I (allison fussing) I just want to have a look.
I just want to have a look At your baby.
I just want to make sure she's all right.
Everything's all right.
(micki gasps) (crying loudly) (crying intensifies) You've always been so good to us, and Allison loves you very much.
I think you are exactly the right person To help allison.
Oh, but, debbie (debbie gasps) If you really want to help allison, You have to be in the water.
Ryan: Debbie! Debbie! Deb-- aah! Debbie! No! (both grunting) (laughing hysterically): You're the last.
(panting) You can be number seven! (panting) (shouting) Micki, you can't Don't say it.
I couldn't let her die in my arms.
Martin: Neither could we.
(leslie shouting) (bumps) (clattering) (sighing) Oh.
My baby.
My baby's safe.
(allison crying) Sit down over there.
Running out of time, mr.
Kent? It's almost 20 after 2:00, the time the titanic went down.
She said it would be simple now.
Debbie was going Debbie? To meet her, and she'd be the sixth, the sixth victim.
She said the seventh would be easy.
We wouldn't have to worry about that one.
The seventh would be easy? Well, now, who do you think that would be? I mean, who's the one person She can count on to be here, unsuspecting? Tell me, mr.
Kent, Who would be the seventh victim? (allison coughing) I know what you're trying to do.
(allison crying) oh, my god.
Leslie (sobbing): Oh, my darling.
We can go out now.
I'll take you to the park every day, I promise, And I'll read to you at night And we'll have long talks together About things that really, really matter, And we'll love each other very, very much, And we'll always be together.
Oh, allison I can hold you in my arms.
I can hold my baby in my arms.
(panting) (allison crying) damn it.
Tell me what I have to do.
Tell me! Martin, it's over.
Who the hell are they? Sit down.
It's not over.
You lied to me.
She's sick, allison's still sick.
Leslie: What's wrong? Oh, no.
I gave you the lives.
Seven lives.
Look, and we've still got time.
There's still more than eight minutes.
Leslie, for god's sake.
I failed it somehow.
I No.
The old antique dealer told me Seven lives dying in water and then my baby would live.
I'm gonna give it more deaths.
(gunshot) No! (allison crying) No more.
It's over.
She's suffered too much.
Oh, don't, don't take her out.
She'll die.
I want to hold my daughter.
Maybe she'll know that I tried to ease her pain.
You Will Not! (gunshot) (glass breaking) The pool.
Quick, get out onto the balcony.
Move it! (crying continues) Get over.
Oh, my god, you're alive.
It still needs one more life.
(gun clicks) You killed debbie.
(grunts) (crying intensifies) Leslie: I won't kill my baby.
Green: You're endangering your own life And the baby will die anyway.
You must abort it.
Leslie: The old antique dealer told me Seven lives dying in water and then my baby would live.
Lewis: Things have a way of working out.
(splashes) (crying stops) So the curse is fulfilled.
Seven dead in water.
(panting) The cradle's empty.
She's gone.
They still haven't found debbie's body.
Damn it, why couldn't she have just come to us And told us what she was doing? Well, maybe she felt She couldn't trust us.
I don't know.
And what about allison? I mean, she didn't just get up and walk out.
Somebody had to have taken her.
Who? Was there anything that Said the cradle could have taken her? Something like that? No, nothing.
Well, then what happened to her? I don't know, micki.
I just hope to god she's warm and safe and With someone who loves her.
Oh, boy.
We're going to be all right-- you and I together.
(cooing) Hey.
Hey, you.