Friday the 13th: The Series (1987) s02e03 Episode Script

And Now the News

(thunder crashing) (phonograph powers up) (slow ragtime jazz playing) (mechanical creaking) (chimes tinkling) (thunder crashes) (thunder crashing) WOMAN: I can't do this! (sobbing): Please! Help me! You can't do this to me! (screaming) I'll kill you! Why do I want to kill you? What am I doing to hurt you, Mary? Get it away from me! It can't hurt you.
Why are you afraid of? No! What do you remember? Tell me! Daddy don't! Your dad's dead.
You know you killed him.
Now, what did he do to you? Tell me.
What did he do? He came in my room and he put he put snakes in my bed and let them he let them crawl all over me! He enjoyed it! He laughed! (gasps) You broke through.
You made it.
(thunder crashing) (man yelling) I hate it when you yell at me! I hate it! What gives you the right to do that, huh?! Huh?! Come on then.
Come on, I'll do you-- I'll bust your face! I'll call an orderly to give him his pills.
He sees the psychiatric board in the morning.
I don't want him drugged.
Carter, he's in no condition to Swanson, I didn't ask for a second opinion.
(man screaming) Now leave him alone.
MAN: Always follow doctor's orders, Swannee She just won another grant for working on sex offenders.
You read this? It's a brilliant case study.
I guess you ought to know.
(man screaming) (loud gulp) Mm.
(thunder crashing) (static crackling) ('40s swing music playing) (thunder crashing) You really think they'll let me leave here? In time.
You were never a threat to anyone but your father, Mary.
There'll be no nightmares tonight-- or ever again.
Trust me.
Now, get some rest.
I'll see you in the morning.
(static crackling) She's proof of everything I've been saying.
They commit their crimes out of fear.
Looks like your luck is changing.
This is going to help a lot of people, Bradley.
Come on in my office, let's have a drink.
MAN (over P.
): Light's out.
('40s swing music playing over radio) (static crackling) ANNOUNCER: We'll return to tonight's musical interlude in just a moment.
And now the news.
Thousands of snakes are loose this hour inside the Maceo Institute for the Criminally Insane.
They began appearing an hour ago and are now reported to have overrun A ward.
The ward is reported to be in chaos, with staff unable (rattling) to prevent attacks on the helpless patients.
All doctors, nurses and orderlies are being evacuated from the building before they too (screaming) Dr.
Finch! Dr.
Finch, help me! patients still trapped in their cells (screaming) boiling with snakes.
(screaming) Scientific experts are at a loss to explain what or who has caused this incredible attack.
I can't get a pulse.
Quick help me! ANNOUNCER: And that's the news.
In a moment we'll report on an incredible medical breakthrough by Dr.
Avril Carter.
This brilliant psychiatrist will tonight be rewarded for her research by discovering a cure for serial killer Craig Eddy, a paranoid psychotic who hears voices which urge him to acts of violence.
But until then we return to our music (screaming) I'll kill you for this! CARTER: I'm sending him away, Craig, and you can't stop me.
I'll kill you! How? He hasn't told you to.
He wanted to leave, didn't he? You wouldn't let him.
That's what all the fighting was about, wasn't it? Because if he goes away, and there's no one for you to blame the killings on, and if there's no one for you to blame, then they'll stop won't they? Look look.
He's gone, Craig and he's never coming back.
Now you just have to face this on your own.
(sobbing) CARTER: You're cured, Craig.
You're cured.
MICKI: Mail's here, Ryan.
Aha, there's a postcard from Jack.
He's doing great; says he'll be back in a week.
Oh, yeah? Anything for me? No, but there seems to be an answer to the mailer.
What? Somebody found something? Yep.
An antique radio, sold to a Joe Damien.
When did he buy it? I don't know.
This letter's from the lawyer in charge of his estate.
He died a year ago at the Maceo Institute for the Criminally Insane.
Committed on a Friday and died the following Sunday.
He hung himself.
Sounds like our kind of radio.
Was it with his effects? No, but the lawyer is quite sure that he checked into a hospital with it.
What, you think it's still there? There's only one way to find out.
You want to get the car, and I'll tell them we're on our way.
So, Dr.
Finch is in charge, isn't he? He is for now.
I'm betting he'll be gone by next week.
Why? I think the board is reevaluating their choice of chief psychiatrist.
Carter's the one having the success around here.
(man screaming) What is Dr.
Finch involved in? He's working in A ward with impulse killers.
He says their behavior stems from phobias established in childhood, but, uh, he's not having much success.
No? A number of his patients have died.
Heart attacks, suicides, you name it.
But if you ask me, they all go the same way-- scared to death.
(classical music playing) (sighs) (knocking) Dr.
Finch, these people wanted to see you.
I'll be just outside.
I'm Kevin Finch.
How do you do? I'm Micki Foster.
This is my associate, Ryan Dallion.
Well, you've come about a patient? An ex-patient actually.
Joseph Damien.
Oh, yes.
What about him? He had a radio when he was admitted-- an antique from our store Curious Goods.
We would like to buy it back.
A radio? Mm.
Well, I'll have to check his files for you.
I never met the man.
But any personal effects would have been returned to his estate.
Oh, it wasn't.
We thought perhaps it might be here.
I'm not sure what I can really do for you.
It could have been thrown out, given to someone.
Is it valuable? Only to us.
Would you mind if we had a look around? Well, this is a high security hospital, Miss Foster.
We don't allow people just to wander RYAN: Maybe you could get someone to take us around, look at the storerooms? Yeah, or perhaps talk to somebody who had contact with him.
What's so special about this radio? It, um could hurt people.
You mean it's faulty? No, no.
It, um It's just very important that we get it back.
I'm sorry.
Our patients have had to deal with enough disruptions lately without subjecting them to anything more.
They'll never know we're here.
It's been a pleasure meeting you.
I'm sorry.
Your visitor's passes, please.
If we knew the powers of the radio, we'd be able to keep one step ahead.
Yeah, well, we've got to find a way to get back in there.
Ryan, you saw the security they have.
Let me call Jack.
No, we can't be calling to Jack every time we hit a brick wall.
And from what that orderly said, it sounds like ward A is the place to start.
Oh, and what if you get caught? I'll get busted for visiting after hours.
Well, Craig, I guess this is good-bye.
Nurse Swanson will escort you downstairs.
I don't know how to thank you.
Your getting better is all the thanks I need.
You sure that I won't hurt people? That I won't hear voices? You'll never hurt anyone again, Craig.
I promise.
(patients screaming) (door unlocks) GIBSON: He's getting out of here? Just like that? CARTER: Yes, he is.
How are we today? We'd be better if you were in here with us.
(man screaming in distance) When is it going to be my turn? Come on.
I see you getting these guys out of here.
Everybody says you're working miracles.
When is it going to be me? No one's getting out, John.
The best we can do is make you healthy enough for a minimum security prison.
GIBSON: Hey, lady! You put me on top of the list, or I'll tell them you've got somebody helping you.
I hear him giving you advice all the time.
You tell him to figure out what to do with me.
You tell him that! You hear me? (door slams shut) (sighs) Kevin, you wanted to see me? Yeah.
Come on in.
You want a drink? No, thanks.
What's wrong? Oh, I just lost somebody who meant a lot to me.
Yes, I heard.
Do you want to talk about it? No.
The state psychiatric board asked me to give you time off next week.
They want you as keynote speaker to the Washington convention.
I'm flattered.
I guess, by next year, I'll be giving you time off to accept the Nobel Prize, huh? That new case study you published is really turning a lot of heads.
Do I detect a note of professional jealousy? Let's just say I wish I had half your luck.
Luck has nothing to do with it, Kevin.
This is a business like any other.
If you want to be noticed, you take on the toughest cases.
Was that all you wanted to see me about? You released a patient in B-32, Craig Eddy.
He's completely cured.
Cured? Come on.
I read the reports.
The man's a violent paranoid psychotic.
Yesterday afternoon, he had a fistfight with himself.
And this afternoon, he was talking rationally and openly to the psychiatric board.
They thought enough of his progress to transfer him to a regular prison.
I don't care how good you are! There's no way you cure a man like him overnight! Now, what are you trying to pull here?! Well, I'd have brought him in here for you to examine, but I thought maybe you had your hands full with the dead girl.
That's, um six patients you've lost.
I'm sorry my success rate is so high.
Try not to hold it against me.
See you in one hour.
I still think this is crazy.
Don't worry.
(electricity crackling, Ryan screaming) (alarm ringing) SWANSON: Get one of the doctors! Bradley, I need a little help here! What happened? Get Dr.
Finch ringed to the infirmary.
Found this guy hanging on the fence.
How are you feeling, Clarence? What do you see in the fire? Fire's bad! You keep it away from me! It's not really the fire you're afraid of.
What is it that really scares you? Mommy, please! Dr.
Finch! Damn it! I'm with a patient! Someone's hit the fence.
That guy was in your office yesterday.
I'm not the only doctor on duty here! Now, get out of here! STONE: No! Okay.
Let's try again.
Oh Oh Oh (Ryan breathing rapidly) All right.
Take it easy.
Take it easy.
If you stop flailing around, we'll get this done a lot sooner.
Do you know what your name is? Do you know what day it is? Ryan Dallion.
You're a very lucky man, Mr.
I'm Dr.
Avril Carter.
Sorry about the restraints, but they're a precaution.
It's all right.
We're used to dealing with unpredictable patients.
It's all right.
Can I leave? Soon as you tell me why you were so anxious to get in here.
We do have a front door.
I'm pledging Kappa Alpha Epsilon, and it's just a prank.
Run in, grab something, get out of here.
I gotta do it if I want to join the frat.
Well, you could have suffered permanent damage from that fence, Mr.
Dallion, not to mention the trouble you've caused us.
I won't make a federal case of it this time, but if I catch you in here again, I'll have no choice but to call the police.
Next time you want to borrow something from this hospital, ask first.
What happened? Electric fence.
I got caught.
Did you find anything out? No, no, but I did find someone who may be able to help us.
Who? Dr.
You know what I just realized? What? That radio, if it's in there, it could be in the hands of somebody who's not a patient.
Somebody who can move around with it.
Yeah, but how's Carter going to help us? Well, the orderly said she'd been doing a lot of press for the papers, so So I say I work for a magazine, and get her to show me around.
I think we should get back to the store, see if we can find out what that radio does.
(car engine starts) (music playing on radio) ANNOUNCER ON RADIO: And now the news.
Famed Maceo Institute psychiatrist Dr.
Avril Carter will tonight begin treatment of serial killer and rapist John Gibson.
Achieving complete success with this patient almost guarantees Dr.
Carter the Nobel Prize.
Just tell me what to do.
Ryan, I've looked through every one of Jack's books.
I can't find any more information on the radio.
Well, I've got something.
Look at this.
In the last year, Finch has published over a dozen papers relating to obsessive fears.
Yeah, but a lot of doctors publish their research.
I mean, look at all the information we found on Dr.
Yeah, yeah, but all these have the same theme.
It's deeply rooted fear that drives people to murder and suicide.
Now, that orderly told us that all of Finch's patients have been dying from extreme fright.
If that doesn't match up with a cursed object, I don't know what does.
And you think that Dr.
Carter might know something about Finch's research? I think it's a good place to start.
Look, Dr.
Finch is the only person who has contact with any of his patients, and they're the only ones that are dying.
Let's go.
Go ahead.
Pick it up.
(nervous whimpering) Come on, Clarence.
It's not really the fire you're afraid of.
(panic breathing) Let's call it a day, all right? I think we've both had enough.
I'm trying, Doctor.
I know.
I know.
We'll get it.
Don't worry.
How is he doing? He'll be fine.
What do you want? I'm starting work on John Gibson.
I need access to your files.
No way.
I'm not letting you or any one of my staff get close to him.
You can't stop me from treating a patient.
Avril, no woman is safe with him! Now, I don't care how good your intentions are.
Forget it.
What have you got against me? Why do you keep standing in my way? I don't trust you, Avril.
I'm trying to figure out what makes these people sick.
You just want headlines.
You don't let anybody know what your methods are.
You just pick a star patient, press the right buttons and, bingo, they're healthy again.
Isn't that enough? It doesn't make sense.
This is not about making you famous! This is about sharing what we learn with others.
You going to give me those records or not? I'm not endangering people's lives.
Not even yours.
I'll continue without your permission.
You do and I'll have you out of here so fast, it'll make your head swim! The Board fires me, Kevin.
Not you! You listen to me! No! You listen to me! Now, you can take me on anytime you want, but you interfere with my work with a patient, we'll see whose career is on the line.
I'm not putting people in danger.
And I'm not killing my patients.
They're dying because you're forcing them to face their fears when they're not ready for them.
They're dying because of you, Kevin.
Now, anytime you want me to suggest that to the Board, why don't you let me know? If you'll just wait here, I'll go and get the doctor.
(gasps) Whoa, careful.
(chuckles) Oh.
What the hell was that? He's some kind of throwback.
An incurable.
He doesn't like visitors.
(nervous chuckle) John Gibson.
Micki, uh Foster.
(patient screaming) Don't be afraid.
I'm not like the rest of them.
(dry chuckle) No, no, stay for a while.
I don't, uh, get to see many people around here.
(static crackling) ANNOUNCER: As we reported earlier, a case history of Maceo Institute patient John Gibson which contains the roots of his psycho-pathology will be broadcast this evening immediately following news of yet another violent death at the institute.
Stay tuned.
Carter, What are you doing here? I I brought you a radio.
Finch said you did very well this evening, and I thought you deserved a reward.
Thank you, Doctor.
I feel I'm getting better.
Good night.
(static crackling) ('40s swing music playing) You can come closer; I really am harmless.
SWANSON: Get away from those bars.
I told you to wait outside.
Lighten up, Swannee.
We're all friends here.
Get away from the bars, Gibson.
Back to bed, John.
CARTER: Exercise period's over.
The more you cooperate, the sooner you're out of here.
You know that.
Swanson, you and I will discuss the way security is being handled on this ward later.
Let's go.
GIBSON: Come back and see me again.
I don't get many normal people to talk to in here.
ANNOUNCER: And now the news.
This bulletin just in.
The Maceo Institute for the Criminally Insane is engulfed in flames.
(alarm ringing) The fire which started in the basement, is now racing through the aging structure, totally out of control.
Help me! At this moment, the fire is reported to have reached B ward, A collapsed ceiling is blocking firemen from reaching the patients who are trapped inside.
Doctor, are you still there?! Bradley! Oh, help me, oh, God, oh, God! (screaming) Help me! ANNOUNCER: Flames are now sweeping through A ward, and there seems no chance for rescuers to get through this raging inferno.
(screaming) Somebody help me! (screaming) (screaming) (loud thud) (garbled police radio transmission) MICKI: Ryan Micki, what did you find out? Nothing.
I'd only asked her a couple of questions when all hell broke loose.
She took off with a couple nurses.
What the hell happened? Another patient just got a permanent cure.
He came crashing through that window up there like the hounds of hell were chasing after him.
Let's get out of here.
She said I could finish the interview tomorrow.
Coroner says he was dead before he hit the ground.
I don't understand it, Doctor.
He was fine.
I locked him in myself.
What could have triggered it? Bradley Hmm? did you take anything out of here? No, sir.
Where's his radio? He didn't have a radio.
Anybody else been here? Oh, just Dr.
She asked if she could help.
('40s swing music playing) ANNOUNCER: And now the news.
Clarence Stone, an inmate of the Maceo Institute died in a fall this evening, the first of three who will perish by 11:55 tonight.
As a result, Dr.
Avril Carter will receive a cure for rapist John Gibson and her Nobel prize.
Clarence Stones' fatal leap has allowed Dr.
Carter to discover John Gibson responds to treatment when his doctor approves of his criminal behavior.
The fact that an authority figure is not shocked by his actions, causes Gibson to lose interest in repeating his crimes.
Stay tuned to this station for a report of another accidental death at the institute.
FINCH: Carter? Carter, where are you? What did you do to Clarence Stone? I beg your pardon.
I was in his room right after he jumped.
There was an old radio by his bed.
It's not there now.
Well, what's that got to do with me? A couple of kids came in here looking for it.
They said it could be used to hurt people.
I didn't believe them.
Maybe I should have.
Kevin, I don't know what you're talking about.
The guy who brought in that radio was Joe Damien, wasn't it? The only doctor who had anything to do with Joe Damien was you.
That was about the time those miracle cures started happening.
You're out of your mind.
I'm calling security.
I don't know what your game is, but for the past year, every patient you touch gets cured; every one I get close to dies.
Now, what's going on? You've lost it, Kevin! You're raving.
(static crackling) (muttering): Help me, help me Help me.
Carter For God's sake, no! (patient growling) No! Stop it! FINCH: Carter! No! Stop it! (screaming) No! (screaming) (screaming) (growling) (groaning) (snarling) (whimpering) (patient growling and grunting) (blows landing) (patient stops growling, Finch stops groaning) Feels good, doesn't it? (phone ringing) Hello, Curious Goods.
Finch? Finch? Can you speak up, please? I can hardly hear you.
What does he want? You've got the radio? He's got the radio? Yes, of course, I'll be right there.
Is he giving it back? The Thompson Wing? No, no problem.
Um, thank you.
You don't know what this means.
I (line disconnects) CARTER: Good.
Good, now we can cure you.
Now you can use her to cure yourself.
You don't mind if I hurt her? We never want to hurt them, but some of them need to learn, don't they? Nobody ever talked to me like this.
Doctors are always trying to tell me that I did something bad, something wrong.
Sometimes we need to do things that seem very cruel, but in the end, it's for the best.
So, it's okay if-if I do this? Yes.
You sure you don't want me to come with you? I don't see how you can.
All right, just be careful.
I still don't trust this guy.
Micki Foster.
(crickets chirping) (door creaks) MICKI: Hello? Dr.
Finch? Dr.
Finch? (water dripping) (heavy breathing) (gasps) (muffled screaming) Don't make noise! It'll be so much easier if you don't make noise! (muffled screaming) (screaming) Ryan! (muffled screaming continues) (yells in pain) Oh, God! Oh, God! God, God! (screaming) (pained gasp) (screaming) Ow! (alarm ringing) Ahh! (ringing continues) (both grunting) Get back! (grunts) Ow! (ringing continues) (gasping and grunting) (coughs) Micki! (running footsteps) Where is she?! Where is Micki?! (groans) (groans, body thuds) Let's get him to the ward.
What about the girl? Forget her.
He's your ticket out of here now.
(whimpering) (gagging and coughing) MICKI: No! Ryan! (gasps) I can understand why you and your friend were so anxious to get ahold of this radio.
('40s music playing) (static crackling) Why don't you let me just break his neck? No, his death has to look like an accident.
He tried to climb the fence yesterday and almost got electrocuted.
Today he'll succeed.
ANNOUNCER: And now a reminder.
Avril Carter will shortly announce the completion of her therapy on serial killer John Gibson.
We'll have details following the report of another accidental death at the institute at 11:55 p.
MAN 1: You check the west fence and I'll get the main door.
MAN 2: Okay.
Here, hold this.
I don't know if this means a lot to you, but the sacrifice that you are about to make will give this man back his sanity.
(muffled grunting) (throws breaker) What the hell? (door closes quietly) Bradley, what's going on? Someone threw the breaker, Doctor.
Probably that boy you've been looking for.
Don't worry.
We'll have it back on in a minute.
Bradley, have you seen Dr.
Carter? John Gibson's loose.
She's in Electroshock.
(muffled grunt) Oh, dear God! (electricity crackling) (gasping) (screaming) RADIO ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen, we interrupt this program to announce the death of Dr.
Avril Carter.
The failure of Dr.
Carter to effect the required number of accidental deaths by 11:55 p.
has forced this station to cancel its commitment to her.
You can't.
She will not receive the Nobel Prize.
We made a deal.
You promised (electricity crackling) (shuddering groans) (explosions) (gasping groans) (electricity hissing and zapping) (gasping and groaning) (radio exploding) (electricity fizzing) ANNOUNCER: And that's the news.
We'll be back in a moment with an offer to our newest listeners right after this musical interlude.
(static cracking) How are we gonna keep on doing this? What do you mean? Both of us almost died this evening.
I mean, our luck's not gonna hold out forever.
You want to stop? No.
I know we can't stop.
It's just that when is it ever gonna get easier? ANNOUNCER: And now the news.
This story just in.
Researchers have developed a method of recovering cursed objects totally without risk.
They insist that these objects can be recovered quickly and rendered harmless if certain conditions are met.