Friday the 13th: The Series (1987) s02e14 Episode Script

Face of Evil

(thunder crashing) (phonograph powers up) (slow ragtime jazz playing) (mechanical creaking) (chimes tinkling) (thunder crashes) Come on, Helen, you're gonna be late for school again.
The bell's gonna ring any minute.
I'm fine, okay? Just worry about yourself.
Dreaming about some guy? I don't dream about guys.
Oh, come on, Helen.
HELEN: I don't dream! Are you calling me a liar or something? Hey, Helen, it's not worth getting upset about.
It's not easy when your own sister calls you a liar.
Man, that Joanne is sure some piece of merchandise.
But that sister of hers, God.
I mean, how could that be that same family? Well, she must have come from the shallow end of the gene pool.
All right! I've warned you guys before.
Get off her case.
Hey, come on, Scott.
Lighten up.
We didn't mean anything.
Give it a rest, will you? Yeah, all right, all right.
Look, she may come across as a geek.
But it's a package deal and Joanne hates it when people bother Helen.
(whispering): Okay.
Sorry, Helen.
Will I see you tonight? Oh, do I get to see that fancy new dress you bought? Scott! Not till the prom.
Come on.
It's the contents I'm interested in, not the package.
I don't know why I put up with you.
See you later.
BOY: But what would you say if I asked you to the prom? HELEN: I would rather have a root canal than go anywhere with you.
BOY: Yeah? Well, with a face like yours, the only way to take you to the prom is on a leash.
You can go to hell! (laughing) You're so beautiful Stay away from me, Greg! I please, you're so, you're so beautiful.
I've never seen you like this before.
I'm warning you.
No, don't-don't go.
I wouldn't hurt you, not you.
I'm going to tell Scott.
What can I do to show how much I love you, Helen? Can I carry your bag for you? Look, you've had your laugh.
Now, leave me alone! No, no.
Let me carry it for you.
And, what, so it can end up in the garbage somewhere? How stupid do you think I am? I love you, Helen! I love you.
For God's sake, leave me alone for five minutes, can't you? Anything you want.
I love you so much.
I know, I know.
I'll love you till the day I die.
Of course So you said the compact had something to do with beauty and death.
Yeah, as far as I've been able to find out, if somebody gets love struck by the compact, then they have to be killed.
(whirring) Uh, Helen, it's moving.
You'd better hurry.
Uh, Helen Please, Greg, please! I swear I need it.
Just get it for me.
I found it, Helen! I found it.
Helen? Turn off the machine, Helen! Helen! Oh, thank you, Greg.
Uh, Helen, stop the machine! Stop the machine, please Helen? Helen, please-- I love you, Helen.
And I love you, Greg, (pounding) until the day you die.
(screams) Scott? Am I prettier than Joanne? Well, you're up against some pretty stiff competition, Helen.
Scott? Helen? My very darling, Scott.
Scott, we have to get going Scott.
What are you doing? This isn't very funny.
No, no, this is just fine.
Isn't it, lover? You're gonna have to kill him.
You're gonna have to kill him like you killed all the others.
Scott, let's go.
Okay, all right.
To hell with Joanne.
She could never love you like I do.
Scott I don't want you to die.
I don't want to lose you.
But I know the only way I can have you is in death.
Helen, don't! Scott, get down! JACK: Joanne, no! (softly): I love you.
(screams) (screaming) (thuds) (sobbing) Take her down.
I've still got it, Helen.
I'm keeping it safe.
Nobody will be hurt by it again.
MAN: Whoo, yeah! Oh, baby, yeah.
All right, now, bring them together; let's go.
That's it, baby.
(saucy pop tune playing) Come on, open your lips, sweetheart.
Open your lips a bit more.
All right, come here.
Head back, honey.
This way.
Yeah, all right now, right in behind you.
That'd you'd be mine All right, perfect.
Move in, Move in.
Better make this good thing happen Yeah, yeah, yeah-- right there.
Need somebody, somebody like you to love Good, that's great.
That's fantastic.
Open your lips a little.
Come on, yeah.
That's perfect.
Can't keep from wanting to have you for myself Here's to looking at you Oh! Peek-a-boo Peek-a-peek-a, peek-a-boo Oh! Peek-a-boo That's it, sweetheart.
Yeah, now, kill me with your eyes.
Oh, yeah.
Just like before.
That's beautiful.
Open your lips.
Beautiful, that's just beautiful.
That's all the film.
(laughing) And the way you smile All right, Joanne! Come on, let's get Tabitha in here and finish up.
How are you doing? How do I look? I mean, do I look great? You looked great an hour ago.
Now you're fabulous.
You put up with a lot from me, don't you? (chuckles): No.
To have you for myself I've been watching you Oh! Peek-a-boo Where do you want me, Emery? I've been longing for you Emery? Oh! Peek-a-boo Just keeping her warm.
Relax, Tab, you're the one I go home with.
Remember? Ah, damn it.
Makeup? What? Those wrinkles around your eyes are showing again.
Give me a break, Emery.
The magazine's depending on this spread to sell the spring issue.
Joanne, let's get Makeup in here.
Look, it's my face on the cover that sells that spring issue.
Just airbrush them.
They're not buying it.
It's not working.
Not anymore.
Then you make it work! Look, don't you forget I got you this job.
I'm the famous face around here, not you.
Not her.
You don't get it, do you? If this spread doesn't slam people into the wall, it's over for you.
Now go and fix it.
Cover those canyons around her eyes.
I'll keep shooting Kamichi and Sandy until she's ready.
(cries) Tab? Who the hell does he think he is? He wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for me.
It's not that bad.
Oh, great.
Now my mascara's running.
Just settle down.
EMERY: Joanne? Come on, I need some help over here.
I'll be right back.
Here's to looking at you Oh! Peek-a-boo Peek-a-peek-a I've been watching you, oh (Jack coughing) JACK: Oh, damn it, Micki! MICKI: Jack, it'll only be second.
This is ridiculous.
(coughs) Uh-huh.
Mm-hmm, 103.
That settles it.
You're going back to bed.
It's just a stupid, little cold.
Which won't get better unless you take care of it.
You think I'm gonna just lie around all day, you're crazy.
I've got a million things to do.
You can read.
You can write.
You can take care of the books, as long as you do it in bed.
Yeah, Jack.
Micki's right.
It won't hurt you to rest for a couple of days.
We'll take care of things.
Now, off to bed.
All right.
All right.
Okay, I'll bring down the television for you.
And make some chicken soup.
RYAN: Yeah.
And a hot water bottle? Sure.
(coughs) How about a nice pot of tea with some lemon and honey? (clock chiming) I could use a few magazines.
I mean, there's no point in being sick unless you can really enjoy yourself, and MICKI: Jack, to bed.
I'm going.
(coughs) It's a great layout, Cora.
This is the hottest spread Degagé has ever run.
Here are the transparencies.
How was Tabitha? She was great.
She hit me with some sensational moves.
How was her face? Fabulous.
She was electric.
I think she sucks.
Reshoot it without her.
But she's the cover.
She's the whole spring issue.
She has been for three years.
Right, "has been.
" Use Kamichi or Sandy.
Clair? Uh, it was cold and the makeup girl wasn't used to night lightning.
Look, um, Miss Mackie, is it? You're only here on Tabitha Robbins' recommendation.
I imagine that means that you will do the best for her that you can.
Call me, Emery.
I'll call Sandy.
Emery, you can't! Tabitha deserves a lot Tabitha's had her run.
You have to be perfect in this business.
When it's over, it's over.
Sandy, sweetheart.
How you doing? Listen, darling, I'm rethinking the whole spring issue.
How'd you like the cover? No, I'm not kidding.
I mean, let's be honest.
Who else could do it? (glass breaking) It wasn't my decision! They wanted to try somebody else.
You don't understand! That issue guarantees me a year's worth of endorsements! It says that I'm their top model.
I'm sorry, babe.
So who are they using? The little Sandy Thomerson bitch? She's barely out of modeling school.
Tab, it's done.
Accept it.
Cora doesn't change her mind.
Oh, right.
And you don't risk your neck trying to change it for her, do you? I don't think that's fair.
Tab, the camera doesn't lie.
It's somebody else's turn.
We'll see about that.
Look, I'd like to stay and talk about this, but Sandy and I have to discuss tomorrow.
I won't wait up.
EMERY: You don't get it, do you? If this spread don't slam people into the wall, it's over for you.
(bell clanging) (groans) Okay, your turn or mine? Yours.
(phone rings) Curious Goods.
Hello? Hello? Anybody there? I've worked long and hard to get where I am, Spaulding.
I'm not about to let a few wrinkles stop me from staying there.
Now, how soon can you do this surgery? And how soon can I be back at work? Tab, I'm not just a plastic surgeon, I'm your friend.
I have women paying a fortune to look half as good as you do.
You know, cosmetic surgery's delicate.
It's not always successful.
I could do more damage than good.
That is a risk I'm willing to take.
Well, perhaps you are, but I'm not.
Well, you have to! You're the best, and my life depends on you.
Models far older and less attractive than you are worki They're not number one.
Tabitha! Tabitha, wait! We all reach a point in life when our age begins to show.
It's perfectly natural.
I'm not interested in nature! I want my face the way it was.
Tabitha, please.
I'm not settling for second best.
All right, I'm leaving.
I was perfect before and you are going to make me perfect again.
Tabitha, damn it! Let me go! (screams) (glass breaking) (gasping) (clanging) RYAN: He must be better.
This breakfast is big enough for two.
Well, his temperature's down, but I'm not letting him out of bed until he's back to normal.
(clanging) Coming! Hey, here, look-- he'll appreciate this.
All he's got are my fashion magazines.
(entrance bell chimes) Hi.
Joanne Mackie.
Remember me? I always kept it with me in my bag.
Joanne, why didn't you bring it to us before? You knew what that compact could do.
I guess I kept it because of Helen.
It's all I had to remember her by.
Well, at least you came to us.
Have you any idea who could have it? No.
But it's got to be somebody at the magazine.
Our spring issue's behind schedule.
I've practically been living there.
And you didn't just lose it? No.
When I looked yesterday, it was gone.
Then whoever's got it, has only had it 24 hours.
MICKI: Have you noticed anyone acting differently? Like Helen did? No.
Is there anyway we can get a look around? I don't see how you can.
Other publishers are always trying to find out what Degagé is doing this season.
They don't like visitors.
Well, we'll just have to do the best we can.
Joanne, take Micki and Ryan back with you and retrace your steps.
Go everywhere that you've been since you last saw the compact.
And if we don't find it? We'll hope.
Hope? Hope nobody dies.
(indistinct chatter, pop music playing) Hugh? Hugh, warm up these spots here a little bit, will you? Emery, I want it to look hard.
Tough but sensuous.
You're absolutely right, Cora.
Just cool off the spots, Hugh.
Joanne? Joanne.
Come on, let's get this set moving, all right? Make sure Sandy is ready.
Okay, Emery.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
Who are you? Who are you? Joanne, you know this is a closed set! It's okay.
They're friends of my family.
I don't care.
Get them off my set.
CORA: Oh, it's all right, Emery.
Let's get going.
We're far enough behind schedule.
Who's he? Emery Donohue, the house photographer.
Don't mind him.
He's under a lot of pressure.
Oh, yeah? How come? He lives with Tabitha Robbins.
She got us both our jobs here.
Yesterday, Ms.
Clair replaced her.
You guys take a look around.
I gotta get to work.
Hi, Sandy.
You look beautiful today.
How's Tabitha? I'm afraid I didn't make it home last night.
I had a lot of work to do.
(chuckles) You'll go a long way, Emery.
A long way.
What do you think? Nothing out of the ordinary.
Everything looks normal to me.
Joanne, excuse me.
How are you doing, baby? Bring out her eyes.
I want them to punch out of the shot at me.
Emery? Have you seen a gold compact around? Joanne, I've really got more important things to do around here, honey.
Could you keep your eyes open for it? Sure.
I'll organize a search party.
Get in the game, huh? (sighs) (sighs) Great.
Just great.
At least be a man about it You know that you can't fight it This is a private cup of tea Hi, Emery.
What the hell are you doing here? I just dropped by to wish Sandy my best.
I can't have her getting upset.
Now, be a pro about this.
Don't forget, Emery, you got to where you are because of my face, not your talent.
Now, I'm trying to be gracious.
Why not let me say good-bye to people? After all, how long has it been since I looked this good? Tabitha.
My dear, you look stunning.
Thank you.
Your photographs haven't been doing you justice.
Emery, how have you been shooting this girl? You haven't captured her at all.
Perhaps I've been hasty.
Are you available for this spread we're shooting tonight? You know I'm always available for you, Ms.
Come looking like that and we may delay Sandy's cover till next year.
This is a private cup of tea Tabitha, what are you doing here? I'm just getting my career in order.
You didn't think they'd get rid of me that easily, do you? Tab, you didn't happen to borrow something from my purse? A gold compact.
No, what makes you think I would have it? I don't.
I just I'm asking everybody.
(entrance bell chiming) (cuckoo clock sounding) You find anything? Nothing.
Whoever's got it might have no reason to use it.
I was thinking just the opposite.
Tabitha Robbins.
She was at the photo session today.
I wouldn't have noticed the story, except reading those fashion magazines of yours.
Her face is in every one of them.
She didn't seem very upset.
Jack, it couldn't possibly be her.
I mean, she's been the best in the business for years.
Yeah, besides that, she's gorgeous.
She'd have no use for the compact.
Unless she's using it for some other reason.
MICKI: What? You mean the object's changed what it does? I'm not sure.
But I don't like the look of this.
We'd better go back and talk to Joanne again.
She's doing another photo session this evening.
Yes, you better do that, Micki.
I'm going to call the coroner.
Find out just how "freak" that accident was.
I want a swirl of color from center ring Come on, everybody, let's get moving, rock and roll.
Hey, we've only got this club for six hours.
Well I think they're hot.
Real hot.
That had better mean "perfect," Emery.
Hmm I'm happy you're back, Tab.
You stay on my good side, we'll go anywhere we like.
I'll have makeup start on you right away.
Those lines around your eyes are starting to peek through.
What? No.
Oh, no.
Tabitha, will you come here for a second? Sandy's got a good image, Tabitha.
I'm not sure which of you I'll use on the cover.
A good showing tonight will help me decide.
Yes, of course, Cora.
It's all going to be up to you.
(sighs) That's crazy, Micki.
Tabitha's one of the most beautiful women in the world.
She doesn't need that compact.
Joanne, a man died at her apartment.
You said she lost her job here.
That might mean I was wrong about the job.
Clair changed her mind.
When? EMERY: Joanne? What the hell are they doing in here again? It's okay, Emery, they're just leaving.
Look, you're going to have to go.
Okay, but if you get a chance, look through Tabitha's things.
Micki! We have to find that compact, Joanne, before it hurts anybody else.
Joanne, I don't want those people on my sets again.
Now, where the hell is Tabitha? I'm going to need her here in a minute.
She said she was going to the washroom.
She wanted to do her own base.
Well, find her! We got to make this feeling last Let it begin tonight Tonight So what do you think? I think you have a very unique look, Sandy.
Tabitha! Sorry.
Your face is worth a fortune.
It'll get you everything you deserve.
(misting) (screaming) What was that?! Look! (concerned murmuring, screaming continues) WOMAN: Is that Sandy?! EMERY: Oh, God.
Oh, darling.
My face my face! Babe baby, just take it easy.
Baby, you'll be all right.
You'll be all right.
What are we going to do? Just wrap it up.
Let's call it a night.
Wait a minute.
I thought we had a shoot to do here.
I mean, isn't this the look you're after? Tab, we are not going to shoot this tonight.
Yes, we are! This is my issue, Emery.
It's my cover.
My spotlight.
We've already wasted enough time.
Look, this is not a business for the faint of heart, people.
(siren wails) So if any of you have any trouble with this, you can just get out.
Sandy wasn't right for this spread anyway.
(indistinct murmuring) (chatter on TV) How could something like that happen to Greg? What a horrible thing.
I was talking to him only a few hours before.
SCOTT: Yeah.
He was always fooling around.
But a trash compactor? Why would he get in there? (sniffling) Poor Helen.
No, it's all right.
It doesn't bother me.
He was becoming a pain in the butt anyway.
You know he had bad breath? How can you talk like that? Hey, it's the truth.
Scott, want a sandwich? No.
What are you doing? This isn't very funny! No, no, this is just fine.
Isn't it, lover? What are you doing? (banging) Scott, for God's sake, no (blow lands) Let's fix it so she never bothers us again.
(Joanne screams) (laughing) (grunting) TABITHA: Joanne? Joanne! Let's get this thing going.
Aren't you going to invite me in? Oh, is that how it is? I'm back on top, so you think you should be, too? Wait till you see me on that runway.
I'm gonna blow everybody away.
Tab, I'm glad this is happening to you.
Listen, I'd be happy to keep helping you, if you still want me to be part of it.
Why don't you make us a drink? I'm gonna run a bath.
Just let me make a phone call first.
Kamichi, it's me.
I can't make it tonight, babe.
I'm stuck at work.
Listen, Cora is concerned that we don't have enough of Tabitha to make up a full issue.
And we don't have any time to reshoot.
So I've talked her into you two doing the runway show together.
Well, so what if she doesn't like it? This year, she either shares the top model title or does without.
The coroner told me something very interesting last evening.
That doctor went right through a heavy glass table, and the only cuts and lacerations that he got were in his face.
I'm not sure I follow.
Well, we've been expecting the compact to give the same thing that it gave to Helen: love and respect.
Well, Tabitha's got all that.
Except that Joanne said her career was in jeopardy.
And her career's her face.
Helen took revenge on all the boys who called her ugly.
The compact is a simple weapon of revenge.
And it feeds on the vanity of whoever has it.
We've got to get to Joanne.
Come on.
(indistinct chatter) Joanne? Joanne? Listen, darling, there's going to be too many people here tomorrow for me to shoot, so tonight's rehearsal is the big one, all right? Now go back there and make sure everybody's doing okay.
All right? Thanks a lot.
Hey, guys, come on.
Let's get this thing moving, all right? Get it up there! Come on! I'd make sure that thing is secure.
(indistinct chatter) (overlapping chatter) Something wrong, Joanne? No.
(chatter continues) Everything okay, girls? There's a buffet out there.
Now, let's all try to stay a size six.
All right? Yes, Daddy.
Tab, I'm glad you agreed to this.
It's going be awesome.
Always happy to do my bit.
There's just got one little item we have to settle before going on: who goes out first.
I thought it should be Kamichi, Tab.
She's younger, fresher-- a little more virginal.
You don't mind? Emery, I'm just glad to be a small part of it all.
Well, we'll get started as soon as lightning's finished.
Helen, have you seen my eyeliner? Helen, how come you're getting made up? None of your business.
Are you going to the dance? That's great, you got a date! Why not? Why is that such a weird idea? It's nothing like that.
I'm delighted.
Okay Who is it? Somebody special.
Oh, that's terrific! It's about time you started dating.
Did you want me to help you with your makeup? No.
Well, if you do want some help, just call me.
What a pretty compact.
Is it gold? No, it it's just cheap.
Looks like gold.
So this date of yours do I know him? Is he from school? I want it to be a surprise.
Um, he's he's, he's coming by tonight.
That's great! Helen, I think you're going to have a wonderful time.
And if there's anything I can do (ballad playing, shutter clicking) EMERY: Oh, yeah! All right! That's it, baby.
Come on, Kamichi, let's go.
That's it.
Right in front.
All the way around.
Come on, baby.
Come on.
Okay, now, roll your shoulders.
Roll those sexy shoulders of yours back.
That's it.
Oh! Okay! Yeah.
Come on down.
Come on, sweetheart.
That's a girl.
Oh, darling, you were made for that dress.
There is no doubt.
Come on, baby.
Baby, how I feel Let me take you higher Let me take you higher Higher, higher And higher And higher Ooh, yeah.
Let me take you higher Like that, perfect.
Higher than your highest desire Oh, baby, this is going to be beautiful! Let me touch you with the sunlight Show it off, baby.
It's the stuff dreams are made out of.
Let me hold your Yeah, that's what I want! Oh, yeah! That's it, baby.
Go get changed.
Where's Joanne? Where's makeup? Joanne? Joanne? How's my face? Great, you look great.
I'm just going to change your dress here.
Oh, God, look at this! Look at this! This is wonderful.
Wonderful, gorgeous Joanne! Come on, baby.
Let's do it.
Let's go.
I'm not ready.
I need makeup.
Forget it, darling.
You're beautiful just the way you were.
(ballad continues) Let's go.
Come on.
All right, baby.
That's it.
Higher Roll on down with me, come on.
Come on.
Just strut right into me, baby.
Come on.
That's it.
Beautiful! Beautiful! Oh, come on, baby.
Yeah! Oh, I love you.
(laughs): Come on.
Come on in.
Tabitha, put that away, will you? You're messing up my shot.
Higher than your high Over your shoulder.
That's it, darling.
Oh, I've got all of you.
Every beautiful inch of you.
All right.
Going around Attagirl.
I'll go with you.
(screaming, crashing) (electricity crackling) No! You give that back to me! Help me! Tabitha, you don't need this.
You don't know what it does.
On the contrary.
I know exactly what it does.
Where's Joanne Mackie? She's backstage.
(pained sobbing) Please, Tabitha, you don't know what this does to people.
You don't know what it did to my sister.
Give it back to me! You don't need it! You've got everything anyone could want.
I need it to stay on top.
It destroys people.
It just gets them out of my way.
Please, let me get rid of it.
I should have gotten rid of you, as soon as I learned what it could do.
Joanne! (gasps) (groans) Get out of here! Go! Tabitha, please.
You can't kill all of us.
Oh, yes, I can.
Tabitha, please! Joanne! (screams) (gasps) Joanne, what are you doing? Tabitha, stop! No, you can't take my face! (screams) My, my face (grunting) (cuckoo clock sounding) How's Joanne doing? She's all right, I suppose.
I doubt very much she wants to see us.
Oh? Well, every time we come around, she loses someone close to her.
At least she got off luckier than Tabitha and the others.
It's too bad she didn't bring this in earlier.
Oh, I think she, uh, thought she was doing the right thing.
I think you can blame Lewis for this, but not Joanne.
She's the big loser, too.
I mean, she had trouble dealing with Helen's death, and now she's got a greater burden because of this.
I wonder what'll happen to her.