Friday the 13th: The Series (1987) s02e21 Episode Script

Wedding In Black

(thunder crashing) (phonograph powers up) (slow ragtime jazz playing) (mechanical creaking) (chimes tinkling) (thunder crashes) (chuckles) (gasping) (footsteps) (key turns in lock, hinges squeak) It's time, seƱor.
No! Let me go! Aah! Let me go! I never killed anybody! You can't do this to me! (grunts) This isn't justice.
Not in your country.
But here, with men like you, it is.
(spits) (grunts) What are you looking at?! (priest reciting prayer in Latin) (groaning) (Latin prayer continues) Please don't let them do this to me.
I've been your servant.
I did what you told me.
We had a deal.
SATANIC VOICE: It's time, Calvin.
I need you somewhere else.
(cowbell clanking in distance) (cow bellowing) Where are you going, my child? I deserve something for all I do for you people.
(woman screams) Get out of my house! What are you doing? Let go of me! (grunting) You can't get away with this.
No No! No! No! No! Help me! SATANIC VOICE: I need you, Brother Antonio.
REPORTER: In other courtroom news, nurse Maya Zettler was indicted in the "Angel of Mercy" killings at several local nursing homes.
Released on bail, the nurse is alleged to have injected with lethal doses of insulin during a six-month period.
Miss Zettler appeared distraught as the list of charges was read, and when asked to plead, replied, "I was only trying to help.
" In foreign news, one woman died and 33 others were injured when a bomb ripped through a suburban police station in Vienna last night.
The device, hidden in a van, ignited gas cylinders and paint in a nearby hardware store, causing the fire to burn out of control for more than 24 hours.
Investigators at the scene had no explanation.
(cries out) (whimpering) (gasping) (moans) SATANIC VOICE: Come to me, Maya.
I need you.
(anguished screams in distance) (sobbing): Help me! (shrieks) (sobbing): Help me! SATANIC VOICE: Welcome home, my children.
Oh, God SATANIC VOICE: There is no God here.
I served you! SATANIC VOICE: You all served me! Now I need to combine your tacts.
I offer you another chance at life.
There are three who resist me, gathering objects I have cursed.
Each shares a past with one of you.
You will end their interference.
JACK: Micki, there's a parcel for you from Argentina.
Argentina?! Yeah.
I don't know anybody in Argentina.
Must be an old boyfriend.
The statute of limitations probably ran out.
Mm There's no return address.
It must be something for the store.
The Magic Castle.
What's that? It's a tourist trap near where I grew up.
My whole seventh grade went there once, on an outing.
I must've bought every one of these that existed in the souvenir store.
Who would send it to you here? MAN: I would.
Calvin? Yeah.
(both laugh) Hi, Micki.
An old boyfriend.
Where have you been? I haven't seen you since Since you and Lloyd decided to get serious.
A friend of an old boyfriend.
Actually, I was just passing through town, Micki.
Thought I'd look you up.
Wow, you look great.
So do you.
(clears throat) Oh, I'm sorry.
Ryan Dallion, Jack Marshak.
An old friend from school, Calvin Collier.
MICKI: So what are you doing these days? CALVIN: I'm just taking a little time off.
As a matter of fact, I'm on my way up to Quiet Springs Lodge.
A resort? Yeah.
This time of year? Well, it'll be quiet, peaceful, you know.
Sounds wonderful.
Why don't you come along? I'd love the company.
Calvin, we haven't seen each other in years! I just can't go someplace.
Why don't you, Micki? We could all use a break around here.
Jack, I don't know about you.
I could use a break.
MICKI: It's not that.
It's, uh, I just don't feel that I should You think you might take advantage of me? Micki, he said it wasn't very far.
Why don't you take the weekend off? What is this, a male conspiracy? (snickers) (laughs) I just can't believe I'm here with you.
I know what you mean.
What made you look me up, anyway? Suppose you want the truth.
Well, Lloyd asked me to look in to see how you were doing.
I think, down inside, he wants to go out with you again.
Ah! So you came as someone else's proxy? You want me to turn around? Maybe.
After you've taken me out to dinner.
(both chuckling) (wind whistling) Calvin, slow down.
It's all right.
We'll be there in a second.
Calvin, stop! We're almost there.
It's okay.
(tires screeching) Stop! Please! We'll be all right.
Just hang on.
What was that? The weather's just strange up here.
There it is.
Welcome to Quiet Springs Lodge.
I don't believe it.
Wait it's exactly like the Magic Castle.
It's an exact copy.
I always wanted to bring you here.
What are you doing this weekend? JACK: As little as possible.
Maybe relax, do some reading.
(door opens, door bell jangles) I'm sorry.
We're just closing.
Antonio? Hello, Jack.
JACK: Well, I'll be ANTONIO: You're looking well.
Your timing was always impeccable, my friend.
And the monastery is a perfect place to relax.
Meditation, fasting, Gregorian chants Who wouldn't jump at the chance? Are you sure you've got everything you need? Oh, yes, I think so.
Well, Ryan, see you on Monday.
Jack, Jack, can I talk to you for a second? Well, sure.
Excuse me.
Are you sure about this? Huh? Well, this guy kind of pops in out of nowhere, kind of like Micki's friend, and What? Well, doesn't it strike you as kind of odd that she's? Ryan, he's a man of God.
What are you worrying about, for goodness' sake? See you Monday.
(door bell jangles) What I've always wondered is, with all these problems in Africa, doesn't it get you down? Just the opposite.
The courage of the people renews my faith every day.
And I don't think that would be possible here.
(both chuckle) How much further? Oh, just through those trees.
Ah! (wind whistling) Aah! Oh! What's happening, Antonio?! I've never seen anything like that.
We must have caught the tail of a tornado there.
Are you all right? I guess.
Well, come on.
Let's get you inside.
I've seen this place before.
It's a copy of the order's first home in Italy.
Come on.
The first monks who arrived here built a chapel to duplicate (bird cawing) Nothing.
(door opens, bell jangles) Hello, Ryan.
What are you doing here? I just moved into town.
Looked you up in the phone book.
Thought it would be nice to see you again.
You walked out of my life five years ago, and now figure you can walk back in? Don't be like this, Ryan.
There was a reason I left; you know that.
So is it Dr.
Zettler? Uh Actually, no.
I didn't get past premed.
I'm a nurse.
You always were all heart.
I thought you'd be glad to see me.
I guess I should've phoned or written or something.
Life just interfered.
Can't we be friends? Maybe we can talk some other time.
I'm kind of busy right now.
It's really important to me.
We have so much to talk about.
You just came at a bad time.
There's something going on, and I've got to figure it out.
Well, maybe I can help you.
You always did trust my judgment.
If you ask me, I think I trusted you too much.
Just let me make a couple calls.
(knocking on door) (knocking) Hi.
How about a drink before dinner? Sure.
Nice room.
Your boyfriend must be trying to impress you.
He's not my boyfriend.
Well, we'll have to see about that.
(cork pops) How about a toast? Why not? To what? What do we drink to? To whatever brought us here.
Here's to fate.
To fate.
I can't get over how quiet it is here.
How peaceful.
In a day or two, you'll feel like a brand-new man.
The lifestyle suits you, Jack.
If I could only get ahold of one of these in plaid.
(both chuckling) After you.
You know, I understand the chef here is outstanding.
You're spoiling me.
My pleasure.
What time will they be calling me in the morning? We don't govern our lives by the clock, Jack.
Morning prayers are at sunrise.
Attendance is optional.
(monks singing Gregorian chant, echoing from distance) No.
That's impossible.
Look Yeah, I I Quiet.
All right.
There's no such place.
Maybe you didn't get the right name.
Look, I'm sure she's okay, Ryan.
You said this Calvin was an old friend of hers.
They said Quiet Springs Lodge.
If they're not there, why hasn't she called? She's probably having too much fun.
Or maybe she's in trouble.
I don't know where Jack is.
Ryan, relax.
What's made you so suspicious of people all of a sudden? You never used to be like this.
Guess I've changed.
(dialing) Operator, I'd like to make a long distance call.
(door opens) I remember that time.
Hey, how about a little nightcap? Now, what's the harm in that, huh? Oh, now it's all starting to come together.
You were the guy who could talk anybody into anything.
No nightcap.
CALVIN: Aw, come on.
The night is young.
Besides (Micki's voice echoing from distance, indistinctly) CALVIN: As a matter of fact, there is.
(Calvin's voice indistinct, echoing) CALVIN: It's an '83.
MICKI: Calvin, you never give up, do you? CALVIN: I'm serious.
Micki? (Calvin and Micki laughing) MICKI: You haven't changed one bit since grade seven.
(hinges creaking) (monks singing Gregorian chant) (Micki's voice echoing, indistinct) (monks singing Gregorian chant) No, I see, I see.
No, no, there's no real reason.
I just, um I guess I must have saw his name in the paper or something, and it rung a bell.
Yeah, look, Lloyd, I've gotta go.
Um, I will tell her you said that.
All right.
Bye, Lloyd.
What's going on? Two years ago, Calvin was arrested for the murders of several women.
Murder? They had to let him go for for lack of evidence.
He left the country.
Three weeks ago, he was sentenced to death in Argentina.
Well, that can't be.
What? You look great, Micki.
I thought we were going to stop saying that.
Oh, you've always looked great.
In fact, I used to dream about being someplace like this with you.
Come on, one little nightcap, and I won't say another nice thing about you.
(door opening) MICKI (muffled): I went to business school for awhile (over speaker): and then the chance to run a store came along.
CALVIN: You're partners with Ryan and Jack? MICKI: Ryan's my cousin.
We inherited the place together.
Jack? Oh, Jack's somebody we met.
He's just a very good friend.
So why the antique business? I can't explain it, Calvin.
Micki It's just something that we promised we'd do.
It won't go on forever, I hope.
Antonio! Jack! What's wrong? I just Come on, I'll show you.
JACK: Micki? Micki! Micki Micki! That was quick.
Micki, answer me! The wine steward is a friend of mine.
What the hell is going on? Where am I? Forget about Micki, Jack.
She's much too busy falling in love with that handsome young man.
Then this is a dream.
It's no dream.
Our master has watched you undo his works for the last time.
You brought this on her, Jack.
Encouraging her to go after all those little curios.
What's he going to do with her? You inspired her sense of mission.
And Ryan's.
You've become successful beyond the Master's expectations.
So now he will give Micki an even more powerful sense of purpose.
Their child.
No! Calvin is simply breaking the ice for him.
You bastard! I won't let you do this! Good.
Lucifer will trade her virtue for your soul.
(sizzling) (screaming) The ritual demands that she submit willingly.
And she'll never do that! She'll never do that! Women find Calvin quite irresistible.
As you know, accepting one evil is the same as accepting another.
Her only hope is you, Jack.
Enjoy the show.
MAYA: Ryan, you're acting crazy.
Lloyd's mistaken.
He has to be.
Found it-- that's the man who was here.
That's the man who left with Micki.
Where are you going? To find Jack.
There may not be a phone listing, But there's got to be a priest who can tell me where this monastery is.
Ryan, wait! Maya, not now! What about me? I came back to you; that's why I'm here.
Look, I know I hurt you when I left.
But I want to make it up to you.
Maya, not now.
Look, you're getting yourself all worked up over nothing.
There's a perfectly logical reason for all this.
Why don't you go looking for them in the morning.
Some friends of mine may be in trouble.
I have to find out for sure.
SATANIC VOICE: Why are you here? Your job was to divert him; to keep him away from here.
I just I remembered what it was like to be near him-- how good he is.
I need to know why you want to hurt him.
SATANIC VOICE: You find him courageous, don't you? Selfless, dedicated.
He possesses all the qualities you sought for yourself.
SATANIC VOICE: I am using those qualities against him.
I'll cripple him with guilt for having been with you when he should have been with her.
What are you going to do to her? SATANIC VOICE: Make her the mother of my child.
No! SATANIC VOICE: I sense a weakening purpose.
(screaming, gasping) No, please, no no SATANIC VOICE: My earthly powers are restricted to this globe.
Having all three of them here could dissipate my powers.
Do you want that? This is how you died.
Imagine that pain going on forever.
No please! Anything! I'll do anything! Get back to him.
Keep him away from us until my child is conceived.
I'm offering you new life, Maya.
Your choice is that, or eternal pain.
(Maya sobbing) I told you there was no escape, Jack.
Get out of my way! There's no way out.
It's your soul or her body.
(wind whistling) I haven't felt like this in years.
Yeah, it's wonderful here, isn't it? It's not just the place.
Micki, I'm really glad you decided to come with me.
So am I.
Calvin, no.
(gasping) (wind whistling) (hollow tapping) (hollow tapping) Ryan? Ryan! What's the matter? Brother Antonio died in Africa two years ago.
And the monastery he took Jack to doesn't exist.
It's interesting, isn't it? Each one of us used this globe and someone from our past came back.
Calvin took Micki to a lodge that doesn't exist, and he's dead.
You don't know for sure that he's dead.
Ryan! I'm here! Can't you hear me? Brother Antonio took Jack to a monastery that doesn't exist, and he's dead.
You don't have any proof.
I mean, there's got to be an explanation for this.
Is there an explanation for this? What's happening, Maya? Please.
Tell me! I had no choice.
Had no choice about what? How did you come back from the dead? What're you doing here? After it was over, he said you'd go crazy from the guilt.
Who? The one whose curses you destroy.
Micki and Jack, are they alive? Yes.
But they're in there.
Ryan! I'm here! Can't you hear me?! Ryan What is that? Your way into the globe.
Come on.
(wind roaring) What's happening? Don't stop! Keep going! Go! (Maya groaning) Maya! I'm sorry I lied to you.
RYAN: Oh, geez, what's the matter? What's happening? SATANIC VOICE: You pathetic fool.
They don't deserve this! You're finished.
And so is he.
Go (trembling): Go (gasping in pain) (gasping, groaning) (screaming) (wind whistling) RYAN (echoing): Micki! Micki?! It's Ryan! Where are you?! Micki?! (chuckles) Maya betrayed us.
Ah, it doesn't make any difference.
We'll just give Ryan the same choice we gave Marshak.
Come on, let's finish this.
Before the night's over, Micki's gonna belong to the Master.
(both laugh) RYAN: Micki! Ryan? What's wrong? It's nothing to do with you.
You wouldn't understand.
Micki, all I understand is that I've wanted you all my life.
If that can't be, then it can't be.
But I want you to know that whatever happens between us tonight, this night will last me a lifetime.
(evil laughter) (raspy, evil voice): She's almost mine.
(laughing) Micki? Micki! Micki! JACK: Ryan? Oh! Jack, what in the hell's going on here? Let's get out of here.
But Micki She can't hear you.
Come on.
(distorted, evil voice): And she's about to leave you forever.
(laughter continues) How did you get here? How did you find us? A girl who said she's one of them.
Girl? Where is she? I think she's dead.
Jack, they're all dead: Calvin, Brother Antonio.
Look-- but what about Micki? She's been separated from us so that she can bear the Devil's child, Ryan.
What? It's his revenge.
It's his final victory over us.
There must be some way to stop him.
The ritual operates just like any other curse.
The evil has no power unless you accept it; give yourself to it.
And she thinks she's with a man who's in love with her.
There's something else that you ought to know.
You know that snow globe that Calvin sent to Micki? Yes.
We're inside it.
Then this is all an illusion.
Yes, created just for us.
And this one won't end until he's finished with Micki.
You can save her in an instant, Mr.
Trade your soul for hers.
Jack's afraid to.
You're a man of courage.
You do it, and she's free.
Ryan, where's that snow globe right now? It's in the store.
It's on your desk.
Why? Well, this may be our last chance-- come on! There's no escape, Jack.
Nowhere to run! Can you go on living, knowing you abandoned her? Into the car, Ryan! This could be our only hope! Come on, quickly! (engine starts) Jack, we can't just leave her.
We're not going to.
We've got to find the edge of the globe.
And then what? Drive, Ryan, come on! Just drive! Don't stop.
Micki, you were right about something.
You don't really know me.
Are you sure about this? Yes.
If I wasn't the man that you thought I was, would it make any difference? No Never.
(evil laughter) (laughter continues) (laughter continues) (all laughing) (gasps) (grunting with effort) (laughter continues) Come, Lucifer! Come and look upon your bride.
(yells) She has submitted-- her desire is only for you! (laughter continues) (shrieks) (Micki grunting) (tires squeal) JACK: The storm marks the edges of the illusion! Find the glass! SATANIC VOICE: I am here, my beloved.
Come, our child awaits his birth.
(heavy, raspy breathing) (tires squeal) Step on it, Ryan-- this is our only hope.
Brace yourself! (engine revs) CALVIN: No! No! SATANIC VOICE: You have failed me! (Calvin screaming) JACK: Micki! Micki! CALVIN: No! No! (gasping) SATANIC VOICE: You failed me! (screaming) (screaming) (groaning) Okay, okay, I'm all right.
I'm all right.
Micki? Micki? Micki? (grunts) (moans) It's all right.
It's all right.
It's all right.
We're safe.
(chuckles) How you feeling? (quiet laugh) Very lucky.
Well, maybe we're all lucky.
I mean, if Maya hadn't had that change of heart Yeah.
Why did she help us? I think that Lucifer assumed that her desire for another life would outweigh all other considerations but you reminded her of what she really wanted out of life.
Maybe that helped her to regain her immortal soul.
Did you see him? All I can really remember are his eyes.
They were so cold so empty.
Maybe that's what pure evil really is; not something in itself, but an absence of something; an absence of good.
Do you think he'll come after us again? I think all we've done is managed to survive round one.