Friday the 13th: The Series (1987) s03e11 Episode Script

Year of the Monkey

(wind howling) (folk music playing) (wind chime tinkling) Yoshiko Yoshiko! Onore Tanaka! Buttagitte yaru! Musumewa Hajio srashita tameni shinda.
(cackling) Mo harenzizo! Oretachiwa isshoni shinunda.
(grunts) (cackling) (car horns honking, subway train passing) (bamboo swords clashing, students grunting and shouting) (shouting) (yelling) (both grunting and shouting) Always expect the unexpected.
Teko-Hajime! (students resume practicing sword techniques) Sensei Musashi? I'm Jack Marshak.
I called you about a black antique tea set.
MICKI: Mmm, tuna tartare with quail's egg.
It's my favorite.
So why did you want this particular black tea set? It's old and it isn't valuable.
It is to us.
Because of the magic it possesses? Magic? The day I bought it, I used it to have tea with a student.
There is an ancient Japanese fable of a tea set that turned ordinary tea into poison.
I discovered it was not a fable.
Fortunately, the student recovered.
That's precisely why we'd like to get it back.
(sighs) I can't explain, but we have a place where objects like this can be hidden from those who would use them.
Why should I believe you? Because what we're telling you now is the truth.
You have my word on it.
The tea set will be yours, but first you must prove your trust.
How? Have you heard the legend of the Saru? They are the monkey idols.
Hear-no-, see-no-, speak-no-evil? The little statues.
They represent resistance to evil.
Those who mastered them were given great power, but those who failed were punished with death.
So they're cursed? A family that became very wealthy or powerful was said to have them.
Today that family is the Tanaka clan.
Just what would you want us to do? I want you to do what I can't do.
I have prior commitments and cannot go after the monkeys, but you three (thunder crashing) (phonograph powers up) (slow ragtime jazz playing) (chimes tinkling) (thunder crashes) (folk music playing) Minna sorottakane? Ah.
Saruno okimono-o yoi shinasai.
HITO: What the hell is taking so long? I've got a deal to close at 4:00.
Don't you care that he might be dying? He's been dying for years.
Probably outlive us all.
Probably got us waiting here while he sells the company out from under us.
That's your style, Hito, not his.
At least I'm a chip off the old block, not like Koji here.
(music playing over headphones) Father.
Michiko Koji Hitoshi.
This company was founded on traditional values, the root of which is honor.
As you know, my health is failing.
(murmurs) And when I am gone, the Tanaka empire will be handed to you three.
A person without honor is nothing.
Do you agree? Hmm, hmm, hmm? Good.
I have devised a test to show me which of you truly understands what it means to have honor.
These contain a specific challenge for each of you.
Do not open them until you returned home.
An empire divided cannot stand.
Whoever fails the test shall not be named in my will.
That's it? I came all the way from New York for this? This is his way of cheating us out of our inheritance.
He's just making sure we run the company the way he would.
We can have him committed; I'll talk to the lawyers.
Koji, I'm talking to We don't have to take this, Michiko.
We've done things his way long enough.
(wry chuckle) TANAKA: Koji, you have been given the hear-no-evil monkey.
It covers its ears so that it cannot hear lies or gossip.
To be like the monkey is to be free of such evil temptations, but your stubbornness and arrogance prevent you from understanding what you hear from others.
You must learn to listen and distinguish truth from falsehood.
"Such is the path of honor, and this monkey will serve as a reminder.
" (crumples paper) Crazy old man.
(knock at door) Come in.
SECRETARY'S THOUGHTS: I suppose he's going to want me to stick around while he goes through these, like I don't have anything better to do.
Just sign them and don't ask for the detail sheets because I've got to be out of here in ten minutes.
What was that? I didn't say anything.
Come on, come on, just sign them.
You never read them anyway.
Things ran a lot smoother around here while you were away in Tokyo.
Get me the detail sheets first, will you, okay? Sure.
(door closes) Well, the monkeys aren't in the manifest.
I don't think Lewis ever handled them.
How are you guys doing? Well, Tanaka Enterprise is run by a multi-billionaire who hasn't been seen in public in six years.
So, what you're saying is, we'll never get to see him.
But he has two sons who run divisions in New York and Hong Kong and a daughter who runs operations here.
Well, that's promising.
That's if they know anything.
Jack, why are we going through this stuff? I mean, how can we trust this Misushi-- Musashi guy? He already has a cursed object.
He can be using us to get another.
He's telling us the truth, Johnny.
A Samurai would never use others for his own gain.
MICKI: Yeah, but these things have never been through the store.
I mean, it's not even our business.
Maybe not.
Look at this.
I got this out of Lewis's files.
MICKI: The three monkeys.
Can you read this? No.
But look here.
JOHNNY: They're the same.
So, if Lewis was looking for these monkeys, you can bet they're not something that should be falling into the wrong hands.
Johnny, I want you to go to New York.
I'll have Musashi translate this for us, and then I'll try and see the daughter, Michiko Tanaka.
Well, what about Hong Kong? Oh, Jack, that's an awful long way to go for a hunch.
If these things are as dangerous as Musashi thinks they are, I don't think we're gonna have a choice, Micki.
(distant siren wailing) ASSOCIATE: I'm sorry to bother you, Mr.
But I've, uh, discovered we have prior commitments to the Omnibiotics group.
You understand our position.
They're a big account.
ASSOCIATE'S THOUGHTS: What, are you asleep? They're our biggest account.
Big enough to take us over.
Which they will.
You're gonna get squeezed out of this business.
You know, you could have invested in our company.
There's a fortune to be made by someone with a little insider information.
Is something wrong? No, no.
Not at all.
Hi, can I help you? Johnny Ventura.
I called earlier.
I said you needed an appointment.
Yeah, I know, I'm sorry, but, uh, this is really important, and I couldn't wait.
Tanaka is still busy.
I just need a little of his time.
I'm very sorry, but no.
Absolutely not.
(exhaling) Hey! (phone ringing) SECRETARY: Your Tokyo call is going through now, Mr.
Kojisan kara desu.
Hmm? Father, I'd like to ask you something.
The Omnibiotics group may be buying out HDC Resources.
It's something I overheard.
I'm wondering if I should act on it.
The wise man knows when to hear and when to be deaf.
(line disconnects, dial tone droning) Dylan, it's Koji.
Buy up as much HDC as you can.
And spread it around so they don't know where it's coming from.
Yeah, I know.
Trust me.
This isn't insider information.
It's intuition.
(laughing) (maniacal laughter) (wind chime tinkling) Father? How did I get here? The monkey sent you.
What do you mean? I provided you with giri, the path, but it is a dangerous road.
One way leads to heavenly power, the other to the agonies of hell.
What is this for? You disobeyed me and abused the powers of the statue.
Now you must commit seppuku.
You want me to kill myself? You've got to be kidding! You can at least die with honor.
Forget it! If you do not, your death will be one of great suffering.
You are totally insane! (monkey screeching) (gongs clanging) (cacophonous clashing) (gasps) (cacophonous clanging and clashing) (panicked screaming) (agonized groans) (clashing and clanging subside) (wind chime tinkling) Look, I got a delivery for Mr.
Tanaka, okay? Hey, you can't go in there! I got a delivery, lady.
Give me a break, huh? Listen to me! Mr.
Tanaka, I'm sorry.
Tanaka He just pushed his way in here and I (eerie whooshing) (screams) Call an ambulance.
Hey, come back here! Wait a minute! Hello.
Tanaka Enterprises.
Hey! Top floor.
Hurry! (sighs) (traffic sounds) MAN: Hey, taxi! (vehicles passing) (hurried footfalls, overlapping chatter) TANAKA: Hito, you have been given the see-no-evil monkey.
He hides his eyes from the wicked temptations which surround him.
You have much to learn from him, for you are blind to your own deceptions.
Those you can't exploit, you deceive and so deceive yourself.
"You must become a truthful man "whose word is trusted.
Only then will you be a man of honor.
" How dare you question my honor! I have made you a fortune.
(mechanical whirring) (phone ringing) Hello? Johnny? Jack, where've you been? I've been trying to see Michiko Tanaka.
She's as hard to reach as her father.
Did you see Koji? Yeah.
I didn't get to speak to him.
He's dead.
What? He died from a cerebral hemorrhage.
I was there when they found him.
Cerebral hemorrhage? Yeah, there's more to it than that, Jack.
When I went to see him in his office, he wasn't there.
And then it went black for a minute and then he came back-- dead.
Did you see the statues? Yeah, I saw one of them.
And? Where is it? Some old Japanese guy took it before I could stop him.
All right.
Be careful, Johnny.
And keep in touch.
Have you heard from Micki? No.
But it's oh, barely 9:00 in the morning out in Hong Kong so her day's barely started.
All right.
Tanaka? I'm Micki Foster.
Um, I read the morning paper.
I'm sorry about your brother.
Wait! I need to ask you some questions.
Concerning what? Koji's death.
Tanaka! Mr.
Tanaka, please.
Maybe I can help make sense of what's happened.
I know you're a busy man.
But I've come an awfully long way to speak with you.
At least give me a moment of your time.
It's very important.
I need to know if your father owns any monkey statues.
I don't know anything about any monkeys.
I'm sorry.
Excuse me.
Please, if you think of anything, give me a call.
You can even leave a message at my hotel, if you'd like.
The number's written on the back.
Taxi! Did you find the idols, Marshak-san? Not yet.
But I found something that I'd need you to translate for me.
It's the story of how the monkeys were brought from the underworld to challenge man's virtue.
It's marked with Tanaka's seal.
His son, Koji, died last night.
I was hoping you might be able to tell me why.
Few have mastered the virtues of the idols.
Those that fail are punished with death.
Koji? Those that succeed are rejuvenated.
What are you suggesting, some form of immortality? It is said that all men live forever through their children.
Excuse me.
(wind chime tinkling) Totemo kubunga yoikara, Kono kusurimo motte itte kure.
Saru-no okimono kotode, Hitoshi-san o tazuneta hitoga iru yodesu.
Huh? Wakai josei desu.
Suguni mimoto chosa o surunda.
Excuse me, Mr.
I'm from the Hong Kong Customs Department.
What do you want? Just a little cooperation.
What the hell is this? Importing ivory is illegal.
You're going to jail, Mr.
This isn't what it looks like.
CUSTOMS OFFICER: I can see perfectly well what it is.
We know you've been smuggling ivory into the country to sell on the black market.
We just didn't know how.
I'm afraid this is your unlucky day, Mr.
If I were you, I'd be calling my lawyer.
I'm telling you, things aren't what they appear to be.
CUSTOMS OFFICER: You've got enough ivory in here to get you about ten years in jail.
What's this? I'm, I'm sorry.
Please excuse me.
(cackling) (laughter echoing and fading out) Father? What is this? Your place of judgment, Hito.
You have abused the powers the statue gave you.
You continue to manipulate those around you.
Do you know what that thing could do? We could have everything our way.
No! What's this? Your chance to die with honor.
If you're trying to intimidate me, it won't work.
I'm too busy to be playing games with a senile old man.
Die honorably or die with great suffering.
No! I have had to see things your way long enough.
(gongs and chimes clanging and clashing cacophonously) (screaming) (gasps) (groans softly) (yells) (thunder crackling) JACK: Micki, this really doesn't make sense.
Let's go over it one more time.
MICKI: He had the see-no-evil monkey in the back of his truck.
A light came from it and, uh, made things disappear.
If he was using the monkey, why would it kill him? I don't know.
Maybe this isn't one of Lewis's curses.
Maybe something else is going on.
Like someone or something is killing off the Tanaka family.
That old man? I don't really think so.
I mean, if that's the same person that Johnny saw in New York, he couldn't have been in Hong Kong now, could he? Maybe the monkey transported him here.
I don't know.
Micki, take the next flight home.
I'll have Johnny pick you up at the airport.
I've got to see Michiko Tanaka.
Okay, Jack, but be careful.
This isn't over yet.
If we don't stop it soon, there isn't going to be anyone left for us to save.
WOMAN (over intercom): I'll hold your calls until later, Miss Tanaka.
Thank you.
TANAKA: "Michiko, you have been given the speak-no-evil monkey.
"Learn to speak for yourself, for only someone "with great courage can manage my empire.
"But choose your words carefully and speak only what you know in your heart to be true.
" (crying) JACK: Another of Tanaka's children died last night.
You've got to help me before they're all dead.
(grunting) Why won't you help? I can't.
Why not?! Because I'm forbidden to! Come with me.
Tanaka stole the idols from the Temple of the Monkey God in Burma.
What?! The Tanaka clan became enormously wealthy, then suffered tragic accidents which wiped out the coming generation.
When did this happen? The first time, six centuries ago.
After these deaths, the family is revitalized.
But always, the patriarch is the same man.
The monkeys allow him to live on if only he sacrifices his family to them.
How do you know this? I was one of the last true samurai, an assassin who was to kill Tanaka and return the monkeys to the temple.
What happened? I fell in love with his daughter.
When he killed her, I committed shinju, lover's suicide.
Even that I could not do properly.
Now I must live a humble life of shame and accept my defeat.
Musashi, I just need to know what the monkeys do, how they operate.
I am bound by my honor to accept what has happened.
But this is your chance to set things right.
Only the gods grant us second chances.
Maybe that's why they spared your life when you tried to kill yourself.
Don't you mind having more blood on your hands? RECEPTIONIST: Mr.
Marshak, Miss Tanaka will see you in a moment.
Please have a seat.
JACK: Thank you.
(door creaks open) (clears throat) Ah, you asked to see me? Ah, yes.
Please, sit down.
I've been told that you've missed almost (sighs) I know.
I'm, I'm sorry.
I've, I've got some family problems.
Is there anything we can do to help? Thanks but, uh, I don't think so.
My wife and I are going through some rough times.
Uh Things are getting better.
We've been trying hard to work things out.
(statue laughs) It's, it's nobody's fault really MONKEY: He's got a mistress.
That's the problem.
He cheats on his wife.
Lies to her.
He's doing the same to you.
He's a liar! But I-I'm sorry.
I'll make it up in overtime if you'd like.
Fire him! He's a liability.
Okay, we'll work something out.
I hope things get better for you.
Thanks, Miss Tanaka.
I appreciate the understanding.
Fire him, I told you! Get rid of him before it's too late! Say whatever you want.
I'm never going to use your powers.
(cackling) (screaming) I'm proud of you, Michiko.
You alone have proven that you have honor.
I have waited a long time for a child such as you.
Thank you, Father.
Because you did not abuse their magic, you have mastered the monkeys.
They will now serve you, and I can go on, knowing that my empire will be led with wisdom and integrity.
What is this? You must kill me now, as you must promise to kill your own children when they dishonor you.
No! You must! You have to succeed me.
If I am to rest in peace, you must send me to my next life and abide by the powers of the idol.
It's the only way.
Show me your courage.
I can't.
You must! (rams sword into body) No! (sobbing) I'm sorry, father.
No (sobbing) (door creaks open) What do you want? The monkey idol.
Sorry, I don't know what you're talking about.
That's unfortunate.
JOHNNY: Jack? Jack?! Anything? No.
What do you think happened? Micki, somebody beat us home.
What is it? Tanaka has Jack.
He wants to trade him for the statue.
Where? It doesn't say.
If Jack had the idol, he would have put it in the vault.
Come on! Here it is, Micki! Here it is.
It's just like the one that Hito had.
Koji, too.
Now what? Both brothers disappeared before they were killed.
These things probably transport them to Tanaka.
This one can't do it from in here.
Hey, you know this is a trap.
I also know it's the only chance we've got! Yeah.
Micki, we have to figure something out.
If Tanaka gets all the idols, who knows what he can do.
Marshak-san? He's been kidnapped.
By Tanaka? What do you want? I came here to help him retrieve the idols.
We only have one and we need it to trade for Jack's life.
Where? We don't know.
Maybe someone will call or maybe (monkey cackling) (sustained menacing laughter) (eerie whooshing) Where the hell are we? Tokyo.
Tanaka's compound.
Tokyo? Shh! (tinkling) MICKI: Jack! Micki! Give me the idols.
Untie him first.
No! We play by my rules here.
The idols! No way.
Wait! Micki, don't give it to him.
He has no evil power without all three.
They are not evil.
They are the harmonious balance of all things! Stop! (grunting, swords clanging) (Micki grunting) Who are you? You don't remember? My love for your daughter kept me from killing you once before.
But not this time.
Musashi! (grunting, swords clashing) (grunting, swords clanging) (yelling) Musashi! It's over, Musashi.
Don't let me kill you.
(clanging) (grunting) (groans) (groaning) A samurai who kills an unarmed man has no honor.
(monkeys laughing) TANAKA: He tricked me! No! He tricked me! No! No! (cacophonous clanging, monkey statues laughing) (laughing) He tricked me! JACK: Johnny, the statues! (laughing) I did not dishonor myself! No! No! (cacophonous clashing and clanging) (yelling) (whooshing) No! (cacophonous clanging) (screaming) (fire crackling) No, no! (anguished cries) (whooshing) Well, that's that.
I'll go to the Kendo school and pick up Musashi's tea set.
Are you okay? He gave his life to save us.
So, he died with honor.
What I can't understand is why Tanaka kept killing his family.
Whatever the monkeys gave him couldn't be worth that.
He couldn't win.
Well, then, maybe that's the true nature of a curse after all.