Friends Like Her (2024) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

- NIC: Tess is not just my friend.
She's my sister-in-law.
You can't blame her
because Rob's business is booming.
- I haven't told Nic
that they've shelved the rebuild.
- Still no word
on the insurance, then?
Is she OK?
- OK is probably pushing it.
- It'll work out for you two.
- Mummy, Mummy!
- He's dead.
- Yeah.
- Sorry, what?
- He's dead, Tessa. He's dead.
Obviously, you're going to
have to put him down.
After everything that I am
doing for her. It is not fair.
- So this is about the baby?
- Giving up a baby is
different for me.
- (SIGHS) And you're
telling me this now?
- Don't go creating problems
where there aren't any.
- Doggie.
- Hello, sawatdee kha!
- I think this— beautiful on you.
- CHUCKLES: Really? Yeah? Like that?
- Wow, you look so beautiful.
Ooh! Sorry. I'm sorry. You go.
- No, no, no. You're fine.
You're fine.
- OK.
- Mm. Thank you.
- Wow, that colour looks
great on you, by the way.
- Really? I don't—
I don't think it's really me.
- Oh— well, would it be too weird
if I did something?
- No, please.
I need all the help I can get.
- Don't be ridiculous.
- Yeah, that one's so pretty.
- OK, now I'll do the bangles.
- LAUGHS: All of the bangles.
- Yeah. All the bangles.
Right, look at me.
- Oh.
I don't know if my—
- Yes.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Really?
- Yeah. Go back.
- OK.
Oh my gosh. How did you do that?
- Magic.
Now for my next trick.
- Mm-hm.
200 for the lot.
- Oh.
That's not enough.
- No, no. Quick, before
she changes her mind.
Oh. Hello.
- Who are you?
- Ah. Well (CHUCKLES)
I'm just the girl who knows where
to find the best passionfruit
caipiroska on the island.
Oh, my friends —
I'm supposed to meet them—
- Oh yeah, yeah. We'll find them.
So. Hi, I'm Tessa.
- Nicole. Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you too.
You look amazing.
- Thank you. (LAUGHS)
- Where are you staying?
Oh, I'm just up here.
The baby's coming fast.
- I've called the midwife.
- (EXHALES) Have you called Tess?
- Contractions are
four minutes apart.
- What— you waited this long?
- No, no, no, they just started.
It's just happening really quickly.
- You OK?
- Mm-hm.
- You look pale.
- No, I just need to walk.
- OK, uh, what about Tess?
- Can't you see I'm in pain?
- Yeah, but she should be here.
If she's gonna be the mother
- Yes.
- Part of the plan—
- I-I don't want to
talk about the plan.
- Hey. Hey. We call her,
and she's here for the birth, OK,
and then we give her the baby.
That's what we agreed.
- (GASPS) Ooh
- Nic.
- Mm
- Hey, Nic.
I-I know we've been going through
a bit of a rough patch, but
- Mm
- whatever's going on, whatever
you're thinking, it'll pass, OK?
We just—
- I just— Look, you don't know
what you're talking about.
- Hello!
- Hey, Shona.
- Baby number four.
- I'm ready for the pool.
- (GASPS) Oh my God.
- Whatcha doing?
CHUCKLES: Sorry. Sorry,
I shouldn't give you a fright.
- You are so annoying.
I'm not sure about this colour.
- Hmm.
I think it should be blue.
- Mm. Don't be so binary, Rob.
- OK.
I can do that as soon as
I google what that means.
You know, just— all these years,
watching Nic get her babies,
I've just
I've just never wanted anything
so much in my entire life.
- What did you want before then?
- Hmm
There was actually no 'before then'.
I didn't exist before I met Nic.
- Hmm.
- And you. Of course.
- Right. (LAUGHS)
- Of course.
- I aim to please.
- Yes. Yes. Yes, you do.
this colour, this— No.
- And breathe
- Breathe.
This one feels different.
- It'll be fine.
- I'm scared.
- You know what you're doing, OK?
You're a warrior.
A strong, beautiful warrior.
- I'm not.
- Yes. Yes, you are.
- I'm not a good person.
WHISPERS: Come on, come on,
come on, come on. Come on.
- Are you kidding?
Hey, you're the best.
Name one person
that doesn't love you.
- If you knew me, Liam
If this is about Tessa,
it's not too late to call her.
OK? Cos if you don't
If she's not here
when the baby comes, that's
something you can never change.
I do know you, Nic.
If you do this, if you cut her out,
it'll haunt you
for the rest of your life.
Is that what you want?
- You're nothing, bitch.
- No, that's not what I want.
- No.
- SHONA: Pool's ready!
Oh, shit.
Too hot! Sorry.
- OK.
- OK, I'll call her.
- Oh
- Easy.
- Mm
- # Hey, Joe,
# what happened to me,
# living with the Devil
on a dead-end street?
# Mad world dropping through
the hole in my hands,
# picking hope from
the bones of a guilty man.
# Love me, love me.
# Love me, love me #
- Breathe. Breathing
- Breathe in. Out.
- Oh, this is so weird.
Super quick to get to four minutes,
but she's still only 5cm dilated.
- I'm right here, Shona.
- They usually fall out of you.
- Oh. Do you hear that?
I think I hear Millie.
Can you go check on her?
- Oh.
- How can you be so near a large body
of water and not drown her in it?
- You know, you always know
the right wrong thing to say.
- It's not our first rodeo, babe.
- Where will we go?
- Bali. Cheap flights.
And I know somewhere we can stay.
- (SOBS)
- It's OK.
Come on.
- Oh, fuck!
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck this,
we're going to the hospital.
Liam! Liam!
- Yeah?
- Come on, we're going
to the hospital.
- No! No.
No, no, no, no. I—
But I've done everything right.
- I know you have, babe, but now
is not the time to take risks, OK?
We're going.
Now you can call Fran.
Rob's on his way.
He'll pick you up and we'll meet you
at the hospital. OK?
- That might be.
- Honestly, it's like those
little ones never bloody sleep.
- Well, it must be hard
since Brian shot through.
- Not like he ever got up with them.
What an arsehole.
- Well, with or without him,
I'm gonna get it right this time.
- Mm.
Summer will come round.
- When, Bid? That's the question.
- Oh God, you couldn't pay me
to be a teenager again. Ugh.
- Ooh, I don't know —
kid-free, ready to party.
- What? This isn't a party?
- Go on.
Late shift tomorrow morning.
Get it in.
- Get it in ya.
- Gordon's at a conference
in Christchurch, but the locum's
on his way.
- Well, Rob can fly to Christchurch
and get Gordon.
- That won't be necessary.
- Well, what about some pain relief?
- Not in the birthing plan.
- Oh, look, the birthing plan
can go fuck itself!
Nic, this much pain —
it's not good for the baby.
- Is the baby in trouble?
Is the baby in trouble?
- Hon? Hon. The baby's fine.
- OK.
- The baby's fine. It's OK.
It's not all about the baby.
- Yeah, sure.
- I need a walk.
- Yeah. Come here.
Come here. Come here.
Thank you, I've got it. Thanks.
- You're doing fine.
- All right, thanks.
- You're doing great.
- It's OK. It's OK.
- Mm-hm.
- It's OK. It's OK. Look at me.
- You think you're ready
to be a father?
- Can't be any worse than last time.
Was Summer a good baby?
I can't even remember.
- Mm, nah, neither.
I was wasted for the first
five years of her life, so
You've always been there for me.
Right from the word go, throughout
all the shit. (CHUCKLES WRYLY)
I know Mum says it all the time,
but she's
she's right.
We're lucky.
I love you, bro.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- (HUMS)
- Urgh, she's wasted.
- Total pain in the arse.
- Summer!
Fuck, I think that was her dad.
- We'd be in such shit
if we got caught out here.
- Nah, she's staying with her mum.
- That bitch.
That bitch, that bitch, that bitch!
- SHONA: She doesn't want any drugs.
- Oh, can you stop pushing
your whatever this is
for five goddamn minutes?
- You've got no right
to talk to me like that.
- Oh, really? Says who?
- Can we all stay calm for Nicole?
- You know what? You can butt out
as well, thanks.
- OK, so I need you to leave.
- No, no. (LAUGHS) I'm not going
anywhere. I am the mother.
- Is this a surrogacy?
- Yes. Yes. Gordon knows
all about it.
- I'm sure he does, but that doesn't
stop mum's blood pressure rising
every time you open your mouth.
- I don't think you understand
what I'm saying. I need to be here.
- Yeah, we need to talk
about an epidural.
- What— Sorry, what's happening?
- Out.
- This is
Nic. Nic, can you please
tell him, please?
Is the baby OK? Is the baby OK?
- SHONA: Yeah, yeah.
- Pat.
- Uh, Tessa. You've got to go. Now.
- Are you serious?
Pat. Stop.
- I'm sorry — out you get.
- Nic, please.
- No. Tessa. Now.
- Tessa, just go, please. Just go.
- Now. Out. Please.
- Please don't do this.
- I'm sorry. Out you go.
- Don't make me grab you. Now.
- Nic!
- Ah. I thought you gave those up?
- Yeah, well
- Why are you out here?
- Well, bloody Nurse 'Pat-ched'
bounced me, that's why.
So can you just
get me back in, please?
- Uh, yeah, of course.
I'll see you in a minute.
- PAT: You're doing fine.
- SHONA: You're doing well, honey.
- Oh, just in time.
- You're doing fine.
- Push, Nicole.
- Is the baby coming now?
- Nicole? Nearly there.
- Don't leave me.
- Don't leave me.
- Push, Nicole.
- OK.
- OK.
- Push.
Head's there, Nicole.
- Nearly there, hon.
- No, honey
- Congratulations.
- SHRIEKS: Ah! Oh my God!
- Oh my gosh, what is it?
- It's a girl!
- Oh, it's a girl!
Oh, we got our baby, Rob! Mm
- PAT: Shh
She's perfect.
- Um
- Oh, a little girl
- Nic.
- Um, what's happening?
- Uh, you're supposed to
bottle-feed her so Tess
can do it from the start, Nic.
- That's what the social worker said.
That's the plan. I'm supposed to get
her right away. She's— She's my baby.
- Is the social worker here?
- PAT: On leave.
- I-I don't need
the social worker.
I need to feed my baby.
- LIAM: Don't do this.
- Don't do what?
- SOFTLY: It's wrong.
You know it.
- She just feels like she's mine.
- No. No, no. No. No. Nic.
Nic, look at me. Nic, you had her
Babe, please. You had her for me.
- You can't keep her, Nic.
- No, she's not yours. She's mine.
No. You owe me! You owe me!
- PAT: Hey, hey, hey!
Hey! Stop.
- You fucking owe me!
You! You put her
up to this, you bitch!
- Oh
- Do you know what's happening here?
- Stop.
- LIAM: I told you,
this is forever, Nic.
- What? What? What did that mean?
- Hey—
- Get your hands— Get off me!
Get off me!
- Take it outside.
- Oh, piss off,
you smarmy little shit!
- Come on.
- Can we have Security?
- Give me my fucking baby!
Oh, Security (?)
We're in Kaikoura, you fuckwit.
We don't even have McDonald's!
- Shh-shh-shh.
- Rob.
- What, man?
- Look, I'm sorry, OK?
- Sorry? How are we gonna
fix this, huh?
- Fix it? How can we fix it?
Like, she-she fed.
She fed my baby.
- STAMMERS: But that's not
the end of the world.
- No— No (SOBS)
- OK? We just need her to calm down,
and come to her senses.
- She was— she was calm.
Liam, she was calm.
That was the thing.
And what about that
'this is forever' bullshit?
- Did you know something was up?
- Of course he fucking did.
- Well, did you?
- She didn't want to—
She didn't want to call you
when she was in labour.
- But— but it all
happened so quickly.
I thought it was the pain,
but then she did call.
- What the fuck, man?
- Don't come at me, all right?
She wanted this for you
out of the goodness of her heart.
You know she did.
- Out of the goodness of her heart?
- Yes.
- Does anyone ever do anything
out of the goodness of their heart?
- You know Nic, Tess.
She would walk over hot coals
for anyone in this town.
- Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, she's a— she's a saint.
She's a saint, all right.
That's for sure.
- Baby, where you going?
- I'm going to get Charlotte
and take her home where she belongs.
- Hey.
- What?
- You can't, OK?
- Is that the cops?
You said it was going
to be all right.
Is that the fucking cops?
- It's a setback.
- It's the cops.
- Yes. It's a setback, that's all.
- You just let Nic get some sleep
and get her strength back.
I'll sort it.
I'll sort it.
Nic will be beating herself up
by the morning.
It's gonna be OK, Tess.
It's gonna be OK.
- The (SIGHS)
- She just took the baby
and it latched on.
(CHUCKLES) This is gonna
ruffle feathers, let me tell you.
- Oh, I feel sorry for Tessa.
- She looks just like Emma,
don't you think? (CHUCKLES)
- COOS: Ooh
- Nic.
We need another baby
like we need a hole in the head—
- No, don't say that.
Just don't—
You don't have to say that.
- We'd have never had
a fourth one just for us.
WHISPERS: It's Rob and Tessa—
- It's she.
She's not having her.
- You made a promise.
- So that's your big life goal —
to get married and have kids.
- CHUCKLES: What do you want?
- Uh, what do I want?
I don't know.
Maybe I want what you're having.
Thank you.
For everything.
- Aw, so tequila makes you mooshy?
- LAUGHS: Yeah.
I'm serious.
Like, how am I ever gonna repay you?
- I'll think of something.
- I made a mistake.
We made a mistake.
- The goodness of her heart, Rob.
And all this time
I actually thought
it was cos she loved me
and she loved us, but I'm right.
Aren't I?
No one does anything
out of the goodness of their heart.
Not even Saint Nicole.
- I don't know what
you're talking about.
- Oh, you're such a shit liar.
That's one of the things
I like about you.
All I ever wanted
was to make you happy, Tessa.
- Well, then tell me what you did.
'Mother Nature'.
Shouldn't take you long.
And, um, it's my turn.
I'm not giving up.
- Well, what are we supposed to do?
Buy more presents for Nicole
now she's keeping the baby?
- Ah, well, in my world,
your word is your bond.
- If Nicole said she was
gonna hand the baby over,
well, she should have.
- Imagine carrying
your brother-in-law's baby
in the first place.
- Ugh.
- Oh, hang on.
Better expiry date on those.
- Thanks.
It's not like she had to shag him.
Given half the chance,
I certainly would. They used
a turkey baster, didn't they?
- Oh, stop it. I don't wanna know.
- My cousin had the same thing —
like, his bonk juice
and his girlfriend's whatever
just didn't like each other.
I know, it's not the technical term.
- Seriously, Biddie.
- Did they do
the turkey baster thing?
- No. No, they split up
and had kids with other partners
like normal people.
- Oh, that's what I love
about small communities —
people rallying around in difficult
times, supporting one another (!)
- We're just telling it
like it is, Fran.
- You're gossiping like silly
schoolgirls, but you can leave
my family the hell out of it.
- Byeee.
- Viper-tongued, the two of them.
- And you lapping up every word.
- How could you forget a car seat?
- Think about it.
You're holding Tessa's baby.
- Don't.
Why are you saying that?
- Nic.
Lost and found.
Comes up trumps every time.
- Thank you, Pat.
- Thanks. Thanks, Pat.
- Thanks.
- Hey. Stick to your guns.
All right?
It's all gonna come out in the wash.
- Nic.
- OK?
- Yeah.
- Hi.
- Mummy!
- (CHUCKLES) Baby, I missed you.
I missed you. Mwah!
- Millie's asleep.
- Oh, OK.
- Hi.
- Oh, look. Look at your sister.
- I thought it was a good idea
for you all to have a chat,
since no one was allowed
to visit you in hospital, Nicole.
- Really? You want to do this now?
- I'll take the children out.
- No.
- It's fine, Fran. Leave them.
- TESSA: Look, whatever I did, Nic,
I'm sorry.
- What you sorry for?
- Shh. Nothing to worry about,
- Yeah. Auntie Tessa's just upset
because something didn't go her way.
- Didn't go my way?
What about 'thanks for everything'?
- Oh, don't you dare.
- OK, look, um
I'm sorry. Can you just
tell us what we can do?
- You shouldn't have asked me
to do it in the first place.
- ROB: We were all there, Nic.
Don't make this about Tessa.
- How about we make it about Buster?
- Buster?
Uh Tessa took care
of that a while back.
- Oh yeah? Then how did he end up
in Danny McClintock's truck
outside the pub last week?
He looked pretty alive
and kicking to me.
- Don't. Don't look at me like that.
OK, no, no, I took him.
Yes, I took him to McClintock's,
but I just couldn't let him do it.
- Are you for fucking real?
- FRAN: Hey. Language.
- You know what? Actually,
you're the one who secretly promised
to fix their financial screw-up.
- What?
- Yeah.
You might want to talk to your wife
about that little backroom deal.
- Take baby to bed, shall we?
Come on, Em, you help me out.
- Nicole, can you just
- What deal?
- If your Pakeha granny
finds out about this,
she'll have my guts for garters.
Keep it on the DL, eh?
You get that?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I got it.
What's a garters, anyway?
I don't want you sniffing glue
with those out-of-town meatheads.
- Just stay away from that shit, eh.
- Yeah.
- I mean it.
- COOS: Oh, I must have given away
all the newborn stuff.
- Here I thought that you were
doing the decent thing
but all the time,
there was money involved?
- Liam, if Rob wasn't
topping up my wages,
we wouldn't have survived the year.
- Oh my God.
That's— that's bullshit.
- No, that's me doing our accounts.
- You talked me into buying a motel.
- Oh, come on, your cop salary?
That wasn't getting us anywhere.
A-And you were over it.
You were over it.
Don't pretend like you weren't.
Meanwhile, he's just getting
richer and richer. I—
I thought it could work out
for all of us.
- Yeah.
So my wife and my brother were
sneaking around behind my back.
- So your kids
could have food on their plate
and a roof over their head—
- What? No, I'm working
as hard as I can.
- So have I. It's not enough.
We're drowning.
- How much was he topping up?
- Does it even matter?
- How much, Nicole?
- 500 a week.
Yeah. Now we've got an extra kid and
you won't even be doing his books.
- I thought I was doing
something good.
- Yeah (!)
Yeah, cos you don't think
I can support my family.
- Come on, baby.
We're in this together.
You're kidding me.
- You made a liar out of both of us.
- She shouldn't have asked me
to do it. It's inhumane.
- You promised that you would,
and you said that you had.
- Yeah, but I couldn't!
I couldn't do it, could I?
- And if you— if you had've seen
the way he looked at me,
you wouldn't have done it either—
- There were bigger things at stake!
- TESTILY: Yes, Summer. What?
No I— I can't hear you,
all right? You
Yeah. Yeah, I'll be right there.
All right.
I can't believe this.
- What? What's wrong?
What is it?
- She's at the skate park,
off her face.
You know —
why would you even want a kid?
- Hey. You doing the dolphins today?
- No, no. Just, um
needed a break.
- Oh yeah?
- What from?
- I thought I was doing
the right thing, leaving the cops.
Thought the motel would be full,
and Nic would be happy.
That bloody earthquake, you know.
- Hey
you know, my kuia —
she used to tell us about this one
that hit when she was a kid.
Would have been, oh
about a million years ago.
Used to say she was up a totara tree,
you know,
and she said that the peninsula,
it was moving like a blanket
being shaken out on the back veranda,
and everything on it just like
little pebbles being tossed up.
Makes you think, eh?
- Makes you think what?
- Whatukarokaro te takata,
toitu te whenua.
- That's the one about the
the land enduring.
- Ooh, so it is getting in, eh?
- Ae. Te Taumanu o te Waka a Maui
moved like a blanket
more than just once.
But you look at it now.
Solid as.
- Yeah. And what about the pebbles?
Well, we all have days
when we feel like kirikiri, eh?
And then some days
we feel solid.
So you're telling me to suck it up?
No. This is me telling you
that if you got a choice,
kia maro.
Be solid.
- Hmm.
- Um Em, I need you to run in
and get some newborn nappies.
- Only if I can buy lollies.
- No, Emma, just the nappies.
- What about an ice cream?
- This is not a negotiation.
- No. You go.
- OK. OK. OK, all right. I'm not
giving you any more than a 20.
Where's the nappies?
- Andi said that
Auntie Tessa already bought
all the newborn nappies.
- You and your
sloppy bloody patties.
WHISPERS: Oh, gosh.
- I'm gonna give Andi a flea in her
ear like she's never had before.
- Why would she take sides?
- She's a nitwit.
You should be proud of what you've
done, not forced to sneak around
like some common criminal.
- It went on my— Gr— Aargh!
Stop touching me!
- You!
- Aargh! Get your stinky gumboot.
Stop it!
- What's going on? Hey, hey!
- Stupid baby won't stop crying!
She'll be crying— Let's get going.
Shh shh-shh-shh-shh-shh-shh.
- I feel sick.
Oh, you look how I feel.
- I was just hanging out
with some friends.
- Yeah, well, does Jim Beam
have to be one of them?
We are in the middle of
something here, you know, Sum.
Oh, babe.
Sorry about the baby.
- Well, I'm sorry it sucks to be 16.
- I just feel like shit
all the time.
- Well
you're not sleeping in your car,
and you're not sneaking into
the school you were expelled from
for a shower.
Your mum and dad,
they both really love you,
and you have not one
but two roofs over your head.
Like, it's not that bad.
But I get it — having a hangover
is just the worst.
So, let me fix you a pick-me-up.
- Do you know when Nicole
changed her mind?
- SIGHS: Uh, I
did something really stupid.
She found out.
- Did you say sorry?
- Well, yeah.
Hundred times. Thousand, but
just doesn't seem
to make a difference.
Add an egg and hot sauce,
and your mother is on her way.
Oh — don't worry,
I didn't tell her anything. OK?
- Where are you going?
- NIC: 'I gotta go, Mum.
'I know. Me too.'
I know. I love you.
I'll call you later, OK?
Love you, bye.
- Aww.
- Mm. (CHUCKLES) I miss my mum.
- Tequila?
- (LAUGHS) No.
She's still so upset
about my grandparents.
Like, it just breaks my heart.
- Well when did they die?
- Uh, last year.
My nan died, and then, like,
six months later, my granddad died.
They were such lovebirds, you know.
My granddad's actually
why I'm here. He
he left me $20,000
to go travelling with.
- Wow. Good going, granddad.
- Yeah.
- Come on, Nic.
- Oh.
- Oh, actually, Nic —
I was wondering, um,
if you wanted to come over to Koh Tao
for the full moon party tonight?
- Yeah—
- Yeah, if you want to
get drugged and raped (?)
- You wish.
- Come on. We're gonna be
late for the Ko Kham bus.
- OK.
Bye, Tess, have a good—
- Bye.
- Whatever you're selling,
your little straightie-180
girlfriend's never gonna buy it,
Come on.
Buster, come on!
- Winnie?
- Kia ora.
- So, you've been seeing
a lot of my Liam lately.
- Yeah. Boy's learning the reo.
Is that a problem?
- Nah, but he's got
other priorities right now.
- Well, that's none of my business.
- On that we agree.
You registered?
- I thought you were retired.
- How's Tainui?
- You know, just because everyone
turns a blind eye to his dealing
doesn't make it legal.
- You can talk about turning a blind
eye with all that shit that happened
with Rob back in the day.
- We all look after our own whanau
in our own way, Winnie.
Stay in your lane.
- I saw its tits.
- Joe. That's not what they're
called when they're on a baby.
- Then what are they called?
- Look, can you pass me
that toy, please?
- Not until you tell me
what baby tits are called.
- They are called..
LAUGHS: Mugglewumps,
mugglewumps, mugglewu
- Auntie Tessa!
- You know what?
I think we should go. Let's go.
- Hi, darling.
- JOE: Aw!
- No, Mummy.
- Then go play. Can you go play?
Just go play.
- What, you think
I'm gonna steal her?
Nic. Can we talk?
I know you're angry with me now,
but we've been together forever.
Like, ride or die, remember?
In it for life, right?
- My mum's gonna kill me.
- Ooh
- Ooh (LAUGHS)
Oh. Ow, ow
- I've never loved anyone
like I love you,
so can't we just go back
to how it used to be? I'll
I'll do whatever you want. OK?
I'll go to book club.
I'll dress in man-made fibres.
Look, I-I'll even pay off your
account at the Rite Price, since
Andi is being such a dick about it.
- You talk to Andi about me?
- No. No, no, no, no, no.
Not like that.
It's just she said
when I was in there —
I didn't even mention your name.
- Yeah, OK.
Cleo, come on, you're hungry.
- Sorry— Cleo? Stop. Stop.
- Buster. He's gone.
He's gone, Nic.
I did it just now.
I did it myself. I promise you.
- You did it yourself? How?
- Well, I shot him.
- What happened?
- Well, I
I did what she wanted.
And then when I told her,
I thought she would
but no.
Just made it worse.
- Calm down, it can't be that bad—
- Don't tell me to calm down.
Don't tell me to calm down.
Wake fucking up, Rob.
Like, if she thinks that
she can play games with me
This is so not over.
- Yeah, well, she won't see reason
and he won't take the money, so
- Still, they have been
taking money, right?
- Yeah.
Just Liam didn't know about it.
- Well, they need us, Rob.
They can't get by without us.
You can't have your cake
and eat it too.
- Her name's Cleo.
We need to sort this out.
- Kids are fine.
- This is my fault.
All of it.
- Nah, that's not true.
- Like, there are things that I
I should have said before.
You know, the earthquake, it
really fucked things up, and
what's been good for me hasn't
necessarily been good for you.
It's not fair.
- Well, you work hard.
No one begrudges you anything.
- It was my idea that you buy
the motel in the first place.
- Look, we can make
our own decisions, OK?
- I know.
OK, but
Look, I don't— I
don't want to piss you off, but
You always looked out for me, and
I really want to look out for you.
- No— No, no, no. We don't—
we don't need your help.
- This can still work out.
- How, Rob?
- Million dollars.
This isn't just paying your bills
and doubling your wages, OK? This
could actually make a difference.
- No. Piss off.
- OK, $2 million.
- I said, piss off.
$2 million and
I'll buy the motel.
- No, get out of my fuckin' house!
Get out!
- Think about it.
- What?
- All that money.
- Oh.
So you wouldn't give her up
because it's the right thing to do,
but you would for $2 million?
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