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The Way Things Are Now

Previously on From Meagan, what are you doing? Maybe I can come in.
Meagan, no! A man protects his family, Frank! Open your eyes and look! No! "Norman, you're gonna be okay.
" "Tell my parents I said goodbye.
" Sorry, buddy, Norman's dead.
Mom! Julie killed Norman.
What happened to Norman? The monsters killed them.
There's no such thing as monsters, honey.
Why is there a tree in the middle of the road? Must've gotten knocked down in a storm or something.
Sorry to interrupt your service.
I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of the highway.
Yeah, you just keep on following the road right up that hill, right where you were going and you'll see.
How is this possible? We're on the same fucking road! Tabby? Dad, I think he's bleeding! There's something in his leg! Hey! We need help! You just rest.
I'll be back soon.
Look at the mess he made.
Well, that's not exactly his fault.
I don't like.
Let's get you downstairs.
Can you stitch the kid up inside the RV? It'll work.
- You know this is suicide.
- Just take care of the family.
Run as fast as you can! No matter what you see, no matter what you hear, - you do not stop! - This isn't your fault.
What do you mean? Hold his neck! - Yeah, you're doing great.
- Ethan, Ethan Good, good, good, good.
Kristi? They're comin'.
Hands under the neck! Under the neck! Good.
- Why won't it stop? - Kristi? - We're good, we're good.
- Ethan, come on.
We're doing good.
Keep the airway open like that.
Ethan? Ethan? Ethan? He's breathing.
He's stable.
Okay? He has a pulse.
You're okay.
You're okay.
Is everyone okay in there? They're back.
They came back for us.
Are you going to let 'em in? No.
Why are we waiting? I'm not letting 'em in! I'm gonna help 'em in, then.
Jim, no! Jim, look stop! Oh, hey! Jim, Jim! Back off! I need you I need you to Take it take it easy.
All right, buddy.
All right.
All right, buddy.
They are not people and they are not here to help, Jim! Let me go, man.
You good? Let me go.
Fucking fuck! All right.
Can you see it? You see it? It's right up there, come on.
We're good.
- Come on! Go, go! - Come on.
Let's go.
- Wait, where's my mom? Mom! - Come on! Let's go.
We're almost there! Keep moving! - Come on! - Don't stop! Go, go, go! - Hey! Hey! - Watch out! Watch your step here! Hey, hey, hey! Hey! Fuck! Pick him up! Are you okay? Hey, I need help here! - No, no! - Should we go back? Kenny, take them! Kenny, You gotta take them! Go, go, go! Don't stop.
Don't look! - Come on! - No, no, no, no! You've gotta get up! You've gotta get up! You've gotta get up! Come on! Motherfucker, come on! You can't stop.
Runners on the hill! We got runners on the hill! Runners on the hill! - Go, go, go! - Who's in there? - Don't look back! Go! - Why are we Come on! Go! Go! What are you doing?! Open the door! Those aren't our people! Ellis is out there! What's wrong with you?! I can't.
No! I said no! Straight to the door! Come on! - Open the door! - Hello?! - Hey! Open the door! - We need help! Hey! Hey! What's going on? Why won't they open the door?! Donna, let us in! We have people out here! Open the door! - Donna, let us in! - Do you hear that? What are you doing? Let us in! Put the gun down and open the door! You said not to let anybody in here.
- Never open the door after dark.
- I know you're scared, but are you really gonna let those people die? Donna, hey! Open the fucking door! - Julie.
- Hey! What are you doing?! Don't you recognize me? Oh, my God! - Go inside! - Go, go, go, go, go! - You, on the floor.
- What? - On the floor now! - No, no, no, no.
You don't have to get down! No! You shut your mouth! I said, get on the goddamn floor! - Why? - Just do what she says.
- Now! - It's okay.
Tie them up.
Hey, Donna, come on.
We have a protocol.
Ellis, just come on.
Why are you doing this? We're not gonna do anything! Please? Mom It's okay.
It's okay.
I'm here, I'm here.
It's okay, baby.
Are they gone? Hard to tell.
You okay? Hey, Jim? Hey, you still with us? Yeah.
You said You said they aren't people.
That's right.
Then what are they? Well, we don't know.
Look, these talismans, they're what protect the houses in town.
I don't know why it works, but you got one of those, you keep the doors and windows shut; they can't get in.
Never tried it on a vehicle.
This is impossible.
Yeah, it is.
Has he had seizures like this before? No, never.
What? What does that mean? Nothing.
It doesn't mean anything yet.
It could mean a number of things, trauma from the accident, but right now, we need to focus on getting this out of his leg so Dad? Hey.
Ah, I know.
I'm right here.
I'm right here.
Okay, sweets, we're just gonna give you a little poke, okay? What is that? It's a sedative, just to help keep him calm.
All right.
Hey, look at me.
Look at me.
No, you don't need to see that.
That's it.
Look at me, look at me.
- That's it, that's it.
- All done! There, look at you.
All done.
Yeah, yeah.
It's okay.
- Alright? - Yeah.
That's it.
That's it.
Is he from the RV? No.
He's from another car.
There was an accident outside of town.
So, there were two cars? Never seen that before.
Neither have I.
That's a nice watch.
Just leave it alone.
Why? It's not like it's gonna do him any good here.
It's not gonna do anything for you either.
But it's pretty.
So is he.
I mean, even with the blood and everything, he's very handsome.
Don't touch anything, okay? Fine.
I'm just gonna stay and look at him for a little while.
Where's my daughter? She's good.
She's fine.
Listen, sorry about what happened down there, but it was necessary.
You'll understand that soon.
I need to see Julie! She's good.
She's fine.
You need some water.
Hey, hey, hey, hey! Whoa, whoa stop! - Julie! - Hey! Hey! - Julie! - Stop! - Sit! - Ow! Sit! Watch her.
I know none of this makes sense yet, but these are precautions we have to take.
We don't know you, and everyone reacts differently on their first night.
But I promise you, there is not a single person here who wants to hurt you or your daughter.
Everyone in this house, everyone in this town has been exactly where you are right now.
I need to see my daughter! And you will.
But first, we have to talk.
There are things you need to know about where you are, about the way things are now.
This, unfortunately, is gonna be the worst conversation of your life.
Do you believe in monsters? Hello.
I'm gonna take some peaches.
You mind? Yeah, I'm not supposed to take these.
But-but Donna, she She looks the other way sometimes, and we all get a little wiggle room on one or two things.
I was gonna open them in my room, but I'll open 'em here, if you want some.
You're from one of those two cars, huh? That hasn't happened in a long, long time.
It's special.
What do you think it means? Please don't Victor! What are you doing? Leave that poor girl alone.
We were having a conversation.
You're scaring her.
You know the rules.
Now, take your peaches and shoo.
Sorry about that.
He's creepy, but he's harmless.
He's just been here a really long time.
I'm Fatima.
I'm gonna be your proxy.
My what? It's just a fancy way of saying I'm here to keep you company.
Sorry about the Sometimes people freak out a bit the first night.
It's scary, and it's weird, and it's just sometimes too much, you know? We just don't want anyone getting hurt.
Really? Is that why those guys pointed guns at us? They shouldn't have done that.
Look, everybody here is just doing the best they can.
You really gotta focus on the good things here.
If I untie you, do you promise not to do anything crazy? There's something I'd really like to show you.
Who did all this? Ellis.
He's really talented.
I bet he'd love to draw you.
Why? 'Cause you're beautiful.
That's not funny.
I wasn't being funny.
Come on.
We have to keep all the windows covered at night.
It's harder for them to trick you if you can't see them.
Who? Those things out there.
They whisper, try to get in your head.
It said your name, right? Sometimes they convince people to let them in and Well Here.
Come here.
Just don't Don't look down.
Just look out.
Why did you bring me here? 'Cause I wanted you to see that if you climb high enough, even a nightmare can look like a dream.
Okay, good.
Pulse is strong; his breathing's really good.
I think we're good to go.
You really should've let us help you.
What happens if they get in? Jim What happens if they get in? You have a gun.
Why don't you use it? 'Cause it won't do any good! You you just gotta trust me.
I don't know you.
Well, there has to be something we can do.
Jim, Jim, Jim! Hey! Jim! Jim, Jim, Jim! Hey, we just have to wait it out, okay? With the talisman in the window, the only way they can get in here is if we let 'em in.
So, come on, just Come on.
Is that door secure? It's not gonna open.
Just, just The talisman, what if it what if it - What if it falls? - Kristi! - What if it falls? - Kristi! Hey! Hey, hey! It's not gonna fall.
This is what they do, right? Try to rattle you.
Get in your head.
Make you do something stupid.
You know that, right? They're on the roof.
Okay, listen to me, kiddo.
Listen, hey, breathe with me.
Let's forget about what's outside.
Let's just think about what's in here.
Focus on him.
Okay? You got this, kiddo.
You got it.
You got this, right? We focus on Ethan.
We all stay calm.
You tell us what we need to do.
Kenny! It's not right, tying 'em up like fuckin' animals.
They must be scared out of their minds! They have their own way of doing things here.
It's a fucked-up way.
Isn't it? Hey.
There's a room made up for you on the third floor.
Just let the guys know when you're ready to call it a night.
What? You're not gonna tie us up first? Thank you, Ellis.
Uh, the man we helped carry in, is he Ah, yeah, no, that guy, uh, yeah, he's still out.
I mean, I don't know what kind of drugs that guy was on, but he's gonna have a hell of a time when he wakes up.
Look, man, I know, uh I know Donna can be a little, you know but they opened the door, though, right? Eventually.
Yeah, well, all I'm saying is tonight could've been a whole lot worse.
I mean, if you didn't leave the fuckin' spike strip down Hey, hey, come on! Are you fucking kidding right now? Enough.
Look, it's been a long night, okay? Yeah.
Come on.
Just in case you could use a little something to take the edge off.
It's a kind gesture.
Yeah, whatever.
It's there for you if you want it.
See you in the morning.
Okay, I guess I'm not that great at chess.
You good.
Just better.
Yeah, you're okay.
When I come America, I not speak English, but I play.
This, uh people speak same.
Like a universal language? And you taught Kenny.
That's nice.
What? His name: Fu-Hen.
He want to be America.
He want America name.
I'm sorry.
I don't understand.
I want my son! It's okay.
He went home for the night.
He'll be back tomorrow.
Come on.
Let's go.
It's okay.
Try to remember where you are.
We're gonna do a nice clean pull.
Nice and slow.
Now, it's gonna hurt a lot.
- Yeah.
- So we need him as still as possible.
Boyd, hold on to his legs, and you can hold his neck area.
Okay? Uh-huh.
Ready? Mm-hmm.
Here we go.
All right.
Ah! That's all right.
- That's all right! - Please stop! - It hurts! Ow! - All right, all right! That's it! Okay.
Hold him still! - Daddy! - Got it, got it, got it.
- Yeah, that's okay.
- Stop! Ow! That's okay.
Just hold on, hold on, hold on.
Hold on, hold on, hold on now.
Got it! Got it.
All right.
Boyd, put pressure.
Put pressure got it, yeah.
You did great.
You did so good.
You did great.
We're gonna patch you up, okay? Good, good, okay.
- Kristi? Hey, hey.
- Okay.
Okay, you did great.
Here we go.
Just gonna stitch him up.
I don't want to.
I can't.
I can't do any more.
Are you sure? Okay.
I'm so sorry.
How? All of it? My mom's my mom's probably worried sick.
She'll be fine.
So I, uh, stopped by the clinic the other day.
Yeah? Let me guess, my dad try to rope you into a game of chess.
Ah, he did.
Even when it gets bad, um, you show him a chessboard and he doesn't always remember how the pieces work, but he does remember the game.
You know, he used to make me play for hours when I was a kid, and I hated it.
Really? Now I, um Uh, anyway, Kristi, I mean, she's just I mean, she just takes such great care of him.
Look, Kenny, they're gonna be okay Boyd, Kristi, all of 'em.
We're just gonna go out there first thing in the morning.
We're gonna pick 'em up and bring 'em home.
I'm not going.
Of course you are.
I can't.
I After what happened to Lauren and Megan, I feel like I'm hanging on by a thread here.
I can't find any more bodies.
I just can't.
Oh, fuck.
Um Hey.
Uh, do, do you know where Fatima is? Yeah, she's just Um, she's in the restroom.
Um You're you're Julie, right? And you're Ellis.
Uh, yeah.
Um, hey, look, I'm sorry about what happened, uh, downstairs earlier.
Um, have have you had a chance to see your mom yet? No.
Uh, she's still talking to - To Donna? - Donna, yeah.
Yeah, right.
I I like your drawings.
Thank you.
You're fucking crazy.
You don't know how many nights I've laid awake wishing that were true.
How many times did you drive down that road today? How many hours did you spend in the car, going in a straight line that somehow ended up being a circle? You saw those things outside.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
I don't know what I saw.
That's what my sister said.
Goddamn it, she was stubborn.
How about a drink? Yep, I'm gonna pour you a drink.
My sister, she was a real character.
Not a woman to be trifled with, I'll tell you that.
She'd kick the teeth off a bear if it looked at her sideways.
Me and her, we were on a little hunting trip when we saw that goddamn tree in the road.
That's right.
Everyone sees the tree.
Those motherfucking crows.
It was right before sunset.
We'd already been driving half the day.
There was a motel a few miles back.
I said, "Why don't we grab a room?" "Start fresh in the morning when the tree is cleared.
" But my sister didn't want the deer to spoil.
Plus, we'd run outta beer.
It was already dark when we got here.
First time through, didn't even stop.
Saw some folks in the road, drove right by.
Second time through, one of them stood in front of the car.
Wouldn't get out of the way.
Just stood there, smiling.
I thought my sister was gonna run the son of a bitch over.
She never did have much patience for assholes.
Instead, she grabbed her shotgun and got out of the car and started screaming at it, making all sorts of threats.
But it just stood there, smiling.
I'll never forget how it stood there.
So still.
And then it ripped her face off, right in front of me, ripped it clean off.
Started skinning her with its hands in the street, just like we used to skin those deer.
I couldn't move.
I couldn't breathe.
I just froze.
And then I saw another one coming toward the car, and that's when I ran.
I couldn't even tell you which direction I ran.
They seemed to be everywhere.
So I found a place to hide, some bushes at the edge of the forest.
I crawled into them and hid.
That's what people used to do to survive here.
They'd crawl into the bushes or find a place to hide and pray that they made it through till morning.
So, there I was, crouching in those bushes, and when the blood stopped pounding in my head, I realized I could still hear my sister screaming.
They weren't just killing her; they were torturing her.
Those, uh, things out there, they They like to hunt, they like to play, so they were making it last.
And I just left her there.
See, you were lucky; the sun was still in the sky when you got here, people came to help.
Not everybody gets that.
It's been, uh, three years, six months and 17 days, and I can still hear my sister screaming in my head.
What is that? Saline helps clean the wounds.
I thought saline comes in bags.
Well, we don't exactly have much in the way of supplies around here.
Couple machines we stripped off an ambulance a few years back, but for the most part we just improvise where we can.
So, what are Are you a doctor? I was a third-year medical student.
Wasn't exactly the residency I had in mind.
How about you? Engineer.
I build theme park attractions.
Roller coasters, drop towers, stuff like that.
What? Nothing.
It's just you're still speaking in the present tense.
Dad? Hi, honey.
How are you? It hurts.
I know.
You got a little banged up, but I saw it.
What'd you see? I saw the Lake of Tears.
It was a drawing on the wall.
There were so many drawings on the wall.
Like when I used to draw with crayons and you would put it on the fridge? And we were all there in the drawings, you and me and Mom and Julie.
But somebody screamed because the spider came down from the ceiling.
You're gonna be okay.
We're all gonna be okay.
It's okay.
The doctor told us that the dementia was progressing pretty rapidly, but I dunno.
He said, you know, we should make sure to lock the doors at night and and put a monitor on him, maybe even strap him into bed.
None of which we did, of course, because Hey, it's okay.
- It's fine.
- Come on.
I'm good.
I'm good.
Kenny, maybe we should, uh It was just hard, you know, to believe that he was So, one night, he wanders out of the house, and we didn't even know he was gone at first.
He took the bus all the way to the city.
My mom was so angry.
We drove out to pick him up and she kept saying, "Well, how could he do this?" You know, "He knows better.
" And I'm just like, "Mom, he has dementia.
" "He's not trying to fucking piss you off.
" Well, you know what? The important thing is you found him, right? On the drive home, I kept thinking, we got a second chance now, you know? To do things right.
And then you saw the tree.
And then we saw the tree.
Can you guys maybe not sit in the middle of the stairs? Right.
Uh, sorry.
Sorry about that.
We're just, uh Sorry.
Yeah, Kenny, you know what? Maybe we should, uh Kenny? Sara? I was taking a nap.
I didn't hear you come in.
I'm gonna get some dinner started.
I didn't have a choice.
Will you please help me? Okay.
You get some rest.
I'm gonna go check on the boy from the crash.
This place, how How you say? Scary.
Night scary.
Nightmare? When this When this no work, that's nightmare.
Yeah, nightmare.
You get some sleep.
So, how does this work? Oh God, Jim, no.
No! No! Hey, hey.
Hey, Kristi! Hey.
Kristi, Kristi, you're okay.
You just dozed off.
Okay? Is he okay? Hey.
The sun's coming up.
It's morning.
We're good.
We're okay.
All right.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Is he okay? Is he okay? He'll be all right.
Are you okay, baby? Hey, baby, you okay? I've got you.
Oh, God.
Do you know the story about the little girl in a room filled with broken glass? She knows the broken pieces used to mean something.
She knows there's something they must have been.
But all she can see are the shards.
And when she tries to put them back together, they cut into her skin, cutting deeper and deeper, and she bleeds all over the floor.
But she keeps on trying.
She keeps trying because she knows there's an answer.
She knows there's a shape they used to make.
Sara I hear their voices, and it's just like the broken glass.
They told me it had to look like it was the monsters.
I didn't want to, but they said it was the only way to save us, it was the only way to go home.
Sara please, just Just tell me what you did.
I left the door open.
Kenny! Kenny, wait! Hey.
Let me go first.
It doesn't have to be you.
No! Kenny.
Uh, where's the family? Father Khatri's bringing them back up to Colony House.
They shouldn't be up there.
Well, it's what they wanted.
It's only for the night.
What are you doing out here? I, uh I needed some wood for the new set.
We never varnished the pieces.
We made it together.
It's one of the only things we ever, uh It's ruined now.
The blood soaked into the wood.
You know, with my Dad, every single game would always end the same way.
I'd be down to my last piece, and I'd just keep moving 'round the same three spaces, trying to avoid him.
Kenny Those things, they walk; they never run.
You ever notice that? Yeah.
It's like they're taking their time, because because they know there's only so many places we can go.
I think we're running out of spaces on the board, Sheriff.
Norman, they made it back from the Lake of Tears! It wasn't too late! You're gonna be okay.
Everything's going to be okay.
Hey, you okay? What are you looking at? Nothing.

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