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Book 74

Previously on From I feel like I'm hanging on by a thread here.
Those things, they never run.
They know there's only so many places we can go.
I think we're running out of spaces on the board, Sheriff.
I wish you had the luxury of grief, but you don't, Boyd.
These people need you.
You need to be the one to lead these people home.
'Cause if you don't, she died for nothing.
Started getting tremors in my hand a few weeks back, which means the clock is officially ticking, but I have this crazy idea that might actually work and And if it does, I might be able to find a way to get these people home.
Something here is missing.
We just can't see it yet.
I need something to write with.
Ask every question, right? I don't just sit around fucking accepting the world as it is! Someone is doing this, and I'm not gonna rest until I figure out how.
I really like you, and what's about to happen, it's gonna save everyone.
Where's my mom? I want my mom! You're doing this for her! Let him go.
They told me this was the last one, then everyone gets to go home! - Ethan, run! - No! You don't understand! - Nathan! - Nathan.
Nathan, please! Where is she? She ran off into the woods.
And? And if she comes back before dark, then we'll handle it.
And if she doesn't? If she doesn't, then it's handled.
Chaos and faith, that is the duality of our existence, from the moment we first arrive, and not simply here in this town but in this world, in this life.
From the moment we open our newborn eyes, we are faced with a chaos we cannot even begin to understand.
And how do we respond? What is the very first sound we make? We cry out.
We plead for answers, before we even have words to give voice to the questions.
That's how we begin our journey through this world terrified, confused.
And so, we search, and we strive, and we stumble through the chaos.
We spend our lives looking for signs that somewhere, somehow there's a meaning, a purpose to it all.
And then, one day, we find our faith.
Our faith that we are each here in this world, in this place, as part of God's mysterious plan.
In our faith, we understand the chaos is the meaning.
It is in our struggle, in our search, that we find our purpose.
"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding.
" - Amen.
- Amen.
It's always it's always nice to see new faces.
Yeah, I'm, um I just came by to give you this.
We've been packing up the other family's stuff.
I figured they were yours.
How's Ethan doing? Well, he's, um He's scared and confused.
He doesn't understand why Sara would try to hurt him.
Has anyone seen her? Not since she ran off into the woods.
I ran after her, but my knees aren't quite what they used to be, I'm afraid.
Do you think she's still alive? It's unlikely she survived the night.
Those Bible passages, did you Did you write those from memory? Yeah.
Word for word.
It tends to stick.
Um, what did you really come here to ask me, Tabitha? How do you know any of this is real? I mean It sounds crazy, but are we dead? Are we alive? Would it matter? I mean, for argument's sake, let's say we're dead, and we're all stuck here together in some strange, tormented purgatory.
What would be different? We'd still be stuck.
We'd still be searching for a way to go home.
All that would change is the home we're searching for.
I mean, I'm guessing I'm not the first person to come to you with that question.
Well, let's just say I've had plenty of chances to work on my answer.
But if it's any consolation to you, you were already here when your vehicle crashed.
You're alive, Tabitha.
Your family's alive.
So you can scratch that question off your list.
- Bye.
- Yeah.
We need to talk.
You all right? Yeah, it I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around it, I guess.
I mean, it's Sara, you know? She was always so thoughtful, so nice.
- How's your mom taking it? - It's hard.
You know, Sara was kind of like the daughter she never had.
I been thinking about what you said the other day, about running out of room on the board.
I was upset.
Well, it doesn't mean you're wrong.
Something's changing here.
It's like like something's slipping away.
The other night, the talisman worked out in the RV, same way it does in the houses.
And? And I've been thinking that the only reason we haven't pushed further into the forest is we didn't know whether the talisman would protect us out there the same way it does in the town.
So I'm putting together some supplies.
I'm gonna take the talisman and go out in the forest and I'm gonna see Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey! Kenny, what Hey! You don't walk away when I'm talking to you! Are you going alone? Yeah.
And how far are you going? As far as it'll take me.
I'm doin' this to find a way out, find a way home.
Isn't that the point? Make sure we all get home? Honestly? I'm not sure there is a point anymore.
But if you're in that much of a hurry to fuckin' die, you should just go and do it.
Okay? I got everything packed up.
It's ready to go to storage.
Oh, okay.
What are you up to? Look.
There's no wire in here.
- What? - In the cord.
When you want to splice a wire, you gotta strip away the coating to get at the wire inside.
But there's no wire.
This is You know, it's not actually a wire.
And the plug? Look.
The outlets, none of it makes any sense.
I mean, these lamps, they shouldn't work.
Hello! Ah, you, uh, rollercoaster guy, - I need your help.
- You don't knock? I'm sorry, would you like me to take off my shoes too? You noticed the wire thing too, huh? Fucking weird, right? You're that asshole that almost killed us.
Okay, look, first of all, I wasn't driving.
Second, my best friend, who I've known since fourth grade, is dead.
All right? He's not walking around with a little boo-boo on his leg.
So, how about we just call that one even, okay? Now, you guys wanna play house or do you wanna go home? Because I have an idea.
Did you know there's not a single copy of the Bible in town? I mean, in our little traveler's library in the diner, there's at least a dozen Robert Ludlum and Judy Blume novels, yet not a single copy of the world's most popular book.
I imagine you wonder why you're here.
You've done such unspeakable things.
And by the rules of the town, you should be in the box.
Nathan told me about the voices.
It's okay.
Sara, what if I were to tell you that despite the horrible things you've done, you can still help the people of this town? You could still do something good.
I think Nathan would like that, don't you? Yeah? Good.
Those are pretty.
Right? You have a good eye, Miss Matthews.
Oh, I just found them like this.
Like what? Arranged like this.
They were on the porch on the side of the house.
Well, it seems we have a phantom florist running around.
Come on.
It's laundry day.
Come on.
Ow! Motherfucker! Come on! Ugh.
These people are ding-dongs.
They stripped the car.
They leave behind the only parts that actually matter.
They're not all ding-dongs.
- Battery's gone.
- Huh? I said, the battery is gone.
That means we gotta go back to town.
Wait, just as soon as I get this cable here.
Goddamn it, come on.
Why all the way out here? We literally could've gotten wiring from any car in town.
My friend, this is a top-of-the-line Audi Q5.
Parts sourced from You really wanna pin our hopes to some peasant model jalopy? Yep.
You got all that? Whoo! We're doing it! Science! Good morning.
Uh, I'm dropping these off for storage.
Honey, she's not here.
She's not gonna hurt you.
Promise? Yeah, I promise.
Come on.
Where should I? Wow.
Look at all this stuff.
Don't touch anything.
Why? Because this this used to belong to other people.
The people who lived here? Mm-hmm.
It's like the cavern of the lonely dragon.
Yeah? When the Cromenockle was lost in the rainbow sky, she found a cavern where the lonely dragon lived, and it was full of stuff that nobody wanted.
But for the lonely dragon, all the stuff was treasure.
And guess what.
What? In one of the big piles of stuff, there was the map of the rainbow sky.
So, the lonely dragon gave it to the Cromenockle and then she wasn't lost anymore.
So maybe we'll find a map in here.
Yeah, maybe we will.
Mom? Yeah.
What's wrong? Nothing.
Yeah, this is it, this one, right here.
Oh, this'll never work.
Of course, it's going to work.
No, it's not nearly tall enough.
It won't have the signal strength.
Yeah, listen, we can deal with that, okay? This is just a test run.
Look, you're an engineer, right? - Amusement parks? - Yeah.
So, I guess that means one of us built a multi-million-dollar software company and the other does, what, safety tests on the teacup ride? You know what? Do it yourself.
Huh? Wait, no, no! Hey, look.
I'm sorry, okay? I'm sorry.
People tell me I'm not great when it comes to talking to people.
You have no idea what it's like being smarter than everyone you know.
Listen, okay, look, the truth is I could really use your help.
Yeah, you could.
This antenna, it has to go up high.
That is the highest tree that I could find, but I I can't.
I get vertigo.
So, you brought me out here to climb a tree? Yeah.
Listen, you don't like me.
All right? That's fine.
But if there's even the slightest chance this could work, don't you want to know for sure? Yeah.
Yeah, I do.
All right.
All right.
Pass me up the cable? Kristi, you here? Sheriff Boyd? Kristi, hey.
I-I was just, uh I didn't see you upstairs, so Everything okay? I know you and Kenny are close, and I was just, uh How's he doing? Well, I mean I think he's been having a hard time since Right, right.
And I-I think he's trying really hard to be this person that he thinks people need him to be, if that makes sense? Yeah.
Being your deputy and and I know a big thing for him is he doesn't want to let you down.
I know.
And I'm really trying not to push him too hard.
The truth is, he needs to be ready to lead.
Can I be honest with you? Please.
I get that you want to prepare him for the worst, get him ready to take your place in case something ever But right now, he's really hurting, and I don't think he needs a sheriff.
I think he needs a dad.
Goddamn it.
I'm sorry, I No, no, no.
It's It's not you.
It's me.
It's If you don't learn from your mistakes, you're doomed to repeat them, right? I really didn't mean to - You didn't.
- No apology.
Thank you, Kristi.
People think the Bible's a fixed object something written, completed.
But how can the story be finished if all the players remain on stage? We call it "the Good Book", but Did you know it's actually comprised of 73 books? Did you know that? Matthew, Mark, Romans, Corinthians.
Seventy-three books.
All filled with tales of miracle and wonder.
But there's also darkness in the Bible.
Gruesome, horrible things.
You know, since Since the night I arrived, there seems to be a question I keep coming back to.
Seventy-three books.
What if we, the people of this town, are living the book that has yet to be written? What if this is Book 74? And, Sara, what if we were chosen? For what? I don't know.
Which is why I need you to tell me about these voices.
When's Dad coming home? Soon, honey.
I don't think he will be much longer.
What's wrong? Nothing.
I'm just Just admiring this piece of lonely dragon's treasure.
It's pretty.
Why does that light keep turning off? I don't know.
How about you and I have an adventure? What kind of adventure? Mm, some sort of, um, treasure hunt.
- Really? - Mm-hmm.
Yeah, the game's gonna be called, "Where does the light come from?" Sounds good? - Yeah.
- Let's do it.
Let's go.
Okay, we will need some tools, right? Mm-hmm.
Ooh, I found your tool! Let's see if I've found my tool.
Let's move this.
Come on, honey.
I need you to push.
Help me.
Now, this is your tool.
This is my tool.
Ready? Mom! You're doin' great! Here we go.
Hey, I'm snagged somewhere.
Can you see where it's caught? Uh, no, not really.
Just, uh, give it a shake, see if you can wiggle it free.
Yeah, that's it.
- You got it? - Yup.
All right.
How you doing up there? Doing good.
Fuck! Oh, Jesus.
No, no, no! No! No, no, no! No, no! No, no! Hey.
Jade, wh Jade, Jade, right here.
Right here.
Listen, whatever it is, it's not real.
Okay? There's nothing there.
Jade, I'm going to help you up.
Come here.
Come here.
You okay? Huh? Just get your fucking hands off me! What did you see? Just fuck off, all right? They said they wanted to help.
That they'd been here a long time and they'd been waiting for someone to come who would hear them, someone who could help them.
Help them do what? Help them escape.
Help them go home.
They said they were just like us.
But why? Why did you believe them? Because they told me things, things they couldn't know.
They told me those two cars were coming and to stand out near the edge of town and I would see.
They said it happened before, that two cars came on the same day and everyone died.
They said it was because of the people in the cars, but if if I did what they said, that we'd be safe, we'd get to go home.
How? How would we get to go home? - I don't know.
- Okay.
Do you still believe that they were telling the truth? They promised that Nathan would be okay.
They-they promised, and now, now he's Sara.
Sara, listen to me.
Come here.
Listen to me.
Listen to me, Sara.
If these voices are real, if something here is communicating with you, then that means you're connected to this place in a way that no one else here is, and that makes you incredibly valuable.
Do you understand? But we need proof.
We need to be able to go to Sheriff Boyd and tell him with absolute certainty that you That I'm not crazy.
No, the voices, that these voices are not simply the product of a troubled mind.
So, Sara, I need Ow! - Sara? - Ow.
- What? - Ow.
No! What? - Sara.
- No! No! - What? - No, no, no! - What? - Please! Ah, no, no! What? - Sara, what is it? - Ah, no! - What? - I need I need - Need what? - Paper.
They want me to show you something.
Hello? Is anybody out there? Hello? Is anybody there? I don't want any tea! You realize I have no idea what you're saying.
It's good.
I keep seeing it.
I-I keep I keep having these, uh Hey, where are you going? Hello? Where'd you go? Holy shit.
This is all the, uh Wow.
Oh, wait, wait! Hold on.
Slow down, Tian.
I got this.
What What are you looking for? What is that? It's a yearbook.
1972? How many people? Okay.
Well, I mean, could you tell me what you're looking for? Shh.
What's that? Hmm? Oh, what the fuck? Please I can't I don't What is this? They said They said they watched you on the day you got here.
They said they watched you bury the bag and that this is proof that they're real.
Do you know what that means? Oh! Ah! Here we go.
That's it.
There we go.
Fuck! Come in.
I was, uh, going through my things back at the station, and I realized I haven't thrown a ball around in a while.
Come on outside.
You can help an old man knock the rust off.
I'm good.
Hey, I ever tell you, uh, I played first base back in college.
Yeah, I was pretty good too.
Had a couple scouts kicking around.
Here I am, 18 years old, thinkin', "Man, I might be going to the show," "be the next Willie McCovey.
" What happened? Oh, you know life had other plans.
Life always seems to have other plans.
I'm sick, Kenny.
What do you? Have you talked to Kristi about it? Not that kind of sick.
My father was diagnosed with Parkinson's when he was around my age.
It's not supposed to be hereditary.
The doctors all swore up and down how extremely rare that would be.
Wrong time to win the lottery, I guess.
But how do you know that? How do you know? I mean, it could be anything, right? It is what it is.
Look this thing is already chipping away at me.
And eventually, I'm gonna get to the point where I can't I'm not gonna be able to protect these people anymore.
So I gotta find us a way out while I still can.
You understand? The only way I can do this is because I know these people are gonna be in good hands when I'm gone.
There's a lot of folks in this town who are alive today because of you.
And I know your dad isn't around to say it, but I promise you he's so goddamn proud of you.
I'm proud of you.
But if you tell me right now that you are not ready for me to go, that you need more time, then I ain't going nowhere.
Okay? Well, we doing this or what? Doing it.
Hey? Anybody here? We might be onto something with this radio.
We're gonna have to get it higher up, but it could What the fuck? Hi, Dad.
Hey, kiddo.
What you up to? We're on an adventure.
There's a lot of dirt, so mom said I should bring some outside.
And where is your mother? In the basement.
Tabitha? Hey.
How'd things go? Good.
Yeah? We got some static, so Yeah, well, that's wonderful, right? Yeah, it's a start.
What you doing? It's like you said this morning, it has to come from somewhere, right? The electricity.
There's no power lines, and all the wires, all the cords, they just they just go down, straight down.
It's so weird.
Uh, sorry, can you not dig for a moment? Yes.
What's going on? Okay.
Do you remember the bracelet I made you? The what? The bracelet I made you after our first few dates, from, uh, the laces of your father's boots.
Yeah, of course, I remember.
Remember, you lost it at the hospital the night Julie was born.
Turn around.
Look what's sitting there.
Okay, I still don't get it.
You're saying you found a bracelet that's similar to the one you gave No, no, no, no.
It's not similar.
That is the bracelet.
Those are the laces from your father's boots! No, those were generic rawhide laces, the same you'd find on any boot.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Look at this.
- Look at this.
- What? This was an accident.
I made this.
I was so afraid I ruined it, but then, when I gave it to you, - you said, "Accidents" - "Accidents are the best part.
" Yes.
Why? Ah, because it makes it one of a kind.
It's impossible.
Jim, everything about this is impossible.
That doesn't make any sense.
Those wires don't make sense.
We may not be able to find out how this got here, but we can find out where those wires go.
Give me the shovel.
Where's yours? First base.
I don't need no glove.
Are you sure? Because I got some heat.
Just throw the damn ball.
You're gonna regret this.
I hear a lot of talking, but I'm not Here comes the heat.
I think, uh think maybe I'll carve us a bat.
That way, when you get back, we can do this right.
When I get back, huh? Yeah, when you get back.
They're so beautiful.
I'm so glad you like them.
When can I come inside?
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