From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series (2014) s01e08 Episode Script

La Conquista

Carlos Felipe.
We're on track.
I'm holding Narciso, and the rest of the counselors are gone.
But the rinche's still alive.
No, he's not.
Who do you think did this to him? I ripped into Ranger Gonzalez And held nothing back.
He should have shriveled to blood and bone.
That's not possible.
You think the bloodline has survived? Doesn't matter now.
You are gonna find him and finish him.
What about Richard? - He needs time.
- He doesn't have it.
Diosa, share yourself with him.
Once he feeds, he'll never look back.
The desire has to come from him.
Or else he's useless for us.
No one knows this better than you, Carlos.
You take care of your end, and I'll take care of mine.
It's almost over.
We are so close, we can taste it.
Now bring me the rinche's head.
You're not a thinking man, are you? If you were, you would've let this go.
No, but you're like one of those junkyard dogs, right? Just can't stay on your leash.
I came to do what I got to do, and I ain't leaving till I do it.
Let him go.
This ain't your fight, padre.
And it ain't your call to kill him.
We already saw him get killed, but he lived.
He might know something.
She's right.
I know a way out.
- But you're too stupid to listen.
- Shut up! This guy thinks he's dirty Harry.
You out for blood? That's good, 'cause you're gonna die bloody.
I said let him go.
This is Old Testament, padre.
My Scott is gone because you kidnapped us and forced us to come here.
By your scripture, you raise that blade, I can You see this? Huh? Looks like this little piggy's already had a close encounter, huh? I'm fine.
There's nothing wrong with me.
Nothing was wrong with those bikers, either, till they got up and they started chomping.
I know a way out Down that trapdoor over there, through a hole.
Down to where? It's a grinder for flesh.
Get past, there might be an exit.
Thanks for the tip, but it's the end of the line for you.
Leaving him behind is like pulling the trigger.
I say we vote on it.
Does this look like a parish hall to you? All those in favor of leaving the Ranger, raise your hand! Kate.
I'm sorry, Daddy, but you saw what happened to those bikers.
He could turn on us.
Professor? Come on, man.
Give me a break.
I'm sorry, sheriff.
It's purely academic.
Aah! This ain't over.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure it is.
Unless you actually do turn into one of them.
Then you'll be part of the family.
Like Richie? What do you think she's gonna do to him? You and your brother are gonna dangle from a rope! I swear! All right, hold on a second.
Let me think out loud.
There was a chain hanging from the pool table.
We can wrap that around a crossbar and use it to cantilever each one of us down.
If we double the chain up, should give us about 200 pounds of tensile strength.
Yeah, you keep working on that, MacGyver.
Or You could do that.
Come on in, guys.
Water's fine.
I guess.
Whoa! Whoa! Careful.
This is a grinder.
- All right.
- Coming to you.
- Throw me the bag.
- Yeah.
One, two Shit! Oopsie Daisy.
"Oopsie Daisy"? No.
You don't get to say "Oopsie Daisy".
You just friggin' killed us.
I'm sorry! I slipped! It's not like this place isn't covered in blood or something.
- Yeah.
Just come on.
- Hey, guys! Kate, I got you girl.
Oh, yeah.
See? Chivalry isn't dead.
Come on.
Come on, Dad.
You got it.
Whoa! Dad! Oh, God.
You okay? Aw, man.
Hey, throw it here! Let's go.
I'm coming.
Come on, Dad.
The Humanity.
Get away from me! Richard, don't.
You need my help.
Be still.
Why? So you can go all Nosferatu on me? You just stay back.
You can't run from fate, Richard.
You knew this day would come.
You knew it when you saw me on that stage.
You knew we're meant to be.
'Cause you messed with my head.
You made me want you, like a dog.
You made me kill that woman.
You freed her.
I cut her eyes out.
She had a family, and you made me cut her eyes out.
I was teaching you to make a connection with her.
But it's never been easy for you, has it? Simple human connection? It won't be like that with me.
Yeah, because you're not human.
You're not the only one who has visions.
I dreamt of you, Richard.
Longed for you.
I'm not gonna beg for my life.
So why don't you quit playing with your food and get it over with.
I need you, Richard.
All of you.
I need your mind.
I need your heart, your soul.
It's up to you to choose.
I'm not gonna let you turn me into a freak.
I'm not a monster.
I'm a prisoner.
And you are gonna set me free.
Knock knock.
Bitten by la reina herself.
Yet You live and breathe.
You must think you're so special.
Wow, rinche.
I would've thought your weapon of choice was a noose.
I'm starting to develop a taste for blood.
You already killed two of my best men.
Now, you must be wondering how that happened.
"How did I do that?" Not really.
I was there.
But now you're here.
With me.
You're stronger now.
I've drawn that out of you steel sharpening steel.
You rejected her venom.
Aaaaaah! That hurt? Aaaaah! Sangrita.
Your bloodline is ancient, but you're not invincible.
That is a very exclusive club.
Too bad you never got past the velvet rope.
Well, tonight, your story ends.
Just kidding.
It doesn't really hurt.
But I bet this will.
I know who you really are, and nothing you can say is gonna change that.
That's not really who I am.
That's just a part of me.
I'm finding it hard to believe that you're even real.
I'm real.
And you know it.
I don't have a heart, but I felt that.
I'm flesh But not flesh and blood.
This is insane.
It's a curse.
I wasn't born like this.
Let me show you.
This is what I prepared you for, Richard.
Let me open your eyes.
I was born at the dawn of a sacred cycle, when the morning star aligned with the sun.
The high priest believed I had a special connection to the gods.
They brought me jewels and flowers at first, but then they said the lords of the night had sacrificed themselves to make the Earth.
So it was only fitting that they sacrifice their own.
I couldn't let them kill innocent people in my name So I ran.
Their priests hunted me, and the lords decided that if I refused to spill Human blood for them Then they would give me an insatiable need for it A hunger so deep that I wouldn't be able to live without it.
The hunger drew me back to this place Where I would be forever enslaved.
That was a cruel and ugly thing to do to an innocent girl.
If you help me, Richie, I can finally have the only thing I've craved for centuries.
And all I have to do is give up my soul? Richard, you're dying.
Yeah, so what? You want me to be cursed, like you? You call that living? What's in it for me? So, does the dean of the archeology department approve of that getup? Not a problem.
Long as I turn in the right peer-reviewed journal now and again.
You know how it is Publish or perish.
So, why "Sex Machine"? Ain't it obvious? That's a pun from my boys'-school-Latin days Deus Sex Machina, or, uh, "the God in the sex machine".
Only boys' school I ever went to didn't teach dead languages.
Well, there's plenty of them on the walls in here.
There's something on this floor.
Just stay close.
Scott needs us.
Focus on that.
These stories are just ancient history to most people.
But I always believed the power they spoke of was true.
What power? Their blood sacrifices summoned the Vision Serpent, giving them access to a higher plane of consciousness.
Yeah, they could see things that don't exist in our temporal reality.
What? What do you mean, "temporal reality"? I mean the past, the future things you and I can't see.
Their ancestors mapped the stars.
They understood the cosmic movements of the galaxies.
Some even say that They could communicate with alien races.
Don't make this any weirder than it already is.
Now, I can do "Temple of Doom", man, but "Crystal Skull", I'm out.
This place is filled with chanan markings.
What do you mean? Chanan It means "snake", but it also means "guard".
What are they guarding? Duh.
The underworld.
Oh, great.
I guess I shouldn't be afraid.
If I die, I go to heaven to be with Mama.
She'll be standing there right next to Jesus, waiting for me.
What? There's something I have to tell you about your mother.
What is it? You got to stay strong.
That's how we're gonna get through this.
Daddy, what is it? What was that? There's something coming.
Come on! Wait! Wait! Don't leave us! On three.
Come on, Daddy.
- One - Come on.
Two Three.
- Close the door.
- Shut up.
They're chanan! Close the door! Shut up! - Damn it, man! - Come on.
Wait! Wait! - Close the - Jacob! - Please! - Come on! Come on! Find something to block the door! Here! Here! You can thank me later.
Chivalry's dead now.
Preacher, check this out.
It's cargo.
Probably from all the truckers and travelers these buzzards have been snacking on for years.
Or maybe centuries.
Jesus, they got they got stuff here that goes back who knows how long.
Shit! Welcome to the party, baby.
Do you want to put down the death stick, road block? Do I have a smile on my face? Does it look like I'm happy to see you? News flash We're friendlies.
Okay? We're not those freaks.
I want you out of here.
Go back to where you came.
There's nothing but death and misery that way.
What do you think is on the other end of this? - Stop! - Kate! Stop.
No, Dad.
Mister, my brother is lost down here, and we're trying to find him.
You never will.
Nothing's gonna survive down here.
You survived.
How long have you been down here? A month.
A year.
Time's like a ribbon Finds a way of knotting itself into a bow.
Okay, buddy, listen.
We got to get at this stuff, okay? We got to find a way to defend ourselves.
You understand? I'm a bad judge of character.
Either you go back the way you came or you play the wheel of misfortune, like everybody else.
You want to play games? I'm not playing the game.
You are.
It's your lucky day.
Shopping spree You get 10 minutes to get whatever you want and ease on down the road.
Fair enough.
Hold on a second.
You've been deeper into this temple.
Fought my way to the heart of it.
Well? What happened? It showed me things.
Things? What things? If hell has circles You just stepped off the bottom rung.
This entire night was about getting Richie.
Why? What do you care? You're not a lawman anymore.
- Shut up! - This is the place of dead roads.
She took Richie.
What does she want with him? She's using him.
For what? You'll be an immortal among mortals, a king among men.
You'll have everything you've ever wanted.
All you have to do is ask.
Sounds like another trick to me.
You've felt that power that I'm talking about.
You want it.
You're just afraid of it.
Yeah, I've heard this story before young girl plays lost and afraid, hooks a guy, and he falls in love with her.
He'll do anything to protect her.
Next thing he knows, he's lying facedown in a swimming pool, reading his own narration.
I swear it's not a trick.
What about your boyfriend? You think I'm in love with Carlos? Carlos Felipe's nothing you should worry about.
Good? Evil? I've been alive for five centuries, and I still don't understand the difference.
It is never that simple.
I'm moving on to jury and executioner unless you start talking.
It all ends tonight.
But to understand the end, you must understand the beginning.
I was a soldier A conqueror A disciple of God.
Well, one God.
Hey! I convinced the natives to show me one of their temples.
I became her servant.
I fed her, as I have done to this night, to keep the death lords sated and to keep her alive.
What I do, I do for the woman I love.
You know what they say nothing in any world is free.
She never asked me to be like her.
I begged her for it.
I wanted power Eternal life The fountain of youth And the most beautiful woman in the world.
He did it for me.
He loves you.
He doesn't love me.
He worships me.
That is not love.
So you bet on the wrong horse.
He's not the man I thought he was.
Even after 500 years, he's driven by greed The very thing that brought him to me.
He makes a good profit from my enslavement to the lords.
And because of that, he lacks conviction to pass the trials.
What trials? The ones you'll have to face in order to set me free.
Am I evil? Who really deserves the iron fist of punishment The slave or the masters? That's a sad story, but it ends the same way.
- Killing me won't make a difference.
- Sure it will.
Hundreds of innocent people won't be murdered every night.
Innocents? Have you seen the crowd out there? What about the girls that got carved up along the border The ones you made Richie kill? Richie never killed them.
The bank teller was his first and only.
Oh, still the lawman.
I told you That's not who you are anymore.
- I haven't changed.
- You are who you've always been.
In this realm and all others, you're just a white hat.
Which is why I'm going to break you in half when I get out of this chair! "In this realm and all others"? You're saying this is destiny? It is a nightmare, rinche.
You came on a mission of blood, but what you found was much thicker.
And it's pulling you.
Killing the Geckos may avenge your partner's murder, but it will never satisfy you.
I didn't ask for this fight.
Rangers don't go looking for trouble.
- Trouble finds them.
- Exactamundo.
We always have a choice.
Not for you.
Oh, and, Frederico, nothing is ever free.
You will pay a steep price for this.
You will never see Margaret and Billy again.
What a twist.
I'll see you two in hell.
I'm just gonna take a little off the top.
Rinche sausage.
Did you do everything I told you to do? I saw Santanico.
You were right.
She chose Richie over you.
Time's up.
This'll work.
He should come with us.
You should talk to him.
I can't judge a man I just met.
Besides, he's lost hope.
Once a person does that, there's nothing you can do.
I don't understand how a person can get like that.
That's 'cause you have a light in your soul Always leads you away from darkness.
There it is.
Your one-way ticket's about to get punched.
But don't come crawling back.
'Cause once you go through there, I'm shutting the door.
You keep acting like you don't care if we live or die, but you keep helping us.
Why don't you help us fight our way out of here? You know your way around down there, don't you? I'm not partial to suicide missions.
My brother's down there Alone, in the dark.
Kate, the man has made up his mind.
My family might survive If we stick together Because we're better together.
When we're alone, we're lost.
You say that you're surviving, but you're just rotting away.
This place Will mess with your mind.
It will dig deep down into your brain and stir up the most heinous shit.
Last time I was in there I was in Fallujah, 130 degrees in the reeds and smoke, dying of heat stroke.
They dropped ordnance.
Command sends me out to do a dead check.
I find a little boy.
Shell done torn him in half.
No clothes on, crawling to me, life just bleeding out of him.
I wanted so bad to put him out of his misery, but I can't.
And he's just screaming.
And no matter what I did, I just can't.
Do anything to help him.
So the dogs had to come and finish the job.
Don't be afraid of what's in there.
Be afraid of what's in here.
All right, enough.
It's been real.
I hope you find your way out, Mr.
Sergeant Frost.
God bless.
Did you guys hear that? Dad? Wait! Katey.
Hello? Katey.
Hello? Hello? Mama? No, this this can't be real.
I stood before that congregation What are you And I lied.
Mama, what are you talking about? I told them he saved my life.
But it was a lie.
You can't save a life that's not worth saving.
It's not your fault, Jacob.
It's mine.
I've been a burden on this family, and they'd be better off without me.
You're old enough to take care of yourselves now.
You don't need me anymore.
I have to go.
What are you doing? Mama, stop.
Stop it! Stop! Mom, stop! Please stop!! You all right? You made a sound like you lost your breath or something.
Kate, what is it? Kate, what's wrong? - Kate! Kate! - What happened? Help!! Dad.
Help! Help! Help! No, please Dad! Help! Kate! Whoa! Help! - Okay, she-nans! - It's chanan.
Okay, chanans! No, it's a long "n".
It's "chanaan".
Professor, you go right.
Jacob, go left.
We're coming, honey! All right, you sons of bitches.
You want to go? You got it.
Whew! Sayonara.
Kate, I'm sorry, honey.
Did you guys see that? They tried to sacrifice her.
Even after all these years, they're still practicing their rituals.
That's fascinating, Spock.
Let's just get out of here.
You all right? Aw, shit! What do we do?! Barbecue's about to start.
It's chanan-stop action.
There's a passageway Just beyond the altar.
Move, God damn it! Go! Go! Get your brother! Frost! Go, God damn it! Come on! You are so much more than him, Richard.
You never stole just for the money, and you always sought greatness.
Look where it got me.
Just ask.
You don't have to beg for it.
Just ask, Richard.
I can't.
I can't leave Seth.
I'm all he's got.
He's lost without me.
Then he can come with us.
It'll never happen.
If this trip to Mexico has proved anything, it's that he's always got to call the shots.
Then you have to let him go.
You've been held captive by his desires for too long.
You're a prisoner, Richard Just like me.
Let me set you free.
What's gonna happen to me? You'll become more than you ever were Beyond fire and water Beyond light and dark Beyond dusk and dawn.