From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series (2014) s02e03 Episode Script

Attack of the 50 ft. Sex Machine

1 And now begins the ancient word, the sun sleeps below the sky, and the world turns upside down.
In the night, we make our feast.
For centuries I danced for them, the blood-gatherer, the bringer of souls.
I brought them the lost ones, the troubled ones, the desperate ones.
Now I am free and the world turns upside down again.
They are thirsty for revenge, and nothing will stop them.
No boundaries, no borders.
They will come for me, but I am coming for them.
Their empire of blood will fall, and I will not rest until it all burns.
- ¡Venga! ¡Venga! Por aqui.
Sí, sí.
- Tranquila.
She's perfect.
- Can you hear me, Seth? Look at you.
You're a mess.
- What are you doing here? - I couldn't leave you.
I could never leave you.
What the fuck are you doing, you shithead? Get your dope fiend hands off me! You'll pay for what you did to me, asshole.
- Sonja? - You hear me? Pay up! Now! - Pay for what? - For turning my life into an episode of Latin America's Most Wanted.
The biggest mob in the territory thinks I was in on your score.
- Whoa.
Where the hell's my stuff? - Gone.
- Gone where? - Down the toilet with the rest of your life.
I want twenty grand for my shop and all my gear, and for being duped by your dazzling prick.
Twenty grand.
- I gave it to my partner.
- Okay, fine, then.
- What are you doing? - The great Seth Gecko's gonna help me get my shit back.
- What? - First you can get clean then back to work.
Time to see the light, motherfucker - Uncle Eddie! It's me.
What's this? - A receipt.
For two headstones and two plots I squared away this morning.
Figured it was just a matter of time before the Rangers sent me your bodies.
I called in a lot of favors to get you and your brother a nice spot, on a hill.
You can see the Mother Bayou and everything from there.
It's beautiful.
You owe me six grand.
- Ah - Get over here, you stupid, gullible son of a bitch! Goddamn, what's that smell? - Too much Mexican.
- Fiery car crash? Only that HAL-9000 brain of yours could have worked it out.
I gotta tell you, all that shit's just a movie trope.
It does not work in the real world, even if you do burn the bodies.
- It does if you match the dental work.
- Ahh.
Open the pod bay doors, baby.
Please tell me you're here to share some of that cool 30 million with your dear old Uncle Eddie.
- We lost it.
Our fence wasn't on the up-and-up.
- I can hook you and your brother up.
Where's Seth? - I don't know.
- That's smart, too.
Stay separated.
That way they can't put you together in case one of you get caught.
I'll make a cup of Joe.
You want some? - No, thanks.
- Afraid it'll keep you up all night? - I'm up all night anyways.
- This ain't no mountain-grown shit.
Magic beans from Indo-fucking-nesia.
Got a funny way of picking them over there.
These monkeys eat all the red berries off the trees.
The beans move through their digestive tract.
Supposed to add flavor.
They sell the shit to fools like me that got nothing better to do than perfect their brew.
I gotta tell you, might come out of the poop shoot but you get hints of vanilla, all-spice, forest floor.
It's good shit.
- I'm gonna pass.
I need a favor.
You know Nathan Blanchard? - What do you want to get mixed up with him for? - You know him or not? - I help him with his collections sometimes, but let me tell you, he's a pimp.
Nothing but a class-A scumbag.
You got no reason to get mixed up with him.
- I know what I'm getting into.
- Why are you doing it? Your father did the same thing.
He went all entrepreneurial and shit.
That was the beginning of the end.
- For him, not you.
- You want a score? I'll get you a play.
- I want you to make a phone call.
How come you can't do that for me? - Where's your brother? He still in Mexico? - I knew it! I fucking knew it! Why do I even bother? You don't think I can do anything without him and you never did! - It's not that at all.
You and your brother, you're the best I've ever seen.
The best.
He's the ace, you're the wild card.
Together you make a beautiful hand.
- Things changed in Mexico.
I got the edge now.
I'm a new man.
- And I'm an old one.
Let me tell you something Richard, life is shorter than you think.
You burn bridges, you're gonna end up all alone on an island like me.
- I just want an intro.
- I don't see why I should help ya.
- Because you know what it is to always be number two.
Hmm? Si.
- Hey.
Everything okay? - I just got the baby to sleep, but she was crying her eyes out.
Is Binky in your truck? - I got her.
I'll bring her home.
- Not before you pick up some diapers.
We're all out.
- Awesome.
See you in a bit.
- Somebody's been sleepin' in my bed.
- Dumb ass.
- Tony.
What are you doing here? - Well, howdy there, Mrs.
Sorry to bug you.
Is, uh, is he home? I was needing to pick up a piece of evidence.
- Can this wait? It's really not a good time.
- Hey, now.
You two playing Ranger/convict and you didn't call me? - It was supposed to be a surprise.
I guess the surprise is on me.
- Well, who doesn't like surprises? - What's this about again, Tony? - It's an artifact he got from a museum up at Alamo State.
It's an old piece of paper, very old.
It folds like an accordion.
- Don't know anything about that.
Look, this really isn't a good time.
- Let me poke around for a minute and I’ll be out of your hair.
- There's your Alamo State right there.
Professor Perv.
- Professor Perv? - Freddie said some girls filed complaints against him.
Been doing it for years.
Nothing comes of it.
College drops the ball on a sex assault.
Shocking, right? - Well, you know, sometimes them little coeds are asking for it, with their short shorts and their upright titties.
- Antonio, is that really necessary? - Oh, urn I'm sorry, um Margaret.
Does does he keep his stuff anywhere else? - He'll be home any minute, Tony.
You can ask him all about it.
- You know what? No.
I'm going to wait outside.
I’ll wait outside and it'll be another nice surprise.
- Wait.
I’ll make some coffee.
- No, it's okay.
- No, it's not.
I'm being a terrible host.
Please, sit.
I'm really worried about him, Tony.
He's not sleeping and he's always on edge.
Look at this place.
He put these freakin' shutters up everywhere.
Makes me roll 'em down at sundown.
And he has these weapons.
They're hidden all over the house and he thinks I don't know about them.
It scares me.
- Weapons, huh? - First I thought it was a hobby, then I found a duffle bag of wooden sticks in a coat closet.
Sharp, like knives.
He's making more in the garage.
- Crafty.
- He wakes up in a cold sweat and starts jotting all kinds of strange stuff in his notebook.
It all started when he came back from Mexico.
Something happened to him down there.
- Sounds like your husband's radio is tuned to a different frequency than the rest of ours.
You got anything to eat around here? I'm kind of famished.
- I have one question for you, amigo.
Where is your brother? - You didn't see him? - See who? Come on, get up.
- That guy.
- Get up.
Come on.
- Oh, fuck.
- Stop it.
- Why can't you get me any? My fucking head is going to explode.
- Ease down.
- Just give me a little.
Just listen to me.
Give me some, okay? - Ease down.
- I'm on the clock here.
- No.
No, you're not.
You're not on anything, Seth.
Okay? Just keep coming.
It's a short walk.
- Yeah - I’ll be here waiting on the other side.
- I'm on the clock.
The gun.
Oh, my God.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I'm all right.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
What have you got for me? Oh, yeah.
I'll take 'em, if you can get 'em here by Friday.
I can't use 'em after Friday, Jimmy.
I'm not Thank you, baby.
No, no.
It's got to be here by Friday, man.
Hang on.
Can I get you a snack or something? You look like you could use it.
- No, thanks.
- Have a seat.
Call me back, man.
- I'll get right to it, Mr.
My name is Richard Sanz.
I'm not a flesh trader.
Mostly I boost merch and transport cargo.
Recently acquired a truck.
So happens it was filled with precious goods.
Immigrant girls.
- Uh-oh.
- I'm a fan of research.
I looked into the trade and I like the returns.
I got to thinking, with my connections south of the border, I might be able to make this happen on the regular.
So I reached out to Eddie.
He mentioned your name.
Question is, are you interested in a new supplier? - Pretty.
Do you tell them they're going to be nannies? - I don't have to tell them anything.
As soon as they cross, they think they're going to meet the man of their dreams and wife 'em up.
How much would you pay for these? - Oh, ten, twenty.
For one.
Depending on her looks.
- I hear that some of these girls don't get rented, they get bought.
How much then? - Who told you that? Eddie? - Research.
You have an exclusive relationship with a very connected, very close-knit crowd from down south.
They like to stay in the shadows, and they like the very best flesh.
We make this deal, you won't have to troll the Mexican hoochie circuit and cherry-pick from the leftovers, 'cause I got your cherries right here.
- Do you know why I drink this shit? It ain't the taste, of that I can assure you.
I'm looking after my body, man.
Same reason I try to perfect my ustrasana and padahastasana.
Is that right? They all sound the same to me.
Body's your temple, right? What's a temple for? Worship.
Huh? My clients come into my establishment, see the pleasures I provide, and they worship at the altar of me, my friend.
They see I'm a conscientious man who takes care of them, but, more importantly, takes care of himself.
They think that Nathan Blanchard, he's solid as a Bob Seger song.
Great hook, two strong verses, and a bridge that brings it home.
He makes good choices.
- Maybe when I walk out that door, you hit the Bombay Sapphire.
- Maybe, which is why I gotta ask you You come in here, you say you're all carrot juice and wheat grass.
How do I know you're not really PBR and pork rinds? - I'm offering you choice goods, handled with care.
No bruises, no broken bones, handpicked.
For that, I want 50%.
- Okay.
- You can say yes or sit down with the cartels and try it yourself.
I'll even give you my contact.
You might wanna bring an extra pair of rocks, in case the ones you have don't make it back across the border.
- My rocks will be fine.
I'll tell you what.
Bring me a shipment we'll talk percentages.
- Done and done.
- Follow him.
Make him understand who he's dealing with.
- How much are you going to make when he fucks me? - No one is gonna touch you.
Now get in the cage.
- Or what? - Or he will touch you.
Many men will have their way with you.
And I won't be there to protect you.
So if you listen and do as I say, you'll help me destroy those men.
Now get in the fucking cage.
- What What did he do to you? - He taught me how to dance.
- And then what happened? - He thought I would do it forever.
What he didn't know is that he'd given me a strength.
A power.
The same power I'm going to use to tear him limb from limb.
- Is that the power you gave me? To destroy anyone who threatens me? - I just gave you a taste.
- A taste.
Would you like a taste? - It's a relief to let a little moonlight in.
- Hmm - I feel so trapped in here sometimes.
- Sweet Jesus on a pogo stick.
I didn't know people still made Frito pie.
- If we don't keep up our traditions, they'll die.
- Damn straight.
Although I don't know that my hunger has been completely satisfied.
Let me help you with that.
Ranger Gonzalez.
How's it hanging? - There you are, baby.
- Hey, baby.
I got it.
Thank you.
What are you doing in here, Tony? - Just saying hello to your wife.
- I didn't ask you to do that.
- Freddie! - Can't a man be social with another man's bride anymore? - You know, you're right.
Thanks for coming by.
I'd invite you to stay for some chow, but looks like you've already had some.
See you tomorrow at the office huh? - "In here"? - What's that, babe? - First thing you said, "What are you doing 'in here?" Why'd you say it like that? - It's nothing.
- He had you watching the house, didn't he? - Let's not do this.
- We are doing this.
Right here, right now.
You think you can lock me and Billy in here every night like a prison? - Okay, listen.
Why don't you just hand me over whatever you got at the professor's house.
That way, I can get to processing it down at the lab.
- Give you what? - Well, come on, now.
You must have gotten something.
Let me get started on it.
It's the least I can do after eating half the Frito pie, right? - Let me talk to you, hon.
- Freddie! Stop it! - I didn't tell you I went to Tanner's house, which means one of two things: they got to you, or you're not you.
- Freddie, what's going on? - Margaret, not now! - Now see, you've gone and woke the little one.
If you'd just given me what I wanted, I'd be on my merry way.
Life would have been so much easier for all of us.
Nobody would have known I was alive.
- Baby, what's he talking about? - That's not Tony.
- What you're seeing is How do I explain this? It's a projection.
I just consumed Officer Mendoza's soul, which means that for just a little while, I can project him onto your mind.
- Freddie, you just shot Tony! - I didn't.
That's not Tony.
- You just shot Tony! - That's not Tony, that's Professor Perv! - You shot Tony! - Stings like a mother.
Aah! - Where's the remote? Mag! Where's the remote, Maggie? I refuse.
- It's because they have no souls.
That's the flavor.
Look, Richard, I'm not gonna lie to you.
A virgin's blood is like a '66 Romanée-Conti.
Elegant, but complex.
And there's a cage full of those right there.
- We sell the girls, follow them to the boss's hideout, then we let them go.
Got it? - Follow the flesh.
- As soon as he's gone, I'll be sitting on top of this whole damn operation.
I can feed all I want.
- Richard, by the time I'm finished, there will be no operation.
I'm going to destroy everything, got it? You're wearing your glasses again.
- Yeah.
Stuff's out of focus all of a sudden.
- That's your monkey brain fighting your culebra soul.
- Didn't realize it was a battle.
- It shouldn't be.
Sooner or later, your human side loses.
It has to.
- Then what? - Everything becomes crystal clear.
- Maybe they've gone to sleep.
Come on, man, I'm tired of waiting.
- Shut up.
You take out Junior Mafia.
I'm gonna take care of that smokin' hot girlfriend.
Hold up.
pretty lady.
- Whoa there, cowboy.
- Not a good idea to skim off the top.
- Gotta get the body out of the driveway.
Get in the car and wait for me.
- What? You know where we're going, right? - I'm turned around here.
Just wait up.
- All right.
- Told you you'd make it back.
- I never want to go through that again.
- You kept talking about Richie like he was grilling you or something.
- That cowpoke came to me in my dreams.
- Cowpoke? - Yeah, he showed up at the market.
He was looking for Richie.
You, uh You missed that part.
- Maybe you should find him first.
- That ain't gonna happen, okay? Not in a million fucking years, no matter how bad anybody wants it.
Why do you want it so bad? - If there's some crazy killer after him, you should do something.
He's your brother.
- He's a piece of shit.
- Okay, I'm sorry I brought it up.
- See, that's just it, though.
You always bring it up.
You've been asking me about him since the second we met.
- New topic.
- No, no, no.
I want to know.
Why? - Because I want my money.
When it comes to making a payday, I'd rather have both Geckos doing the job.
- You're one of them, aren't you? - One of what? - You were right there when I needed you, weren't you? Ready with some ink and some repartee.
Passport girl with a heart of gold.
Show me what you really are.
- Don't touch me.
- What's it gonna take? - Get off me, piece of shit! Do the world a favor.
Blow your brains out.
Yeah! Margie and I have been having quite the heart-to-heart there, Ranger! Yeah.
- Margaret.
Are you okay? - I don't know.
- Hey.
You were right.
Something happened in Mexico.
- Thought you were in trouble with the cartels.
What is he? Some kind of alien? - He's not an alien, but he's definitely undocumented.
You know, Margaret, none of this would be happening if your husband hadn't come sniffing around my house and taking my shit.
He's got a bad habit of taking shit that isn't his.
Like he screwed with them bearer bonds.
- What is he talking about? Freddie, what did you take? What's he after? It's my turn to do some taking.
Well, how 'bout that? - Here, take this just in case.
I'm sorry.
I should have told you.
I wanted to protect you and Billy.
- Ferdinand.
Send him to Hell, baby.
- That's the plan, sweetums.
- Back off! Is this what you're after? - You light that up, sister, you set the world on fire.
- Mags, don't.
- Then let him go.
- I'll be back for some more of your Frito pie.
- I didn't think that was gonna work.
Why didn't he finish us off? - Sun's coming up.
- Listen, I, uh, I don't know where the hell my head's at.
I screwed that up royally.
What do you say we give this another shot? - Housekeeping.
You really do need it.
- Carlito.
Well, look at you.
Back on top, I see.
- There is no top when the sky is the limit, Seth.
- That's nice.
You're a motivational speaker now, huh? - I could be.
I've won and lost more times than you've drawn a breath in this small, short life of yours.
- Ah.
- That is what you call this, right? A life? - How the hell did you find me? - My boss sent a gunslinger for you, but he doesn't know what rocks to lift.
I know where Geckos hide.
- Well, I don't know where Richard is, okay? And I don't care.
So you can tell your boss he can stop trying.
- Give me your brother and Santanico and I assure you, Seth - Okay.
- you will get the life you have dreamed about.
- You want to know what I've been dreaming about? - Seth! Seth! - Stay in the car! Go, go, go! - Operation was a joke.
We nipped 'em in the bud.
I grabbed his girls, even got his main squeeze.
This babe Oh! Legs up to Lubbock.
- Maybe you should tell him all about it, man.
- What the fuck? I just saw Langston in the cab! - I think you've been hitting the ecstasy, brother.
That's no way to get ahead.
- Is that what I think it is? You you are an animal, man.
- No, I'm your new supplier.
Here's what's going to happen: You're gonna get the girls all spruced up and ready, then you're gonna call your high-end buyers from down south.
Call them direct.
Tell them to be here tonight to collect their flesh.
We'll be here to make sure the deal goes through.
- Hello.
Then what? - Then you're gonna give us 80% of your profits.
Eighty percent? Yeah.
Who the hell do you think you are, man? - I'm the guy they said couldn't do it.
- Keys.
Give him the keys, man.
Whoa, wait.
You guys are leaving in an awful hurry.
- We're just not morning people.
- Get rid of that.
Ferdinand, I want you to know there's no right or wrong here.
There's only what's best.
These things, these monsters, they're not just something you're bringing into our home.
Whatever they are, they're gonna keep coming.
Don't get me wrong, baby, I don't blame you.
It's who you are.
You're about justice and keeping the peace and all that It's like you were born for it or something.
They're from some hell I never knew about.
You do me a favor, you go back there and you send them back to wherever they came from.
When you're done, I hope there's still a home to come back to.
I'm sorry.
I love you, sweetums.