From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series (2014) s02e05 Episode Script


1 And now begins the ancient word.
The sun sleeps below the sky, and the world turns upside down.
In the night, we make our feast.
For centuries, I danced for them.
The Blood Gatherer.
The Bringer of Souls.
I brought them the lost ones.
The troubled ones.
The desperate ones.
Now I am free, and the world turns upside down again.
They are thirsty for revenge, and nothing will stop them No boundaries, no borders.
They will come for me.
But I am coming for them.
Their empire of blood will fall, and I will not rest until it all burns.
- Hey, Sonja, listen.
There's, uh, there's something I need to talk to you about.
What's wrong? What's wrong is you're dead.
- Well, what are you waiting for? - Now it all makes sense.
- Oh, good.
- Coupla days ago, dude comes in, says his name is Richie Sanz, says that Eddie Cruickshank vouches for him.
He's a big player in the flesh trade.
Wants to make a deal with the Browns.
- The Browns, huh? - Now that I see you, it all makes sense.
He ain't no Richie Sanz, he's Richie Gec-ko, and you you're the other one.
- That's one and only to you, asshole.
- Your brother took something from me.
Now, I'm gonna take something from you.
- Okay, wait a second.
She shouldn't have to die because of my brother.
- Maybe I got something else planned for her.
- Oh, so you're gonna kill me 'cause of this asshole's brother? - Okay, sweetheart, men are talking.
Now's not the time.
- Men are talking? Shut up.
Don't talk to me like that.
- Like what? You just called me an asshole.
- Because you're an asshole.
- No.
Clearly I didn't - Shut up or I'll shoot you both in the goddamned face! - Do me a favor, shoot me in the face.
Ah, shit! Good timing.
- Timing? You're just lucky I got a prostate the size of a softball.
This is my score.
I did all the hard work.
Ain't nobody takin' this one away from me.
- Okay, Eddie.
Eddie Nobody's taking anything away from anybody.
But that formerly living person right there said Richie was trying to do a deal with the Browns, however politically incorrect that sounds.
And you've been tracking said Browns, am I right? I mean, what is this shit? You got Alvarez, 120K, Garces 95K, Greely 150K.
- That ain't a Mexican name.
- Jesus Christ, Eddie.
You're tracking a score and Richard's on to it.
Richard ain't got nothin' to do with this.
- Again, the stiff said different.
All right.
You know I got ears everywhere.
People tell me things.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
These are all stash houses.
Drugs, guns, money.
You name it.
It all runs through here, mostly by trucks.
What gets to the other side is ten percent less.
- Okay, so you're telling me that somewhere in here, it's getting skimmed.
- Yeah, and I hear they even got flesh trucks.
Lots of human cargo.
- Jesus Christ, Eddie.
That's like the entire state of Texas.
It's huge! - You think that's huge Have a look at that.
- This says 33 million dollars.
- Bingo.
Somewhere in here is the Shangri-fuckin'-la of stash houses.
Your brother might be onto it.
You ask me, he's onto somethin' much worse.
- Eddie, this is huge.
This is very, very good, Eddie.
This will work.
Richard Richard.
Listen to me Richard Mmm.
It's so sweet and so earthy on the tongue.
And then comes that little mordida.
Nothing is worth eating without a little bite, right? Culebras.
We can take bullets, but we can't take a real winter.
I guess that's the price we pay for, uh being cold-blooded.
- If you're going to kill me, just do it.
- After I defeated the Labyrinth, I forged this especially for you.
And before I left I took this.
It's going to be perfect for the show.
- I'm never going back.
- Oh, no.
You will.
After you've been re-educated.
- I won't go.
- After I'm done with you, you're going to be begging for it.
- Niña - Yes, a lovely shipment, very desirable young ladies.
And now that Carlos gave back the center cut, it's even better.
We'll deposit payment in the usual account.
- Well, then, good.
That's the least you can do, 'cause my house is empty! - Now, tell me what happened.
- What happened? Well, Carlos decided he wanted to have a taste before he took delivery, and then he ran off with one of my new suppliers instead.
- New supplier? -Yeah.
A stunner whose name I didn't get.
But muy linda, that chica.
And her partner's named Richard Sanz.
- Where are they? - I don't know about the chica, but I'm lookin' at Sanz right now.
- I want you to listen to me very carefully.
Do whatever you have to do to keep him there.
- I got two guys with machine guns on him, I think we're good.
That won't be enough.
- Uh-huh.
I gotta go.
- Don't hang up.
Listen to me! - Hey, buddy.
You lost your cargo and your girlfriend.
So what do you think's gonna happen now? - I'm gonna kill everyone in this room.
And then go and get my girl.
- Okay.
You believe this fuckin' guy? - Richard, don't try to save me.
Remember the plan.
Follow the flesh.
Find Malvado's hideout.
- Tell me where.
- The hell you doin'? Hey.
Wake up.
- Where'd you send that truck? Where's it going? - Well, it's goin' where it always goes.
What do you care? You're dead.
- How do I get there? - How do you get there.
How 'bout this? How 'bout after we take out that kneecap and this kneecap, you can try to gimp up I-40 You're welcome.
- What's your problem? - My problem? I just saved your ass.
- He was about to tell me everything! - Where the hell are you goin' now? - I don't need your help.
- Yeah? Well, Uncle Eddie did.
He almost got killed because of you.
- This has got nothing to do with Eddie or you.
- It's a little late for that, wouldn't you say? I heard you asking about a truck.
You tryin' to follow it? - Are you insane? - What truck.
- It's a truck.
Full of people.
- Yeah? What kind of people? Little girl people? Jesus Christ, Richard.
- Look, none of them are gonna get eaten, if you just let me get outta here.
- The shipment's for the Browns, isn't it? You're using them as bait to find the boss's hideout.
- Just move.
Let me hot-wire this thing.
Fuck! - I'm driving.
- Oh, no.
No way.
- Truck's getting away.
No! - That's no way to treat family.
Get up.
- Stop! Stop it! Stop! Stop.
Please? - Stay.
- What are you doing? - You called him, didn't you? - I thought he could help.
I'm not gonna let him hurt you.
- Good luck with that.
- What is that? Ranger Gonzalez, you cannot just come in here and - I didn't just come in here.
I've been watching the house.
I saw you bury that girl.
And you helped him.
If you were smart, you'll let me do my job.
- What job? You the cholo Van Helsing now? - Kate said you were down there.
The Twister? Those vipers are up to something.
And you're gonna tell me what it's all about.
- Sure.
Right after I rip your skull open.
- Shhh.
Don't move or you're dead.
- Dead?! He 's gonna be worse than dead.
You tell that punk I'm gonna rip those mission control glasses off his head and I'm gonna shove 'em up his ass! And I'm gonna reach up a little further and I'm gonna pull that big-ass brain of his right back down through his asshole.
You got that? - Yeah, okay.
Got it.
- What did he say? - He sends his love.
- I don't even know why you called him.
- He knows a sheriff up a ways that's crooked as a Picasso painting.
He's gonna help us locate the truck.
- We don't need any help.
- I'm sorry, is there some kinda snake radar in that melon of yours now? As far as I can tell, we're flying blind.
- Hey, look, Blanchard said it's up the I-45.
I would have had the answer if you hadn't started blastin' away like it was the goddamn Tech Noir.
- I wasn't gonna take any chances, okay? And I'm not gonna take any chances with this truck, either.
- Aw, you're gonna save the little girls? You the defender of justice? Is that why you got the little flames tattooed on your neck? You know, maybe you should get a chest dragon like Iron Fist.
- Look, I am not a defender of justice, okay? But I am the archenemy of dumb-assery, of which you are king.
The ink I got from my girl.
Who also almost died because of you, by the way.
You got yourself a new squeeze? She another version of your ex-wife? 'Cause they all are.
- No, actually she's a lot like your girl.
Pokes holes in your skin.
Only difference is, she doesn't suck you dry.
Oh, what? lt's not all butterflies and gumdrops with the snake queen? - She's complicated.
- No.
Algebra is complicated.
She's fuckin' AP trig.
Richard, you're gonna start a war.
She's taking you on a suicide mission.
I'm sorry, I'm sure that doesn't matter to you.
You're happy being Richard What was it, Richard Sanz? Ms.
Sanz from Sacred Heart? You couldn't think of anything else? - She was the best teacher we ever had.
- Hey.
- No texting and driving.
Sheriff's gonna meet us.
It's close.
I can make this real easy.
I can bite him and put out an APB myself.
- The only thing you're biting is your own goddamn tongue, okay? - But - Shut up.
Let me do the talking.
- I look like Poncharello to you? - Sheriff, we're in a bit of a rush, so - Do I look like Poncharello to you? Do you even know who Poncharello is? - Yes, I know who Frank Poncharello is.
- Then you know he lives in a fantasy world where he can just get on the radio and call out a Be On The Lookout.
'Cause in the real world, a BOLO's a tricky thing, bureaucratically speaking.
- Just tell 'em that it's stolen merchandise.
- Look, we just need a bead on the truck.
Just have your boys give us a call when they spot it.
- You still need a person of interest.
You got a person of interest? - Benjamin Franklin.
And about twenty of his brothers? - Bureaucrats are gonna need three times that many.
I got this deep-vein thrombosis from sitting in patrol cars over the years.
That money is gonna come in handy.
Think that Mexican Coumadin is worth a damn? - Sheriff, we're in a bit of a rush, so if you please.
- You still haven't answered my question.
Who'd you steal it from? - It's not exactly stolen, okay? It's a delivery that got hijacked.
- From whom? - Nobody you know or want to know.
Trust me.
- Now, why don't you let me decide who's on my friends list? - You want me to talk now? - Please.
- They're big players.
From down south.
They probably own a piece of the factory that makes those little pills of yours.
You don't wanna cross these people.
- Cartel? - So much bigger.
- Well I'll just stick with the white devil.
That's the devil I know.
- Vámonos.
- You can't keep me in the cold forever.
- Watch me.
- I guess I was already so frigid when I was with you.
You had so little to offer, Carlitos.
- You don't know this place? All those years I called you diosa.
Your legend grew.
The Blood Gatherer.
The Mistress of the Macabre.
When the world turns upside down, she sets it right.
What was her name? The one that I was going to feed on.
Ah, Paloma.
She believed.
Like so many others Even those who are not like us.
Completely and utterly devoted to you And you won't even look at them.
Look at them.
You're not a monster.
You're a goddess.
I'm lookin' for a killer.
I found these bodies in a mass grave.
Probably put there by a culebra.
None of these mean anything to you.
Not even the symbol.
What about that? - Aztec golf club? - Found it in the Codex.
It's got obsidian teeth along the edge.
I think the killer used it to hobble the people right before they were buried alive.
- You keep talking about this Kotex.
That sounds like a a Kate question.
- You know who this is? - That is a MILF.
- It's my wife and daughter.
Sex Machine came to my house and almost killed them both.
He wanted the Codex.
Why? - Scott, please.
Please, just tell him everything he wants to know.
- Look, Tanner's nothing, all right? He's a newb.
He's just trying to impress the boss.
- Boss? What boss? - That's why you killed Jessica.
Some kind of initiation.
- I never said that.
- Okay, wait a second.
What boss? - There's nine Lords, man.
Malvado's one of them.
I haven't met the other ones, but from what I've heard, they got a nice little mafia that runs from Mexico to Texas.
That's all that I know.
Unless you wanna whack me on the head with some obsidian.
- Hmm.
Dude is crazy as fuck.
- Why don't you just stop fighting him? And stop fighting me.
- Stop trying to save me.
- You are my brother and I love you.
- You're wasting your time.
- True love is loving the unlovable.
What is that? - Obsidian.
The dark mirror.
You asked for it.
- The bonds.
You had los Geckos steal them for you.
And a storm of blood shall come unlike anything the world has seen, and it will quench our thirst.
- Ranger Gonzalez, are you all right? What happened? - I met his boss.
What are they doin' with the bonds? - Some kinda map.
That's all I know.
- They said something about a storm of blood.
What storm of blood? - Don't know.
But whatever it is, you can't stop it.
- They worship you, and you turn them away.
- They're lost.
- Stop fighting it.
- I never asked to be a diosa - Then tell them.
¡Pueblo! I present to you the cause of your hunger and misery.
¡Tu diosa! That's it? You like wasting your breath praying to her? - I can't help these people.
- Yes, you can.
You asked me to help you kill Malvado.
We still can.
I have a plan to give you everything.
- The problem with your plans, Carlos is that you come with them.
- Oh, so you choose a a myopic boy with his mother's milk on his chin.
- It's about Richard, isn't it? - It's about you, and the prison of vengeance that you have built for yourself.
- Let me tell you something about prison, Carlitos.
It's hard.
And unjust.
But after a while, it becomes your home.
And not just because you live and breathe in it.
Because you learn things.
You grow.
And you turn from an innocent girl to a queen.
- You were never a queen.
You were Malvado's plaything! I was the one who helped you defeat him.
- You are just like him.
You just want me for yourself.
Vengeance may be a prison but it's my prison.
You don't know a thing about it.
You think you've suffered? Let me show what I endured in the Labyrinth.
I watched you rise to greatness.
You were more than king and queen.
You were gods.
I watched you live an entire life with him.
A life of love, happiness, and fulfillment.
I couldn't stop it, I could only watch it.
Againand again.
Time has no beginning and no end inside the Labyrinth.
You and Richard never changed.
You remained immortal.
Not me.
They tell me I was only in there three months, but to me, it was an eternity.
I became an old man.
And I was left behind.
In the darkness.
For an eternity.
I lost everything, over and over again until I agreed to give them what they demanded submission.
Soldier no more.
I stand before you.
Broken to your will.
- You can't break me.
- What about Paloma? Are you ready to sacrifice another young girl to him? You were that girl once.
Where is that girl? - What's it like? - What's what like? - You know, this whole cosa nostra snake-vampire thing you've been doing? - How does it work? You guys sit around a table, eatin' gabagool with a little white mouse on top? Swallow it whole? - Oh, that's hilarious.
It is a rich and ancient tradition of which I'm privileged - Oh.
- to be part of.
- Excuse me.
I'm sorry.
It's pretty big, though, isn't it? - What's big? - Well, the operation.
Everything the Browns got going on.
- Okay, that's racist.
And we're not all brown.
- It's not my term, brother, not my term, okay? Uncle Eddie says that's what they're called on the street.
Apparently, he's been tracking their shipments.
- What's he know about it? - Apparently a lot.
- What's his play? - I don't know.
Come on, man, you know fading cons, they like to dream.
What? - I can tell when you got a stiffy for a score, brother.
This is my sandbox.
Stay the hell out.
Chapel Road.
Got it.
- Son of a bitch! - Your call cannot be completed as dialed.
If you feel you've reached this number in error - Please.
No! - please hang up and call again.
- No, no! - Getaway is such a silly concept, isn't it, Carlito? - Nobody ever asked you to help me, Kate.
- Dad did.
- Dad had his chance.
- I was so mad when they told me about you.
You would think that I would be excited to have a little brother.
But I was eight years old, and it was gonna be the end of my life.
How dare they bring in this little kid from God knows where to ruin my perfect family? - We were pretty far from perfect.
- Oh, before you, we were.
Dinner every night at six-thirty sharp.
Sunday service at Bethel Baptist, holding hands in the first pew.
Everything had its purpose and everything had its place.
- Then I came along.
- Yep.
And you were different.
And I hated that.
I couldn't even say your name.
- Nobody ever called me that here.
- I'm the reason everyone called you Scott.
I was a stupid little kid.
And I just hated you.
And it was a sin for me to feel that.
But God forgives me.
I know that God forgives me because He is love.
That love can change anyone.
It can change you, Scott.
- I've already been changed.
- I know.
But what I'm trying to say is that I I love you no matter what you are because I love who you are.
- I eat people, Kate.
- I know.
I know.
But we can we can live with that.
We have to try, right? - I'm so sorry about Jessica, Kate.
I should have turned her.
I was just hungry.
I was so hungry.
- You're bleeding.
- It'll heal.
- I know, but it still hurts.
- Hey, careful.
Can you really forgive me? - I'm not the one that has to forgive you.
You have to forgive yourself.
Ranger Gonzalez? Ranger Gonzalez.
- I think I figured out what we have to do next.
- You know what they're planning? - Not yet.
Whatever this is, Kate, I have to try and stop it.
Otherwise, I'll never see my family again.
Will you help me? - We both will.
He's ready to talk now.
- Shit.
- Scott! No, no, no, no! - What did you do? - I believed him.
Slow down! What the hell are you doing? Just follow 'em.
- Want this job for yourself? You shouldn't have brought me along.
- Son of a bitch! What the hell did you do? - What I had to do.
- You almost killed me, asshole! - Get back in the truck and keep driving.
- No, not until he empties out the back.
- Seth - What? You wanna know where he's going so bad, just ask him! Hey.
¿Dónde está el jefe? Huh? ¿Dónde está? Sorry, bro.
I guess you're gonna have to find the boss's hideout some other way.
- You dick.
You been packin' a stake all this time.
- Well, it's not like you fanged out and leapt to my defense, ya prick.
- We have no idea where this truck is going.
You blew the only chance I had to end all this.
- Maybe not.
- Is that? - Just shut the fuck up.
Follow my lead.
I thought we had a deal, Sheriff.
- New deal.
I've had my share of lookin' the other way for these guys.
And they ain't cartels, son.
They are wealthy, though, and they gonna pay handsomely for this.
Which means I get my own Affordable Care Act.
No more Meximeds for me.
Brand name prescriptions and Cadillac health plan.
- Mm.
- But as for you two, it's bullet-in-the-brain-dot-gov.
Get your partner out here.
- He's not my partner.
He's my brother.
Do you even know who we are? Robbed thirty million in bonds in that bank - Abilene.
Well, I'll be a son of a bitch.
Real live Geckos.
- You do this right, you'll get medals.
Maybe do shaving ads and shit.
- Get him out here.
- Richard! We can't take the truck.
But the Sheriff here knows exactly where to deliver it.
You wanna hurry up? I'm not going back to prison tonight.
Not if I got something to say about it.
- Okay, okay, relax.
- That's a good boy.
- Okay, Richard.
Tell me you can do this.
- I can do this.
Hurry up.
He's gettin' away.
- Tell me, when you shared my vision, how did it feel? To walk in the sun? You remember who that girl was? I think her very name meant sun.
What was her name? - Kisa.
I know how it was for you in the Labyrinth.
I lost something, too, in my prison.
- What was that? - Myself.
He took everything from me.
You know what that means, Carlitos? - What does it mean, mi diosa? - It means I have nothing left to lose.
- Maybe we can make an arrangement.
- I don't make arrangements.
I regulate.
- He did it.
He's a made man.
- Ranger Gonzalez.
Those weapons.
The ones that you made.
You're gonna teach me how to use them.
- Sure that's what you want? - He has made his choice.
And the next time that I see him, I'm gonna make mine.
There he is.
- Ain't that somethin'.
I thought the big man was operating south of the Border.
- Rich and ancient tradition, brother.
Borders mean nothing to us.
Richard! We can't take the truck.
But the Sheriff here knows exactly where to deliver it.
- These are some kinda digs.
- It's where I like to keep my treasures.
I'm honored to be sharing some of them with you.
- I didn't see the cargo.
Is it all right? - It's just like I expected.
My enemies will be coming for me.
I want to know everything about them.
- So, uh what are you gonna do to those boys? - I have to decide.
You know what they say There's more than one way to skin a Gecko.