From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series (2014) s03e04 Episode Script


1 Saints 'n' sinners Black or white Sun 'n' shadow Dark or light Saints 'n' sinners Black or white Sun 'n' shadow Dark or light How're ya'll doin' tonight? [crowd cheering] My name's Tommy.
Truth be told, I wasn't always such a nice guy.
I was strung out, down and out, and all but played out when I met Scott.
I wouldn't be standing here if it weren't for him.
I was saved! Ladies and gentleman.
The man that stands between life and death, the man that can bring you to God's doorstep, Scott Fuller! My father used to say, "Jesus looks for sinners like the devil looks for saints.
" Tonight, I'm gonna give you guys a choice.
Are you sinners, or are you saints? I wanna know! Open your hearts, and open your hands.
If you want some forgiveness, spill some blood for the Lord! [crowd whistling] You will be saved.
[indistinct talking] This is awesome.
But I gotta ask.
Why'd you guys pick me? Because I saw what you did to those girls.
What girls? In the mall.
Parking lot.
You said some sweet words.
Led them to a quiet spot.
Kinda like this Yeah, how could you possibly know Blood is the conduit of the soul.
Don't you get it, Jeffrey? "No" means no.
No, no, no! No, please! No, please! Don't kill me! Ladies and gentlemen we are Fanglorious! [theme music playing] So I just want to know, you good at anything? Say what? You know.
Like drawing.
Woodwork? You play piano? Violin? Bassoon.
You know, I played bassoon in junior high.
Oboe first, but that was too girly, so I went to bassoon.
This wasn't part of the deal, man.
People who got me out, they said all I had to do was pay.
I got the money, all right? I got the money! It's a simple question.
I used to do magic tricks.
For the guys in the yard.
I should have been an escape artist.
That's how I got here, right? That's how you got here.
Was your last trick making your wife disappear? I never touched her, man.
I'm innocent.
Hey, get away from me, man.
Are you crazy? Little bit.
Nifty trick, huh? That was intense.
[music playing faintly] [woman] Rough night? That's an awful lot of encouragement you've got there.
I'm fine.
Just need a little personal space, really.
Is that why you keep disappearing into that room back there? You like asking questions? Only when I'm curious.
I own this bar.
That back room is my office.
[bartender] Here's your check, miss.
Hold up.
Nifty trick, huh? You learn that in Third Grade? Actually, I, uh just picked it up.
It's on the house.
So, why do you need to finish an entire bottle by your lonesome? In my line of work, I come in contact with a lot of poor souls.
Sometimes, they take their toll.
I don't always know how to handle it.
Maybe the trick is to get to know your own soul first.
So what kinda doctor are you? - How'd you - Your I.
's right here.
[chuckles] "Dr.
Dakota Block.
" My doctorate was in Psychology.
I'm actually a very good listener.
I'll try and remember that, Dr.
Whatever's ailing you, I can assure you, it's not the end of the world.
[sighs] Not yet.
[engine straining] [Kate] Scott? No, you're not real.
You can't be real.
It's me.
I've been looking for you.
You're dead.
No, Scott.
It's me.
[nervous breathing] Kate, I'm so sorry.
What happened to you? You have to listen to me.
- I came here to warn you.
- What? Just please listen.
She's gonna kill you.
If she gets a hold of you Not yet, please.
Please, please.
Not yet.
If you see me again, I want you to run.
You run away from me, Scott, please.
Just run as far away from me as you can.
Get away from this.
Run! Kate! [coughing] I've been looking for you.
[groaning] Kate? Don't move! [chain rattling] You can't shoot me.
I'm just a child.
[Freddie] Scott! [snarling] Holy shit.
I don't know how he got to her first, but it was Kate.
If I hadn't' stopped her, she would've killed him.
What do you mean "stopped her"? I shot her, just a wound.
But it worked.
It's like she's still human.
Maybe part of her still is.
No, not the part that did this.
Looks like what she did to Santanico's girlfriend, but she didn't finish.
It's like she's sucking them dry but of their souls.
That's fascinating, Spock, but the bottom line is this kid's a golden ticket.
We can end this thing a whole lot quicker.
What do you mean, end it? It's not like he can tell us where she's at.
He doesn't have to.
She came lookin' for him, remember? Yeah, she'll do it again, and when she does, we're gonna be waiting.
They were following the boy.
What were you thinking, going on your own? The girl clawed her way to the surface and found her brother, faster than you! Yes, my Queen.
I'm hungry.
[in Spanish] I hate being in her body.
[man] Her body is weak but her soul is strong.
We have to crush it.
I want to do it myself.
With my own hands.
Find him.
I know exactly who to send.
All clear? - All clear, jefe.
- Copy that.
All good here, señor.
All right.
What'd the prisoner do? What does it matter? I wanna know.
Set his house on fire.
Killed his two kids.
His own mother turned him in.
Any hidden talents? [Tommy] I didn't even know he had a sister.
He said she died in front of him.
He's been blaming himself all this time, but But how could she be back? We gotta find him and help him.
Sounds pretty fucked up to me.
See, this is why he never told you.
He thought you guys would judge him.
He wanted to start over.
Tommy's right.
- What? We can't just leave him.
- We didn't leave him! He left us.
And now it's come to bite him in the ass.
Come sundown, we're on the move.
Queen of Xibalba thinks that we're all a plague.
So what does this have to do with me? She took over your sister's body.
If Kate's still in there, you can help us get to her.
Before she tried to kill me, she told me to run.
It was like she tried to warn me.
So she is alive.
I don't know.
I don't know how any of this works, OK? - Just let me go.
- Not until you help us.
You still got them swords? Traded my swords for an axe.
I'm about my music now.
Your music sucks.
Fuck you! If it wasn't for you and your brother, I wouldn't be in this shithole for life, all right? So thank you for your offer, but I'm going to go my own way.
[Seth] All right, enough of this shit.
We're not askin'.
Now, either you are with us or you stay in the cage.
Oh, yeah? You going to keep me in here forever? Long enough to get what we need.
Come on, boys.
Let's go circle the wagons.
We're trying to catch a monster, not plan a family reunion.
- But what if she's still in there? - Richard.
I know a thing or two about souls and they can hang around.
What if she's trapped? Trying to get out? She's dead, all right? How many times do I have to say it? How can you be so sure? Just let her go.
[muffled groaning] [bird call] Nacho.
I got movement down here.
[voice on radio] Think we got a perimeter breach.
You there? Talk to me.
Freddie here.
I'll go check on Nacho.
We got company.
They got Nacho with some kinda poison dart.
OK, sweep the rest of the south side.
Porfirio, I'm comin' to you.
Go check on the kid.
[groans] What the hell are you supposed to be? [weird screeching noise] [man gasping for breath] Don't leave me like this.
Hey, watch it, dipshit! [bird call] [screaming] [choking] [groans] If you're gonna blow me, finish the job.
Don't just stand there, gimme a hand.
Come on.
All right.
Lemme check that one.
Hey! Jesus Christ, Richard.
- Just hang on! - Easy.
You gotta hold me up! One more inch and I'm a pile of ash.
'Kay, got him.
You got him? You ready? Yeah.
[groans] So good news.
These things can be hurt, at least with these blades.
Xibalban blades.
Wait, your knife is Xibalban? Yeah, man.
Check out the similar carvings.
Plus, it hurt that beast at the fight club.
Now we know why.
These things put a bigger hurt on Culebras than regular weapons.
I'm not healing as fast.
And check out these glyphs.
Burt walked me through it the other day.
Jaguar Warriors.
They're like Delta Force.
Xibalban Chuck Norrises.
They guarded the Sun God as he journeyed through the Underworld, clearing a path for the Sun to rise again.
Brasa's the Sun God.
And these are his junkyard dogs.
"They are demon warriors who hunt their prey by the rhythms of their heart, reading it like a fingerprint to their souls.
" Oh my God, who writes this shit? We still have no idea how to kill these things.
First, we gotta find 'em.
If Scott leads them back to the band, I've got the license plate number to their tour bus.
I can call it in.
Well, what the fuck are you waitin' for? Go! I don't think he likes taking orders from me.
Little secret? Mmm.
Nobody does.
If you want to do this yourself, you have to be ready.
I am ready.
Not quite.
And did you find the boy? Honesty, my Queen, it makes me your most loyal servant.
You have no idea what it takes.
Drowning out every single one of her thoughts, every waking moment of every day, only to lose control of her, again.
Then use it, My Queen.
Use that anger.
[groans] So when I say I'm ready, I am ready.
You had us scared to death.
You wanna tell us what the hell's goin' on, Scotty? Look, we should get going, guys.
I'll tell you on the way.
Hey, you got troubles, you can tell us right here, right now.
We're a family, you remember that? He's right, Scott.
Somebody's after you, right? Your sister? Something else.
Something bad.
And they want you dead, don't they? We have to keep on moving.
Trust me.
Hey, you don't call the shots anymore.
[girl] Tommy, what are you doing? - It's been a long time coming.
- Tommy, don't do this.
Oh, you expect us to pay for your mistakes? Those people that I was with, they say they're my friends, but they're not.
You are.
All of you.
You guys are all I What are you gonna do now? Same shit as always? It stops now.
[heavy breathing] She tried to save me, but I couldn't be what she wanted me to be.
He learned to control his cravings.
You could learn, too.
We just have to find a way without hurting innocent people.
You know what's fucked up? After she was gone, that's exactly what I became.
That's why I formed this band.
I wanted to save all of us.
What happened to your sister, Scott? What did you do to her? - [man] Kate, Don't! No! - [gunshot] [sobbing] I sent her to hell, now she's back to punish me.
[distant roar] What the hell is that? Tommy was right.
You guys have to go.
Here, take my bike.
- You can't be anywhere near me.
- Scott, why? Because I'm a dead man.
We all have a hidden talent.
[screams] Yours is fighting.
To be honest, I don't really think we stand a chance against you guys.
[Seth on radio] Richard.
You copy? Go ahead.
Ranger Danger's got a fix on the party bus.
I'll be right there.
[screeching in pain] [song playing on radio] All right, if I can get close enough, I can cut her hand, we can trade blood.
I can see if Kate's still in there.
[sighs loudly] You remember that German shepherd that lived a few doors down from us, - the one you took in? - Peaches, yeah.
You took her from the neighbors, 'cause they always kept her chained up.
Remember that? - I was so bummed when she ran away.
- Yeah, well She didn't run away.
I found her in the orchard one day.
She was all bitten up by rats.
Covered in blood, foamin' at the mouth, all right? So, I ran, I got Dad, and I Are you fucking with me right now? - Dad shot Peaches? - No.
I did.
Dad decided it was a teachable moment.
It was quick OK? But the point is The point is what? - That Kate's a fucking dog now? - No.
She's gone.
Whatever's left needs to be put down.
I gotta be honest.
It's not exactly the family reunion that I dreamt about.
Well, it's just you and me now.
And your sister.
She's watching.
I could get used to this.
I got eyes on 'em.
Brasa's here, too.
[on radio] But none of his warriors.
Bet they got eyes and ears on us right now.
Yeah, we should split up.
Well, you wanted a reunion you'll get it.
In hell.
I was hoping I'd run into you again.
[both grunting] [gunshots] Now, your sister gets to watch you die like the coward you are.
Your special power.
How lovely.
That's a gift from Xibalba.
You can have it back! [groans in pain] What can I say? I picked up a few new tricks.
Another time, Gecko.
You know, Peacekeeper.
I don't understand you.
These Geckos They kill your father figure, and you promise vengeance.
How could you betray that? Earl McGraw said hell was coming.
He would've hated you.
Fuck me.
Die, little boy.
[Seth] Let him go.
[gun clicks] [coughing] You have really fucked up my life, you know that? What was it that you said to her? Stick with me and you'll make it through without any bumps or scrapes, right? Don't do it, Seth! Don't! No, come a bit closer.
I wanna taste your soul.
Don't have one.
OK, she's hurt.
We can just take her with us! Do it, Seth.
Shoot me, please.
I can't do this anymore.
I can't hold Please No don't.
- No Don't do it! Don't do it! - Wait, Seth! Don't touch her! You lied.
You do have a soul.
[Richie] You never really know what's inside of a person People are strange, like the song says.
[song playing in the background] I'm gonna say something.
Might sound a little weird.
I have a gift.
I can sense what's inside of people.
I can read their souls.
Sure that's a gift? I think it's gonna get me in trouble one of these days.
I'm usually attracted to the dark souls.
They fascinate me.
I hope that doesn't frighten you.
I've always been a clean-cut girl, so I can't imagine what you see in me.
I'm not sure, but I'd like to find out more.
Where are you parked? Just a little further here.
I have a confession to make.
There is something dark I've been hiding inside of me.
My father died a few years ago.
I'm actually still recovering from it.
It's taken me a long time to even face it, but tonight, I'm think ready.
What can I do? You can hold this.
Open it.
There's a picture of my father in there.
You see the cops will think that you tried to mug me.
But the truth is you stole more than my wallet, didn't you you sick son of a bitch? - Dr.
Block? - It's McGraw.
And tonight, my father will finally rest in peace.
Just don't do [thud] Whe Son of a bitch.