Frontera Verde (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

The Poison

Yua, we won.
[in Tikuna.]
We're never going to win, brother.
We are the plague.
[gun fires.]
[in Tikuna.]
No, stop.
[in Spanish.]
They betrayed the jungle.
They must pay.
A leader must not fear strength.
[in Spanish.]
Strength is learning to have control.
I'll leave them to you.
What happened to your face? Trouble with women.
How's Verónica? Fine, a small bump on the head, nothing serious.
Are you sure you want to go? What if we stay? You, too? [Joseph.]
I've been studying you for days.
Animals sense you.
The roots of the trees talk to you.
You and I have a mission.
You want to save the jungle.
I want to save the world that is on fire.
The jungle doesn't need us.
Our people do.
Make me your apprentice.
In my town away from the jungle I'm considered a wise man just like you are here.
But my methods to reach knowledge are different from yours.
You saw it when you went into my lab.
The jungle will tell me if she chooses you.
I hope she tells you soon.
The jungle has manifested through her children.
Her people proved that they won't continue to suffer in silence.
[speaking Huitoto.]
But we still haven't won the battle.
[man speaking Huitoto.]
The whites have found the riches of the jungle and they'll return.
[man speaking Huitoto.]
[in Huitoto.]
We won't let them! We will not be their slaves.
[all shout in Huitoto.]
But they will come back stronger.
[man speaking in Huitoto.]
That's why we must stay together.
Protect each other.
[man speaking in Huitoto.]
[all shout in Huitoto.]
Guided by the wisdom of grandfather Yua, and by our warrior strength, we will be able to confront them.
[all shout.]
Right, grandfather? [man speaking in Huitoto.]
[in Huitoto.]
Our people want peace.
We won't go to war again.
[in Huitoto.]
We mustn't fight the Ya'arikawas.
Why did you challenge him? [in Tikuna.]
Peace with fear isn't peace.
I'm scared, too.
But we must act now.
[in Huitoto.]
If we run, they'll come for us.
We'll be an easy target.
They're stronger than we are.
[in Tikuna.]
The jungle will protect us.
It has done it before.
Don't you understand? We'll die if we stay here.
[in Tikuna.]
Give him what he wants.
Protect your people.
He's been generous.
With him, we are stronger.
[in Tikuna.]
- [gun fires.]
- [yelling.]
[man shouting.]
Show me where we are.
How do you know? The river is there, and the trail is over there.
But how are you so sure? Because of the sun, we must walk east.
Don't you trust me? Let's go back.
It was stupid to come.
Why? I'm authorized anyway.
Authorized by whom? By Bogotá's government? By Efraín Márquez.
Are you afraid? Yes.
And you should be, too.
You have a lot to lose here.
So do I.
Do we? What? You see? Nothing.
Let's go back.
No way, I'm sure he knows something.
- And he's going to tell you? - I have no idea, but that's my job.
And I'm your superior here.
So, let's go.
Come on.
[flies buzzing.]
Won't you get in? It's pretty good.
It's a bad idea to wear wet clothes in the jungle.
Then I'm fucked.
Come on.
What's wrong with you? You're a tourist.
You're all the same.
You complain about the weather but you can leave when you want.
I'm stuck here.
I was forced to leave, and I'm not whining about it.
I lost a son.
I left him on the boat while I grabbed some coconuts.
"Daddy" he shouted.
He was already gone.
We never found his body.
Jenny didn't believe me.
My community kicked me out.
We're not the same, you and I.
Forgive me.
[gasping and coughing.]
[voice whispering.]
[leaves rustling.]
[voice whispering.]
[voice whispering.]
Wait! [grunts.]
Something that doesn't suit an army is having traitors in its ranks.
You could've been a true leader by my side.
But you're weak.
Like your people.
Don't hurt them.
I said your people would die.
[in Huitoto.]
Stop! [groaning.]
You have two options.
You remain Arupani or you become Ya'arikawa.
What do you want? I think you know.
[voice whispering.]
[voice whispering in Tikuna.]
I found you.
Helena Poveda? You took long.
Let's go.
Where? To see Efraín Márquez.
Your eye's healed? Márquez is violent.
I let him think I'm one-eyed.
That way, he won't blind me.
Let's go.
Efraín doesn't like waiting.
What were you doing? I was marking the tree, so the loggers can find it.
[saws buzzing.]
Good morning.
Now it's looking good.
Where's Márquez? Doesn't seem to be here yet.
But he must be around.
- We had a deal.
- You're here.
I did my part.
[voice whispering.]
[voices singing and chanting in distance.]
[in Tikuna.]
You carry the jungle in your heart, and she carries you.
Her roots touch each other and take care of each other.
You're alone now.
I can't protect the Arupani anymore.
I failed them.
Save your people.
[in Tikuna.]
We must do something.
[in Tikuna.]
There's nothing we can do.
Rebel ourselves.
Our warriors died.
Teku is dead.
Yua surrendered.
Yua didn't surrender.
I won't surrender.
So, you will die.
That's how the Arupani die.
Guardians of the eternals.
[in Spanish.]
Come in.
You must free Yua.
I don't have to do anything.
I want you to teach me to see what you see.
You need a heart for that.
A heart that can be one with the jungle.
Our eyes are here.
Our understanding is here.
You think I'm like the other white men.
But I'm not.
I love and respect life this jungle.
We're just an exhalation of the universe's creation, Ushe.
A life means nothing.
You don't understand.
A life means everything.
We're all connected.
We're all born from the jungle, and when we die, we return to her.
I want to see it understand it.
Teach me to believe.
I'm not the one who can reveal those secrets.
If you're here it's because Yua allowed you to.
You're a chosen one like he is.
Not his servant.
You have the power to use and share your knowledge.
Free him, then.
I'll teach you all I know.
You either give me the secret of eternity or Yua dies.
Take care of him.
Efraín Márquez? You're that cop causing trouble in Puerto Manigua? I thought the jungle had swallowed you.
It almost did.
Can we talk? Sure that's why you're here.
Wash yourself.
Look, I may be a beast.
But I don't go around the jungle killing women.
That's not my business.
I know what you have done.
You do? What have I done? Business with Iván Uribe.
You're suicidal, aren't you? The jungle is in charge here.
No one else but her.
But I didn't come to talk to the jungle.
I came to talk to you.
You still don't get it.
In the jungle, we're all animals.
You, me, the army, the police.
So, you're either prey or predator.
Let's cut the bullshit and help each other.
This is a land that's built on myths.
It's better for me if people think I'm the white demon, so they don't mess with my business.
But the things I've seen in the jungle I wonder who could do such things.
I found a corpse in the jungle.
He was wearing a mask like the ones you have downstairs.
They call them Ya'arikawa.
They're savages.
Whenever we hunt them, we keep their masks, so they understand who's in charge.
The government says they are uncontacted people.
But not all of them are indigenous.
Whoever's out there, they just want to fuck me.
I want you to help me find them.
I don't work for you.
I know that.
But nobody moves a finger around here without my consent.
Why do you care so much? Look.
For her.
I would never hurt her or any of her sisters.
Tell me about Joaquín Poveda.
I was in jail with your father.
He was fucking legit.
He saved my life.
That's why he ended up the way he did.
He's in a coma because of you? I've been paying for his hospital bills for over a year.
What happened? Ask him when he wakes up.
You are somewhat alike.
You're idiots with balls.
Look, I'll help you.
But stay out of my way.
My business has nothing to do with those deaths.
And I want to find the motherfuckers who killed my blondie.
How do I know you're not full of shit? That's your problem.
But guess what.
You won't believe what I found in the jungle.
I caught one of those motherfuckers who killed her.
When a tree is ill, the others help it and feed it through their roots.
Life walks through them.
After you drink this, you'll see the sap of the trees expanding through the earth towards your feet.
You'll be a Walker.
You drink first.
Then I will.
What do you see? You.
You're beautiful.
What do you hear? [echoing thumping.]
The Earth's heartbeat.
Isn't it your own? Look within yourself.
What did you give me? [groans.]
[groaning and screaming.]
We have a deal, right? Show me.
- [rain pouring.]
- [thunder crashing.]