Full Metal Panic! (2002) s01e20 Episode Script

Venom's Flame

SSA:Wait for audio trigger Sorry for calling you so suddenly.
No, no, it's ok.
So what's the matter? Before we start getting busy, I thought we could discuss certain things.
Is it about Mythril? No.
It's about us.
Whispered You should've noticed I am one of them too.
Whispered is known as the "treasure box" of Black Technology.
With the right conditions, it's possible to perform technology or scientific miracles far beyond the modern level.
Me too? As far as I know You've used the skills of Whispered twice before.
First in the mountains on Sankajichu Island.
And the second in the battle against the Behemoth.
Both times, you knew something you've never seen or heard about.
Actually, the second time, I was there to help.
You helped? Kaname-san, I need a favor Don't you remember? Hmmm.
I'm not sure what happened Resonance occurred at that time.
Resonance? Yes, Whispered can communicate via soul path.
When you and I geel a need for each other, things like that happen.
But it's really dangerous.
We must avoid this as much as possible.
Why? If I really have such a useful ability Everything that's 'so useful' comes at a price, Kaname-san.
'Resonance' is in short, "a sharing of thoughts" It is more melding than sharing.
For example, like this Just as it's impossible to seperate milk and tea, If you make one wrong step, you won't even know who you are.
I sort of understand it, but not really.
Sorry to give you such abstract descriptions.
But I'm also not very familiar with this Well, Kaname-san, I tell you this because, there are people who want to obtain the ability of yours no matter what.
It's Gauln right? Yeah, they're after you.
If they find out about me, they'll want me too.
To this end, they'll do whatever it takes.
I see.
But you are not alone Because we at Mithril, won't allow that.
That's why Sousuke is around me? Yeah Kind of But you know? I've never heard of such a guardian.
He said, "I'll protect you!" but he always ends up in trouble.
He's just like the weak enemy characters from epic stories.
But it's ok, because he's such a clown.
Its its not like I didn't know about this before assigning him to you.
You probably don't know, we used to meet regularly at the base.
Really? Sure.
We used to sneak out together to the beach where nobody is around B-beach!? After that it's secret.
Hey, you! Now we are even.
You know that there's nothing going on between Sousuke and As I have announced The US facility was attacked by an armed group.
The Beriruda Chemical Weapons disarming base, in Periru Republic.
Hundreds of tons of nerve gas are stored there.
The armed groups threatened they will scatter the gas if their demands are not met.
Order! Our main task is destroying the enemy AS and rescuing the hostages.
as well as saving the facility from destruction.
The enemy forces currently consists of nine Arm Slaves and five automated triple-A's.
That, that's This AS is the latest Russian model.
Just think of this as the updated version of the Savage.
Since they are commercial mechs, we know our AS's will be able to counter these models.
But there's one enemy AS that we must pay special attention to.
This AS body carries a device which protects it from conventional weapons.
If you ever encounter this AS, avoid direct combat.
Put simple, run away.
Run away? You're joking This why do this in the first place Shut up! Do you all wanna die? This guy is really dangerous.
I didn't mean "run away" as friendly advice.
its an order.
Noncompliance will be severely dealt with.
That is, if you survive this.
For convenience's sake, this AS will be code named "VENOM".
The task to fight and destroy this AS, will fall upon Sergeant-Sagara.
Anyone encountering the VENOM should retreat and back him up.
With combination and close-combat attacks, don't let him rest for a second.
Then we will surely gain the advantage.
And if I lose? The mission fails.
The whole company will fall prey to the VENOM its our job, but the major is too cruel.
You mean Sousuke? Yeah After what happened in Helmajistan He still said something like that.
Just like the Indian Ocean Navy Sousuke is being treated like a murderer.
Well, its true all the other became grave stones, but still That kid his face tell you he's rather be dead than coming back alive, even if he didn't say it.
Kaname! I Hey, are you here because you were worried about me? Don't make such a face.
I swear I'll return to you.
If you want, we can go into the cockpit and What's up? This place is not safe.
I, I just Sousuke? It's nothing.
It's about a previous mission.
Now we have to go sortie.
Sorry about it.
Sortie Sorry for bothering you Now maintaining direction 80, speed 3-knots, no problem for EMFC.
Current from Northwest at 2 knots.
Light wind on the surface.
AS hatches are all green.
Ready to flood core chambers one through six.
Aye ma'am.
Begin flooding chambers one through six.
This time we sortie in the ocean.
Spreading six AS's into three teams of Attacker, Sniper, and Explosive-combat.
Attacker team, Maclaran and Sagara.
Sniper team, Weber and Glen.
Explosion-combat team, Mao and Danigan.
After passing the way point, head to your post.
That is all.
Open all the AS hatched.
Aye ma'am.
Open up all the AS hatched.
And if I lose? The mission fails.
The whole company will fall prey to the VENOM Sousuke? What? Mao.
Aren't you feeling to much pressure? What do you mean? Don't try to hide it.
This channel is just between you and me.
It doesn't matter.
I You aren't trying to protect Kaname only, but also us? Thanks for your generosity but not thanks I believe Kurtz, Maclaren, and all the others will feel the same way.
Yeah, that's right.
I'll remember that.
See ya.
Confirmation from Wurz 1.
Passing way point two.
As planned, we will seperate into three teams.
Understood? Wurz 2.
Roger! Wurz 6.
Roger! Wurz 7.
Roger! Wurz 10.
Roger! Wurz 12.
Roger! Who would have known such a useful path existed here Even Santa Claus will be surprised.
Talk about playing a mole under the ocean, why do I have to take this position? Come on, don't complain since we are the only ones who can do this.
It doesn't matter.
Even if the bomb in the facility explodes, it wouldn't do a lot of damage.
I guess only those poor fellas in this country might die.
Danigan! It was a joke don't take it seriously.
That wasn't a proper joke to tell during a mission.
Its insincere.
Well, don't worry about it.
I'll do my task properly.
I hope you do.
You think babe will succeed? If they fail, we gotta start running .
fighting in toxic gas will be too much for the money I get! Hahahaha, you're right.
Mithril pays highly and provides great equipment But their method in missions takes too much time.
We have to protect hostages and still watch out for chemical weapons.
But it we were just some mercenaries they wouldn't pay us this much.
Al, raise the power level to military-mode! Roger! GPU military, output rising This is Wurz 2.
Succeeded diffusing explosives.
We're heading to the surface Wurz 6, we're ready.
This is Wurz 10.
Same here.
Wurz 1 to all Time to move.
Go! Roger! It's started.
Recieving battle signal from M-9's ADM! Then we're going to surface.
Please raise all the ESC masts.
MTP to normal blow.
Wurz 10 reporting! All antiaircraft guns have been destroyed.
This is Wurz 6.
Destroyed all targets in sight Give me more! Wurz 12 reporting.
We reached the base Proceeding to supress the enemy and rescue the hostages.
Wurz 2 reporting.
Secured all hostages in a dormitory.
Found 23.
they are all safe.
This is Wurz 7.
Four enemy AS's have been defeated.
But Wurz 1 to all units There is no sign of VENOM yet Has anyone seen him? Negative, I've not seen him.
Same here.
Negati no Affirmative! That guy What kind of joke is this? What's wrong Wurz 2? T-that's Everyone from Mithril, I've missed you guys a lot Especially you Kashim.
I still owe you for what you did in the desert.
Gauln! It's party time.
Shall we dance? Wurz 1 to Wurz 6, will sniping be possible!? Negative! I can't get a clean shot from this position.
I'm moving now! How about your missile, Wurz 10? Out of ammo, sir! God damnit! Wurz 7 to the front! All others fall back for support! 7 roger that! So that's the guy? Affirmative! Don't get too close.
Wurz 2 to all, Don't aim at the body, aim at his weapon the ammo case! What's wrong? I'm fine.
A little damage.
Burry! Wurz 7! What the hell are you doing? Your moves are too simple! Did we do it? Careful! You guys are not bad.
Everyone! Stay back! Fine then Al! Activate Lambda Driver! Al, answer me! I can't use it Sousuke! Mao Get ahold of yourself.
No time for day dreaming BANG! Mao! Wurz 2 what's wrong?! Come in! Wurz 2! Wurz 7, what happened? This is Wurz 7, Mao got hit! Not sure if she is alive.
What! Please repeat! Mao is injured! Please take her quick.
Al, why? Why couldn't I use it like last time? Answer me Al! Why doesn't the Lambda Driver system start? Sousuke, its me! Kurtz.
We'll take Venom to the east side of the island, back to the pervious building.
What's your plan? Just leave it to me! How far are you gonna run? Good, stop there.
I am so disappointed, Kashim.
Is that all you can do?! Did we do it? Not sure.
Take this Stay here.
You got me.
It overheated again.
What a dramatic turn of events eh? I surrender, do as you like.
Gauln, you bastard! Not gonna shoot me? I bet you'll regret this.
Wurz 2 answer me! Wurz 2! Mao, snap out of it! MAO!