Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory (2018) s01e06 Episode Script

Rotten Repose

"Episode 6 Rotten Repose" Okay, lift it up! Up! Up! There.
Overhaul complete.
I'm worn out.
Now it's as good as new.
But what about the paint job? True.
It's not picturesque this way.
I've already decided about that.
Looks kind of weak.
That's not true.
They're the colors of the mech I used to pilot.
Huh? I know this is arbitrary, but I'd like to call it Al the Second.
What's up with that? Is that weird? The winner, Stick Man! It's our turn! Are final adjustments done?! Okay! Done! Be careful, Sousuke.
Okay, Sousuke, it's up to you! No problem.
Next bout, category: Melee Weapons.
Crossbow! Operator, Sohsky Seagull! Vanguard! Operator, John C.
Bogle! Fight! The winner, Crossbow! --Sousuke! Wow! Amazing! --Well done! --Sousuke! Wow! Amazing! --Awesome! You're the real deal! Mm-hm! But maybe the match was a little too short? What're you saying? He just needs to win! That's right.
I just need to win.
Right, right.
It sure was quick.
--You're really skilled.
I mean, wow! --Hey, Sousuke, how are you so good at this? Fight! The winner, Crossbow! Fight! The winner, Crossbow! Go! The winner, Crossbow! He did it.
He's won every time.
Who the hell is this guy? Does it really matter? His strength is a huge help.
You're knocking them dead out there.
No, none of them died.
I am? But seriously, you haven't even broken a sweat.
My body must be used to it.
"The AS is an extension of the trained soldier's body.
" Or so it was written.
Is it true? What's up with that? I've been studying up lately.
What you said is the motto of the SAS Assault Cavalry Team.
What's the SAS? A British special forces unit.
Don't tell me you were with them? No, but my superior officer was.
What am I doing? What? No, never mind.
Man, you are full of mysteries.
What? It's like, I'm not sure why but are you anxious about something? That's not That might be true.
Why? Because I feel comfortable here.
It's baffling.
Here, as in? With you.
I-I don't know what you mean.
Why's it a problem that you're comfortable? Here, today's pay.
That's a big help.
Well, you kicked butt.
Somebody's in love, no doubt about it.
Who is? With whom? Isn't it obvious? Nami is, with you.
That's only natural.
Those are bold words, lad! My operator skills are extremely high, by this city's standards.
Nami is a team owner.
Of course she values me.
--For real? --Jeez No, that's not what I meant.
As a girl, that is.
She may not look it, but she's got strong morals.
Lots of guys have made passes at her, but she turned them all down.
That's right.
Kaew, you were one of them.
Damn it! Don't tell people that! Whenever she shows up and you're not here, she's sure to ask: "Where's Sousuke?" --She's all blunt! --Really blunt! So blunt it's suspicious.
She doesn't ask about Lemon.
What about you? What do you mean? I mean Nami.
How do you feel about her? Chidori.
--Huh? --Nothing.
Things seem kinda serious.
Did you leave a girl behind back home, or something? It's the reverse.
What do you mean, the reverse? Whoops.
Lunch break's over, guys.
Now, back to work.
You got it.
Here, Sousuke.
What's this? A shopping list.
You and Lemon go buy this stuff.
It's nearly all specialized AS parts.
You can't get these at a regular shop.
Oh? You haven't been to the market yet? Market? It's just like Akihabara.
Isn't that Japan's Porn Town? No, Electric Town.
Oh, okay.
A BMD chip is $400?! Is that expensive? The opposite.
They were $2,000 a year ago.
Huh, then they've really dropped in price.
Just goes to show how commonplace ASes have become.
Even so, it's remarkable.
It's hard to put into words, but the rate at which they're spreading is strange.
Or maybe I'm overthinking this.
That's rude.
Yeah, well.
I am still something of an artist.
Artist That's why I'm curious.
About your art.
I mean the way you fight.
It doesn't feel like skill.
It's art.
Art This is what comes to mind when I watch your matches.
You're not simply fighting to earn a living.
You're fighting for something bigger Some goal, off in the distance.
I'm a layman when it comes to ASes, but I just get that kind of feeling.
How about it? I'm not sure.
But But? When it comes to ways of expressing myself well, this is all I have.
Combat? That's right.
I wish I had some talent like photography, or music, or drawing.
But unfortunately, this is all I've got.
Don't sell yourself short.
You might be surprised to find you have some other talent.
For instance For instance? Like being a ladies' man.
What the heck? Don't move! Get down on your knees! Slowly! Uh, officer? I-I think this is probably some mis-- Quickly! Wh-Which is it, quickly or slowly? Ow! We got a report that two young foreigners were stealing.
It was based on reliable information.
Wh-What are you talking about?! You pretended not to know anything when that Rick guy got killed! Lemon! Cut it out! You've got to be kidding! This is a human rights violation! I want a lawyer immedi-- You should shut up, foreigner.
And who are you? The police chief.
That's all you need to know.
Good, that's easy to remember.
You've got guts.
But if you cop an insolent attitude with me in this city you'll wish you hadn't, Sousuke Sagara.
You! Get out here! Sousuke! Don't worry.
A tooth? Robbery, assault, attempted murder, extortion, perjury, illegal immigration, obstruction of police duties, possession and use of an illegal weapon.
Do you have any other requests? What are you talking about? Your list of charges.
How about assaulting a police chief? I'll do that one right now.
You don't seem to get it.
This isn't just an interrogation room.
It's also a courtroom.
I'm both the prosecutor and the judge.
And the executor, too.
You must be quite understaffed.
What do you want? Did you come here just to tell me my prison term? You're sharp.
As you guessed, this is about the arena.
You're on a winning streak, aren't you? What about it? You guys are winning too much.
Many businessmen are involved with that competition.
There's a lot, a lot, of money in it.
So there's a certain Yes, there's a system.
You're saying I'm winning too much, and some people are losing money? You're sharp.
Really sharp! So now you get it, right? You're going to take part in our system.
In other words, rigged matches.
Who knows? But as things stand, you're looking at 50 years in jail.
Fifty years would be a problem.
I'll cooperate.
But I also want a location where I can go all out.
What?! Not like that arena.
Fighting for my life, with far more money in play.
That kind of place.
Where'd you hear that? It's how things work in this field.
Do you know the details involved? Of course.
They're illegal battles for VIPs to watch.
Using firearms loaded with live ammo.
I heard it's a life-or-death combat spectacle, on the city's outskirts.
I also hear the payout is way higher.
Half of those who compete are dead within a matter of months.
Are you also aware of that? That sounds about right.
Should I ask what your motive is? Money.
Anything else? I'm out for blood.
Fine, then.
I'll talk to the right people.
But until it's all done, I'm gonna keep your friend in custody.
Sousuke! What's going on? Where's Lemon? Still in jail.
I talked to the police chief and got released.
The chief.
You mean that scoundrel? I'll tell you later.
Let's go.
Rigged matches.
That figures.
You're not angry? Not really.
I'd heard rumors about it, and you'd have to be an idiot to expect sportsmanship in a city like this, right? But isn't it weird that he released you so readily? I demanded a certain condition.
Condition? Illegal battles.
Illegal battles?! Do you realize what you're getting into? Real fighting, with live ammo.
Serious mortal combat.
The money's good, too.
You'd use that machine of mine for a death match?! Get real! Those battles are the absolute last option for some idiot who's deep in debt! We're not like that! We're nearly up to Class A! Are you insane?! Explain why you're doing this! Well You can't tell me? Look, I thought we were at least friends at this point.
Was I wrong? I don't want to die not knowing anything.
You're right.
Thank you.
I'll explain.
Have a seat.
My objective was the illegal battles from the start.
To get closer to the dark side of the operation, I needed to keep winning the public battles.
Y-Yeah, but what for? Because apparently, Amalgam is involved with the illegal battles.
Amalgam? It's the name of an organization.
They plan and stage conflicts all around the world.
They've played a role in the serious terrorist incidents that occurred over the past several years.
H-Hold on There's a top-secret mercenary force that was fighting against Amalgam.
I'm a survivor of that force.
Survivor? What happened to it, then? It was wiped out by Amalgam.
Three months ago.
No way Amalgam is an organization hidden in the shadows.
On my own, it's hard to even contact them.
The few clues I have are this city and the illegal battles.
We've defeated Amalgam ASes several times in the past.
We recovered the bodies of the operators and identified them.
Several of them had been competitors here.
At this arena? Of that much I'm sure.
But my group was destroyed before we could investigate further.
Are you for real? Affirmative.
Well, I did think your skills were extraordinary.
In that case, aren't those guys total bad news? That's right.
I want to get close to Amalgam.
For that, I need your cooperation.
Screw that! Na-- Go make war by yourself! It has nothing to do with me! Wait! Listen to me! You're fired! Never show your face around here again.
Well, that figures.
Nami! What're you doing? Being careful.
There's something I at least want to ask you.
What? You're in a bind, aren't you? Yeah.
You need my help? Affirmative.
All right.
I'll go along with this for a bit.
You're sure? Lemon's in prison, and all.
And the fight money's good, right? Well, yes.
Just don't expect too much.
I don't know if Asch and the others will go along with it.
If they all say no, then it's no.
He doesn't seem to be making a run for it.
Apparently, he's serious about the illegal battles.
I bet he is.
Keep an eye on him, though.
Yes, sir.
It's me.
P-Pardon me, sir! N-No, I would never dream of Yes, sir.
He'll never get away.
So please, rest assured.
Rest assured? I can't do that.
You'd best take Sousuke Sagara seriously.
I am fully aware of that, Mr.
Are you now? Yes, sir! You have-- I just knew he'd come find us.
"Episode 7 Giant Killing" Next time: "Giant Killing.