Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (2009) s01e62 Episode Script

A Fierce Counterattack

Bastard! That's as far as you're going to get.
Dad! He was trying to make philosopher's stones again.
Humans should just stay as stones.
Why do you treat humans like such lowly creatures? Philosopher's stones can be created from humans, and homunculi can be created from philosopher's stones.
So, answer me.
What can be created from homunculi? What do you give birth to?! An existence that only brings about destruction can be called 'God'? You may believe that you've become a perfect being, but all you are is an obstacle in the cycle of life! Is that so? Then I shall give birth to humans.
I've obtained immortality.
I'm still alive King Xerxes! A body! This body is mine! Finally, a body Stop Please, stop This This isn't right! Look! A body! Hohenheim Guys You!! Shoot! What the hell is going on?! Shit! Greed! D.
! Looks like you're okay.
Great timing! Give me a ride.
It'll probably help to have someone with you who knows what's up.
Yeah! What on earth is going on?! The leader of the homunculi, "Father," is off on a rampage.
Those who can't fight should get off right here! Hey! The frog and the two princesses! Scram! You're all injured! Don't be ridiculous! Who else but me will take the lead?! Hell if I know! Just get the hell off of there! This ain't the time to be blabbering on about leading! You have no right to- General! A call from headquarters.
Mission headquarters? It's me.
What's the status over there? Ma'am, half of Central Headquarters has been annihilated.
What? We can't get in touch with the North Gate.
That's what he's capable of.
Just what is he? He looks like an ordinary human from the outside.
However, he has several hundred thousand human souls worth of philosopher's stones stored in his body, and has absorbed God with that energy.
You alchemists out there should understand the severity of the situation.
Philosopher's stones You ordinary humans should stay behind.
My men are up there fighting.
I am their commander.
General, headquarters would like to speak with you.
What is it? Don't worry, General.
Don't forget that we Briggs soldiers are capable of operating even if our boss is absent.
Armory, Team Yellow! Are you alive?! East Gate, Team Blue! Come in! We overheard that you're injured.
Please watch over us from there.
Alex! Ma'am! Bring the communications equipment! Win no matter what! Of course we will! Right.
Let's go, Lieutenant.
Hey! Both of you are hurt! I'll burn his philosopher's stone to a crisp.
But in order for me to do that, I'll need the lieutenant's help.
Who cares, let's get a move on.
My duty is to protect the young master.
Please take care of Izumi and everyone else.
Let's rock 'n' roll!! So this is where he bit the dust.
Did you do this? He was heavily injured by the time he got here.
If that hadn't been the case, I'm not sure whether I would have made it out alive.
Captain Buccaneer dealt a fatal blow to Bradley with the aid of a man from Xing So, Bradley wouldn't you say my men were quite something? Shao May, you're all right Thank goodness Sir Alphonse?! May I'm glad you're alive Sir Alphonse, your body! Sir Alphonse! Oh no! If you hadn't protected me! Sir Alphonse! Sir Alphonse!! Master! Master! Master!! I'm still alive Mr.
Hohenheim protected us H-Hohenheim! Hey! Hang in there! Hohenheim!! Two to start with.
Stop it!! Our target is a man with long, blonde hair! Don't confuse him with the Fullmetal Alchemist! Roger! East Gate, Team Blue! Step on it! West Gate, Team White! Get in the shadows of the west building of headquarters! Yes, sir! Master! Fire!! Yo, Fullmetal! You alive? Attacks like these won't even scratch him! You're kidding me! Don't give him a chance to counterattack! Aye, sir! Dammit! He looks like he's enjoying the breeze! Roger that! Put me through to each squadron.
Is that so?! Cease fire! Duck! Did I hit him? Grazed him.
Fix your aim towards 12 o'clock.
I can't see, so I don't know how much I should suppress my flames.
Don't suppress them at all! Distance 50 No, 53! I still can't get used to this clapping business.
A frontal attack! Nice work! Take that back.
It's pretty useful.
Fire! Fire! Keep it up! Don't give him the chance to counterattack! Keep making him use up his philosopher's stone! Incredible! I could make the world mine if I had that power! Hey, Greed! Is this what you meant by "making the world yours"? That's right! If I could just obtain that, the entire world would be mine! This feeling of emptiness inside me might just be cured! The thirst that's been haunting me since birth just might be quenched! You're disgraceful, Greed.
That's not what you really want.
Keep your mouth shut, shitty brat! I'm Greed, the avaricious! I'll obtain everything I want at any cost! Homunculus Cake, anyone? Not even a scratch We need to do something about that barrier! We're running out of ammo! Bring us some more! Futile acts.
Mere humans can hardly lay a finger on me.
If humans can't, what about a homunculus?! Great timing, Greed.
You're such a good son.
I was just in need of a philosopher's stone.
I'll be taking yours.
Just kidding.
You can't take my philosopher's stone without putting your barrier down, right? Did you not consider the possibility that you'd have the power of God taken from you instead? I'll take all of it! Greed! Don't give up! He blocked it himself.
He's at his limit! He can no longer hold down God! Stone! Stone! Philosopher's stone! Run, Edward! Brother, run! Brother!! Stop it! Dammit!! Sir Al! Stop! Stop it! Help Help him! Help my- May, I need you to do me a favor.
Brother got my soul back by sacrificing his right arm.
In that case, it should be possible to do the opposite.
Sir Alphonse? All I need you to do is to make a path.
You can do it, right? But if I did that, you'd! We're running out of time! Please.
You're the only one I can ask to do something like this.
Stone Human Energy! Edward!! Give it to me!! What are you trying to do? Cut it out Hey Al! Win this, Brother.
Don't do it!!! Was that enough for you? Yeah.
All that's left for me to do now is to believe in him.
Looks like you got your soul back.
Think he'll come here to bring you back? He will.
I know he will.
I'm curious to see what he'll sacrifice to do so.
You idiot!! It's working.
He He has a chance! Keep it up! Kiddo!! That's the spirit! Get him, kid! Rush in! Edward! Ed! Edward Elric! Go!! Greed.
Isn't this what you've always wanted more than anything? Mr.
Edward! Edward! Go! Fullmetal! Yeah, you're right on target.
What I've always wanted are friends like these.
Get up, punk! I'll show you the difference between us! Next time, Fullmetal Alchemist: Episode 63, The Other Side of the Gate.
He fades away after overseeing all.