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Dungeons and Dragon Lady

Did you miss me, Gal? Madalena, I have traveled I fought pirates.
I stared death in the face a dozen times, and I did all that to be with a woman who chose a fierce and cruel man over my unconditional love.
- So - You crossed my mind, yes.
Then why didn't you act happy to see me? To be honest, I don't know how to feel.
Isabella told me you wanted me to rescue you.
Did you even know I was coming? Well, I found out earlier today, and as soon as I did, I made a plan for us to be together.
Yeah, well, I had a plan, as well.
We were gonna live in a cottage by the sea.
We were gonna make love, plant a garden Have children.
I was gonna sing songs of your beauty.
Oh, Gal.
That sounds awful.
Look around.
I live in a castle.
And you know what I've learned about myself? I really like stuff.
I mean, why would I give all this up to get fat and pregnant and grow my own food? So, you didn't want me to come? I should never have trusted Isabella.
How could someone so small tell such a big lie? Well, none of that matters now.
I have a plan that will allow me to remain as queen, and you will be well taken care of as my Special companion.
Your boy toy, you mean.
Is that how you see me? Hmm? As some well-groomed, ruggedly handsome, yet oddly delicate-featured plaything? Yeah.
Madalena, I've got something to say, and I've come a really, really long way to say it.
Oh, no.
I want you, I need you You cut me, and I bleed you You're like some kind of sonnet All I want to do is read you - And I love you - I know.
- I mean I love you - Yes.
- I said I love you - You did.
And now don't you want to tell me something, too? I love you As much as someone like me can love anyone Huh? I mean, I love how we make people stare We're quite the stunning pair In other words, you love me As much as someone like me can love anyone Okay.
I mean, I love how when we hit the hay It's more than just okay Right? I'd absolutely say more like middling to fair Yeah.
What? Dance with me Can't you see how freaking gorgeous we look? Can't you feel the frantic beat of our hearts As our various parts rub with such delicious friction? So, that's all you really Dance with me Why not finish what's already begun? So, what you're saying is you love me - I love you - Really love me - I love you - And always loved me? As much as someone like me can love anyone Does that clear things up for you? No.
And when did you learn how to dance? Galavant - 01x06 Dungeons and Dragon Lady Are you hearing this, Gareth? My own wife tries to trick me into killing my favorite chef so she can save her ex-boyfriend.
You sure it was her? Pretty girl, tiny waist, big eyes? Definitely, My King.
No one has it as bad as I do, Gareth.
- No one! - Aaaaaaaah! Uh Don't worry.
Why do I continually allow people to treat me this way? Oh, come on.
Forget I'm your king and talk to me like your friend.
All right.
You keep acting like a prat.
You need to be more of a geezer.
You know, I've tried to tell you time and time again.
You don't turn your ear.
Oh, Gareth.
I can't understand a word you say.
Let me ask you this, then.
Do you like me, Gareth? - I mean, you know, as a as a person? - Aaaaaaah! I got to go.
My queen needs me.
- Your queen? - Mm.
Are you hearing this? Now it's his queen.
Go ahead.
Leave me, too.
Be that guy.
Yeah, okay.
Why am I like this? Why do I continually allow people to treat me this way? - Sire! - Hmm? I-I think I know something that may help you.
Really? What? Have you ever heard of Xanax? Xanax? Is he that new magician I'm hearing so much about? Merlin's replacement? Yes, My King.
I-I occasionally buy herbs from him.
Herbs? For what? F-f-for cooking? Yeah f-for cooking.
All right, it's worth a shot.
Let's go see Xanax.
I should probably put on something more casual.
The brown.
Uh, hi.
Um, why are we back in the dungeon? Just wait here.
I'll come get you when it's time.
Someone's coming to help execute my plan.
Move along.
Galavant! Galavant! I thought you were dead.
You mean because you betrayed me, you thought they would hang me? Because you betrayed me? Oh, trust me, sir, I have been guilting the crap out of her down here.
King Richard said if I didn't deliver the jewel and you, he would kill my parents.
I tried to warn you so many songs, so many asides.
The point is, Queen Madalena, you have the jewel and you have Galavant.
- You must release my parents.
- Must I? - Yes.
You have to.
- Have I? - Yes.
- Really? Why are you just repeating everything I say as a question? Am I just repeating everything you say as a question? You Don't hear it? -I hear it.
- Yeah.
- You're sort of doing it a little bit.
- I had a deal with King Richard.
My dear girl I am not King Richard.
But I will enjoy killing the girl who tried to eat my leftover man mutton.
Is Anyone else uncomfortable? Gareth.
Cut her face.
Torture the rest.
- Gala - Excuse me? I said torture them.
Is there a problem? No.
There's not a problem.
I like torturing.
I'm pretty good at it.
I once kept a guy alive for a week, and he was just a head and a finger.
But that order came from the king, and I serve My King.
Your king is weak, Gareth.
You know this.
He cries like a baby, he cares like a woman.
He makes decoupage footstools as a hobby.
Hey! That was a birthday present.
He got me that so I could have a sit down.
You're a dog, Gareth.
And a dog needs a strong master.
Now sic 'em.
Here we are, sir.
Are we safe? This neighborhood looks a little dodgy.
Don't worry, sire, we'll be fine.
Just Try not to look scared.
Nice to see you.
What do you want? Uh, we're here to see Xanax.
He's in the attic.
Mom! It's a laboratory! Call it a laboratory.
It's an attic.
This is Cozy.
King Richard, may I present Xanax The Magician.
Actually, I'm not legally allowed to call myself a magician anymore 'cause of the whole Thing.
Don't worry.
Think of me as a spiritual guide.
I'm allowed to Call myself that.
Anyone can.
It's meaningless.
Look at his shiny little hat, toad.
Who's that person? It's toad.
He's cool.
Don't ask.
He was a toad.
I did a spell turned him into a human-ish Type thing.
So, uh, yeah.
I flipped it.
That's very good.
Anyway, what can I do for you gents? Well, it's No big deal, really.
We were just in the neighborhood, and, um, I was sort of wondering, you know, why I am the way I am, and he mentioned you might be able to help me.
Xanax can help anything.
Bit of wind there.
Let's get you started.
This is a Kind of disgusting little workstation, isn't it? You see the toilet? It's basically a window.
And by "window," I mean "hole" in the wall.
It works.
One of them.
Toad spotted it.
You'd love that, wouldn't you? That goes in.
Let's do this.
Now the magic words.
Habrazamdabra, flanimal ham.
Try that now.
It's all magic.
- So, I just Drink that down, eh? - Yeah.
- Straight down the gullet? - Yeah.
- Ooh.
That is pungent.
- Yeah.
That's the anus.
Oh, what the hell.
Oh, God.
Takes a little while to kick in with a strong-willed - I'm feeling it.
- Yeah.
Oh, wow.
All right, boss, we need an escape plan.
- What are you thinking? - Here's what I think.
If you really break it down "I love you as much as someone like me could love anyone" can mean a lot of things.
Oh, come on, man.
Oh, just let it go! She's the worst! - She imprisoned us.
- She stole our jewels.
- Yeah, not a fan.
- You want to know what I think? I think you're in a dungeon wondering if the woman that put you there loves you.
And the real question is, why do you still love her? I mean, yes, she's beautiful, in a perfect-skin, perfect-body, perfect-hair kind of way, if you're into that sort of thing.
I know you, Galavant.
I know your heart, and you deserve better.
You deserve to be with someone who will lift you up as a man, someone who will fight with you, not against you.
Maybe someone who's small and cute and ethnically hard to pin down.
What you're saying is you don't think she loves me? Bloody hell.
Oh, please, just stop the torture and kill me already.
I haven't started yet.
He's not part of it? Will everybody just shut up?! - Do you want to know what real torture is? - No, I'm good.
Imagine being loyal to someone your whole life.
I'm not gonna tell you who, but hypothetically, we'll call him "the king.
" He's a bit of a ponce, but I like him.
Then he gets married to this rump-fed basket cockle, who, hypothetically, we'll call "the queen.
" We all know who you're talking about, Gareth.
But let me be cryptic for a minute, will ya?! Just give me that! Now, she's not like "the king.
" But she's strong, and I mire strength.
But, then again, I've sworn an oath to protect the king.
So I don't know what to do.
I mean, that's real torture, isn't it, lads? Welcome to Richard's journey to find out why he is the way he is.
There's bottles of water in easy reach.
Please stay hydrated.
And no kissing.
Of course.
What? Oh Shouldn't be an issue.
But it has happened in the past, so I made a blanket rule no kissing.
Good idea.
Everyone ready? Ribbit.
Close your eyes, open your mind Your journey's about to begin Relax your karma and try not to barf As the universe starts to spin Hocus-pocus, expealadocious Set your aura free Petrificus totalis, drink deeply from the chalice Tell us what you see-e-e-e-e-e I see a door! Oi! What did I say? No Go through it.
It's opening on its own! That's magic.
This is the day my father died.
The king is dead, long live the king The king is dead, long live the king Where is his son, who'll inherit everything? Is that you, sire? So handsome.
It's my much older brother, Kingsley.
- I can't see anything! - That's me.
Shut up, you I can't see anything! Shut up Oh, dear.
I ate my feelings.
And a lot of bread.
The sword, Your Highness Here's the royal sword No one gives me anything.
To be the king, you must receive the sword If I want something, I take it.
And I don't want to be any king.
Oh, but, Kingsley, it's your destiny.
We literally named you "Kingsley.
" God told us to.
It's not like we were being trendy.
My destiny lies beyond the castle walls, mother.
I'm going to conquer and kill and spread bastard children throughout the land, like wildflower seeds.
Somebody else can sit on their ass and rule.
But who? - Who? - But who? Who? But who? But who? Dickie? "Dickie.
" Brilliant.
You shall be the king's guard.
I'm only 10, but All right.
I'm Gareth, and I'll faithfully serve you, My King.
The sword, your highness Here's your royal sword To be the king, you mu Actually, I think I will take the sword.
Good luck Dickie.
How humiliating.
That's it.
It was humiliating.
Everything comes back to this moment.
I have spent my entire life behaving as if I'm everyone's second choice my parents', my kingdom's, and now my queen's.
Let's go take back my kingdom! Where's that bloody door? Well, how the hell are we supposed to get up there? That was amazing! Thank you, Xanax.
I now know exactly what I must do.
Come on, chef! To the horses! I wouldn't ride just yet.
Again, it's a legal thing.
A guy once he took his horse through a farmers market, and there was "raaaaaah!" The hooves and the crushing and s-screaming, so - Ugh - Let the potion wear off.
An hour, say? Oh.
Hey, in that case, you guys want to see my room from when I was a kid? Wow.
Let's let's do this.
Listen, Galavant I know what I did to you was horrible probably even worse than what Madalena did to you, because at least she had the guts to do it to your face.
And I won't say it again, but I'm more sorry than you'll ever know.
Just so you know I'm really sorry.
Oh, God.
You must feel really bad.
You're babbling.
You only babble when you feel really bad.
I do not babble when I feel bad.
I'm not saying it's a bad thing.
To be honest, I've rather grown to like it.
But you do babble, princess.
Princess Isa-babble.
"Princess Isa-babble.
" Okay, hang on a sec.
Babbling is when someone talks nonsense, and I do not talk nonsense.
I mean Sometimes, at times, I guess I do babble, but it's only because I have a lot going on in my head and oh.
Never mind.
Look, you don't have to feel bad.
They're your parents.
When you care about somebody You'll do anything for them.
Love is Strange.
And sometimes kind of gross.
It's embarrassingly gassy And it leaves its dirty underwear In piles around the place Love is rude, it has a sort of smell And it thinks that you don't notice And it blurts out things That make you want to smack its stupid face And it's awkward and confusing It annoys you half to death Then it grins that dopey grin And you can't catch your breath Love is strange and sometimes sort of smug And it's really, really bossy And it messes with your head Till you're a hopeless basket case And it's stubborn It's insulting It's obnoxious It's the worst You keep pushing it away, and you fall in headfirst Love is strange And often pretty drunk It looks different without makeup And it's nothing like the fairy tales You grow up dreaming of Love is weird Love is dumb Love is strange And that's what makes it lo-o-o-o-o-ve I've been so blind.
Madalena never loved me.
When you love someone, you shout it from the rooftop, not couch it in a riddle.
Or in a song.
That's more cinematic.
Well, how's that for timing? Our stars are finally aligning on the same day I'm going to die.
No, you're not gonna die today.
And you're not gonna die today.
And you're not gonna die today.
You might already be dead.
Well, what are you going to do? What else? Save the day.
Have these been open the whole time? No one thought to check? Really? Is it done? Did you torture them? Nah.
But I gave you an order.
I don't give a rat's ass about your orders.
I might be a dog, but at least I'm a loyal one, love.
Now, I serve the king, so I only follow his orders.
That is so nice to hear.
You have always been my most loyal friend, Gareth.
I know you're not a hugger, but if you were, I would wrap myself around you like a leather jacket made of love.
Xanax? - So much Xanax.
- Mm.
Okay, couple of things.
First, chef, I am so munchy.
Could you make me, like, a cheesy omelette with some ham chunks, potatoes fried in bacon grease? - Right away, sire.
- Excellent.
Next, I'm breaking up with you.
Gareth, would you please escort Madalena down to the dungeon and lock her up forever? Huh? Come on.
Wait! It would be rude to imprison your queen when we have such a special visitor.
What visitor? What are you talking about? Hello, brother.
Kingsley? What's he doing here? What are you doing here? I'm here to take your life.
My life? Your lifestyle.
Your kingdom.
Of course, if you get in my way, I'll have to take your life, too Dickie.
This is gonna to be fun.

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