Galavant (2015) s02e01 Episode Script

A New Season aka Suck It Cancellation Bear

Pirates! Soon we will come ashore, and I will return Richard to his home kingdom And rescue Isabella from Ohh, god, I do not feel good! Is there a name for when you throw up through your nose? Oh, please try and keep it together.
We're almost there.
And it's called "snarfing.
" "Almost there.
" You've been saying that for weeks.
Listen, I'm tired.
I miss Gareth.
These pirates smell horrible.
Sing me the song, Galavant.
It's the only thing that'll make me feel better.
If I sing you the song, will you shut up? Way back in days of old, there was a legend to Oh, do it for real! About a hero known as Gala Sorry to interrupt.
It's a very catchy tune and all that.
Yeah, it's a real earworm.
Yeah, totally gets stuck in your head.
But there's only so many times you can hear it.
Don't know if you noticed, but four pirates walked the plank last week, middle of the ocean, just walked right off.
So, what are you saying? What I'm saying is We're gonna have to kill you if you sing the freakin' song What? It didn't win an Emmy, now it's time to move along But Winter's not just coming Hell, it came And then it went Now it's back with this year's Least expected big event! You mean? Argh! It'sA New season for our hero and pals A new season, and it's gonna be scorchin' Off on new sprees in new, exotic locales With new guests who'll cost the network a fortune I'll go reclaim the castle I'm the rightful ruler of I'll suffer through the hassle Then go save my one true love It's a new season So we won't be reprisin' that tune Way back in days of old There was a legend told Da-da, da-da, da-da-da Galavant No! It's a new season in Hortensia, too A new season, and it's totally bitchin' We've got new fleas in our new clothing It's true And new cheese in our new cutting-edge kitchen We'll stay here with the princess Till she weds her little cuz Yes, we know it's incest Still it's what our family does It's a new season And my Izzy, why, she's in her room I've tried so desp'rately to win my freedom Tried, yes, I've tried Dear god, I've tried Ooh! Though, as a feminist I don't quite need him Where is my Galavant? Come find me, Galavant When will our plot lines re-collide? It's a new season for our brand-new regime A new season here in sunny Valencia With new treason to deliciously scheme At new levels of psychotic dementia I'm putting ev'ry qualm aside to seize the kingdom's reins I'll commit some homicide and sing a few refrains And this season maybe I'll get to squeeze in some So in the weeks to come Ignore the pageants that they'll hold Skip the football matches And the globes made out of gold Screw all those apprentices And ev'ry bachelorette Give in to the miracle that no one thought we'd get It'sA New season Though it's still not that long A new season with some slightly new shadings There's still no reason why we burst into song You'll know hell's freezin' if we get decent ratings Join the Royals And the Jester And the Servant And the Chef The Queen The Thug The Hero And the Hero's B.
And the whole season Ends with armies from Valencia, Hortensia And Richard's land in one ginormous battle To decide who's gonna be the one true king To rule the whole entire Way to blow it, you prat.
It's a new season So hang on to your sword A new season which you'll prob'ly record A new season, so get comfortable, please And let's go-o-o-o O-o-o-oh See, now, that was a number.
I see land! Wait.
I know this area.
There that is the safest place to come ashore.
You're certain? I've never been more certain of anything in my life.
Wow! I do not know what I was talking about Not even a little.
Galavant - S02E01 A New Season aka Suck It Cancellation bear Hear ye! Hear ye! Presenting the queen and the guy that was with the queen when she killed the other guy who was kind of the king! Maybe later we can discuss my title.
And what trifling business is before the court today? My queen, my guy who was with the queen when she Get on with it.
A chicken laid an egg on the border between our two properties.
We didn't know what to do, so we just let it sit there.
But then this chicken hatched from that egg, and and now we don't know who the new chicken, um, belongs to.
Is this for real? Is this really happening? I got this.
I think what we need to consider here is what came first.
We have a chicken, and there was an egg.
But then before that, there was another chicken.
Kill the chicken.
I'll eat it for dinner.
Next! My queen.
My guy who was with the queen wh Oh, get on with it.
I guess I just have a few questions about my situation here.
Am I captive? Am I free? How's my hair? I mean, I haven't seen a mirror in weeks.
Perhaps you'd like to go the way of the chicken.
Look, I don't mean to complain.
I just don't know what my role is, and that's weird.
It's a bit rough not having a role.
You have a role, Gareth.
I do? Go kill the chicken.
HoneySince the wedding to your cousin is back on, we thought you might want to choose a cake topper.
You see nothing wrong with this? Your only daughter is about to marry her own cousin, who happens to be an 11-year-old boy.
- We're good with it.
- Father! Honey, Galavant is gone.
He was a tall drink of water, and I will keep him forever in my spank bank, but it's time to move on.
No! Wherever he is, Galavant will come for me, and then we will marry.
If you marry Galavant, I have to pay for the whole wedding.
You marry your cousin, I only do the rehearsal dinner.
True love is not about rehearsal dinners! You haven't seen the Farkakte bill.
You are marrying your cousin.
I can't believe you two, planning this wedding as if nothing's wrong whilst I'm locked away in this prison! Oh, baby Bella, honey, we love you.
But you're being a tad dramatic.
This is not a prison.
Visitor is coming out! Where are you, Galavant? Well, those pirates were a bit snippy with me, no? Please stop talking.
Are you still upset about the shipwreck? Geez, man, what's the point of a bygone if it can't just be a bygone? A pirate died.
That's what pirates do! Huh.
I really thought I knew where we were.
Oh, well, my kingdom can't be too far away from here.
Do oh, no.
What "oh, no"? OhNo.
"Oh, no," what? I think I may have led us into the enchanted forest, and that is not good.
My father warned me to stay away from here at all costs.
There's a queen An evil queen In fact, once my father and his best friend/camping buddy, Keith, who I called him uncle Keith - 'cause he was always around - Spit it out! They wandered in here, and uncle Keith was never heard from again.
Oh, great.
Oh, yeah.
Mm-hmm, typical.
God, can't you do anything right?! You just gonna keep walking? Oh.
"Happy Hour"? The enchanted forest is a pub.
God, you actually had me scared for a minute there.
Oh, this place is fabulous! It's all men, a real gentlemen's club.
Get used to the attention, son.
This is what happens when you hit the mainland with king rich.
Haven't seen you around here before.
Trust me I'd remember.
Jean, looks like you got some competition.
Oh, hello there.
Jean Hamm? Yeah.
Don't tell my wife.
Come, Bobby.
The queen's gonna want to get a look at this one.
- I do! - Oh, no.
You trespassed upon my kingdom And now you are in my sway Which basic'ly means, as the queen of all queens I'm going to make you pay Will we be throwing him in the dungeon? Or tossing him to the bear? Well, one thing for sure We'll settle the score And trust me, it's more than fair Off with his shirt Yeah! Strip him down Don't be shy, boys, go to town I'll bet that chest is heaven-blessed So firm and pert Off with his top Yeah! Let it fly Check that six-pack, it's to die Tell ev'ry Lance and Bruce and curt Off with his shirt Oh, this is so fun! I want to fly like her, too.
Someone pick me up.
Pick me up, too! Uh, no? Ooh, so now that you're in my power We'll put you behind these bars And there you will stay, taking orders all day Till Mars is aligned with Mars And for our pleasure, we'll keep you waiting Who knows just how long you'll serve But, baby, you bet You're gonna get The punishment we deserve Off with his shirt Yeah! That's the deal You're our beefcake happy meal Go on, you guys Just feast your eyes Until they hurt Off with his shirt Yeah! Till the dawn Dig that lush pectoral lawn Drink in those lats and traps and delts And after that, who knows what else? So save some room, boys, for dessert Off with his shirt Yeah! Put this back on.
You'll catch your death.
Well, I have had a blast.
You know, I've never been to one of these places before.
What, a pub? Oh, don't be stupid.
You've been to a pub before.
Anyway, uh, I'm gonna head out.
Got to get him back to his kingdom.
I've got to return to saving my one true love.
She's, uh Aw! Aw! Aw! Aw! Yeah, she's waiting for me, but thank you for everything.
And thank you for not feeding us to the bear.
Goodbye, bear.
- Richard, vamos.
- Sí.
Where do you think you're going? Uh We just had our best night in years.
You'll be staying here forever.
Or at least until those abs go soft.
But Guards! At least bear seems happy.
Oi! Geez, gorilla! Make a fist! Pound the door! It's called knocking! Listen, the boss lady thinks she's the boss of me, and I'm trying to figure out if she is.
Now, you wanted a position.
Here it is Be my assistant.
This is the kingdom's charter.
It outlines the changes of power when a king is deposed.
But I can't read.
Aww, Gareth, are you asking me to teach you to read? No.
Reading's for morons who can't understand pictures.
Just read it! Yeah.
Not a prison at all, mom.
There's my beautiful bride-to-be! Jester, Jester, do it for the Princess.
Pbht! Every time, he gets me.
- Pbht! - Stop! I'm gonna pee myself! Pbht! Pbht! Oops.
I did.
Let me down.
Great kid.
Oh, he's gonna make a wonderful husband, your cousin.
I mean, once he stops peeing himself.
I feel like I've been drinking crazy grog.
- How can you be happy about this? - You kidding? This is the easiest gig I've ever had.
It's all fart noises and poop jokes with this kid.
I haven't had to write new material for months.
And, truth be told, it's given me time to work on my real passion.
I'm trying to break into drama.
Pbht! So sorry.
I can't handle a moment's silence.
What's wrong with me? Pbht.
- Chef.
- Milady.
You two have to help me escape and find Galavant.
You must see how insane this all is.
I do hate the idea of you being forced into marriage.
I'm kind of big into women's rights.
He really is.
He said he's gonna let me keep our first daughter and not just throw them all out.
The guards they ordered a lot of room service.
Let me see if I can't slip them some sleepy-time pie and get you a key.
You're so kind.
One daughter! Then we leave the rest to the white walkers.
Excuse me.
Pardon me.
Pardon me.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Need another round of mead lights for Philip and Sebastian, please.
Hello? Galavant! Galavant? Tried to escape.
Made it all the way to the door, but my hands were too cold from mixing slushy drinks.
We are wasting time.
Relax, my brother from another.
Have a drink.
Feel the beat.
Oh, that reminds me.
Bear told me a ripper.
A bear walks into a bar Oh, you're having fun.
I'm so glad because the people I care about are in real trouble.
Well, I'm sorry.
I'm just trying to lighten the mood.
Well, stop trying.
The more you try, the worse it gets.
Just stay out of my way.
Fine, but from now on, we're pooling our tips! Who doesn't like to hear a good bear joke? Bears are funny.
I'm so Uncle Keith! Shh! Shh! Shh! Dad said you entered the enchanted forest and never came out.
The other way 'round, kid.
Huh? I belong here.
Your father God rest his soul He belonged here.
Was he an alcoholic, too? But you don't belong here.
I'm going to help you escape.
Marvelous! Okay.
Maybe you do belong here.
Oh, this is gonna be fun! Why is she making us watch her eat our chicken? What do you mean, "our chicken"? It was my egg first.
It weren't.
I had it first.
- I found it! - This is why.
This is why you're watching.
Queenie, I need to talk to you about my title.
Now, I helped you overthrow a king.
You helped your friend escape and watched as I killed his replacement.
I'm sick of not being treated as an equal.
I'm sick of having to park my horse in the stable with the assistants! Look, according to the scrolls I have had read to me, I banished the king.
So, technically, I am the true king of Valencia.
And it would really mean a lot to me if I was treated as such.
What is it with men and their emotions? Fine.
You're king.
Yes! Oi.
Say it.
Presenting the queen and king of Valencia! Oh, you don't think - We're not changing the order.
- Nah, it's great.
It's fine.
Psst! Hey! I got us a way out of here, but you got to follow me right now.
We don't have much time before the music starts.
All right, sure.
I'll listen to you Like when I listened to you about when we were gonna come ashore or maybe when I listened to you about I want you to know that hurt me a lot more than it hurt you.
Come on.
Use your core, Richard.
Use your core.
Where is my core? Oh, there it is.
Ah, you're waking up.
Good morning, sunshine.
Aah! Ow! What are you doing? I'm rescuing us.
What, through the ladies room? This is your dumb plan? The bar needed a ladies room built to be up to code, but no one was ever going to use it, so they didn't bother to finish it.
You know you just Saved the day? Yeah.
I know.
I can't take all the credit.
Galavant, I want you to meet my Uncle Keith.
Thank you, sir.
We are indebted to you, Uncle, - forever and always.
- It's nothing.
Are you certain we can't convince you to come with us? No, son.
My Destiny is here.
Destiny, this is Richard.
Richard, Destiny.
Galavant! Galavant! You must go now! I'll miss you.
Let's boogie! Hello.
Hey! This is a silly question.
Do you think my Uncle Keith might be Yes, Richard.
You think Destiny knows? You know what? I owe you an apology 'cause you really came through for us today.
Thank you.
I know you don't think much of me, and I know I screw everything up all the time, but you have to understand, I was coddled my entire life.
I know.
I was breastfed until I was 9.
I kno wait.
What? - I had a nanny named Pearl - No, I don't want to know.
The point is, today's a new day.
This is a new chapter in your life.
You got to find your inner king.
You really think so? I do.
It's a new season And there's a change on the way A new season Let's go make you a ruler Time to start seizin' so much more than the day With a new title that's incredibly cooler And I won't have to marry now that I have got the key I'll leave before Prince Harry even reaches puberty It's a new season And there's so much to be done A new season And it's only begun A new season One I'm singin' High g's in, you'll Yeah! Seriously?!
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