Game of Thrones s08e90 Episode Script

The Last Watch

1 [.]
PHOTOGRAPHER: Jon Snow! FAN: Oh, my goodness, you're beautiful! One more.
One more time, look away.
FAN: We love your style.
FAN 1: Sophie! Sophie! [FANS CLAMORING.]
FAN 2: He's my screensaver on my phone! PHOTOGRAPHER: And Gwendoline, now smile here.
ANNA: Production.
- Production, Anna speaking.
- STAFFER: Bear with me.
ANNA: Well, we do have 24-hour security at the Paint Hall.
Good morning.
Um, the Godswood working on Friday.
We need to know exactly who is going to attend, and who FINLAY: I'd like to get shots of you doing work.
Oh, God.
Doing my work.
That's my working, is putting on one pair of glasses to the other pair.
- Oh, God.
CAULFIELD: Steve didn't respond to us about the direwolves because they can go pretty fast.
He says 30 miles per hour.
Right, right, right, right, right.
So it's our biggest season ever, there's a lot of decisions that need to be made.
It's something simple like a wolf running with a guy, for us it means a 150-foot green screen with a tracking vehicle in Calgary.
You know, it's fun.
It's a fun puzzle to figure out, you know, and when you do figure it out it's I think that's why I used to love algebra, is that you'd figure out the equation, when you got that answer it was like, "Wow.
" And so it's the same with this.
We keep messing with the puzzle, and then when that last piece fits, you're like, "Yeah, it worked.
STAFFER: For you.
My schedule ends up being It's, you know, very and that's a simple one.
Like the Art Department, they go horizontally, but I decided I want to go I go vertically.
FINLAY: Do you thrive on all of this, Chris? [CHUCKLING.]
Not particularly.
What? It's all I've done since I left school, I don't know anything else.
NEWMAN: The way Game of Thrones is developed is every episode has as much in it as any one feature film, but we have to do it quicker and for less money.
All you can do with any large operation is get the best people around you and let them go.
As we said, we're trying to figure out how [CONTINUES SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY.]
BLAIR: This is our first day of fittings, and we're just doing 25, I think it is, today.
We have the same people, like, every year.
It's really nice, they're like a little family.
They always kind of show up every year.
- Keep you nice and warm.
- Mm.
BLAIR: And he's obsessed with the whole show.
It would be really cool if youse got to meet him, he'd be so excited.
McCLAY: Hey, what? Thanks, Brad.
Yeah, man.
- FINLAY: Are you Andrew? - I am.
FINLAY: You're the person I'm here to see.
I'm Jeanie.
I'm making the documentary about Game of Thrones.
- Okay.
- FINLAY: For a whole year.
- Okay.
- FINLAY: I was wondering if I could follow your fitting.
McCLAY: Excellent.
- Hello, Rettie.
- If you could fill in that.
- Thank you.
- RETTIE: And then I'll get - Hello.
How are you? - Good to see you.
- Are you all right? - Nice to see you.
We're excited.
- McCLAY: Hello.
- BLAIR: Are you all buzzed? - McCLAY: I'm buzzed.
- BLAIR: You're all excited.
McCLAY: Back in for the last season, so I'm loving life.
- Lovely.
- BLAIR: Yeah? Yeah.
Snug - Too snug? - BLAIR: Do you want another pair? Could I try just a size bigger, Rach? Just so I can get my thermal socks on.
Cheers, eh.
If I recall, the best way into that's on your knees, yes? MAN: It's the easiest.
: That's funny.
- MAN: We've got to work out - an easier way.
- McCLAY: I absolutely love it, it is the best thing I have ever seen.
The stories, the characters.
I read the books since I was about 13, absolutely brilliant.
Like, honored to be able to work on it.
Night King better recognize.
- WOMAN: How you doing? - Ah, what about you? - What about you? - Come here.
What's happening? - How's it going? - Aye, sweet.
Look at me.
- WOMAN: Back in armor.
- Big time.
You want me to do my meanest look possible? - [MAN LAUGHING.]
- BLAIR: That might be extreme.
- Really? You go.
Okay, we'll get you out of that, then.
Can I just? All right, now you can take me out.
So we get our cool jackets done every year.
This is for Season 7.
Adrian has one as well.
A direwolf on the back, "The North Remembers.
" Stark there on the arm.
And the unit you worked with.
So Dragon, Wolf, and White Walker units, so Dragon out of Belfast.
Whenever you see the season starting back up again, you just see beards and these black jackets walking around Belfast.
McCLAY: - - MAN: What's that? McCLAY: [BELL RINGING.]
I remember reading the script.
I remember being in Dubrovnik.
And I remember saying to him, we're never gonna be allowed to shoot here.
Just knowing what we had to do.
Nobody was going to let them destroy their town, no matter where we were, particularly not Dubrovnik.
Then when we looked outside of the production office, there's this great big, flat piece of concreted land, you know, the Titanic studios need a backlot, and there was one really obvious one sitting here.
Phil and I are both scratching out different ideas for our King's Landing street.
We've been so many places and photographed so many things that, uh it's actually trying to work out what makes these things fantastic.
But it's gonna be a big build, so we need to make sure it's worth the money and time that'll be invested.
Also they're not sacrificing going to a location to, instead, be shooting in a really bad set.
March 2013, when I first landed it was so daunting, but at the same time, we just couldn't let ourselves fail.
I don't have it so much anymore, but I do, in the first year, remember having this constant tape in my head of you are being employed to cope.
Just cope, you just have to cope.
But now I realize all we were ever doing in Seasons 4, 5, 6, and 7 were training for Season 8.
ROCKS: We did have a fence the whole way along here, but unfortunately, the winds knocked the fence down, so we'll have to get a whole new fence in.
You don't want to spoil it for people, you know? Because they'll see it.
It will spoil it for me as well.
- FINLAY: Do you watch the show? - Oh, God, I love it.
MOTORCYCLIST: Oh, I wouldn't know.
I know nothing.
I'm really just looking for a part in Game of Thrones.
Put a word in there for me, that would be great.
One of the walking dead, that'll do me.
I've got the baldy head for it.
FINLAY: When did the cast get scripts? McLAUGHLIN: They've had them three days.
I don't know who has just read their parts and who's read the full things, but they've had a little time with them.
FINLAY: For some of them it might be the first time they realize that they die.
I know Kit hasn't read his.
Yeah, if they've not read their more You know, because we've given them to them, it's up to them if they want to read them before coming in.
WEISS: This is strange.
We remember hoping against all hope that we would get our first table read for the first season, here we are at the last one, and it really is It's like looking around a table and seeing your family, you know? - Except that we all get along.
- Way better looking.
COGMAN: "Exterior, Winterfell Wall.
"The battle for Winterfell begins, heavily adapted, believe it or not, for read through purposes.
"The Night King turns and sees Jon coming for him.
"Is this going to be an epic fight? No.
"The Night King raises his arm slowly.
"Jon knows what that means.
"The dead begin to rise.
"Jorah the Andal battles on.
"He has been slashed and stabbed, pummeled and pierced, "but somehow he keeps fighting.
"Wights plunge their knives into him.
"He takes more punishment than Hodor took at the door, "than Beric took in the Great Hall, "and still somehow Jorah stands and defends his queen.
"Dany tries to rouse Jorah, but he is gone.
"Exterior, Godswood.
"The Night King walks with methodical, terrifying calm.
"He stops before Bran and raises his sword to strike, but something is hurtling toward him out of the darkness.
COGMAN: "She vaults off a pile of dead wights, "leaps at the Night King.
She plunges the dagger through the Night King's armor, and the Night King shatters.
MAN: Maisie! COGMAN: "Wildlings and Northerners have gathered around Jon.
" HIVJU: "I saw him riding that thing.
" - CUNNINGHAM: "We all did.
" - HIVJU: "No, no.
I saw him riding that thing.
"That's right.
You saw it.
" - "I did.
" - CUNNINGHAM: "You did.
"That's why we all agreed to follow him.
" COGMAN: "Dragonstone Beach, night.
Grey Worm leads Varys, hands bound, down the beach.
" "I told you what would happen if you betrayed me.
" "You did.
" "Lord Varys, "I, Daenerys of House Targaryen, "First of My Name, Breaker of Chains "and Mother of Dragons, sentence you to die.
- Dracarys.
" - COGMAN: "Drogon spews fire, "but we don't watch our old friend burn.
"Instead, we see the reactions of those who knew him.
"Tyrion is heartbroken, Jon is disturbed, "Grey Worm sees this as the just execution of a traitor.
" DINKLAGE: "Did she sound like someone who's done fighting? "She's a conqueror.
"She liberated the people of Slaver's Bay, "she liberated the people of King's Landing.
Our Queen's nature is fire and blood.
" COGMAN: "Standing before the Iron Throne, "Dany steps forward and kisses the man she loves.
"A perfect kiss.
Their eyes closed, "his hand behind her head, her hand on his cheek.
"Dany's eyes open suddenly as she draws a sharp breath.
"Jon's eyes open as well, already filling with tears.
"For a moment, neither moves, "as if moving will make this real.
"We see Jon with his hand still on the hilt of the dagger he just lodged in Dany's heart.
" [GASPS.]
COGMAN: "Her strength leaves her, and she collapses to the marble.
"He keeps her in his arms, and she falls.
"Kneeling down to the floor beside her, "he looks down at what he's done.
"Terrible and necessary.
End of Game of Thrones.
REID: Winter's coming, yeah.
I am the snow man okay? Leave it with me.
When they started on Season 1, it was just one forest, and 'cause this is the final season, then yeah, everything seems to be a lot bigger and heavier and more snow.
It's just, uh, paper.
Paper and water, and it does the job.
You probably need to go into that, uh, hay doober, Steve.
It's just trying to work out where we need to put stuff and where we don't, you know? You can go on and reckon we're just seeing that, but, you know, you move the camera just an inch and it's another 10 meters that you have to dress.
You can't just throw money at things, you know? I'm a stickler for that.
I don't like to give away too much money.
I don't like to waste anything.
I know it's not mine, but don't waste it, you know? FINLAY: What are you gonna do if it snows? If it snows? Oh, probably have a party.
If it snows, yeah, cover the whole lot in white.
That would be fantastic.
But it's just not going to happen.
It just rains in Belfast.
: Must be Naomi there.
LISTON: If that's horse feed, it needs to come up to me at the horse marquee.
MAN: They're fucking lying everywhere.
LISTON: What the fuck are you talking about? MAN: They've been threw off.
They're lying everywhere.
LISTON: They came on a tipper so we just have to fucking tip them into the fucking grass.
MAN: Yeah, no worries.
LISTON: So I'm the location manager.
You can have 350 crew, and with that comes the infrastructure, service vehicles, extras, marquees.
I sort of end up doing all the logistics and the running of all the locations when we're out and about, which is great fun.
We'll have to use our imagination a little bit.
- This 25-by-50 meter is extras holding.
- We have to avoid this manhole cover, so when you bring the crowd up, the door to the crowd holding will be here.
The only problem is these big gas canisters, that's all propane.
You cannot sit there having a fag, otherwise the whole thing's gonna go up.
LISTON: That's an electric fence, so they'll not be tempted to dander up past the electric fence.
MAN: - Yeah.
: We've got caltrops in place where they're gonna be, so we can, um, hide them for the switch.
We just then They [IMITATING WHOOSHING.]
I need to go a little bit higher.
I can see the legs and the heads.
But actually want to see them how they jump.
- Just adjust.
- And then watch it, - you can see the - IRLAM: I've said to the guys the thing that they should focus on is planning where they're going and making sure they all miss each other.
Let's put caltrops in front of caltrops.
So you create much more of a barrier, yeah? DIRECTOR: Three, two, one, action! [ALL SNARLING.]
- DIRECTOR: Action! - [GRUNTS.]
Action! [SCREAMING.]
SHAPCOTT: It's about choreographing the fights with Ratsa and Vlad.
It's basically what we do on film set.
It's what we do on a film set, we just do it in a tent.
I think they kill him, and kill him [GRUNTING.]
SHAPCOTT: By the time we come to shoot it, the producers know what the fight is, the director knows, the actors know.
Everybody knows what's going on.
SHAPCOTT: This is one we did yesterday.
This is like the end.
SHAPCOTT: So each hero moment we do something like that for.
There's a moment here where you do the two of them meet.
So why don't you Riley? Take that light back a bit, and we'll take a photograph of these fine people.
And hit that, good.
Okay, good.
Thank you.
NUTTER: I've been brought in this season to introduce Episodes 1, 2, and 4 to the throng out there that have been waiting to see the final season of Game of Thrones.
I'm getting into the consequences of what happens to people in their lives, the war that's coming, and of course how that affects people.
STRAPAZON: Thanks, we'll be in touch.
STRAPAZON: He breaks down his scripts, which I help him do.
He gets floor plans printed out that he cuts up and then blocks out where the characters are gonna go, where they move to, where the camera's gonna go.
And it's a little road map for the whole scene.
He draws it all by hand, and he likes it on U.
letter-size paper, which is like 8 1/2 by 11, I think.
- FINLAY: Not A4? - No, he doesn't A4, it doesn't work.
So we shipped over a big box of goldenrod paper.
FINLAY: Why does A4 not work? [SIGHS.]
Don't question the system.
This is my nemesis, this copy machine.
It's upside down.
STRAPAZON: He is one of the few people on the show that has printed scripts.
They were trying to go all digital this year, have everything on iPads, but that's just not how he rolls.
He claims he's a Luddite, but, you know, he's done some of the most iconic episodes.
He did the Red Wedding and the Walk of Shame.
FINLAY: What is that a drawing of, on the top there? NUTTER: That's a dead Theon, and that's Sansa overtop of him.
- FINLAY: On your special paper.
- NUTTER: On my special paper.
FINLAY: How long have you used this process? NUTTER: Since the very beginning.
- FINLAY: Did someone teach you? - I taught myself.
This is my method.
My methodology.
My stuff goes in that safe there, nothing gets left out.
If you touch the paper at the wrong time it will dissolve like Mission Impossible and burn up.
WOMAN: We're doing it tomorrow.
It needs to be up here.
ALEXANDER: It is, well, just 20 past 4, yeah.
So yeah, those 4 or 5:00 starts are quite regular.
I think half past 3 has been the earliest, when we were in Morocco.
ALEXANDER: Cheers, all right.
- Good morning, darling.
- BANKS: How are you? - CLARKE: All right.
ALEXANDER: Emilia's generally got dark hair, so when you put the wig on, it looks like it's got roots.
CLARKE: This is the sexy bit.
So we have to put a little cap over that kills any dark.
FINLAY: I don't think anyone knows it's this much work.
Also this is very lucky, to see this bit.
This is normally when someone like a producer knocks on the door and you're like, "Not now!" - Please, don't come in.
ALEXANDER: Gilly's gone glamorous.
She has.
Looks very nice.
- ALEXANDER: A weekend look.
CLARKE: BANKS: No, it is, because that is still the most beautiful hair I will ever have on my head, ever.
It's magical.
When you put that on, it's just an instant whoa.
- BANKS: There she is.
- CLARKE: Oh my God, there she is.
My heart is in my throat when I think about this not happening much longer.
Putting this on.
It gets Genuinely gets me really, like [GULPS.]
RILEY: Look at that.
Rhiannon did all of this.
These beautiful illuminated scripts.
And then the magic's over again.
It was beautiful.
CAULFIELD: It's a simple enough scene, no? Yeah, yeah.
It's a great start.
Everybody's like, "Oh, I'm so happy this is how we're starting.
" And so it's perfect.
And he's so excited to be here, which is so sweet too.
That he's, like, thanking me.
No, I'm thanking you.
No, I'm thanking you.
So yeah.
I know, he's just so excited that he got to do And to do three, 50 percent of the final season.
He does that I call it the penguin walk, it's like, "Oh, the penguin's released.
If we could give David a little privacy for this first rehearsal please? Thank you.
CAULFIELD: Here we go.
SAMWELL: If it's not too much trouble, I could use a pardon.
For what crime? SAMWELL: I borrowed a few books from the Citadel.
STRAPAZON: I love me some Dragon Queen.
I love Daenerys.
I love dragons.
I would hope that I would be a Targaryen, minus the whole are they crazy, are they not crazy, the incest thing and all that stuff.
But, um, being able to go from, you know, waiting and watching it on my couch to then being on the set when they're shooting the final season, it's been kind of surreal.
FINLAY: Do we need to let you go do your job? STRAPAZON: It would be good.
I'm going to bring him almonds, which will be very good.
Protein, fuel him on set, make sure he's got everything going.
I'm like his stamina elf.
- STRAPAZON: Almonds? - NUTTER: Thank you.
STRAPAZON: Do you want any yang herbs? - Oh, yes, yes.
- Okay, yeah, I'll go get it.
ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: And roll sound, please.
MAN: Thirty-nine Apple, take one.
ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: Quiet on the set.
NUTTER: First shot of the last season.
- CAMERA: Set.
- SOUND: Set.
NUTTER: Action.
SAMWELL: Your Grace.
DAENERYS: Your brother stood with your father.
I offered to let him retain his lands and titles if he bent the knee.
He refused.
SAMWELL: Um, thank you, Your Grace, for telling me.
May I? DAENERYS: Of course.
: Cut there.
McCRUM: Basically it's called the heart attack van.
We just follow them 'round everywhere.
We tried to do healthy stuff, but they like things that'll keep them going.
The tiger toast thing started just one day whenever I was feeling a bit peckish myself when I was in Tesco's doing my shopping.
I thought I'll go buy a tiger loaf and have a wee toastie, and I made it fully loaded like this for myself.
One of the guys happened to notice it and went, "What are you making?" "Making myself a wee toastie.
" He says, "Can I have one?" Next thing everybody was coming, "Can I have one?" And now it's one of the most popular things here.
Bacon, chicken, cheese, ham, tomato, onion, tobacco onions, on the big tiger bread.
- McCRUM: Hello.
- How are you? - McCRUM: What's the crack? - Not much.
- Good.
Wee toastie? - Yeah.
McCRUM: What sauce would you like on yours? Thanks very much, see you later.
CUSTOMER: Thank you.
FINLAY: What are you doing today? Jaime Lannister trousers.
A little bit of infection in your wounds, perhaps.
McCLAY: Oh, yeah.
See you later, Rory.
See you in a bit.
ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: Three, two, one, action.
No way.
It's a flaming Dothraki arakh.
ASBAEK: DUNNE: BANKS: Ding dong, look at that.
Is there a camera crew behind us? No.
ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: Three, two, one, go.
WOMAN: Right, come on, you, down here quickly.
DRIVER: You taught me how to park the sausages.
Park your sausages, park your fucking sausages.
She teaches how to park the sausages.
That's a big fucking gap.
That's a cheap fucking sausage.
: First of the last? The first of the last get-ins of Game of Thrones.
Does that not bring a wee tear to your eye? - MAN: No.
- All right, fine, okay.
Fucking bastard.
Not like I haven't fucking stood there wasting my life, waiting on you fucking getting to your fucking unit base - [LAUGHING.]
- for the past seven years.
I'm going to be crying next year because I'm unemployed.
Thank you very much.
SARAH: Today we're doing crypt wights.
These wights are mummified.
We're a bit nervous about today because it's the first time we've done this style of wight.
FINLAY: What are you nervous about? Uh, that everybody likes them.
They're doing a proper lighting test.
I don't know.
FINLAY: I do believe so.
SARAH: And David and Dan are coming.
FINLAY: Dave and Dan are here, so they will, most likely, be popping in, I imagine.
FINLAY: So did you just set up and pitch to Game of Thrones? - Did they come and offer you? - No.
SARAH: No, what happened was Barrie's always worked for other prosthetic artists.
- FINLAY: Okay.
- SARAH: I'd done visual effects.
Barrie said, "I think they're interested in a few people quoting on Game of Thrones.
" And so Barrie and I were like: "Let's see what happens.
" You know, da-da-da.
We did our little spreadsheet, and working everything out.
Then Barrie got the phone call to say that we'd won it, and we shat ourselves.
We didn't have a workshop.
We didn't have crew.
We didn't even have tables.
We had nothing.
Hey, Leigh.
- LEIGH: Hey.
- Hey.
We just had, um, Leigh Maddern over here to try the stump, for Leigh, the stuntman, uh, for the severed For the severed arm.
And do you remember David Nutter said they'd make sure that the character would have their sleeves rolled up.
So the issue is Leigh says the characters are wearing long-sleeved, thick jackets, which means that really you can't do a severed arm gag 'cause it'll look stupid.
You know, that's the gag, you're like [SCREAMING.]
Can you scratch my nose? SARAH: All we've got to do is try on the jacket make sure I can pull the sleeve up.
If I can pull the sleeve up, its happy days, - if I can't, we'll rethink.
- Not happy days.
Then have a rethink.
They'll say it's more important to go for the crypt.
If you cut through there and there, it's never going to go through A sword would never.
It would never.
Oh, that might be all right.
MAN: It seems horribly convenient he's got his sleeves rolled up ready to have his arm chopped off.
SARAH: I feel like he could have a few gold chains or something.
If they're all having their pints Hey! Aah! Ha-ha-ha.
Thank you for doing that.
Do you know how I get to Cell 4? MAN: Oh, um SARAH: Down there? MAN: Right through there, take a left.
- Yeah.
- It's right outside.
SARAH: Okay, thank you.
Don't follow me getting lost.
Damn it.
Cell 2.
It's hard when you work so hard on something and you want everyone to like it, so I'm hoping they'll be like, "Yeah, you nailed it! High-five!" [LAUGHS.]
Has anyone said anything? - BARRIE: Nobody's seen anything.
- SARAH: Nobody's seen anything.
- SARAH: I'm excited for these.
I really hope everyone's gonna like them.
: I think Dave and Dan are about to come.
MAN 1: Yeah, come on ahead, come on ahead.
SARAH: I can't really tell what they think.
I wanted a big round of applause.
I can't really tell what they think.
MAN 2: SARAH: In terms of the makeup, I think they're happy.
But, um, they're gonna send the pictures to Miguel, Miguel's gonna make notes, go through them with David and Dan.
We're going to have a meeting tomorrow to run through all library and crypt, so, you know.
But it wasn't a disaster.
Today's final.
Ha, ha.
REID: Just little squirts every now and again for bits that needs to go over.
SAPOCHNIK: The way this battle is gonna work is this show has been about that people don't get on.
Now they finally find a way to get on.
You got the North with the wildlings.
So they all come together and then somebody fucks up.
REID: Fucking gloves have shrunk.
You, Jack and Glen go in and see sweet cheeks and do the dressing in there, ready for the first shot.
REID: I think it's mainly that bit back there.
Yeah, that's the bit I can see.
It's definitely tire tracks and that, car tracks.
I think that'll do it, then, I don't think they'll see much further than that.
: All you guys that made it, you're going to survive to the big battle.
Except the 10 guys in the back are gonna die.
SAPOCHNIK: We're going to do a lot of running tonight.
REID: Just a bit of blue roll, please.
Just a little bit.
One sheet, one sheet.
Don't waste it.
SAPOCHNIK: Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, action.
MAN: Go have a look at the lasagna, see what it looks like.
If it looks a bit skanky, I'll have the chicken.
Or maybe just have both and take some home for fucking dinner.
SAPOCHNIK: I think one of the things to take into this Let's do the whole scene as if you both got stomachache.
- TURNER: Okay.
- WILLIAMS: Mm-hm.
Because also, is this the first time you've seen a wight, as well? This is the first time - I'm seeing them.
- Yeah.
We've been prepping and prepping but really we don't know shit.
I think the whole point, though, of this is it's not about You can't see them.
- It's the suspense of it.
- Yeah.
I think so.
That's what it is.
That's what I'm saying, the stomachache, it's uncomfortable because you can't see.
You don't have the information.
- Yeah.
- SAPOCHNIK: Let's do it again up to that point.
Then we'll work through the next section.
Set, and action.
And the dragons pass over you.
And off they go.
And they bank left, they get further and further away.
That light's slowly disappearing.
And now there are none.
But what you can hear is a very, very low rumble.
SAPOCHNIK: Episode 3 is a battle from start to finish and has three dialogue scenes in it, and that's it.
Like, if you took Battle of the Bastards into Hardhome to the Loot Train, if you put all those three together that's probably the size of this episode.
I feel tired and cold, really not particularly in the mood to go and do a long 11 weeks of night shoots.
I don't really want to spend 55 nights up.
Uh, it's David and Dan's fault, mainly.
'Cause they wanted to do something bigger.
FINLAY: Was today a good day? Yeah, I think so.
I mean, we finished it on time and didn't fuck it up.
Acting, acting, acting, and with the last one, you need to be already, on your position.
One, two, three.
One hit, hit, drop, pull.
- Big smash.
Okay, good.
FURDIK: Now I'm in the front line, so I'm like, "Wow, what I'm doing here?" Why? Why me? [SONG PLAYING OVER RADIO.]
FURDIK: I grow up in Czechoslovakia.
After the revolution, many of my friends became part of the bad boy.
I was 14, 15, and I had decision.
Go with them to be gangster, or be with a live show.
So when I decided to stay with the show, it was good because many of my friends are dead already.
The mask completely changes you.
You're stepping in the makeup trailer joking, you know, and happy, and step-by-step, you're becoming the dark side.
He called me and he asked me if I would like to be Night King.
And I don't heard Night King, I heard just king.
And I said, "I can be any king.
" You know.
Don't worry.
I think he's angry.
He don't want to be Night King.
The Children of the Forest, they changed him, and now he's, "Okay, you want me to be Night King? Okay.
Now I kill you.
" My name is Aberdale Strongbeard.
Uh, I have fought for Stannis Baratheon.
I've also fought for, uh, Jon Snow, and that's where I currently find myself, as part of Jon Snow's Stark army.
I've been taking out the undead, you know, thinning them out before they actually reach Winterfell.
MAN: I don't want to be on the Night Watch, I'm in House Stark, thank you very much.
I'm not a thief, I'm not a rapist, okay? It's just Watch now.
I'm not even a second son of a lord who wants honor up on the Wall.
I'm a man of House Stark, that's what I am.
I don't want to be a Frey.
No way Frey.
I don't want to be a Lannister.
I don't want to be a Bolton.
House Stark.
Absolutely has to be them.
- FINLAY: Why? - Why? Um, the direwolfs are just cool, Eddard Stark, fighting for Eddard, revenge.
Mad about Jon Snow, my favorite character.
The armor's cool.
Winterfell's class.
It's just, like, the main family in the story.
I was standing up at Magheramorne Quarry Season 6, and I had just met Gerald.
And then we're just chatting, and then the next thing here comes Kit Harington on a horse and Kit Harington's like, "Oh, hello, Gerald.
" Just like that.
And they just start talking like they're friends.
And then Kit goes off on the horse, and I'm just like [ALL LAUGH.]
- MAN: Let's move, boys.
- All right.
We're out of here.
And on six, five, four, three, two, one, at the end you guys get back up again.
I'm kind of doing the general I can get them with no arms.
That's fair.
MAN: Go, go, go.
ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: Five, four, three, two, one.
- Fire! One, two, three, four - [ALL SNARLING.]
five, six, seven, eight.
MAN: I want the episode.
- McCLAY: 2019, man.
- MAN: I fucking want it.
McCLAY: It'll be the longest we'll have to wait to watch it too.
You know what I mean? From being here to watching it on-screen.
- MAN: Are you not loving this? - McCLAY: Yeah.
It's kick ass.
MAN: We're stood in the middle of Winterfell.
Take it in.
Drink it in.
Magnified, sanctified Be thy holy name Vilified, crucified In the human frame MAN [ON PA.]
: And action.
A million candles burning For the help That never came You want it darker [CHOIR VOCALIZING.]
Hineni, hineni I'm ready, my Lord [CHOIR VOCALIZING.]
There's a lover In the story But the story's Still the same There's a lullaby For suffering And a paradox to blame But it's written In the scriptures And it's not Some idle claim You want it darker MAN: Three, two, one.
We kill the flame MAN: Action.
SARAH: The big heavy makeup is quite hard work, the last couple days some of us have been doing like 18-hour days.
- WOMAN: Is he heavy? - SARAH: It is a heavy wound, even if it doesn't say heavy wounds.
Yeah, so next round, all heavy wounds.
Did we order you some gloopy blood? Was this for you? Was it turned things with dark scabs? Well, they're nice and cold.
See if you can take them all.
See if we can get all of them.
Just talking to somebody, Lottie.
We've moved to a different location now, we're somewhere else.
You had to do the homework that they gave you? - Yeah, that was the same one.
- SARAH: Oh.
LOTTIE: Look, this is some of our Easter stuff.
Oh, she's showing things she shouldn't be showing.
- GRANDMA: They were hidden.
- They were hidden.
- GRANDMA: For Easter.
Lottie, you found them.
That wasn't a very good hiding place, Nana.
Was it? LOTTIE: Yeah Don't do that, Lottie.
All right, then, poppet.
I'll speak to you again tomorrow.
All right, do some good swimming, yeah? GRANDMA: We'll do some reading now.
You're gonna go do some reading, and you'll practice your spellings.
All right, then, poppet.
I'm gonna go.
I'm gonna go.
- LOTTIE: Bye.
- All right, then.
: Uh Uh - [LAUGHS.]
All right, then, sweet.
Love you.
That's it.
Funny little thing.
I think it's unfortunate that both her parents are here, so she hasn't even got one of us at home.
This was never the plan, so I'm just gonna go see where that stunt person is.
BANKS: Morning.
I have to travel with them in my hand luggage, like my little pets.
Wallet, your passport, and your wig.
Today's scene, she's a lot tidier.
'Cause she hasn't been on the dragon yet.
It will be a little bit more I'll need to be a little bit more on it.
When you've got a long wig, you're busy all day because it all gets fuzzy, and I'm constantly like, "Ah, hair.
" - WOMAN: Good morning.
- HARINGTON: How are you doing? I'm just going to do my vocal warm-up I do every morning.
Jon Snow, Jon Snow, Jon J Jon Snow.
- Jon Snow.
I left the curtains open when I was stark bollock the other day.
I got out of the shower, and a fucking drone just drove by.
I was like, there's no privacy anymore, is there? CLARKE: That's amazing.
HARINGTON: We came here first in our second season, and since then I've felt very attached to this place, and it feels like Thrones.
Woodward, hello darling.
I'm good, yes.
You okay? CAULFIELD: When I first came onboard, Chris sent me a picture of Iceland.
I saw that picture, and I said: "Yeah, that's what we need.
" I pitched it to HBO, so little was known about how short the days were, how risky it was, nobody questioned it.
It's such a magical place.
When that sun rises, it's like somebody slowly unwrapping a present.
How are the bones? MAN: Start walking around.
All right.
JON: I don't know how to ride a dragon.
DAENERYS: Nobody does.
Until they ride a dragon.
NUTTER: No, really get in.
Really get in for the nose.
I could do with this amount of snow around me all the time.
- Seriously.
MAN: Everybody back, please.
Guys, let's clear the eye lines.
Thank you.
I'm the only one that's allowed to shout around here.
BANKS: It's not looking quite as tidy as it once did.
I should split.
Bloody hair's just moved again.
MAN: Do you have an opinion on the hand warmers? Cam left, pan out.
MAN: Snow.
Jon Snow in snow.
Ready, and, action.
Move to your right little bit, Emilia.
And growl.
One more kiss, a little bit more, and Emilia go a bit more to your right, kissing and moving around, and still.
One more, ready? Growl.
I think we got it.
Check the plate.
MAN: Moving on.
CAULFIELD: In our hearts, it was important for us to come here.
It wouldn't have felt the same if we didn't.
It just makes my heart really smile.
DJ 1: Nine minutes to 7.
The so-called beast from the east is making its presence felt in both Britain and Ireland.
DJ 2: Ireland under the highest weather warning, with the worst snow seen for 35 years.
DJ 1: Four hundred and forty schools will be closed today.
People have been told to stay indoors.
MAN: I need to get back here by 10.
That's all because we can't open the doors anymore.
- FINLAY: What? - We should In usual circumstances, we would just take that straight out.
Um We're so, so tight now, in terms of time, that something like, you know, this sort of poor weather makes this a bigger deal for us than it should.
FINLAY: Is this a harder season than others? - MAN: By a long shot.
- RILEY: By a long way.
The schedule is impossible.
And The season is very big.
It's written very big, um, but we have It's just all this business of trying to do, you know, film finishes on a TV schedule, and on a TV deadline.
And, um And I think this season, we've certainly found the limit of what's able to be achieved.
And, um And insofar as I think, now everybody, um, realizes that Game of Thrones has to finish because it just cannot get any bigger.
You know, there are a lot of frayed nerves walking around, um, myself being one of them.
LISTON: We're still totally, 100 percent frozen over at Tomb.
No, I mean, yesterday we had 250 extras, and all the crew and not one toilet.
In the bowls, the bleach was frozen.
: That's wild.
Oh, it was the icicles hanging off the taps that I couldn't believe.
You try and preempt as much as you can, but sometimes it just gets to a stage where, you know, you just can't hold mother nature back anymore.
REID: I mean, it's starting to snow again now so, you know, it's one of them, "I can't really say "that we're gonna do work until I know we can do some work.
" Is that a good enough answer for you? [LAUGHS.]
I can't really say anything else, 'cause it's snowing.
And if it snows, well, we can't just dress on top of real snow.
Thanks a lot.
It was not a good idea to have been doing it in the winter.
You needed to have spread the snow locations out, because we can't do that many at one time.
Look at all this nonsense, it just keeps coming through all the time.
It's like, okay, like I've got time to keep pulling my phone out of my pocket.
Zigzag road, they made us put up a horizon the night before, came in in the morning ready to shoot "Can you take that down?" So that's half a day of mine wasted.
So, what we're doing, we're getting this snow up, so we can take it up to Magheramorne, the battlefield.
You know, we're just under the cost.
Ah, shit.
The wind's blowing a good one here.
REID: You, Dicky, you up at Magheramorne? There is no water at all.
All right, mate.
Tara, tara.
It's all frozen up at Magheramorne.
Now I have to sort out a pump and pump it out the lake and, ugh! Fucking hell.
FINLAY: How's it going, Del? REID: It is all going.
I just feel like crying.
This car's got no bollocks.
This Fiesta, stupid little thing.
You know, it's difficult to find people who know the job, and it's not rocket science.
I mean, you could do it, Jeanie.
It ain't hard.
Welcome to hell, George.
Welcome to hell.
I'm not one for listening to people whinge.
I just think, "Oh, come on.
" I was brought up in children's homes.
You know, I didn't have a clue where me mom and dad was.
I left the homes when I was 16-and-a-half.
They give you 300 quid, your bloody birth certificate, and all right, get yourself out there.
It's just, "Hm.
Okay, then.
" So, yeah, that opened my eyes.
As I've progressed, you know, I've always got more money and I just think, "To keep that, I'll have to keep working at the pace I'm working.
" You just want to do the best for your kids.
You know, I'd give up my house for my kids.
: I've never not done a set yet, but it's been very close twice.
This is the second time it's been close.
But we'll get there.
I think.
WOMAN 1: Hi.
My horses are dyed pink.
WOMAN 2: WOMAN 1: Don't even go there.
They've tried warm water, Fairy liquid, - I can't get them back to white.
- Look at the state of him.
One of them might be saying, "I'm pink.
I don't like pink.
" McCLAY: Magheramorne Quarry's been the site of the Battle of the Blackwater, Hardhome, it's also Castle Black.
This is the biggest green screen I have ever seen, but it's really impressive what they've built here.
McCLAY: This battle sequence I think we have coming up.
They don't tend to tell us a lot of stuff.
On the day, one of the ADs get up and actually tells us what's actually happening that day.
- The numbers we've just heard are 120,000 wights [LAUGHING.]
against 18,000 um, combined in Daenerys's army and Jon Snow's army as well, like.
So we're extremely outnumbered.
I can't even begin to imagine how this is gonna look on TV.
McCLAY: The way I like to think of it is that the extras department is like one of the main actors.
Just as important.
I got a close-up at the Battle of the Bastards, I had no idea the camera was on me.
Camera set, and three, two, one [ALL GRUNTING.]
McCLAY: There's this collective thing we know that we're all in, trying to make this really exciting.
Because even the background tells a big story.
ASSISTANT: Great stuff, thank you.
We have cut.
MAN: March.
Left, right, left.
- Darling.
- McCRUM: Cheers, thank you.
McCRUM: And a wee egg, sure.
Sophie, isn't it? - Yeah, Sophie, yeah.
- Nice to meet you.
- Huh? - Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you too.
McCRUM: Sophie Ellis-Bextor, I couldn't believe it.
I'm totally starstruck.
One of my favorites from years ago.
You never get to see these people any other time, you know? But, yeah.
It's like a wee dream sometimes.
- FINLAY: They're coming to you.
- I know.
I know.
She said I was well-stocked, and I was like - [FINLAY LAUGHING.]
- McCRUM: Bonus.
Very busy and a bit stressful, because of the nights.
How many nights have we done so far? - Fourteen weeks, 15 weeks? - WOMAN: No, we're on our ninth.
- What? - WOMAN: Yeah.
- Yeah, it's only Week 9.
- It's only Week 9.
Is it really? No, it's more than that.
We started in January.
FINLAY: Is this the longest run of nights on Game of Thrones? Yes.
In fact, we were trying to think is this the longest time any film has filmed nights? I guess I could try to Google that.
What's the longest nights of any film crew? SAPOCHNIK: A smoke nightmare.
That's like smoke apocalypse.
It's almost like a bad dream.
I got to sleep at 9:30 in the morning, and I slept till 1:30.
Three hours? Is that four hours? I don't know.
One of my best-ever anxiety dreams.
It was a beautiful blue sky, and there was a rope strung across my vision and it just got pulled taut, taut, taut, taut.
Then it snapped, and I woke up.
MAN: SAPOCHNIK: I don't fucking know.
Sounds like anxiety to me.
Background and stunts, until the moment we yell cut, you need to hold your breath, but also not breathe out.
It's gonna be amazing.
If anybody dies, let me know.
CAULFIELD: How are you doing? How are you feeling? - Good time, yeah.
- Yeah? Were you a little sore? A little sore.
Just the muscles ached, yeah.
CAULFIELD: It just gets old, these nights.
Yes, sir.
Um, so, this In this, you're dead.
GLEN: Dead.
: The ending makes sense.
- Everything that's gone before.
Certainly the way they're shooting it.
CAULFIELD: That he'd die for her.
GLEN: And I think that's a big part - of her demise.
SAPOCHNIK: Ready, and action.
ASSISTANT: Good for 8, marker.
CAULFIELD: I can feel the weariness setting in.
Tonight Candy said, "Oh, only 14 weeks until we wrap.
" And that made it sound like, "What? No.
" I mean, it's a mixed thing.
One way, you're wishing it away, like, "Oh, please, let's get through this, this and this.
" And then the other one is like, "No, I don't want this to end.
" [.]
HILL: This is a Godswood tree.
Um, I think it's a magical sort of tree.
It goes back, way back in time, and Children of the Forest They do the Children of the Forest, and they put a wee face on the front of it there.
Um Phew.
But to be honest with you I don't really know.
FINLAY: Have you done the Godswood before? HILL: I do it every year.
It's my seventh year doing it.
FINLAY: Have you got a favorite character? I did like Stannis before he killed his daughter you know.
And I liked At the minute I actually like the Night King, you know.
I'd like to have met him.
FINLAY: You know what's going to happen? Yeah, I do.
I do.
FURDIK: When I read this, if it was up to me, maybe it would be good when Bran will kill me.
So Arya, she will appear, I will grab her or something, maybe I will kill Arya, and Bran, he kill me.
- He will throw the knife to me.
- WOMAN: Just throw it.
And then this make Night King angry, you know? I am happy, and then, okay, he looking at me, and then I see on his eyes and body like, "Oh, Night King.
" And then I Mm okay.
Arya will kill me.
The girl kill Night King, how is this possible? FURDIK: This year I don't feel so very comfortable because I don't know where I belong.
If I'm part of the actors - or I'm part of the stuntmen.
- ASSISTANT: Action.
FURDIK: Many times the stunts are joking with me: "Hey, you're the Night King, you don't need to do nothing.
" Sometimes I thinking, "You know, is that true?" When we finish Night King stuff, I can do some fire job and falling from the stairs or some fight.
I looking forward.
Yeah, I like that.
I like that.
ASSISTANT: So cast can step off, thank you.
FINLAY: They called you a bit early, Vlad.
- It's the movie business.
- Yeah.
- Waiting, waiting - Hurry up and wait, yep.
Hurry up Do something.
And then again wait, wait.
- Yep.
- Kill him, kill him.
Kill him.
: And camera, three, two, one, action.
Instead of it being a death like that, it's just a before you even get to be surprised.
FURDIK: Got it.
SAPOCHNIK: Let's just practice dropping that knife.
Okay, that's good.
That really helps.
You should be on him all the time.
FURDIK: Miguel, he showed me the way.
Move from A to B.
It looks like easy, but it definitely is not so easy.
So sometimes I realize be actor is not easy to be, is better to be stuntman.
SAPOCHNIK: Three, two, one, action.
Stab him.
Stab him.
ASSISTANT: Rolling reset, thank you.
Back to ones.
SAPOCHNIK: Ready? And three, two, one, action.
And now turn.
Look up.
Stab him.
Three, two, one, action.
SARAH: We've been doing night shoots.
I can't remember what week this is.
You wake up, quickly get showered, drive to location, shoot all day, get back on the minibus, quickly try and get some sleep, wake up.
It is like Groundhog Day.
If anybody ever says: "How's it going, Sarah?" I feel like saying [LAUGHING.]
I'm broken.
We feel like vampires, don't we? I mean, seriously.
Everybody's just gray, aren't they? MAN: Just run it through once, so I can see it.
SARAH: Unit call was at 8 p.
, we're supposed to wrap at 6 a.
We don't ever wrap early.
But there's a rumor going around that we might wrap at 3.
When people start rumors like that, it's, uh [LAUGHING.]
It can only get So I'm really disappointed, if we're still here at 6.
FINLAY: When does Lottie get here, to be an extra? SARAH: My mother flew her over, so that we can watch Lottie being filmed for the day.
I haven't seen her for three weeks.
And there's been all this snow.
I've really struggled this shoot, actually.
It's hard.
It's hard being a mum.
You know, I missed her Mother's Day, um assembly, and I missed her Easter bonnet parade.
In the grand scheme of things, you say it's not that long, but when you're living each day, it is a long time.
ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: I need checks on Walkers, thank you.
: just asked we make sure we ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: We're rolling away.
And action.
Got it, lovely.
: That is a wrap, good night.
- It's a wrap! - [PEOPLE CHEERING.]
It's a wrap.
I hope.
It's a wrap.
MAN: Guys, thanks very much for the last few months, have an excellent Easter, enjoy yourselves, get some rest, party hard, come back fresh.
FINLAY: Do you know what you're going to do today? I think I might go and film at the Belfast The Belfast Game of Thrones show.
Through love I've learned three things SARAH: I love your beautiful haircut.
sorrow it brings My fair girl - FINLAY: Who is it? - LOTTIE: The Night King.
And Jon Snow.
Ooh, ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh, ooh WOMAN: Lottie.
That's a very exotic name.
Some people say Start fasting Break my heart GOWER [LAUGHING.]
: She's, like, dragging it.
Still try and date them - Survive you - Ooh, ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh, ooh [.]
Is this Roman, then, this thing? Throw him to the lions, that sort of thing? FINLAY: You weren't here on a previous shoot? No, no.
This is a first time for me.
Every year before, "No, you're not going to Spain.
" There was never anything to do.
MAN: It's supposed to be 'round the outside where the Unsullied are, you know.
I don't know what I'm doing here.
You boys could have done it in your spare time.
There we are, Jeanie, that's it.
I don't think it's worth doing the machine, we may as well just run it out of the bags.
In Season 7, Jaime was in King's Landing and a snowflake landed on his hand, didn't it? So that allows you then to put little bits wherever.
There isn't going to be much snow apparently, so it's just me.
Not too much, just to say that it's blown in and stayed.
Yep, that does it for me.
FINLAY: It's award-winning snow, Del.
- Does that mean anything? - REID: Yeah, it's great.
They brought the Emmys to set so everybody could have their photograph taken with them.
It's the first time I've ever had my photograph taken with the Emmy.
Not that I'd show anything, "This is my Emmy.
" I've got a certificate, we got the original We had to pay for it, but, you know, I don't mind paying for it.
You know, so, yeah.
I was part of the Emmy award-winning So, yeah.
But you don't show that, do you? It's like having a forklift license.
CAULFIELD: It's very hard to keep the cast quiet, because when in Spain, you must eat and drink.
They're going to be out and about, and so we brought in a few ringers.
We have The Waif coming in, because so many people think that Arya is dead and The Waif killed her.
We have Jaqen, who's also another House of Black and White character.
And we have the Night King here.
Not quite sure what he would be saying.
So they won't know what's happening.
It'll be a big surprise no matter what.
Jon Snow is here! GREY WORM: You are not here to speak.
I've had nothing to do but think these past few weeks about our bloody history.
There's nothing in the world more powerful than a good story.
And who has a better story than Bran the Broken? [PEOPLE CHATTERING INDISTINCTLY.]
HARINGTON: It's weird, I've come out basically as decoy.
It feels weird being here and not actually filming.
When all the Spanish fans shout Kit, they shout, "Keet! Keet!" So the rest of the cast have now dubbed me Keet.
FINLAY: Keet! HARINGTON: Keet! Keet! WOMAN: Please, please, please, please.
FAN: Sophie.
Sophie! Okay.
I never saw this in all of my life.
So it's like, uh like, uh [FANS SCREAMING INDISTINCTLY.]
Like a real star, how can you live in this life, you know? Everybody recognizes them, so.
Okay, we can come there and just give them a couple sign, yeah? Okay, come on.
I would like to see if they recognize who I am, you know? [BOTH LAUGH.]
You know who I am? CROWD: Yeah! Night King.
- Ah! Yes! - FAN 1: The Night King! [CROWD CHEERING AND CLAPPING.]
- Where is my? - FAN 2: Winter is coming! Where is my army? Yes.
FAN 3: I hope you win the war.
FAN 4: You are the best, man.
Hey, my friends, look at this.
Look at this.
My Lord.
- Say something! - What? - Say hi.
- Hey! Game of Thr [BOTH LAUGHING.]
- Winter is coming! - Winter is coming! Yes! Yes! [.]
: That was Vlad the Night King's last-ever shot on Game of Thrones.
RILEY: The best moment for us is actually just before the cameras arrive.
When we have it to ourselves for a minute.
When it's quiet, and you can feel the set has a personality of its own, and it's all dressed and ready to go.
That's when I love it.
There's some mighty doors.
MAN: Twenty-nine weeks, four days.
RILEY: Twenty-nine weeks, four days.
Not that you're counting.
Twenty-nine weeks.
RILEY: Not bad for seven months' work.
You built a city in seven months.
I honestly can say I could not have worked harder.
I really have given this everything I have.
And I love it when you see people go up and they do this, you know? The minute that the camera arrives, and the machines and lights and hundreds of people come in, they use it as they need to.
We're quite shy people, we just want to be able to do our work and leave.
I don't think the actors would even know who I am.
That suits me just fine.
MAN: Well, I'm the carpet man.
Apparently, there's some looters coming.
My scene is to frantically bring the carpets in as quickly as I can and close the shutters.
I've got the lovely maiden across the way, I'm trying to get her attention.
She's otherwise occupied.
I'm just having a little contemplative moment, enjoying the sunshine.
And then, yeah, all panic sets in.
But I'm a bit precious about my pots, you might have noticed.
I want to get them all off the balcony.
: Hello, can everyone hear me? You have to imagine right here today that this is like alarms going off.
There are air raid sirens.
You guys are trying to get into the Red Keep, which is over there.
Welcome to King's Landing.
Let's go.
ASSISTANT: Good job, reset.
: Golden Company, forward march.
Left, right, left, right, left.
That's mark.
CAULFIELD: There's one, two, three [SUCKS AIR.]
Oh, my God, Monday is four weeks away from the end of principal photography.
Oh, my God.
FINLAY: How are your days looking? - Are they easing? - No.
No, we're actually in probably almost I wouldn't say the toughest time, but not the way we all thought we would have our spend our golden days at Game of Thrones.
What the fuck was I thinking? Which is what I'm gonna put on my tombstone.
Morning, morning.
MAN: Ladies and gentlemen, listen up please.
Listen up.
So as you all know, Sam and his team have been rigging an explosion, and when we have shade, we will blow this.
- CAULFIELD: So we can stay here, right? - - - MAN: Can you look after Building 1, yeah? You know Building 1, outside the front? Yeah? That's it then, guys.
Let's get to our stations.
: Here we go.
CAULFIELD: Holy shit.
McCRUM: We haven't had a chance to look at it yet, so we've only seen the building site so far.
It's the only place you can't wait to get over to watch all the men get burnt.
There you go, cheers.
Thank you.
Okay, what can I get you? We've only got the wee ice lollies, on the board you'll see.
You can't beat a Pear Picking Porky.
Completely cleaned out of the ice pops twice today.
I never thought I was gonna see this much heat, - feel this much heat.
- Complain about it so much.
And complain about it so much, yeah.
We like the cold.
We prefer the cold than the heat.
Thank you so much.
Free wave.
That's brilliant, you can turn them 'round and somebody's up there spinning it manically.
There's going to be projectile vomit everywhere.
I mean, you couldn't write it, could you? Let's put a big, massive Ferris wheel, and actually not tell anybody that we're putting a Ferris wheel there, you know, amongst all the discussions about the big weekend and our set over there and filming.
Oh, no, they built the fucking London Eye.
WOMAN: Cut there.
- MAN: Reset.
- WOMAN: Reset, please.
MAN: Reset.
McCLAY: Oh, yeah.
Do you know what club sandwich means? Do you know what club sandwich means? Chicken and lettuce under bacon, that's what that is.
- I didn't know that.
- It's an acronym? Yeah, chicken and lettuce under bacon.
- Learn something new every day.
- Boom.
Every day's a school day.
WOMAN: Rolling! MAN: We're rolling.
Quiet, everyone.
MAN: Have we got a fake head hanging around? Yep.
Any severed head will do.
Chow, why in the fuck are you wearing that Bolton jacket here? Let me see this? That's shite.
Get out of here.
How are you, man? You all right? CHOW: I'm shaking your hand.
Fucking Boltons, man.
Aye, you didn't think.
You didn't fucking think about wearing that jacket, did you? [.]
McCLAY: ASSISTANT: We're rolling.
McCLAY: As soon as they shout rolling, I'm preparing.
And action, I'm in Westeros.
McCLAY: You know, you can only push a man so far, I think.
You can only push his House so far.
It doesn't matter how good he is, you know? If their blood gets up.
It's war.
This is vengeance for the Red Wedding, for the Starks, for seven seasons of taking shit from House Lannister.
So we're landing down in force, and we're just gonna kill everybody inside the city.
For them.
NUTTER: For the funeral scene, it's all about blocking where everybody stands.
I work hard about preparation, because I don't like to waste people's time.
And I want to spend more time directing actors.
FINLEY: Are you this prepared in all areas of your life? No.
No, I'm not.
If you saw my apartment this morning, you'd see that, uh, that didn't get any preparation at all.
I have to have two cleaning ladies come twice a week.
It's, ah It's so awful.
It's such a mess.
I want the journey to be just as positive as the end product.
That's important.
Because what you remember is the journey.
All the pyres and get people in the foreground for us.
We'll basically do the eulogy, the speech, then all coming up to light the pyres, they look at each other, then drop down, light the pyre, cut.
We're going to match the last frame of this to the first frame of that.
Fill the frame and send it to me and David before you go.
Yeah, good.
Good morning, brother.
- How are you? - NUTTER: Good, brother.
- So you're just, you're dead.
- I'm dead.
I'm dead.
NUTTER: Everyone wants a pied piper.
Not to say that I'm the pied piper, but I definitely can fake it.
You create your own world behind the camera.
You'll take the pin out, and you're reaching down here.
As you put it into his chest, you look at his eyes, like, "You're a Stark now," right? - Yeah.
- Then you stand up.
- And then you go.
- TURNER: Okay, cool.
So just give me like a couple minutes to get into it.
- NUTTER: The way we just did it? - ASSISTANT: Could we get everybody on their marks for the reference.
NUTTER: Let's see here.
Here you go, my brother.
You're here.
A bunch of wildlings behind you.
If you guys can all meet him there NUTTER: I get pretty tired, but I get invigorated too.
I guess sometimes it's a bit of performance anxiety, where I want to do a good job so that everyone feels that, "He knows what he's doing.
" This is a dream job for a director.
After directing Seasons 2, 3, and 5, I had to step away for a couple seasons due to back issues.
And I had a couple surgeries.
So I missed it beyond belief.
And coming back now, I appreciate it so much that This show saved my life.
We're now going to talk about why we're here.
Everyone here, you've all lost mothers, brothers, and friends, and sisters, and wives, and everything.
So background, it's all about playing that attitude all the way through.
Okay, ready? Here we go.
My father died in a car accident when I was a year-and-a-half old, so my mother and I grew up together.
She would listen to music, and I'd sing and perform for her friends that would come over for dinner.
I wanted to be the next Barry Manilow.
In college, I realized that wasn't gonna happen for me, so I said to myself, "What else can I do?" And realized that my desire to move people emotionally, I could do it by being involved in filmmaking.
NUTTER: Action.
Spirit move me Every time I'm near you Whirling like a cyclone in my mind Baby, I love you come Come, come into my arms Let me know the wonder of all of you Could it be magic? Oh, come on, come on come on Come into my arms Oh, let me know the wonder Of all of you, all of you Baby, I want you now, now Oh, now oh, now and hold on fast Oh, could this be the magic at last? Could it be magic now? NUTTER: Now! [PEOPLE CHATTERING INDISTINCTLY.]
David Nutter.
McCLAY: The atmosphere today when we done the big group photo, that hit home.
I said goodbye to the Night's Watch.
I've known them for years.
McCLAY: We all have extras jackets, and I managed to give Kit Harington one today.
He's now trying to give me money for it, but I won't take the money, because I just want to give Jon Snow his jacket, big time.
So he'll never give me that money.
I don't want that money.
It's going to be very emotional for the actors.
I couldn't imagine what it's like for them to finally say goodbye.
We're in no rush this morning.
CLARKE: No, I know.
You know what? BANKS: It's Emilia's last day, we're in no rush.
Is there any part of you that's a bit relieved? - Do you know what I mean? - BANKS: Yeah.
- Uh, yeah.
- Like, not in a: "Oh, thank fuck that's over," but as in like a, "Oh, right, that's one thing I don't need to panic about anymore.
" BANKS: I'm tired.
BANKS: I kind of had enough just now.
- Mm.
- BANKS: It's that bittersweet - CLARKE: Yeah, exactly.
BANKS: Because my life's been on pause, let's unpause it and get that garden fence painted.
Yeah, for heaven's sake.
Put that picture on the wall, damn it.
But yeah, there's definitely an exhale of breath.
So many people involved in this.
You know, it's just people's everything.
It's kind of exciting to sort of think: "Oh, who am I without this, then?" I wonder.
I'm trying to remember the first time we put this on.
I saw a clip of that the other day, when you were riding on that horse through Belfast, and it was absolutely freezing.
And you were in, like, nothing but a slip.
No such thing as thermals back then.
I'm not sure this wig's got much more life left in it.
CLARKE: Neither has the head underneath it, so Oh, it's the last time.
BANKS: It's the last time.
Oh, that's really weird.
Gimme the ring Kissed and told Gimme something that I missed Gimme the ring A hand to hold Wild and what it seems Gimme the ring Kill the king When love is the law Gimme the ring Gimme dream child And do you hear me call? Gimme the ring On the loan and on the level Still on the floor Gimme the ring Sing the dream child And do you hear me at all? ASSISTANT: That was Emilia's last shot on Game of Thrones.
BANKS: This is my idea of hell, at the moment.
I hate goodbyes anyway, I'm not good at it.
I'll try to just sneak out the back door and miss this bit out.
Hey now, hey now, now Sing "This Corrosion" to me Hey now, hey now now sing LISTON: Here's a bit of wood I could take home.
That's where we stabbed Jon Snow.
I'll never forget that one.
Well, old girl, cheerio.
Served us well.
Sleep tight.
Gimme the things That don't last long Gimme siren, child And do you hear me call? Okay.
Now I've got everything packed.
Like a healing hand Just gimme the ring [PEOPLE CHATTERING INDISTINCTLY.]
It's just fucking tele, isn't it? Oh So this has been really quite hard.
And, um, I think, you know, some days we've really struggled to get through it.
I think if it wasn't for you guys and your morale, that's really what has got us through.
But this is obviously a big end.
I know lots of you are going home as of the weekend, and I hope that we get other projects like this again.
BARRIE: I don't.
Because I want to keep the team together.
So thank you, everybody.
Thank you.
McCLAY: So it's me, you, Big Johnny.
Shane Cavanaugh's coming in too.
All right.
I heard it's only 12 people doing it.
Yeah, there's only 10 Unsullied.
McCLAY: You all right, man? There's very few of us in for this.
McCLAY: I was just told I have a feature there at the very last episode.
So Jon's honor guard, I was like, no way.
- So - FINLEY: Do you think you'll get seen on camera? Eh, because it's such a tight scene with less numbers, possibly, yeah.
So, um It'll be like, yeah, just point to me, "Dad, there I am.
Look again.
" And he'll be like, "Yep.
So it would be a brilliant way to cap off the season.
2016, 2015.
I'm trying to find Andy McClay's first day.
Ah, there he is.
This is the first makeup look.
I was like, you'll never get a part if you look like that.
You'll have to change your expression.
And then we got Andy McClay.
Cold Andy.
It's as if it's Day 1.
You came in and you told me that your house had just burnt down.
Oh, yeah, the fire in the house.
I was like, and you're here for a makeup test? Had a fire in the house.
You weren't late either.
No, I wasn't late.
This is the thing, man.
Escape from the reality.
- Right.
- Look there, now.
- And shoot.
- Sorted.
SMYTH: Off you pop, off you pop.
Goodbye, Andy.
McCLAY: This is sinking in now, that it's my last day.
Just back to normal life now, after this.
Good morning, how are you? Nice to see you.
Kit, all right, man.
HARINGTON: Ah, nice one, man.
Nice one, man.
Do you want a Season 8 one? A Targaryen dragon man with a direwolf head in the middle of it, that's what we're getting for Season 8.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Yeah? I can get you one of them if you want one.
Yeah, man.
Some detail.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Sweet, man.
- Nice, man.
- See ya.
Sweet, eh? - I know, man.
I know.
- Last day.
Aw, what? [LAUGHS.]
In the name of the one true queen, Daenerys Targaryen, I sentence you to die.
Grey Worm.
McCLAY: Grey Worm, he's totally gone, and of course Jon's trying to save lives, so him and Grey Worm have a standoff there.
I think that the Starks in the background are in a very precarious situation, because we hate Lannisters.
We don't care if they die.
But it's our king's command.
If the Unsullied are pointing their spears at him we're not happy with that.
DAVOS: Easy.
MAN: Set.
Three, two, one, Action.
MAN: Cut.
ASSISTANT: Okay, cut there.
So with that, that is a Game of Thrones wrap on our good friend Jacob Anderson, Liam Cunningham, and Kit Harington.
CROWD: Keet! Keet! WEISS: Ten years ago you walked in to Nina Gold's office, as a 12-year-old [ALL LAUGH.]
And here we are now.
Your watch has ended.
And it has been a hell of a watch.
For us, for these people, and for so many people around the world.
Thank you for being Jon Snow, and thank you more than that for being you.
HARINGTON: I feel like my heart is breaking.
I love this show.
More than, I think, anything.
It has never been a job for me.
It's been my life, and this will always be the greatest thing I'll ever do and be a part of, and you have been just my family.
I love you for it, and thank you so much.
ASSISTANT Reset, please.
: Thanks, man.
I'm choking up here, man.
Um It's what Kit was saying.
Um Even though I'm just an extra in comparison to him being the main star, um, it has It really has changed my life.
The show I didn't think I was going to get this emotional.
It has, it really has.
The past five years has been the best five years It's been the best five years of my life.
So, um, I will miss it.
But it's always something that I'll be able to look back on.
So absolutely brilliant.
It's just It's hard to fathom that I'll never be coming back to Game of Thrones.
MAN: All background back to TEC.
Going this way.
McCLAY: Best thing I've ever done.
There are four white walls In every damn hotel A light by the bed Stains on the floor And it's here I will wait out the storm CAULFIELD: It's hard saying goodbye to everybody.
There's too many people that you just want to talk to and say how much you love them and thank them, and you just can't.
I think that I was able to, I don't know, to bring my philosophy of, you know, love and camaraderie and family to the show.
You know, that's the way I just always treat everybody.
CAULFIELD: If people have Game of Thrones on their credits, people know that person had to work really hard, that person knew what they were doing, that person created, you know, a magical world.
There are red velvet seats In the windowless rooms A curtain to draw And faces to please And it's here I will wait out the storm Killing time on the fringes again Before the leaving Before the leaving McCLAY: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Game of Thrones tours.
What is dead may never die, but rises again, harder and stronger.
So guys, you're very welcome to Game of Thrones tours.
I'm gonna talk to you about this.
This is Carrick Castle.
Guys, Carrick Castle is not in Game of Thrones, so we're just going to fucking drive on past Carrick Castle.
I'm going to take you to Stannis's camp, what we're going to see is all the lads laying low for their gruel, then who's going to pop on? It's Ser Davos Seaworth, Hand of the King to Stannis Baratheon.
Easing himself onto camera, that's me right there.
Wasn't even cold that day on set.
Acting, is what we call this.
Yeah? All right.
Here we come, we're coming around the corner and we're gonna see Irish mists.
And we're coming up here now, just around this bend.
Castle Black, ladies and gentlemen.
I guarantee that it's up there.
If you could see it, well done to you.
This American guy said to me, he said: [IN AMERICAN ACCENT.]
Hey, buddy.
And I'm like, "Yeah, what's up, man?" [IN AMERICAN ACCENT.]
He said, "How did the Troubles start? Tell me, how did the Troubles start?" [NORMALLY.]
I was like, "Well, mate, the Troubles first started when Jaime Lannister pushed Bran Stark out the window.
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