GameFace (2017) s02e04 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 4

This programme contains very strong language.
Being a modern woman is not easy.
When do you get the time to do everything? PHONE RINGS Hello? Are the kids in the car? Have you called your mum back? Don't forget Tom's PE kit! Can I have those reports now, Susan? Straight away, Mr Dean.
Three o'clock.
Oh, no.
Not the Biccy Monster.
Cut! That's great.
Really great.
Let's get the Biccy Monster green stuff set up.
Biccy Monster? Sounds cool.
Yeah, it's this sort of massive, gross ogre in a pig sort of thing.
Should be funny.
Who's playing that then? No, I'm Marcella Donoghue, see? "Modern working woman" Brackets - "Biccy Monster".
I hope you like biscuits.
I love biscuits.
Steve, how long are we looking at? Ogre? Action! Give me biscuits! Give me biscuits! Give me the biscuits! Give me the biscuits! Give me the biscuits! Give me some more chocolate! Remember, Susan, you wanted to be beach body-ready.
Hmm Try some Sweet 'N' Yums to help you stay sweet and yum.
Hmm GULPS LOUDLY Hmm! COUGHS Oh, fuck! Cut! Dobby, Dobby, they're so disgusting! Let's go again.
TITLE Marcella, how has your week been? Yeah, good.
Not been temping this week which was nice, so just, you know, got some stuff done.
Oh, what stuff did you get done? 'I'm going to be doing a bang tutorial today.
'If you don't like your forehead or your eyebrows' Life admin.
I won't bore you with it.
Did you re-book the test, so you can end this rigmarole with Jon? Uh well We should just book you in to take the test again straight away.
It's just Hey, Marce! What are you doing? I thought you'd passed your test.
What? No, sorry, I don't know the way to Argos.
What are you talking about? I said I thought you'd passed your test! What's he saying? I don't know.
You know him? No, he's just some weirdo.
You told me you'd passed it.
I don't know the way to Argos.
Please, leave us alone! HORN BLARES Oh, Jesus Christ! What was that? Sorry.
Did I go too fast? Yes! Now he thinks I need a few more lessons to help me deal with things that might spook me.
That's not a bad idea.
What, making me spook-proof? I've passed my test.
No, I mean having an Argos.
Oh! I don't think we've got one around here.
We could do with one.
Yeah, I agree with you.
It's a great idea.
Since Woolworths closed down.
Since Woolworths closed down, exactly.
You need those shops to do the little bits and bobs.
Now, this is progress.
Marcella You said you're getting 12,000 for the advert.
How are you gonna spend the money? Same as always - Ubes, foods, dudes.
What? She's speaking Norwegian.
No, I'm not.
Ubes, foods, dudes.
Ubers, takeaway, dick.
Don't write that down.
I'm only joking.
I don't pay for it.
I'll pay for takeaways and Ubers.
I'm not an animal.
Right, Marcella, looking over your session notes, you make a lot of statements about how you don't enjoy the feeling of powerlessness that you have over your life.
You talk about starting a podcast, about writing a play or a film numerous times.
In one session, you even talk about ideas for a country and western album.
I thought these sessions were confidential.
Your notes make me sound unhinged.
I'm just trying to work out here if there is in fact any real, genuine dissatisfaction here that's not being addressed or if you're simply happy being unhappy.
What are you gonna do to make the most of this windfall, to get the things that you say that you want? Things that you can have! I thought she was just doing research.
I feel like I need a lawyer.
Answer the question! I've joined a writing class.
It starts on Saturday.
Sit down, child.
For subtitling services, contatct: Good.
Maybe you can use the money to freeze your eggs! What Sorry, no, it doesn't work.
Um It's not an authorised technique, Frances.
Yes! 12 grand gone into my account! Here is to the fucking horrible, horrible Biccy Monster.
Biccy Monster.
Biccy Monster.
So, who's staying out for a celebratory margarita nightcap? Oh, no.
After all that wine? Anyway, I can't.
Billy's coming round tonight.
I have to go as well.
I think I'm gonna have to break up with Mark tonight.
Why? It doesn't matter.
I don't want to talk about it, to be honest.
It sounds ridiculous.
Lucy He didn't know what a fish finger was! What? Hmm! These breaded fish things are so moreish.
SHE LAUGHS What? They're They're fish fingers.
Fish fingers? Oh! Is that what they're called? I can't tell if you're joking.
Why would I be joking? Never heard of fish fingers before? Oh, here we go! No.
No, I haven't.
In the same way I haven't heard of chicken noses or beef toes.
I suppose this counts against me, doesn't it? I'm sorry I don't know the street lingo for your breaded fish goujons.
I get it.
Class war.
I guess me and Lucy just thought you and the rat would make it through the barricades.
Be serious! I need to go out with someone more Not him.
You don't have to do it tonight.
You could do it another night, then you could stay out with me and have a celebratory margarita with your friend.
Yeah, fuck it.
Just one.
Yeah, yeah.
I want to be up early in the morning to start my creative writing course.
I'm off.
You're both coming to Billy's housewarming tomorrow night, right? Do you mean Billy and Simon my ex-boyfriend's housewarming party? Nah, probably gonna swerve it in case Tania actually kneecaps me as she keeps threatening via text.
Bye, traitor.
I take it you two went hard last night? The margaritas betrayed us, Luce.
Honestly, I think they were out of date.
Out-of-date margaritas? Sure, Marce.
Come on, I need a wee.
No, no, no, no.
Come on, out.
I need to have a shower.
No, just I won't look.
You have your writing course today.
You can't miss the first one.
No Aagh! I'm doing this out of love.
Why, Billy? No! Stop it! Stop it! Enough! You can go to the toilet, you dickhead.
I thought you might have a sore head, so I bought you some things.
Ibuprofen, Coke, salt and vinegar crisps.
How did you know I was hungover? You don't remember, do you? Get it done.
Hi, Mark.
Firstly, thanks for you know.
That's a good beginning.
It's good Going well.
But fish fingers, come on No, serious.
Can't even be serious for a minute.
I do love you.
I love him through the barricades.
No, what are you doing? Check about beans.
See if he knows about beans.
Do you know what What, Marce? Do you know about beans? Of course I know about beans.
Not me! I know Rat-arse! Does he know about He's on the phone! Ask him.
Hello? Hello? It was hilarious.
Marce made me have so many margaritas.
But you, uh You did say, "I love you.
" I remember that.
I love you too.
It's nice to know that you do love me.
You love your little rat.
And I know what beans are.
Now, do you know what fresh produce is, my little peasant? OK, welcome, writers.
Sounds very basic, but the first rule of Write Club is we don't talk about Write Club.
We write about Write Club.
We do talk about the writing as well, but you get my drift.
OK, uh you! Me? On the count of three, draw your pen.
One, two Oh Three.
OK, uh No, I meant in a "draw your sword" kind of way.
You know, pens at the ready! Oh, OK.
Oh, it's very nice.
It was a late night.
I just didn't quite understand.
Seems like I'm in a class with a bunch of bright sparks.
What? Nothing.
Drink your liquors, eh, darling? In the prep I sent you, I asked you to prepare a short piece of writing revolving around a hat.
It can be any genre or written in any way that you want.
OK, Tom, yes, would you like to break the ice? OK, I wrote this on the way here.
I, uh It's just, uh I'm a writer, but scripts in long form Christ, just get on with it, Tom! "My grandad's hat still rests above his coat "which hangs in my mother's hall.
"Every time I visit, I see it "and every time for a brief second when the front door opens, "I feel the giddy excitement I felt upon seeing it as a child.
"'Hooray, my grandad's here.
"'It's all OK now.
My grandad's here.
' "I don't own a hat.
"I need to wear more memorable things.
"Maybe my red jacket, which brings me so many compliments, "will one day completely break the hearts "of those that love me.
" Thanks, Tom.
Now, let's discuss and share what I didn't like it.
Like, pretty bad, mawkish stuff.
Also, what I don't understand is why the "mum" character just doesn't get rid of the hat or the protagonist for that matter.
Like, how many times are you gonna let a hat wind you up? Like, the hat is clearly upsetting people, so, get rid of it, bin it.
I hate that, things that can be avoided.
Bit of a plot hole maybe.
Also, don't know why you're American.
Seemed ridiculous.
I'm from Chicago.
Yeah OK, Charlotte, it would be great if you could keep the criticism constructive.
OK, Marcella, would you like to read yours? Um Right, so she hasn't written anything.
Like, what kind of writing class is this? I have actually written something, Tina, so calm down.
Would you like me to read it? Then I'll read it to the class cos I've written it down.
OK? Hmm.
Where is it? "The hat.
" I just can't Yeah, I've got it.
"'Where is my hat?' shouted Stephen.
"'I'm cold "'.
and I'm bald on my head.
' "'Don't worry, don't worry' shouted Mary to Stuart.
"But Stuart couldn't hear her because Mary wasn't actually there.
"She was a ghost of his dead wife.
"And Stuart" It was Stephen a minute ago.
You're making this up on the spot.
She's making this up on the spot.
I'm 100% not making it up on the spot.
You are absolutely making this up.
I'm reading it from thepad.
You can all see me reading it from the pad.
I'm sure she is prepared.
It's a requirement of thecourse.
OK, well, just show us the notepad then.
I mean, no.
Yeah, we'll just have a little look at the notepad.
I don't want to.
I don't want to, Charlotte.
At least you got my name right this time.
Let's have a little look.
I'd prefer if you didn't.
If you're so confident It's got my recipes and my private thoughts! Enough! I will look! Yes, it's here.
She has written it down.
She has bad handwriting, is all.
Charlotte, I need you to tone the aggression right down for me.
I'm just trying to preserve the integrity of the class.
"I'm bald on my head"? Come on! Hey, Miss Thing.
I think you should buy me a drink and tell me more about your wonderful story about the bald man and his ghost wife.
Ssh! OK, OK, I will.
Wait, wait.
The fucking werewolves become good good werewolves.
And their nemesis tried to block the moon Oh, my God! .
so they can't get their powers to heal the world.
Oh, my God! This is such a good idea.
I'm writing it down.
I would honestly watch the shit out of this film.
Let's read this to Charlotte in class! PHONE VIBRATES Oh! Oh, the bus driver.
Driving instructor.
Hello, Jon.
Sorry, just double-checking.
What bell is it? What bell? I don't know what bell is what bell.
'I'm at your brother's.
You invited me last night.
' Be brave like I was brave with the beans.
Don't sound too drunk.
I'm not drunk.
Hello, Jon.
How are you doing? It's me, Marcella.
I was I was thinking, it was really nice chatting to you the other night.
Maybe we could hang out some more because I think I'd like that.
Invite him to the party.
And I'd like you to come to invite you to the party.
Billy's party tomorrow.
Ssh! Billy, my brother's having a party tomorrow and he wants you to come to it.
I'm gonna text you the address in a moment and it'd be great if you could come.
Oh, you're there already.
'Oh, OK.
' Hi.
Marcella invited me.
Come in, come in.
She's always late.
Jon? Yeah, Jon.
'Who are you talking to?' Billy.
'Don't go in.
' OK, wait, wait Where are you now? I'm inside.
Oh, OK, you're inside.
I'm nearly there, anyway.
Maybe just don't talk to I'll be so quick.
Isn't there something you forgot to mention? What did I forget to mention? 'Think.
' OK, hurry up.
Oh, my God! Oh, am I pissed? Pissed, we're pissed! It's fine, it's fine.
He's talking to Skinny Pig.
What were you thinking? I wasn't Don't let him talk to Simon.
Guard him really I'm so close.
Hurry up.
' I'm looking to try and get the band back together.
What type of band? What music? Hard reggae.
It's like normal reggae, but way less chilled.
Reggae with a fear.
What's the name of your band? Horse Breast.
Bit tricky at the moment, actually.
Our singer Wayne is doing 18 months for smashing up an ice cream van.
Thought it was undercover Old Bill.
So, you were Marcella's driving instructor? Is that right? Still am.
What do you mean, you still are? Jon! Hi.
Would you like a prawn maybe? Um Yeah, prawns are nice.
I sauteed them myself.
Secret ingredient - Marmite.
Sounds strange, but No, thanks.
I'll probably just stick with the tea.
Did you say you're still teaching Marce to drive? Have you ever been to France? Rude! I need to tell you something.
Oh, is this about this morning? Sorry, I didn't really mean to sing into it.
I just thought it would be romantic.
No, it's not that, but I would appreciate it if you didn't howl Kate Bush into me again.
It didn't come out how I thought it was gonna.
Sorry, what is it you wanted to You can't say anything, but Jon thinks Marcella hasn't OK, whoa, whoa, whoa! Luce, I can't lie, so think twice about what you're gonna say right now.
If you can't lie, don't talk to Jon.
OK, I won't.
Hey, Lucy, that's Simon's father over there talking to Moira.
Oh, yeah, Anthony.
He's a lovely guy, actually.
Yeah I'd say he has a touch of the cunt about him.
All right? Hey.
What, are you a friend of Skinny Pig's or Billy's? Yeah, Billy's.
No, his sister.
I'm waiting on her, actually.
Marce? Yeah.
How do you know Marce? I'm her driving instructor.
Hello, Jon.
I've heard a lot about you.
Have you? Marcella tells me you're a bit of a painter.
I Do you do bathrooms? No, I don't do bathrooms.
I Just the skirting boards? Hang on.
I can do your skirting boards for you, Moira.
Oh, thank you, pet.
Lovely to meet you, Jon.
Who was that? Marce's mum.
How are you, Moira? Jesus, you look beautiful tonight! Thanks, pet.
Now, when will I be getting my divorce? Sorry, what did you say your name was again? Jon, man to man, have you ever eaten something called bubble and squeak? I have.
He's from Ireland.
It might be called something different there.
I've eaten it.
Jon? Um yes.
A potato cabbage hash thing.
Then why not say "potato cabbage hash"? I've had that.
Bubble and squeak sounds utterly repugnant and yet you feel morally superior.
I think I might have a Marmite prawn.
Oh, my God, Jon! I'm so sorry.
Whoa! Sorry.
Uh, Marce, it's it's a dry party.
I know, right? No.
No, no.
It's a dry party.
Oh, my God! You mean it's sober? Oh, mate, I'm so Sorry, where where have you been? Well, I had my writing class and then, my friend Tom, he's from Chicago.
And he's just the nicest and funny But anyway, we're gonna write something about wolves, but they're, like, nice wolves.
Like, kind wolv care wolves.
Oh Right, let's, um I wanna just go, man.
Let's go to the pub.
I think maybe we should get you some food.
I don't want any food.
No, I wantsome food.
Fuck! What's going on? Tania, what are you doing here? Who has a party when they separate from their wife? It's not, um It's just 100 days sober Is it? Yes, there's not even any booze here.
Let's just pop out.
Come on.
Let's just go.
What is that fucker doing here? OK, calm down.
Oh, God.
Let's just go and talk about this outside.
I'm not leaving.
If she's here, I'm here, so I'm staying.
Yeah, I might have a dance.
Don't Don't dance.
That's the woman.
Tania, hey.
Come and get a drink.
Is that Simon? I can't remember.
Is that Simon? Quick, let's go before she sings! Come and get a drink.
CLATTER Sorry, sorry.
Why are you pissed, Marce? I thought it was a housewarming party.
I didn't know it was a Prohibition party.
I would've come dressed as Al Capone.
It's fine.
We're gonna go.
Let's go to the pub.
I think you've had enough to drink.
Lucy, would you mind asking Jon if he wouldn't mind driving Marcella back home for me, please? I'm right here.
I can hear you.
I know.
I promised I wouldn't talk to you.
That's just rude.
I do actually feel sick.
We heard you being sick this morning as well, didn't we? Are you trying to embarrass me? Are you the puke police? So, sue me if I wanna celebrate a little bit when my hard work finally pays off! How is it your hard work? You only got that ad cos of Simon.
Oh, fucking Billy! Simon, what is he what is he talking about? What? Don't worry about it.
Just tell me, you shit.
OK, fine.
Sweet 'N' Yums is my account.
I just mentioned your name.
That's it.
Why? Why are you mentioning her name? Yeah, why are you mentioning my name? She got the job herself.
I didn't, did I? I didn't get the job.
What are you talking about? You went in there, all chatting, all just making sure your tent You had your tentacles out all over it, as always.
I mean I wanted to, you know You want me to think "I'll let her think she got it on her talent," cos you don't think I've gotany talent.
You don't think He doesn't think I can get the Biccy Monster by myself.
I could get the Biccy Monster by myself, mate.
Let's go.
Well, maybe she should have a lie down.
Are you joking right now? Lie down? What is that, the code? Yeah! Are you joking right now? Oh, my God! We're going now.
Great party See you later, Mum.
I'll get her home.
Hey, hey, so I know I'm really drunk and I know tonight has been a bit of a mess, but I do I really like you and I'm worried I fucked it.
I really like you too, Marcella.
Let's just get your keys out.
You're You're further away than I thought.
You're just You're just too drunk, Marce.
Let's get you inside.
Wow! OK, I don't think That felt embarrassing.
No, it's fine.
Let's just That felt really embarrassing.
It's fine.
I'll call you in the morning.
I think it might have been embarrassing.
No, it's fine.
OK, well, I've said it now.
It's a secret, I guess, but I've told you my secret, so you might as well know.
I tell everyone what I think and I do like you.
I really, really do.
Yeah, OK.
I need you to know that.
I'm glad I've said it.
Actually, what I should've said OK.
Good night, Marcella.

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