Gang Related (2014) s01e10 Episode Script

El Buey y El Alacran

Previously on Gang Related I've been thinking what you said about Ryan maybe being the mole.
- I think that you're onto something.
- We're gonna start with surveillance on Lopez.
His computer, his phone.
Daniel Acosta, you have the right to remain silent.
No, no, no.
Hold on, hold on.
The blood work from the guy who stuck you came back.
They're positive for HIV.
You bought Daniel those cuff links when he got accepted into business school.
- Where did you find these? - A Metas' torture house.
Imagine how Daniel felt.
And these are the men you're protecting.
Please, please, please! _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Tio, it's Javier.
I need you and a cleaning crew down at La Isla Rica now.
The Metas were never going to let us out of this deal.
After our last payment, they were going to kill us all.
Salazar is going to have to report back to his bosses.
When he doesn't, they'll come looking for him.
And when they do? We'll be ready.
Jefe, they got ten times the men.
The money, the power.
Not if we take out their leaders.
_ El Mozo himself? There's no other way.
We do it before the Metas find out what happened, and wipe out every Los Angelicos and Acosta family member.
We work in complete silence.
_ Understood.
Nobody will know.
You want me to put bodyguards on the familia? No.
Keep everything status quo so they don't suspect anything.
And believe that I lived up to my word.
Which means you're supposed to be dead, carnal.
Get these bodies back to the safe house.
You lay low.
Pop? Got a problem.
Check it.
Security camera captured this.
Looks like there was a witness.
Let me help.
I got this.
Rich boy's about to get transferred to county.
Hey, Lopez? How you say "prison bitch" in español? I don't know how you say it.
But I know how you spell it.
- Jess? - Hi.
- We need to talk.
- I know.
I'm sorry that I haven't reached out.
I don't want you to think that I'm avoiding you.
You guys are just keeping me really busy.
The whole Daniel Acosta case is pretty huge.
Crazy how, uh, my dad kept everything so quiet until it all went down.
Yeah, he's been, uh, keeping things really close to the vest recently.
Yeah, why is that? All the rumors about a mole inside the department.
Can't say I blame him.
You guys have any leads on who it might be? Not really.
Well, if you have any suspicions or want to confide in me, you know it stays between us.
I mean it.
Ryan, you can tell me anything.
I, uh I'm sorry.
Can we talk later? I got to take this.
Yeah, sure.
Hello? Ryan? I heard Daniel was arrested.
How does this happen? I had no idea what Chapel was planning to do.
- He caught all of us by surprise.
- Is he okay? He's okay for now, but they're transferring him to county.
I won't be able to keep an eye out for him there.
Is Malcolm there yet? Just arrived.
Daniel will be fine now.
There's a reason I pay our lawyers a small fortune.
Now, Ryan, I need you to listen to me very carefully, okay? There was an incident.
I don't have time to explain.
I'm gonna need your help to get me out of this more than I ever have.
Whatever I have to do.
I'm at the safe house now.
Meet me here in two hours.
There's something else I have to deal with right now.
Tio? Cut out their spines.
Wrap them around their necks.
That's how the Russian Mafia Familia does it.
The evidence clearly shows a possible link between Ryan Lopez and the Acosta family.
A "possible link.
" Silvia Gonzalez could just be Lopez's C.
But without a warrant, we have no legal means of finding that out.
I'll issue that warrant.
I don't want a warrant.
If we're right about Lopez being a mole, and we tip our hand that we're on to him, He'll bury any evidence he has.
We'll never be able to prove a case against him.
- What do you want? - Phone taps.
And a GPS tracker on his car.
It'll take a few hours for the justice department to process this.
But here you go.
Thank you, Your Honor.
All of our plans.
Everything we talked about.
Your dream to take the family legit.
A better life for generations to come.
That's over.
We have to deal with that later.
Right now, we have to protect the family.
The only way we're gonna survive is we take out the leaders of the Metas before they know what hit them.
You're talking about starting a war that we can't win.
We can.
But we have to strike first.
A simultaneous attack here, in Mexico, and on El Mozo in prison.
We don't have the firepower or manpower to do that.
We will.
I'm about to broker a deal with the RMF.
They'll supply us with RPGs, surface-to-air missiles, every high-tech surveillance tool they have.
A shipment like that, it's gonna end up on someone's radar.
You can't let that happen.
We need that delivery to arrive safely in our hands, Ryan.
Nothing else matters.
If not, we're all dead.
Not just me.
Marciela, Daniel, Silvia.
I saw on the news your son was arrested.
I am sorry, Javier.
I know we've had our differences, but family is family.
Is there someplace we can talk privately? What is this you need? Please.
"High-tech wiretaps, surveillance equipment, "RPGs, surface-to-air missiles.
" I need them immediately.
Getting these types of arms on such short notice is very tricky, Javier.
Will $2 million make it less tricky? Seven.
Not only makes it easy but possible.
But for you, my friend, $10 million will get the deal done.
$5 million.
Not a ruble more.
Why would I take anything less? Because the $5 million you're not getting pays for my silence.
"Silence"? For what? We both know I didn't do this.
You did.
Rumor on the streets is, you're still angry you didn't get the Fishscale rights from the Metas, so you took out your anger on my supplier.
Are you still upset that we wouldn't move your product? How do I know you're not setting me up? You don't.
All you have is my word.
Not good enough for me.
I'll get you what you want.
But only if you deliver the money personally.
My client, who has no criminal record, was not predisposed to commit the crime were it not for the egregious and illegal efforts of of Captain Chapel.
Predisposition is a technicality.
Which will easily hold up in court.
Karros v.
Can I see you outside? He's right, Sam, it's entrapment.
How could you have not anticipated this? I did.
For us to build a legitimate case would have taken years.
So you make an arrest, waste multiple departments' resources, all the while knowing this guy's gonna walk? What I know is that perception is reality.
Daniel Acosta's ruined in the banking industry.
But more importantly, we have dealt a crippling blow to Los Angelicos' financial capabilities.
And their financing is their heart.
Nailing Daniel just cut that out.
All that's left now is to remove their head.
Tio? Roll up your sleeve.
_ _ _ _ Ladies and gentlemen, I need your attention.
This is Agent Hammel from ATF.
Don, they're all yours.
Thank you, Sam.
Early this morning, ATF intercepted chatter about a massive arms shipment that's heading to Los Angeles.
What kind of arms? RPGs.
Surface-to-air missiles.
Some serious firepower.
- Let's join the party.
- We don't know who the buyer is.
It happened so fast, we lost track of the shipment, and that's why we need your help.
We need all agencies to be on the lookout for it.
This task force knows L.
better than anyone.
- We should take point on this.
- Thank you, but I assure you that we can handle it.
You already lost track of the shipment.
Yeah, Lopez is right.
These kinds of weapons means the RMF is involved.
We've been tracking local RMF operatives for a while now.
Weapons are our jurisdiction.
We're just asking for a little interagency cooperation.
That's all.
Look, we need to be on this, Cap.
This is ATF's gig.
My hands are tied.
We're just supposed to sit on our hands while these weapons flood the streets? This is not our jurisdiction.
Come on, Captain.
All due respect, bullets don't follow jurisdictional lines.
Well, if you were to look into it without my knowledge See no evil, hear no evil? There, you see? I already don't know what you're talking about.
All right, ése.
Ball's in your court.
What you got in mind? Check with your Cls.
I'll reach out to my military contacts, - see if they heard anything about it.
- Gotcha.
What do you got, Vee? Slotko Yegenev.
RMF arms point guy.
If a deal of this magnitude's going down, you can bet your ass his greasy bear claws are all over it.
Something tells me you know exactly where Slotko is.
And exactly what to wear.
_ _ No.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ It's Matias.
The Metas know Salazar is missing.
Get a kite out to El Mozo.
Tell him Salazar didn't show up for our last drop.
Tell him I'm owed a shipment of Fishscale and tell him if Salazar can't handle it, I need to work with someone who can.
- I'm on it.
- Tio _ Remember, the Metas think you're dead.
Get one of your guys to do it.
_ The clock is ticking.
All right, Vee, you got your ears on? Copy.
My bunny ears.
I just don't like her in there running solo.
Yeah, I feel you, bro, but what choice we got? We downloaded Slotko's computer, phone nothing.
If he made the deal, he had to use a burner cell, which we gotta - get ahold of.
- All right, Vee, you're on.
Grab the burner, download the info and get the hell out.
Copy that.
I'm looking for a job.
Do you have any applications I can fill out? Thank you.
_ Oh.
I'm sorry, I don't speak Russian.
I'm Slotko.
How can I help? I'm looking for a job.
Bartender, waitress anything.
Well, then, uh, you are talking to the right guy.
I own this place.
But how do I know this isn't just some pickup line? I promise.
I don't bite.
Yeah, yeah, way to go, Vee.
She's in.
Oh, you got it wrong, Acosta.
You call me here to make me wait like some burro? Make you wait? Three weeks ago, I paid $2 million for a shipment of Fishscale, due today, and suddenly Salazar vanishes.
I am the one who has been waiting.
That is why I'm here.
Then where is my Fishscale?! Soon, Javier.
Very soon.
_ I apologize.
I lost my temper.
But losing $2 million worth of Fishscale mmm, por favor will do that to even the most patient of men.
¿Qué no? Well, it's not lost.
It's late.
And we will find it and Salazar soon enough.
But until then we will have to play nice with one another.
El Mozo and the Metas will take care of you, Javier.
Like always.
Now please tell El Mozo I have kept our end of the deal.
Now he has to keep his.
Slotko Yegenev, the owner.
Big boss.
And you you're looking for a job, huh? So it appears I have something you want, and you have something I want.
Perhaps we can make an arrangement.
Yes, I think that we can do that.
Hmm - Good - Love it.
I'll be right back.
Where are you going? Just need to pee, baby.
I'll be right back.
I'm upstairs.
Northwest corner office.
Downloading the burner now.
Good job, Vee.
Get the information off Slotko's phone and get the hell out of there.
How do you turn this off? Vee! Talk to me.
What are you doing with my phone? - Be right out! - Vee! - Open the door! - I'm almost done Open it! Whoa.
What's the rush? Where's my phone? What are you talking about? Oh.
Where's the wire? She's been made.
We gotta move.
Where is the wire?! Ow! What are you doing? Get off Aah! Oh, I plan to.
Please stop! Stop, I have HIV! Huh? Hah! Get your ass on the ground! It's okay.
You okay? Yeah.
Yeah HIV.
That was quick thinking, girl.
_ _ _ Hmm _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ I bet this bed don't get much action.
Hard to get a taste with Him watching.
She's from Tecate.
She can get us some cervezas.
She peeped a murder.
She's scared, religious.
There's only one place she'd feel safe right now.
That junkie stuck me with a needle.
I freaked.
Who wouldn't? Doctor said I might be HIV-positive.
I figured I didn't have to tell you guys until I knew for sure.
Anything you need, you just say the word.
Same here.
I don't want Chapel to know.
Not yet.
ATF just chewed my ass off over what you guys did, but it was worth it.
Good job getting Slotko's phone.
Our tech guys cracked it.
It's got some kind of a strange code, but it's in Russian.
Vee, see if you can make anything out of it.
"Igrushki, kvartira, lyotchikee, shchenki" means "toys, condos, fliers, and puppies.
" You sure? RMF code.
"Toys" means surveillance gear.
"Condos" mean night-vision goggles, "fliers" are RPGs, and "puppies" are surface-to-air missiles.
Clearly, this is the shipment the ATF's been tracking.
But the question is, who is the RMF selling to? The Koreans and Lords are beefing.
Maybe they're arming up for war.
All right, you and Cassius go shake the trees a little.
Hold on, Cap.
I keep hearing the word "Angely.
" Maybe that means the destination Los Angeles.
No, "angely" means angels.
Los Angelicos.
Why the hell would Javier be buying military-grade weaponry? We'll find out soon enough.
The deal's going down in five hours.
The desert in Lancaster.
If Slotko's a no-show, Acosta will know we're on to him.
No, Slotko will be there.
We cut a deal with him for a lesser charge as long as he plays ball.
So Showtime.
Chapel turned Slotko.
He's working with the GTF.
You need to call off the arms deal, Javier.
Javier! We can't call it off! The Metas will soon find out about Salazar.
And we need those weapons.
There's going to be an army of officers out there.
Including you, Ryan.
So whatever you have to do, your family is depending on you, mijo.
You don't understand.
You're walking into a hornet's nest, Javier.
Then we need to figure out how I can fly away all right? _ Gracias.
_ It reminds me of my abuelita's in Tecate.
You're from Tecate? My family.
I love it there.
There's this helado shop at the park that makes the best Paletas de tamarindo.
We used to get our ice cream and watch the Gran Carrera de Caballos.
All those beautiful horses running free.
I miss those days.
Me, too.
Things were a lot easier for me back then.
I wish I could move back.
It's only a $50 bus ticket.
Why don't you? I have three younger brothers and my mom back there.
I make decent money here waitressing.
They count on what I send them every month.
It's barely enough for all of us to survive, but more than I'd ever make in Tecate.
I hear that.
Hey, you want to get a helado with me? I'm sorry, but I mean, I know it's not Tecate, but Right now's not a good time for me.
I don't want to be out much right now.
I just I keep thinking I'm still the man I used to be.
Are you sure this is the right way? Uh, it's a shortcut.
When you're in one of these, you learn your way around town fast.
You said you had three little brothers? - Yes.
- How old are they? One's ten, the other one is eight, and the last one What do you want? I need you to leave.
I'll give you $10,000.
Get a ticket to Tecate and don't come back.
This is about what happened at La Isla Rica, isn't it? Please just take the money.
Go, Olivia.
I don't want to hurt you.
No, no, no! Cálmate! Cálmate! Shh-shh-shh-shh.
If I let her go, she'll scream, ése.
What do you want me to do? No.
_ No! Don't! I know it's been hard keeping your distance from Lopez, but it looks like it's about to pay off.
Let's get amped up, man.
We're about to bring hell to this son of a bitch and then some.
All right, everyone, today is gonna be a career-making day for all of us.
Thanks to the help of our friends in the ATF, we're finally in aosition to bring down one of L.
's biggest kingpins, Javier Acosta.
Lopez is on point and will bring us up to speed.
Thanks to Judge Baker's order, a GPS tracker was placed on Lopez's car an hour ago.
The GTF is currently tracking a shipment of military-grade arms headed for Los Angelicos via the RMF.
They know the where and when of the meet.
They're gonna intercept in a few hours.
The drop is going down in Lancaster in two hours, three miles east of Highway 14.
I'll be quarterbacking from a forward operating position.
Tae and Vee, you cover me from the opposite ridge.
Captain, Cassius, ATF, you guys will be staged 100 yards south of my position where the rest of the TAC teams, you'll be awaiting my command.
Our CI, Slotko Yegenev, will be driving this truck.
And Acosta will be there picking up some serious hardware.
And you really think Ryan's gonna run interference on this? I think we're gonna find out.
We're monitoring everything he says, everywhere he goes.
Look, if Javier Acosta pulls another Houdini act and ess the GTF, we'll know Lopez is the mole.
Everyone needs to be on their A-game.
Once the exchange is made, Slotko's gonna depart, I'll give the order to move in.
And we will finally bring down Javier Acosta.
Talking about.
Drowning in that bottle, huh? Easy, D, you're gonna get through this.
How's Silvia holding up? Devastated.
Told her I'd find a way out of this, but I don't know.
And you will, bro.
Truth is, I'm a pariah in the financial world.
My name is ruined.
Look, I don't know about any of that, but here it ain't.
Here, your name means you're blood, familia.
I know you're trying to help, Carlos, but you don't understand.
Same old Daniel.
That's where you're wrong, college boy.
I do understand.
See, I got as much a shot at working at a bank as you do.
You feel that, don't you? It's what it feels like to be me.
Now you know what it means to be an Acosta.
Captain, report.
In position, Lopez.
Just stay on the eye.
Tae and Vee, talk to me.
In position.
No movement on our side.
Lopez sure puts on a show, doesn't he? I got a visual on Slotko's truck.
And I got a black pickup truck approaching from the west.
I got a second truck coming from the east.
Repeat last did you say "a second truck"? Correction.
Make that four pickups headed towards the drop point at high speeds.
What the hell are they planning? I got a visual on Acosta approaching Slotko's vehicle.
Target confirmed.
Acosta's checking out the merchandise.
He made the arms exchange.
They're creating a diversion.
All units get ready.
Slotko's made the delivery.
- I never saw it.
- I got a clean look.
Slotko's made the handoff.
His truck's on the move.
Hit it, dude! All right, people, we got four suspect vehicles to follow.
ATF, you go east and west.
Sheriffs, you're headed north.
My team, we're following me, heading south to follow Acosta, all right? How do you know Acosta is in the southbound vehicle? 'Cause his wheelbase is lowest to the ground.
Means he's carrying the full load in it.
If Acosta came all this way, there's no way he's riding without his prized cargo.
Good thinking, Lopez.
What the hell? Six-Peter-Charlie, Ivan-318.
Let's go, let's go.
All right.
All right, all right.
Stay on Lopez's car.
You're too close to him, back off.
Back off, keep your distance.
Sirak, it's Lopez.
I got a suspicious vehicle possibly running countersurveillance on our op.
I need to run the plates.
Hit me.
Six-Peter-Charlie-Ivan Blocked plates.
- No records on file.
- It's got to be law enforcement.
Copy that.
Whoever it is - they don't want to be discovered.
- But whoever it is, he isn't one of ours and is jeopardizing our op.
Get a unit to light him up and get him the hell out of here.
You got it.
Lopez, where are you? A minute behind you, Cap.
Sirak, that SUV's still tailing us.
I told you to get it the hell out of our way.
I can't.
Detective Lopez, they have a judicial order.
For what? I don't know, but they're I.
Agent Paul Carter.
Damn it! Lopez, what's your 20? Cap, I'm coming up on you in about 20 seconds.
All units, stay on your target.
Come on, pick up.
Pick up.
Looks like we made it.
Call Tio.
Tell him we're on our way.
I ain't got no service.
What about you? Pick up the phone! Pick up! Pick up! Come on! Damn it! I'm clocking you, Ryan.
Welcome to the end of Acosta.
Ryan, come in.
- What the hell is going on? - I'm sorry.
Please forgive me.
We're following the wrong truck.
What are you talking about? - This is your intel.
This is too easy.
Lopez, come in.
What are you doing? Captain, Acosta's too smart.
He's leading us down the rabbit hole to follow the look-alikes.
He's in the delivery truck.
No, negative.
Slotko's in the delivery truck.
All units stay on your current target No, Captain, I was wrong.
Okay? That's what that whole spinout at the desert was about; it was a diversion.
If you want Acosta, follow me.
Turn us around, Cassius.
All units, take down your targets now! Tae and Vee, you follow us.
That's Lopez.
Stay with Lopez! Stay with Lopez.
This is where he diverts our attention and Javier Acosta escapes scot-free.
I've got Acosta in my sights.
Jefe? There's a cop on our tail! What the hell is he doing? Go faster! What the hell is he doing?! What the hell are you doing, man?! What's happening? Acosta's not in that truck.
You're surrounded, Acosta! Step outside the vehicle with your hands up now! What are you doing?! Hands in the air! Stop right there! I said stop.
Acosta! Don't make me shoot.
On your knees.
Hands behind your head.
Get down.
Get on your knees.
Javier Acosta, you have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
You have the right to an attorney.
If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you.
Do you understand? Get him out of here.

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