Gang Related (2014) s01e12 Episode Script


Previously on Gang Related You're surrounded, Acosta! Step outside the vehicle with your hands up! What happened? I.
put a GPS tracker on my car.
They believed I was the mole.
I had to do my job.
Yo, Pop, I know how much you care about the orphan.
If we're right about him, every one of us are gonna end up in jail.
_ Then it's set, we'll kill Ryan.
Prosecution's pushing for an early trial date.
And how much more is that gonna cost us? I'm gonna need a million as soon as possible.
_ _ I need my money back, Jason.
I don't have it.
Danny You have two hours to wire that money into my account.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ You're not buying this whole Lopez-as-hero-cop thing? You need to let it go.
You were wrong about Lopez.
You know, I never realized how much the GTF would feel like home.
I really like those guys, you know? And, uh, you're not too bad yourself, sexy.
Ryan? Oh, my _ What? That'll be $200 a month.
You'll be in storage unit 12B.
You've reached the voice mail of Agent Paul Carter.
Please leave a message after the tone.
Carter, it's Jessica.
I-I know I'm the last person you want to hear from right now.
You're the only person I can trust.
I It's about Ryan Lopez.
Just I-I'll tell you about it when I can, just please call me back.
¿Que paso, 'mano? I just left Dad at Twin Towers.
What's up, Daniel? He's pleading out.
Ain't no way in hell Pop would ever cop a guilty plea, take a bid.
If he rolls over, they're gonna send him to a supermax.
That's exactly what he wants.
What? Why? I don't know.
It's part of some plan he has with Ryan.
Ryan? No.
Listen to me.
We cannot trust - Not this again, Carlos, okay? - Hey, you don't know everything about him, all right? What are you talking about? Well, he's banging that guera ADA.
Chapel's daughter.
No way.
Ryan would've told me.
We saw her at the house.
Tell him.
Hmm? First he popped you, huh? Then he busted Pops.
And now all he's doing is making a bunch of excuses.
Telling stories about his plans to get us out of this mess.
And still he's gonna keep that haina a secret.
I don't like it either, Daniel, but I'm starting to believe we can't trust him.
CHAPEL; I want to see Lavar Quintel.
Been a while, Chapel.
I like that new look.
Occupational hazard? Something like that.
You got some balls coming in my yard.
Your ass take out Acosta, figure you're gonna come after me now? Mighty whitey got a death wish? Let's quit the posturing, Lavar.
We both know that you don't have the juice to pull off killing a boot, let alone a captain.
So then, why you here? It seems like you're not running things anymore.
First you lost the Fishscale deal to Acosta, and then he takes your boy? What you want, Chapel? I want to help you get your street cred back.
Lavar Quintel says payback's a bitch.
Hey! Get off him now! Get off! Get off! Get off! Okay.
Hello? Ryan? Where are you? What are you doing? I told you, the GTF's got all your phones tapped.
Don't worry about it.
Tio got us all clean phones, okay? Why are you calling me? Dad was just attacked by the Lords.
Is he okay? I don't know, man.
Guards aren't saying much.
Tio got word from the inside that he's still alive, though.
I'll dig into this and get back to you tomorrow.
I need to see you tonight, Ryan.
I can't! We need to talk.
Okay? I know about you and Jessica Chapel, Ryan.
Were you followed? No.
I'm alone.
Trust me.
Come on.
Geez, Ryan.
Jessica Chapel? Hmm? What were you thinking? I didn't plan it, all right? It just happened.
How did you find out? Tio and Carlos saw her leaving your house.
What the hell were they doing there? Javier green-lit me?! You didn't leave him much choice! After you busted him, nobody could get in contact with you, Ryan.
I spoke to Javier in County! Told him my plan.
Why didn't he call it off then? It was the only way to be That's why he left Nuñez alive.
It was a test, Ryan.
- A test? - Yeah.
I kill Nuñez, cover his ties to Javier, I pass? Did I pass? Yeah.
It was the only way to be sure.
Look So tell me, why are you here? What are you doingin the safe house, Ryan? When I went home tonight, my split kit was gone.
Was that Tio and Carlos? No.
Was that part of the test, too? It must have been Jessica.
Geez, Ryan.
That means she knows about all of us.
Are you sure? No.
But who else could it be? Well, if you're right, you need to find her and fix this before Sylvia, myself, and the rest of the family end up in jail.
- I need to talk to you.
- No! No! You get away from me! Jess, just hear me out.
- Get your hands off me.
- Jess, come on.
I would never hurt you.
You know that.
You got to trust me.
Trust you? Are you kidding me? No, I'm gonna call the cops.
There's a reason you didn't make that call already.
Okay, deep down, there's a part of you that wants answers.
Five minutes.
That's all I'm asking for.
I'll tell you the truth.
Anything and everything you want to know.
Not here.
Somewhere public.
MacArthur Park at noon.
And until then? Keep doing what you been doing since the day I met you: lie.
Pretend like you're one of the good guys.
Hey, Lopez.
What's up, man? You look a little pale.
I'm talking, like, white boy pale.
Chapel texted me, said to get down here right away.
What's going on? Last night at Twin Towers, the Lords had a little shank party in the showers.
Yeah, and Javier Costa was the guest of honor.
Unfortunately, the son of a bitch managed to survive.
He's in protective custody, recovering right now.
Twin Towers is still on lockdown.
is segregating any Angelicos or Lords in the prison system up and down the state.
The Twin Towers is high security.
How the hell did the Lords even get to Acosta? Because I let them.
You let them? I instructed the guards to stand back and keep an eye on things.
I wanted Javier cut up, hurt, scared for his life, but not dead.
You all look like you might have some questions.
Yeah, I think we got a few questions.
Yeah, you made a deal with the Lords? I did.
With Lavar Quintel.
Why? With Javier behind bars and his family in shambles, Los Angelicos is done.
They're no longer a threat, but the Metas are.
They're establishing a foothold in this city.
And as bad as Los Angelicos was, they're nothing compared to the resources and strength of the Metas Cartel, and we cannot let them take another inch of turf in this town.
You want Javier to flip.
You coordinated the Lords attack to scare Costa so he'll cooperate with you.
I want Javier to believe he has no other choice but to flip if he wants to survive and ever see the light of day again, yeah.
So what happens next? The DA has approached Javier and his lawyer; he has eight hours to respond to our offer.
Any further questions? No? Good, carry on.
- Can you ride solo? Yeah.
- Everything all right? Yeah, um, me and Jessica, we got into a fight.
I, uh, I need to try and smooth things out.
- All right, say no more.
I got your back.
- Thanks, partner.
Hey, I got to take this.
I'll catch up.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ Hey.
Everything okay, partner? Yeah, it's just some personal stuff.
Come on, let's get back to work.
You know if something's wrong, I got your back, right? I know.
I'm all right.
Doctor says the wounds are just superficial.
Anyway, what's happening on the outside? Anyone try to retaliate? Not yet, but you say the word, and it's on.
We'll take every last Lord out.
I want you to stand down.
Right now, our business dealings with the Metas are too fragile to allow my personal feelings for Lavar Quintel to affect them.
Screw business.
What about "sangre por sangre"? I'm telling you, son, now is not the time.
I agree.
I think we need to show restraint.
"Restraint"? Huh? The Lords pin-cushioned Pops.
They put me in this damn chair.
I understand how you feel, Carlos, but No! No, man.
You don't.
I don't see no-no battle scars on you, college boy.
So I don't want to hear about what you think, because you don't know nothing about how I feel.
You're right, Carlos.
I don't understand how it feels.
I'm sorry, okay? And it kills me to see you and Dad like this, but I also understand that right now is not the time to go to war with the Lords.
Sooner or later, the Metas are gonna figure out what you did, and when they do, we won't need any more enemies.
We'll be in need of some friends.
Team up with Lavar Quintel? Over my dead body, Pop.
Well, if we don't, we're all dead, Carlos.
Come on, this isn't a business merger you put together in a board room, Daniel.
Yes, it is.
Dad is a businessman.
So is Lavar Quintel.
What have you always told us? _ _ We don't have anything to offer Lavar Quintel.
Yes, we do.
We have Ryan.
I appreciate you coming, Jess.
I wasn't sure you'd show.
You've got five minutes.
If I think for one second that you're lying, I'll go to the DA, and I'll show her everything.
I want the truth.
All of it.
My parents were dead, Jess.
I was six years old, alone.
Javier was the only one who loved me.
He told me he was doing it for all the right reasons: to get the family out of crime, to go legitimate.
And you believed that? I still do.
No, Ryan.
He made you think that.
You're wrong.
If you were really his family, why didn't he send you to Stanford like Daniel? Why didn't he give you the Acosta name? All of the things that man made you do, all of the people that he hurt while you stood by and did nothing I mean, Tanner? How do you live with yourself? I carry the weight of that every day of my life.
There isn't a moment I don't wish I could undo it.
You say that you regret it.
Then prove it.
It's time to choose sides, Ryan.
The DA offered Javier a deal to flip against the Metas.
If you really regret what you did, get him to take it.
It's not enough.
But for now, it's a start.
Tell me, was what we had even real? It's the only thing in my life that wasn't a lie.
You have to take the deal, Javier.
It's the best thing you're gonna get.
You think I come all this way just to watch my empire crumble? Are you blind? It's crumbled.
Okay? The Metas The Metas are gonna kill our whole family if I take this deal.
That's if they find out, which they won't.
You have my word.
No, I already talked to Malcolm.
Call him back.
Take the deal.
You're worried, huh? You're scared.
Let me guess why.
Your little friend, Jessica Chapel, found out who you are.
Taking this deal is the only way to get the family out of your mess! I need to know I can still trust you, that you haven't cut some kind of deal with Chapel's daughter, turned against me.
Trust me? You green-lit me! You left me in the dark, Ryan.
You know that.
I called it off the second I knew that the family was safe.
Now, I know it's complicated, but the fact of the matter is we are in this together, for better or for worse.
So we don't have any choice but to trust each other.
Just take the deal.
If you do, the GTF can take down the Metas, and Daniel, Silvia and the rest of the family can be saved.
What are you gonna do about Chapel's daughter? Everything okay with you and Ryan? If you would ever like to talk, I'm here.
Yeah, I would.
I was thinking maybe we can graduate from breakfast to dinner.
Maybe tonight.
Yeah, yeah, I would love that.
- Okay.
- Okay.
What's up, ése? Everything kosher with you and Jessica? It's complicated, man.
Look, man, get you a bottle of French wine and some Al Green on the turntable, and uncomplicate it.
What the hell is the DA doing here? About to find out.
What's up, Cap? Captain Chapel has told me that you're all aware that in conjunction with the U.
Attorney's office, this afternoon, we made an offer to Javier Acosta.
As of an hour ago, Mr.
Acosta and his lawyer accepted the deal.
He's now a cooperating informant.
We're gonna keep this just to essential personnel for now.
But moving forward, ADA Chapel will be your point person in running Acosta as your informant.
If you have any questions, I want you to direct everything to her.
Jessica? I mean, a lot of work went into bringing that man down.
I'd like to know what he ended up getting.
In exchange for his continued cooperation, Acosta will not be receiving the death penalty or life in prison, but I can assure you, by the time that man is released, he will be nothing more than a beaten-down old man whose kingdom is in ashes.
The Metas have taken over the two most vital pieces of the Fishscale Pipeline here in L.
The lab and the safe.
The first is where the drugs are cut and prepped, the second is where the gross profit cash from the sales is stored.
Javier, the floor is yours.
The lab is in the basement of a garment factory.
Loud machinery, workforce of illegals arriving at all hours makes it a perfect cover.
The safe is in a converted trailer on a compound in Agua Dulce.
The entire compound is manned with armed guards.
The only entry point into the trailer is blocked with a fence.
Lookouts posted around the clock.
And the trailer itself has surveillance cameras.
Inside are at least six men, armed, guarding upwards of $50 million, depending on the day.
It's the Fort Knox of the entire operation.
Any questions? So, which one are we taking down first? We're gonna take them both down at the same time.
Send them the message that the Fishscale business is closed in L.
We move tomorrow, break of dawn.
That's all.
Guys, give us a second.
I've waited a long time to look you in the eye and tell you that you lost.
Even the sun shines on a dog's ass some days, Chapel.
Yeah, but I'm not the dog in the room, am I? Tonight I'm gonna go have dinner with my daughter, and then I'm gonna go home and sleep in my nice, warm bed.
And you? Take my bitch back to his kennel.
Javier took the deal.
I kept my word.
Now what? Now what? You have me backed into a corner.
I can't forget what I found.
And if I turn you in, it would be the biggest scandal the city has seen since Rampart.
Every case you ever worked on would be reopened, and possibly thrown out.
Hundreds of criminals would be released.
Everybody who trusted you would be destroyed along with you.
The Gang Task Force would be shut down.
The DA would lose her job.
Cassius, Tae, Vee, my father they would be ruined.
All the people that you pretended to care about.
I do care about them.
You should have thought about that before you made this mess.
So why don't you tell me "now what.
" What if I worked for you? We act as if everything's normal.
I keep working for Javier, but any gang-related contacts I make, I report back to your office.
The intel I gather from Javier will not only take down the Metas, it'd also take down every other gang from the inside.
You want to go undercover against the Acostas? I want to do whatever it takes, Jess, to make this right.
What do you want in exchange? I want amnesty for Daniel Acosta and every other Acosta member who's not involved in Javier's business, and myself.
It'll be as if I've been working for the DA's office the entire time.
I can't make that kind of deal.
No, but your boss can.
I'll run it by her.
But if I sense for one moment, one second, that you aren't holding up your end of the deal, I will turn over everything that I found on you.
You will live the rest of your life in a cell, and you will never see the light of day ever again.
You do know if she doesn't take this, you will be arrested? That's a risk I'm willing to take.
You're not the only one taking a risk, Ryan.
Remember, the Metas aren't your average ordinary street banger.
They're highly skilled ex-Special Forces, and they aren't afraid to kill cops on sight.
Tae, Vee, you'll be taking down the safe with me.
Ryan and Cassius, you'll be taking down the lab with the help of a DEA Special Ops Unit.
Remember, watch your backs.
On the ground! Drop the weapon! Get on the ground! This is Alpha Team.
We got two officers down.
Suspects are in custody, lab is clear.
We got it.
That's what I'm taking about, ése.
Adiós, Metas.
Ah, not so soon, partner.
Still one more to go.
Chapel, Tae and Vee still have to do their part.
Sam to group, on the ready.
Alpha, take the left.
- Beta, take the right.
- Copy.
Okay, team, let's rock and roll.
_ That's the Agua Dulce trailer Acosta was talking about.
Let's take it out.
How much do you think is in here? A lot.
- We're clear in here.
- Vee, secure your area and clear the rest of the trailer.
I'm on it.
You good? Carter was right.
Lopez is crooked.
Damn it.
How the hell does this happen? Right under our noses.
And under your father's, of all people.
How do you want to handle it? I'm gonna shut down the GTF, clean house.
What do you think? There is, uh, another option.
I've spoken with Lopez, and he's willing to work with us as an informant, to go under with what's left of the Los Angelicos.
Come on.
Lopez is gonna say whatever he has to to cover his own ass.
We can't trust him.
If we implement safeguards, if we are careful every step of the way.
Think about what happens if we don't.
Uh, yeah.
I already have.
If we arrest him, every case the GTF was involved in will be reopened.
But if we do protect him, we have a chance to turn this tragedy into something good with Lopez working undercover inside Los Angelicos.
Think how many gangs he could help us take down.
Who else knows about Lopez? Only you right now.
Your father? No.
Let's keep it that way.
We don't know how far Javier's claws go into the department.
All right, I need 24 hours.
I'll get the ball rolling.
Jessica? I'm sorry he hurt you.
Taking this deal is the best choice.
And what about your sentence? Most I'll do is 30 years.
Maybe I'll get to kiss my grandkids one day.
Most importantly, I got a furlough for your wedding, huh.
I'm gonna be there for you, son, I promise.
What about the pigs? What'd they get? The entire Fishscale operation in Los Angeles.
That ain't gonna protect us against the Metas, Pop.
If they find out who gave up their operations I know.
That's why we need to take the Metas out before they get to us.
But to do so, we're gonna need additional help.
I had Tio reach out for a meeting with Lavar Quintel.
Ryan's gonna get you everything.
Carlos, now you make sure that your brother Daniel is safe, okay? You know this deal you made? That means it's over.
Los Angelicos ain't got nothing.
We're done.
We're not done.
Not if you do exactly as I say.
- We're here to see Lavar.
- Yeah, I know.
Let's go.
Hold up, hold up.
Just you.
Yeah, right.
Like I'm gonna let my brother walk up there alone.
Then neither of you are going.
It's all right, Carlos.
I got this.
So you're the good son, huh? The one that went to business school.
Now we're even.
Excuse me? Turn around, Wall Street.
Walk out that door, and you can live.
Your padre let my boy go, so I'm returning the favor.
I'm not going anywhere.
Now, I gave you your chance, partner! Shoot me if you want, but you'd be losing the only friend you have left, Lavar! No, we ain't friends.
We share a common enemy.
That makes us friends by necessity.
Yo we ain't got nothing in common, and there ain't nothing you can help me with.
- What about the cops? - I just made a deal with the po-po.
They owe me.
Execute this son of a bitch, will you? So then you know about the gun running case they're building against you! Hold up.
You got one minute.
It's better if I show you.
How did you get this? We have friends who are looking out for us, and they can look after you, too, if you join forces with us against the Metas.
- I got no squabbles with the Metas.
- Not yet.
See, my father made a deal with them.
They've taken over his operations, and soon they won't be satisfied with just Peacock Hill.
They'll be looking to expand, which means sooner or later, they will come after you, Lavar, and you will need me as much as I need you.
You want me to clean up your daddy's mess.
No, no, no, no.
I do not.
I want both of our families to prosper.
What's it gonna be? Let's go.
Hey, what the hell happened in there? Lavar agreed to peace.
What about Pop's plan? It's in motion.
Cuff him to the table.
Leave us alone.
We got some big problems, Javier.
I don't know what you're talking about, lady.
You can relax.
The recorders are off.
You're not the only one with pull around here.
You might remember that from now on.
That some kind of threat? No.
You'll know when I make a threat.
What I want to talk about is the fact that one of my ADAs knows the identity of one of your guys inside the GTF.
You mean ADA Chapel.
I want to know why you didn't tell me, why I had to find out from her.
You know what I need you to know.
It's for your own protection.
Javier, you better be careful.
I'm one of the few friends you have left.
I didn't know we were friends, Joyce.
'Cause my friends tell me the truth.
So why the lies? Jessica Chapel could derail everything that I have worked for, and I am not gonna let that happen.
"Why the lies"? You're going to like my lies when they help you get the Latino vote when you're running for mayor.
My lies can be very helpful when they serve your purposes.
Won't be mayor if I'm behind bars like you.
Calm down.
No one knows about us.
Does Lopez? Of course not.
Fix this.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Hello? Ryan, it's me.
What do you want? Our people on the inside heard rumor the Metas are planning to retaliate against Chapel for the bust he made this morning.
What kind of retaliation? They put out a hit.
On Chapel? No, that's not how they work.
On his daughter.
Jess, pick up the phone! Captain, we need to find Jessica.
Why? What happened? She's been green-lit by the Metas.
Tae, I want units at my daughter's house, her office.
Have a BOLO put on her car.
Carter, it's Jessica.
I-I know I'm the last person you want to hear from right now.
You're the only person I can trust.
It's about Ryan Lopez.
Just I'll tell you about it when I can.
Just please call me back.
Sam, you don't want to go in there.
Sam! Come take her down, please.

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