Gangland (2007) s04e10 Episode Script

Everybody Killers

male narrator: They're the City's living nightmare.
we everywhere.
Our turf is everywhere.
hoover criminals, everybody Killers, they are one of the Most violent gangs in portland Right now.
narrator: They are the Hoover criminals.
And in portland, they'll use Anything if there was an enemy, I'm tryin' to stab him With a screwdriver.
I'm tryin' to stab him With a knife.
narrator: To take out their Enemies.
the more they were killed, The more they were killing.
hoover gang members go from, Like, a "zero" to "violent" Immediately.
I don't think it would be A pretty sight to really fááá With the hoovers.
It's just hoovers against The world.
narrator: Portland, oregon, Known as p-town.
It's nestled in a valley at The foot of mount hood, Where the columbia and Willamette rivers meet.
America's greenest city, It's the ideal place to raise A family in the 21st century.
you have people who are Really into the outdoors, really Into nature and conserving that, And so I think it just draws A lot of people.
narrator: This reputation Has resulted in a population Growth of 65% in the last Three decades.
As the city has expanded, So has its gang problem.
black male, white shirt, Black pants, northbound on 16th And then eastbound on prescott, With a gun in his hand.
narrator: In a recent span of Just two months, portland has Had eight gangland shootings, And the portland gang unit is Calling it a crisis.
At the heart of the bloodshed Stands one street gang, The hoover criminals.
a group of hoover gang Members, three firearms, One sawed-off shotgun, And two pistols all on them.
They're way away from their Home area.
the hoover gang members are Among the worst gangs we have Here in portland.
narrator: The hoovers are Ruthless, and their crimes Range from drug dealing to home Invasions and dogfighting.
whatever your hustle is Selling dope, robbing people However you choose to go get it Is how you're gonna go get it.
narrator: In a city that is 75% white, the hoovers Stand out.
Yet this small gang has earned A big rep for committing Tg crimes.
hoovers is big.
They known.
They just basically do their Own thing.
It's not somebody just telling Them, "do this, that, and the Other thing," but there's gonna Be hell in the city.
narrator: Corey jenkins, Aka cj groove, has been in and Out of jail since 2003.
He's currently serving time for A parole violation stemming From an assault charge.
Cj grew up as a hoover legacy.
that's my family.
When it all came down to Anything, I was gonna ride With hoover.
narrator: Like many members Of the gang, he joined early, At just ten.
I've seen people shot.
I've seen people grazed.
I've seen people die.
It's just all a part It's just all a part of life.
narrator: Cj groove is used To bloodshed but learned early On that he couldn't stomach one Of the hoovers' biggest Moneymakers, dogfighting.
me and my associates had A dogfight back, you know, Something like years ago, back When I was, like, ten years old At a park called woodlawn park.
Let the dogs do what they wanted To do, and ever since then, I mean, I don't really I don't really like it.
narrator: The wagering on The fights can put thousands of Dollars in a gangster's pocket.
narrator: The matches are Brutal, with pit bulls facing Off against one another.
Sometimes the contests Last more than an hour, And only one dog Walks out alive.
narrator: Young gunz asked To have his identity concealed.
This 15-year-old has been A hoover since he was 7.
narrator: By age eight, young Gunz was committing robberies.
narrator: Their violent Mentality has made the hoovers The most feared gang In portland.
They not only have The city on edge.
They have their rivals Running scared.
some of the guys out here in The streets, these gang members, They're out for blood.
The hooversany contact is A potential for, you know, The weapons to be found and Problems to exist.
the hoover reputation on the Street is that they're no joke, Is the best way to describe it, And that's coming from Talking to gang members.
Theythey come to gang Officers and investigators And say, "we don't want To mess with them.
" narrator: The only gang Willing to take them on Face-to-face: A mixed-raced Street gang named The rolling 60s.
we've got a beef with them From back in the '80s.
It was just settin' a stage, You know, at that time, and Ever since, it's been that way, And it's still to this day.
they hate each other.
They're on opposite sides of The valley shooting back and Forth, leaving bodies In the middle.
narrator: The war with the Rolling 60s wasn't always so Vicious, until one dogfight Set off an unprecedented battle.
October 2002.
It was a cold night, and Members of the two gangs were Gathered at 5706 north Mississippi avenue to go over The rules for an upcoming Dogfight.
The house belonged to 25-year-old tyrone james and His wife, 24-year-old asia bell.
asia's family, through her Father, has connections To the hoovers.
Asia's not a gang member.
She's a mother.
She works.
Normalnormal gal.
narrator: The two gangs were Meeting with asia's father, Steve bell.
He bred pit bulls and had Brought his prized dog, loco, To represent the hoovers.
this is the "michael vick" Scenario of, this guy trains Dogs to fight.
Undefeated, it's supposed to be A great dog to fightfor the Hoovers to fight the 60s.
narrator: For bringing his Dog, steve would receive a cut Of the winnings, which could Reach into the tens of Thousands.
The fight was set for that night In asia bell's basement.
Only she and tyrone didn't Believe in dogfighting.
my wife, asia, said no, And I said no.
To get everybody from the House, I told my wife, "hey, I'll take your dad to where he Got to go," you know, to get Everybody away from my house.
narrator: The rolling 60s And hoovers moved the fight Just a few blocks away.
It would be cajun style: A fight to the death.
The battle began with loco Having a clear advantage over His undersized 60s opponent, Named trouble.
Then the fight took a turn.
the hoover dog at one point, Like, lay down, got up, went Off to a corner, and just ref Just stopped engaging in the Fight more but instead would Just bark And act as if it was, You know, wounded.
narrator: Steve bell saw That his prized dog was dying.
it was clear to him that his Dog was done fighting, so he Just stepped in, and he picked His dog up.
narrator: The rolling 60s Had won.
Tyrone james was upstairs Waiting when bell emerged from The basement, loco in his arms.
he came back up with the dog, Carrying the dog.
I mean, right then and there, I kind of knew something was Wrong with the dog.
narrator: Loco died within Hours.
The hoovers were immediately Suspicious that the 60s had Cheated.
the story was, somebody's Dog was poisoned.
The dog wasn't normal.
The dog was just a killer.
It wasn't normal.
narrator: The hoovers felt They'd lost $26,000 in a fight That was clearly rigged.
the hoovers felt they'd been Punked, they'd been cheated By these rolling 60s.
This really cemented the fact That there was gonna be A problem.
tension on the street Was real high.
You're gonna be on guard With everybody, You know what I'm saying? You're gonna be havin' your gun.
narrator: The hoovers and Rolling 60s would soon cross Paths again.
This time, the hoover criminals Would settle it with their own Version of justice.
the mentality for retaliation For a hoover is always Retaliate back.
They're known for doin' Scandalous things, in the senses Of catchin' you somewhere or Sneakin' up on you somewhere, Whatever the case may be.
But hoovers gonna do it.
narrator: Portland, oregon.
The idyllic city's timber and Fishing industries attract both Tourists and commerce.
It's an all-american town, Wholesome and safe.
portland is a very Small city.
It's a great city if you want To raise a family, you want to Do some things calm and quiet.
Narrator: It's also home to A merciless gang, the hoover Criminals.
hoovers is known to be Scandalous, regardless Of how it is.
They sell drugs, pimp, whatever It take to get some money To do whatever it do.
narrator: The roots of the Hoovers stretch 900 miles away, To the streets of l.
The gang first formed on hoover Street in south central Los angeles in the mid-'70s.
The hoovers were known as Street-level drug dealers Who dealt violently with rivals.
Ronald hamilton, aka spider, Grew up a block away from Hoover street.
I used to just like seeing 'em walking down the street, You know, and seeingseeing 'em Walkin', and big homies, You know, with muscles And everything.
I was like, "man, I want to be Like that," you know? And it just drew me, you know.
It was just somethin' I just Wanted to do.
narrator: Spider was Initiated into the hoovers at Age 11.
From the beginning, he looked For opportunities to prove Himself.
any time there was a fight, If there was an enemy, you know, I'm tryin' to stab him With a screwdriver.
I'm tryin' to stab him with A knife, whatever, You know, a pitchfork, whatever.
I don't care.
I just did whatever I done, And I got kicked out of school.
narrator: By 1983, he had Become hard-core and was Battling rival gang members.
Spider ended up being beaten so Badly that he was hospitalized.
When he got out, he wanted Revenge.
I had a pocketful of shells And went up to the high school, And I shot 'em.
I shot four of 'em at least And took off runnin'.
Got caught later on that night.
narrator: In 1984, spider Was sentenced to 36 years In prison for the shooting.
While he was locked up, The streets of south central Grew even more deadly.
Growing competition made it Harder for the hoovers To make money.
By 1986, they began to look For new turf.
Portland seemed like an Unlikely spot.
Strict urban development laws Kept the city small, And ghettos were unheard of.
when people say, "where is The bad part of portland?" There's no, like, one area Everybody knows is just bad.
narrator: There was One exception: The columbia villa apartments.
the columbia villa was Low-income housing, whether Welfare or section 8.
The buildings themselves were Cement floor, almost Institutional-like.
narrator: Columbia villa's African-american residents were Left to themselves by the Community.
But poverty and hopelessness Made the housing project A hot spot for crime.
that's what I used to call Fun: You know, gunshots, Females, gambling, drinking, Smoking.
Just everything you can really Think of was just really going Down in the villa.
Nobody narrator: Enter the hoovers.
In 1987, herman lee handsome, Aka big herm, led a group of Gangsters to portland via the Interstate 5 corridor.
it's a majormajor highway.
narrator: The hoovers began Moving everything from drugs To money to guns Straight into p-town.
Big herm and his crew set up Shop at the columbia villa Apartments.
narrator: The city's drug Market was untapped.
Portland police were not on the Alert for gang problems, and the Profits were much bigger than In cities with more competition.
business was real good for A lot of people that came From l.
And everybody made money.
There wasn't no quorums, No fightin' over nothin'.
Everybody was cool.
Everybody made enough money.
narrator: Big herm was Introduced around the city by A local kid named johnny ray.
Johnny was a member of the Brown clan, a family of 13 that Was gaining a reputation on Portland's streets.
we started seeing kids That grew up here that had No connection other than Maybe family.
They learned a lot of what they Learned from the transplants That would come up here.
narrator: Big herm initiated Johnny into the hoovers, Starting what would become A long legacy of brown family Gangsters in portland.
Johnny ray's cousins, Like young gunz, also got In on the action.
narrator: Soon the hoovers Were a force in portland.
I remember the hoovers more Involved in robberies, Prostitution, selling narcotics, Guns.
They were very criminally Minded, very criminally active Gang members.
narrator: The hoovers had A thriving criminal enterprise, And the portland pd had A full-scale gang problem On its hands.
1986, there was, like, 200 arrests for crack cocaine In portland.
1987, there was, like, 2,200.
And so it just exploded.
narrator: By the early '90s, The hoovers began to leave Columbia villa, spreading out Across the city and recruiting In schools and on the streets.
They weren't the only gang In portland.
Others, like the rolling 60s and The kerby blocc crips, Sprouted up.
And new members were moving in Every day.
In 1993, spider was released From california's prison system.
He soon moved to portland.
I came up here to see what's Goin' on, what's up, you know, And I just fell in love with Portland, oregon.
A distributor, using his l.
Connections to sell drugs to The hoovers and other gangs.
everybody out here wanted Cocaine to sell.
If you had cocaine And if you had a cheap price, Everybody wanted to get it.
narrator: In 1999, corey Jenkins, known as cj groove, Joined the hoovers.
It was his birthright.
the browns is my grandma's Nieces and nephews, My mom's cousins, which make 'em my cousins.
I mean, people already look at Me as a hoover anyway.
narrator: By ten, cj groove Was bangin' and slangin'.
narrator: By 2000, The hoovers were in constant Battles with other gangs, Including the rolling 60s.
They began calling themselves The hoover criminals.
Cj groove was in the middle of The violence.
When he was just 15, he used A heavy microwave plate To beat down a guy who'd Disrespected him.
well, I tell him to mind his Own motherfáááááábusiness, Báááá, fááááá, you know, Talking real bad to him.
Then he started talking bad To me, calling me nááááá.
I seen the microwave plate And went over there and just Smashed him in his face with it.
narrator: Cj was sent to A juvenile facility for The assault.
The hoover criminals continued To roll.
They were turning portland into Their personal playground, and Their criminal games were about To get even more vicious.
either I'm gonna kill you, Or you gonna kill me.
narrator: Portland, oregon.
The city's gang battles have Reached a critical level.
P-town averages one gang-related Homicide every week, And even funerals are the site Of gunfights.
we're monitoring right now A funeral of a gang member that Was murdered on new year's eve.
It was a double homicide, rival Gangs, and the hoovers actually Were involved in that homicide.
narrator: The hoovers are Portland's most notorious gang.
They are constantly at war with Their rivals, especially their Most hated enemy: The rolling 60s, known as the six-os.
everybody got their own Reasons why they don't Why they don't like the six-os.
Really, some of them did things To my family, did things to me, You know what I'm saying, Shooting at me, doing things Like that.
narrator: The hoovers call Them "the sissies" and engage In battle any chance they get.
But the six-os aren't the Hoovers' only opponent.
They distinguish themselves as Ebks, or everybody killers.
Ebk is their philosophy And their call to arms.
if you ain't from hoover, You don't get no love from us.
You know, it's just hoovers Against the world.
narrator: Hoovers will Recruit anyone, regardless Of age.
Young gunz started banging in Elementary school, Then was formally "put on.
" The initiation entails An extended beating.
narrator: Once in, a hoover Must "put in work" to prove Themselves.
putting in work is like going To beat up other gang members.
"I'm gonna go beat up on the Six-os," you know what I'm Saying, and that's gonna be That's gonna be cool.
narrator: There's no defined Chain of command within the Hoovers.
you would think of it as An organization, but there's no Organization about it, you know? Like, when somebody go out to Go do a shooting, nobody gonna Saynot gonna say, "hey, you, You, and you go over here.
You and you and you Go over there.
" No, they say, "well, We gonna do this.
" They have little cliques.
narrator: A member's rank Is based on age and experience, But the structure is loose.
we have, you know, bgs, The baby gangsters; Ygs, young gangsters; Gs, just gangsters.
Ogs is just original gangsters.
narrator: 20-year-old cj Groove is considered a gangster, Setting him apart from the Members who are as young As eight.
The portland hoovers don't have Specific turf.
They are mobile, making them Tough to track and allowing Them to conduct business Wherever they are.
you know, we don't just have One little area.
You know, our turf is Everywhere.
narrator: Portland's Extensive public transportation System allows the hoovers to Use trains to access the entire City, including its suburbs.
The system also lets the gang mass transit provides the Ability for gang members to Move around freely with very Little interruption.
I mean, there'sthere's not A lot of law enforcement riding The trains.
narrator: The hoovers are Easy to pick out in a crowd.
They make sure people know Who they are.
Every rag, every letter, Every color is about Their "groove.
" the symbol of hoovers Is the "h.
" They got the "h," and it's It's the star with "h" in it, You know, and that'sthat's What a lot of hoovers wear.
A lot of hoovers Wear those hats.
You know, let it be known: "this is where I'm from.
I'm from hoover.
" narrator: The "h" also shows Up in their hand signs.
the "h" is like that, You know, and You know what I'm saying? That's just that, really.
You know, that's what we Throw up.
narrator: There's another way To pick out a hoover: Orange.
hoovers, you know, Decided to go with orange to Distinguish ourself.
It was something new: "ooh, exciting, a bright color.
And it's different from Everybody.
Everybody gonna know This is hoover.
" narrator: Hoovers are also Inked up.
and over here, you got "bk," Blood killer.
We got "hoover criminal" Blocked up, "west side 112," And over here, you have "hoover criminal gang" On my knuckles.
And right here on my chest, I got "hoover" in old english, Big and bold.
narrator: They often tattoo Their "everybody killer" Attitude on their bodies.
I know one particular hoover Gang member that has a tattoo That says, "god forgives.
Hoovers don't.
" narrator: The hoovers make Bank whenever possible.
One of their moneymaking schemes Is illegally fighting dogs For profit.
These lucrative death matches Pit rival mutts against hoover Dogs.
The trained fighters represent The colors of each gang.
narrator: It's a lucrative Business, with thousands of Dollars in bets on each fight.
narrator: It's good money, But it isn't always easy money.
In 2002, a dogfight with the Rolling 60s set off a chain of Killings that threatened to Tear portland and the hoovers Apart.
hoovers and 60s don't get Along, period, but it wasn't, Like, no real animosity until After the incident happened.
narrator: October 2002, Portland, oregon.
A dogfight between the hoover Criminals and the rolling 60s Ended with the hoovers' prized Dog dead and $26,000 in bets At issue.
The hoovers were convinced Their dog had been poisoned.
The rivals soon ended up Face-to-face at a north side After-hours club.
It didn't take long for trouble To start.
the hoovers and 60s had An argument about the dogfight, Hoovers accusing the 60s of Poisoning their dog.
It escalated.
People who were there were aware Of the dogfight and knew Tensions were high.
narrator: A high-ranking Member of the rolling 60s, Domingo gonzales, aka bingo, Was at the club.
Bingo walked outside For a smoke, When a man approached him And opened fire.
Everyone ran outside, including Bingo's brother rico.
we heard the shootin' inside.
We was down in the basement, and Everybody's like, "what was Thatwhat happened?" So everybody was like, "I don't know.
" Then rico's like, "bingo!" And he ran up there and ran Outside.
narrator: Someone in the Crowd opened fire on the shooter But missed.
Seconds later, the shooter was In a car, speeding away from The scene.
almost immediately, the word On the street was that the Hoovers had killed domingo Gonzales.
It was gonna be the beginning Of further problems.
narrator: The 60s wanted Revenge, and to get it, they Went back to where the conflict First started, asia bell's home.
because that house is where The meeting was initially Between the hoovers and rolling 60s to discuss the rules of the Dogfight, the rolling 60s knew That as a hoover house.
narrator: November 20, 2002.
Asia bell and her husband, Tyrone, were celebrating his 26th birthday.
Asia and tyrone were on the Front porch with guests, Their four children asleep Inside the house.
I told asia that I was going To check on our eight-month-old Son.
I put my hand on the On the doorknob.
My eyesight just left, And I couldn't see.
narrator: The house was being Ambushed, and tyrone had been Shot in the right side Of his head.
He fell to the ground, blinded.
The assault continued.
I heard a couple of gunshots, And all I could do is call her Name, and she didn't respond.
narrator: Asia lay dead In a chair.
She'd been shot eight times, Everywhere from her head To her waist.
Portland police now had two Murders to solve.
, You have domingo gonzales killed And asia bell killed.
Two homicides back-to-back in Portland is not a common Occurrence.
narrator: The city and Asia's family, including her Cousin cj groove, were reeling.
I was hurt, sad, mad, angry.
You know what I'm saying? narrator: The police Investigated but couldn't Generate any leads.
Two dozen shell casings were Found at the scene, but there Was little direct evidence Linking the rolling 60s To asia bell's murder.
everybody in the gang unit That had an informant was Talking to them about those Cases, trying to generate Information: Who was there? Who's the weak link? Well, who can we go after to Try to generate that key piece, That eyewitness testimony that We needed in the case? narrator: Portland's gang Problem was now impossible To ignore.
The police needed to do Something immediately.
The city tore down the hoovers' Hangout, the columbia villa Apartments.
there was a stigma to it.
It was ait was a scary place For a lot of people.
When they thought about gangs In portland, it was the villa.
narrator: They hoped to root Out the problem at its core And stop the violence on The streets.
The plan backfired.
The hoovers simply spread Throughout the city, bringing Terror to the entire town.
we're not just on one block Or one street or none of that.
There's hoovers somewhere Somehow, somewhere.
narrator: By 2005, the Hoovers were all over portland.
The investigation of the asia Bell murder had gone nowhere, While the bloodbath between The hoover criminals and the Rolling 60s only continued To get worse.
August 8th.
Four members of the hoovers Headed to downtown portland, Looking for trouble.
it was really, "yeah, There'ssomebody gonna die Tonight.
Somebody got to die tonight.
Either it's a hoover Or a six-o.
We mad at each other right now.
" narrator: The hoovers were Outside a club when they finally Saw the rolling 60s.
The hoovers opened fire.
It was returned.
downtown portland shooting Between two rival gangs.
50 shots were fired By five different guns.
narrator: When the smoke Cleared, a 60s gang member, Manny hall, was shot And injured.
One hoover was also killed.
To the portland pd, this was More than just your average Gang shooting.
the idea that guys are firing Semiautomatic weapons downtown, Leaving 50 shell casings Littered all over the streets In a running gun battle, The complete indifference to who You might hit with those rounds Flying down city blocks Yeah, it's an incredibly vicious And selfish attitude.
narrator: September 2006.
Nearly four years after the Brutal murder of asia bell, Portland's district attorney Received a tip from a female Prisoner who said she could Name the shooter.
she was a girlfriend of the Driver and a close associate of The rolling 60s.
She was a lookout.
She pulled up in a different Car, kept her eyes out For police.
narrator: It was the break Police were looking for.
it was surprising in the Nature in which it happened and Who it was.
She was a rolling 60 girl.
She had been around for years.
She had a baby with one of them.
narrator: A few months later, Police arrested four rolling 60s For the murder of asia And the attempted murder Of her husband, tyrone.
Alex klein, a relative of bingo Gonzales, was among those Charged.
Shell casings found at both Crime scenes were the linchpin In the cops' case.
presumably, the casings in The first one were return fire In defense of domingo gonzales Towards the hoovers.
So the theory was, a rolling 60 Shot back at the hoovers On domingo's murder.
A rolling 60 used the same gun To kill asia bell.
all I remember is dropping on The porch, and I started calling Her name, and she wasn't Responding to me.
narrator: In March 2008, Alex klein was one of the two Rolling 60s convicted of asia's Murder and sentenced to life In prison.
The murder of rolling 60s Gangster bingo was never solved, Though most believed it was The work of the hoovers.
if you look at the whole Situation starting with the, You know, rivalries from Way back to the dogfight To the statements and things That were said after the Dogfight to the homicide And to the follow-up homicide, It certainly makes sense.
narrator: The portland pd Has made some headway in Fighting the city's gang Problem.
But it's an uphill battle.
you will have gang members That really are kind of Coexisting in the same Neighborhoods with, you know, People that have moved out here And that live and work and Raise their children.
narrator: Today more and More kids choose to gangbang, And portland is being held Hostage.
The most fearless gang: The hoover criminals.
we're seeing a lot of the Younger hoover gang members go From what normal people would Consider to be just some type Of disagreement to an act of Violence and at a very, very Accelerated rate: Kind of from, Like, a "zero" to "violent" Immediately.
narrator: Day and night, The police and community leaders Try to convince kids to get off The streets.
what's going on, man? oh, that's just my Handkerchief.
no, it's not just your Handkerchief, and that's not Just your hat.
You're 16 years old.
What's going on? I am not here to Cause you problems.
I'm here to make you think about This choice and this choice.
Fair enough? yeah.
and you know, right now I do not want to lose you.
You already know.
You know.
You got too much to live for.
All right? narrator: The message got Through to cj groove.
Since his first incarceration For a 2003 assault, he has been In and out of prison for parole Violations.
I thought living a successful Life was out here gangbanging And pant sagging, flag hanging.
You know, months and weeks and Days, years go by, you say, "this ain't the life.
" narrator: Cj says that once He's out for good, he's letting Go of the life.
He plans to get his g.
And Try to find a real job.
the life used to live, I don't regret it, 'cause I lived it.
You know, I did it.
But I justI turned I turned it around, you know? As far as going out, Looking for trouble, I turned that around.
narrator: 15-year-old young Gunz has no plans to stop.
He mixes school and other Activities with gang life.
narrator: Young gunz is Realistic about the cost of Grooving with the hoovers.
narrator: 40-year-old spider Has seen those consequences Firsthand.
Even so, he says, once a hoover, Always a hoover.
I'm still considered A hoover, and I just don't I don't gangbang anymore.
If I say, "I don't want to be A hoover no more," I could say That, but I'm not saying that.
narrator: He hopes to lead His six kids down a different Path, one apart from The gang life.
hopefully I'll see my kids Grow up to be teenagers.
By that time, I'll be in my 50s, And hopefully by that time, I'll have enough money for 'em.
narrator: Tyrone james wants The same for his kids.
Unfortunately, his wife, asia Bell, isn't here to help him.
asia is no longer here.
You know, my kids don't Have a mother.
My eyesight is gone, you know.
I was told I would never get to See again for the rest of My life.
So, you know, it's very hard.
narrator: Tyrone is Adjusting to his blindness.
Some days, he thinks about Forgiving but so far hasn't Been able to do it.
you know, in the bible, It says toorgive, you know? God says to forgive, you know? But, you know, I don't know if I forgive them.
I kind of forgive them, but I won't never forget this.
You know, it's not up to me.
It's up to god.
narrator: That means little To the hoovers, who show no Signs of stopping their groove.
they get hooked on the Violence, almost addicted to it Like a drug.
They don't care where they are Or who they're around.
They're gonna represent hoover.
you know, we gonna stay on Top of everything.
That's what we doin'.
We out here striving To be the best.

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