Gangland Undercover (2015) s01e04 Episode Script

Dangerous Game

Two years into my infiltration of the Vagos biker gang, I collected evidence of all kinds of criminal activity.
But there was one crime in particular that shook me up really bad.
Getting evidence of that ended up being the toughest assignment I had.
My name's Charles Falco.
This is my story.
-Gangland Undercover S01E04- FALCO: Being a drug dealer is actually hard work.
When I was younger, I never liked to work.
I just liked money.
And every dealer I knew had a ton of it.
My partner Bernard and I wondered, "How can we make all this drug dealer money without all that drug dealer risk?" FALCO AND BERNARD: LAPD! Don't move! Don't move! Stay there! Get down! Down the ground, all right? FALCO: One warrant and two Village People costumes later, we had our answer.
BERNARD: Oh, look at what we got here! Get down! FALCO: Who knew faking a police raid could be so easy? It was like taking cocaine from a baby.
We got a little over-confident.
Who are you guys? LAPD.
Aah! [Gunshots.]
Do that again, we'll call the real cops! Argh! So we do call the cops, and the guy gets busted twice in one night.
[Schizo laughing.]
Hey, you always figured him to be a cop.
Guess you were right, huh? These guys could learn a thing or two from you.
Yeah, like how to tell bull stories.
Stop being a dick, all right? The point of the story is debt collection.
Now here's the thing, apart from losing a major chunk of this chapter's cash, seems that our friend Kid was in the habit of fronting product to his dealer buddies.
So now that he's dead, a whole bunch of these guys think they're off the hook.
I finally got a hold of Kid's list of guys who owe us And you two are going to collect.
I don't care how you do it.
Just get the money.
[Theme music.]
[Voices on police radio.]
[Voices on police radio.]
FALCO: It's been four months since Kid's drug deal in Reno went sour.
REESE: This territory's in new hands.
FALCO: As a result, the gang lost a chunk of money and I lost my closest ally.
The chapter president Schizo has made me joint Sergeant At Arms with Darko.
And now it's up to us to prove ourselves before he promotes one of us to chapter VP.
[Knock on door.]
Hey, Charlie.
Schiz here? Yeah, come on in.
So how's things with Suzie? Ah, you know, okay.
What is it with you guys? Grizzly bear's in his office.
SCHIZO: Is that you, Quick? Uh-huh.
SCHIZO: Sit down.
[Falco sighing.]
All right.
Well? FALCO: It's all there.
SCHIZO: You have to get rough? FALCO: Nah.
Guy practically pissed himself.
SCHIZO: It's a start.
Look, Kid never said he borrowed the cash for that Reno deal.
You mean stole.
Yeah, well I guess he thought he'd take his cut and return the cash before you noticed.
Yeah, maybe.
What you need to know is that the media's saying that a dead Vago in Reno is probably part of a drug deal gone sideways.
So now I've got Felix shoving a hot poker up my ass, because my chapter is giving the Feds more reasons to turn up the heat.
Where'd you get that? Oh, well, that came in the mail from Reno.
It was attached to the finger of the kid who screwed you guys over.
[Cell phone ringing.]
Reese, was it? Yeah, well Yeah, well, Felix's guys tracked him down.
[Cell phone ringing.]
Apparently he's out of business now.
The finger stank, so I threw it out.
Yeah? You say that again.
Anything to link this to us? Yeah, he's right here.
[Hanging up phone.]
I want you to take your truck and get over to Darko's right now.
Everything okay? Just do it! FALCO: What's goin' on? Grab a couple of them tires! Move it! You gonna tell me what's going on? LIZARD: Just throw 'em in the back.
FALCO: Talk to me.
Shut up and dance! [Tires screeching.]
LIZARD: Get the tires.
Ah! Fling 'em! Get the bag.
Seriously, Lizard, what's this all about? LIZARD: Just dump it! All right, enough.
You wanna tell me what the hell's going on? Whole heap of trouble.
Okay, I need you to be a little more specific.
Darko and Stash went to collect from Johnny H last night.
I had that covered.
Yeah, well they got to him first.
So? DARKO: You know, you keep drinking that stuff you're gonna get diabetes.
STASH: I'm not gonna get diabetes.
DARKO: What makes you think you're not gonna get diabetes? STASH: Because I got a good immune system.
DARKO: It has nothin' to do with your immune system.
STASH: Huh? I never get a cold.
So, what were we thinkin'? DARKO: We're gonna give Johnny H a visit.
STASH: You serious? Yeah, I'm serious.
Grab the cuffs.
STASH: How much money does he owe Kid? Who cares? Hey What I do know is he's got a safe full of cash in his bedroom.
STASH: Dude's armed to the teeth, though, right? DARKO: Yeah So that's why we better not dick around.
[Crickets chirping.]
[Distant music playing.]
DARKO: Don't crap out on me, man.
STASH: Yeah, no, I'm good.
You sure? Sure, I'm sure.
Okay, there's no fire fight, all right? You got that? It's just business, right? Yeah.
Okay, it's five minutes.
Five minutes.
We're in, then we're out.
[Gun cocking.]
[Ringing doorbell.]
DARKO: Get in the house! All right, everybody down! Come on, let's go! Down, down, down! [Woman screaming.]
Shut up! Shut up! Shut up, bitch! Shut up! [Woman screaming.]
Johnny H! Johnny H! Where is he? The bedroom.
DARKO: Okay, give me some cuffs.
STASH: Huh? DARKO: Cuffs! STASH: Yeah, I got 'em.
DARKO: Here, you cuff him.
STASH: Okay.
You, put your hands behind your back! You too! STASH: What are you looking at, big guy? Get on the floor! [Woman giggling in bedroom.]
WOMAN: Johnny DARKO: All right, don't move! JOHNNY H: Whoa! Shut up! Shut up! Put 'em on! Where's the safe? I don't have a safe.
Where is the safe? I don't have a safe! Just take my wallet! Your freakin' wallet! Where's the safe? Okay, I'm gonna blow her head off, then I'll shoot you in the head! Where's the safe? Okay, come on.
Let's go.
[Woman wailing.]
DARKO: All right, open it up! Let's go! Could you stop pointin' the gun at my head, man? You're makin' me nervous! What's the problem? Ah! What did I say? Put your hands behind your back! Come on, man! Open it! Let's go! Hey, what's going on? 60 seconds, bro! Everything cool? STASH: Yeah! Ah! [Doorbell ringing.]
Oh, shit.
Nobody makes a sound.
What's going on? Everything cool out there? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
[Dramatic music.]
Who the hell are you? MAN: Whoa, whoa! STASH: Put it down! I have a gun! Do it! Move it! Get on the floor.
Come on, get on the floor! What's wrong with you? Ha, ha! DARKO: What's goin' on out there? Talk to me! Get on the ground! Let's go! Let's go! [Woman yelling.]
DARKO: You move, I'll freakin' kill you! What the hell are you doing? I don't know.
DARKO: Cuff him! We don't have any more cuffs! Duct tape! [Woman crying.]
[Dramatic music.]
DARKO: Stop 'em! Stop 'em! [Woman screaming.]
STASH: Hey! No, no, no! Stop! Stop! Aah! [Gunshot.]
What'd you shoot 'em for? You said to stop them! I said stop 'em! I didn't say kill 'em! Well I stopped them, didn't I? What is wrong with you? What's your problem? Just get the money and let's go! Oh, yeah? How are we gonna do that, smart guy? You just killed the guy with the combo! DARKO: So stupid, man! I said no fire fight! STASH: Shut up! [Engines starting.]
You know the first rule of working undercover? You do not help someone get away with murder! You know what that makes you, big guy? An accomplice.
Do you think I had a choice? Yes, I think you had a choice.
You helped dispose of all the evidence! But I recorded Lizard talking about the murder.
No, you didn't.
You know what you recorded? You bragging about posing as a cop and ripping off a drug dealer.
You gotta fix this, Charlie.
You need to get a confession straight out of the killer's mouth.
Well, I can tell you right now that's not gonna happen, man.
I am the last guy that Stash would confess to.
That prick, he'd rather shoot me dead.
You'd rather face an accessory to murder charge? I didn't think so.
You're bored with me, Charlie? So this is us, huh? What do you want from me? You like that I'm a biker, right? Well, there's things about it that you're better off not knowing, okay? I feel like I don't know a thing about you.
Like the night after Kid died, who were you talking to on the phone? No answer? Okay.
Well, how about this one? Why were you snooping in Schizo's office at Kid's funeral? Can't we just try to enjoy this dinner? Enjoy it on your own.
Check! I'll ask Stella.
Maybe she'll know.
No, he'll pay.
FALCO: I'll pay in more ways than she knows if she blabs to Stella.
But if I lose my cool now, chances are I'll just make things worse.
I think about going after her, trying to put out the fire.
But instead, I've got to find a meth-fuelled ex-Marine killer before he goes to ground.
[Dogs howling.]
FALCO: Stash already thinks I might be a snitch.
This isn't putting out a fire.
It's more like lighting one.
Stash? Hey, anyone here? Stash? [Dogs barking outside.]
Red? I'd been wondering what had become of Kid's girlfriend Red since his death.
Hey, Charlie.
FALCO: She was more lost than ever.
What are you doing here? I'm lookin' for Stash.
He's not here.
What are you doing here? Um Hey, look, you want me to take you to the shelter or something? Oh, no, I'm just staying here until I go to Mexico.
You know, you were always Kid's favourite.
Have you seen Stash? Last I heard he was hanging out at the Shack.
And where's that? Are you in a hurry, Charlie? 'Cause we could catch up if you want it.
Maybe some other time.
I'll see you.
[Dogs barking outside.]
FALCO: It takes me a week to find the Shack.
And I'm not looking forward to what I might find.
[Eerie music playing.]
STASH: What do you want, cop? STASH: What do you want, cop? Stash.
Come on, bro.
I said, what do you want, cop? Nothing, man.
Schizo sent me.
Want some candy? You want a candy? Yeah? I'll feed you candy like a little bird.
Open wide.
FALCO: What happened? STASH: Huh? With the bike.
Oh I thought maybe a cop put a bug on it.
Why would they do that? I dunno You tell me.
Very funny.
You want a hit? You know I just stick to weed.
FALCO: You want a hit? No, man, makes me paranoid.
FALCO: I spend the rest of the night looking for a chance to talk about the murder.
I ever tell you about that after-hours place, you know the one in Chinatown? But instead, I have to listen to Stash talk about crap for hours.
I can tell we're, like, from the same blood, man.
You and me, we're like bonded, like this, right? FALCO: By the time I leave, Stash is completely wasted.
Thanks for coming by.
See you in church, huh? Yeah.
You seen Darko around lately? Nah, not so much.
Yeah, all right.
FALCO: I figure I have one last shot.
So everything cool, or what? You heard about that? Well, yeah, I hear parts of parts.
Like what? Looks like something really bad went down.
[Stash laughing.]
They don't have a freakin' clue who did it.
You sure about that? Oh, yeah.
We wore gloves, balaclavas, the whole deal.
We didn't leave a trace.
We were like ghosts.
You gotta understand, when I'm doin' business, I am like a machine.
One bullet busts through the guy's chest, hits his girlfriend in the arm.
Two for the price of one.
[Stash laughing.]
Hey, that should be your new nickname, Two for One.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, I like that.
If you see Darko, tell him I'm here.
All right, man.
Maybe we should grab a beer or something sometime.
FALCO: I have him.
For the first time, I didn't feel like a rat.
I feel like an exterminator.
I should have been happy.
But things were about to go sideways.
[Police sirens.]
FALCO: Hey! It wasn't us.
You wanna tell me what the hell's going on? I thought the whole idea was to bank evidence until we're done here! KOZ: You want to calm down and get in the car? It wasn't ATF.
Local cops picked Stash up on a tip.
But he's still gonna think that I tipped 'em.
It gets worse.
They don't have enough to convict him.
So if they charge him, I'm going to have to hand over the confession you recorded.
But that'll blow my cover.
There'll be several hundred Vagos wanting you dead.
KILES: So, how'd this happen? County cops picked Stash up on a tip.
They got nothing concrete and he plays innocent till he shoots his mouth off in jail about the shooting and they charge him with first degree.
And he says he was just bragging.
So their case is shaky.
Yeah, unless they compel my evidence, which exposes my informant and jeopardizes the entire investigation.
That's why I need your help.
I'm always happy to help the ATF, Koz.
The trouble is, the D.
in charge is John Dorsey.
Do you know Dorsey? No.
He's got political ambitions.
He's trying to brand himself as tough on crime.
And he's got a hard-on for taking down bikers.
Let me just get this straight.
You want me to drop a first degree murder charge against a convicted felon, who is a member of one of the most notoriously violent gangs in the state? KILES: I hear you.
[Dorsey laughing.]
But you have to appreciate that this is a delicate situation.
There are multiple agencies collaborating in this operation against the Vagos, and we are not ready to show our hand yet.
Well, I'm glad you hear me.
Now listen a little harder.
I don't put killers back on the street.
So it's all about what looks good on you, right? You have no idea what's involved in this.
KILES: I think what my colleague is trying to say is that we're concerned that the charge is a little soft.
You try him, he gets off, it doesn't look good.
If you work with us now, we can help make you look good further down the line.
FALCO: With so much going wrong, I'm constantly paranoid.
Then there's the problem of Suzanna.
So I figure the smart move is to try and patch things up with her before she shoots her mouth off and accidentally gets me killed.
You know, I never really did care for roses.
FALCO: What the hell are you doing here? Need a place to crash for a little while.
Your old lady said it was okay with her if it's okay with you.
Just give me a second.
Hey, hey, hey.
You want to tell me what the hell's going on? SUZANNA: He just showed up.
You said he could stay? Isn't he your brother? SUZANNA: Top you up? Why, yes you can.
That's great.
SUZANNA: So, Darko and I have been sharing some stories about you, Charlie.
You really should share more with your lady, Charlie.
Thank you, right? So are you gonna help your brother out, Charlie? Sure.
Mi casa, dude.
Stay as long as you want.
Appreciate it.
FALCO: Suzanna thinks she's making a point about our relationship.
She has no idea she could get me killed.
On the other hand, my cover is about to be blown because of Stash.
This might be my last chance at nailing Darko.
Back to the chess board.
My move.
FALCO: If I'm going to get a confession from Darko, first thing I need to do is get Suzanna out of the way.
So you guys eaten? Why don't you go order something? Please? So what's goin' on? You hidin' out? Listen, I need to raise some quick cash.
You interested in buying a piece? Depends.
It's a beaut.
It's a Walther P99.
Got it for 1200.
It's clean.
I'll give it to you for a grand.
I'll get you the cash tomorrow.
So what's really goin' on? What do you mean? They picked up Stash.
I heard.
You went to see him.
Yeah, Schizo sent me.
Said you guys went to collect from Johnny H.
He told you that? Mm-hm.
What does Stash have to say? Not much.
SUZANNA: Pizza's on its way.
So what are we talking about? DARKO: I was just telling Charlie here that I was gonna be going to Vegas for a little while.
He doesn't say another word about Johnny H.
So I stay up thinking of my next move.
SUZANNA: Charlie? Mm-hm? I'm sorry.
What for? Everything has to be so complicated.
Come here.
It's not your fault.
I'm sorry, too.
FALCO: Next day I head to the ATM.
Only in this case, the ATM is the ATF.
Koz gives me a grand in marked bills, so I can nail Darko on the gun charge.
But I'm going for more.
First we drive to pick up the gun.
Wait here.
Come on, come on.
DARKO: Whatcha doing? Staring at that gun.
What do you think? It's big.
DARKO: You got the money? Not if it's loaded.
[Trigger clicks.]
Bullets are extra.
[Car engine starts.]
FALCO: Darko wants me to drop him off to meet some girl who's gonna take him to Vegas.
If I'm gonna get a confession out of him, I'm running out of time.
DARKO: Pull in over there.
Why Vegas? Just some place to hang out for awhile with my girl.
[Cell phone vibrating.]
She'll be here in a couple minutes.
Thanks, man.
Probably just blow this on slot machines.
Machines, huh? You know, Stash said he was a machine.
What do you mean? You know, at Johnny H's? Machine? He he said that? Said he was a professional.
Because of that jerk, we didn't even get the money.
Johnny tried to run, so Stash panicked and put a cap through him.
Stupid prick even used my gun.
That's her.
You think they got enough proof to take you down too? Depends on what comes out of that idiot mouth of his, doesn't it? Or your idiot mouth.
Checkmate, dickweed.
So let me get this straight.
If they charge Stash, they can subpoena both his and Darko's confessions? Yeah.
This just keeps getting better and better, huh? What about me? What if they want me to testify? One step at a time, Charlie.
The D.
will give us his decision in a couple of days.
We'll go from there.
Look, I don't get it.
Why not just charge Darko and Stash, wrap this thing up, get me the hell out of here? This is about a lot more than you, Charlie.
22 Green involves a lot of moving parts.
22 Green? This thing has an actual name? It's a joint operation between the ATF, DEA, and local forces.
There's a lot to organize before we even talk about pulling you out.
So if my head gets blown off in a forest and there's no one there to hear it, as far as you two are concerned, it never happened, right? That's--that's funny.
That's good.
You know, humour's a good survival instinct.
Here's another.
The Vagos are like wolves.
They sense prey, they attack.
They start barking, you have to start biting.
That's all they understand.
Sorry, I'm actually late.
Wait, I got another question for you.
Walk me out.
KILES: What can I help you with? FALCO: Look, I need you to level with me, okay? How much time am I still facing? KILES: It's not really for me to say.
FALCO: Who makes that decision? Look, Koz tells me you're one of the best he's worked with.
So it can't hurt.
[Falco sighing.]
Hey, personally, I don't see you in prison.
FALCO: No one knew how much I wanted to start over.
To not have to tell lies every single day.
I got into this to stay out of jail.
But somewhere down the line, things changed.
Taking down these guys became personal.
And now I can finally see the goal line, and all I gotta do is not fumble the ball.
Where you been? Took a ride out past Lucerne.
Before that? FALCO: Work.
That's it? FALCO: Yeah.
Don't lie to me.
It's not smart.
What's your problem? I saw you at the diner.
You what? I said, I saw you at the diner.
You followed me? Yeah, what if I did? Are you out of your frickin' mind? Tell me about the woman, Charlie.
Oh man Pretty? Black? You do not know what you're messin' with here! Well, then enlighten me! It's a--it's a work friend! Charlie, you sell used car parts! You exepct me to believe that? You don't understand.
Uh, no, I don't.
I'm outta here.
FALCO: It's been a while since I went to the Rat Catcher without my recorder.
But tonight, I want to forget this whole looming disaster with Suzanna.
Another round.
FALCO: Turns out I'm not the only one needing a drink.
So Felix calls me to his place.
You know what happens when Felix calls you to his house? He gives you a beer He shows you his gun collection And then he proceeds to tear your nuts off.
What now? Johnny H? Johnny H, a snitch in the ranks, all the crap that went down in Reno, you name it.
Man, I can't catch a break for all the clowns in this chapter.
You're not gonna drink that? Nah.
You know what? Screw Felix.
Hey, where's that hot little filly of yours? Home, I guess.
You guess? What, you don't know? Why, you wanna ask her out, Schiz? Hey, I'm just saying, you don't know where she is, maybe it's your own fault if she's takin' what someone else is givin', all right? Lizard, come on and have a drink with me! Mr.
Charles, you look like you got your drink on! Just one of those nights.
LIZARD: Uh-huh.
What brings you out? Oh I heard the news.
What news? Did ya hear? The fool's got nine lives.
Cops dropped all the charges.
Hey! Come here, come here.
I'm catching hell from Felix over this.
What? Really? No, no, no.
Look, the cops don't know anything.
They don't? Then why did they pick you up? I don't know.
Maybe a rat fed 'em a story.
Why don't you ask our cop friend here? You call me a cop again, I'll rip your tongue out.
Well, you're the only one who knew the story.
You shot your mouth off to half the town.
Now go back to where you came from.
Schizo, no offense, but you patched in a cop.
SCHIZO: Oh, yeah? STASH: Maybe it's time we take that patch back, huh? FALCO: In that instant, I realized Koz was right.
It's time to bite.
You want my patch? You come and get it.
But I will kill you before you lay a finger on it.
Oh You're a You're a real tough guy.
[Falco grunting.]
Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! [Dramatic music playing.]
[Dramatic music playing.]
Come on! Get up! What the hell, man? You little punk! He's done.
[Police sirens.]
FALCO: During my time with the Vagos, they got away with any number of violent assaults.
But this time, the police decide to press charges against all of us.
Hey, you knocked my tooth loose.
You gonna pay for it? Oh, I'm sorry I didn't knock it out clean.
Want me to try again? Would you ladies shut up? Come here.
Get over here.
All of you.
Listen up.
My lawyer said bail's gonna be 50 G's, and he's on it.
So we're good, so don't start anything in here.
This hole's probably bugged, so watch your mouths.
I'm looking at you.
Chill out, tomorrow we'll all be home.
KILES: I just heard.
How is he? Haven't talked to him.
KILES: Any word on the victim? KOZ: They say he'll live.
It's a lucky break for them.
I hear Dorsey's prepping a horror show for the judge.
Dorsey? We asked him to do us a favour, he got burned.
Now it's our turn.
FALCO: In 2003, the Patriot Act gave law enforcement new powers to combat domestic terrorists.
And now the D.
is ready to show why those powers are so important.
Your honour, the Vagos like to call themselves a motorcycle club.
But if these men before you are merely members of a harmless club, which they like to assert Lights please? then what is the purpose of weapons such as these? All seized in prior raids from Vagos members.
FALCO: In a performance worthy of J.
Edgar Hoover, he paints us as domestic terrorists.
And why do law-abiding club members leave victims such as these? These are not "club" members.
These are members of a violent criminal gang, whose brutality knows no bounds.
FALCO: I want to stand up and join him and tell the world what I've seen the Vagos do.
But as far as everyone here knows I'm one of them.
DORSEY: If they are released, they pose a significant threat to our community.
And, your honour, given the seriousness of the charges, bail being set at $50,000 is a travesty.
I would ask your honour to reconsider FALCO: He demands 10 times that amount.
The judge buys in, bail's raised to half a million each, and none of us, none of us has that kind of dough.
No one but Koz and Kiles knows that I'm an informant for the ATF.
If they spring me now, my cover will be blown.
On paper, I'm a dangerous gangster and a felon.
That means I belong in the murder unit.
I've risked my life for almost two years fighting to bring this gang to justice, pretending to be a bad guy.
I pretended so well I'm about to pay for it like one.
[Dramatic music playing.]
KILES'S VOICE: Hello, you've reached the voicemail of Samantha Kiles of the Organized Crime Unit.
Please leave me a message, I'll get back to you right away.

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