Gangsta (2015) s01e09 Episode Script


1 sagesumasaerta ressei kakusu I hide the recessiveness I'm made sneer at yue koko ni tatsu imi o motsu It's why It's significant that I'm standing here kesshita yuen nigezu ima sagasu riyuu The reason why I search now, not backing down from established fact kawarazu saibou samasu hikari yo remains the same the light that stirs my cells I wanna renegade down meitei shisou na hodo no There's a ringing in my ears miminari ga shita so loud it's wasting me yukkuri to me o akenakerba Have to open my eyes slowly ushinau mono erabenai hodo Wills that cling to something so hard nanika ni sugaru ishitachi yo they can't decide what to forfeit Take away and do for me kotae no nai sekai demo Even if the world holds no answer Carry on and burn it down Get away every bug Take away and do for me nijinda kono koe o This breaking voice of mine Carry on and burn it down You've got to be the one you want Breath in breath out fill out your voice Calling find out your name This is your life You never lose yourself Why don't you come Peace out The anti-Twilights are not that bright.
For people who want so very badly to do something about you that they can't help themselves, they don't know the essential "how-tos" of doing it The reasons why you vermin never quite completely kick the bucket is because there's a nice young lady who keeps feeding you So now Papa! This would be the quickest way, right? That was pretty good, for your first time.
T-Thank you very much.
Very well.
I hear you are a prostitute.
One of my people said that they saw you in the off-limits zone a number of times.
Yes Seeing as how your head is still attached, you must possess some seriously good fortune.
Going by Inspector Adkins and the Handymen, you seem nice enough.
Come to think of it, one of our own prostitutes quit, and her room is available.
You seem to be pretty handy in that area.
I'm kidding.
My mom was a prostitute, too.
She lived on the streets, until my father fell in love at first sight, and married her.
She was the first diva who sang here.
See? That's a photo of her.
She's pretty.
I've often been told that she was a fine woman.
However she died a vain death soon after I was born.
Unlike you, she escaped from the TB-induced hallucinations.
Miss, you have a visitor from the Monroe Family.
I'll be right there.
Long time no see, Ivan Glaziev.
Miss Crisitano, Boss Monroe asked me to deliver this.
My! This much? Oh, that Uncle Danny! Something smells like blood.
I was disposing of some bodies on another matter, and came here directly from there.
How about it, partner? Anyone still there from the anti-Twilights? Don't see anyone No signals, either.
All right, we've pretty well driven them off, then.
What do you say we head back to Bastard for a while? Nic, come with me.
No way.
When you start drinking, it goes on forever.
Hey! Nic! Why, you! What are you thinking? W-What's going on? Marco! Don't just stand there gaping! Tend to the injured.
Move the body out of sight of the children.
Useless idiots.
Why would Twilights start preying on each other? They couldn't be in the anti-Twilight faction, right? Miss! I can pretty well imagine that you didn't do this of your own will.
I'm the one you were after, right? I sympathize, really and truly.
But though you could have gone after just me, you set your hand against my men, and the Twilights that depend on me.
Tell me the name of the ringleader.
If you don't tell me, I will kill you right here, and feed you to the dogs.
Mister, that's enough.
Now, give me these.
How did he get in here?! W-We'll be killed! N-No! Wait, everyone! Calm down! Gah! Miss! Alex! Galahad, you take it from here! I'll see you to these two! Kill them.
Bastard came under attack.
The whole club is a mess! That kid must have blown some screws in his to do what he did! That kid? He's just a little boy, but he went around killing Twilights, and stealing their tags! It couldn't be Nic! Go on ahead and stall for time! I'll be right there! Watch yourself.
We're probably dealing with Roger.
How am I going to cover the repair costs for this? The miss is going to chew me out again-- Hey, you've gotta be kidding Hey, you're late.
Mister, give me back my tags! And if I say no, will you get angry? You're mean.
It smells.
It smells like fresh blood.
The smell of Twilight blood.
The smell of flesh.
The smell of him.
It makes me sick.
Take this.
It's loaded.
I-I don't like guns.
It's for self-defense.
At a time like this, you want to be unarmed? I'll show you out the back.
Alex, you're getting out through there.
Understood? But then, you'll be The observers are gone.
What are those governments folks up to? There's an emergency door up ahead.
Once you're down, take the back alley and go left.
You'll come to the street where the Handymen are, right away.
W-Wait! It's too dangerous to go alone-- Sister I'll be fine by myself.
I'll make sure I do it.
Okay? This kid isn't wearing tags.
If he's a twilight, he's long since attracted the government's notice, and is under surveillance.
There's no way he doesn't know we're with the Four Fathers.
Don't tell me he's a hunter! Give me back my tags! I'll get in trouble without them! I can't give them back because they belong to the Cristiano Family to begin with.
We're not obliged to give them to you.
Then I don't need them anymore.
I'll just take yours, misters! Sure enough, his power is equal, or even greater than Galahad.
Not to mention his speed.
He's extremely dangerous.
But on the inside, he's just a child! You bastard! Go easy horsing around with adults! All right! Marco, well done! Galahad, bring as many downers from the storehouse as you can! Mikhail, are you finished? Huh? What the? I've seen that girl before.
Erica, you know what? These people are strong.
They took all the tags I collected.
Help me, Erica! I see.
Get your head down! Southwest wind That's not a tag.
This person is not a normal, Erica.
His blood doesn't smell like a Twilight's.
Get your filthy hands off to it, you fucking brat! You got it dirty.
Hey,hey,hey Stop! Get away! Don't do anything further to my man! I'll fucking kill you! MIss! You mustn't! Run! Delico, the boss said we're going out for dinner.
We'll swing by the director's place on the way back.
While we're at it, we'll drop in on everyone, and Hey, are you listening, Delico? She's the spitting image.
Both her eyes are blue.
Gutsier than her brother is.
Highly skilled.
When Chad hears about this, he's gonna flip.
Hey, this is crazy! Brown, she's too much for you to handle! Back down, faker! Faker? You're no match, no matter what you do! So that's it.
Gal! Let's let Nicolas take over here for now.
Give me a hand! Miss Benedetto, you, too.
But Nicolas Hey! No running away! That door was specially-made What the hell is this? Are these all Twilights? There's no blood on it.
Which means that Nic has overdosed again.
Delly-- No, it couldn't be.
But any way you look at it, that was Erica? Sorry about this, Miss Benedetto.
You've been dragged into this entirely.
Um, what is a faker? Is Nicolas, you know, not like you and the others, Galahad? Twilight categories are determined simply by physical strengths.
In other words, as you get better, your category also increases.
But not him.
The category that he has comes from him using drugs to draw out his abilities to their limits, after which he takes down those higher ranked than him by force, and claims theirs.
All things being equal, Brown would be a B/5, at best.
Which is why Ah, geez.
Ginger, you're too fast! Could you not run so fast? Bravo! Perfect timing! It's a good thing I rolled the dice and sent up a backup request signal.
Rank S/5? I remember seeing your face before.
Whoa, that's unerving! I didn't see her move at all! And she's stacked.
So, you've done it again! How come you got yourself jacked up so quickly? I bought you five minutes It's not about you buying us five minutes! You sawed-off little punk! Here I broke my suspension to come here, and immediately, I'm met with seeing your face again.
You've forgotten me! You've forgotten me, huh?! These people are from the guild.
What do we do, Erica? The suspects and Miss Cristiano are still in the club! Seal off the back exit! Anyone who's available, search for survivors! Wha--? Are those Twilights?! They're getting away down the back street! After them! Chad, we have to go after them! Squad 5, they're headed your way! Watch yourselves! Marco, am I wrong? Miss, do you think that you're wrong? Stupid question, wasn't it? Do you want to explain to me what this is all about? Chad, before I do, I need your phone.
There's something I have to tell Mr.
Monroe-- no, Delly.
We had a little interference, but I daresay it was enough to shake up the Twilights.
Yes, that signal flare That's how they must have called the Guild in.
There was an ash-blond normal, with patch over his left eye.
Ring any bells? I see.
You've got us on your family's side.
Get rid of the dead weight, already.
Isn't that last guy here yet? I'm getting awfully tired of waiting around.
I'm right here.
Thanks for coming.
Did you locate your sister? In any case.
this is all of us.
Welcome to Ergastulum, Emilio Benedetto.
Esminets welcomes you.
boku wa wasurareta In a forgotten town hai tsumoru machi de settled over with ash, nakushimono o sagashiteta I was searching for what I had lost akai me o shita kimi ga Though you prayed with chiisa na koe de inottemo reddened eyes and hushed voice, mimi o fusaideta I was plugging my ears te o nobasu yori Rather than reach out, kakurete shimaou let's hide instead wareta sora o yubisashi We'll point at the fractured skies kodomo no me de waraiau and laugh with childlike eyes yoru no sukima I'll sleep here, kara nozoku hikari o bathed in the light that peeks abite koko de nemurou through the gaps of the night kimi to futari de together with you
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