Gap Year (2017) s01e04 Episode Script

Thailand - The Full Moon

1 So you guys didn't know each other from before this? My mum wouldn't let me go on my own.
Things with me and Norm, they're really good.
It's over, Dylan.
There is a girl I kind of like in Hangzhou.
Listen, Dylan.
If we're going to do this, - I think we should keep it to ourselves.
- OK.
Being cheated on is the single best thing that has ever happened to me.
Without that, I wouldn't be back in Asia -- tearing Asia another new one! I'm breaking the cycle of dependency right now.
Fine, don't pay that, Mum.
We can look after ourselves.
I'm on my way I'm on my way On my way, yeah And I'll be late I will be late I got time to kill I will be free I will be free.
Daddy's home.
What, you've been here as well? Just a bit, Sean.
Ko Pha Ngan, 1998.
The best time of my -- genuinely -- life.
I'm talking white sands, I'm talking bronzed bikini bods, glow sticks at dawn.
Amphetamines in your rum, wildebeest.
Amphetamines in your rum.
And by a stroke of a very good fortune, guess what tonight is! Yes, you guessed it.
- It's the Full Moon Party! - No way.
Yes, Sean, mate.
Isn't that where people have orgies and gets shot, and stuff? - Yes, exactly.
It's mental.
- I cannot wait.
I could really use a break from my novel.
You've written three pages.
Yeah, on a laptop, but that's at least ten on a Kindle.
- Wow! - I think I've earned the right to just kick back, relax and abuse some substances.
- Yes, Dale.
- I'm not sure that's going to fly with me.
What? Why not? I'm only saying as a uptight controlling person - That's offensive.
- I figured that you would be more into seeing temples - than popping pills.
- Yeah, well, you're wrong.
- OK.
- Because now that my psycho mom is not paying for this trip any more, I'm off the leash.
I can do all the stuff that I know she's going to hate.
Amen to that because we are here strictly to have fun and that means that no-one, and I repeat that, no-one, is going to visit anything of interest or culture, - especially not temples.
- No, fuck temples.
- Yeah, fuck temples.
- Yeah, temples can suck my You all right, mate? Shit! I think they've lost my case.
Hey! I'm in love My fingers keep on clicking to the beating of my heart Hey, it's cos of you The world is in a crazy, hazy hue.
My heart is beating like a jungle drum Ba da dunka dunk a dunk a dunk My heart is beating like a jungle drum Ra ka tukka ta kunk rakka tunk tunk.
The case had to go, Sean.
It's called backpacking, not suitcasing.
We're in Thailand now, baby.
You've got to embrace the travelling vibe.
If you see a cafe called Anurak, give me a yell.
And shout if you see a drug dealer.
Seriously, mate, if you want to borrow some clothes, that's fine.
It's just I don't think football kits are very travellery, you know.
Yeah, well, this one is, mate.
This is the away kit.
Of course, some of the cops actually deal drugs.
Best not to ask them direct.
Yeah, you think? Given though they have the death penalty here? No, they don't, May.
- It's just the old hands.
- What? Just the old hands.
May, May, if you're not into it, you know - .
don't do it.
- No.
I am into it.
I just don't want to get executed or buy nasty cheap stuff - made out of fertiliser and light bulbs, you know.
- Mm-hmm.
I want to get the pure shit.
Don't worry, I'll do a taste test of whatever you buy.
OK, but you do have to buy your own, Ashley, you know.
This is my money I'm spending now, so you have to spend yours too.
Yeah, you said that -- - many times.
- Yeah, well, I want a pint and a Big Mac.
- Yeah.
I want that.
- Classy! Classy, Sean.
I tell you what you're eating, mate.
Come here.
So I think I might tell Sean that I'm going to get my own beach hut whilst we're here.
- OK.
- If you want to crash, just We'll save some money.
And you're just strictly thinking about frugality here, right? Well, I thought maybe we could replay some of the events in Vietnam.
The sex bits, not the war bits, obviously.
Well, when you put it like that Yes! Greg, you, my friend - are a genius.
- Oh, my God.
That's what I'm talking about.
- Let's have a look.
- Yeah.
Come on, Dyl.
May, let's go.
- Grub's up, Mavis.
- Thank you.
Ooh, that looks good.
We're booked in, banana boat, two o'clock.
- Oh, wicked.
- Oh, sorry, mate.
It's just me and Ashley, actually.
We took the last two slots.
- Aw.
- Well, why don't you do one later on with Greg? No, I've got to let this go down first.
How's yours, May? Yeah, I mean, the shrimp's a little see-through but it's OK.
You see, that is not a patch on Anurak's.
Anurak does -- hands down -- the best beef pad thai you will ever taste.
Plus he's a goddamn legend.
If I don't nip in there and see him, he'll be gutted.
Why? Is he a friend? Yeah, he's a friend.
Not top five, but - You know what he used to call me? - What? Mr Friend.
There we are.
- Whoa! Greg, you were kind of hot! - Yeah, Greg.
- I'd have straight up jumped you 20 years ago.
- Why not? Why not? - I've not changed though, have I, Dylan? - No, you have.
- No, let him answer.
- You have massively, mate.
- Can you do my back, Dylan? - Yes.
I haven't changed.
God, I love this place.
I might even get myself a pre-banana boat pina colada, actually.
Oh, that's so good.
- Hey, Dylan.
- Arg! Lauren.
- Hi, guys.
- Hi.
Well, how did you find me? You can always find someone if you really have to.
- Yeah, but Facebook, right? - Yeah.
- And what about Norm? It's over.
I ended it.
I'm an idiot, OK? An idiot.
- You and I, well - Look, Lauren.
- No, no.
You were my home.
I lived in you.
I wanted for naught, but then you left.
You made me homeless court.
And I've tried to forget you, and yet and yet you Overwhelm the face of every girl I've ever met.
Wow! You learnt it! You're just so talented, Dilly.
Look, I've read your poem over and over for days.
It's unbelievably romantic.
Oh, can't believe this.
Who even does that? Follow someone to another country? Well, Dylan.
Odds on him telling her to F-off? Not much, knowing Dyl.
Oh, you twat! Here we go again.
Hey, let me.
OK, thanks.
Here you go, Dyl.
Pina Colada.
Oh, not for me, mate.
- Bit early, isn't it? - Sorry, I just thought, when you said you wanted one about ten minutes ago, you meant it.
Well, I'll have it, since Dylan's changed his mind.
So what are you guys doing here? - Like, on this beach? - Guilty! That's down to me.
I'm something of a local expert.
This is kind of over, isn't it? - Sorry, what? - Sort of, the area, it's been and gone, hasn't it? - Been and gone how, sorry? - Sorry, is he a part of your group? Yeah, yeah.
He is, yeah.
Why would that be odd? So, tell us about yourself, Lauren.
Oh, I don't know.
I'm here with Dylan.
Well, don't let him define you.
There's got to be something that makes you - I'm training to be a doctor.
- There it is.
An anaesthetist and I'm running the Full Moon Marathon tomorrow, so What? You knew about this, silly.
You sponsored me three months ago.
It's for the land mine children.
Sorry, sorry.
What are you here for? Dylan or the marathon? Both.
I'm multitasking, thanks, Eddie.
- Sean.
- Sean.
- Eddie? You know, romantic gestures and raising money for charity aren't mutually exclusive.
Well, it's quite convenient, though, isn't it? Can I ask you a medical question, Lauren? Oh, God.
I get this all the time.
Go ahead.
OK, so we want to get some drugs but we'd like them to be safe.
Well, safer.
It's for the Full Moon Party later on.
Oh, OK.
First of all, the Full Moon Party isn't safe.
It's full of shit-faced western arseholes.
Yes, yes.
We're fine with that, thank you.
You can buy drugs that people use recreationally in pharmacies here, you know Yes, pharmacies.
We know all that.
It was ever thus.
Well, would you mind? Would you mind coming with us and talking us through it? Yeah.
Yeah, of course.
That's amazing.
Such a relief.
I'm so glad you're here! Hi! Hey, sorry, do you do draught beer here, like Carling or something? - Or Bud? - There's an Irish pub in town.
They do burgers, show football on enormous TV screens.
OK, brilliant.
Thank you.
If this place is too exotic for you.
Oh, it's two o'clock.
Banana boat time! Banana boat? Seriously, what is this, spring break?! Yeah, I think I'm going to give that a miss, too, because I've got a massive sonnet to write, so I'll do it.
I just love stupid inflatable tourist shit.
Yes! Let's do it.
- Have fun.
- Enjoy.
Disagree, strongly disagree.
This is exactly the same as it was 20 years ago.
- Look, I didn't mean to offend you.
- I'm not offended.
- I'm not saying it's tacky, - I'm just saying the area is now a bit spoilt.
- It's not tacky and it's not spoilt.
These used to be fishing boats, of course.
But then, how do you pull a banana boat without a jet ski? Answer me that.
Though I did like the fishing boats.
I mean, you've got to admit it, mate, it is pretty bloody romantic.
She came here to do a marathon, Dylan.
What happened to us chilling on the beach, getting smashed together? Yeah, we can still do that.
It's not going to change anything.
Of course it will.
You and Lauren will be in a hut somewhere, all coupled up, having smug vegan sex together from now on.
No, Sean, no.
She's just visiting and I'm not going to rush into anything, I promise.
And we're vegetarians.
Tried being vegan, but just missed eggs too much.
What do I do? Because I did come out for her in the first place.
I don't know, Dyl.
Do what you want, just don't go getting hurt again, yeah? Ashley, Ashley! So I just want to talk to.
Now I really don't want you to get hurt, you know.
How could you hurt me? Well, you know After our night, you know we had our night of Yeah, we had sex, Dylan.
- Yeah.
- Pretty vanilla sex.
And I realise that we won't be repeating that now since Dr Sports Bra is back on the scene.
Vanilla? Well, you know vanilla is A lot of people like vanilla.
Oh, shut up, Dylan! Ashley! Ashley! Look, let me explain.
Ashley! I just want you to know that, this thing that's happening, it's not because of you.
Because you're great.
You really are great.
It's just Lauren, she's I mean, she's just so special, you know? The real deal.
Yeah, OK, cool.
So what exactly does that make me, then? Just a little bit of fun, right? - Thanks so much for clearing that up.
- Hey! - Lauren's here! Lauren! Lauren! So, I was thinking, quick 10k? Yes, please.
- It's so infantile, isn't it? - Yeah.
Woohoo! Hi, Dylan! Woo! - Is this enough drug money? - Yeah, that's far too much and I really don't think you should be calling it drug money, dude.
- Why not? - Well, because, A, it doesn't suit you and, B, people can hear you.
Also, according to all the gangster movies I've seen,, - drug money always gets nicked.
- True, dat.
Eddie is right.
Hey, can you run and get me a bottle of water while I ask Lauren some medical stuff? OK.
Excuse me.
And I want change! Cos from my googling, it looks like diet pills are pretty safe.
I mean, they can cause severe restlessness, irritability.
Aw, Jesus, no, don't give her that.
She's good on that.
We'll have a load of diet pills, please and some of your fastest speed.
Sorry, are you joining in as well? Joining in? I'm leading the way, mate.
Cos these drugs can actually be really dangerous for people your age.
Lauren, love.
You're talking to a man who got a grand total of 45 minutes sleep during the entirety of the Glastonbury Festival 1999.
And still hit the mosh pit for Toploader on the Sunday night.
- Yeah, you did.
- This is not my first rodeo.
So, Lauren, sorry, is speed safe? - No.
- Yes.
- No.
Safe as houses.
It can cause insomnia, blackouts, even strokes.
All drugs have unpredictable and potentially deadly side effects and that's why your doctor tells you not to take them.
Wow! You must be so fun at parties.
Right, we'll take some Diazepam as well, please.
Thank you.
That'll knock you out for six or so hours.
If you can't sleep.
And then, to loosen us up again, we'll get some stool softeners, like - Bisacodyl.
- Bisacodyl.
Thank you.
Your knowledge is just huge.
What's the matter? You going to flake? No.
I just I think I feel funny.
Altogether it's OK? Yes, but we're paying separately.
Oh, guys, there's an amazing temple around here, if you want to go and see it.
Could do.
It's just, we vowed not to do any more temples.
- We made a vow.
- Why? How many have you seen? Well, none, actually, but, well, I don't know why we vowed that.
Well, I'm going to find a temple that sells beers - and big, beefy burgers.
Who's in? - Oh, yeah.
- You had me at beer.
- Nice.
(Thank you.
) - Still no sign of your bag? - No.
My mum was bad as well.
Hi, can I get a cheese burger and fries, please? And I'll get the kids' fries, please.
It's the cheapest thing, right? What? No, no.
She'll get a cheeseburger as well.
- OK.
- I'll get it.
- Thanks.
So, it sucks balls having Lauren here, right? - Yeah.
- Well, screw her.
Screw them.
Let them all couple up while you get nasty with all the hot traveller girls.
Yeah, they're not really loving my vibe, to be honest.
Well, yeah, sure.
I mean, it doesn't help that you have no other clothes any more.
- Let's go shopping.
- Really? - Yeah, why not? I need new clothes.
You could give me a makeover.
I'd love it.
Pretty Woman style! Yeah.
Thank you.
For lunch? No.
Well, yeah -- that, too.
But I was feeling kind of shit today and you really cheered me up, so - Oh.
- Thanks, "Eddie.
" - Cheers.
- Cheers.
Oh, my God.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Ah, God.
I think it's the shrimp.
Lauren, I probably shouldn't have to, like, do the drugs.
Right? Like, if I'm sick? Well, probably not, no.
Yes, I think stool softeners might be a slight case of shutting the barn door after the horse has bolted, May.
- Oh.
- Oh, Jesus.
Have you just? - Just followed through.
- Oh, my God.
For God's sake, Dylan.
Help her.
We need to get her home.
Well, you heard the lady, Dylan.
Help her.
Actually, I'm really not sure about this.
Why? No, you look hot, I promise you.
OK, touching my hair.
- Yeah, but you're going the wrong way.
- Oh, really? - No, it's not.
- Yeah, you've just undone what she's just - Just leave it.
- OK.
I'm just going to leave it.
- What about this? - Oh, no.
No, no, no, no, no.
- No sarongs.
- OK, OK, OK.
- Oh! - Fisherman's pants.
You have to get these.
These are going to look so dope on you, - just trust me.
It's going to match.
- Really? Brown? - Yeah, you're good.
It's good.
We're in Thailand.
Come on.
Oh, beads.
Beads, for sure.
Really? Wooden jewellery? Are you serious? Yes, wooden jewellery.
It makes you spiritual and helps you swim.
No sweat.
You'll be good.
Hey, can he try these on, please? - Old man in there.
- Sorry? - Old man in there.
- Old man in there? - Hey, Sean.
- Hey, guys.
- Hey, Greg! - Hey! - Oh, Shawnee.
- What have you done? - What? - The hair.
- Oh, yeah.
- Love it.
- Thanks, mate.
- Yes.
- What are you doing? Oh, just doing a bit of last-minute shopping.
I bloody love these Thai fisherman trousers.
My last pair dissolved over the years.
But these are exactly the same pair.
- Really? - Yeah.
- Same size and everything? Yeah.
Same inside leg.
And the waist is still in the 30s.
Oh, by the way.
I think May might need you.
- Why? - She has Well, there's no easy way of saying it, really.
She shat herself! - Great.
- Oh.
What did you eat? Don't be mean.
It's really serious.
- Really.
Is it? - Yes, it is, actually.
I had to carry her home.
- She pooed in my arms.
- Oh.
- It's not a laughing matter.
May has food poisoning.
Dylan was a bloody hero.
Well, you are an expert, aren't you? When it comes to being covered in shit.
What? Did this happen to you? - Did it? - What was it you needed her to get for you, May? Hydrating salts.
Lauren wrote it all done for you.
Well, if Dylan's such a hero, why can't he do it? - Dylan and I need to go to work.
- Work? Wow! You guys have jobs now? On our novel.
And our Mandarin, respectively.
- Lovely.
- And I was going to go play beach tennis as well.
Sean said about doing that.
See how you get on.
It may be as a reward.
Oh, thank you.
OK, water, Ibuprofen, hydrating salts, The New Yorker.
- Seriously? - And seedless grapes, Ashley.
- OK, got it.
- They have to be seedless and white.
- seedless grapes.
- I've got it.
Oh, and Lauren said that I probably shouldn't do the drugs now, cos I'm sick.
I know.
It really sucks.
~ Get it, get it, get it, Sean.
You know what? The Full Moon Party is just really lame and tacky, Dilly.
Why don't you suggest that they go to the one on Moongazers' Beach? It's loads more authentic.
Yeah, but I think the others want to go to the actual Full Moon, so ~ What is it? Why aren't you writing? Yeah, I just I think everything's happened so quickly today.
And I just want us to protect ourselves.
You know, not rush into things.
- Right.
- Maybe it's best if we just take it slow and not immediately do the whole coupling up in a hut thing.
Are you not serious about me, Dilly? - No, no, I just - Because I thought I was the love of your life.
- You were.
- Were? - Are.
You are.
- I've come all this way to see you.
Yeah, to run a marathon.
For children who have lost their limbs, yeah.
Would you rather I wasn't raising money for them? I'm not saying that, Lauren.
I thought that you were the kind of guy who would follow your heart and do epic things.
I am.
I am that guy and I came all the way to Beijing to ask you to marry me.
- What?! - Then you shacked up with someone else, so that was clearly a shit idea.
No, no, no, no.
Don't do this.
No! - Lollipop.
- Don't call me Lollipop! - I Baby.
~ ~ Hey, Dildo, let's go.
Dildo! - Yeah, yeah.
- Yeah, yeah.
It's moon o'clock, bro.
- Yeah, give me a sec.
- Yeah, let's move.
- Yeah, coming.
- Hey, guys.
- Hey! I thought you would have stood me up.
How are you doing? - Yes.
- Are you? Are you going like that tonight, Sean? Yeah.
Let me introduce you guys.
This is Eddie.
Here's a proper traveller and tonight, - a full moon poon magnet.
- Poon magnet? - Yeah.
Well, about that.
I was I was thinking we kind of have a I think we actually had a better option for tonight, guys.
Well, the full moon party is pretty shit and tacky these days.
- Sorry, what, mate? What's this? - There's another party on moongazers beach which is a lot better and it's a lot cooler.
- You know, it's more local.
- Wowee! Wow! - Yeah, yeah.
It's the place to be, guys.
- And was this your idea? No, I just told Dylan.
Come on, man.
The full moon party is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
- Yes.
- Well, that's literally bullshit.
It will happen once a month.
And it's banging, mate.
Yeah, maybe 20 years ago, but now, everything's changed.
Can you stop bloody saying that? - Please, Lauren! - Guys, please.
I really want to go to this moongazers one.
It looks a lot cooler and it's where all the traveller girls will be, - Sean.
- It's not where all the traveller girls are.
- There'll be pussy at the main one.
Sorry, Ash.
- Please, mate.
We could, we could, we could.
- All right, cool.
- Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me, Sean? It's something new.
It will be good.
There's girls at both parties, Dyl.
Erm These are red grapes.
Yeah, and I walked three miles to get those.
Thailand's not really a grapes country.
It's not famed for its wine.
- Are they even seedless? - I did my best, babe.
And that pharmacy was closed.
So I couldn't get the hydration thingies, but flat soda works just fine.
Are you serious? Soda? Yeah.
It's good.
It works.
Did you even go to the store? Yes.
It's an island.
The stores are shit.
Well, I guess we can't go to the full moon.
Not without the medicine.
Yeah, I mean .
you can't.
Plus we're not going to the full moon thing.
We're just going to some offshoot moongazersthing.
Really? We are? Yeah.
Why? Are you feeling better all of a sudden? I'm seriously sick.
OK? And a bottle of soda isn't going to work, Ashley.
You're my travelling companion.
You look after me.
- That's the deal.
- Yeah, that's the deal if you're actually ill.
I AM actually ill! Fine.
D'you want some Ibuprofen? Yes, please.
How's May? Oh, she's fine.
She needs some sleep.
She was milking it anyway.
I figured she might ask you to stay or something.
There's no way I was missing this.
Yeah! It's going to be so fun.
Woo! Yeah! This is going to be amazing! Sorry, no alcohol.
What the hot fuck? Well, that's a shame.
Aargh! Huge call! - So I guess - Disappointed! .
four lemon grass and pineapple juices.
Hey, look.
I'm sorry.
I guess I forgot how much people our age rely on alcohol.
And since you guys had your drugs and stuff, I thought you wouldn't mind.
Yeah, well I think it's great and this juice is It's delicious.
And this way, you'll get a more pure drugs experience.
We're going to bloody well have to now, aren't we, Dylan? Dyl, listen, I've Lauren! Oh, no, Norm! What are you doing? Norm? I thought you agreed not to come.
I know.
I know I did.
What's going on here? - Why are you here? - Dylan, I'm sorry.
I know you love her, but guess what - .
I love her too.
- Fuck's sake! Can you all just stop stalking each other? I had to come and run this marathon with you, for those brave kids.
- What do you say, Lauren? - No.
- No.
- No.
It's over.
It's over, Norm.
~ No, no Chinese.
- Whoa, careful.
I'm just talking to Lauren.
- Whoa -- Dyl, Dyl, Dyl, calm down.
- You're jutting your arms out - You need to piss off Lauren! I think I've twisted my bloody ankle, Dylan.
It's OK, yeah? We just need to compress.
- We need ice.
- Yeah, we need compression, we need ice, yeah, and - Elevate.
- Elevate, yeah.
- Yeah.
- Can you just piss off, Norm? - Yeah, man.
- I've got this.
Of course.
You OK, baby? - Elevate, Dylan! You have to keep it elevated.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa! Take it easy, Greg, Yeah? Yeah, I'm trying to get something going, actually, Sean.
This beach is bloody bobbins.
Bloody bobbins.
So, you seen any ladies you like there, stud? Erm No, not really.
OK, what about them? - What about them? - Do you like any of them? Erm OK, then what is your type? What are you into? Yeah.
Erm To be honest, Ash, I don't I only did all this watery stuff .
cos I thought Oh, my God! What? What is it? Is the real bloody full moon party, mate, that's what it is! It's right in front of us, mate! - OK.
- It's here! OK, come here.
Come on Come on.
This is Eddie.
He's a big traveller.
- Nice outfit.
- Oh, we got this in a village in Cambodia.
Yeah, leave it, Ash.
It's cool.
I'm Ashley, by the way.
- I'm Rilke.
- Rilke! Cool.
What is that? I'm German.
He's like a famous poet.
Oh, I love poetry.
What about you, Eddie? Do you like poetry? Or do you prefer football and sitting on inflatable fruit? Whoa, Greg! Greg, what are you doing? I'm walking to the moon! Can I buy you a juice? Erm OK.
Amphetamine? I'm walking to the moon! - Greg, Greg! - I should I'll be right back.
Get him out! Greg! Greg -- oh, my Oh, my God! Greg! Oh, my God -- is he OK? Greg! Greg! - OK.
- He's fine.
- OK, I got this.
Greg Come on, Ash -- no tongues.
Shit, Greg! - No, I - I had figured it had gone all Baywatch for a second.
Ash, no need to apologise.
I was just having a bit of a power nap.
Back in a sec.
Well, on the plus side, I have now kissed all of the guys except you.
What, so you've kissed Dylan? Erm, yeah We kind of We slept together, actually.
It's a secret.
May doesn't even know.
Is that why you were feeling shit earlier, because of that? Yeah, he was just a real dick to me, when Lauren showed up.
I mean, what a prick, right? - Does he do stuff like that all the time? - Hey Sean? Oh Greg, man! No, Sean, I'm sorry.
That's just juice.
No, it's not.
It's all that speed.
Well, I will meet you back up at the bar and we'll light us up some wheatgrass shots.
OK? You saved my life.
Yes, bro.
Let's get a boat, bro.
The moon's going to deliver.
I know it is.
Come on, come with me.
- Greg, I really don't think you should go to the full moon, mate.
- Let's get a boat, mate! - You're buggered! - Come on, it's all good.
- We're young.
- I can't.
I can't just leave Ash.
The moon's going to deliver.
Oh, perfect(!) May? Oh, shit.
What's going on? You weren't supposed to leave me.
You fell asleep.
You were fine.
Did you take anything last night, May? Erm, yeah, Ashley gave me some ibuprofen.
- Ah, did you really? - Yeah.
That's interesting because there's some diazepam missing from this packet.
So I guess we know why you were out cold.
Oh, my God.
You drugged me.
No, I didn't drug you.
I just Gave you a sedative.
Some sedatives which Lauren, a doctor, said were safe.
No, I didn't.
And then you left me on my own the whole night.
- I got robbed.
- We were robbed.
Just so you could go to a party.
I don't think I'm alone in saying that what we went to was not a party, Lauren.
I was unconscious, Ashley.
- Anything could have happened.
- I know.
I'm sorry.
It was stupid and .
I'm really glad you're OK, but I did tell you not to talk about your drug money.
Oh, so it's my fault? Cool.
- Blame the invalid.
- Well, you did just have the shits, May.
- Don't defend her, Dylie.
- Thank you.
- She should have been here.
- Exactly.
You should have been here.
- You know what? This is my vacation too and I don't have to do whatever you say.
You're not paying for me any more, - so you can't treat me like your fucking butler.
- What? - Yeah.
Lauren, we'd better go.
- You've got a marathon to run and - Yeah.
Or hop, maybe.
Thanks to you.
I'm right, aren't I? You were fine last night.
Just be honest.
I knew it.
You just pussied out.
- You were scared of going to a party and doing drugs.
- OK, fine, yeah.
All right? OK, and I'm sorry if I was being demanding and scared.
I am, but you drugged me and I was robbed.
You drugged me, Ashley.
I mean, Helen told me you weren't exactly reliable, - but I didn't know you could do something like that.
- I'm sorry, OK? I'll pay for whatever was taken.
I promise.
Did Helen really say that I was unreliable? Yeah.
And selfish.
Can you wait outside, please? - I want to get changed so I can cheer on Lauren.
- Yeah.
Shall I join in? Grab a number and run it with you? Is that mad? I don't know, Dylan.
Marathons aren't really for people who want to take things slow.
Piss off.
Yes, mate.
Hey, Mr Friend.
You come back.
- Hey! Is good, yes? - Very fine.
I know where you were, but I think you'd like me to I'll show you.
Thank you, thank you.
Yes, you want to order, Mr Friend? I'll get the beef pad Thai, please.
Very good.
Very good.
Hey! Where are your travellers clothes? - Got my case back.
- Ah, cool.
So where did you go last night? I couldn't find you anywhere.
Yeah, well you were busy with that German chick.
So I figured I'd go home.
Oh, my God.
Are you mad at me? Shit, I didn't think that you liked her, Sean.
- I'm really sorry.
- I didn't like her.
Then what? I thought we were all having fun.
It's all fun.
Pulling Germans, shagging Dyl, it's just fun, fun, fun.
Erm You and Dylan? Figures.
Shit, Lauren.
It's gone, Dylie.
It's gone again.
- It's OK, babe.
- No, it's not.
Look at me.
Look at what you did to me.
- You all right? - It's my ankle.
Jog on, Norm.
I've got this under control.
Look, I'm going to get you a doctor, right? No.
I have to finish, I have to finish it for the kids.
I'm going to keep going.
OK? Can I get your blessing? I'm on course for a PB.
OK, Norm.
Finish it for me, yeah? - Make sure you get the money.
- Yeah, bye.
I mean, you're so near the end.
Surely you can just say you did it, right? - No-one will know.
- There's a tracking tag on my shoe.
There's a tag on my shoe.
They'll know I didn't finish it and I won't get any of my sponsorship.
Give me your shoe.
What? Give me your shoe now.
What are you doing? I am that guy.
I am that guy! Get a rickshaw quickly! Oh! Come on! I beat you! You only ran like two miles, dude! Lauren! - Dylie.
- What? - Dylie! Oh, Lauren! Ooh! Oh, my God! Ah! Oh Erm Will you marry me? Yes! OK, I'm ready to move on.
This place is bullshit.
What have I missed? Welcome to Jurassic Park.
Not really.
Dylan and I, we should be alone together.
I can explain! Ah! - We're definitely lost.
- We're actually lost? Like in Lost? - We need to eat! - I want a pizza.
You could totally get a job here as a tracker.
Oh, you piece of shit, Dylan.
- Give me that thing.
- Ashley, what are you doing?