Gaslit (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

King George

1 [DEAN.]
President Nixon asked for me.
We got a kinda special opportunity for you.
Now, there's a CIA reject named Howard Hunt currently graduating from rooting out leaks to, uh, rat-fuckin' the Democrats.
We must become snakes.
I don't think I can make it to see you this weekend.
I'll talk to you soon.
Winnie, I decided long ago that I will say how I feel, and if that does not conform to the president's message, so be it.
You reading poetry now? I'm in a bit of a wistful mood, I guess, thinking about a-a boy I once knew.
And once in a while, you still wonder what it might have been like if you had stayed in Pine Bluff.
McCord, my family and I, we are traveling out to California for a fundraiser.
I was wondering if you would like to accompany us there.
I would love to, Mrs.
Mitchell, but the campaign does have me very busy.
It seems there was a mix-up at the Watergate! - The lobby.
- Get out now.
A-a door was taped incorrectly.
McCord did not get away.
You really think that when Martha sees his face in the newspaper, she won't call one of her journalist friends? [MARTHA.]
Where is everyone? Mr.
Mitchell had to fly to Washington.
His instructions were to have you wait here.
This is ridiculous.
I am calling my husband.
You are not in charge here.
- Do you understand me? - Mm-hmm.
Martha, what'd they do to you, sweetheart? If you don't tell me what them girls did, I can't do a thing to help you.
They told me I was trash.
Why'd they say that? Junebug.
They said my daddy runs around.
You believe 'em? Hmm.
Then you tried to run off, and they chase you down.
Beat you up.
They spat on me.
My poor little girl.
Hey, I want to show you something.
When your great-great-grandfather left England for South Carolina, he was given this timepiece as a traveling gift from his cousin.
Now, you know who his cousin was? King George III of England.
From your great-great-grandfather to your grandfather to you and me, the Bealls are descended from nobility.
Hmm? That makes you a princess, your mother a queen, and me? A king.
♪ So next time somebody tries to treat you like you're nothing, you fight back.
'Cause your blood, it's worth fighting for.
Yes, sir.
Oh, and one more thing.
Any of them girls ever tries to touch you again, take one of their fingers.
Pull it back 'til it pops.
They'll likely pee themselves or run away.
Hello? She's doing just fine.
I'm keeping her away from phones and newspapers.
No, Steve's out sick, but Barry's here with me.
Of course.
Oh, she's very comfortable.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
- Miss? Excuse me.
Mitchell, is everything all right in there? Excuse me.
Mitchell, unlock the door.
My God.
Excuse me! - [PETER.]
Mitchell - Hola! if you don't unlock this door, I'll have no choice but to break it down.
Miss, I need h [TENSE MUSIC PLAYS.]
No, no, no! - Ma'am? - [DOOR THUDS.]
♪ What in heaven's name are you doing? - Why didn't you answer me? - [SCOFFS.]
Because I'm not a trained parakeet.
But if you're gonna keep me caged up like one, the least you could do is get me something to eat.
I'll send someone out.
Don't let him push you around.
You got this.
- You're an animal.
You're a fuckin' animal.
It's fuck or get fucked.
Hey, Dean, where's that coffee at, sweetheart? Yup, yup.
One pot of hot joe coming up.
All right.
Took you long enough.
You know you're supposed to brew the coffee, not fuck it, right? [LAUGHTER.]
Goddamn cocksucking thing.
Something the matter, sir? Yeah, it's these goddamn pipe stems.
I never know which one goes with which.
Martha's got a whole system, and God damn it.
How's she doing in California, sir? [MITCHELL.]
I'm sure she's having a little party down there.
So here's where we're at.
We got five little Indians under arrest at Metro booking.
That includes McCord and the Cubans, right? Bingo was his name-o.
Now, miraculously, Liddy and Hunt managed to avoid capture without falling into an open sewer, so we're aces on that front.
And they covered their tracks, mostly.
Mostly? Well, there is still the small, uh, issue of Hunt's safe.
- Wh you had a safe? - Yeah.
Yeah, in my office at the White House, I had a safe.
You were, uh, conducting, uh, criminal operations on behalf of the president and somebody gave you an office at the White House? Yeah.
Wasn't a big office.
Well, what's in it, the safe? Well, let's just say there's some You know, some highly secretive documents I r-really wouldn't want, uh, the light of day to see, know what I mean? What do you mean by that? Can you elaborate? All right, all right, so you just need to give us the combination.
- Then we can get somebody - [HUNT.]
to go over there, empty it out.
Don't know the combination.
How do you not know the combination? Because I forgot it.
Oh, you forgot it? - [HUNT.]
Yes, I forgot it.
I don't have a good memory when it comes to combinations or, you know, those things.
Fuck! I mean what the fuck? [EHRLICHMAN.]
Calm down.
We'll just handle it another way.
It's, like, two-two-five-six-six or Two-two-five.
That's not it.
That's my daughter's birthday.
You don't want that.
Can't we just can't we just blow it up? How hard is it to blow up a safe? Uh, if I may interject as a-a small point, sir, this is all beginning to sound a lot like destruction of evidence.
You're making it sound so serious.
No, no.
That's the golden ratio.
- Uh, d - The golden ratio? Don't we have guys who can Who can take care of this kind of stuff, you know - What? Crime guys? - You're looking at 'em.
Oh, I know.
It's seven-six-six-four-four.
No, no.
That's D-Day.
That's not it.
I don't know what the I don't know.
All right, this is bullshit.
Hunt should just do it.
It's his safe, for Pete's sake.
Fuck no.
I don't want that dipshit or his psychotic friend anywhere near the White House ever again.
No offense, son.
God no.
None taken, sir.
Well, we've gotta stop farting around here, fellas, and get real.
Unless we want to be on the business end of an investigative committee before Christmas, one of us has to get that goddamn safe out of the White House.
♪ Oh, no, no, no.
No, I couldn't do it.
I-I'm-I'm too close to the president.
Here's the file, Agent Lano.
Special Agent Lano.
Yeah? Ah, gracias, amigo.
Appreciate it, bud.
He's a big guy, isn't he? [LANO.]
What? [PERSON.]
He's a big guy.
He's, uh, very solid.
- So you want to go in or - [LANO.]
Yeah, I plan to.
Just, uh, waiting on the agent on assignment.
He's running a little late.
You're the agent? - That's right.
- Oh, fuck.
I'm sorry.
Uh, this isn't because you're No, of-of course not.
Please keep it.
- You sure? - I insist.
I'm sorry, yeah, ma uh, it makes sense because we're dealing with a Cuban burglar, so they would send a, you know - Mm-hmm.
- What's your name again? Agent Paul Magallanes, sir, reporting for duty.
- "Maggy-anus"? - Magallanes.
"Maga-yah-nez, yah-nez.
" - Magallanes.
- Say it slow.
You can just call me Paul.
- Paul.
- Yes.
Angelo Lano.
Pleasure to meet you.
I didn't know they sent feds to investigate routine burglaries.
I'm afraid it's standard procedure when foreign nationals are involved.
Cigarette, Mr.
McCord? No, thanks.
Now, Mr.
McCord, you said in your statement that you personally hired the Cubans Gonzalez, Martinez, Sturgis, Barker To help you rob DNC headquarters at the Watergate.
It says here that you were the only contact for these guys in D.
Is-is that is that correct? If that's what I said.
It's funny, because Barker gave us this address book, and a name got a lot of names in here, but one of 'em that stood out, right here.
That's a D.
Recently disconnected.
Ring a bell? It's like I said.
The whole thing was my planning, my execution, my guys.
If you want any more, I'm gonna need my lawyer present.
All right.
Here's the thing, Mr.
I think you're full of shit.
I don't think this was a simple break-in.
I don't think you're nearly the B&E mastermind that you claim to be, especially after hearing from the Cubans.
The Cubans? They kept asking what kind of idiota tapes a door latch side to side when everybody knows you do it vertical so nobody can see the tape sticking out.
Well, that's bullshit.
The tape can slip if it's vertical.
All right.
Listen, amigo, vertical, sideways, it doesn't matter to me.
I'm not here to debate the tape thing with you, all right? I am gonna tell you, you say you were in charge.
The Cubans don't sound like they respect their superior too much.
They don't respect me.
Ha! That's a laugh.
Lie down with dogs, I guess.
Lie down with dogs.
You're saying the Cubans are dogs.
I'm not sure.
You tell me, amigo.
That racist piece of shit.
He wouldn't hire those Cubans to paint his goddamn house.
I don't see him being in charge of this, do you? [LANO.]
Whatever it is, these guys are five steps ahead of us.
Maybe they're CIA.
Maybe it's like those bombings in New York, like, an anti-Castro thing.
Big bankroll.
Dry runs.
- Lookouts? - [LANO.]
Worth a shot.
Lunch is served.
♪ Your foie gras, madam.
Thought you were hungry.
Seems to have faded.
Nice watch.
It's a family heirloom.
Was a gift from the king of England.
No kidding.
My father gave it to me.
Passed away when I was young.
Sorry to hear that.
Why you doing this? - Doing what? - Keeping me here, participating in this callous enterprise.
You don't seem like a sadist or a psychopath.
That's sweet of you to say.
What would your wife say if she knew you were holding me prisoner? Probably tell me to be home by dinner.
Well, that's very sad.
I sleep fine at night, lady, because I know my place in this whole messy enterprise of ours.
People like you? Oh, you have the luxury of pretending you're above it all.
It's other people who have to sacrifice for Nixon's vision, but when it's your turn to pitch in, when the gun's turned on you, it's suddenly a tragedy.
You're very cruel, aren't you? And you're a hypocrite.
♪ [SIGHS.]
Spare a cigarette? They're not menthol.
Beggars can't be choosers.
♪ Thank you.
You're welcome.
- [YELLS.]
Barry! Barry, get a doctor up here now! [DOCTOR.]
It's only a second-degree burn, so it should heal up soon.
You're lucky that, uh, your friend was here to help you.
No, please.
You need to help me.
The-the situation is not as it appears.
I know all about your situation.
It's nothing to be embarrassed about.
A lot of women your age suffer from paranoid episodes.
No, no, no.
You don't understand.
I'm being held against my will.
They've cut the cord on my phone.
Maybe a little time away from your telephone would do you good, Mrs.
Maybe that's just what you need right now.
♪ Yes.
That's right.
Thank you.
♪ Could you, uh, get me a glass of water before you go? - Oh, absolutely.
- Thank you.
♪ [PETER.]
How is she? [DOCTOR.]
Her delusions will pass.
Until then, be sure to keep an eye on her.
Don't worry.
I'll take good care of her.
♪ I can't believe they trusted Hunt with an office, let alone a safe.
Fucking Mitchell.
- I know why he's doing this.
- Hmm.
He's jealous the president likes me.
Wants to keep Nixon all for himself.
You're talking about him like he's David Cassidy.
- [LINDA.]
John Dean's office.
Check the handle.
The GSA cracked it.
- They cracked it? - [INTERCOM BUZZES.]
Dean, I have your mechanic on the line.
Oh, great.
This is John Dean.
The transmission? Really? Well, uh, when can I get her in? What? Next month? Well, can't I pay a-a rush fee or something? Ugh.
Oh, God damn it.
Fucking Porsche.
I finally talked Mo into coming back to D.
, and she's just been sitting around my house waiting for me.
Well, I hate to make things worse for you here, boss, but I think possession of this safe alone is grounds for treason.
I mean, this appears to be a CIA cable directly implicating Kennedy in the Bay of Pigs.
What? Give me that.
- [LINDA.]
Dean's office.
Here's a proposal to firebomb the Brookings Institution.
- What? - Zany.
Oh! Not to mention this little number.
Boom! [DEAN.]
Put that away.
What the hell? So Hunt just had this stuff lying around the office? But why? Because he's the personification of the rotten core at the center of the national myth? If I get caught with this stuff, I could go to prison for years.
Oh, decades, probably.
I swear to God, John Mitchell's out to get me.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
You're looking at this all wrong, okay? This is how you get in with the president, okay, because if you take care of this for him, he'll know he can trust you, and he'll owe you one.
So here's what you're gonna do.
You're gonna have a nice night out with your lady friend, and then you're gonna find a big, empty field.
You're gonna burn all of this shit, and you're gonna throw this gun in a lake.
Send my best to Mo.
Aw, fuck.
♪ Oh, God.
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck.
Oh, fuck! ♪ [COUGHS.]
Hey, son.
- [YELPS.]
Son, what the heck you doing on my property? You trying to start a fire out here? [LAUGHING.]
No, no.
No, I had car trouble, and, uh and I got lost and then came out here.
You know, thought I'd have a-a cigarette, and-and, uh, I had gasoline.
♪ Oh, fuck.
Oh, fuck.
What a day for a daydream ♪ What a day for a daydreaming boy ♪ And now I'm lost in a daydream ♪ Dreaming 'bout my bundle ♪ [MO.]
You love Christmas.
And even if time ♪ Ain't really on my side ♪ - It's one of those days ♪ - Oh, boy.
For taking a walk outside ♪ I'm blowin' the day ♪ To take a walk in the sun ♪ And fall on my face ♪ On somebody's new-mowed lawn ♪ I've been having a sweet dream ♪ Hmm.
I been dreaming ♪ Since I woke up today ♪ It's starring me and my sweet dream ♪ 'Cause she's the one ♪ Makes me feel this way ♪ [DEAN.]
Well, this is it.
Okay, son.
You take it easy.
Thank you, sir.
I really do appreciate this.
You're very welcome.
See you in the morning.
Where were you? Who was that? [DEAN.]
I had a little car trouble, and this kind gentleman helped me out.
I'm I'm gonna have that fucking Porsche towed back here.
I'm gonna sell it for scrap.
Let's get you in the shower.
You smell like gasoline.
Did you get some writing done? [MO.]
Oh, I almost did, and then I found this "Fuck Communism" sign.
Oh, yeah, that's pretty neat, isn't it? You like that? I had that specially commissioned.
I do like it.
All right, well, then what would you call it? - Well, it's Nixon shock.
So, Winnie, what's it like on the Martha Mitchell beat? Oh, she's really not that bad once you get to know her, honestly.
She's a retrograde segregationist.
If you ask me, she has blood on her hands.
Exactly, ugh.
I think there's a difference between being mildly complicit and being responsible for the sum evil of the modern Republican Party.
"Mildly complicit.
" Oh, dear.
- You need another drink? - [LAUGHTER.]
Utter her name three times, and she will appear.
Martha, Martha, Martha! - [LAUGHTER.]
McLendon residence.
Oh, Winnie.
Thank God you answered.
Um, can I call you back later? I'm-I'm in the middle of something.
No, no, no, no.
I have no time.
I have no time.
I ha I don't know what's happening here, but I'm being held prisoner.
They're holding me here.
They're keeping me here.
Who's keeping you where? [MARTHA.]
It's got something to do with this Watergate break-in.
McCord was there.
Read something about it in the paper.
I don't know what it is, but just [WINNIE.]
Okay, Martha, can you just slow down, all right? Start at start the beginning.
What's happening? - [MARTHA.]
I j - [WINNIE.]
Martha? - Oh, God.
- Can you hear me? [MARTHA.]
Get away from me.
Winnie? - [WINNIE.]
Hello! - Get away from me.
- Hand me the phone.
- I - Get away from me! - Martha! [MARTHA.]
No! Please get away from me! - No! [YELPS.]
- [PETER.]
Barry! Get her! - [MARTHA YELPS.]
- Mrs.
Mitchell - No! No! Let me go! - [PETER.]
Calm down.
Get off of me! Leave me alone! - Get off me! - [MUSIC BLARING OVER SPEAKERS.]
Mitchell, calm down! [MARTHA GRUNTING.]
And I'm telling you ♪ It's too late to turn back now ♪ I believe, I believe I believe ♪ I'm falling in love ♪ It's too late to turn back now ♪ [PETER.]
You're okay.
You're okay.
Give me your hand.
- Let me help you.
Here, here.
It's okay.
It's okay.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
Give me your hand.
- Ah! God damn it! You broke my fucking finger, you bitch! [SCREAMING.]
Get my bag.
It's there.
Don't fucking move.
Please! Please don't hurt me anymore.
I'm sorry.
I promise I'll be quiet.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'll be quiet.
Hurry up.
Please don't.
Please [SOBBING.]
I believe, I believe ♪ I believe I'm falling in love ♪ It's too late to turn back now ♪ I believe, I believe I believe ♪ I'm falling in love ♪ [BOTH PANTING.]
Oh, fuck.
Oh, God.
- [MO.]
- Almost.
I'm just oh, God.
- Uh - [DEAN.]
Yeah? - necklace.
- [DEAN.]
Oh, sorry.
- It's just - That's okay.
No, wait.
I can I-I can get it back.
It's oh, shit.
Is it out? Fuck.
We can just it's-it's [DEAN.]
Oh, my God.
I'm so sorry.
Oh, my God.
Jesus Christ.
- [DEAN.]
- [MO.]
It's okay.
Every woman dreams of a man who'll go for a full hour and a half.
I'm sorry.
Oh fuck.
I'm gonna go make myself a drink.
I need to get some writing done.
- Wait.
- [MO.]
You know what? I know.
I know what's going on here, okay? It's clearly you-you-you stood me up last week, and you begged me to come to D.
, and now The president had urgent business.
I told you that.
when I'm actually here, your mind is somewhere else.
I mean, you made me take a cab home after dinner so you could get back to work, John.
Mo, this is not about you.
That's exactly what I'm saying.
I know what it feels like when a man loses interest.
What? No.
This is not me losing interest.
It's absolutely fine if you're over it.
I've got other friends in town, and I-I'm just - Wait.
- I'm gonna I'm just gonna go out.
I don't want you to go out.
How did going out even come into it? I would just rather not do this if it's not real, - so let's just call it.
- No.
This was fun, this was a fling, and now it's over.
That's there's nothing wrong with that.
I love spending time with you.
You know how many people I love spending time with? No people.
I look.
I know you yeah.
You're right.
I am distracted.
I there's a lot going on, and, uh, you know the-the fucking Porsche shit, and Dickie Moore - got in my head today, and - What? Why are you listening to Dickie Moore? - He's angling for your job.
You are here now with me.
Can you be here with me? - Yes.
- I mean, John, please? I'm sorry.
- Come on.
- Of course.
Wait, y-you don't think he's actually angling for my job, do you? - Goodbye.
- Wait.
What? You know what? Why don't you just go and take care of whatever this is that's going on that you need to take care of? And hey, don't bother me until you're ready to look me in the eye when you fuck me.
What? I made eye contact! [TENSE MUSIC PLAYS.]
Fuck you.
♪ [LANO.]
All right, we got it from here.
- Yup.
- Thank you.
Hey, Ang? - [LANO.]
Perfect vantage point.
♪ Lakeview Country Club, $6.
Howard Hunt.
Uh, let's see.
I got bad eyes here.
Yeah, that certainly does look like my signature.
So you would say it's within possibility that that check belongs to you, right, Mr.
Hunt? Uh, sorry.
Don't get the relevance.
Well, we sat down with one of the burglars this morning, a Mr.
James McCord.
Don't know him.
Never heard of him.
- [LANO.]
Never? - Nope.
He was surprisingly candid about his leadership role in the break-in.
Oh, yeah? Well, that's great.
Then you would get some information, no doubt, right? A guy like that with his, shall we say, retrograde racial outlook? There's no way he would have ever thought to hire those Cubans.
You got the B team in with you today.
You know what? I actually thought the same thing, but then I figured, hey, Italians need work too.
- [HUNT.]
Anyway, we inferred that there were more people involved in the break-in.
Operational specialists above McCord's pay grade.
- [HUNT.]
Pardon me? - We're talking about lookouts.
Which led us to the Howard Johnson's across the street.
Perfect sight line down to the Watergate.
Front desk clerk showed us to a room belonging to a bunch of guys who checked out in a hurry.
Guess what we found in the trash can.
Found this check made out by you.
I can't explain that.
It would suggest that you were across the street from the Watergate at the time of the break-in, would it not? [HUNT.]
Why would it suggest that? You can make all the suggestions you want, but - [LANO.]
It doesn't? - [HUNT.]
- [LANO.]
No? - [HUNT.]
This? This is circumstantial.
This means nothing.
So that check just walked itself in? - What the fuck? - [HUNT.]
You could have planted it.
Who-who knows? I don't know.
Are these your kids? [HUNT.]
Those are my children, yes.
- All of them? - [HUNT.]
All of them.
I we made them all.
- Both of us.
So what'd you-what'd you have to eat that night? - [HUNT.]
- [LANO.]
What kind of sauce? [DOROTHY.]
Oh, I know what he's talking about.
What? [DOROTHY.]
He wants me to admit to my secret ingredient.
Smoked "pah-pri-kah.
" - Oh, for fuck's sake.
Excuse me? Hey, hey, hey, hey with the language.
Hunt, you were there.
You left your check at the scene.
Guys, this is completely circumstantial.
You-you see You see these trash cans? Are you really gonna tell me that the smoldering trash cans you got out there, that's not a textbook evidence fire? The kids wanted s'mores.
The kids are making s'mores, for God's sake.
- They're making s'mores.
- In a trash can fire? Do you have any other questions for us? I do have a question.
Can you point me towards, uh, the restroom, please? [LAUGHS.]
Oh, certainly.
It's just, uh It's just down the hallway.
- [LANO.]
- To your left.
Uh, "pah-pri-kah.
" I've never heard it like that.
Don't get lost.
It's a beautiful house.
Thank you.
Oh, these are cute pictures.
All right, let's, um Let's go over this one more time.
- You were CIA.
- [HUNT.]
I was.
And you're telling me that it would be a stretch to say that you might have met these Cubans sometime around the Bay of Pigs? The Bay of what? [LAUGHTER.]
Got you.
Thank you so much.
Oh, anything we can do to help.
You're welcome.
- Take care.
- Stop by anytime.
Why are you rushing us out? I was just getting my flow in there.
- Liddy.
- What? - Gordon Liddy.
- Liddy.
You don't know Liddy? He's-he's a legend.
He's a legendary agent.
Didn't he fire a nine-millimeter - in a courtroom once? - Yes, yes.
He's fucking insane.
- Okay, what about him? - Mm.
Complex mission.
Huge room service bill.
Wait, you're saying Liddy might be our man on this? [LANO.]
I saw a fucking picture of him and Hunt in the hallway.
- Shit.
Shit, shit, shit! God! - [KNOCK AT DOOR.]
Liddy? Need some help in there? Nope.
No, no.
Don't come in here, Judy.
No, no, no, no, no, no! Not-not Thought I told you never to come in here.
I'm sorry, Mr.
Uh, there are two men here to see you, uh, from the FBI.
Hey, Angelo, you remember back at Metro, we were saying how this has to be a professional operation, that these guys gotta be five steps ahead of us? Yeah.
What if we're wrong? What if they're just morons? ♪ Salutations, gentlemen.
I'm G.
Gordon Liddy.
Ma'am? You sure you want to do this? We-we can turn around right now.
There ain't no shame in it.
I want to see.
Well, well, least he wasn't on the streets.
It's, uh, in there.
That's-that's where he died.
♪ I knew your daddy mostly through the penal system.
George, he wasn't a wasn't a bad man.
Sense he felt he was misrepresented by-by his own actions.
♪ That is a mighty fine watch.
Your daddy carried that proudly.
I got the I got the same one.
Dunlaps' bargain bin.
You believe that? Years back.
Damn thing's still ticking, though.
Keeps on ticking.
I'm afraid you're mistaken.
You never knew my father.
You knew some other man.
♪ Mom.
It's me.
It's all right.
Dad's here.
He-he came back to get us.
Hello, bubby.
Room for two out here? I want you to know that I fired those bastards, both of them, Peter and what's-his-name.
I told them to look out for you.
For a few days.
That's all.
They had no right roughing you up the way they did.
If I could go back in time Is this the way you want it? When you get back to the White House, give Dick regards for me.
I'm not going back to the White House.
When I heard what they did to you out here, I submitted my resignation.
Should be on the news soon.
I think Dick's processing it.
I know it's hard to believe but I've always tried to be a good husband to you, Martha.
Yeah, you can tell your guy to leave.
She's running like a champ.
Just needed a little clean-out on the intake, that's all.
My guy said it would take weeks to fix the transmission.
Ah, not that complicated.
Same Kraut that made this car did them VWs for Hitler.
Nazis tended to keep things pretty simple.
The magic ain't in the car, son.
It's in the name.
Right name can move mountains.
- Can I use your phone? - Well, sure.
Darn it.
Honey, I think there's someone here to see you.
I can see that.
That is a tasty burger.
Well, thank you for meeting me at-at such short notice, uh, Director Gray, sir.
I-I-I know things have been very busy over at the, uh, bureau since you took over.
To tell you the truth, I normally wouldn't take this meeting but your man said it had something to do with the president.
Well, you see, sir, uh this box contains highly sensitive material that could be very damaging to the president if it were to get out.
And I have been instructed to get rid of it.
I see.
And, well, to be honest with you, sir, I-I just want to do the right thing here, and-and, uh, that is why I-I cannot do as I have been instructed to do.
Why is that? I'm I'm just too close to the president, you know? I'm-I'm in the Oval three times a week.
I know his kids, for Pete's sake Tricia and-and-and the other one And, you know, I-I just can't run the risk of this blowing back on Dick, you know.
And that's why when I when I raised these very concerns to him personally yesterday, he decided that it shouldn't be me that handles it.
It should be you.
Are you telling me that the president asked for me to do this personally? Dick and I feel that this way, uh, if there's ever a question, you know, the administration can honestly say that we handed the information over to the FBI to be handled by you.
Is the president mad at me? Did I cross him in some way? Oh, no.
No, no, no, no.
Gosh, no, no, no.
You're looking at this all wrong, Pat.
Uh, may I call you Pat? No? Don't think of this as a As a punishment.
Think of this as an opportunity.
Dick'll owe you one for this.
So will I.
So like a real meeting? Not just a handshake and a hand job? No, Rose Mary specifically said, "Clear the whole hour.
" President really wants to get to know me.
- Look out, Strom Thurmond.
There's a new swinging dick in town.
- You hear that? - [PERSON WHISTLES.]
- Oh, Jesus Christ.
- Is that What the fuck's he doing here? I don't know.
All right.
Let me deal with this.
What the hell are you doing? Do you know what could happen if we're seen together? [LIDDY.]
I came in through the service entrance.
Took evasive measures.
I had a newspaper which I used to partially cover my face.
So, how have you been? - How have I been? - Yeah.
I've been trying to clear up your fucking mess.
That's how I've been.
No, I mean how have you been personally? I, uh, heard you and that platinum blonde number - are on the rocks.
- What? How do you know about that? These things travel.
I'm so sorry.
She seemed like a profoundly decent young woman.
Ingeniously healthy bust, as well.
Gordon, I do not want to talk about this with you, okay? - [DEAN.]
- [LIDDY.]
- Lo siento.
I-I'll leave.
- [LIDDY.]
No, no, no.
Está bien.
- Está bien.
- Gracias.
Oh, for Christ's sake.
All right, will you please just tell me why the fuck you're here? First, I need to know that I'm correct in assuming that you're the damage control officer of this Watergate problem.
Excuse me? I need to know how much you need to know.
And if you're the damage control officer, then you need to know it all.
Do you follow? Yes.
What's wrong? A couple of FBI agents paid me a visit the other day.
I managed to stave them off, but it's only a matter of time before they bring me in, Hunt too.
The bureau's handled.
Handled? Pat Gray.
Pat Gray is feeding me their reports, okay? You satisfied? Oh, director of the FBI.
Very impressive.
How did you manage that? I managed.
Seems I underestimated you, Dean.
Con permiso.
Sí, sí.
As for my men who've already been arrested, they're soldiers; they won't talk.
But it's imperative that we post bail and soon.
- Of course.
Of course.
- There's just one more thing.
La luz.
I need you to know that I meant what I said about taking full responsibility for what's transpired.
I am prepared to suffer the necessary consequences of my actions.
Right, sure.
I appreciate that.
For instance, if I were to go out for a jog one morning, much like this one, and if, on that jog, I were to be shot through the forehead with a high-caliber bullet from a sniper's rifle, I would happily accept that outcome.
Uh, uh, well, that's, um that's certainly very thoughtful of you, Gordon.
Uh, I-I-I don't think we're quite there yet.
I know, but if it were to come to that - Well, I don't think it will.
- But if it were if it were, you should know that I'm ready to make an offering of myself [TENSE MUSIC PLAYS.]
for the kingdom.
- You all right? - Mm-hmm.
It's just some chemical vapors.
These are dark days, compadre, but we'll get through them one way or another.
I'm proud to take my orders from you from now on.
- Wh-what did you say? - [LIDDY.]
You hadn't heard? Nixon fired Mitchell.
That loudmouth bitch wife of his was becoming too much of a liability.
You're at the center of this now.
♪ - [PETER.]
Hey, pal.
- [CHILD.]
Daddy, you're home.
All right, don't get up.
I'm just coming in to say good night.
- Put your hands up! - [PETER GASPS.]
What happened to your finger? Oh, Daddy had a little accident.
You know what? I brought you a present.
See this watch? Do you know who it once belonged to? ♪ [MITCHELL.]
We could get a place in the country.
Maybe even in Pine Bluff.
Your daddy always wanted a ranch, isn't that right? Said he was a king.
What's that, honey? Nothin'.

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