Gaslit (2022) s01e08 Episode Script

Final Days

John, this is
Martha Jennings.

This is Winzola McLendon.

She is my biographer
and a first-rate journalist.

I know my mom is a lot to handle,
but don't give up on her.

Frank Wills.

I'm going back to Georgia.

I don't belong here.

Alexander Butterfield,
former aide to HR Haldeman,
said that President Nixon ordered
secret electronic listening devices
in the president's Oval Office
and on his telephone.

I got word on
Sirica's preliminary ruling.

He's recommending
a sentence of five years.

What the hell did I go through
all this for, then?
Because you wanted to do
what was best for the country.

- Oh, fuck.

- The good news
is that you can still
appeal for leniency
if you cooperate further.

The special prosecutor's
going after Haldeman
and Ehrlichman and-and then Mitchell.

No, no way, I am not
ratting on anybody else.

I'd understand if you wanna
move on, find somebody else.

I am yours.

When a man's trial by fire arrives,
he must meet it with the power
of his indomitable will.

The trying things
that have been imposed on me,
no one in this country
realizes or understands.

You have ruined everything in your life,
in my life your reputation.

What's going on?
Uh, go back to your room, honey.

I should have had them
go harder on you in California.

I'm leaving you.

I called Dad.

I'm gonna stay with him
for a couple months.

And I'm taking Marty with me.


President Richard Nixon
reversed his ground and agreed to comply
with a Federal Circuit Court order
to surrender his Watergate tapes
to Federal District Court judge
John Sirica.

But soon the president's lawyers
disclosed that two tapes were absent
and a third had that
mysterious 18-minute buzz.

The White House's only explanation
was that the president's
personal secretary,
Rose Mary Wood,
might have accidentally
hit the wrong button
in the foot pedal while
reaching for the telephone.

So I'm transcribing the tape,
and then I reach for the phone,
and my foot presses down
on the pedal that erases the tape.

The public opinion polls,
always a revered source
of comfort and pleasure
for the president,
have now turned sour.

It would be nice
in a crisis-weary country
if the committee could decide
by, say, eight o'clock tomorrow morning
whether Mr.
Nixon ought to be impeached.

But with ground rules to set
and with masses
of possible evidence to sift,
that decision is likely
to be months away.

The feeling grows that if the president
survives in office through the spring,
he may, if his health holds,
finish out his term,
but that surviving in office
through the spring
won't be easy.

All sides agree that things
simply cannot continue
as they have been for most of '73.

As for those complicit
in the president's deceptions,
only one question remains:
why would these men,
men of intelligence and accomplishment,
willingly subsume themselves for a man
as patently duplicitous
as Richard Milhous Nixon?
What, in short, were they thinking?
Whoa, whoa, whoa, where you going?
You don't wanna get a photo with us?
Say cheese, Mitchell.

Attorney General Mitchell.

The rumor is that you're facing
upwards of ten years in prison
if convicted.

Doesn't that scare you?
Could be worse.

I could have been sentenced
to life with Martha.

Here on your X-ray, you can see
the sunburst appearance
where the wrist is injured.

The fracture could heal
very slowly or not at all.

In addition, an excess of calcium
is entering your bloodstream

that could cause
neurological problems like
confusion and memory loss,
weakness, and exhaustion.

You may soon find yourself
in a lot of pain.

My, The Post, they know
how to treat their staff writers well.

No, this is my editor's scotch.

He's on vacation.

Well, I'm glad you
finally escaped from that pink ghetto
you were stuck in.

Oh, just soda for me, please.


All right.

I've never known you to
turn down a celebratory drink.

I'm impressed.

You've never known me to turn down
any kind of drink before.

What exactly are we celebrating?
Are you kidding?
Martha, everything that you
said about the president
all the things that they
mocked you for, it's
You're the only one who told
the truth from the beginning.

Well, three cheers for me.

You know, this is a new start.

Maybe you should move
out of that old apartment,
find someplace that suits you better.

Well, it suits me fine.

What's wrong with it?
I don't know.

Just seems kind of haunted.

Well, when you get to be my age,
you get to know the ghosts.

Bottoms up.
Nice to see you.

You too.

What happened there?
Oh, I took a little tupsie
on the stairs a few weeks ago.

Oh, no.

Well, I have something that
I think is gonna cheer you up.

What is it?
Our book.

A very rough first draft.

And I know that the publisher
canceled our contract, technically,
but I just couldn't help it;
I had to finish it.

And I think it's good.

Actually, I think it's really good.

Oh, that's wonderful, dear.

I thought you'd be happy.

No, I am.
I'm happy, and I'm grateful.

Mm, there's a reason I stopped by.

I wanted to
I wanted to ask you a favor.

Oh, okay.

You know what happened
with me and my husband.

That was a long time coming,
and I've made peace with it, but
Her birthday's on Tuesday,
and I promised
that I would drive down
and visit her at school,
and I wondered
if you might accompany me.

Oh, wow.

I don't know if I should.

Oh, it would mean so much to me.

She just loves you to death.

All right, well, let me see if
I can get that day off, okay?
All right.
You let me know.

I will.

And more importantly,
who is the man
in that brown jacket there?
That's Bob Woodward.

That's now, he
does not look like the gasbag
I have heard he is.

Shh! Martha!
Call his name.
Get him to look this way.

I'm not gonna do that.


What are you
It sounded more like a sheep.

All right.

Give me the damage, but make it quick.

It's been a very long day.

Let's start with the good news.

Thanks to a tax loophole,
we're able to run your bail
through the corporate account,
so little victory there.


As for the bad news, uh,
those Oval Office tapes
were not good for us.

Based upon the transcripts,
it looks like
they've got you dead to rights
on all the charges:
conspiracy, perjury,
obstruction of justice.

It's all there, clear as day.

Okay, sweetheart,
could you find the burgundy stem?
Yeah, um
this is serious.

I didn't hire you to inform me
that there is an iceberg up ahead.

I hired you to steer the ship
around the fucking thing.

On the, um, sunny side of the street,
it looks like you might be
out of the woods
with the whole Martha situation.

What are we talking about?
We received the settlement papers.

She hasn't agreed to all of our terms.

She would like to maintain
ownership of the apartment
and visitation rights with Marty.

But she's relented
on just about everything else.

She's giving you an out here.

All you gotta do is sign
those documents, and
you'll finally be rid of her.

Any update on the burgundy stem?
Try this one, Mr.

We have a winner.

Hey, Chuck, those cafonesin Washington,
are they gonna impeach or what?
Uh, it depends; they
They have the votes in the House.

Yeah, but the Senate's trickier.

Much more visibility in that chamber.

Ah, if Goldwater votes to convict,
they'll all follow along.

What's the matter, Dean?
What are you thinking about?
I think I need some new gloves.

Princess is in a little funk.

He had a visit from the feds earlier on.


The feds? Who was it?
Watergate task force guys.

They want him to testify now
against Mitchell.

What did you tell them?
What do you think I told them?
I told them no, for God's sake.

As if a couple of tapes
are gonna convince me
to turn on anybody at this point.

Oh, tape recordings?
Copies of all my conversations
with the president in the Oval Office.

Left them as a gift.

Hell of a gift.

I don't know.

Maybe they figured I'd hear
something new in them.

It's unbelievable.

I mean, I testified against
the president, for God's sake.

It's not like I'm some criminal.

That's funny.

'Cause I ain't no criminal neither.

Vito, Carmine, you guys criminals?
No, no, no, none of that.

No, hell no.

Look at his face.

Look at his face.

Oh, fuck.



Yes, I'll be down in a minute.

Thank you, Zolton.

Thank you.


I'm sorry.
Some days,
it's impossible to be me.

- Oh, that's okay.

- How are you?
Oh, I'm good, yeah.
I'm good.

Oh, eh
Antonio, he's a photographer
from Lifemagazine.

He's on loan for the day
to take pictures of the birthday party.

- Oh, that's-that's nice.

- Yeah.

- What?
- Oh, I just
I mean, I think
that it might spook Marty
a little bit if you show up
and you have a whole entourage,
you know?
- Maybe
- I see your point.

Okay, we'll have him wait
in the car a little bit.

Antonio, this is Winnie.

Winnie, this is Antonio.

- Hi.

- Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

Uh, so you'll just stay in the car
til Marty gets comfortable; she's shy.

- Yes, ma'am.

- She's a little shy.

- Morning.

- Good morning.

- Thank you.

- You're welcome.


Have you lost some weight?
It's a good day for a drive.

Oh, oh.

You all right?
Oh, it's my wrist just hasn't healed.


Mitchell defaulted
on the heating bill.

He's trying to drive me
out of the apartment.

That's awfully unkind of him.

Well, it's just his way now.

Mitchell couldn't stand Nixon
when he first met him; he thought he was
insecure and brittle, which he is.

Isn't that crazy?
How does a man like
John Mitchell, brilliant man,
get tangled up in such a mess
for a conglomerate of nothing
like Richard Nixon?
I don't understand it.

I don't think I ever will.

I, as the chairman,
have been guided by a simple principle
that the law must deal fairly
with every man.

The ones that are cute on the front
- are terrible inside.

- I know.

I don't understand some of these things.

I don't know.

Come on.
We gotta find a nice one.

"A daughter is a special gift
whose heart is made of gold,
a beautiful flower's blossom.
Oh, please stop.

Who writes these things?
Christ, they really are terrible.

You should write cards.

You're so sweet and sincere.

That's a nice little kitty.

Yeah, lots of kitties.

No, not a birthday.

You know, Martha, I've been meaning
to apologize to you.

What for?
You know, back when everything
started, I just
I'm not sure that I really believed you.

I know I acted like I did, but
I was just as bad as everyone else.

I'm sorry.

I can't imagine
how that must have been for you
not to be believed.

Must have felt like you didn't
have a friend in the world.

Well, that's not true now.

I do have a friend.

I have a best friend right here.


- Now help me find a card.

- Okay.


Together, that's it.

Oh, that's nice.

That's real nice.

Let's get the envelope for that one.

- Yeah.

- That's nice.

Could you direct me
to the ladies', please?
Oh, yeah.
Right over there.

Was that Martha Mitchell?

Can you believe this shit?
There might be up to five
articles of impeachment now.

Fucking shame.

You can say that again.

Do that to an American president
just to score political points?
Wait, what?
There's no evidence the president
ordered the break-in;
there's no fucking evidence.

So we're just gonna forget
that he obstructed justice?
Does that not count for anything?
He isn't perfect.

I didn't vote for him twice
because he's perfect.

You voted for Nixon
after you knew about Watergate?
I'm a law-and-order guy.

Anyway, you impeach him now,
and you start destroying
what little trust the American people
have in their government, and that
That's a slippery slope.

What is it with this
slippery slope shit?
What do you mean?
People like you always say that,
like you got nothing else to say.

"It's a slippery slope.
Yeah, everything's a slippery slope.

"Oh, honey, don't take that aspirin.

"You don't know what might happen.

It's a slippery slope.
"Welfare for the poor?
We can't do that.

That's a slippery slope.
"You wanna police the government?
"That's a fucking slippery shit slope
"if I've ever seen one.

"Let's not do that.
You know what?
As a matter of fact,
let's not fucking do anything.
You okay, buddy?
Just because certain actions we take
in some imaginary future
might theoretically lead
to disastrous outcomes
somewhere down the line
shouldn't stop us from doing
what's objectively,
morally right in the present.

Of course, the idea of any kind
of objective morality
- It's a slippery slope?
- Hey, I didn't say it.

- Fuck you.

- I didn't say it.

Fuck you.

So what's the new
director got you on after this?
Wants me to pick up the slack
for the whole department.

What about you? What's he got you on?
They're trying to ship me
back to translation detail.

I think I'm lucky that
those Cubans spoke Spanish.

Otherwise, I wouldn't have been
anywhere near something this big.

You know what?
Fuck those guys.

What are you gonna you do, right?
You gonna sue 'em?
Ah, there he is.

Belle of the ball.

Dean, ready to testify
against your old boss?
John Dean.

Hey, did you ever listen
to those tapes we sent?
Thanks for those.

They really took me back.

You already knew everything
there was to know about Nixon.

So what was in there
that changed your mind
about testifying against your buddies?
You ever hear your own voice on a
tape recorder?
Sounds strange, like somebody else,
like somebody you don't even know.

Dean, can I ask you a personal question?
I mean, you're the one with the gun.

Why'd you do it?
I mean, you're-you're a smart guy.

At least you seem like a smart guy.

I mean, why would you agree
to cover up some bullshit break-in
for a president you knew
damn well was gonna
throw you under the bus
the second the shit hit the fan?
Why'd you do it?
You really wanna know?
I do.

Poshinaya foam.

- What's that?
- Poshinaya foam.

It's the best high-density
cushion foam in the world.

They only make it in the Eastern Bloc.

Apparently when you sit in a seat
made with Poshinaya foam,
it's like you're floating on air.

Somebody back in law school once told me
that Jack Kennedy got the CIA
to make a special deal with Khrushchev
to get every seat on Air Force One
cushioned with the stuff.

- No shit.

- No shit.

And when I first heard that,
I remember thinking,
"Man, I-I would do anything
to sit in one of those seats
before I die.
Now, just think about it:
riding with the president
30,000 feet above the rest of the world,
your whole ass
cradled by a cloud.

I mean, how can you know
about a-a thing like that
and just go back to living your life
the way you were living it before,
with your ordinary cushions
and your ordinary existence?
It's-it's impossible.

All right, so did you get to sit in one?
What's that?
The-the foam.

- The foam.

- The Air Force Oneseat.


A few times.

How'd it feel?
Better than you can ever imagine.

This court is now in session,
with the Honorable
Judge John Sirica presiding.

Uh, we have
a pretty busy schedule today.

Ben-Veniste, would you like
to call your first witness?
The special
prosecutor would like to call
George Gordon Battle Liddy
to the stand.

Liddy, much has been made
of your defiant silence
during these proceedings.

But we wanted to give you
one more chance
to set the record straight.

Do you or do you not recall
the meeting of January 27, 1972,
commonly referred to as
the Operation Gemstone meeting?
How about the subsequent
meeting of February fourth
in which you presented
your revised plans
to former Attorney General Mi
Excuse me.

Excuse me.


Oh, dear God.

Come to order, please.

Will somebody get this lunatic
out of my courtroom?
Come on.
Come on, let's go.

Come to order.

Get him out!
What the hell's going on?
Some witness has gone crazy in there.

This is you, pal.

Well, thanks for the ride.

I'll see you around.

Probably not.

My God, get the door.

Shut it!
John Dean
as I live and breathe.


You're looking well.

You had a haircut?
How-how you been?
How's the how's the
How's the family?
Oh, oh, they're skippy, thanks.

You know, I've been thinking
a lot about you lately.

- Is-is that so?
- Sure.

You see, I've spent a lot of time
trapped in a cell,
bedding down among beasts,
and it's times like those you can't help
but think of the ones on the outside
who've taken
the coward's way out, and
you're the biggest coward
of them all, aren't you, John?
Well, well, hang on
just a minute there, Gordon.

I mean, I-I'm in prison too.

Oh, I know.

You've been in prison your whole life.

As part of my training
in the bureau, they
taught us how to kill a grown man
with just a sharpened pencil.

Can you believe it?
One swift thrust
right below the Adam's apple,
and the subject bleeds out silently.

Apply enough pressure, and you
might even hit the brain stem.

I've watched you die
so many times, John Dean
in my delicious fantasies
hanging by the neck from a rafter
impaled ass first on an iron spit
decapitated by a lawn mower blade.

You know, I'm slightly
embarrassed to say,
but many a nights,
the thought of crushing you underfoot
your organs squishing
between my toes, well, it
rocked me to sleep like a lullaby.

It helped keep me warm.

But then my reverie was disturbed.

I was visited, you see.

Mm, haunted, you might say,
by a creature
a fat bitch rat with buck teeth
and suckled teats
that dotted her underbelly.

Night after night,
I could hear her in the walls,
mocking my weakness.

And deep in my heart,
I knew she was right.

For as long as I can remember,
I've wanted to purge
that weakness from my body,
to destroy every inch of it.

She brought me down to nothing,
that bitch rat.

My spirit gave out completely.

And then a miracle happened.

In my darkest hour,
I heard her calling me.

I followed her voice
into the wall.

And do you know
what I did in that moment,
face-to-face with that verminous cunt
that I'd been seeking for weeks?
I broke down, weeping like a baby.

But these were not tears
of joy or pain or madness.

They were tears of clarity,
tears of love.

I realized
that my weakness
is not something to be crushed.

It's a part of me,
just like you're a part of me, John.

The weak and the strong,
the soldier and the coward
One gives rise inexorably to the other
like a beautiful melody
through the ages.

And wha-what happened to the rat?
I ate her.

You ate her?
First I ate her pups,
and then I ate her.

I ate them all.

Don't you see?
I ate them so that you could live.

I love you, John Dean.

I love you too, Gordon.

Jesus Christ.

Who the fuck put you two
in the same room?
Let's go, pal.

Let's go.

Oh, he's so wild.

My sister went to his show
in Philadelphia.

Yeah, he sang "Rebel, Rebel"
looking straight at her.

She said it was like he could
see through her clothes
and liked it.

We should sneak away
and go see him in New Haven.

Hey, Marty, wanna go see
David Bowie in New Haven?
Are you kidding?
He's a degenerate drug addict
who makes a living singing about sex.

Wow, somebody sounds like Daddy.

Shut up.

Uh-oh, look who decided to show up.


Oh, oh, oh!
What's wrong with her?
Hey, yeah.

Almost forgot the card.

I think we should go.

I don't think we should be here.

Oh, there she is.

Marty? Whoo.

Go away.

What's wrong?
You brought a photographer?

Well, y-yes, I did.

I said stay in the car.

I told him to stay in the car.

Get in the car.

What's wrong with you?
Why are you even here?
You wanted me to come.

I didn't want you to come like this.

Are you stoned?
You mind yourself.

You can barely even stand.

I hate you.

You're the reason Dad's going to jail.

Oh, Dad.
Oh, I see.

Did he tell you that?
Is that what he's saying?
- Well, you can tell him
- I can't stand this anymore.

Just get in your car and go away.

I never wanna see you again.

Well, maybe I never wanna see you again.

I don't care.

I really don't.

Dad's right.

Everyone's right.

You are fucking crazy.

Oh, I didn't mean to do that.

Come here.

Marty, come here, baby.

Oh, come on.
I didn't mean it.


She's so

Okay, let's get in the car, all right?
- Okay.

- Come on.

Taking you to the car.

It's okay.

- Oh, she's so
- Careful, careful.

Look, one more step.
One more step.

- Thank you.

- There you go.

- Okay.
There you go.

- Oh.
Thank you, Winnie.

Watch your head.

- I don't feel
- Scooch.

I don't feel good.

You don't.
I know you don't.

How's she doing?
Um, she's a little out of it,
but she'll be all right.


About those pills
she had on her, there's
Doctor, I can't
imagine what quack in the city
is still prescribing her diazepam.

They ought to be sued for malpractice.

They're not for nerves, Ms.
and they were not prescribed
by a psychiatrist.

Earlier today,
we heard the beginning of the preamble
of the Constitution
of the United States.

Winnie, did you hear?
I got the bastard cornered.

But when that document
Yeah, I heard.

That's great.
I was not included
in that "We, the people.
I talked to your doctor.

Oh, isn't he cute?
If only Marty was ten years older.

Yeah, he says that he called
your oncologist
in D.

Why didn't you tell me you were sick?
How do you work this boopy thing?
I wanna see my Mike Douglas.

he says it's in your blood.

Probably 65% gin.

How long have you known?
Long enough.

Well, did you tell John?
I'll tell him when he calls me.

Y-you already sent him
the divorce papers, right?
Still hasn't signed them yet.

Don't you worry about me, dear.

A president is impeachable
if he attempts to subvert
the Constitution.

If the impeachment provision
in the Constitution of the United States
will not reach the offenses
charged here,
then perhaps
that 18th-century Constitution
should be abandoned
to a 20th-century paper shredder.

By a nearly unanimous
bipartisan vote,
the House Judiciary Committee
has voted to adopt
three articles of impeachment
against the president.

The other two articles of impeachment,
charging the president with
illegal bombings in Cambodia
as well as tax fraud,
were rejected by the committee.

Big guy's going down.

Didn't even take
a poisoned cigar or nothing.

Nixon? He's not going down.

You really think?
Yeah, you do not appoint
a brain-dead corncob
like Jerry Ford your successor
unless you're gonna get
something big out of it.

Well, yeah, but if-if they're
starting to hand out pardons,
then we should be next.

It was Mitchell set
the whole thing in motion.

Well, Mitchell was
just taking orders from Bob.

And who the fuck do you think
I was taking orders from?
Wait a minute.

Are you saying that Nixon
really ordered the break-in?
If I told you, I'd have to kill you.

- Yeah.

- Come on.

Look, I'll tell you this.

Nothing went on in that place
without Dick knowing all about it.

Right, John?
Look at that billboard.

What do you see?
I see a wrinkled old man
I wouldn't look at twice on the street.

You all seem to see
some fucking demon Svengali
with swirly hypnotic eyes.

Most visible billboard
on the fucking highway.

He's only up there
'cause we put him there.

What did we get out of the deal?
Couple of rides on Air Force One.

Our name on White House stationery.

I mean, shit,
don't you guys fucking get it?
That old man up there isn't Nixon.

We are Nixon,
all of us.

And we'll still be Nixon
long after he's dead and gone.

I-I didn't even get to ride
on Air Force One.

- No fooling?
- Really?
Oh, it's great.

Yeah, it's terrific.

The-the seats swivel.

You get to see a movie.

- Yeah, it's really nice.

- Dean.

You got a phone call.

Sometimes he let me walk his dog.

Oh, we all that
We did that first day.

In national news,
John Dean will be released
from prison today.

He is the first former member
of the Nixon administration
to be a free man
after serving only four months
in Fort Holabird.

Judge John Sirica granted the motion
for a reduced sentence after


all right, you know what?
I'm gonna make you a hot toddy.

Uh, I had to sell some things
to pay for the moving truck.

Just think, in one week,
we'll be on our way to L.

Do you hear they're sentencing
Mitchell to eight years?

Why me?
What was that?
Why me? Why
Why am I the one who gets out early?
I should be in prison right now.

Hey, we knew Sirica
was never gonna give you
the full five years.

No, I'm not
I'm not talking about my sentence.

We destroyed something
about this country that was
so special.

John, you didn't break anything
that wasn't already broken.

Maybe, but
how can you know that?
Really, why am I the one
that gets the book deal, hmm?
Beautiful marriage.

Why am I the one
that escapes unscathed, huh?
Because, John
you are good-looking.

- Have a wonderful evening.

- You as well.

Mitchell, party of two.

Right this way.

What are they all staring at?
Just keep walking, honey, chin up.

Excuse me.
Excuse me.

That's my table.

Oh, I'm sorry, Mr.

Your usual table's already been taken.

No, bullshit.

You're shuffling us off
to the only table in the place
where your clientele won't have
to suffer my presence.

Mitchell, if you'd like
to talk to the manager,
- be seated
- No, I'd like my fucking table.

That's what I'd like.

Come on, honey.

Here's your scotch.

- Thank you much.

- You bet.

- And here's your Coke.

- Thank you so much.

You're welcome.

Have you heard from Mom?
Just the gossip.

They've got her up at the hospital now.

Well, you know your mother
with her dramatics.

I'm sure she'll be fine.

You don't think
you're gonna call her, do you?
I'm the last person
she wants to hear from.

How about you?
Probably not.

But I feel like maybe I should.

You know, I-I hate to think
she's up there all alone.

Well, I'm sure
she's not all alone, sweetie.


Let me tell you something
about people like your mother.

They mean well,
but they will always destroy
their relationships
with the people that love them the most.

Did you know what-what was
happening to Mom in California?
I mean, did you know
while it was happening?
What in the world
would give you that idea?
I don't know.
It's just
I mean, I was listening
through the wall,
and I thought I heard
one of the bodyguards
talk to you on the phone, that's all.

oh, yeah, yeah, I remember that, um,
I called to check in on the two of you
and Peter told me
that, uh, you were both fine.

But then why didn't you ask
to talk to us?
What's that?
If you called to check on me and Mom,
then why didn't you ask
to talk to either of us?
Um, I took him at his word,
and, um, I had a lot of

All right.

Can we get some, uh, mayonnaise?

And there was that
dreadful Chantal girl, remember?
You talked to her at the reunion.

She had the crooked teeth
and the ponytails.

Oh, yeah, vaguely.

Her mother was my best friend's sister,
and we used to get
into her brother's car
and all go up to Little Rock.

I mean, it is amazing.

I don't know how you still
keep all these people straight.

Well, I've always had a good memory.

Good memory and good teeth,
that's what you get from me.

Well, thank you for the teeth.

I can still remember the song
your daddy was singing the night we met.

You're the Nile ♪
You're the Tower of Pisa ♪
You're the smile ♪
On the Mona Lisa ♪
'Cause if, baby I'm the bottom ♪
You're the top ♪
You skipped to the end.

It's like having dessert
before you have dinner.

It's like you're a child again.

Well, that's the best part.

Um, I promised Sharon that I'd call her
and let her know when I'd be home.

Is-is it okay if you wait here?
Oh, you told me that.

Yes, you can go do that.

Don't leave her waiting.

Bring me some water, please.

Of course.

that the constitutional purpose
has been served
and there is no longer a need
for the process to be prolonged.

Bellevue Hospital.

How may I direct your call?
I would have preferred
to carry through to the finish
whatever the personal agony
it would have involved,
and my family
unanimously urged me to do so.

But the interest of the nation
must always come before
any personal considerations.

From the discussions I have had
with congressional and other leaders,
I have concluded
Hey, ladies.


I might not have the support
Have you seen Martha?
Got her dinner here.

Jalissa, you seen Martha?
Oh, yeah, she was just
down the hall that way.


Oh, quiet.
I think he's gonna say it.

I have never been a quitter.

To leave office
before my term is completed
is abhorrent to every instinct
in my body.

But as president, I must put
the interest of America first.

Come quick.
It's happening.

Therefore I shall resign the presidency,
effective at noon tomorrow.

will be sworn in as president
at that hour in this office.

I think you're my new friend.

Sweet little baby.


- Uh, you got her dinner?
- Yeah.

Do you want me to go in there?
I can get her for you.


Let's just give her a minute.

- I see the signs ♪
Of a lifetime ♪
You till I die ♪
And I'm swiftly ♪
Out ♪
- Irish goodbye ♪
What if it's ♪
Not meant for me ♪
Love ♪
Richard Nixon and his loved ones
have suffered enough
and will continue to suffer
- no matter what I do,
- no matter what we,
as a great and good nation,
can do together.

- Now, therefore, I Gerald R.
president of the United States,
- have granted a full, free,
and absolute pardon
- unto Richard Nixon for all offenses.

That gossip's eye will look too soon ♪
And then I'm trapped overthinking ♪
Please rise, folks.

Don't climb on there.

I have to go ♪
And the doors are closing ♪
And you were waving and I like you ♪
And I'll never let it show ♪
And you won't wait
And maybe I won't mind ♪
And I ask myself ♪
What if it's ♪
- Oh, yeah.

Love ♪
Oh, yeah.

What if it's ♪
Not meant for me ♪
We give thanks
to you for Martha Mitchell,
recalling all the goodness
that has passed from her life
into the lives of others.

We give thanks for her zest for life
I think that that's a sign ♪
I'm losing self-control
And it's you ♪
Look, John.

This is rough.


Yeah, they really are all true ♪
When we catch eyes
At that stupid party ♪
French exits from me and you ♪
And now I'm home a little bit drunk ♪
Some things don't change
And I know now ♪
Me and you ♪
In love ♪
In love ♪
Me and you ♪
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