Gen: Lock (2019) s01e01 Episode Script


1 [bright jazz music.]
1x01 - Pilot [laughs.]
Well, one of my favorites, though, is when Julian is about, oh, four years old.
He comes in crying about his banged up knee.
You would've thought that the world was ending the way he's carrying on.
Now, I'm the type of mom, there's nothing that a little lovin' from the oven can't help.
So I give him a fresh cookie and tell him - it'll make his knee feel better.
- Ma! - Oh no.
- [chuckles.]
Oh yes.
I give him the cookie and bless his little heart, - he proceeds to rub it right on his knee.
- Ma, why? "Ma, it's not doing anything.
" [laughs.]
Thanks, Ma.
I don't care if you're young or old - Get together, let the good times roll - Let the good times roll.
It was my dad's favorite song.
Oh, Julian, cut me some slack.
News these days, gotta have my fun somewhere.
Dri! Oh, damn, Ma, you are killin' me with this.
You're always welcome to come home and eat with us.
You know how hardcore they're getting about leave these days.
- [Roberta.]
- Miss Chase, that looks amazing.
Well thank you.
Dri, now! Get together let the good times roll [lively electronic music.]
Who do you think you are Acting like you own the place Going around with your head in the clouds And your feet off the ground [disonant singing.]
And the smile on your face They taking care of you two okay down there? You look like you could use a good meal.
If we had food this nice at the base, we wouldn't fit in our uniforms.
Mom! I was live! Come meet Miranda, honey.
But my adoring fans, Ma.
Adoring fans! They adore your grades this semester? Or do you get extra credit for live streaming? Exactly what do you see in him? - Sometimes I ask myself the same thing.
- Actually, let's talk about you.
So where are you from? Where do you see yourself in five years and would you have a problem with letting your adorable sister-in-law stay with you whenever she wants? Wait, what? Well, that presumes I'd ever wanna marry him.
- Wait, what? - But it's not out of the question.
- Uumm - See my setup there? You're welcome.
One normal visit, just one, that's all I wanted.
- And here you are forming alliances.
- We should let you eat.
Miss Chase, Drianna, wonderful to meet you.
- I know.
- Likewise, dear.
Next time you two have leave, let's do this for real.
And then we'll really gang up on him.
Night all.
I got fifty cents more that I'm gonna keep So let the good times roll - So? - She's too good for you.
- Oh, I know.
- I like her.
I like seeing you smile.
Been too long.
Now go, or she's going to wonder if we're talking about her.
- We are talking about her? - All right, I'm out.
I'll say hey this weekend, all right? It's rainy weather - Love you.
- Love you.
Birds of a feather gotta stick together - Yeah.
- Uh-huh.
while remaining committed to diplomacy and together, we will draw the Union back from their self-defeating path of [whooshing.]
[tense music.]
[alarms blaring.]
[explosions booming.]
Dri! - Did I pass? - Flying colors.
- What do I win? - Me.
- Yes! - So you had fun? - Mm-hmm.
- Good.
So for the next one of these, I look forward to your mom telling me all your embarrassing stories.
Hey Hey, hey, hey! That's not how this works! [Jodie.]
She really said it.
[men laughing.]
Oh, man that's crazy.
Flyboy's alone, huh? Told you that'd crash and burn.
You gotta a wrench that'll fix my dignity? Slummin' with us lowly walkers? Oh man, how Icarus has fallen.
Hey, if Miranda dumped you, do we got time for a game of Siege? - Hey, if Miranda dumped you then - Then what? Then that would be tragic, and we should mourn the death of your relationship, - from a respectable distance.
- Smart boy.
- What's this about a game? - Siege! Sorry, fellas.
My queen summons me.
So, no Siege? - Aw.
- See that? Said no to gaming with the boys and everything.
- What, you wanna a cookie? - [chuckles.]
What do you think? Meet you-know-where in about 30? They haven't ordered us to stop yet.
My girl.
[alarm blaring.]
Battle stations, battle stations.
Repeat, battle stations.
- Come on, be a drill.
- Battle stations.
This is not a drill.
Interceptors Ready One and Ready Two, scramble.
How'd the song go? - You only live but once? - Let the good times roll.
[gentle music.]
[alarm blaring.]
[dramatic music.]
All flight crews, man your stations.
Launch the Alert Five fighters.
Stand by.
Alert Ten fighters.
All flight crews, man your stations.
Launch the Alert Five fighters.
Stand by.
Alert Ten fighters.
[fighters whooshing.]
Listen up.
This is it.
The Union's making their play.
This is not a skirmish, this is not airspace confusion, this is not a terrorist action.
This is how the war begins.
Interceptors continue your vector east northeast.
Destination is New York.
[dramatic music.]
Multiple large bogies detected.
All forces are weapons-free.
Be aware CAPs from other bases have already started to engage but to no effect.
We're detecting some sort of anomaly over the area.
Could be biohazard, could be something else.
That means until we know more, containment protocols apply.
Sending unit-specific priorities now.
[phone beeping.]
[dramatic music.]
Come on, come on.
Interceptors are buster to target.
Damn it, Chase, form up.
We did not seek this conflict, but we will rise to meet it.
The Vanguard will do everything we can to protect those who have put their trust in us.
Be strong and we will get through this.
For the people.
[Navcom beeping.]
[planes roaring.]
- All wings, bravo six, maneuver on - [Pilot.]
Swarm incoming.
- [Pilot 2.]
Drones! Evade, evade! - [Pilot 3.]
Go for ACM.
[guns firing.]
Bogies everywhere, there's [Pilot.]
Pull up, pull up! [dramatic music.]
All wings engage.
Interceptors three and four, take bogies two o'clock, angel six.
Interceptor two on me.
We're hitting the floor.
Chaser has spikes at six o'clock.
Deploying countermeasures.
[missiles explode.]
[people yelling.]
[ominous music.]
[guns firing.]
[people yelling.]
[missile explodes.]
[dramatic music.]
- [Jodie.]
What's up with this smoke? - [Leon.]
It ain't smoke, kid.
- It's nanotech.
- The Union, they actually weaponized it.
What the hell ? [Man.]
Okay, Vanguard.
Nano hazard protocols in effect.
Go ahead and seal up your striders.
[guns firing.]
[missiles exploding.]
- Divide and conquer time.
- Copy that.
[guns firing.]
[blades whirring.]
[guns firing.]
Got mine.
Where are you? [Razzle.]
By the sea wall.
I think I lost mine.
Scratch that.
[guns firing.]
[metal clunking.]
- Do you see that? - I see it.
Anvil Command.
Razzle is tally one big bastard of a walking bandit, and engaging.
Please advise.
What is that? And how the hell did it get that close?! [people exclaiming.]
[missiles exploding.]
Let's circle around.
Hit it again.
[guns firing.]
It's hacked! [grunting.]
Huh? [whooshing.]
Huh? [foam filling.]
- [Man.]
Hostile nanotech.
- Shit.
Seal your cockpits for biohazard conditions.
Do not engage.
[metal steps.]
There's new smoke headed east.
Anvil Ops, Razzle.
Permission to fire up an ESD.
Razzle, Ops.
Use of threat pulse weaponry is authorized.
Only target the nanotech.
You must not damage air traffic.
Okay, Chase.
We each got one of these.
Set yield for low inductance.
Stay on me.
We're going to Brooklyn.
It's Hail Mary time.
Copy that.
Cover me.
Going in! They can detect when ESDs are charging! They're tracking our [explosion.]
Razzle! [beeps.]
[dramatic music.]
All right, that's it.
All teams begin tactical retrograde procedures.
Cover civilian transports as long as you can, then get out of there.
- Evac, evac, evac.
- Anvil Ops, Chaser.
- Colonel, I still got my ESD.
- Negative, Chaser.
Fall back to the transports and provide escort.
I Copy that.
Chaser out.
You only live but once When you're dead, you're done [dramatic music.]
Chaser to Tempest.
- Go for Tempest.
- How you holding up? [Miranda.]
I don't know how we're gonna get out of this one.
Oh, you will.
- You can bet.
- Chase? What are you doing? [Chase.]
Miranda, I don't know if they got out.
You find my family, you tell them I tried to buy them time, you hear me? - I'm buying all of you time.
- [Miranda.]
Chase? You heard the order.
Fall back! [Man.]
Everybody back to your transports now.
- We're cut off! - The nano's everywhere! [explodes.]
Chase? [Chase.]
Love you, babe.
See you as soon as I can.
[explosion in distance.]
Chase? Chase! [exploding.]
[people yelling.]
[somber music.]
[breathing heavily.]
Come on.
- Just - You know we got a sortie soon, right? - Yeah, yeah - You know it has to work, right? I ever let you down? Hey don't, uh Yeah, don't don't answer that.
"You know it has to work right?" Mornin', sunshine.
You got time for some coffee before rounds? Good morning to you too.
And no.
Apparently I've earned the distinct privilege - of babysitting some rookies.
- [sighs.]
Lucky them.
I would have given anything for a babysitter like you when I was a kid.
Our babysitter was old Mrs.
What kind of crush is a 13 year old supposed to have on that? - 13? - Look, in my defense Just bug out, will ya? I have to be respectable.
Weller, I presume.
Welcome to the Anvil.
I'm Lieutenant Worth.
- I'm assigned - [British accent.]
Yes, charmed.
Rufus Weller, ESU.
Yeah no colonel? I'm sure she's looking forward to welcoming you.
Matter of fact, we have a briefing with her coming up.
- But as I said, I'll be - Oh, no time like the present.
Take me to your leader.
Always wanted to say that, right? Okay then, we'll just do the tour on the way.
- Do you have any gear you need to stow? - Oh, just a few things.
[trucks beeping.]
Okay, I've added authorized areas to your maps.
And that's my ID.
You can use that to message me if you need anything.
Up here is mission briefing, which should be about to start.
- Any questions? - How are you? - Excuse me? - If you don't mind my asking, I'm very curious about the state of your battalion, what you've managed to do.
It's one of the reasons we're here.
We're a research team.
Trying to come up to speed on how you fight, what works, what doesn't.
What we've managed to do is hold a line.
That's about it.
You are the shield.
Without you, all hope would have already been lost.
Perhaps you just need a better sword.
Sorry, we didn't get introduced.
- Miranda Worth.
- I've heard much about you.
Oh, curse my manners.
- This is Ms.
Madrani, also a pilot.
- Really? [beeps.]
Right-o! In we go.
So what do you fly? I didn't see any [beeping.]
This mission has been designated Operation Coyote.
With the Union accelerating their push west in recent months, there's been an increase in the number of refugees heading our way.
Recon has confirmed a new stop on the Underground Railroad, closer to us than ever before.
Nearly 30 men, women, and children are just a few miles the other side of the 88th.
They've taken great risks, sacrificed much in order to make their exodus from Union territory.
We're going to get them the rest of the way home.
One last thing.
We've got guests watching today, so be on your best behavior.
Be safe, but not too safe.
Get it done, Vanguard.
Another border run.
- This'll go well.
- Try to stay positive.
With the border getting closer every day, at least it's a shorter commute? This area's as good as it gets.
No cities, just an empty space in the middle of nowhere.
Yeah, they will literally see us coming miles away.
Do you have any idea what it took - for these people to make it this far? - Oh, for the love of Shut up, both of you.
It's game on.
[dramatic music.]
Green smoke popped.
Razor One, moving in for pickup.
[people scream.]
LZ is hot! We're under heavy fire! [Woman.]
Razor One is down.
Razor Two moving in to engage.
[guns firing.]
Tanks! They brought All right, they're mechanized.
Hornbill's bringing us around.
Striders, stand by for drop.
I hate it when I'm right.
[guns firing.]
[guns firing.]
All right, here we go! [chuckles.]
Okay, lucky shot.
Screw it.
You only live once.
Let the good times roll.
- Am I right? - What? [dramatic music.]
Can you at least kill it before it kills me? I'm trying, man.
I can't get the angle.
- We got movement behind us! - Huh? What? [Yaz.]
What are you waiting for? [Leon.]
Firing! - What the hell? - [Man.]
All right, refugees are aboard, and we've got multiple new bogies inbound.
ETA, two minutes.
It's now or never folks.
Jodie, c'mon! [ominous music.]
[people murmuring.]
Who were in those mechs? - Lieutenant, if you would please - No way those were drones.
- What were those? - Who was that? The Union ambush has certainly made this more awkward than it needed to be, but I think now would be a good time to welcome to the Vanguard the Experimental Science Unit.
They'll be staying with us for a little while, so everyone be nice.
And take a deep breath.
This is going to take some explaining.
[crowd murmuring.]
What? Hey, gang.
What did I miss? [gentle piano music.]
[upbeat rock music.]
I believe, I believe there's a reason There's a breach in the hull Started going under, loot and plunder Cut em' down, cut em' down at the knees, yeah Cut em' down to the bone Just a lesser evil, born unequal You show them where they belong Tear right through them, tear right through them all We pretend in the darkness We pretend the night won't steal our youth Singing me the sweet songs of seduction Let me be the fool, fool, fool Who will live and die for you We pretend in the darkness We pretend the night won't steal our youth Singing me the sweet songs of seduction Let me be the fool, fool, fool Who will live and die for you