Gen V (2023) s01e07 Episode Script


Remember everything I made you forget.
Maybe Cate's more powerful
than we thought.
Sometimes the thoughts are so loud,
I feel like I'm going crazy.
What if I told you we could
make the voices stop?
What I've asked you to do is difficult.
Forget about The Woods.
Your brother is dead.
You're the only one who
can keep your friends safe.
There are dangerous,
evil people at that school.
What kind of hero is too fucking
chickenshit to do anything
heroic? Fuck you.
You can't trust anyone.
[CARDOSA] I want the girl.
She doesn't understand how powerful
she really is.
She has a benefactor,
and because of that,
she's strictly off-limits.
[CATE] They were using Sam
to augment Luke's powers.
What the fuck are you guys doing to me?!
[CATE] But they were
doing other stuff, too.
The virus only affects Supes.
Shetty was directing it all.
We killed a Supe.
So, she's the answer.
Now can you make it contagious?
- [RICH] Ugh! Get off me.
Get the fuck off me, man!
- [GUARD] Settle down!
- What did I do?
- What the fuck did I do?
- Watch it.
- Hey! Fuck you!
Try not to breathe.
[WHIMPERS] What did they do to you?
Please! Please, let us out!
[CRYING] We're sorry.
We're sorry.
How long will it take?
Well, transmission occurs
through direct contact
with bodily fluids, so,
depending on Andy's viral load
Can't we make it airborne?
So it's more contagious.
I think we need to
take a beat and assess
what our long-term goals are.
I'm quite clear on that.
if an airborne virus
gets into the super-abled population,
it could spread like wildfire.
Define "wildfire".
I'm doubtful
Vought would want us
to entertain anything
so reckless, Indira.
It's a little late in the day
to worry about what
Vought wants, Edison.
And, uh,
what would happen if I
informed Vought of this?
I don't know, you tell me.
What would happen if you told Vought
you'd created a virus that kills Supes?
I didn't. I
I didn't know. I never signed on
- for any of this.
- Of course you did.
This is your brainchild.
- You invented it.
And now you're gonna finish it.
- Fuck.
- Hello, sweetheart.
[CATE] I need to see you.
What's wrong? Has something happened?
Everything is just
so fucked-up right now.
Please, can I come over?
[SIGHS] Damn, I have a meeting
in the city that I can't move.
Go to my house,
fix yourself something to eat.
I'll be there soon and
I'll take care of everything.
All right.
You take your medication today?
Take another. You'll feel better.
It'll be all right, Cate. I promise.
[MOTHER] I hate these kids.
coming to you live today
from Godolkin University,
where campus police expect
mass protests leading up
to today's town hall
with the historically unpopular
and phony socialist scammer herself,
vice presidential candidate
Victoria Neuman,
just as new rumors are surfacing
that George Soros
is filling the Singer/Neuman
campaign coffers
Shetty can't meet right now.
The fuck does that mean?
[SIGHS] Where is she?
The city. She'll be back later.
- So what do we do?
- [CATE] I'll wait for her
at her house, and then,
when she comes home,
I'll make her tell everyone everything.
[JORDAN] Fucking liar. Can't
wait to go run back to Shetty.
[ANDRE] If we let her go alone,
she'll just stab us in the back.
[MARIE] How could we trust her
when she's still hiding something?
- I'll go with her.
- It's okay.
No. I'm going.
You can trust me.
Stay out of our fucking heads.
Then maybe we'll trust you.
- I swear.
I swear, you can.
I want to believe you.
I know you do.
- Do you believe me?
You already know.
Fucking stop for a minute.
She was reading our thoughts, Marie.
You know, she probably can't help it.
- Why are you making excuses for her?
- I'm not.
Look, she could fuck with
our heads any time she wants to,
and she's not.
We have to believe she's on our side.
And you got to stop turning into a dude
when you want to make a point to us.
- Fine.
- Fine.
We need Cate.
She's the only way to get Shetty
to expose The Woods.
Unless we get proof ourselves.
Shetty's in the city all day.
I got the key to her office.
I'm her T.A., remember?
Look, we find proof about The Woods,
or what they've done to Sam
and those other kids down there,
it doesn't matter what Cate does.
And then what? Post it on Insta?
You think they're gonna
believe a Black girl
and a bi-gender Asian Supe
over Vought? No. They're just gonna
twist it like they twist
everything else.
Unless we get it to someone
they will listen to.
[EMMA] Okay, these are all your clothes.
I'm gonna take these to this guy
from my Voice and Movement class.
I mean, he's kind of sketch,
but for five ecstasy pills,
he'll use his pyro powers
to incinerate everything,
no questions asked, which is good.
And then
it'll be like it never
even happened, right?
I did rip an entire person in half.
- Yeah.
- I mean,
in my defense, he was a puppet
at the time, so
I know,
but maybe you didn't do that
because now I'm destroying the evidence
and who even remembers now? I don't.
You have so many things.
Okay, that is a normal
amount of sex toys.
I like options.
- Oh.
Okay. Okay.
I stole these from the
laundry room for you.
I think they're clean?
No, I-I like what I'm wearing. It
smells like you.
Oh, no, no, no.
You got to stay here.
- Right.
- Yeah.
No one can know where you are.
That makes sense. Yeah.
I'll be super quick.
I mean, I can get you food, too.
You got to be starving.
Oh, w-will that take you
a very long time?
No. No, there's a Vought-A-Burger
right in student union.
You won't even know that I'm gone.
The last time I had Vought-A-Burger
I was with Luke.
Everything you've gone through,
I mean, I'd be fucked-up.
I mean,
I'd be really fucked-up.
But you're so sweet.
I mean, when you're not
slaughtering a bunch of dudes.
Do not answer the door, no matter what.
- Stranger danger.
- Stranger danger.
Stranger danger. Yup. All right.
What's that?
I don't know.
This was hidden in her drawer.
All this stuff about a plane crash.
Transoceanic Flight 37.
[JORDAN] Yeah, I remember that.
It was terrorists, right?
Yeah, that's what they said.
Oh, my God, look.
[JORDAN] Shetty, Lily, age 11.
Shetty, Paul, age 46.
Her family was on the plane.
Oh, Shetty, Shetty, Shetty.
You want me to increase
the viral infection rate.
Kill them all, she says.
And sign my own death certificate.
How about
you take a long drink
of that, Indira.
You fucking cunt.
What did he say about infection rate?
[MALLORY] You know some powerful people.
Thank you for meeting me.
A chat with a celebrated
Vought psychologist
who's now dean of their
little superhero factory?
Who could resist?
You've got two minutes.
You'll want longer.
I'm sorry, this is at the school,
and Vought doesn't know?
We're estimating about
ten months to make it potent
and contagious enough
to get the job done.
It's getting harder to hide.
That's why I need you.
For what, exactly?
I know you monitor Supes.
Their team affiliations,
their whereabouts.
You know where to find all of them,
even those that aren't
under Vought's thumb.
We'll be able to neutralize
them once and for all.
What you're describing
goes beyond neutralizing.
It's a war crime.
This is a war. Us against them.
And so far, they've been
winning. The virus gives us
a way to fight back.
It's genocide.
You need to stop what
you're doing immediately.
If Vought gets wind of this,
the Supes will crush you
and everyone you care about.
Too late for that.
No matter how many of them you kill,
none of this is going to
bring your husband
and daughter back.
Or your grandchildren.
But it could save someone else's.
A man who works for me,
one of your fellow countrymen,
although, I doubt you travel
in the same circles,
has this same rage.
It's so consumed him
that there's nothing left.
Trust me, you don't want
to go down that path.
I'm doing this with or without you.
With you would be easier.
Together, we can end it, finally.
Or I could have you
arrested, or committed.
But I don't think you will.
Part of you agrees with me.
- We're done here.
- Wait.
Pleasure to meet you, Dean Shetty.
Go back to your school.
Did you get all that?
Keep a close eye on her.
Best behavior ♪
This is my best behavior ♪
Best behavior ♪
- This is my best behavior ♪
- Emma.
- Best behavior ♪
I wanted you to know ♪
That I was good today ♪
I was very good ♪
I was ♪
Well-behaved ♪
I needed you to hear ♪
Oh, hi.
You look so badass.
You just think that
'cause I'm strong
and mistreated.
- Emma!
Give me a hand.
Are-are you okay?
That is fucking amazing.
- Steve, it's melting!
- You got to try.
- Is this allowed?
I mean, are-aren't you
gonna get in trouble?
[CHUCKLES] We're superheroes.
We can do whatever we want.
- Spike the punch ♪
And get everyone sent home ♪
So in the end, it's you
and me, dancing all alone ♪
Drink that shit. Here we go, here we go.
- Yeah! Yeah!
- Spike the punch ♪
And disconnect the phones ♪
'Cause it's always been you and me ♪
And that's the only thing
I've ever known ♪
Yo, party's moving. You coming?
Um I'm supposed to stay here
to, uh, to wait for Emma.
Dude, Emma's at the party
we're going to.
She is?
Yeah, sure, whatever. Come on.
- There he is.
Yo, fuck Neuman!
[DIRECTOR] All right, people, let's go.
We're live in four, three
Should an avowed superhero "reformer"
be speaking at a college
for superheroes?
To answer this question, we're joined
by Godolkin University trustee,
beloved God-fearing superhero
who bleeds red, white,
and blue, Polarity.
Hello there. Thank you
for having me, Cameron.
[CAMERON] Now, am I getting this right?
You're moderating Victoria
Neuman's town hall?
[CHUCKLES] Cameron, Victoria
Neuman is being invited
It turns out Shetty's big into edibles.
- Can you believe it?
- Yeah.
I pictured her, uh, her kitchen
to be full of just, like, British tea.
Oh, yeah, she's got that, too.
Why is he on Cameron Coleman?
He doesn't have anything new
to push until next year.
[CATE] Moderating the Neuman thing.
Shetty thought it would look
better if an actual superhero
was asking questions
about superhero issues.
Didn't he talk to you about that?
Andre, when was the last time
you two talked?
When I found out he was Vought's bitch,
and when he told me
not to rescue the kids
that were trapped in the prison
under the school, so
I'm sorry.
You know, when I was a kid,
I wanted to be just like him.
But after everything
we know about this place
you'd have to be a fucking idiot
to think any of it matters.
I just can't trust him.
So, that's why I haven't talked to him.
And if I did, he'd probably
just go to Vought anyway, so
Is that what you think of me?
That I'm just gonna
tell Shetty everything?
You tell me, Cate. You're
the one in my fucking head.
[POLARITY] Look, Cameron,
we here at Godolkin
believe that speech is free
and knowledge can be a superhero.
A superpower.
And it's a good thing
that someone as versatile
and trustworthy as you
has stepped up to ask
the tough questions
that superheroes and
real Americans care about.
[CAMERON] Uh, Polarity, you okay?
- Holy sh
Somebody get some fucking help!
Get some help!
- Oh, shit.
- [TV ANNOUNCER] Are you ready to stop
- reusing your catheter
- Go, go, they're right on campus. Go.
Medicare and Vought Insurance
now cover up to $250
- per month. There are no upfront costs.
You are gonna love
No. No, no, no, no, no, no.
Shit, shit, shit, shit.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
That's my dad. That's my dad.
[MEDIC] Buckle in. We got to get going.
Oh, shit.
He's seizing again.
Wait. Dad, Dad!
[ANDRE] Damn it, Dad, wake up!
- Do something.
I'm trying! We need to wake him up.
- Dad, wake up!
Maverick, open up.
Hey, Sloane.
Have you seen this guy?
- Why, are you stalking him or something?
- No.
- So, you haven't seen him?
- No.
I'm not a fucking Find My Friends app.
Go cockblock someone else.
Stop! Put that down!
[MAN 1] Cancel Neuman!
[WOMAN 1] Shut up!
I thought you said Emma was here.
Oh. She's meeting us later.
[CAMERON] If you're just joining us,
I'm Cameron Coleman, pinch-hitting
for my good friend Polarity,
who had a last-minute emergency.
Ms. Neuman, you claim
that the FBSA is here
to protect people from superheroes,
but at your own congressional hearing,
Stormfront slaughtered multiple people,
and on a separate occasion,
Soldier Boy nearly killed
thousands of innocent
people in Manhattan.
Now, both times, why were you
just sitting back
snapping your gum,
watching America burn?
Look, Cameron, the thing
that you need to remember here
is that both those instances
caused a 30% drop
of public confidence in superhumans.
And the FBSA responded
by actually strengthening protection
of both humans and superhumans alike,
leading to a record low number
of violent incidents
in both populations.
[CAMERON] Or is your agency
just an excuse for persecuting
one of America's most prominent
minority groups?
Which is why they deserve
to have a voice.
If elected, our administration
wants to put a new position
in government
that allows the superhuman community
- to have a seat at the table.
- Really?
- Yes.
- That have anything to do
with the fact that polls show
your ticket is below 30%
- with the super-abled community?
- No, Cameron.
Let's open this up
to the audience of America's
future superheroes. Yes, over here.
Shit, still no word from Cate.
Not surprising.
Maybe we should check on her.
There's no time.
Got to find Neuman,
tell her what we know.
[MARIE] Any chance
you know a teleporter?
No, but I can cause a distraction.
[MARIE] Jordan, what're you gonna do?
Don't get caught.
You're the girl who fucking
tortured Emma, right?
No, no, no, no. [SIGHS]
I just gave her a plat
Look at this.
Jordan Li attacking her own kind.
Say goodbye to number five, Jordan.
Hey! Break it up!
- Fucking kids.

[STUDENT] Thank you
for being here today.
We all saw Homelander
kill a human in broad
daylight, unprovoked.
Is he gonna be held accountable?
Thank you. That is a good question.
I have full faith in the legal system,
and Homelander should stand trial,
just like anybody else,
and a jury of his peers
will decide that outcome.
Humans aren't our fucking peers.
[STEVE] What about us, huh?
Supe lives matter!
Can you state once and for all
whether superheroes have civil rights?
Like all Americans,
superhumans have civil rights
and everything that
comes along with that.
[MAN] Fuck yeah we do!
- And I get it,
the superhuman community
wants to make sure
that the government
is treating them fairly
- and addressing their unique concerns.
- [WOMAN] Bullshit!
Robert Singer and I know
that most superhumans
are law-abiding citizens.
Fucking narc. You don't know shit.
We can find common sense solutions here.
You will not control us.
This isn't about control.
You will not control us.
You will not control us.
This is not about control.
No, no, no, it's all right,
it's all right.
Look, people are passionate
about the issue,
so am I.
Hey. Come back here.
You will not control us.
Why is everyone so angry?
Because they're trying to limit us.
Take away our power,
but Homelander is right.
You will not control us.
You will not control us.
[NEUMAN] Robert Singer
and I want to work
with superhumans just like you
to make sure
Like most of America,
this crowd has rejected Victoria Neuman
and her un-American,
anti-superhero agenda.
- Supe lives matter.
- You will not control us.
You will not control us.
Ms. Neuman, um, uh,
do you have a minute?
- Step away.
- Ms. Neuman, please, it's important
that I speak with you.
You're Marie Moreau, right?
I was hoping I'd meet you.
You were?
Yeah, um, let's find
someplace we can chat,
just the two of us.
- Have you seen Sam?
- Are you fucking kidding me?
- No. Where is he?
- I don't know.
There's so much security here.
What if they found him?
Then we're fucked, Emma.
He's the only proof we had
that The Woods exist.
Okay, he could be in real
fucking trouble, Jordan.
We got to find him before
Sam. Sam.
- Emma.
- Where have you been?
I missed you.
You're supposed to be hiding.
I was shitting myself worried.
I was waiting for you.
Emma, I-I drank beer.
There was this,
there was this ice slide.
I wish you'd seen it.
And all of these superheroes
using their powers.
It-it was, it was the best.
I mean, some of the people
here are a bag of dicks.
I guess, but, come on, it's awesome
being with people like us,
just having fun.
Okay, look, we need
to get him out of here now.
Okay, Sam, Sam, we got to
hide you. It's okay.
We just got to hide you.
- Oh, man.
- Shh.
- Later, guys.
- [JORDAN] Now.
Oh, Cate. [SIGHS]
Why are you in here
with all the lights off?
I've been trying to call you for hours.
I'm sorry, my meeting
went long. [CHUCKLES]
You look so tired, darling.
Why don't we get you some rest.
- We can talk later.
- This can't wait.
You've not been taking
your medication, Cate.
You know what happens when you don't.
- I've got your prescription here.
- No.
All those pills ever did
was make me numb.
They weren't helping me.
They were clouding me.
You talk, manipulate, control.
That's all you've ever done to me.
- That isn't true.
- And I'm fucking sick of it.
You say I'm doing the right thing.
It doesn't feel right.
What if I said you didn't
have to do it anymore?
- Lies.
- Am I?
It's almost time to leave this place.
- You're leaving me?
- No.
We are leaving. Together.
After I've tied up a few loose ends,
then all of the sacrifices,
all of the hard work
will finally pay off.
- You want to make us sick.
- Not you.
No, I'm gonna keep you safe.
We need each other.
When I lost my husband and my daughter,
I lost my entire world.
Every day I asked myself,
"Why am I still here?"
But in finding you,
and with all our time together, I
I've found something
truly special again.
- My powers.
- No, Cate, you.
A girl who was just as lost
and lonely as I felt.
Somehow, I feel like you are truly mine,
and I love you.
You're telling the truth.
I know you feel alone,
but we have each other.
One last push from you,
and then we can leave
all of this behind.
You will never be alone again.
My daughter's gonna be so jealous
that I met the Guardian
of Godolkin today.
We're huge fans.
I was hoping you'd come
to my town hall today,
maybe ask a question.
Your, uh, dean didn't show up either.
I think a personal emergency.
Yeah. I don't know.
It's okay.
It was a shit show anyway.
You know what?
We'll hide out in the green room
until it all blows over out there.
Otherwise, I think they might
[CLICKS TONGUE] take off my head.
Look, there's something I wanted
Your powers are badass.
Coolest I've ever seen.
Those lassos and blood swords
must be fucking exhausting, though.
What else can you do?
- Oh, that's about it.
- Oh, come on.
Tell me something about myself.
I I don't understand.
You can sense things in blood.
Use that
and tell me about me.
Oh, my God, you're
Your blood, there's Compound V in it.
You're a Supe.
I knew you could do it. Good job.
How? Why? [STAMMERS]
Give me your knife.
Holy shit.
Thought I was the only one
till you popped up at Red River.
I couldn't let them ship you off
to their adult facilities,
so I got you into Godolkin.
I mean, don't get me wrong,
you're awesome and everything,
and-and you got in on your own merits.
I just, uh, gave you a little boost.
Hold on, hold on, hold on.
Why-why are you telling me this?
Because we understand each other.
[SCOFFS] You don't know
anything about me.
Oh, yes, I do.
I know that you've fought
for every fucking thing
you've ever got in your life.
I know that you're constantly lonely,
and you're afraid that
you're gonna hurt people,
like you did with your parents.
And you feel like everybody
is afraid of you
because you grew up
hearing that your powers
are too dangerous,
too disgusting for anyone
to ever want to adopt you.
I also know that every Friday
for the past eight years,
you've had fish sticks
with pink sauce "as a treat".
'Cause I did, too.
You grew up at Red River?
Yeah, till I was 12.
I still can't have fish.
It's residual trauma.
Just, like, the smell alone is-is
- horrifying.
They were wrong about you
and your powers, Marie.
You are a very rare
and exceptional girl.
Thank you.
Okay, enough nostalgia for one day.
You had something important
you wanted to tell me, right?
There's a secret lab
under this school
called The Woods
where they experiment on kids.
They're infecting them with
a virus that can kill Supes.
A virus? Are you sure?
There's a Dr. Cardosa.
He-he works in The Woods.
He knows all about it.
Look, you have to tell everyone
what Vought is doing.
I'll handle it.
- Handle it?
- Yeah.
What what does that mean?
That means I got it
from here, Marie, okay?
- You can go back to being a student.
- What?
No, no. I can't just go back
to being a student when this
whole fucking school is a lie.
Listen to me.
God U is your shot
at finally having some
control over your life.
Once Vought stashes people like
you and me inside Red River,
it's fucking impossible to break out
of that orphanage to institution
pipeline without help.
Trust me.
Look, I have a platform
now where I can help people.
I mean, isn't that the entire
point of being a superhero?
You don't have shit. Marie Moreau,
Guardian of Godolkin,
is marketing, okay?
And you better believe
that Vought will ship her off
to the adult facility if she
keeps fucking up her situation.
But the first Black woman in The Seven,
she has real power.
She's friends with the vice president.
That woman, she could
make a real difference
politically, culturally.
Maybe she can even find Annabeth.
Two paths, Marie.
You have to choose. You can't have both.
Let's keep in touch.
S-Sorry I haven't been around.
I'm here.
Are you okay?
Your eye
- What happened?
- [CATE] I'm okay,
and now she'll do whatever we want.
Maybe you should rest.
I feel fine.
It wasn't my powers
that were fucking me up.
It was the pills she was giving me.
- I've never felt better.
- [SHETTY] Cate.
Listen to your friends.
They care about you.
Shut up.
You had your chance to talk,
and now it's my turn.
Please, Cate, you don't
have to do this. I love you.
[CATE] I know you love me.
It doesn't change the fact
that you're a fucking bitch.
Cate, what the fuck is going on?
Don't worry, we're on the same side.
Okay, sorry, can I get
a quick SparkNotes version?
'Cause I have no idea what the
fuck you guys are talking about.
Tell them what you told me.
This school is a front.
Thomas Godolkin was
a behavioral scientist.
He built this place to figure out
what makes Supes tick,
their weaknesses, how to control them.
You're not here to study.
The school is here to study you.
You're subjects. Not human.
We're better than humans.
We found out she has some kind of virus
to kill the kids in The Woods.
She wants to make it more contagious.
She wants more than that. Don't you?
I want it to spread across the globe
and kill all of you.
Holy fuck.
Why? We don't want to hurt you
or anyone. You know that.
Don't lie. Tell her.
So so all this because he lasered
that Starlighter dude?
No, sorry, it's fucked-up,
don't get me wrong,
but, like, killing all of us seems
seems a little melodramatic.
He took down that plane?
He killed your family?
It's not just him.
You all leave a path
of destruction behind you.
You have ruined countless lives.
Just look at what
you did to your parents.
You can't help it.
It's your species.
Tell them what your last
assignment was for me.
Kill everybody in The Woods.
[JORDAN] Jesus Christ. Did you?
Of course not, Jordan.
I'm trying to show you
what kind of a monster she is.
She wants to wipe us off
the face of the Earth.
They all do,
so we have to strike first.
Starting with her.
Cate, make me forget. We can start over.
- I'm gonna take care of you.
- Shut up. Shut up.
Shut up. Shut up. Shut the fuck up.
- Cate!
- Indira.
- It's time.
Fuck. Cate.
- [EMMA] Holy shit.
- [JORDAN] Cate.
Oh, my fucking God.
Holy fuck.
- No.
- Don't help.
Fuck, fuck, fuck. Fuck, fuck.
Marie, do something!
Cate. Cate, you don't need to do this.
We have Neuman. She's gonna stop her.
We can't trust anybody.
They'll only hurt us.
This is the only way.
- Baby girl
Cate, Cate.
Cate, please. Please.
You have to let me save her.
I'm so sorry you have to relive this.
do you know what you've done?
For all of us.
The virus isn't very
contagious, thank God.
It can survive for a few days
at ambient temperature,
but, you'll want to get these test tubes
into cold storage sooner than later.
NIH will know what to do.
Speaking out against Vought
takes a lot of courage, Dr. Cardosa.
I was so relieved
when you contacted me about my research.
I could not stand by any longer
while Dean Shetty twisted my work.
You and I have the same goals, right?
Compassionate control.
That is such a great phrase.
Do you mind if I steal that?
Sure. It's all yours.
And you'll get me and my family
out before things take a turn.
- Witness protection, right?
- Yeah.
Already taken care of.
- Is this all of it?
- Yeah.
And you're the only one
who knows how to replicate it, right?
We'll make sure this stays
out of the wrong hands.
You're a 21st-century
American hero, Dr. Cardosa.
The air must be a little dry.
Off with your head ♪
Dance till you're dead ♪
Heads will roll, heads will roll ♪
Heads will roll on the floor ♪
Glitter on the wet streets ♪
Silver over everything ♪
The river's all wet ♪
You're all chrome ♪
Dripping with alchemy ♪
Shiver stop shivering ♪
The glitter's all wet ♪
You're all chrome ♪
The men cry out, the girls cry out ♪
The men cry out, the girls cry out ♪
The men cry out, oh, no ♪
The men cry out, the girls cry out ♪
The men cry out, the girls cry out ♪
The men cry out, oh, no ♪
Oh ♪
Oh ♪
Oh ♪
Oh ♪
Off, off with your head ♪
Dance, dance till you're dead, dead ♪
Heads will roll, heads will roll ♪
Heads will roll on the floor ♪
Looking glass ♪
Take the past ♪
Shut your eyes ♪
Realize ♪
Looking glass ♪
Take the past ♪
Shut your eyes ♪
Realize ♪
Off, off, off with your head ♪
Dance, dance, dance till you're dead ♪
Off, off, off with your head ♪
Dance, dance, dance till you're dead ♪
Off, off, off with your head ♪
Dance, dance, dance till you're dead ♪
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