Genius (2017) s03e04 Episode Script


ANNOUNCER: Previously on Genius.
MRS. MELBA: It was just
like this with your wife.
Poor Barbara. Bless her soul.
CL: My past ain't
got nothing to do with you.
MRS. MELBA: You had relations with a.
CL: Shut, shut your mouth.
Shut your mouth I said.
MRS. MELBA: You got with
ARETHA: They put a crown on my head,
and he punched me in my face.
TED: Don't let that queen
stuff get to your head.
ARETHA: I'm going to let
that queen thing go wherever
I want it to.
CL: You've got to
step away from him, baby.
He's dragging you down.
ERMA: You know I had
six singles on Epic and
not one is charted.
Sometimes I look at you.
Do I even have a chance?
MAN (OVER TV): Today marked
the fourth day of looting and
arson in Detroit.
KING: They've been telling
me the best way to raise
money is to hold benefit concerts.
ARETHA: I'd like to join
your tour, Dr. King.
KING: And we'd love to have you.
WOMAN: What you mean you
left your baby at home?
Who you say his Daddy was again?
WOMAN: I knew your mother.
She had the same shine you got.
ARETHA: I don't think
Momma would be proud of me
having a baby.
WOMAN: If your momma was around,
that baby wouldn't have happened.
KING: Every time I talk
about freedom for our people,
I'm also talking about freedom
of the mind, personal freedom.
Martin Luther King was
shot and was killed tonight in Memphis.
Here she is the queen of the
rhythm and blues Aretha Franklin!
I can't get no satisfaction, ♪
I can't get no satisfaction ♪
And I try, I tell ya I try ♪
Believe me I try ♪
I sure enough try ♪
I can't get no, ♪
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
I can't get no ♪
When I'm drivin' in my car, ♪
And the man comes on the radio ♪
He's tellin' me more and more about ♪
Some useless information ♪
That's supposed to
fire my imagination ♪
I can't get no, ♪
Oh, no, no, no, ♪
Hey, hey, hey ♪
Oh that's what I say ♪
Yes it is ♪
Hey hey, yeah ♪
Oh that's what I say ♪
Sure enough ♪
I tell you that I can't
get no satisfaction, ♪
I can't get no satisfaction ♪
And I try, I tell ya I try ♪
Believe me I try I sure enough try ♪
I can't get no, ♪
I can't get no ♪
Well, I don't know what I can do ♪
When I just can't do no more ♪
Each thing new and different I try ♪
Seems to turn out to be one big bore ♪
I can't get no ♪
Oh, no-no-no ♪
Hey, yeah-yay-hey ♪
Oh, baby, that's what I say ♪
Said I'm fed up ♪
Hey-yeah-yeah ♪
Oh, that's what I say ♪
Yes, it is ♪
I can't get me no satisfaction ♪
All I need is some social reaction ♪
Yeah, yeah ♪
Ohh-ah-yeah ♪
Hey, I can't get no satisfaction ♪
I need social reaction ♪
Yeah-yay ♪
Ohh-ah-yeah ♪

ARETHA (OVER PA): Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Thank you. Thank you very much.
ARETHA: Wooo, but that was wild.
TED: White folks digging you?
That's a whole new level.
ARETHA: Yes, it is.
Let's take this shit worldwide.
RUTH: Well, it's funny
you should mention that.
A journalist contacted me earlier.
He's wanting to do a story on
black singers about the sound
of soul and you're one
of the folks he wants
to talk to.
ARETHA: Now who does he write for?
RUTH: Time Magazine.
This is international.
Your concert fees are going to go up.
Now they want to do a
little bit of an interview.
TED: How little?
RUTH: Half a page.
ARETHA: Well they might
need more than that.
RUTH: Oh yes, they will.
ERMA: Come on, Queen. Tell her!
RUTH: All right, Erma, thank you.
ERMA: You're welcome.

REPORTER: Thank you,
Ms. Franklin, for giving our
Time readers a peek at
how you make the hits.
ARETHA: Uhm. Here we go.

Billy Ray was a preacher's son ♪
And when his daddy would
visit he'd come along ♪
When they gathered around
the parlour talkin' ♪
That's when Billy
would take me walkin' ♪
Through the backyard we'd go walkin' ♪
Then he'd look into my eyes ♪
Lord knows, to my surprise ♪
The only one who could ever reach me ♪
Was the son of a preacher man ♪
The only boy who could ever teach me ♪
Was the son of a preacher man ♪
Yes he was, ♪
Hallelujah ♪
He was, ♪
Hallelujah ♪
Ooh, yes he was ♪
Hallelujah ♪
Bein' good isn't always easy ♪
No matter how hard I try ♪
When he started sweet-talkin' to me ♪
He'd kiss 'n tell me
"Everything is all right" ♪
Sock it to me ♪
"Baby, baby everything is all right" ♪
Ah, sock it to me ♪
Can I sneak away again tonight? ♪
The only one who could ever reach me ♪
Was the son of a preacher man ♪
I tell you that the only boy ♪
Who could ever teach me ♪
Was the son of a preacher man ♪
Yes he was, yeah, he was, ♪
Ooh, yes he was ♪
How well I remember ♪
The look that was in his eyes ♪
Stealin' kisses from me on the side ♪
Takin' time to make time ♪
Tellin' me that he's all mine ♪
Learnin' from each other's knowin' ♪
Lookin' to see how
much we've grown and ♪
The only boy who could ever reach me ♪

Son of a preacher man ♪
He's the only boy who
could ever teach me ♪
REPORTER: Hope you're
looking forward to spending
more time with me.
Just got off the phone
with my boss and the
banner's going to read,
"The Sound of Soul."
They want your picture
on the cover because they
want the whole story to
be mostly all about you.
RUTH: That's what I'm talking about,
a full-length article, Aretha.
ARETHA: That's a lot of
people reading about me.
TED: You're not just part
of the sound of soul;
you are the sound of soul.
RUTH: Congratulations.
CL: So, take the word, His word,
and you let it fill up your day.
Fill up your every thought.
MAN: Preach it, Reverend Franklin.
CL: You all ain't listening to me.
WOMAN: Oh amen, yeah, yeah, yeah.
CL: I said let it
fill up your every thought.
Fill up your every deed so
you are like the right hand
of his mighty sword of justice.
Can I get an amen?
- BARBARA: Amen.
CL: Amen, amen.
CONGREGATION: Amen. Come on now.
CL: My brothers and sisters,
I would like you to welcome
my devoted wife, Barbara,
who will lead us in song.
O Lord my God, ♪
When I in awesome wonder. ♪
Consider all the worlds
Thy Hands have made. ♪
I see the stars, ♪
I hear the rolling thunder. ♪
Thy power throughout
the universe displayed. ♪
Then sings my soul, ♪
My Savior God, to Thee. ♪
Savior God, to Thee. ♪
How great Thou art,
How great Thou art. ♪
Oh, how great Thou art. ♪
Then sings my soul,
My Savior God, to Thee. ♪
Savior God, to Thee. ♪
How great Thou art, ♪
How great Thou art! ♪
CL: Yes!
WOMAN: Amen.
Yes, Barbara.
BARBARA: Amen, amen.
WOMAN: Reverend Franklin,
you give a fine, fine sermon.
WOMAN: My favorite passage,
"We are a proud race who
need not bow down to any soul."
WOMAN: Is she singing to him?
WOMAN: Setting my heart
racing, Reverend, for justice.
CL: Amen.
WOMAN: Thank you, Reverend.
WOMAN: So have you picked out names yet?
BARBARA: If it's a boy
we'll name him Clarence
after the reverend, of course.
WOMAN: And if it's a girl?
BARBARA: Aretha. It's a family name.
WOMAN: Oh, beautiful.
a good sermon, son.
CL: Thank you, Momma.
Where are Erma and Cecil?
MRS FRANKLIN: I couldn't
get them out of the playroom
with Sister Margaret
and their tambourines.
CL: Pleasure to meet you.
KING: Likewise.
You should be very proud of your son.
FATHER: We are indeed.
BARBARA: I wonder who that man is.
Got a nice suit on.
KING: We'll be in touch, Reverend.
CL: Thank you.
BARBARA: Almost feels too
quiet with them both asleep.
CL: It's going to
get pretty noisy when the
new one gets here.
BARBARA: I can't wait.
CL: Me either.
What'd you think about my sermon?
BARBARA: I particularly liked the
Psalm 62:5 through 6 passage.
"God alone is the mighty
rock that keeps me safe.
He is the fortress where I feel secure."
CL: That complemented
my theme of self-reliance.
BARBARA: Beautifully.
CL: And I appreciate
you choosing that hymn,
although in my mind
I think you should have
sung another verse.
BARBARA: So, you gonna
tell me who the man in the
nice suit was or you
gonna keep me wondering?
Is he from the radio station?
CL: Uh, no.
You are, you are not
going to believe this,
but he was from Nashville NAACP.
BARBARA: Was he lost?
CL: That's what I thought.
But two weeks from now
they want me to come down and
speak to the leadership council.
They think I can be a
voice for our people.
BARBARA: Oh, honey, I'm so proud of you.
That's wonderful.
CL: Thank you, baby.
What's that look for?
What's worrying you?
BARBARA: I just, just
wouldn't want the world to
pull you away from us too much.
CL: You don't have to worry about that.
Besides, I told them that
I'm only coming if it's
the two of us.
I told them to find some
accommodations at a very
lovely establishment nearby.
BARBARA: What would I do in Nashville?
CL: We are a team.
A wife of noble character she's
worth far more than rubies,
but good things
are coming for us, Barbara.
That too.
TED: To you on the cover
right where you belong.
ARETHA: I still can't believe it.
RUTH: Now, remember this is
not Jet or Ebony so they're
not going to be asking
softball questions.
Time Magazine is going to
ask what they want to ask.
TED: Not to worry, Ruth,
you're going to have all
the right answers.
Look, baby, you deserve it.
You got more top ten hits
than any black singer ever.
RUTH: We're big time now.
MAN: Hey, hey.
TED: Private party, friend.
MAN: I want to dance
with the Queen of Soul.
TED: Yeah, well, not tonight, buddy.
MAN: Come on, Queen.
I buy your records. Dance with me.
ARETHA: Don't touch me.
Get off me. You can't touch me.
TED: What the hell?
Folks can't have a drink in peace?
WOMAN: Shouldn't go to your
favorite spot if you're trying
to duck the press.
ARETHA: You really going
to do this to me, Sis?
WOMAN: Tabloids will
pay a fortune for this.
WOMAN 2: Is that Aretha Franklin?
TED: Who died?
ARETHA: My career.
TED: Well, maybe this will cheer you up.
Photos from that paparazzi woman of you
shoving that drunk.
ARETHA: Thank you.
TED: Don't ask me how much it cost.
ARETHA: Thank you, baby.
This could have ruined everything.
Maybe I shouldn't do this Time thing.
I don't exactly like reporters.
TED: Hey, hey, hey,
you're going to do it.
You just ain't going to
leave nothing to chance.
ARETHA: All right, well,
we'll invite the reporter
here and put on a show.
TED: Mm-hmm.
ARETHA: Help me clean up.
TED: Whatever you say, Queen.
ARETHA: Come on now, everybody, listen.
No, no, nobody is going to mess this up.
We know how to get through
one dinner with a reporter
without making fools of ourselves.
ARETHA: You sure about that?
ERMA: Don't worry about me.
CECIL: Carolyn's going to
be sorry she missed this one.
ERMA: Oh well, she's very
happily in the studio
recording "Baby Dynamite",
but I'm here for you, Sis.
CL: Re's right.
We have to have her back.
BIG MOMMA: The cover story in
Time Magazine!
That's really something.
ARETHA: Um, Cecil, can you run
point if the conversation lags?
CECIL: I'll tell a story about
how you would hide from the
piano teacher because you liked
playing more than lessons.
ARETHA: And, and Ruth,
if he starts to talk about
the business side of things.
RUTH: I'll mention your tour dates.
ARETHA: Thank you.
And, Daddy, you just talk
about my musical background
and my upbringing in the
church, nothing more.
CL: No, no, no.
BIG MOMMA: Well, I'm going to
talk about how your father was
a sharecropper to put food
on the table for his family.
And how the man cheated him.
ARETHA: No, no, Big Mamma,
um, just happy,
upbeat stories only.
TED: Don't worry, baby
girl, just feed us the line.
We'll do whatever you want.
CL: I promise you this Time
reporter's going to see
a perfect life,
your perfect family or
I'm going to kill somebody
trying to make it.
After you get this worry off your plate.
I want you to come home.
There's some young brothers
I want you to meet.
They're taking up the
cause of our people.
They call themselves
the Republic of New Afrika.
CECIL: Daddy don't be dragging
Aretha into those people.
Okay, some of their
ideas are pretty radical.
CL: They, they fine young men.
They, they, they dedicated
to uplifting our people.
ARETHA: After the dinner tonight,
we can talk about schedule.
CL: Okay.
RUTH: Aretha, it'll be fine.
We'll all play our parts.
CL: Why are you looking at me?
ERMA: Well, because, Daddy,
you said you're going to kill somebody.
CL: Bless this family, oh God.
And we ask in the precious
name of Jesus Christ our Lord.
GROUP: Amen.
REPORTER: So I'm curious.
Why did it take you
over a year to record the
'Preacher Man' song?
ARETHA: My father being a pastor,
I didn't think it was appropriate.
RUTH: Didn't quite seem respectful.
TED: A little racy.
father's an important man.
CL: She told me about it.
I, I liked the tune,
but and plus she's going to
make it a big hit.
REPORTER: Do you have to
approve of all her music?
ARETHA: No, and honestly,
I don't sing anything I don't like.
CECIL: When we were kids,
the girls would sing and dance
and work out all the moves.
ARETHA: We'd even let Cecil
join in from time to time.
BIG MOMMA: They would take
turns singing the lead.
ERMA: Except when I had
to steal the microphone
from Aretha's hand.
CL: Everybody whoever
heard little Re sing knew she
was going to be a star.
BIG MOMMA: Oh, from
her first solo in church.
TED: Yeah, she was a
little itty bitty thing.
I remember the first time.
CL: Ted, let's let
the family tell the story.
CECIL: Yeah, cause you
were more focused on Dinah
back then, remember?
REPORTER: Was that Dinah Washington?
CL: Yes, it was, but, uh,
we don't want to have to
get started on that cause
we'll be off topic.
To my daughter who busts my
chest with pride every day.
RUTH: To Aretha.
REPORTER: You are a
family that genuinely cares
about each other.
Thank you for having me in your home.
TED: Oh, you can quit
all that formal stuff.
You done had Aretha's fried chicken.
You're practically family.
REPORTER: That was your cooking?
I thought that was catered.
ARETHA: Oh, honey, I love to cook.
REPORTER: Oh, what are some
of your favorite dishes?
ARETHA: Fried chicken, uh,
cornbread, peach cobbler.
TED: Can't get enough
of that peach cobbler.
ARETHA: Shh, Ted stop it.
REPORTER: No, come on, tell me more.
ARETHA: I like barbecue,
so when we're on the road
I try to find a good barbecue spot.
REPORTER: Now what is a
typical day in the life of the
Queen of Soul?
ARETHA: Well, I'm,
I'm in a studio a lot,
so I rehearse, and I record.
REPORTER: Are you an early bird?
TED: Oh no, she's a late starter.
But what artist isn't?
REPORTER: Did you learn
cooking from your mother?
ARETHA: I did.
REPORTER: I know she died
when you were very young.
I hope she had time to pass
on some of her loves to you.
ARETHA: She did, um,
music and piano playing.
Those were her loves.
TED: Losing her mom at such
a young age; it's hard.
ARETHA: She was wonderful.
We were very close, so
yes, it was devastating.
CL: Some folks can help make
this country a better place.
They know what the ill's are.
They know what the problems are,
but they don't take action.
MAN: Speak the truth, pastor.
CL: To do nothing is easy.
MAN: Yes.
CL: To shun your responsibility is easy.
See there's some folks in this country.
They don't want things improved.
MAN: That's right, reverend.
CL: But when you are
doing the righteous work,
be like Nehemiah.
You tell these doubters
I am doing great work and
I will not come down.
You are our doctors.
You are our lawyers and
you are our business owners.
You tell these naysayers
that I am doing great work
and I will not stand down.
Do great work for our people.
WOMAN: Are you prepared
for what's coming,
for what his rise will mean?
BARBARA: I try to be a good helpmate.
WOMAN: But you also have to
get ready for the harsh glare
of the limelight.
WOMAN 2: Cause this isn't all
fine houses and furnishings.
WOMAN: You have to make a tradeoff.
Your family's privacy
in exchange for your
husband's celebrity.
It won't be easy.
BARBARA: I love Reverend
Franklin for who he is and
what he can do for our people.
WOMAN: Cling to that
then because it's clear.
He soon won't be just your man.
He'll belong to the world.
BARBARA: You were amazing.
CL: Thank you, baby, thank you.
BARBARA: You know I just
feel like you belong here.
CL: Uh, we belong here.
BARBARA: Look at these houses.
CL: How about you pick?
BARBARA: I'm going to pick one.
CL: Can I help you gentlemen?
MAN: We followed you up from Memphis.
Seems like you've got a lot to say.
CL: I'm here at the invitation
MAN: Yeah, we know why you're here.
MAN 2: Yeah, that's right, nigger.
We heard about what you were saying.
We got ears everywhere.
MAN: It'd be a shame if
something was to happen just
cause he can't keep his mouth shut.
MAN 2: You all have a good night.
That's why darling
it's so incredible ♪
That someone so unforgettable ♪
Thinks that ♪
ARETHA: "She sleeps till noon,
then mopes in front
of the television set,
chain smoking
and snacking compulsively."
"Her mother
deserted the family and died.
Later, two shocks that
deeply scarred the shy,
withdrawn girl."
Our mother never deserted us.
Her husband, a former
street corner wheeler dealer
Last year, Aretha's husband, Ted White,
roughed her up in public.
It was not the first such incident.
Why, why, why would he
say this that, that I'm,
that I'm obsessed with
soap operas, that,
that my songs are all about sex?
TED: Cause it's a piece of
trash written by a no-account
white man and after we
let him into our house.
I knew we shouldn't have trusted him.
ARETHA: We didn't trust him.
We didn't trust him.
Uh, we were careful
about the way we spoke,
what we said, how we acted.
TED: We'll just go back
into the studio and make hits.
That's what we do.
ARETHA: How the hell did
he know all this shit?
Did, did, did you speak
to him by yourself?
TED: He called me, yeah.
He called everybody. You know that.
ARETHA: And what did you tell him, Ted?
TED: Nothing.
I told him the Queen's favorite takeout,
the Queen's favorite shows.
He acted like I was a gopher
talking to me about that crap.
ARETHA: Did you tell him
about our personal life?
TED: Why would I tell him that, huh?
I got your back, baby. You know that.
ARETHA: Answer the question, Ted.
What did you tell him?
TED: I made nice like you told me to do.
ARETHA: He was only acting
friendly and you fell for it?
TED: I fell for it.
You fell for it. We all fell for it.
I don't know why the
Franklins act like they're
so much better than everybody else.
You was pregnant when you was 12.
Your Momma left you and
probably died of heartbreak
because your Daddy
couldn't keep his business
out the streets.
- ARETHA: I can't believe this.
- TED: That's your life, Re.
- ARETHA: Cannot believe this.
- TED: Deal.
ARETHA: It's good to be home.
ERMA: So come and meet Daddy's guests.
ARETHA: I don't know.
BIG MOMMA: They're a group of young men,
very passionate about their politics.
They even have a catchy name,
Republic of New Afrika.
ARETHA: I'm not up
for meeting new people.
ERMA: Re, the Time Magazine
thing will blow over soon enough.
ARETHA: That's easy for you to say.
That's not your face splashed
all over the front of the magazine.
And I'm not releasing
"Son of a Preacher Man".
RUTH: Hold on, it's a good song.
ARETHA: It's too controversial.
It's going to live on the shelf.
CECIL: You've got
to get Jet or Ebony to do
a puff piece,
something to take the stink off.
RUTH: You all need to
understand there's no such
thing as bad press.
I've been getting more
calls to book her than ever,
Las Vegas, more dates in Europe.
Offers are pouring in.
CECIL: Which means the real
people are with you, Sis,
no matter what somebody
puts in some magazine.
CL: Tell you what.
I'm going to contact some lawyers
to take out a lawsuit against them.
We ain't going to stand for it.
- ARETHA: Thank you, Daddy.
- CL: Now come on.
I want to introduce you
to these young men out here.
They're the voice of the
new generation and unlike
Time Magazine these
folks was vetted by me.
CECIL: The Republic of New Africa?
I don't care about money too much ♪
IMARI: I'm not disrespecting
the elders, but the
Republic of New Afrika
believes we have to fight as
guerillas and soldiers to hold
the land to protect our sovereignty.
ARETHA: Are you suggesting
that black people take up arms?
IMARI: If we're met with violence,
then we will respond with violence.
ARETHA: You seem very
dismissive of Dr. King's
nonviolent approach.
IMARI: Dr. King was a patsy to the man,
they used him to quell our
legitimate discontent just
like your music is sometimes
used to pacify people.
ARETHA: Excuse me?
My music ain't a pacifier.
And Dr. King
IMARI: What I mean is
they're not going to give
our leaders real power.
They tore down King and that
Time article denigrated and
disrespected you.
White men can't stand
to see a black woman
have real power.
ARETHA: White men
aren't the only people who
have trouble seeing
a strong black woman.
Let me refresh your drink.
Now I lay me down to sleep.
I pray the Lord my soul to keep,
and if I die before I wake,
I pray the Lord my soul to take.
Lord, keep all those who we love safe.
What do you want to
pray for tonight, Clare?
CLARENCE: Ms. Cathy at school.
ARETHA: Is she sick?
CLARENCE: No, she's just mean.
ARETHA: Okay, we'll pray for her too.
And Teddy?
TEDDY: I pray for you, Momma,
that you get to stay home all the time.
ARETHA: I pray for that too, baby.
EDDIE: Why didn't Daddy
come home with you?
He'll visit you soon.
He misses you, all of you.
Let's pray for Daddy too, hmm?
In Jesus' name.
ALL: Amen.
ARETHA: Everybody
up to bed now, come on.
You know, come on.
Amazing grace ♪
How sweet the sound ♪
That saved ♪
A wretch like me ♪
I once was lost, ♪
But now I'm found ♪
Was blind, ♪
But now I see ♪
BARBARA: Morning, Mrs. Jennings.
MRS JENNINGS: Morning to
you too, Sister Franklin.
Is the reverend home?
BARBARA: No, he's in Detroit,
another speaking engagement.
I had to stay here what
with the baby coming.
way up in Michigan?
BARBARA: He'll be back next week.
Is there something I can
help you with, Sister?
MRS JENNINGS: No, no, ma'am.
It's not that important, sorry.
BARBARA: Will you join me for some tea?
MRS JENNINGS: No, ma'am,
I won't be taking up no
more of your time.
BARBARA: Well, I'll be
sure to tell the reverend
you stopped by.
CUSTOMER: Thank you.
BARBARA: Pam, our crib's arrived.
- PAM: Oh, it's lovely, isn't it?
PAM: I'll be with you directly, Barbara.
BARBARA: How pretty.
So sweet.
PAM: Barbara, honey, your
crib is right over here.
BARBARA: Why is there
a second crib here with CL's
name on it?
This is the crib we ordered.
PAM: Oh, I'm sure it's just a mistake.
You know how Walker is.
He insists on being in
charge of everything.
BARBARA: But why would CL
be buying another crib?
PAM: I'm sure Walker
put CL's name on the other
tag by mistake.
BARBARA: It could happen.
Walker's a good husband.
PAM: And CL's a good husband too.
BARBARA: We all try to
follow the Lord's lead.
PAM: Mm-hmm.
BARBARA: I, uh, I'm
keeping busy with my hands.
I made two baby blankets.
That would be a shame
for one to go to waste.
Who else is expecting
around my same time?
PAM: Well, you know everyone
passes through the store here.
If you'd like to bring the blanket in,
I can make sure it
gets to a deserving
BARBARA: But it would mean
so much more I'm sure if I
delivered it in person.
PAM: I can't be certain.
I haven't seen them in a bit,
but I think the
Jennings family is expecting.
You know them?
BARBARA: She and her
daughter are in service at
the Duncan House.
PAM: Mm-hmm that's right.
BARBARA: Sister Jennings
came by just the other day.
- PAM: Is that so?
- BARBARA: Mm-hmm.
MRS JENNINGS: Mildred, come on out here.
MILDRED: Yes, Momma.
MRS JENNINGS: What you got here?
Thank you, baby.
You done with everything
inside like I told you?
Hang that up for me. Make sure you

TIM: I heard that Erma went and recorded
"Son of a Preacher Man."
RUTH: She did?
Maybe that's why Aretha's so mad.
CECIL: Hey, Ruth, my dad
wants to talk to Aretha.
He got into a huge mess
with those RNA folks he had
Aretha meet in Detroit.
They had guns outside his
church and there was a
shootout with the police.
A police officer was killed.
RUTH: Good Lord.
CECIL: I told Daddy Aretha
was in a recording session,
but he says he's got to talk to her.
RUTH: What does he need her to do?
CECIL: Maybe help him
smooth things over.
RUTH: Tell him Aretha's busy.
She can't be disturbed.
CECIL: Okay.
ARETHA: I got a great arrangement for
"Don't Play that Song."
RUTH: Is Jerry going
to say something about
you doing another cover?
ARETHA: Wait until he hears it.
He's going to want me to
record a whole album of covers.
KING CURTIS: Ted not showing up today?
ARETHA: I wanted some space,
so I put my foot down.
He said he always has my back,
but he says a lot of things and he lies.
KING CURTIS: Don't let him throw you.
You know he don't treat you right.
ARETHA: He never has.
Maybe this Time Magazine
thing was for the best.
Maybe it's the straw that
broke the camel's back.
KING CURTIS: Whatever you do,
you gotta take care of yourself, girl,
cause you got something
even on your worst day that
outshines anything he's ever seen.
You think you need him, but
he knows deep inside you don't
cause your voice and the
way you put all that music
together is something that
nobody can do but you.
ARETHA: I got a voice.
When you play, you're my second voice.
KING CURTIS: The second
voice to Aretha Franklin,
I'll take that.
ARETHA: How, how come we
didn't never get together?
KING CURTIS: Maybe cause
I love you too much.
ARETHA: Okay, Tom, let's give it a go.
TOM: Rolling.

Don't play that song for me ♪
'Cause it brings back memories ♪
The day that I once knew ♪
The days that I spent with you ♪
Oh no, don't let it play ♪
Oh-oh ♪
It fills my heart with pain ♪
It hurts! ♪
Please stop it right away ♪
'Cause I remember
just-a what he said ♪
He said darling ♪
Darling I, I love you ♪
I know that he lied ♪
"Darling I, I love you" ♪
You know that you lied ♪
"Darling I, I love you" ♪
You know that you lied, ♪
you lied, lied, you lied ♪
You lied ♪
To me ♪
I remember on our first date ♪
He kissed me and he walked away ♪
I was only 17 ♪
I never dream he'd be so mean ♪
He told me, darling ♪
Darling, I love you ♪
Baby-baby you lied ♪
Darling, I need you ♪
You lied ♪
Darling, I love you ♪
You know that you lied,
you lied, you lied ♪
To me! ♪
RUTH: She's exorcising her demons.
They don't call her the
Queen of Soul for nothing.
Oh darling ♪
Darling, I love you ♪
You know that you lying ♪
Darling, I need you ♪
You know I know you lie ♪
Darling, I love you ♪
You know that you lie,
you lie, you lie ♪
You lie ♪
Oh you lie ♪

ARETHA: I heard what
happened with the RNA.
What the hell were you thinking?
CL: I was thinking
I was supporting a young man
trying to make a difference.
ARETHA: They had guns.
CL (OVER PHONE): So did the cops.
ARETHA: This is going to
bring me more bad press.
I don't need stuff like that
spilling out in the streets.
CL: All you care about
now is your damn bad press.
ARETHA: I just, I'm, I'm
tired of all the mess, Daddy.
CL: Well, then maybe you
shouldn't have married Ted.
ARETHA: I gotta go.
CL: Baby!
Say hello to the preacher
that took Detroit by storm.
The congregation of
New Bethel said they ain't
never heard someone preach like me.
BARBARA: Stop. Don't come near me.
CL: Someone been
talking to you about me.
Hey, hold on.
What is wrong with you?
Have you lost your mind?
BARBARA: No. I got my mind finally.
Underneath everything,
I always had suspicions,
but I made excuses.
"He's got temptations.
He can't help his appetites,"
but at your core I thought you
were a good loving man.
CL: I am.
BARBARA: But you are not a good man!
You are evil and disgusting.
CL: Who's been talking to you?
BARBARA: You made a baby
with a child, a 12-year-old.
CL: That girl was, she, she.
BARBARA: Take your bags.
CL: What do I tell people, hmm,
my parents, huh?
BARBARA: Just go. Get away from me.
BIG MOMMA: So pretty. Precious baby.
She's such a blessing.
BARBARA: She's a miracle.
You spent time with
baby Re now you can go.
CL: I want to earn your forgiveness.
BARBARA: You can't.
CL: Like, I can make it up to you.
Look, I got a promise.
Okay. We, we can leave Memphis.
Okay, we can, we can start all over.
Where could we go?
Everybody knows what you've done.
CL: Oh, Lord, Lord, forgive me.
I, I have sinned okay
against my wife, against you.
I'm not praying for myself.
Okay, I'm praying for my family,
my wife, my children.
Right. They need me.
BARBARA: Leave, Frank, please.
Just go.
CL: I am a sinner.
I have done wrong.
I, I have been led by my
appetites and I am ashamed.
I am a broken man.
And I know I am not worthy
of your forgiveness,
but I'm seeking it.
I am a wretched man.
Don't let my stain be on
her garment and don't let my
wrongs cast a shadow over her beauty.
Forgive me, Lord.
Move her.
Just, just move her so
that she can forgive me for
I am a wretched man.
BARBARA: I forgive you.
CL: I am a wretched man.
BARBARA: I forgive you.
CL: A wife of noble character
she is worth far more than rubies.
I'm so sorry.
ARETHA: Here's the keys to
a room upstairs in this hotel.
TED: I was hoping that's why
you invited me to this restaurant
ARETHA: Oh, please,
it's not for us. It's for you.
I packed your stuff. It's upstairs.
TED: This is a joke.
ARETHA: It's not a joke, Ted.
I'm done. We're through.
TED: Look, we've been through a lot.
We always figure it out.
ARETHA: Not this time.
TED: I'm going to get my act together.
Go on a family trip. Take the boys.
ARETHA: You're always
going to be their Daddy, but.
TED: Of course, I'm going
to be the damn boys' Daddy.
ARETHA: We are through!
TED: What you want me to
apologize or something like that?!
You don't want a man, do you?!
You want somebody to
tote you and to carry and
put up with your family shit
and cheer you on while you
in the studio.
ARETHA: There's a lot of things
I need but I don't need you.
TED: This is not happening, not now.
ARETHA: You have one choice.
You can leave or I can.
TED: You need me, Re.
ARETHA: The hell I do.
I pulled into Nazareth, ♪
I was feeling 'bout a half past dead ♪
I just need some place ♪
Where I can lay my head ♪
Hey Mister, can you tell me ♪
Where a girl might find a bed? ♪
He just grinned and shook my hand ♪
And "No" was all he said ♪
Take a load off Annie, ♪
Take a load for free ♪
Take a load off Annie ♪
And-and-yeah, put the weight on me ♪
Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
Catch me a cannonball ♪
Now kick me on down the line ♪
My bag is sinkin' ♪

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