Genius (2017) s04e04 Episode Script

Watch the Throne

Previously on Genius
about Daddy took on the Klan?
CORETTA: And where the hell
did that get him?
His people appeared only
in sheets and hoods.
MALCOLM X: I've joined
the Nation of Islam,
so has Ella Mae.
I would like to make you
the national representative
to the Nation.
MALCOLM X: Absolutely.
Betty, will you marry me?
We heard you was looking for us.
MAN: Well, here we are.
DR. KING: We achieved what
everyone thought impossible,
but what I think will be best
if you go to Atlanta.
Now it's time to take on the world.

DR. KING: Yeah.
You can see that, right?


How you doing?

Thank you all for coming.
There you are.
Thank you for coming.
You know I'm cool 'bout myself ♪
Years have passed
and I think for the best ♪
Time goes by and
the truths collapse ♪
Even though it's my guy
but I got your back ♪
You think you're just ♪
DR. KING: Well.
All the things you got are gone ♪
Your heart is still
in the eye of a storm ♪
RALPH ABERNATHY: You doing okay, Doc?
I can shut this down if you want.
DR. KING: I'm, I'm okay.
A few more won't hurt.
Come on over.
WOMAN: Are you Martin Luther King?
DR. KING: That's what they call me.
WOMAN: Have you been conspiring
with the Communist party?
DR. KING: I'm sorry?
WOMAN: You ruined my life!
Martin Luther King and
the NAACP are no good!

OFFICER: We should take it out.
ABERNATHY: No, no! Don't touch it!
If we take it out, we'll kill him.
DR. KING: Everything's
gonna be all right.
Martin, stay with me, brother.
DR. KING: Is that Martin I hear?
MARTIN: Ha ha!
DR. KING: Yes, it is.
Good morning, man.
MARTIN: Good morning.
DR. KING: Good morning.
Ready to brush your teeth?
MARTIN: Mm-hmm.

DR. KING: Alright.
CORETTA: Oh, see now,
that's how bad habits start.
Mm-mm. Let me get my son, come on.
Oh, here we go.
Go play over here with your toys.
CORETTA: First day back
at work. You nervous?
DR. KING: You know, as much time
as Ralph, Stanley and Rustin
spent here in the last few months,
it feels like I already been back.
CORETTA: Well, the kids
are gonna miss you.
It's been nice having you home
these past months.
DR. KING: Yeah? Maybe I should
get stabbed more often.
Sorry, bad joke.
CORETTA: Getting that phone call
was the worst day of my life, Martin.
If that deranged woman's blade
had been a millimeter to the left,
or if you had even sneezed
DR. KING: But it wasn't. And I didn't.
And I'm okay.
CORETTA: You promise?
DR. KING: Yes.
But if you need me to do
a little something-something
to prove it to you, I can.
CORETTA: Boy, stop,
that's how we just got
that mini you over there.
DR. KING: Yeah, well, the next
one will be a mini you, then.
And if not that one,
then the one after that,
or the one after that.
CORETTA: And when I'm raising
this little castle of Kings
- DR. KING: Yes.
- CORETTA: Where will you be?
DR. KING: Well, I'm gonna be
at the French Riviera
with Dorothy Dandridge,
but we'll be sure to send you
a postcard or two.
Well, Ralph mentioned
you're still low on SCLC staff.
And I'd love to fill in
wherever needed.
I can take a break from unpacking
and the kids can go to your parents'.
DR. KING: Yeah. Well, I don't
want you to be worried
about getting caught up.
Besides, I'll be home by
the time you have dinner ready,
and I'll help you unpack.
CORETTA: Sure thing.
Oh, by the way, Sepia Magazine
reached out again to reschedule
their cover shoot they wanted us
to do a few months back.
If you're still up for it, I
could call them with new times.
DR. KING: Sure. Let me just
check my work schedule,
and I'll let you know.
- CORETTA: Alright.
- DR. KING: Alright.

JOURNALIST: Minister, did you
meet with foreign dignitaries
during your travels?
JOURNALIST: What diplomatic efforts
is the Black Muslim movement
creating abroad?
MALCOLM X: I express gratitude
to the people of Africa
and the Middle East
for providing extraordinary
hospitality during my travels.
My time was transformative
to say the least.
what are your thoughts
on the stabbing of Dr. King,
the leader of Black America?
MALCOLM X: I wish no harm on anyone.
I hope the best for the Doctor,
but it's only an indication
of where our country is going
and how it will affect
our so-called leaders.
Now, if you'll excuse me,
I see my wife.
JOURNALIST: Minister, are you
gonna reach out to Dr. King?
OFFICER: Get back. Get back, please.
MAN: Alright, folks, that's it.
I've missed you so much.
MALCOLM X: I missed you more.
You look beautiful.
How are you and our little one
holding up?
BETTY: Besides my feet
swelling up, we're fine.
Grant's been nice enough
to take us to and from
our doctor's appointments.
MALCOLM X: So your boats are swelling.
MALCOLM X: I can fix that.
BETTY: Really? How?
MALCOLM X: You know
I have hands of magic.
BETTY: Okay, Houdini.
But first you need to eat,
and when we get home, I want to
hear everything about your trip.
MALCOLM X: You'll hear
everything, but right now,
someone is waiting for me
at the temple.
Grant's going to drop you home
and then take me
straight to the office.
It shouldn't take me too long.
BETTY: You just got off
a 12-hour flight
and you've already
scheduled something?
What about our time?
MALCOLM X: Our time is
plentiful, okay?
But this needs to be addressed.
Once done, I'll be home
and it'll just be about us.
Now do you want to feel
these hands of magic?

in partnership
with AFL-CIO Vice President
A. Philip Randolph,
are announcing a massive
nonviolent picketing
of the upcoming Democratic and
Republican National Conventions.
The recently passed
Civil Rights Act of 1960
does not meet our repeated demands
of abolishing second-class citizenship
for Black people in this country.
Blah, blah, blah, blah,
and then you wrap up with,
stronger legislative measures
are needed,
and these protests
will bring our demands
to the doorsteps of both parties.
And now you applaud.
(CLAPPING) Thank you.
MAN: Bravo. Bravo.
DR. KING: Alright, let's change
"does not meet our repeated demands"
to "does not meet our needs."
We don't want our allies feeling like
we've got a gun to their heads.
Stanley, what do you think?
STANLEY: You'll ruffle feathers,
but it's nothing we shouldn't
be able to handle.
DR. KING: Ms. Baker,
what do you think?
ELLA BAKER: Oh. Well, I really
liked the blah, blah, blah part.
Changing laws and bills is necessary,
but in my extensive experience,
the only way real change is made
is at the grassroots level,
not standing at a podium or pulpit.
Four Black students from
Greensboro, North Carolina,
staged a nonviolent sit-in
at a Woolworth's
and successfully desegregated
their lunch counter.
This is the kind of actual
direct, nonviolent action
we need to support!
RUSTIN: It's only a matter of time
before this reaches Atlanta, huh?
BAKER: It already has.
Students from Black colleges
in town have reached out to me.
They're calling a meeting
to establish contacts
between the universities,
and they want to know,
Martin, will you be there?
DR. KING: Are we sure associating them
with the movement
at this unpredictable stage
is a good idea?
It's important that the SCLC
be seen as credible,
especially in the eyes of Washington,
if we hope to champion
legislation through.
BAKER: Important for
the SCLC or you?
DR. KING: Set the meeting
with the students.
In the meantime, Bayard, go
ahead and release the statement
and start coordinating
the convention protests.
That's all, everyone.

LOUIS LOMAX: So, what am I looking at?
MALCOLM X: American propaganda
would have us believe
that our brothers and sisters
in Africa are barbaric savages
living in huts in the jungle.
But on my travels,
I didn't see any jungle,
and I didn't see any mud huts either.
We are beautiful,
intelligent and powerful.
But the devil doesn't
want you to see that,
because once you do,
the lie cannot hold.
LOMAX: So what's your point, Minister?
The truth of who we are.
One of the truths my father
told me as a young man
that always stuck with me
is that if they won't
give us some land here,
then we can go back home.
LOMAX: That's quite incendiary,
MALCOLM X: To you, maybe.
And I believe it won't be
to our brothers and sisters
in this nation if they simply
are exposed to it.
LOMAX: Well, I've been following
the Muslim movement
for a few months, and if nothing more,
it could be worth writing up a story.
MALCOLM X: And I've been
following you for some time,
Brother Lomax.
You're a fine journalist,
so, while appreciated,
I have ideas of something
bigger than a writeup.
I've been making small movies
of my travels
and screening them at
the temples where I lecture.
I see how the images move folks.
A film on television that
could help many lost souls.
So far, there's only been
one narrative
the so-called Negro
in this country has heard,
laid out by Uncle Tom
leaders in the South.
I want to offer another one.
The true one.
LOMAX: And what's that?
MALCOLM X: True freedom.
Freedom rooted in pride
and dignity within self.
It rests in each one of our souls.
You know, if there's
any credit to give
those Southern preachers,
it's the way they use the press.
And besides, if I'm being frank,
getting this piece will be the
biggest thing for you to date.
LOMAX: Alright. Alright.
Don't ever let anyone tell you
you aren't a great salesman.
I've been doing some work with
this news anchor, Mike Wallace.
He's been looking for a good story.
But he isn't gonna be interested
unless I have full access
to your temples and organization
and your leader, Elijah Muhammad.
Without him, this doesn't work.
MALCOLM X: I'll make it happen.
DOROTHY COTTON: You okay, Dr. King?
DR. KING: I'm fine. Thank you.
ABERNATHY: Is that pecan pie I smell?
DOROTHY: Indeed it is,
though, none of it is for you.
DOROTHY: Miss Juanita
came round yesterday
and said you are on a no-sweets
diet until further notice.
ABERNATHY: Well, she ain't
the boss of me.
And I'd be careful, Martin,
you ain't no Greek god yourself.
DOROTHY: I think you look
just fine, Dr. King.
DR. KING: Oh, thank you, Dorothy.
Have a good evening.
ABERNATHY: What is it?
DR. KING: "Democratic
Congressman Adam Clayton Powell
denounces the upcoming
convention protests
by fellow Negro Reverend King
and claims King is being
manipulated behind the scenes
by Bayard Rustin."
Tell me why the hell
is Powell doing this?
He's supposed to be
one of our biggest allies.
Why is he saying all this?
ABERNATHY: You know Powell,
he's always playing an angle.
Whatever he's up to,
clearly taking you down
will make him look good to someone.
DR. KING: Yes. Well, I don't
have time to engage in all this.
I'm gonna write him a telegram
demanding a retraction.
You doing okay?
You seemed a bit off all day.
DR. KING: I'm fine.
Everybody just needs
to stop checking on me.
Think I'm gonna head on home.
I'll see you in the morning.
Are you Martin Luther King?

Are you Martin Luther King?
Have you been conspiring
with the Communist party?
You ruined my life!


DR. KING: Oh, God.

CORETTA: Martin?
Wait! We need to lock in a date
for the Sepia Magazine interview.

Martin, if you're not up for it,
I can push it off.
It's not that big a deal.
DR. KING: We can wait.
Just, just give me a minute.

Brought you your favorite.
Look good, don't it?
- MALCOLM X: Thank you.
- BETTY: Mm-hmm.
MALCOLM X: What do you think?
BETTY: It's good.
This part is especially convincing:
"The broadcast will
illuminate millions
of lost so-called Negroes
to your message.
The dead will rise across America."
Who is it for?
MALCOLM X: The Honorable
Elijah Muhammad.
BETTY: Nothing.
It's just a big ask.
I hope he receives it with warm ears.
You know, Malcolm,
this child is due any day.
We really need to consider a new home.
MALCOLM X: The house is fine.
It just needs a fresh coat of paint.
BETTY: The floorboards are coming up,
and the plumbing seldom works.
It needs more than a paint job.
And I would like you home to
make sure it happens correctly.
MALCOLM X: That home was gifted
to us through donations
from our followers.
We can hire someone to fix the issues,
but there is no necessity to relocate.
MALCOLM X: You okay?
BETTY: The baby, it's, it kicked.
Active, right?
Just like they mama.
Listen, baby, I understand
this is all moving so fast.
I do.
But it's moving in the direction
we both wanted, right?
MALCOLM X: Alright, then.
So, let's keep walking
our journey together
and keep adding to it, okay?

I'm inviting the Messenger to dinner
on his next visit to Harlem.
Can you work with some MGTs
to ensure the meal is to his liking?
BETTY: Yes. No problem.

MALCOLM X: You are right on time.
Are you ready?

Hold on to me ♪
Don't let me go ♪
Who cares what they see? ♪
Who cares what they know? ♪
Your first name is Free ♪
Last name is Dom ♪
We choose to believe ♪
In where we're from ♪
Man's red flower ♪
It's in every living thing ♪
Mind, use your power ♪
Spirit, use your wings ♪
Freedom! ♪
Freedom ♪
When a baby first breathes ♪
When night sees sunrise ♪
When the whale hunts the sea ♪
When man recognizes ♪
Freedom! ♪
MALCOLM X: It's all thanks to
the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.
Freedom! ♪
Freedom ♪
LOMAX: Thank you, Minister.
Freedom ♪
MALCOLM X: Absolutely.
CLYDE X: What's all this?
MALCOLM X: This is Mr. Louis Lomax.
He's a journalist doing a piece
on the Nation for television.
CLYDE X: Television?
Minister, has the Honorable
Elijah Muhammad approved this?
MALCOLM X: I'm in the process
of securing his approval
any moment now.
LOMAX: Minister, you haven't
received approval yet?
MALCOLM X: Like I said,
in the process.
LOMAX: I actually, I think
we've gotten enough for today.
I'll be in touch with you later.
MALCOLM X: Thank you.
CLYDE X: Listen.
I understand your passion, Brother.
But I've been in this longer than you.
I remember the old heads telling
me about Detroit in the '30s,
when our teachings went out
to the larger world.
It almost destroyed us.
MALCOLM X: We came back stronger,
and this time, the Nation
is controlling the story.
CLYDE X: You have faith that the
TV devils will do right by us?
MALCOLM X: Of course not,
but I have faith that our Nation
and its message is
incorruptible, undeniable.
We can't allow fear to prevent us
from reaching those who need it.
CLYDE X: Those who seek faith
shall find it.
MALCOLM X: How are they
going to find it
if they don't know where to look?
How are they going to know it
if we don't tell them?
I believe once the Messenger
sees what this can be,
he will agree to it.
CLYDE X: Well, you're gonna
get your chance
sooner than you think.
He just arrived in Harlem today,
and he'll be joining you
at your home this evening.

BETTY: (SIGHS) Your daddy
needs to come fix this house,
or I will lose it.
What do you say, hmm?
No response.
Just like your father.
Ella Mae.
ELLA MAE: The Honorable
Elijah Muhammad is here
earlier than expected.
We need to prepare the dinner
for tonight.
BETTY: Uh, tonight?
But the house is a wreck.
I can't host under these conditions.
Thank you for helping me.
ELLA MAE: I'm not here to help
you; I'm here to help Malcolm.
JULIAN BOND: Our fight is not
against the White man,
but against the corrupt system
he built.
- STUDENT: Yeah, that's right.
- STUDENT: Yeah.
BOND: A system our fathers
and our fathers' fathers
were unable to destroy.
BOND: Well, I say let's take
a battering ram to that system
one segregated lunch counter
at a time!
Mr. Julian Bond,
seeing leaders like you
gives us hope for the future.
BOND: We appreciate that, Reverend.
Ms. Baker's taught us
that strong people
don't need strong leaders.
She also helped us come up
with a name for ourselves:
the Student Nonviolent
Coordinating Committee.
DR. KING: The SNCC. "Snicc."
It has a nice ring to it.
But I want you to know that
you have the full support
of the SCLC with you in your struggle.
BOND: Thank you, Dr. King.
We actually wanted to ask
if you would join us in
our first scheduled sit-in
at Rich's Department Store?
DR. KING: Well, I don't know.
You managed to do so well without us,
I would hate to be in the way.
BAKER: I'm sure Martin
understands just how important
seeing him in action
would be to you all.
ABERNATHY: It's something
we'll definitely consider.
Uh, meantime, why don't you
show me where you train
your fellow students
on nonviolent practices?
DR. KING: You knew
they were gonna ask that,
and you didn't say anything.
BAKER: Damn right I did.
These kids are risking their
lives on the front lines
while you're entertaining
the bourgeois club
and the good ol' boys.
You've lost sense of the struggle!
DR. KING: It's a strategy and
a necessary legislative one.
Whether we like it or not,
the road to real equality
in this country runs through DC.
And I haven't lost sight of anything.
BAKER: Yes. You have.
Because the people
you need to connect with
aren't on Pennsylvania Avenue,
they're in that room.
Right now, you are the voice
of the Civil Rights Movement
to them, but you can't lead
from the sidelines.
Soon, they'll find
another voice to lead them.
DR. KING: Not everyone has
the luxury of being reckless
like you, Ms. Baker.
BAKER: Why are you so afraid of
being confrontational, Martin?
DR. KING: Don't tell me anything
about being confrontational!
I was attacked!

While we all appreciate your work
as our interim executive director,
the board has been asking me
about finding
a more permanent solution.
I think it's time we do just that.

I think it is.

MUHAMMAD: Oh, Sister Betty,
this meal is delightful.
I trust my early arrival didn't
cause you too much hassle?
BETTY: No, sir.
It's always a pleasure
to have you fellowship with us.
CLYDE X: Don't tell Sister Grace this,
I know how proud she's of hers,
but your bean soup is perfect.
BETTY: Oh, please.
Sister Grace taught me
everything I know.
MUHAMMAD: It is so beautiful
to bear witness
the beginning of your journey.
By virtue of Allah, you are blessed,
to bring new life into this world.
The Black woman is the mother
of civilization.
May Allah bless your fruits.
BETTY: Thank you, sir.
I, um, I must admit,
it's been challenging for me
to navigate this new path.
We are so grateful for our home.
Uh, however, with the conditions
we're under,
bringing a child
into this environment,
it will be difficult to maintain.
MALCOLM X: I think what Betty
is trying to say
is that we still have
some nesting to do
before the baby arrives.
What I'm saying is
just as it is important
we represent Allah inside the temple,
it is equally important we
represent Allah inside our home,
which means ensuring
the best temple for worship
and the best home
for growing a family.
Wouldn't you agree,
Your Honorable One?
MALCOLM X: Betty, could you and
Ella Mae please prepare the tea?

ELLA MAE: Why would you think
running off at the mouth
to the Messenger was the solution?
BETTY: Malcolm is so
thick-headed about this house.
Everything's breaking.
ELLA MAE: You must
understand your role.
Creating conflict for your
husband will serve you no good.
Focus on that baby and keeping
this house presentable
at the very least.
BETTY: How can I possibly
maintain a proper home
when everything's falling apart?
ELLA MAE: You have no idea
what he's up against.
He's under immense pressure
to make this film a success.
It'd serve you better
if you were less needy.
BETTY: So what am I supposed to do?
Stand here and not stand up
for my family?
What he doesn't understand
is what I'm up against.
And why am I in the wrong
for saying what I believe?
ELLA MAE: Your job is
to support Malcolm,
not to focus on yourself.
Do that first, and everything
else will work itself out.
MUHAMMAD: Brother Malcolm,
from your letter,
it sounded like you wanted
to propose a project to me,
but after talking to Brother Clyde,
it appears you already started.
MALCOLM X: Sir, I know you're
not pleased with my enthusiasm,
but I would at least like to show you
the work that we've captured.
Sir, this is your kingdom.
Black men and women who were lost,
but by the power of your divine
teaching, by the grace of Allah,
they have been saved,
like I have been saved.
And there can be more of it.
This broadcast will bring our
message to a national audience,
and we can dramatically
increase followers
and build more temples.
MUHAMMAD: Minister, I must admit,
these images are quite powerful.
CLYDE X: Sir, while I think
Minister Malcolm
has a compelling idea,
I fear the Minister is
stretching himself thin.
MALCOLM X: Thank you for
your concern, Brother,
but I can do it.
I am a national spokesman
and used to a packed schedule.
CLYDE X: I beg you, sir,
to please consider
the repercussions of allowing
our doctrine onto the airwaves.
Exposing our protocols
could lead to wicked spirits
entering our temples.
You won't be able to control
how the film is edited.
MUHAMMAD: Do you trust this
brother you had in your office?
MALCOLM X: Sir, as much as one
can trust a person
who is not a believer in Allah.
CLYDE X: A lie don't care
who tells it.
All this gallivanting he's doing
will not benefit the Nation
if the only thing that comes from it
is we get ambushed
by the police again.
MALCOLM X: Sir, while Clyde is right
there will be a subtle backlash,
the benefits are far greater
than the risks.

MUHAMMAD: I will permit it.
But I caution not to fall
for any tricknology.
If this reporter betrays us,
there will be grave consequences.

MALCOLM X: Thank you.
MUHAMMAD: Sister Betty,
thank you for this wonderful meal.
And I hope this will help
with any issues
you're having nesting.

MUHAMMAD: And when's the baby due?
BETTY: Uh, any day now.

MUHAMMAD: Inshallah.

CORETTA: I was going over the plans
for the convention protest,
and I think they're really good,
but what do you think about
initiating the protests
the night before
to build more of a groundswell?
DR. KING: Yeah, I don't know.
CORETTA: Everything okay?
DR. KING: I already told you I'm fine.
CORETTA: You don't look fine.
DR. KING: I said I'm fine!

Come on in, welcome.
CORETTA: Hello! Welcome to our home.
Come in, come in.
Hi. Hello, hello. Hi.
I'll get the kids.

DR. KING: While my call to ministry
is through the desire
to serve God and humanity,
unyielding faith guides us
through any quarrels.
CORETTA: Well, my role as
a wife has been an adjustment.
And then I had to adjust
to being a minister's wife,
which is quite the task.
DR. KING: Many confuse passive
resistance with non-resistance.
Fundamentally, it's weak
to lay guns in the hands
of desperate men when there's
more power in mobilizing.
We must all strive to be
ambassadors of human dignity.
As I've personally experienced
attacks on my life,
I can attest to God's
divine intervention.
CORETTA: Martin has transformed
into quite the celebrity.
And while I'm very proud of him,
there isn't a second
that I'm not thinking
of a way to protect him.

RUSTIN: So, what was so important
that you needed me to come now?
I'm off to Los Angeles tomorrow
for the Democratic Convention.
DR. KING: Well, um
You need to cancel
the convention protests.
This some kind of joke?
Congressman Powell says if
I don't cancel the protests
and sever ties with you,
he's gonna go to the press
saying that he has evidence
that we are sleeping together.
RUSTIN: Well, we know damn well
he doesn't,
because it's completely untrue.
Besides the fact that I am
totally out of your league.
Do you know why he's doing this?
DR. KING: Power.
Influence within the party.
I don't know, and it doesn't matter.
RUSTIN: It does matter!
I've been dealing with
this sort of thing
since I was six years old.
I didn't roll over then and
I'm not going to start now.
Powell is a bully.
And when a bully threatens you,
you don't walk away.
You ball up your fists and you swing
until you can't lift
your arms anymore.
Listen, protesting those conventions
is the morally correct thing to do.
What if, what if I resign? Hmm?
Just to get him off our backs.
DR. KING: Maybe that's not a bad idea.

I'll have my resignation letter
to you in the morning.

You know, after everything
we've been through together,
I never pegged you for a coward.

MALCOLM X: Betty, I'm so sorry.
BETTY: It's fine.
It all happened so quick.
MALCOLM X: So the okra recipe worked?
Attallah was a champion.
Didn't give mommy any troubles.

MALCOLM X: Beautiful.
Let us pray.
In the name of Allah, the most
beneficent, the merciful,
all praise due to Allah,
lord of the world.
Cover us as we embark
on this new path as parents.
Shield our baby girl from all.

the medium-priced cars,
car for car across the board
MALCOLM X: Excuse me, ma'am.
Would it be possible to get some
additional blankets for my wife?
We're just across the hall in 804.
NURSE: Of course, sir. One moment.
MIKE WALLACE: Good evening,
I'm Mike Wallace.
Tonight, the study of the rise
of Black racism,
of a call for Black supremacy
among a small but growing segment
of the American Negro population.
We'll talk about what can be
done about the rising tide
of racism among this segment
of the Negro population.
So now, The Hate That Hate Produced.
But of even more interest
to New Yorkers is Malcolm X,
the Muslims' New York minister.
He is a remarkable man, a man
who, by his own admission,
was once a procurer and dope peddler.
He served time for robbery
in the Michigan
and Massachusetts
state penitentiaries,
but now he's a changed man,
he will not smoke or drink,
he will not even eat in a restaurant
that houses a tavern.
He told Newsbeat that
his life changed for him
when the Muslim faith taught him
no longer to be ashamed
of being a Black man.
Reporter Louis Lomax
asked Minister Malcolm X
to further explain the Muslim
teachings of Elijah Muhammad.
LOMAX: Mr. Elijah Muhammad
also says, and I quote,
"So-called American Negroes
are descendants of Allah."
LOMAX: Is this your standard teaching?
He teaches us that the Black
man, by nature, is divine.
LOMAX: Now, does that mean
that the White man is,
by nature, evil?
MALCOLM X: By nature,
he is other than divine.
LOMAX: Well, does it mean
he is evil? Can he do good?
MALCOLM X: Well, history
is best qualified
to reward all research,
but historically,
we have no example of them
collectively as a people doing good.
CORETTA: This man is
gonna get people killed.
LOMAX: Dr. Martin Luther King
has been a visible
Baptist leader in this country
since the Montgomery bus boycott.
MALCOLM X: A boycott built
on the back of a Black woman,
Sister Rosa Parks.
LOMAX: And you do not agree
with his stance on nonviolence?
It is criminal to teach a man
not to defend himself.
LOMAX: Is Martin Luther King
the Uncle Tom you refer to?
MALCOLM X: Yes, Martin Luther
King is an Uncle Tom.

DR. KING: Huh.

MALCOLM X: I've got hundreds of people
stopping me on the streets,
asking if we're preaching
hatred towards White people.
Why would you allow them
to run with that title?
LOMAX: When we agreed to this,
I cautioned you that Wallace
would have final control
of the broadcast.
MALCOLM X: You allowed
a White man to twist our words.
Even the Uncle Tom preachers
down in Georgia
are calling us Black supremacists.
LOMAX: Wallace is the producer.
MALCOLM X: You should have fought
to not derail our message!
LOMAX: Malcolm, you and
Mr. Muhammad's words were clear.
Now, if you'll excuse me.

ABERNATHY: What are you doing?
Just the other day, you were
completely against joining this.
DR. KING: I changed my mind.
ABERNATHY: Changed your mind? Why?
DR. KING: It doesn't matter why.
All that matters is it's my choice.
I don't have to run
everything I do by you.
As a matter of fact, you do.
It wouldn't just be you
crossing that line.
You'd be dragging the entire SCLC
and all the political goodwill
we've built up
across that line with you.
This gets out of hand,
there's no going back.
DR. KING: Well, if you
believe all that,
then why are you even here?
ABERNATHY: Because I don't
have to agree with my friend
to stand at his side.

I ♪
Oh, flame ♪
Ahhh ♪
Mmmmmm ♪
This world ♪
Going up in flames ♪
And nobody wanna take the blame ♪
Don't tell me how to live my life ♪
When you never felt the pain ♪
Oh, oh, oh ♪
Ooh ♪
BOND: We'd like to order lunch.
Ooh ♪
Oh, oh, oh ♪
They don't hear me cry ♪
Ooh ♪
Oh, oh, oh ♪
They don't hear me try ♪
Ooh ♪
Oh, oh, oh ♪
They don't hear me cry ♪
WOMAN: You don't belong!
MAN: You ain't allowed here, boy.
Get up!
Get up, boy! Get up!
MAN: These seats ain't for you!
Nobody wants you here!
They don't hear me cry ♪
Ooh ♪
Oh, oh, oh ♪
They don't hear me try ♪
Ooh ♪
Oh, oh, oh ♪
Don't stomp on that light ♪
Ooh ♪
MAN: Eat it! Eat it!
Oh ♪
- MAN: Get up!
- MAN: Get up!
Oh, baby ♪
Come on, baby ♪
POLICEMAN: Come on, let's go,
we got this. We got this.
POLICEMAN: Let's go. Time to go.
Let's go. Let's go.
POLICEMAN: Time to go. Come on.
Oh, baby ♪
Gotta make it, baby ♪
POLICEMAN: Let's go.
Come on. Let's go!
Come on. Come on.
y'all have really outdone
yourselves this time.
Dr. King's girl Friday.
CORETTA: Mm-hmm.
JUANITA: Oh, girl,
I'm surprised you got the kids
to sit still for so long. (LAUGHS)
You and Martin just
look so perfect.
What's wrong?

Where are they taking them?

Lord, I need Your guidance.

I'm afraid.
I'm afraid of losing my allies

the movement

my life

of earning more enemies.

God, please see me through.

CLYDE X: Your car is ready,
Your Honorable One.
Brought you some
reading material for the road.
It appears Brother Malcolm
achieved his goal.
I'll be in the car.
Something bad is 'bout
to happen to me ♪
I don't know it,
but I feel it coming ♪
I just hope she don't
wanna leave me ♪
Don't you give me up,
please don't give up ♪
Honey, I belong with you,
and only you, baby ♪
Only you, my girl, only you, babe ♪
Only you, darling, only you, babe ♪
Only you, my girl, only you, babe ♪
Only you, darling, only you ♪
Something bad is 'bout
to happen to me ♪
Why I feel this way,
I don't know, baby ♪
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