Get Shorty (2017) s03e01 Episode Script

What To Do When You Land

1 Previously on "Get Shorty" Yeah, I'm calling about a novel you publish "Wylderness".
I'd like to know if the film rights are available.
I'm a producer.
Take care.
I tried for five years to get this project financed.
April tells me you did it in two days.
Ah, well.
Book sells itself.
Emily, don't use that bathroom.
I'm pregnant.
It's yours.
You may kiss your bride.
Is that Rick? Our friend here is working for the Feds.
You want to be together? That's what I want, too.
- FBI! On the ground! I got you something for you from Amara.
- Oh, fuck.
No, no, no.
- No, no, no! Ticket to Guatemala.
Miles was running the operation.
He was violent towards me personally.
Someone very high up wants to make an example of you.
You're standing by the deal that we made, right? No.
Everybody who has seen "Wylderness" says that it is the shit.
And yeah, maybe your name's not on it, but at least now you know that you can do this.
You've got a gift, brother.
That's for you, man.
I hear your brother has a trucking company.
Maybe I could get him a contract.
You now what I love most about you, Laurence? - You've got balls.
I think there's gonna be a lot you're gonna be able to do for me.
In my mind, I got this image of Amara.
So much love in her eyes.
We're in the jungle, in a shack with a leaky roof, but happier than we've ever been.
That's the memory I come back to ever since she died.
Did I have doubts on the flight out? Yes, I did.
Flying all the way to maybe get a bullet in my head Plus it was first-class, and and my seat didn't fully recline.
These these airlines, all about cutting costs.
- Mister! Mister! - No.
No, grac No, gracias.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Okay, watch.
I had instructions on what to do when I landed.
Next part was not first-class.
Big fuckin' mosquitos.
Humidity, hair gel in my eyes No idea where I was.
Um, Amara She told you to bring me here? ¿Que es Amara? [MUSIC PLAYS INDISTINCTLY FROM CAR.]
What's going on? [MUSIC STOPS.]
Ricky, you came.
Hey, honey.
You look, uh wow.
Oh, mi amor, you don't do nothing and you go to prison.
Lo siento.
It was a life experience.
You're very brave.
So, how about this? Do you like Matasano? It's [LAUGHS.]
- Can't believe I'm here.
- Aww, you're gonna love it.
There's Alvaro, Andrés, Rafael, Franco, León, and Oliver.
Hey, guys.
Thanks for having me.
You wanna see where you're living? Okay.
This is like a-a eco-resort.
Those places are all the rage now.
Eco ? Yeah, like a high-end hotel that lets you get close to nature.
- But this is the real deal.
I mean, look at this mango, holy shit Mm.
Ricky, [SNIFFS.]
I can't go back to the U.
I get it.
You made Ten Most Wanted.
I mean, that's a pretty big deal.
You and me were gonna get married.
But maybe you change your mind? Why would I? Last time we're together, in Palm Springs.
You tell me I'm not nice to other people.
I said that? Right before the Feds come in.
Remember? I I guess, yeah.
I guess.
Who I don't treat nice? That's just a feeling I get.
You can be hard on people.
Maybe some people don't deserve nice.
Bad people.
Not like you.
I still want to marry you.
Really? Yes.
I got the ring.
- There it is.
Look, if you want to live here or somewhere else, I don't care.
I just want to be with you.
It was the right call, flying to Guatemala.
After everything we've been through together the animal attraction But something that good can only last so long.
That story is crazy.
Yeah, you're telling me.
Uh, well, what happened next? Pamela.
Hold on.
Giustino? You say something? I call and you don't answer.
Got to hold the button down all the way, or I don't hear you.
Isn't it time for meds? Not for two hours, okay? You think about making this into a movie? Oh, I don't know.
I mean, the memories They're too painful.
I'm sorry.
Although Amara would have loved a movie about her.
Are you kidding me? You get Jennifer Lopez to play her.
And for me Well, she loved John Stamos.
Can I hear the rest? Unless it's too upsetting.
Okay, but, uh, I gotta warn you.
It takes a dark turn.
Clark? Morning, sir.
Just an update.
Learned this morning that Miles Daly was released from Porterville Penitentiary.
We don't think there's cause for alarm.
You learned this morning.
They let him out early, didn't give us a heads-up.
But I spoke directly with his parole officer.
He said Daly's checked into a halfway house in Inglewood.
So no immediate danger.
Nice way to start the day.
Gnarly breaks! Did you see that last run? Almost made it to my feet.
Your phone was ringing.
- Yes, thank you.
- Get a tracking number.
- Left word.
- Her reps are avoiding me.
If we don't hear back by the end of the day Quinn & Tonic Productions.
- Hey, it's me.
- It's just Louis.
Hey, baby.
Miles is out.
Really? That is great.
Hey, Miles is out of prison.
What? When? - When he was released? - Today I guess? He left a message that he's at a halfway house.
I should go see him.
Reyna can only work until 3:00.
So I'll take Wyatt.
To a halfway house? Wait.
And why am I hearing the ocean? You're at the beach.
I had some free time before my call with Oumou's agents.
Well, what time's the call? 4:00 p.
Can you just put my boy on the phone? I wanna hear his voice.
Hey, buddy.
You want to talk to Mommy? Talk to Mommy.
- Hey.
Hey, honey.
42 minutes from Venice new personal best.
That's amazing.
- Hey, Gladys.
- Hey, Judah.
You have a change of clothes for lunch? This won't do? At Mozza? So funny.
Did you know that he got parole? Why would I know? - Who got parole? - Ex co-worker.
Hey, you should change, okay, 'cause we have reservations.
Oh, yeah.
I thought that Miles called you.
A month ago, he wanted a character reference for the parole board.
I wrote a fantastic letter, never heard back.
Not even a thank you, but it's just as well.
- Why? - Why? My last two films were made with laundered cash.
I probably shouldn't hang around with felons.
I don't mean Louis.
Anyway, I'm glad Miles is a free man and I wish him the best.
- Yo.
Hey, Gandhi.
The fuck are you doing? Focusing.
Though it's not going as well as I'd hoped.
- What's that? - Magazine clipping.
Oh, you mean these.
Quartz helps clear the mind.
Carnelian inspires creativity Oh, yeah? They worth anything? What's your name? Track.
Well, Track, I'm new here, maybe you can tell me.
Are you gonna be a fuckin' headache? - [FOOTSTEPS APPROACH.]
- Daly.
Your daughter's downstairs.
So, you got a daughter, huh? [LOCK LATCHES.]
You changed your hair.
Me and Coco both got our haircut together.
You're not into it.
I am.
I'm just not used to it yet.
Coco a new friend? Old friend.
Well, I mean, for a while.
I'm out of the loop.
At least now I'll be able to meet everybody.
Do you want to see a picture of her? Sure.
Can I help you with something? Here? Uh, yeah, she's on the left.
She looks older.
She's 16.
She is older.
Are you hanging out with the older kids these days? Dad Okay, don't flip through my photos, please.
Hold on.
This guy with his arm around your neck.
- Is that a boyfriend? - Dad, can I have my phone back? - What's his name? - Dad.
I know we're making up for lost time, but I'm really excited you're back.
I'm I'm just nervous.
Hey, if it feels weird, us talking without a glass wall between us, I can have them bring one in.
That's very considerate.
Oh, did I tell you I've been practicing meditation? You mentioned it.
It's what they call "mindfulness".
Being more aware of your feelings, less reactive.
Turn around, or I'll rip your eyes out of your fuckin' head.
- Dad - I'm just saying I have a plan.
To dig myself out of this hole so you won't be embarrassed by your dad.
I'm not embarrassed.
I'm not.
I realize I've made some promises that have gone to shit, but this is a new chapter.
I'm gonna get a nice place with a room where you can stay, if you want.
I've actually got a job interview right after this.
Visitation's over.
Wind it up, please.
I'll see you this weekend.
Yes, you will.
I love you.
Ah, I love you.
You and me, Shorty.
We're a team.
Okay? Uh, you know, I like it.
It's not that bad.
It'll grow out, won't it? Oh, God.
Well, they're desperate to keep the release date.
So, you know, when I say the script needs work Morning.
Uh, I have to, um I-I have a, uh Two years with killers in a max-security prison, I doubt he's less dangerous.
But you think there's no "cause for alarm".
- When I said that - How the fuck did he get in? Drive-on from another company.
Once he's on the lot, nothing stops him from entering the lobby.
Clearly you don't stop him.
Do you want him out of the building? Fuck.
Linda, will you please ask Mr.
Daly if he'd like anything to drink and then send him in.
Will do.
Thank you.
Gotta hear what he wants.
Do you want me to stay? No, I want you to leave me with the man who put a severed penis in my bathroom.
Ah, there he is.
Come on in.
Long time, no see.
25 months and 9 days.
I'm Miles.
That's Clark, ignore him.
Have a seat.
Would you believe I never saw the poster.
We don't have ads on the inside.
I saw the film, though.
Thought you did a magnificent job.
The pace, emotion.
Thank you, thank you.
Has that always been up there? Went up recently.
Is it abstract? I mean, uh, sure.
Well, here we are.
Uh, did you just stop by to say hello? I was hoping for a favor.
It's hard for an ex-con to get a gig in McDonald's, let alone in the entertainment industry.
I was hoping you might be able to help me out with a job.
Oh, well, certainly.
You don't mean a job here? That is what I mean.
If I seem surprised, it's just that, uh, [LAUGHING.]
you and I have had our our differences.
You mean when you fired me off "Wylderness".
And then later took my name off the film.
My, God, I feel so badly about that.
But obviously, you were incarcerated.
No way to fulfill your duties You did the right thing, no question.
Okay, okay.
'Course, I didn't feel that way at the time.
I was dreaming of all sorts of ways to get even.
There were real beauties in there.
Can I take one? What? Uh, yeah.
So you no longer want to "get even"? What changed your mind? Well, the guys in prison tell a lot of stories.
You know, stories of love, power, and heartbreak.
Stories of lives gone to shit, and it got me asking what's my story? Is it a tragedy? Or is it an unlikely success story? "Man finds himself locked up with the dregs of society, but in the midst of that despair, he has a vision for a-a true purpose.
Only no one will give him a chance.
And along comes this powerful, charismatic producer-type who wrote his own success story.
And in our man, he sees a bit of himself.
" Oh, does he? "So, he helps him out just a little push.
And wouldja believe it our man rides a fuckin' rainbow to a better life.
- Oh, that's good.
Um, well, I-I'd love to help you Beautiful.
Only, uh, I have no slot for a producer.
And we're not hiring anyone outside of you know, assistants [SMACKS LIPS.]
so - Ah.
- Otherwise you'd help.
Well, I mean, of course.
Okay, then I'll take it.
You'll take what? I'll be an assistant.
It's a deal.
No, no.
Y-Y-You don't want to You'd be getting lunch for people, answering phones for a random exec I do want this.
Miles, I don't Thank you.
It's an honor.
And it goes without saying that anything that transpired between you and I in the past is water under the bridge.
Thank you.
Um Well, okay.
Uh great.
You won't regret it.
- There's some paperwork I'll need to fill out at the halfway house.
But if it works with you guys, I can start work tomorrow.
See ya around, Clark.
Rick's log, September 12th Notes for a possible screenplay.
No title yet.
Okay, so, uh, July of last year, I got to the village.
Even though my Spanish sucked, they were the friendliest people I ever met.
It took me a while to realize they were working for Amara.
All of 'em, making coca paste into cocaine and and shipping it somewhere.
She even had kids on the road watching for Federalés.
We were getting ready for our wedding.
Amara was so excited, she was like a little girl.
One thing I found really moving [CHEERING.]
was when the local guys threw me a bachelor party.
There was a language barrier [CHEERING.]
but I could feel the love.
When Rick Moreweather was growing up in Queens? I promise you, no one saw this coming.
Yeah, so maybe it wasn't perfect.
I still thought, "This is where I'll live the rest of my life.
" And if it was up to me? I would have.
Lu Lu.
Uh, excuse me, sir? This guy looks a little shifty to me, maybe he should go through again.
I think you need to strip-search this gentleman and the kid.
Look at this child's eyes, fuckin' devious.
- Hello.
- Hey, buddy.
Great to see you, man.
Before you lovers get a room? This gentleman is requesting a cup of my urine.
Well, he's got a wet diaper, if you want some of that.
Oumou is getting big movies, huge movies.
- The offers just come in.
- Mm.
You're his only manager? He's got an agent and lawyers, and they handle the contract stuff.
So what is it that you do? That's the beauty of it, I do nothing.
I lost my cellphone for five days didn't matter.
Most days I go surfing.
- You actually surf? - Yeah.
I mean, not standing up.
Isn't that what surfing is? Standing up? Well, there's different styles.
You want You want to go play? - [FOOTSTEPS DEPARTING.]
- Yeah, go play.
Aww, Lu, he looks just like you.
- It's such a shame.
- [SIGHS.]
Okay, the point is you should go into talent management.
We find you an actor that you can represent, there's no shortage in L.
And then we can go surfing together.
- I actually got a job.
- Oh.
I'm gonna be working at Budd E.
Boy Productions.
For Laurence Budd.
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay.
Yeah, I'm gonna be an assistant to one of his executives.
- Took some convincing - An assistant? For the guy who had you put away? C'mon, what are you really up to? Yeah, okay, we'll talk later.
Wyatt don't don't That's heavy.
- Okay.
- You see April at all? Yeah.
I mean, you know, Gladys works with her, so, you know, she's around.
She know that I'm out? Yeah, she knows.
Hey, did I tell you that Gladys and I bought a house? - You did? - Yeah.
I mean, it's nothing fancy, it's just, you know, a nice yard Ah.
We had a party for Wyatt's birthday.
We had the balloon guy and the bouncy house.
There were, like, 20 people there.
I told Gladys, he's not even gonna remember this.
- Sounds wonderful, Lu.
- Yeah.
Ah, I'm sorry.
Fuck me.
You're in here, and I'm going on about the - No, no, no, no.
- I want to hear about it.
You kept me out of lockup, and I thought about that every day, so, look, if you need some cash, if there's Lu, I'm fine.
Anything I can do? Why don't you come by my work this week during lunch, and we'll have a proper chat.
What's up, Irish? Settling in? To the gobshite who swiped my crystals.
I hope you find them useful in your own meditation.
But I will need you to return the photograph of my daughter.
Leave it in my locker, no questions asked.
Someone took your photo? - Man, that's cold.
- Bro, you need a better lock.
Those combos, you just hit 'em with a hammer and they pop open.
Is that right? You know it wasn't us, right? None of us would pull that shit.
Yeah, but if someone here does have that picture of your kid? You don't want it back.
That's funny, is it? That's a joke to you? I'm not laughing.
I'm on your side.
We'll ask around, see if anybody has your shit.
It's what we do here, man.
We look out for each other.
No doubt.
Oh, and, uh, do me a favor? Need you to wash that laundry and then leave it on my bed.
Is "Track" short for "track marks", or is that just a coincidence? [LAUGHS.]
Do your own fuckin' laundry.
Not a team player.
I was surprised about Mr.
What's that? What? That you hired him.
It was actually inspired on his part.
Asking for a job, when he knows I won't refuse.
You could.
Why? I'd rather he was grateful than act on whatever ill will he feels towards me.
It's win-win.
Till he quits or violates parole.
Why would he quit? I put him on Ali Egan's desk.
She goes through assistants like Kleenex.
If he so much as jaywalks, I want you to bring it to his parole officer.
Put a security camera on his workstation.
Have another assistant keep an eye on him.
If Miles did harm you, physically, he'd never get away with it.
He'd be the obvious suspect.
That's wonderful.
That's a That's a wonderful plan.
Is that meant to be comforting? Oh You think I might be able to jump in there real quick? First day at work, running a bit late.
You see me using it? It's for a job interview at Wendy's.
And you need a dress shirt for that, do you? The longer we talk, the longer this takes.
Tell me what this is.
Hand-rolled cigarette of some kind.
Ain't tobacco.
And it was in your locker.
That's not mine.
I got a 100 guys waiting for your spot.
And you can't make it 24 hours without fucking up Grady, that's not mine.
I heard from two different residents you've been dealing.
And who told you that? Did it occur to you that maybe I'm being set up rather than just keeping drugs in an open locker? I've seen guys do stupider shit.
But not me.
No visitation this weekend.
What? My daughter's coming.
Don't push it.
Buy a fucking lock.
And if I find anything else, you do your full stretch on your old cell block.
All yours.
Do you remember my last assistant, Phil? Short, voice like Casey Kasem, yeah.
So, had a degree from Yale, lasted two weeks.
Guess who they're replacing him with.
A 38-year-old applicant who just got released from prison.
Because Laurence wants to shit on me every chance that he gets.
No, it's white-collar crime, but still - Ali? - Oh, my God, he's here.
Okay, I'll call you back.
Bye, Mom.
Hi, come on in.
Ali Can I call you Ali? I'm Miles.
So excited to be here.
Oh, yes, yes.
Well, welcome.
I've always been interested in the physical side of production, - so to have - You're eight minutes late.
- Won't happen again.
- Great.
You might not have worked a job where punctuality is crucial, you know, mandatory? So But now you do.
Oh, you know, normally you would get that, but you're not at your desk, so I'm gonna answer that for you, okay? Hi.
Ali Egan.
Should I go to my desk? Um, can can I [NORMAL VOICE.]
Oh, yeah.
Thank you.
No, what happened, Mom? How's it going? Yeah, you know, nearly got fired within 30 seconds.
But other than that, it's been a treat.
Where would I find e-mail on this? It's on the upper right.
And then that Post-it has the password.
And that's a face sheet of the executive staff right there.
Okay, great.
Is this headset mine? I've always wanted to try one of these.
- I'm Miles, by the way.
- Hey.
- I'm Jayson with a "Y".
Uh, if you want to grab food or go to the bathroom or anything, I'm happy to cover for you.
Oh, thank you, Jayson with a "Y", you're a man amongst men.
It's a great place to work.
Aside from the, uh the big guy, you know.
You don't say.
Last night he had me doing coverage until 2:00 a.
, no overtime.
He's a prick.
What's your job description? I'm on Dan Rolin's desk.
And Dan's office is ? Down the hall.
But they have you here.
Yeah, they bas They have me basically kind of float around.
No, Michael, I am not ready.
And stop telling me that I am.
I know what's gonna happen, I'll try to go to bed With fear of failure flappin' Like a fruit bat in my head I'll sleep for half an hour, the clock'll ring at 6:00 I'll wake up in the shower with a stomach full - [DOOR OPENS.]
- Honey? Yeah.
Ah, shit.
It's an audition for a "Tootsie" musical.
I'm trying to get it done before Wyatt wakes up.
That's great.
- "Tootsie", uh, like the movie? - Yeah, but it's a play.
And I'm not gonna get it because there are big names attached.
What do you know about Kilbaine? Kil who? I don't What? Management company across from us at work.
I was in the elevator with a few managers, and I told them I was married to David Oumou's rep.
They asked if you were open to joining a bigger firm.
It's basically a job offer.
Yeah, okay, but, I mean, I already have a client, so Well, they just want to meet.
Alright, it's up to you, but I need to get back to this.
Right, yeah.
No, I'm not ready, Michael, and stop telling me that I am.
I know what's gonna happen - I'll try to go to - Hey.
What? [SIGHS.]
Do you think I need more clients? I didn't say that.
I make good money.
You get restless.
Okay, so it's between good money with no work or more money with I guess more work? Although 20 times 0 work is still 0.
God, I sound like one of those self-centered L.
You really don't.
Miles is going through metal detectors.
- He's pissing in a cup - Miles made different choices.
You don't need to apologize for that.
- I'll quiet him.
- No, no, I'll do it.
I like Miles, but I am glad you're not him.
Honey? In here.
12 weeks to the Baja Tri.
How much faster do you really bike with smooth legs? It cuts 80 seconds every 40 klicks.
- No way.
- Oh, this is not an urban myth.
They've done testing.
Got a call from my landlord.
Said his daughter's moving back in October.
They need the apartment back.
What? He can't do that! Yeah.
Then I thought you and I were talking about getting a place together.
I don't mean to spring it on you.
October is soon.
I thought since you're month-to-month and I have to move Or we could wait.
Let's do it.
Really? Yeah.
Can't say no to those silky-smooth legs.
Hey, it's Emma.
Leave a message.
- [BEEPS.]
- Hey, Shorty, it's Dad.
So, I don't have visiting hours this weekend after all.
But I'll be out of this place soon enough.
And then maybe we can have a meal without the company of a dozen ex-cons.
Won't that be something? Love you.
- You must really hate doing laundry.
- What's that? To go to the trouble of setting me up like that makes me thinks that this is about more than folding your underwear.
Hey, well, we tried to get along.
Did we? But now you pay fucking rent.
$100 a week.
You do Carver's laundry and mine.
And my house chores.
That's both bathrooms every morning, upstairs and down.
And if I agree to all that, will you promise to fuck off? [GROANS.]
Fuck! Ah, you cock [GROANS.]
I don't promise shit, you Irish fuckin' peacock.
You're messing with Carver, you're telling me to fuck off.
What, do you You think you're hard? Huh? On your bunk with your your legs crossed like you're gonna levitate? Bitch, I will put you the fuck down.
Two minutes till lights out.
Fuck off.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
Miles [MOANING.]
Anything else before I head to work? You do downstairs? Then I guess you're good.
Time went by, I started feeling like a local Picked up some Spanish.
Yeah, yeah.
Before I knew it, I'd been living there a year.
I was in the best shape of my life.
Everything organic, farm to table.
My cholesterol dropped 20 points, easy.
My skin looked better.
I pitched in where I could.
Helped repair a schoolhouse, dug a well.
It's funny.
In Spanish, not so much, right? That's where I was when it all went down.
I got another one.
Army took out the whole village.
Amara! Amara! They told me Federalés chased Amara into the jungle.
I felt so helpless, didn't know what to do.
And then I decided, fuck the army.
Whatever it took, I was gonna find my wife.
Ali Egan's office.
I don't have Ali right now.
Can I take a message? Yes, I'll have her return as soon as possible.
You have a lovely day now.
This fucking call sheet keeps quitting on me.
Oh, yeah, that thing does that.
You can call I.
Hey, you know, I heard this rumor that you used to work for Laurence years ago, and he, like, screwed you over.
I don't know how, but that's, you know, what I heard.
And you heard that where? It was, like, assistant gossip, you know.
If I was really angry with Laurence, would I be working here? [BOTH LAUGH.]
Do you want a coffee or anything? Uh, no.
Thanks, though.
Okay, you want to know what I really think of Laurence? Yeah.
I'm amazed how he balances business savvy and creative inspiration.
Hope it rubs off on me.
- So Laurence - Is that a security camera? - Is what - No word on the Massin budget? Uh, no.
No, nothing yet.
What do you boys think about this dress? Oh, it's nice.
"Nice"? No.
No, "nice" is wrong.
Don't say "nice".
I have a date.
I have a very nice date.
A Bumble date with a very super cute guy.
So he's probably married or whatever.
We're going to Hinoki & the Bird.
So, do I go home and change, or does this sell it? Um, let me Oh, yeah.
Well, I like the shoes.
- I'm not wearing these shoes.
- Oh, right.
Listen, I better, um Before the Massin call comes in, I'm gonna grab some lunch and bring it to my desk.
Okay, fine.
I've only got a couple of minutes, since I don't get a fuckin' lunch break.
Seeing you twice in two days.
Buddy, so good to have you out.
Oh, you have no idea.
Okay, I don't think I've been followed.
By who? I make Laurence nervous.
Rightly so - But I think we're good.
When you said that you were working for Laurence [LAUGHS.]
I got to hear this.
I've had two years to make a plan.
- Every step - Tell me.
First of all, I made a deal with our friends.
You know who I mean.
We funnel some business their way, and then if we need some help, we give them a call.
You should have a sit down, decide what it is you're gonna do.
Yeah, I I can't work for those guys anymore.
But go ahead, I want to hear this.
What do you mean you can't work for those guys anymore? We'll get back to it.
Just Okay.
It's just, uh, after Wyatt was born, I promised Gladys that I would play things different.
Not just Gladys, I promised myself that I wouldn't risk doing time.
You understand.
You won't even try being a talent manager? I mean, you wanted to be free of Amara.
Now you are.
So why get tied into 'Cause I'm not working for them.
And I don't want to be a talent fuckin' manager.
I want to create stuff.
Make movies that mean something.
Then why are you answering phones for Laurence Budd? I get it, Lu.
I do.
You got a lovely little life now, and you want to keep your nose clean.
I should go.
I'm sorry.
I Well, at least tell me the plan.
It's better if you stay out of it.
I'll be in touch, okay? You're making the right choice.
H-Hey, um, I don't have my key card.
Jayson, Laurence wants to see you.
So? Yeah, he just said you're an excellent businessman, and that you balance it with creative inspiration.
Uh-huh, and did he manage to sound convincing while spouting this bullshit? I-I thought so.
Was he on to you? Well, he asked me why I wasn't posted outside of Dan's office.
Thank you, Jayson.
Ideally we would watch him without him knowing.
Some good news I spoke with the warden at Porterville.
He had no gang affiliation in prison, no contact with organized crime.
Sort of a low bar for an employee.
But glad you find it reassuring.
Me and a kid from the village hiked through the jungle for weeks.
Maybe not weeks.
It felt like weeks.
I'll check my diary, but the point is, it sucked.
Then we came across this old guy.
Guy said he ran into soldiers who told him what happened.
Do you love me like I love you? Do you want me like I want you? Will you be there? Will you hold me Beyond the end of time? Will you cherish every moment? Believe in every dream? Within your loving eyes, I see Forever's destiny Living every moment Amara's life ended right there.
In that rotting, godforsaken jungle.
And I couldn't help her.
what it means Living every moment No! Loving you this way [RADIO PLAYING INDISTINCTLY.]
So I came back to the U.
My dad wasn't doing great.
He moved in with me.
And I was depressed.
Then I realized it's my job to tell Amara's story.
That's what she would have wanted.
So here we are.
I know.
And you wrote the screenplay about it? Writing.
First draft.
But I wanted your take on the story.
It's a downer, but that's not a deal-breaker.
Nice emotional stakes.
If you're open to notes Like what? Well [SIGHS.]
we're in an important moment for woman and Latinos.
Drug-dealing Colombians aren't aspirational.
This is who Amara was.
You change that, and you're gonna lose something.
If you take the basic idea but change it to make it No, Damien, listen, this is Amara's story.
It's all true.
Look, if you're not interested, fine.
I want to tell it the way it happened.
You have a vision.
I respect that.
Why don't you finish the script, I'll tell you what I think.
Louis, we're all impressed with how you've managed David Oumou and that you're interested in bringing your talents to Kilbaine.
We're thrilled.
Thank you.
I didn't expect so many of you here.
- Yesterday Tara was saying I told him that to get David in "Something Blue", you had to pull out of a contract with CBS.
Yeah, I just threw a little scare into a producer.
How did you do that? I just told him that I'm not like these other reps, 'cause I really don't take no for an answer.
What we tell new managers don't be afraid to get aggressive.
And now that David's famous? I mean, you guys know, not much to it.
That's modest.
But how do you pick his projects? I count how many lines he has.
Then really, let him do what he wants.
I love that.
Look, I speak for all of us when I say that we think you'd fit in wonderfully here.
You could implement your philosophy to a larger client base.
Stay point for some actors.
We'd also put you on a team.
Tara has Russell Crowe, Zooey Deschanel.
Eric has Rami Malek.
We'd start you with maybe 25 clients.
How does that sound? That sounds like a lot.
Hey, Track.
I know you? You're about to.
Check his pockets.
You want money? Where's the shit you took from Miles? [PANTING.]
You're with Miles? I don't have it anymore, man.
As long as it's not on you.
Since I've been here, my main challenge was to build up my life skills.
You know? I took the cosmetology course.
I was like, "Damn, I can get into this.
" It's like when you're naturally good at something and other people are like, "Wow, he's good.
That's very meaningful.
And James, my instructor, he said I'm one of the best stylists of men's hair he's ever seen in his life.
Not sure if that's in my file, but he told me that.
So I'm just excited to get out there and, you know, follow the dream.
Miss April Quinn.
- As I live and breathe.
- Who is this? [NORMAL VOICE.]
How soon they forget.
Miles? I didn't think you'd call.
Why's that? Figured you were busy.
Oh, yeah, real packed social calendar here at the halfway house.
Between the parties and the dinner dances.
Of course, I'd invite you, but they're quite exclusive.
I hear that your new business is going well.
It is.
Listen, um, I just wanted to say how grateful I am for you sending that letter to the parole board.
Please, I was happy to.
Saying I was a "gifted producer" and whatnot.
And for taking my notes on "Wylderness".
Got me through some dark fuckin' days.
That's I don't know what to say.
And I'd love to see you, when I get out of here.
If you'd be up for it.
I'd like that, too.
Well, uh, I only get a couple of minutes on the phone, so Wait.
What I said about my company isn't true.
It's not doing well.
- Okay.
- It's tanking.
Projects keep falling apart.
Um, don't you worry, okay? You're the best producer in town, so things will turn around.
People don't want to work with me, Miles.
Especially people who know Laurence Budd.
You think he's he's trying to sink you? Well, I can't prove it.
He'll get what's coming to him.
Please don't repeat this, okay? I haven't told anyone, not even my boyfriend.
You have a boyfriend? Kind of.
Yes, I do.
Serious? Maybe.
Good for you.
Um, great.
Lovely hearing your voice.
Talk soon.
Okay, great.
Daly, you seen Track? No, no, I haven't seen him.
Anyone seen Track? Hey, did you lot find it chilly last night? I like it brisk, but that was a bit much.
Oh, and has anyone seen Track? No? Well, that's a shame.
I hope nothing's happened to him.
But I have this horrible feeling that he's not coming back.
Does anyone else have that feeling? Fuck you saying? I'm just saying we should prepare for life without Track.
Unless you'd like to join him, Carver.
Is that what you'd like? Anyone? Well, then I think I'll mediate.
Clear my mind.
It'll be great to be able to do it in peace.
I'm saying get the fuck out.

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