Ghost Adventures (2008) s15e16 Episode Script

Phelps Dodge Hospital

1 ZAK: All the injuries, all the accidents, all the deaths, they all came to this hospital.
Are you being choked? -Yes.
-Is it more of, like, a curse? -Like a curse, right.
That does not look human.
Oh, my God, it says "attack"! -Oh, geez.
-I'm not afraid of you.
Whoa! Whoa! -I want to kill.
-Whoa! There's something going on.
ZAK: There are things in this world that we will never fully understand.
[ Distorted ] Understand.
[ Echoing ] We want answers.
We have worked years to build our credibility, our reputation, working alongside the most renowned professionals in the field, capturing groundbreaking proof of the paranormal.
It's working! I can't give you an explanation.
[ Birds cawing ] This is our evidence our ghost adventures.
We're in Ajo, Arizona.
You know, we've been to a lot of places in Arizona, but this is, like, as far out as I think we've ever been.
We're two hours from the nearest anything.
ZAK: The Phelps Dodge Hospital was built in Ajo in 1918 by the mining companies who carved an 1,100-feet-deep open-pit mine into the heart of this little town.
After decades of receiving the mangled and dead bodies of miners, the hospital was abandoned and something sinister was left behind.
There is a caretaker that lives there.
He is being choked by an unseen force when he sleeps.
Before we go to the hospital, let's just I bet you could drive up there.
see if we can see where this mine is.
ZAK: My God.
It's massive.
Standing in the direct line connecting the hospital to this massive crater, I feel electricity.
It's like there is a beam of electricity going from there to the hospital.
This was a copper mine.
There's still copper in this hole.
Think about all the copper wiring there is.
And all of the electricity right now as we speak is being generated through copper.
So many men who were extracting this copper died and went to this hospital.
That's where their bodies went.
Basically sacrificed their life for whoever owned the mine to get rich.
They're angry.
They want their lives back.
And now it's the mine where they died powering their spirits.
This is all Native American land? Yeah.
And there's literally a giant scar wound in the Earth.
This could all be cursed land.
Yeah, there could be a lot of things at play here, why this gentleman is inside this hospital being viciously attacked.
Let's go talk to this guy, because I'm curious to know, a hospital sitting that close to an open-pit mine, just how powerful these spirits are over there.
How are you doing? -Doing good.
-You live here.
-I do live here.
-By yourself? -By myself.
I'm gonna be right off the bat here, are you being choked? -Yes.
What is this experience like when you're getting choked? I'm in my sleep.
That's when I get choked, and then I wake up gasping for air.
So, your air intake is being restricted by a force? Yes.
Can you feel a pressure on your throat? Like a hand, like a hand.
And it's like you know there's a presence there.
In my dreams I'm walking through the hospital and I do see from a distance, like, a shadow.
For the three years that you've been here, have you ever had dark thoughts? There's times where, out of nowhere, I'll get, like, depressed.
But usually when I get depressed, it's when I'm in the building.
And then I step out, I'm okay.
ZAK: While Aaron and Jay meet two paranormal investigators who are the only people to have investigated the hospital before us, Billy and I head to the Ajo Historical Society Museum to learn more about the history of the mine.
Jose Castillo was born in the hospital in 1939.
Jose, you worked in this mine? Yes, I did.
I worked there for 27 years.
So there was a lot of deaths.
Lot of deaths.
I did see some people die there.
I had an uncle of mine died in the mine.
Can you tell me how he died, Jose? He was using a jackhammer on a big rock on the side of a bank and the bank caved in and he was buried there.
-He was crushed.
-He was crushed.
All the injuries, all the accidents, all the deaths, they all came to this hospital.
ZAK: The investigators take Aaron to the room where they had a disturbing experience.
So, I was like this and I was holding the recorder and I'm asking questions.
And then something tapped real hard.
You can hear it loud on the recorder.
It taps it and it moves the recorder completely in my hand.
AARON: Oh, wow.
You can hear me on the recorder telling the other investigator, "Something just tapped the recorder almost out of my hands.
" -Let's hear that.
Can you tell me what your name is? [ Tap ] Uh, something just tapped the digital recorder away.
One more time? Let me see if I can pull it up again.
Can you tell me what your name is? [ Tap ] Uh, something just tapped the digital recorder away.
Was that you tapping the recorder like you tapped -- Weird feeling.
It was like I was holding -- What was that? Was that outside? [ Indistinct conversations ] Sounds like something fell.
-See anything? -Was it this? [ Metal clangs ] Yeah, that's what it sounds like.
It was like I was holding -- Whoa.
It was like I was holding -- That's actually off this room we were just in.
Oh, my God.
No way.
Yeah, it was right there.
ZAK: Incredibly, at the same time Aaron is hit by a strong dark energy, a heavy metal room number plate detaches itself from the door and flies all the way across the hall.
[ Metal clangs ] Room 201 was occupied by pregnant women in labor.
I meet with the president of the museum, who tells me something that's chilling and may be connected.
What would you say a majority of the deaths that occurred at the hospital were from? The most deaths I've seen on a death certificate are infant deaths.
Infant deaths? Why so many infants? We're talking malnutrition.
We're talking measles and whooping cough.
All these childhood diseases.
Because there's no vaccines then for a lot of this kind of stuff until after World War II.
Is the exquisite pain of decades of lost children reverberating through this area of the hospital? We ask Ignacio to rejoin the investigation.
Aaron asks him to lie on his bed, hoping to trigger whatever has been choking him.
Why do you choke him out while he lays here asleep? [ Static ] Nothing is coming through the Spirit Box.
Look, are you even -- Maybe it's not here.
You did say, "At certain times.
" Right? -Right.
Right, the only thing that's been scary today, for us at least, has been when we were in that room.
[ Metal clangs ] -Right.
-Room 201.
What's that? Right when I was talking about -- what was that? -I have no idea.
-Oh, it's right -- is that it? Dude! -That happened again? Don't no one touch it, no one touch it.
It was right when I was talking about room 201.
Again when I was talking about 201, this is what I heard.
[ Metal clangs ] -Yep, that was it.
-That's what it is.
when we were in that room.
-Room 201.
when we were in that room.
-Room 201.
What's that? ZAK: This is the second example of an object being inexplicably thrown or moved, corroborating my theory that the spirits here develop an abnormally high level of energy because of the old mine across the street.
I actually talked to a lady that actually worked here in the hospital that actually heard rumors about a 9-year-old.
She died in, like, the 1930s.
And she heard the little girl running up on the second floor back and forth.
MAN: And that corresponds, too, with the legend.
What's the Mexican witch that takes the children? When I was a little boy, one of our tales is La Llorona.
So in your culture, is La Llorona, instead of an actual woman, is it more of like a curse? Like a curse.
ZAK: According to Mexican legend, La Llorona kidnaps and drowns children and is commonly associated with water.
Could the highly charged toxic water sitting at the bottom of the mine be generating a manifestation of this murderous threat to children? We want to spend the night watching you sleep.
Whatever's in there is intelligent.
I hear somebody upstairs.
Oh, my God, it says "attack"! ZAK: Because we feel a looming threat of violence at this Arizona hospital, I decide to conduct a preliminary investigation.
ZAK: What I want to do right now is something we've never done before.
I want you to go in there, go to your room, go to sleep, do your thing.
We're going to watch you.
And I know this sounds creepy, however, I want to see if we can document any type of evidence of this entity choking you.
Can you feel a pressure on your throat? Like a hand, like a hand.
Or whoever was throwing these plates.
Oh, it's like I was holding -- What was that? If that was happening during the day, and you said it's active at night, before we go in there and do our lockdown, which would be tomorrow night, we want to spend a night watching you sleep.
ZAK: As Ignacio makes his way to go to his room to go to sleep, we will be watching his every move from our nerve center set up inside of this van.
We have also placed a talking EVP device in his room, aiming right at him.
I sent Billy into the room across from his bedroom to conduct a paranormal Puck II session without Ignacio knowing.
And the sensor for this device is located right here on Ignacio's dresser.
Now we watch a grown man sleep.
It's like a sting operation.
Right? I don't think we've ever done this before.
" -What's Billy asking? It just says "figure.
" Billy.
Can you ask what figure is in the room? Okay.
Zak, I just asked what figure is in the room.
And it says "spirits.
" He just said, "What figure's in the room," and it said "spirits.
" Zak, while I was setting that stuff up, I could feel a pit in my stomach, man.
There's something going on.
So, we're whispering because Billy's across the hall in another room.
Oh, my God, it says "attack"! -Oh, my God.
-Stop, stop.
It says "figure, attack.
" AARON: Oh, my God.
ZAK: As Billy asks the spirit why it's trying to attack Ignacio, it responds with "talking.
" We don't really understand why this would be a motivation, but could it be that he is talking too much about what's happening in here with his attacks? Zak, come in.
Yeah, go ahead.
I just asked the paranormal Puck, "Why are you trying to attack?" And it says "talking.
" It's trying to get his attention.
It wants to talk to him.
It just said "hand.
" Keep an eye on his hands.
Oh, "hold hand.
" AARON: Oh, my God.
Dude, the talking EVP just said "hold hand.
" ZAK: We do not know it in the moment, but this message of hold hand will foreshadow an extremely terrifying event involving Ignacio.
We got "9.
" We got "figure, attack, hold, hand.
" That's incredible.
Why did it say "9"? What room is he in and what room am I in? Ask the paranormal Puck what does the number 9 mean? 7.
Zak, you're not gonna believe this.
I asked, "What does the number 9 mean?" And it said "7.
" ZAK: Very quietly, as to keep from waking up Ignacio, Billy immediately peeks his head out of his doorway to see if the number 7 connects with his room.
As Billy pans his camera around, he notices that the room to the left of his is number 8, which means that he is in room number 7.
And it's at this moment that he realizes the spirit knows he's there.
Okay, stand by.
I hear somebody upstairs.
Yeah, I just heard footsteps.
Was that him? I hear somebody upstairs.
It says arms.
Watch his arms.
ZAK: We begin capturing something truly shocking.
It seems now the spirit is sending us messages by telling us what part of Ignacio's body it is going to touch next.
Look, and he just scratched his arms.
I don't know whether that was paranormal or not.
-Right, pretty cool.
-It's pretty weird.
It said arms and two seconds later, he scratched his arm.
If something touched him, it might just feel like an itch to him.
" -It says "finger.
" Whoa, whoa, whoa.
He just -- Did he just move his finger? Did you see that? Right after we got "finger," he moved his finger.
And it looks like he totally responded to something.
It's every single time that this says a body part AARON: He reacts.
he reacts to that body part.
It says "arms" and he scratched his arms.
It said "finger," he moved his finger.
That's what happens.
And now it says -- look, "happens.
" You just said that's what happens, and it says "happens.
" What? Dude, whatever's in there is intelligent.
Spirits, how are you able to interact with my questions? How can you hear me? How can you see me? -"Monitor.
" -"Monitor"? -Monitor.
-No way.
AARON: No way.
We're watching it, but it's watching us through the monitor.
Through the video feed.
-That's kind of creepy.
-Yeah, that's creepy.
I just asked, "How are you watching us?" And it said monitor through the monitor.
So, it's aware of all of this.
It's aware of all of this.
Yeah, go ahead.
I just asked the paranormal Puck II, "Who is choking Ignacio?" And it replied with a name.
What's the name? It says Larry.
ZAK: As Billy returns to base camp, we are all in utter shock as to what we are witnessing right now.
To me, it's just mind-boggling because he can't hear what these words are.
He can't see them.
He's asleep.
There's nothing -- he can't hear us talking.
BILLY: It's pretty incredible.
I'm blown away.
This is amazing.
AARON: Something just got thrown at us, Zak.
ZAK: Can you tell me who is choking Ignacio? Whoa! Whoa! ZAK: While we have been watching Ignacio sleep at the Phelps Dodge Hospital, we have been capturing mind-blowing evidence of intelligent communication.
So, instead of waking him up and sending him to the hotel, we come up with another plan to begin our lockdown.
We're going to start our actual lockdown investigation right now.
I was going to wake him up and get him out of here, but I think we're just going to let him sleep and start our lockdown and see if us being in the hospital has any negative effect on him.
Hello? Can you tell me who is choking Ignacio? BILLY: Zak, there's some stairs right here.
We now make our way upstairs so that we can be louder while investigating without disturbing Ignacio as he sleeps.
AARON: Go that way to the right.
Somebody up here? Whoa, whoa, whoa, Zak, stop.
-What? -Go back.
Shine your light down on the ground.
Right here.
Turn your light on.
Whatever you just had.
Right there, this.
Oh, geez.
I thought something threw at you.
It's a freaking cockroach.
We begin using the SB7 Spirit Box to see if any spirits will talk to us.
And as we begin walking down the hallway, I notice something else on the floor.
Do you remember us from earlier? What's wrong? What? Who would be barefoot up here? Only one.
[ Sniffing ] Smell that? What is it? -Smell that? -Sulfur? -Yeah.
-Rotten egg-ish? Yeah.
ZAK: As we turn the Spirit Box back on, we continue to receive no voices.
But as we've come to learn, that doesn't mean a spirit isn't close by.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What was that? What was that? That came from where you guys were standing.
Dude, something just got thrown at us, Zak.
-I heard it.
-At you or me? -Can you talk to us? -Whoa.
-Can you talk to us? -Whoa.
ZAK: Because we are experiencing poltergeist activity, and it is absolutely terrifying up here, I quickly come up with a new plan.
I've already seen it throwing in there.
If the camera's pointing in the right direction.
I hope to God I do, but I don't -- Just stay up here alone for a little while.
ZAK: While Aaron remains on the second floor by himself, Billy and I decide to check in on Ignacio, who has been sound asleep on the other side of the hospital.
We begin by taking full-spectrum still photos to see if we can get a visual of the spirit who was communicating with us earlier.
Upstairs, Aaron starts hearing someone walking very close to him, which causes him to freeze in place.
He then captures this ball of light passing by him right as he hears footsteps moving in that direction.
We debunk this as not being dust, because these cameras have been rolling for hours and this is the first time any of them have captured a light anomaly.
What Aaron hears next is chilling.
AARON: Right here is 201.
And the fixture ended up over here.
It got us out of this room.
That's actually off this room we were just in.
Oh, my God.
All right.
I'm going in.
Hello? Here we go.
[ Metal scrapes ] [ Sighs ] Here we go.
[ Metal scrapes ] Here we go.
[ Metal scrapes ] ZAK: While Aaron is still behind this camera, at the other end of the hallway where he heard that unexplained noise, watch closely at what is captured just beyond this door frame.
We cannot explain what this unusual anomaly is.
Could it be a spirit that's trying to keep a close eye on Aaron's every move? This is what we're communicating with.
That does not look human.
I'm going to go downstairs, du-- oh, my God.
ZAK: Billy and I continue our experiment with Ignacio at this Ajo, Arizona, hospital.
We capture no evidence on the full-spectrum camera, so I decide to use the SLS camera to see if any spirits are lurking around Ignacio, who is in deep sleep right now.
I am giving Billy the thumbs-up, because right now, there is a spirit on the edge of Ignacio's bed, and I cannot speak for fear of waking him up.
And just as this figure manifests by the bed, watch Jay as he witnesses the talking EVP device deliver a very accurate and disturbing message.
I immediately return to base camp to review this footage.
Here's his bed, again.
Watch this.
Now it's standing up.
That's crazy.
JAY: Dude.
And what did we get on the talking EVP earlier? It said "figure" -Right.
" "Bed," "side.
" This right here, this is what we're communicating with with the live EVP right now.
I hate to say it, but that does not look human to me.
It doesn't have a human shape.
Yet, however, it's mapping in something, as if something is there.
Man, that's probably around the same time, I don't think you can see him doing it, but I swear you'll see it when you sync this up, it says "raised" on the talking EVP.
And he sits up and totally, like, moves around.
Did he sit up right after this? I mean, I don't know exactly where this syncs up, but it was during that session that he sat up.
So something made him move, which very well could be that figure.
Is this spirit yet again taking credit for Ignacio's actions by now making him raise his head? We believe this is the figure that has been touching Ignacio and communicating with us.
I decide to send Jay and Billy to investigate the basement while I stay back at nerve center and continue to monitor Ignacio's sleeping.
These are the loudest tennis shoes I've ever investigated in.
-Right? -Listen to this.
[ Shoes squeaking ] -Nice.
-Zak is not pleased.
I've never realized how watching a person sleep for hours and hours, how tired it makes you.
It's like torture.
But I've got to force myself to keep my eyes open and to continue to watch him sleep to see if he gets attacked.
This has to be documented if it happens.
After another hour of watching this grown man sleep like a baby, I am fighting to stay awake inside of this van.
I can't do this anymore.
I have to get up and investigate.
So I will now try to find Aaron inside.
ZAK: Aaron, are you okay? AARON: Honestly, not really, dude.
Are you still upstairs? Yeah.
I was, like, you know when you get scared, like in the situation upstairs, you'll freeze and you'll stop.
I keep hearing all these noises.
Here we go.
[ Metal scrapes ] I got some crazy EVP.
[ Speaking indistinctly ] It goes, "Rrr, evil, rrr.
" Listen.
And then I started getting dizzy and I tried finding my way out and I thought I was on the same floor, but I went down steps, but then I thought I was in the basement.
I've been walking around so lost trying to just get outside and get fresh air.
I don't know, I feel like I'm on a ship just going like this, dude.
You know, I'm just out of it.
I just need fresh air bad, dude.
Where are you guys at? [ Metal clangs ] That's what I keep hearing.
I came down this area because I kept hearing It was like -- It just -- [ Grunting ] What was that? BILLY: Oh, I got chills in here, Jay.
I heard like a ching-ching.
ZAK: The tension is high at the Phelps Dodge Hospital.
[ Aaron chuckling ] It got ya.
Oh, I needed that.
ZAK: Billy is using the spirit sweep device, which allows spirits to control the sweeping and scanning of audio frequencies in order to communicate.
Are you down here in the basement? Broadcast your voice.
This is, like, a weird one.
Go ahead.
Oh, I got chills in here, Jay.
-Ooh, I'm all goosebumped up.
Like, my arms.
Oh, man, look at that, dude.
JAY: Oh, wow.
Can you knock one of these plates over? [ Clang ] Did you -- Did you hear that? Yeah.
-What just happened? I heard like a ching-ching.
In this room.
Why did this thing get so quiet? What the? No, dude.
Jay, Jay.
Jay, how'd those lights just -- -I have no idea.
I don't even think there's power down here.
What? What the-- -No, dude.
Jay, Jay.
I'm not afraid of you.
And I don't want any of you other human spirits to be mad at me or to be angry at me.
I just want to communicate with you.
I'm interested about you.
I'm interested about your life and your family.
Whoa, man.
Geez, dude.
-You okay? -No, I'm not.
AARON: What happened? You just fell sideways, like that dizzy, bad feeling.
As I'm conducting an EVP session, I get very dizzy and lose my balance, causing me to hit the wall.
And upon reviewing our recordings, we capture an incredible EVP right after I experience this dizzy spell.
-You okay? -No, I'm not.
AARON: What happened? You just fell sideways, like that dizzy, bad feeling.
[ Unintelligible voice ] Whoa, dude, did you hear that? -You okay? -No, I'm not.
AARON: What happened? You just fell sideways, like that dizzy, bad feeling.
Oh, my God.
I know what it says.
Zak, do you know what it says? I know what it says.
You just fell sideways.
Like that dizzy, bad feeling.
Oh, my God.
I know what it says, Zak.
I don't know if I should tell you what I hear.
Like that dizzy bad feeling.
What? I hear, "I want to kill" You just said that you want to kill Zak Bagans.
I didn't say that.
I don't want to be around you right now.
ZAK: Is the voice we captured at this Arizona hospital threatening my life? What? Listen.
No, that's what you're wanting to hear.
That's what I hear.
Like that dizzy, bad feeling.
You don't hear it? -No.
Do you know what worries me more? -You don't hear it? -No.
What worries me even more is that you're hearing that.
Well, I hear, "I want to kill Z--" And I hear Zak, maybe it's not your last name, but -No.
-You don't hear that at all? I don't hear that.
After listening closely to this full EVP sentence, it is totally not saying, "I want to kill Zak Bagans.
" And it disturbs me that Aaron is hearing this.
The question now is, why? The question is why are you hearing that? I don't know.
I don't have feelings of killing Zak Bagans or anything.
No, I know, but I don't hear it, but why do you hear it? I don't know.
I hear, "I want to kill" Or, maybe it's not kill, it's tough.
It goes -- Like, that's what it sounds like to me right after you're done talking like that.
Is that what you want it to say? No.
I just hear, "I want to kill.
" I know, but it's just weird how you heard that the very first time.
Oh, my God, I know what it says, Zak.
I don't know if I should tell you what I hear.
Dude, stop.
-What? I'm not trying to like, say I'm hearing something because of that.
No, I'm just -- I just hear.
I just heard -- -I'm just saying, is there something influencing you to hear that? I don't think so.
Dude, stop.
-Stop, dude.
No, you just said that you want -- Dude, stop.
You just said that you want to kill Zak Bagans.
I didn't say that.
I said I heard, "I want to kill" The problem is that I don't hear it.
Why are you hearing that? -I don't know.
You're hearing that in your head.
We just got an amazing EVP, but I don't hear, "I want to kill Zak Bagans.
" Okay, what'd you hear? Something, but it doesn't say that.
Well, I don't know.
Well, it makes me nervous to know that you're hearing that.
This man right here said that that EVP said, "I want to kill Zak Bagans.
" It does not sound like that.
There's an amazing EVP here.
It's a sentence and we're going to have to analyze it.
But the first thing he hears is he thinks it says, "I want to kill Zak Bagans.
" Do you think I want to be in a dark building with this man who's acting strange who spent over an hour and a half upstairs by himself, and now he wants to kill Zak Bagans.
I don't want to kill Zak Bagans.
Well, you said that.
I don't want to be around you right now.
Okay, well, let's not be around each other.
Then go that way.
It's approximately 3:30 a.
, and Ignacio is still sound asleep when this happens.
What? You guys? Hello? You guys get anything? Ignacio is noticeably disturbed when it seems as though something pulls or holds his hand, which is the one command from earlier that was yet to be fulfilled.
Something pulled on my hand.
The mine that once fed this hospital with broken bodies now feeds energy to a violent presence.
Are you being choked? Yes.
Whatever this presence may be, the man who sleeps here no longer has to face it alone.
I'm not afraid of you.